Ice skating on a frozen Alpine lake


This is Swiss on chips, you'll British guide to Switzerland. Hello and welcome to Swiss and chips. I'm jay. And I'm Simone street. And this is a special edition of the podcast coming to you direct from the Swiss Alps, oddball there, Albert. Albert gal Bill. But today, we've been doing something seafood. Awesome. Which will come back to in a second that first of all we just want to. Thank you for really really fantastic here. Thank you so much listening to giving a rating on I team. So giving us feedback for commenting off a split group, Switzerland English speakers and for writing on our website as well, Swiss and chips dot com, it's been really awesome to hear from me. Yeah, we have started a bit more than NY cough year ago. More like eight months or some two year. He it's it's just nice. I think we we start to quite small. And now we have this small nice group together. And yeah. So we are really happy, and we are always happy to hear from you, so tastefully. Yes. Thank you very much. So we're just going to try and keep up focused up recruiting every every week with kind of similar topics. If you've got anything you'd like us to talk about by the way, then let us know we'd love to hear from you. And yet, so literally I think very often people have questions, but we don't really want to make kind of how to podcast only. So that's why we also want to give you a bit of a feeling how is it in Switzerland? Where could you go how how is the Swiss lifestyle? How is the culture? And yeah, we try to make that a bit more in the future. So not too much on facts because you can read that all on the internet. But we try to give you a bit of a feeling how is it to live in Switzerland? As an expert, and I tried to give you a bit of a Swiss, you exactly, and that's why I also chose this topic today to give you a bit more of a typical Swiss thing to do. Yeah. Exactly. A bit of kind of travel inspire. You say we built it up. What is the topic of today? Say today we went ice skate. Eating on a frozen. Alpine lake on lake version of is known as rushing and say now. Yeah. It was really really awesome has to be said. Oh, yeah. Truly spectacular. And the thing is this mountain lake. It didn't freeze over for about nineteen years in a row, and then a couple of years ago, it started freezing over again, and it was a huge event in Switzerland in all the newspapers and people were going and drones to go and ice skate on this frozen lake. Yeah. I think the big thing was to some American newspapers picked it up. And then it somehow got viral and people knew about it. And then they all came. And now it froze it did froze at frozen it froze over again. And yeah, there were there were many people but not so much not loads. And it was the first day. So you still got the chance to go this year. Yeah. Definitely basically, we read I think you saw on the lakes Facebook page or did you read in a newspaper somewhere? I saw it. It has frozen over again. I'm what happens is they have a kind of frozen ice specialist. He. Goes out check at the ISIS thick enough. And then he declares the lake open for people to go on your with the drill. He drills in two d ice. And then he sees it thick enough everywhere and some parts usually are excluded. But most of the Lakers good to go at the moment. Yeah. Totally. So like, a Shannon is quite in the mountains, actually. Yeah. It's a bit more than fifteen hundred meters above sea level. And it's a quite a big montlake. I would say it's I read it. I wrote it down. It's one point six kilometer length and wit is one kilometer. So basically when you come up to it's kind of spreads out in front of you in a wide expensive frozen ice. Basically exactly has to be said in summer. You can go very it's very nice for swimming or for hiking or combined, and you can you should take several on with you make a nice fire. And yeah now in winter. It was quite magical. So definitely basically what happens is you go up there and a cable call, and then when you get to the top there's a sort of how long would you say the walk is to the late from the cable guy bone twenty thirty minutes, maybe depending on maybe you're going with now, I you walking, and you kind of through the trees in the winter. They're kind of ski across the pond said that some people going Lech ING. And poorly lifts on skis and stuff. You're surrounded by trees and snow. It's just amazing. And then you work long this little path. And then finally the lake comes into view at the end of the path. And it's quite. Yes. And I think what makes it specialists because it's surrounded by steep hills. Or steep Marlins cliffs. Yeah. Almost reach into the water Italy. And this is sort of picturesque would in mountain hotel, little shutters around windows of little hops, carting them. It's extremely tetris. Yeah. We we also have a short video on the pictures photos on our website on Swiss and chips dot com over and have a look if you're interested. Yeah. It's nice. And like I said before it's still time to go. But now, I wonder can you tell me a bit more. How is it? Like, I mean, how did you feel to go there is it dangerous to walk the path and so on or would you recommend to everyone children out, those two behalf to have any knowledge or obviously you went with real Swiss. No, it's true. Because when you say go ice skating on a frozen lake off in the mountains. I'd first impression might be dangerous. But it's really kind of someone checks out the ice. I it's very safe thing to do the work. There is completely fine. You have to walk on sny. But it's very it's sort of prepared poff. I think. Well on the website. They say don't take a posture. But we did take this show with us with some of your family, and it was absolutely fine. Anything is looking you're going slightly downhill on the way back yo going uphill. Yes. So it's not a big problem, but your arms my ak- bit by the end of it. Yes. But is it slippery or dangerous? Slippery was. Thank you find. And then how is it with dice gates? Maybe you can explain a bit more the ice skates. So do I have to bring my own. And so if you if you're right, then by all means bring them you can rent them there. I read on the website that they had two hundred and fifty pounds of ice skates. And I I personally expected big crowds of people big queues. But it wasn't that too. I mean, there was never quite a few people. But I'm we got there about an hour and a half after opened after the first cable comments up and. It you have to bring cash basically, so you can pay for the ice skates. Eight francs bring cash and the only thing I would say was an hour and a half into the first days opening they sold out of my shoe size. So I took a size bigger wasn't a problem. But then when we took on skates back, those quite a lot of people waiting and the guy who has renting them run up to me and said, how'd you skates to return to think, you think you think you're running back with them say wanted to take my skates. And it was the first thing. I did when I got this just to make sure I had escape. So if you don't have your notes, they get all about the facilities. Yeah. Well, there's a really nice hotel restaurant ever looks at and there's another restaurant a bit closer to the lake. Food and everything I mean, take cash review because there this is sort of stand that sells small things to eat and drink some sun. The. Principal in the restaurants. You can them. So they have everything you need. Then. Just to give a again, a small summer you co up with the cable car. Correct. You pay something like, I think it was about fourteen francs for return. If you have the half card, so twenty eight or something probably without half talk. Yeah. Exactly, fair outflux. So then you go up with the cable you first of all you drive to conduct. The bunnies. Home I go. So it's in the band OPEL on do you go to conduct that is from Bayern in the direction to tune JR. Hits fruit chicken and unconscious Jiang you can take on the China. Exactly these were train stops. And then or you go by car, and then you go to cable car, you go up to the top which takes about I don't know five to ten minutes. And then you walk about twenty to thirty minutes. There is a small restaurant. And then you have a great view over the lake and then a small Pasco's down to the lake maybe another two minutes yet Italy. And how is it there? How did what did you do? Whether it's going to be people he'd Sledge's which on reflection. I think would have been a really good idea because then you can sledge down to the lake which looks pretty fun. You can't get extremely fast because there are people walking yet. It's twenty to thirty minutes. Walk. You could do with sledge. That's Liggett advice. That would be a good idea if going again, I would take a sledge for sure. Yeah. And then you just walk down to the lake and then it's kind of hustler Flint area around it. And what I what was interesting was just on the lake edge next little shore. They'd put out little bits of carpet and little wooden benches. So that you can sit down and put your shoes on put your ice skates on that was a really good idea in the lake on lake because I already thought where am I going to put my skates on a calm. Imagine slide around in the ice trying to get them on putting them on in the snow. He knows what. So that's all sorted, basically. Yes. And so it's really kind of settled pupils ago that was awesome. Then what did you see? They're basically there's sort of mix of people sitting around families. Couples also one one falling spilling children on sledges. Dokes going mad totem running around some people playing ice hockey this good skaters rubbish skaters people rolling on the bums to walk on the lake. You don't have to bring your ice skates. If you don't want to. Yeah. True. I'm not an amazing skater understatement of the day perhaps. That was a little bit anxious about skating, but if you someone who's a good skater, or at least someone who you can hold onto or you die mind falling. You'll be absolutely fine. Yes. By the end of it. I was confident enough to skate back to safety alone. Took a while. But yes. The ice and numeracy's and it wasn't slippery. Yes. Oh, yeah. That's maybe something you should explain. So as is always slipper. Yes. Or no. That's the thing. Isn't it? When you see on TV. It's the ways people doing this gun of feet running most they can't stand on ice. But it's actually not like that at all. Which is weird. It was a bit rough surface. It all depends on the surface, basically. But usually if it's flat than ISIS never really that's liberate except if a small if it's a bit of snow fresh snow on until on. Yes. On top. Then if you're on shoes, it might be slippery. What even then? I mean, you saw I saw today even at least ten people falling over and no one they seem K. Indica? The other thing is it's takes lofts. I say take loft thick gloves. It's absolutely freezing. But also if you fall over your protected, you fall on your hands lean a bit forward, you will fall on your hands. And if somebody per if there is a big coincidence and somebody comes across your fingers than there are still on. So. I think you should wear gloves. Yeah. Oh, yeah. For sure. Anyway. So you put on your shoes and rice skates, and then you made your first step onto lake how was it? Grab a hold of someone. He's happy to have you grabbing hold of them. And then venture out onto the ice. Yes, mildly. Terrifying. For the first few minutes. Minus plus or minus off an hour. But once you get out when she's stagger out into the middle. It's really amazing. I mean, that's a completely unique experience. I think people totally true. I think like I said before this mountain cliffs, they come closer and closer and closer to further out to get and if you're in the middle of the lake at sometimes you also see small black holes and. How'd you say? If it's broken dice and the strikes but frozen over, but you can see small black cracks and the border borders. See sometimes holes in dice because some people go fishing is fishing Yang. You can say my stitching. Yep. Exactly. So it's it's just really magical and there are small ice stars on top and snowflake of crystals of ice flakes. Yeah. So it's really a great experience. Once you find also. Looking around. That's nothing. I think every Swiss should once going many that I know that they have been very Swiss thing to do with much go for Swiss. And I am sure. It's also nice for for tourists or experts. I one hundred percent agree. So yeah, I think that's that's more or less. Do you have any special recommendations that people should think about I mean, bring loss where warm clothes because it's very shadowy? That's also why it's frozen. One one reason why it's frozen, and I would say say if you can take one of these portable hand woman's to put in your gloves, you've been ice skating idea because my hands up sleet, freezing by the end of it. There is a shop, but at the bottom of the cable car. Yes, where you can buy all these things if you want to. Yeah. The only thing left say really is just go for it. It's awesome. And I think you have bring cash and also what I thought is the restaurants as all restaurants in the mouse mountain or just quite super expensive. So either the restaurant, although it was very good. I think but I would recommend to bring some picnic bring some tea. Yeah. What bring us some small food with you. Because then you don't you can just have your food on the lake if you want to or on the side of the lake in snow or wherever you like there's so much space. And I think it's totally worth to spend a few hours. Yeah. Definitely. Yeah. I think. The last question for me is what would you say? I'm the first time in Switzerland or not for long in Switzerland and not much experience with anything. So can I go or not can I go alone or not oh, you can went under? Thank elaine. Totally. Thanks good. So. With you. But you know, what of no, I think it's totally true. I also think because for me as a Swiss I think it's totally safe hundred ten percent. Oh, yeah. If I were visiting Switzerland on my pain, and I heard about this. I would one hundred percent recommend. It's really awesome. And that's the kind of thing that doesn't happen. All the time. Yes. So. Go go. What do you mean? Have been then if you have been there, or if you go let us know be great just write to us right in E mail, come to our website. So listen, chips dot com or on our in our Facebook group in full English English-speakers. Yes. Exactly. And with that there is not much more to say than happy new year. Yes. Exactly.

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