Marissa Martin: Top Hair stylist to celebs like Carrie Underwood shares what really goes on in her styling chair.


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Carrie underwood she's on. All these awards shows everyone's talking about everything she wears. She does how she looks. I mean which is hard enough as a celebrity. Have all that pressure. But is that pressure for you to have to have clients like that. Because i know you are you love it in. You are amazing. Is there a pressure side to it. also Yeah for sure first of all. That was a very sweet and trips and Yeah i grew up listening to some of the people that i do their hair or watching on tv and Definitely the first time. Doing their hair is a little bit nerve wracking. Just because you feel like it's your one shot you don't wanna mess it up. But yeah they if. I can just kind of disconnect maybe their fame or for they are like they just got ahead here. We'll give me one else. So yeah so when you have a client come into your chair and i can only imagine that every different type of hair is different every like some people kearlier out have thin people sick. There's all different types of hair. So how do you navigate that. Because i feel like you can't just do the same formula to every person like you have to assess the situation. Oh absolutely and i think what's really hard to is one. Everyone has their different lights dislikes. Like the kind of blonde that you like may not be the same kind of blonde that the next blonde lights and It's not only one figuring out people's likes but it's to trying to keep up with the expectations of pinterest and instagram and social media and There are a lot of different haircutters out there. I feel like when i grew up. You got one blonde where you got low lights and now there are ten different shades of blonde. And it's just it's fun. It keeps me on my toes but it definitely affect. My job is getting harder. People are martyr. So i'll do that too because people walk in with a picture and they're like make me this picture but then you actually make them that picture but then it doesn't look the same on them. It doesn't it's not really. Maybe the tone matches their facial or whatever and then all of a sudden this person's disappointed so like i've come to you before and be like can you hear read. I'm going through a national crisis. I need to go read near like Caroline way to i. We had a conversation. We're like okay. We're not gonna do any dramatic changes. You're gonna come to different times and if you still want it then you consider you almost talk to do it but only like i was like okay. You can't have it this appointment. Maybe the next appointment by the next point. You didn't even want the red anymore. That's hard to get people. It's so fun i can. Maybe it's not fun. But i can tell when something's going on in someone's life and when make union and like. I need all the blonde today. I'm like did you in kevin break-up duty to talk about it because normally that stuff kind of relates or gosh coming back from kovin on some sort of a pick me up in life had people down. Didn't know what to expect. People are just sitting at home all day every day. And i think that they're the way that they looked on the outside definitely helped with Maybe some mike some things on the inside. They were going through like if they got their roots. Touched up forgot that haircut or you know just had something change people. They just felt a little bit happier during the scene. Which was also cool about felt during cova like i felt like my roots had gotten crazy i love getting eyelash extensions and i had let them go and like hadn't on vote talks some forever and not that anyone needs to get any of this stuff but absolutely that makes me feel like a pick me up and makes me feel like refresh and like when i got my hair done i literally felt like a new person i felt so alive and i felt more vibrant and it does change your whole mood which is crazy that it really can affect you so much. How does how does that make you feel on the psychological side knowing that you actually are impacting people's moods and lifestyle i i have two sides of it. I love it. it's at some point. There's a little bit of vagueness obviously to do also such a how we look at so tied to our mental health which is why but it is cool to see that like just at the end of freshening up someone. Maybe it's the color that they've had forever like. There is such a lightness to them. Or i've had people cry in my chair. Just because they've never that pretty early yes that it's it probably makes me cry every time they crying That that's happened several times. People will literally look at themselves. I can't believe it. yes stand up. You know you get a big hug. They like text me back for the next couple of days there in their car. Taking a southie immediately just because they just feel pretty There are a lot of really awesome jobs out there like being a nurse or being a doctor. That's really rewarding. And i don't think i realized when i got into hair that that is something that i would experience Yeah it's really really special detain. Yeah amazing and also it is so true. I feel like when. I'm sitting in your chair. I just want to tell you everything that's going on in my life we could. You were there for like three to four hours so it's not all the time but sometimes it's like a lot of time and yes i feel like even though like you and i didn't start a relationship necessarily like as i got to know you i is a friend. You are one of my closest friends because you know everything about my life. And i know everything about here is like from your dating life like oh my god i love talking about who who you're dating and like looking at all those guys everything about sunny. Do you feel back to that. Like truly people if a truth chair when they sit down in your chair. They despise ed. What did they say it's like Therapists haired silas and bartenders are like the jobs that people sit in may dive into their personal lives. The most i mean. I heard the stories. I've heard that happiest stories. I usually know about people's before the world is about them one normally because i'm like hey. Are we doing coffee wind today. They say no. And i know they always drink. Brian share a second. My second question is always like sorry pregnant. every time i figured out someone's pregnant before they post about it. I love it love. But yeah i'm you know some people back to the rewarding part. It's released special. Because again i could be touching. Someone's hair just the normal thing that we've always done but someone dives into something that they're going in in life to end because of I think getting to release it in. Get it off their chest and just talk about it. Neither have a listening ear. Get advice or whatever the case may be they leave. And i'm not even done anything different but they hug me. They thanked me. And that's what i know like at that point. It's not about this year. It's just about the time about the hair. It's like the time that they spent with me and getting to talk about something that maybe they can't talk about with anyone else so it's really cool. So how do you handle being like a safe place secret keeper and like is that overwhelming for you to have all this late personal deep information that they're not sharing with anyone else like. How do you process all that. Okay do you do any agreements. yes. I love butter. You your for just the most emotional round ever. I mean like just oh losses my feelings and and the individualist. It's exotic until. Hey i'm a to the your helper didn't know that about myself before being like during the test but i think that that so i just have kind of like this vessel to take in people stuff and i really like people and i really love hearing what's going on. I love being the listening ear. So i don't know i think you can tell when it's genuine that someone really wants to hear about your life and actually cares. And that's me. I really do care so i love to hear how you how you do how you processes because sometimes when i hear stuff in it like feels heavy or it's like a big issue in one's life like i like internalize it. I carry it and sometimes i like can't get over it. What is your technique for loving that person hearing what they have to say like being a listening ear and offering loving wisdom but then also releasing it so you don't carry it in your own life and burden on yourself because that's really a trick that i feel like a lot of us need to learn is how can we be that listening ear and care but then not like curious in our on ourselves and in way ourselves down so then we become not like a an effective person and not and you know like it just adding baggage life. That isn't ours to carry. Yeah i will say that there are probably some clients that i had that definitely unload a little bit more and may have a little bit heavier stuff going on. And i'm a spiritual person. So i always just sort of set myself up for those people and just try to navigate. Whatever it is they need that day like is it just that they want me to listen. Is it that they sit down in my chair and wanted by. I will say now. After covid i see less people and so i'm i'm there to like sit and absorb. It's different than hearing ten different story today now. Only here for people's lives and then a lot of the times. I get home and immediately the first thing that i do walk my dogs until i need like some release time. Some downtime so mike not thinking about anyone else some not talking to anybody else. So i feel like the time to like sit in processing and I dunno just like d lightened from the day. Yeah i lent. it's kinda like a meditation. It's like okay. You had your day sort of life so release it all. That's awesome so you're like you have like a practice even though maybe you you intentionally did or didn't know you're doing that and i think that's so key due to have things like that in your day that do give you those breaks from the world and do give you those moments to clear your head into reset because if we never take a moment to stop in the whirlwind just continues continues and we never can release it in the new despite kind of stuck in a tornado. All the time absolutely. I think i figured that out through you know living with significant others having roommates. I would get home at the end of the day again. Some days you really like a really fun and then some days. They are really really heavy end. I think that the times. When i got home and didn't wanna talk to anybody. I close my door. And i didn't in room. That's when i started to figure out. I've got to figure out some bank to not let my day carry into the night or carry into the next day so i guess i kind of unintentionally getting dogs two years ago and having those walks and either putting on my headphones or just sitting silently in rocking the whole time yeah. I think that's kind of like my time. That i didn't know that i serve purpose and you become like a massive dog person around you. Got your dog like you're kind of like i feel like i feel like you were like super excited. But obviously there there's anxiety with getting a new puppy. Got your like it was like massive love. At first sight free fell so hard for you became like that dog person. What that's i feel like that happened with you. And motherhood you don't even know that this love exists and then all the sudden this thing happens in your life and i mean it was one of the most life changing things that i've ever gone through What did you had your life One i stopped going out as much. I wanna hang out with my dog. More than i did anybody else. Yes it just. It's responsibility and it's a schedule in. Its having a purpose other than just go into work everyday. Like i'm getting up and going to work and then coming home. Like i of these things that i had to take care of and that i love and i can't say it all the time if i talk about them too long. I cry. which is why old that. I did not even know that i love like this existed. And it's just different. It's i'm sure you've felt it was sunny. It's like people say you love your husband but you really love your baby. Yes yes and it's so true. And i think Something about the innocence. And unconditional -ness of i mean. It is like a puppy and a baby. I mean it's obviously there are different but it's that same pure love that is just so pure and so free and hasn't been affected yet by the world and it's like you or the one when you get this little baby that is giving it its You're you're i mean. Obviously every human has own course and the you can't control what happens to every human or animal but like you have the chance to really shape this little being's life and it's a huge responsibility and you just want to like preserve their innocence and keep them so safe unhappy in the joy that a little puppy and a little baby can exude. It's because it's just so pure you know we'll hand it almost gave me. I didn't even realize that it gave me another reason to work all like dogs. Don't need a lie. But at the same time i have always wanted to live in like a high rise condo. I am way more city than i am. Country life yard lies but seeing my dogs run around my front yard. The only think of is i want the biggest house with the biggest yard. Once i can adopt five more dogs too so that they can just run and run and run and obviously you have to make money in order for those things to happen. And i'm like i just. I don't know it's something else to work for to be able to provide for in another though you're like self made woman which i find so inspiring an amazing like you are the kind of woman who bigger dot your career which i want to know how you got into hair and when you decided to do hair. New light didn't just decided to do it. You're like i'm going to be the best at doing hair. And i'm going to work so hard and you work so hard he works. I mean pre covid. I'm even during covid hours. You work as much as a human can possibly work and you're always cheerful. You're always happy. You always have this light energy about you but you're like focused and a mo- when it comes to get your job done you don't mess around. How did you get that focus in. How did you get that determination to be the best. Because that's a big deal to be doing the kind of clientele that you do. I first and foremost absolutely love what i do. I've always loved any and everything beauty. And even i went to a college crack highschool until around junior year. They started to be like okay. What do you want to do for the rest of your life because that's where you will apply for college and it just wasn't even an option not go to college with my parents. Were college graduates. My sister wasn't college. And i just sat there and i kind of ran through all the different jobs that i could do. An i could not see myself in any of them. And when you start to do those tests in eastern figure out where you're like dislikes where remind was always everything beauty and then in my head i'm thinking about. How do i be a hairstylist. And still go to college sorority date. Frat guys hardee's. Because i wanted that part of my life but also i wanted to do hair. My parents were really supportive instead. You can go to college as long as you want as long as you pay for it so i came up with this high school plan that i was going to go through here. I was going to drop out my senior year. It's gonna be in beauty school. Because i wanted to graduate this same time. Everybody else did in my head. If i graduated from college then went to beauty school. I was a year behind everyone else making money. They would be living at home for a year and already finding a new hairdresser until it got to junior year. I told my parents. I was like this is my last one like i still wanna do it during college. I had a sign up sheet on my door for every shorty. Formal date party. People signed up slots to come in like do their hair before the foreign moles or you let coloring or styling it i would styling and then i gave haircuts to people but i did not color. That was a little like before you were even. If or like i'm gonna do this. I'm start now. Yeah even in high school doing like prom makeup hair in college. I think people just knew that that was my plan. I always talked about it in so honestly. I don't even know what anyone's hair look like in highschool college. Like if i were to go back and see any of those pictures. I'd probably be mortified. Was better than what other people do. So they just they signed up in. I came my junior year and did an. I actually went to the beauty. School that might hairstylists daughter. Went to she sort of the way. I was like okay. I really like where she where. I love her mom. Obviously she's my hairstylist. In so i went to read can beauty school. I think i probably regretted the whole time. It was everyone senior year. It was their senior football games. Senior foreign all. And i was living at home with my parents and being like. Why did i do this. But every day i loved doing hair so do you think worried about like the. Do you worry about the time clock like you did then like you. Do you worry about it now. Like you did then because i used to feel like there was a big time line all the time like you have to stay on this time line. By this point you know you need to be graduated from college by this point. You have the steady your this point. You need to be married by this point. You'd have a kid by this point. You need to do that. And it's like there was invisible. Time line that i felt like was always hovering around which i don't feel i mean it's still it pops up but like i don't feel it like i used to do you all that you felt the pressure of a timeline. When you were in college like make stuff happen immediately after world world just hadn't said in yet you know. College is a little bit of a of a fantasy time. You know like my schedule. Every day was i'd go to class for two hours and then i'd go tanning and then i'd go to the gym and then i had you know go and see a frame and i felt so busy and so you know exhausted by the end of the college week and i think i got into beauty school and i was stepping into the real world and i was twenty one. I had left my boyfriend in college. I think i just missed you know living at my parents house and i was like what am i doing. 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So i think that yes now i know but i don't think then i knew what i was doing I will even say working at my very first salon which i worked there for a year. I had guy client sit in my chair. And i was probably a month or two into doing hair and he said what is like your long term goal. Do you want to open up a salon. Like what do you wanna do. And i was like well. I think one day. I wanna do celebrity hair like entertainment here like i. Carrie underwood has someone who probably does her hair and her makeup shocking actually said carrie. Underwood i did. Because i don't think she was a blonde. I really liked vons. Maybe i knew that she was like in nashville. I'm not really sure why i chose her. But yeah i said that. And i was like you know i know that she has someone so i kinda wanna do that for someone. I wanna be there person. Who does their hair their make. They travel and the guy goes well. Carey is actually a friend of mine and so is the person who does her hair makeup. And i totally see bidding in at that salon like i just don't picture you here and i was like one. That's really cool but to a month or two in a hair. So i can't make a switch like i need to stick this out and i continued doing his hair for like eight months and the owner of my salon. Melissa we ended up running into each other twice and the second time after i ran into her and she just she look parlor three. She does carry under says her styling her hair for not color but she liked does all the hair styles for the awards and everything over makeup. melissa is the greatest human on earth. Yes she is fantastic. And i thought you meet her and she just she never. She never meets a stranger instantly. Just become not even a friend. These become part of her family and Yeah i just totally got sucked into her and her salon is beautiful and just walking in the the energy of that salon. I just i really feel like in life. You know when you know and so many different areas in like. I walked into that salon and i knew that that was my home What is the feeling of you know. Feel like i think there is a piece. there is I had moments of of you question. You've got dow you just you know that something. Just what if there's something better. What if there's something else even at my first salon. I really thought this isn't my forever. But i feel like this is the best i just running to be. I don't even know that poverty was even on my radar in. I walked in one. I met her in two. I just walked in and the energy. I just knew that was where i was supposed to go. But it probably wasn't until i stood behind the chair and i just started working that even standing in that spot. I just felt like it was home. Like they're still like there will be no. We're said i will go And i've been standing in that same spot behind that same chair for i'm a month away from it being six years and i feel like time has flown like it just feels right. What have you learned being hairstylist. What are some of the lessons. If you're to write a book some of your bumper sticker bullet points be especially with dealing with the clientele that you deal with. Because you're dealing with a lot of celebrity clientele you're dealing with people who really you're just dealing with people who their their image. I mean not that everyone's image doesn't matter but like a lot of these images images are in the public is so what have you learned from your job about people about work ethic about our mean anything i one i will say about people again back to the whole kind of mental health or like how someone is feeling like their hair really does tied to that So i think one. It's about the people i it's not about the hair it's really diving into like. How is someone doing. What is the hair that i'm about to give them going to. Do you know after breakup post baby post marriage. Sometimes people wanna make address change and it's not necessarily because they want the change but it's because they're trying to overcompensate for something else that's going on So i really tried to like listen and dive in vido people's energies because you get someone bangs after a break up and they're going to be useful or i have wanted to get bang so many times when i felt like i was in like an emotional state and your is like like. Let's let's think about this. Let's really think about ads in. I know it's also you know like maybe someone doesn't like their hair that day and then they come back in there. Like at actually wasn't about the hair. I didn't even tell you. I've got this massive thing going on and i took it out on you many times at happened in life when maybe someone isn't kind to you or someone is upset and like you haven't even seen them all day but all day before you know someone cut them off for. Someone did something in the grocery store so wanna try much take things personally to think also not taking things personally is not being hard on yourself in being a hairstylist and trying to live up to today's expectations with filters with a minute. Before and after of a transformation that took someone nine hours to complete when trying to keep up with the jones next door. You know like a hair stylist in another state post. Something that's really awesome man. This longtime kind of yours leaves just because they'd seen that one picture in it looks like something that they've been dreaming of in its its tax. Shoot people just as much as they get attached to me and so sometimes that work personal life balance of not taking it personally when someone chooses to go separate way and and that is that is interesting. How do you navigate that because you do become friends like we. Obviously we're talking on. You really sure your solar your hairdresser and so you have formed a relationship with someone and for whatever reason they leave like. How do you process that over. The years have learned to tell myself they could have left for a number of reasons. Either i got too expensive. I changed my schedule and it doesn't fit. There's anymore Maybe they didn't like what i had to do maybe They moved to our drive. So normally i can tell. If i've never heard from the person again then all sort of let those thing. This is that for any clients out there. I see you out and you don't come say hi to me. I'm like okay. Then it's probably that you just didn't like hair ab so we are most of the time they will run up on mri so much. Like i started a new job. And i can't do during the day anymore. curl don't worry or whatever the case may be excel at the end of the i have to be okay that i know that i have given my best to someone and if my best was enough which is totally fine. Know there are people who match with with you will find someone that he match with and luckily i've mentor a lot of assistance. Along the way that they know my tips and tricks but they've also got my spins on things. So i say that too like if i'm not the perfect fit for you and i've still got four other assistance that maybe their personality maybe their spin on things. Maybe their schedules work on a saturday. Maybe that psych. What fits someone better. 'cause i still love everyone who sits in my chair and i just want their hair to be taking care of them to feel great. So i've been toward a lot of great people who i at least once you're in their hands than like you're the best also but that's big of you though talking about your list of reasoning for letting people go and like when they leave or whatever which ethnic is not frequent but obviously it does happen and you know sometimes people just like you said they saw pinch photo like i need harry like that. And they make a dramatic change or they dislike feel like they need a u-turn her life and for whatever reason if somebody leaves and probably you want you probably take it a little personal but then you know the way that you're explaining it like you're so much bigger and so much more above this and i feel i that is probably key to happiness because it is a it is a personal job but then it's also a business at the end of the day so it's like you have to walk that line. Yeah yeah with. Every person that may fall off and get a new person in their place like again. I love people. It's part of the reason why left my job am to get to hear someone else's story or someone else's take on life or to get a new person in your taylor who's excited about their hair in their excited to see what you have to give them. There's just this new energy that kind of comes with new people So yeah it's a really special part of my job. Just like the people connection that i get to make and then it's an all different areas of life you've got clients in all different states in different industries with all different backgrounds. So it's just it's really cool. I love you just said that that is that is such the perspective to have in life. Michael and i are watching frozen all the time time right now because sunny is starting to love the moody in so like every morning we putting frozen and setting comes in and we just she just loves it and it's so fun because we have family movie time but michael in particular has been talking about the little snowman. I don't know if you've seen frozen yet. I hadn't seen it until okay. Well once the kids come into your life. It's like one of those movies. You see all the time but those little snow brand name ola. He always finds the positive in life. Even when things are bad like he feels and he notices what's bad but he chooses to see the happy side of life and he chooses to see the curiosity satellite and the the side of life that is magical when both sides of live for existing. There's that trend. Then there's also this like all the other forces at work that are negative and could be depressing or pulling you down but like he just lives in this happy magical space and when you said i love to see the new people come in because it brings a new energy like to me that is like how old lives like you're choosing instead of yes. I'm sure you can more on a little bit. The loss of some loss of someone that you loved but then also it's like you're so excited about the possibility of the new person coming in and what a way to live life because it keeps the magic going and keeps your excitement and it keeps just incredible energy going. 'cause it's a blessing to have yet. That's one of the best things about the job to you. Know like i love what i do and i say educated in practice on when i do but i i do i mean i guess it's a talent to be able to do the physical work within also have this conversation and be able to engage doing it at the same time and it's sort of a double whammy one. I get to practice my skill. But to i feel like i am an expert on wedding planning expert on giving birth an expert on building houses an expert on how to put out a song onto spotify like really again like all of these different areas of people's lives and someone will be talking about something about giving birth on my my gosh. I totally know what you're talking about. And i've never had so many people sit in my chair and i'm fascinated by it. I'm sure that. I asked you about your birthing experience. Or how does it feel having a new baby. I mean you have pumped sitting in my chair side of so many times coming away. I and i it's fun you know. I'm i wouldn't say that. I'm not book smart. I'm book smart. But i'm lucky. Life smart in owning ways. That i didn't know about before doing hair Someone will tell me about something. And i'll probably go home. Maybe this is another part of my de-stressing today. Maybe someone told me about essential oils and just will go home. And that's what i'll do for two hours just to unload or building a house and just sit there and unload for two hours in research like what are all the things that people are doing and yeah it's fun. It's you're curious person curious. Yes i love that i think. That's what keeps you young. Keeps you engaged. Keeps the magic in your life. Is that curiosity. And that's awesome. That's probably why one of the reasons why you thrive along with your talent. Is people love to be around you and you love people. Yes love the gross. So another thing. That i love is talking about dating with you because i've been out of the dating guard a decade now and i always find it so fun to hear about all the new apps that you have going on and all the new the cute guy is like oh my god one time you me and gabby you had these two guys that you had just like met. And we like off their instagram's and i felt like i was a teenager. Walker look alike. Oh my god that paul walker look alike. We're like how do we have a day with this guy. All by years of therapy are going down. The drain have so much. Fine with you and listening to live vicariously through your dating life. And i feel like you are such a good navigator. Updating because like your. Did you like your third or twenty nine your twenty-nine almost thirty so you are so wise. Now you have this great career and you really know what you're looking for when it comes to dating to talk to me about dating dating these days. What is that like the sizes music to live vicariously through you and loving it one. It's kobe so i feel like it's definitely a weird time today. I don't know. I've always been in this mentality of china to overly seek it out. You know what's meant to be will. It will find you when it's time so. I've never done like tinder. Bumble or hinge but there is that fine an app that we got on the guy every whatever you it's the best i like. It's so great. That was not hour. And i was dating but like holy cow. That's the best right and it's it's For anyone who doesn't know it's. I feel like not a real gay dating app. It's definitely you just get like these random people who are different you know entertainment industries or whatever come industries all over in so yael. Cb's as a model an actor who feel so unattainable the identical like he was like is. This person will never get over him. We'll never get a member. He was so good looking But yeah i'm besides that one's just for fun. I i don't know it's a weird time today. You know in the past pre covid. I think most people felt like they would run into someone you know either at a bar or you've seen at a concert or may be at a football game at and got just doesn't exist right now in so i'm definitely taken a step back from it. I'm just enjoying what life has to offer. It's a really slow time in general some just spinning this time working on me and spending time with my dogs I don't know for the people i felt like. Who are really seeking it out. They say nashville is a really terrible place today why he the ratio of gorgeous successful girls to gorgeous successful. Guys is like ten to one so way more girls. Yeah but This nashville stress. There's a lot of pretty girls a lot of like top boss women in their industries. I don't know i liked. That can be really intimidating guys. That's definitely something i've dealt with because you are a powerful boss woman like how is that when you are in the dating field. Is that hard for guys to handle. Sometimes i don't know if it's hard for them or maybe i make it up that it's hard for them. Because if i am not going to lie. I was a guy. I would be intimidated You know i'll sit twenty five. I'm established in what i'm doing is thank you. I will take that. I don't know. And i i'm this industry is one where you just you have the ability to make really good money or to have like your your face your persona put out on social media and have that blow up so i i don't no. I'm working speaking of therapy working on it in therapy. Oh my god. I don't know if that's something that i put on guys that. I think that they're intimidated by it. Or maybe they really are intimidated by it. But yeah i want someone to come in. I want someone to be a boston what they do to. I wanna be able to share in successes. You have to feel like. I could diminish mine because maybe there's isn't going so well. So i get that totally i think. That's totally legit. And i think you've done so much work on yourself and you worked so hard that you shouldn't have you shouldn't have to settle on that because being married as big commitment so we might as well just have to find the right one. Yeah i think everything when you know you know and i. I just haven't quite known yet. I dated some really incredible people but You know everyone deserves their person. And i'll know when i signed mine you will. Yes you will. Having sooner than later feel it feel all the energy. Yes crossed everything on Well okay. I'm going to wrap up. I absolutely love it. We got to this podcast. I wasn't he gave me like the greatest blonde. We did some more blinds. Oh my god. I just felt like elsa 'cause i'm washing a frozen all the time also this blonde main. I feel like i can sing like her now. And i'm just finding love. It mayor mayor did that air transform. So i'm so appreciative in the tonight we like we're gonna try to whip it out and you're like so go the flow you've worked all day and we're trying to look at eight o'clock podcasts. But sign no. I worked too late. And i was like i will not be best. If i have the weekend. I will be best so so glad. We got to have this conversation. And you're such kind soul and spirit and just love your energy. And i love your talent and i'm grateful to be in your presence so always wrap up with leave your light. What do you want people to know. I want people to know that. Although i do make ball beautiful on the outside i want someone to know that when they sit in my chair. I hope that they walk away. The more beautiful on the inside and to not take too much stock in what social media or instagram. Or anything else tells us what is beautiful because everyone is so different and they have such beautiful things to share into show and yet. I'm i'm appreciative of everyone. Who gets to sit in my chair. I walk away. And i'm also feel more grateful that i am to some or you just like the swedish human that ever lived on this earth. I mean larisa. That is so beautiful kind. Where does that kind heart come from. Where do you have that like. Just deep compassion for people and i'm very spiritual so i just i have to give it to god. I mean god is just like my number one person in. That's just what we're supposed to. We're supposed to show love and give him. I just hope that that shows it does and your amazing and thank you so much for joining me. You keep for inviting this and thank you for giving me here and making me feel so great. You are welcome and you are such a gorgeous energy to. You're one of my favorite favorite people to have in my chair. I always feel like i walk away. And you never sucked the life of me at anything. Actually like i gained so much so sweet. Thank you. I appreciate that you're the sweetest love you dearly. Thank you for coming. I'd have occurred you to bye bye. 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