Ep. 836 What Really Happened Yesterday?


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan bongino. I want to Dan Bongino show producer, Joe. How are you today today? What did they would it? They what. Really stacked Newsday. So don't go anywhere. Let me just get right to it. Folks. I wanna waste your time today show brought to you by our buddies at saucy, a new sponsor, check them out super easy to use a love this sight, everyone at some point is wish they could just have beer wine or liquor delivered. While someone finally decided to do something about it and my wife, and I enjoy Saturday night date nights at home in our backyard. Now, it's easy to get your beer wine or liquor delivered right to you and your introducing saucy the alcohol delivery, apps AUSSIE delivers your favorite beer wine and liquor right to your door on demand. 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There are a number of things I wanna point out to you. In addition to some other stories out there. I have some pretty good contacts. Obviously in the secret service, and other way, and and in other places in the federal government just from having worked there. I'm the Pat myself on the back. It's you work there. You'd have the same ones. There's something not right here. Now, I guess the best way to do. This is to not bury the lead and put the lead in the front as I've been doing lately, there's only two possible explanations to this to this suspicious package threat. We have out there explanation. Number one is that this is a grotesquely rank amateur intending to inspire Taryn the terror part applies to both explanations because any idiot willing to do such a I mean, this something so stupid and traumatize people like this. You're a savage right explanation. Number one, Joe this is a an amateur Alex plane why in a second. Or explanation? Number two. It's not an amateur matter of fact that someone who knows exactly what they're doing. And is trying to look like an amateur now, those two cannot possibly exist at the same time, you either don't know what you're doing. Or you do know what you're doing. And you're trying to look like someone who doesn't know what they're doing Ma. Right agent Bongino. Well this year. Yes. I know. And I I was gonna talk to Joe Joe, and I are friends. So we chat before this show. I said let me save this one for the because I appreciate Joe's genuine reaction. Okay. So I'm in chatting with some of my buddies one of the things that sticks out to me until others is the fact that these are unbelievably amateurish devices, let let me just point out some things to point to indicate that they are they're not these are not devices that someone who is experienced in these sinister dark arts, I would put together number one. If you were intending to harm someone via a package bomb guy. God forbid, you do not want that package bomb to be suspicious. Well, why would that be Joe because simply you don't want it to be detected. This is not complicated. So there are things you do to minimize detection. These are obvious ones that were not present on this. I mean, you don't put a printer label on a package. In font. Seven hundred fund you get what I'm saying you keep the font normal or you you you print in normal block letters. So it would look like a standard package or envelope. That is not the case with this thing. Secondly, as I indicated on a FOX and friends appearance this morning, and I'll put out to you there. And this is all out there, folks. I wouldn't divulge any classified information is all out there ready. All right. I wish it weren't. But it is printers leave a signature on printed documents. I don't know if you all are aware of this. But they do it's like a fingerprint isn't by gave fitness. Well, said by friend day, leave a printer and how it's done. I I'm not at liberty to say, but it's technique. We use when investigating counterfeit money in the past. When I first got on the secret service what we call peanuts. Peanuts, computer, printed, notes were almost non-existent. Everything was done via some form of oppressor printing press as printer technology got better. People started a pass what we call peanuts. One of the ways that's very easy to detect peanuts is by the pattern a printer leaves on a printed Bill, you can find out what printer it is. Like Joe said, and I'll leave it at. This leaves a fingerprint that was fingerprints. And literal fingerprints are most likely on those packages, and on those printer labels. This is an amateur hour operation combined that with the size seven hundred font on the front, I think meant to draw attention to these packages, which makes no sense. If your goal was to get these packages God forbid to detonate says to me, again, this is either an amateur operation or someone trying to look amateur. I will get to that point again in a moment. Some other indicators that there's something seriously wrong in very suspicious about this case outside of the obvious disturbing nature of it in general. The packaging folks people who do this and and people like the the Yuna bomber and others who have successfully sadly pulled off these horrible attacks the packaging, the excessive packaging is one of the indicators at there may be something wrong with the package at your location, excessive packaging and tape is put in for a reason, Joe the reasons quite obvious. If you think about it, if you don't want your device to be detected. You can't have the device inside get somehow get wet on the packaging and say one of the angles of it if it's a pipe or whatever it may be or some kind of explosive device in black powder. You don't want the angle to push through the envelope. You have it. I'm saying you don't want. You. Don't want the envelope to open. So it's not uncommon to see this excessive packaging, and wrapping and taping and taping on top of more taping in these devices that was present here having said that the excessive packaging is usually an indicator and this person made a point to really overdo it with. The packaging on this one. Another point indicating the amateur nature of this the stamps, six forever stamps, the same stamps put on these devices the same kind of stamps, the same obviously, the placement that's pretty standard on. I mean, that's obvious. But the six stamps in in that same layout on the on the package the overs the the overuse of of postage putting all that postage is another indicator that this was an amateur hour operation. This was done often in the past and these incidents, the excessive potions postage to make sure the device, let's say gets to its intended location, but this one against seemed to be obvious combined that with the fact Joe that these stamps were not did not have the black parallel lines over the stamps, which the post office does after the processed through the facility why? So that the stamp can't be reused, right? There are no stamps on the stamp. Meaning these were not processed to a post office facility. Meeting. Why would you put the stamps on there? It was either a courier or they were hand delivered and meant to look like US mail. They were not. Another indicator. This is an amateur hour operation or meant to look like one. Ladies and gentlemen, if you were so driven by hatred that you felt the need to mail a explosive device to a person you could not stand and had such vitriol in your heart for. That's us. John Brennan as an example. You would probably figure out where he actually worked and understand what the spelling of his name was that's not what happened in this case. The printer label not only male the package for John Brennan to CNN, but it's spelled John Brennan's name wrong. It's about the number of names wrong spelt, Debbie Wasserman Schultz name wrong as well on the return label. Folks, John Brennan his name is spelled with two wins and not one John Brennan does not work for CNN. John Brennan works for NBC. If you are deranged enough to do this and send the package, the John Brennan, you would have thought it putting all that that that work air quotes here into developing your deadly device or or or you're suspicious package in general. You would think you would do basic research to figure out what John Brennan name is actually spelled like and where he were. This all reeks wreak. There's something. Not right about this case. Well, something is not right now. Here's the kicker, again, we're dealing with the headline here. This is either a rank amateur. Or a hard call professional designed to look like a rank amateur. Now, I've given you know in evidence so far that this is a professional. Joe all I've said so far is the print the packaging stamps misspellings? The names the way the devices were delivered. This sounds like an amateur. Does it really let me bring up an interesting point to you. Bob brought up to me agent Bongino. Yeah. Joe if you were God forbid in amateur bombmaker putting together these devices, and you were so bad at doing it. You couldn't even figure out the initiator how works right, but you're dealing with highly explosive toxic compounds one of the things we'd seen in the past. And there's there's numerous examples of this are these guys missing fingers, sometimes they turn up dead or typically, we get a call from a police department saying, wow, we heard a loud explosion in apartments succeed. Why does that? Happen because they're so stupid. A lot of these rookies at this. They can't figure out how to not blow themselves up, ladies and gentlemen, even professional bombmakers. A lot of them are missing numerous digits on their fingers. All the evidence. I gave you just now is that this person has no idea what they're doing thankfully in the construction of an explosive device inserted into the mail system or the courier system. If that were the case, it would be highly likely highly likely that this person would have either killed himself by now, or we would have some hospital records of someone showing up in a hospital with a missing digital at arm because they have no idea how to construct these things. How do we know? They have no idea because none of them actually exploded. Thank the Lord. None of them. That says to me, ladies and gentlemen that. This was not an amateur. This was not an amateur. This was probably someone with some experience who design these things to intentionally not go off. Some of the other indicators one of the bug. According to media reports one of the other devices was constructed using PVC pipe. You know, ladies and gentlemen, that's obviously a very stupid way to do this. You have to construct. What creates the pressure in the blast is constraining the actual explosive power within steel encasement. Right, right. It's what creates that force. If you just light up a bunch of black powder on a field. You just get a poof you constrain those gases and a steel tube. You create a lot of problems. This is clearly in my mind at this point somebody who knew what they were doing and wanted these devices to be detected. Wanted these devices to be detected. Now, what worries me about this? Now Joseph is that the potential for a tactical shift going forward. If what I told you is true. And I believe it is. And I believe was person will be caught expeditiously. I'm expecting. I mean. I mean, listen the predictions game is responsible here. Religious say in the coming days. I believe someone's going to be caught I believe who who it is. And. I mean, just not say too much. I think it's surprise you. Yeah. I think it's going to surprise a lot of people whilst it's going on here. Behind the scenes with this. But what worries me now is tactical shift from this person. If this person is I believe has some kind of experience with explosive devices, how did detonate them and most importantly, Joe, how do not detonate them how to get these kind of black powder or potential explosive devices through the mail without them going off. And I believe that was the intention at this point at defies credulity at this point that this person mailed mind devices, none of them went up. What worries me is a potential tactical shift to devices that will go off. That will go off. That shouldn't be on. Everybody's mind right now would not be unheard of for things. Like this to happen. Now one more point on this because I do have a lot of news to cover today. You know, the example, it's brought up a lot. I know because it was brought up to me on the news. And a couple of radio interviews about the unit bomber and things like that. Then it took a long time for the Unabomber to be found. In other words, that this person may may take a long time to catch. This person's. Well, it may I don't think it will. I believe the fact that all these packages were left behind these behind a body of evidence. There's a lot of tape on some of these devices folks tape is the way we get fingerprints the chances of avoiding a fingerprint on nine unexploded devices are slim to none. But I believe this person will probably be caught in the coming days. And I just. You have a question. Yeah. I do have a question. I can't remember who said it. But I want to know if it's correct. If you think is corrected. There's more detonations of bombs being built than there are bombs being used an execution is that. Yeah. That's that's exactly right. That's one of the reasons I mentioned that to you one of the points. I've been discussing with a lot of Donald and not blood say, yeah, it's an awful. And it's speaks to a person's ability to professionally handle that you brought this up explosive device. These are obviously toxic compound. Yeah, obviously. And the fact that none of these devices have exploded or we have no indication yet that they've exploded. While they were in construction says to me that this is someone who knows what they're doing. That's that's what I meant. Yeah. Thanks, man. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Of course, I saw you. You were Joe's doing this thing where he liked touches his chin and majo- touches his chin. It means. He's got some kind of a question. He's waiting for me to answer. But on the unit bomber frontage want to tie. That part up to the Yuna bomber operated over years and years and years, and he was tactically very strategically a pudding, those those those units those explosive devices in the mail at different locations over extended periods of time the reason he took so long to get caught as it was no clear pattern at the start. Well, what what's happening? What's different in? This case is there is a clear pattern. We have the stamps of the packaging the unexploded devices. The fact that he may have used a courier we're going to have video. There's a video dragnet all over Manhattan where this device this morning that was left at the Niro's place in Tribeca, visit the triangle below canal in downtown Manhattan, these these people whoever did this or was organizing this did it in such a short period of time that they left it. They had to just by default having these unexploded devices in the video left the body of evidence behind and given the full assets of the United States government dedicated to this. I believe this person will be caught soon. Very soon. One final note on this. I have an article up in the show notes today. Encourage you to read I was furious furious yesterday at the media coverage of this, ladies and gentlemen, it has been disgusting. It has been horrifying. You know? I said to you Joe I should've asked you to do this. You know, we've been busy lately. And I don't want to bog you down with work. Right. What I thought of this last night? And I just got so busy. I forgot it. But. I did a show, ladies and gentlemen, a long time ago after the horrendous baseball field incident now Zanjeer where Steve Scalise was was shot and number of other members of congress were shot at by a Bernie Sanders supporter, and Joe, I know you remember the show, and you know, I don't like playing clips of myself kind of know be. But I can summarize what I said because I remember the show like it was yesterday. And this just goes to show you the pouring disgusting horrifying coverage of the liberal media whore. Renders people out there. I mean, unbelievable what they're doing here trying to pin this on Donald Trump. I had said to you back then I'll say it again. And I will say at any time this happens after the Bernie Sanders supporter nearly killed Steve Scalise. I made a point acutely in that moment that we have to temper this and understand that. This was not Bernie Sanders. Fall. It's not now you call it. Whatever you want. Listen to me. I don't care because I know where my heart and my. Head were at the time. Right. It is a dangerous slippery slope to start blaming other people. Donald Trump Bernie Sanders or Sarah Palin or anybody else for the derange action of lunatics. Joe neither you nor. I have any control of what people decide to do out there if they have such darkness in their hearts that they want to physically harm others. We have made a point on this show repeatedly call it your virtue, signaling. I don't care what you call it. I know I have made a point with this show repeatedly. Because I know what's in my heart. I know what's in Joe's heart that violence. Proactive. Violence is never ever ever ever the answer period. Full stop. Thank you. I'm not telling anybody not to defend themselves if they're attacked. I have said this over and over and I made a point after that dreadful episode with Steve Scalise where he almost died. That was not Bernie Sanders, full and the minute we go down that road that well, you know, the guy was Bernie supporters. So Bernie did this. We open ourselves up to a society of really mob like behavior where anyone and every. Everyone can be attacked at anytime. Anyone anyone could be tied to anything? They can say oh my gosh. Joe Armacost tweeted a year ago, you know, that he didn't like the politics of Maxine Waters. Joe's get up. You get what you what do you get you get a witch on it legitimate witch hunt. Remember the the witch trials if if if they float they were witches, and if they drown they will which it was like you were which either way you was a lose obsessive. Probably didn't explain that. Well, so get emails, but you get the point dole purpose of a witch hunt. As you always find a witch. And many of you thank agreed with me. I got a lot of feedback on a couple of you didn't you said. Well, listen, the Democrats are out there calling for a of confrontation, folks. Yes. The ones who are calling for aggressive confrontation public officials out there. I'm not going to tell you have not played a role at least in creating an environment. A really nasty toxic toxic environment. I'm not I've never I've always gone after these people for doing that. But we cannot put the behavior of individuals on others. It's it leads us down a dangerous path. Now, I only say that because the media they're abhorrent. Our rent this coverage of this event. Joe they have zero clues zero none. They have absolutely no idea who did this. They don't know the motive of all of the ws out there. The how the who the why the win of all the ws out there? Joe what's the most important who? Who did this is the most important? That's how you determine a motive. They have no idea folks, they have no idea who did this. And you've got people like Brian Stelter making these slight situations that these are Trump targets, you got CNN running chirons target Trump targets under attack as if Trump somehow was responsible for this. I said t one that episode wrap it up with this. I said to you, wait, you watch when something happens to a democrat was say in the store in the Scalise since when a Republican is under attack the media will pay you back, no favors and of the point. I was making at the time was I was not doing it. Because I was expecting the media to be honest later. These people are not honest. They're not I remember the show. I said to you. I'm doing this. Because it's the right thing. It is not Bernie Sanders fault that some looney. Tune tried to kill Steve Scalise on a baseball field. It's just not. You know, what people I got some criticism for owning owning the libs is about the exercise of political power. You idiots do even listen to the show to these morons. Have you? Did you miss the whole episode? We have we have purposefully maybe in a former secret service, they'd never experienced with this openly vigorously spoken out against these kind of aggressive confrontational tactics. But make no mistake Joe from the corrupted horrible media, I expect no courtesy in return. None I knew you would do this. I knew you would do it when it happened. I knew you would do it immediately without any evidence. I knew you would not practice journalism. I knew you would practice liberal liberal narrative, advocacy, and sadly, tragically you prove me, right. And you know, what even though you continue to do this God forbid another incident happens with the democrat. Another incident happens today, God forbid, one of these devices is functional and actually goes off. I will still no matter what if something were to happen to a Republican today. I will insist because it's the right thing to do that the individual is responsible for their behavior. This is not some collective thing where Democrats are responsible for what some looney. Tune does. But again, ladies and gentlemen, expect no courtesy and no civility and know morally or ethically, upstanding behavior from the media who will turn around on a dime and blame you for this. Ignoring the fact that white powder resent the Don junior's house. That's there was some suspected writes in attack on Susan Collins house, expect none of that. Jim Mattis got a package. Those stories have all disappeared. Joe? Can I say one more thing, folks? You know, the treatment of FOX. Me said, well, you're on fire. I don't care. I'm sorry. I have to put this out there. The treatment of FOX by other left-wing media nuts out. There has been disgusting. Fox has been running twenty four hour nearly twenty four hour sometimes commercial free coverage of the attack on CNN and Democrats. You know why Joe because it's an important story. Right. And yet these other stories. Trumpy and called the Nazi treasonous stories about rice in attacks on them white powder day, get coverage by the other networks, but they go away quickly. But when it comes down to a real story FOX provides twenty four hour coverage and yet they'll attack FOX. Gross gross. Absolutely grotesque. All right. I got a lot more to get through today. Folks today show. Also brought to you by buddies at quip. You ever need that pristine clean kind of feeling in your mouth. And you just can't get it from a regular to using. That's because use it by the way, somebody picked up something you said about Elizabeth Warren on a thing that I totally missed that. I didn't get that. What either I missed that? I didn't get that. I totally missed that one Joe is his all full of these things. And I by the way, I did get the beta thing folks, kill right, please tell them before the show. We did that the beta we I knew it was a joke. The jet thing was a set-up folks, we get it. 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Go check that out. All right, more breaking news here. So I've been working on something for a while on this spy gay case in the book. It's some of it's in the book, we kinda hinted at it. But at the time of printing, I didn't have. The body of material. I do now to two point two two win assertion. I'd like to make. But there's something very interesting someone who emails me regularly emailed me yesterday. I was hesitant to bring it up yesterday. But I've been holding onto something for a while with the popadopoulos angle this by gate case, Joe, I haven't discussed this, which no you haven't. But it is it is fascinating. Vokes? There's an article from November ninth of twenty seventeen by Allie Watkins, I'll remember the name some of you are picking up right now. Some of you may not be there's an article in politico, I'm gonna put up in the show notes. And again, it's from November ninth of 2017. It's going to be the second or third article down in the show notes. If you subscribe to my Email list, Email them right to you. And it is a fascinating piece, not only because of the content of it. But who wrote it Allie Watkins Halley Watkins, the author who is Allie Watkins, why does that name sound familiar? Allie Watkins was the love interest girlfriend of the Senate staffer on the Senate Intel committee that was handling the collusion investigation show, the girlfriend of the Senate staffer on that committee who was alleged to be the recipient of many leaks from that committee. You remember wolf the guy on the committee was arrested and is being prosecuted for allegedly leaking the Fiso warrant, yes. This is his girlfriend Allie Watkins who was supposed to be the recipient of the text messages about the FIS award. Now, remember we discussed this before he if interestingly enough when the Pfizer award is the delivered to the Senate Intel committee excuse me, what is delivered to the Senate and kill Intel committee. It is likely delivered and unredacted form. The Pfizer warrant is eighty two pages. He tax wolf is girlfriend at the time. Allie Watkins, according to the charging documents he texts his girlfriend eighty two times most likely screen shots of each individual page of the FIS warn. Now, if you're a closet investigator out there, you're probably figuring out where I'm going with this. If not I'll explain it to you. There were a whole pages of the FIS warned blacked out. Meaning they were like black dots. They got the Senate Intel committee most likely the unredacted portion of the FIS it if it was eighty two pages, and he Texas girlfriend eighty two times, he most likely Joe would not text this girlfriend a fully redacted page eight Joe check this out. Here's a big black dot a page. They're not going to do that. He would only why would you text pages and pages and pages of blank documents? You wouldn't do that? It's hurt. It's ridiculous. What is what am I suggesting I'm suggesting that the unredacted Pfizer? In other words, this entire basis for this case the garbage case that's in there. All the information that we're supposed to see soon. If Trump follows doing this declassification requests that the media may already have this may already have the unredacted Fiso with all the devastating information in there. Now, the author of this piece Watkins in this politico piece is the according to the reports is the girlfriend as the recipient of these tax. So she may have a boatload of information about the Genesis of this case, you folks, please understand what I'm telling you because the rest of the story that part's old. But if you don't understand that part the rest of this will make no sense, the author of this politico piece about to dig into and some of the very very suspicious components of it is the girlfriend of the guy leaking sensitive information from the Senate Intel committee and one of the peace. Of that sensitive Intel information is I believe the unredacted FIS based on the pattern of texting. Meaning she knows almost the whole story that new Ness and others. No because she's most likely read portions of the unredacted FIS and understands how bad this case is and some really suspicious stuff now. Now, when you read this politico article, a whole lot of things that are going to start to make sense. The political article is about myth sued and popadopoulos remember miss soothes, the Maltese professor who starts this whole thing by confronting popadopoulos in March of two thousand sixteen by a meeting with popadopoulos and alleging that the Russians have third, but but one. Move, sir. Joe? Introduces popadopoulos at one point to a woman he calls, and I say he calls because nobody's really sure what this woman's name is some this is a good portion. This is in the book, by the way, this is my spy gate book. But introduces Masud introduces popadopoulos the Trump team member. To woman by the name of Olga vigneault, GRA Tova. Whoa. Poland sky, depending on what? Last name you choose. Yeah. And he introduces her Joe as Putin's niece. Let me read from the piece. This is gonna I promise you this is going to be. We go in here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I this is going to get good. So again, this the woman writing this likely knows the entire story about FBI malfeasance because her boyfriend is on the Senate Intel committee, and we know is texting her. Here's this is from her. Politico piece, quote misset introduced vinaigrette ova popadopoulos is someone with high profile ties to the Russian government. Oh, oh, Russian woman. Miss goes. Hey, look, it's Putin's nation is high profile highs in the Russian government, which was then seeking better relations with the US and an end to western economic sanctions imposed over Russian aggression in Ukraine. One popadopoulos Email to Trump campaign officials said the woman had offered to. Oh, this is too perfect to arrange a meeting between us and the Russian leadership to discuss US Russia ties under President Trump. Wow. How convenient so the Maltese professor Joseph myth Souders alleged to have started this whole thing. Right. And in the democrat narrative is a Russian agent, despite the fact that all the evidence indicates he has significant ties to western intelligence, not the significant as significant to his ties to Russian Russian agents. All of a sudden finds this woman show at a nowhere who claims to be Putin's these who claims to have these high level ties to Russia and could set up meetings. Whoa. It knack. Convenient about. What's interesting? This is news. That's in the book. We've been holding onto some for a while and an Email. I got yesterday makes leads me to believe that it's probably time to to put it out there folks with fascinating about the one of the documents used to prosecute popadopoulos. Is if you read. About his interactions with myth sued. And hat tip to you know, who you are. They're spoken about in a third person for match. Oh. How would that happen? Now. Let me I'm not explaining that. Well, so Mifsud the Maltese professor who starts this whole thing. Right by allegedly saying that the Russians have third on Hillary tells Papa that starts this whole thing this collusion nonsense. Right. Those interactions are documented in prosecuting in prosecutorial documents used against popadopoulos. But there's spoken about from a third person's perspective. Now, this I know it doesn't make sense to look at your face. If you went I Joe are having an interaction and. We're talking about robbing a Bank. And in the charging document. It says well, Joe Armacost initially didn't take it seriously. But then he decided to take it seriously based on the look on his face. Yeah. We'll get that information come from. If only you and I are at the table one of us. What you're looking at me. Like, I'm crazy one of us. Yeah. But I don't think it was Masud. Unless Joe they had a recording. Now, if they had a recording of it. Who the hell was Masud working for how did they get the recording? In other words, if this is a collusion operation with the Russians, and if Sudas a Russian agent how in how the heck did they get the recording? The Russians aren't going to give it to them. Joe is this making us. No, no, no. I'm with you. Yeah. I gotcha. If it was suits working for the Russians collude overthrowing election, and the charging document talks about it from a third person perspective, like a bird's eye view over there meeting. There's only two possible scenarios either popadopoulos set it Mifsud set it or there's someone recording the darn thing. Now, a great point pointed out by this perch, which I not trying to take credit for stuff. I just we we've been looking at this for a while. And his Email. It's time to get it out there. Talks about a part part of the charging document. Maybe the using the language of the charging document will make this make more sense. Here's what's written in there. Joe initially, the professors seemed uninterested in the defendant talking about popadopoulos. It then goes on to say the professor appeared to take great interest in defendant. Popadopoulos talk about later. How would they know that? Where they there. It's not as sued saying it, right? I'm that. I'm I'm confident of and that he's not cooperating. How Joe how do they know that? How do they know that was this recorded in? This was recorded. How was it recorded? Now, there's another possibility there. There seems to be some intimate knowledge of these details between the meeting between myth sued. And popadopoulos detailed knowledge, whether they were recorded. Now was it recorded by myth sued. I don't know that yet. I don't want to speculate where I don't know. But what I'm telling you is there's a bird's eye view of this. That was I don't believe past on. I don't believe was passed on by miss. Unless unless he was cooperated. I I this is killing me because I know I know a lot about it. And I think I'm not getting our if soothes a Russian agent, right? He's recording. This thing. He's not going to give the information to the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States he would implicate himself as a Russian agent. Yes. You get what I'm saying? If Joe was really gonna rob a Bank at a meeting with meetings. He's recording the conversation. He sock gonna give the recording the cops. No, no, exactly, which you can pretty much eliminate mid sued at this point being a Russian agent Alday somehow have some bird's eye view of this. It was only two explanations. It was recorded given to them by MS soot. Meaning he's not a Russian agent. He was working with them. Working with friendly's to set up Trump or there's a third party there. Now, you see where I'm going with the politico article. This. Allie Watkins seems to know an awful lot about the whole case an awful long time ago. This piece was written nine twenty seventeen. She does a piece focusing specifically on this Russian woman Olga vinegar adobo or Poland sky, or whatever you wanna call her. No one really knows her name. Joe just like Masud notice. We haven't heard it darned thing about missile gha sits. Yeah. So suspiciously. This woman who speaks with a heavy Russian accent introduces herself as Putin's niece so convenient Putin's. She's not Putin's niece, by the way. Says I have these high level Russian context just randomly shows up at a meeting between Trump advisor popadopoulos and a Maltese professor with western intelligence how perfect only Joe to never be heard from again. Now, she's in my book. But I ask you this show you follow this intensely as being a part of the show. Yeah. I tell you remember the names often if you've even heard that name before no, no, you haven't you only Russian woman. I've heard his villain. It's skyer whatever vessel in the sky. Remember that name close enough. You've haven't heard Vinit a grove of Poland sky because nobody's talking about her. Folks. Just like I said to you about sued where it's absolutely impossible to disappear the way miss did. And to avoid any no one seen miss sued since his February interview with the FBI from last year. Nobody's seen him. Nobody's seen or heard of Algo of Vinod Vinogradov, Jimmy, vigneault grit. Ova? Nobody's heard from her since. Folks, this was so obviously a setup that again, you have to intentionally blinders on at this point to believe this bag of horse because that's what it is. This is nonsense. You see what I'm wrapping this up. Joe? This was the perfect setup. Do you really think the Russians are guys? Ladies, listen. I'm no fan of a Putin or the Russians. Let me be crystal clear by this. I been intimately of what got me into politics was Reagan's fight against communism. But do you really think I spent time in Moscow is three weeks as a matter of fact, doing investigative work with the referees spe- when I was a secret service agent. These people aren't stupid. Okay. No. They are not dumb the Russians. Do you really believe? That they're going to send this Maltese professor there. Right as they're cut out. And as at and what they're going to send a woman who is Putin's niece who openly talks about her connections to the Russian government to try to set up a meeting with a low level member of the Trump team, you believe this was actually going to this is the way it's going to go down. So let me get this straight show. The Russian government has a plan to overthrow the results of the US election or influence them heavily, right? Okay. So they send in a professor from Malta with connections to western intelligence who knows you K in intelligence officials and is intimately familiar with the western intelligence apparatus. So they call in a guy connected to us who could rat on them at any moment. And they send in a woman, and she doesn't do it cryptically. She goes. Yeah. Putin's these I can set up a meeting this this sound even remotely logical to you crate, you we haven't heard that awhile play it again crate you. Crate you you must be I missed that one. I do to that. Now, I'm not crazy. This is the worst setup in human history. Oh, look, I've got this. It's Putin's niece. She's going to set up a meeting. Wow. That sounds great. All of a sudden, we don't hear from the woman ever get your telling me, nobody can locate this woman. Is it possible? Joe also that bird's eye view third party perspective talking about oh and Mifsud didn't seem interested. But then he seemed interested. It's not Mifsud say that who saying that. Folks, you have not heard the last. Now, Joe, what would you say? We're about a month ahead of the news cycle on this. Mark it down. Put it gets your notebooks out. Folks. Olga. Poland sky check it out the book Olga vigneault grid. Ova? You have not heard the last of that name. This is the worst setup in human history by a bunch of incompetent loons read the politico piece it's in there today. And remember who wrote it there's a reason that name appears in her writing? Around the time, she's dealing with a boyfriend on the Intel committee who knows the whole story. According to the Pfizer the bunk dossier and feeds it to her. There's a reason she writes that now remember she knows the whole story, according to the dossier and the Democrats because that's what appeared in the FIS application. She doesn't know the real story. She just knows what she's been told. Hence, the focus in her political piece about this, Shane rush woman. Oh, I feel vigneault over was she Russian. We sure about that. Just how Russian what's she doing? I never knew what she's doing is. She doing back there. Folks. This is going to get Harry this story. I know a lot of you think this thing's dying down. Oh, no, no, no. No, no. There's a lot more to come write that name and your name notebook more to come on that later. All right. Finally to you're not going to feel more stories to get through that a really important lot of news as we they show. Also brought to you by buddies. We the people holsters best also shout their love them. They sent me a sample little while ago, loved them so much. I said, hey, can I get a few more those bad, boys? They are great. The problem would allow these in the pants holsters and hostages is they're super uncomfortable. They're hard to adjust. Now what we do people holsters. You will never ever find a better price more, quote, high quality holster than you will be the people. 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That's just twenty four dollars with free shipping. You will not find a better product out there for the money. Love we the people. All right. A couple more stories. I had. The Democrats and the media and the media allies their messaging on this caravan caravan in addition to their messaging on this these stressful suspicious packages spree we're having here over these last few days has been absolutely horrifying watching the media covered. This TV show last night address. This caravan has been just I they're not even media anymore. Joe? It's not journalism. It's strictly a liberal narrative baiting one of their talking points on this has been and I address this yesterday as well. And I wanted to double down on it because there's been a subsequent tweet put out liberals are giving us an easy messaging opportunity, and sadly, a lot of Republicans are missing they're asking Republicans for evidence that this caravan contains in fact, criminals and gang members when the real question is how can you prove it doesn't because these are not citizens of the United States. They have no right to enter the country illegally. None. The real question. Here is not asking. Me for proof that there were gang members. It's asking you prove that, you know, they're not have you vetted all four thousand of these immigrants coming up to the country and threatening to enter illegally have you? It's a simple question. The answer is obviously no you have not. So if you haven't you can't prove to me that people entering our country and breaking the law. They have no right to do. This should be here. And that some of them granted maybe a small portion, but some of them may be dangerous making the situation even worse not to redo yesterday show. But there's been some new news on this. The DHS department of homeland security put out a tweet. Thoroughly refuting the media coverage on this which has been Donald Trump needs to prove their a gang members and criminals that Donald Trump doesn't need to prove anything. They're threatening to enter the country illegally. You have to prove that that these folks are going to enter legally number one and should be here. You have to prove that us. Here's the tweet. Joe DHS, Ken confer can not can't can see ya Ken confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or who have serious criminal histories. That is a tweet from d h s I worked at the HSA, ladies and gentlemen, they are not politicians. They're not going to humiliate themselves in a tweet for any political agenda. DHS clearly has significant intelligence shows of that there are people in this caravan with significant criminal histories or who may be gang members. This is their tweet. They're not going to embarrass themselves on their Twitter feed telling you what the media's just making this story up. There's no evidence that there's criminals do you even read seriously? I said this yesterday someone suggested that we put it on a t-shirt shirt. Liberals. Do you even seriously? Do you even do you pay attention to even basic, facts and information, this is outrageous? The D. He put out a tweet themselves. They can confirm can not at the end can confirm that there are gang members and people with significant criminal histories within the caravan Joe there were also investigative reporters on the ground talking to people in the caravan who have already acknowledged that there were criminals and the caravan. Stop falling for this sucker argument. Republicans you need to prove that they're one. We don't have to prove it the already put out a tweet. So you already down on the information front. Sorry information one liberal media zero. But on the second front, even if that were we don't have to prove anything. They're not they're not saying they're going to enter the country legally do points. They're threatening to break the law. But there's nothing we have that in and of itself is enough to say, no, thanks. We're good. The fact that DHS has now confirming their criminals and gang members in there is just an additional piece of information which incentivize any sane rational person to say, this is crazy. This is an invasion four thousand threatening to walk across the border illegally. This is nuts. All right. Couple more things I want to get to 'cause it's important quick midterm election update. Ladies and gentlemen. We're seeing two things two things here to put a little bit of a smile on your face again. This is not incentivizing anyone to the rest on their laurels. This could be you know, what happened in these last two days in these news cycles. Troubling. And there could always be another surprise here. But it's starting to look it's not going to be a red wave. Let me be clear on this. But it's starting to look like the Blue Wave may in fact, be dead that they may may may hold the house. I think we're going to add to the Senate I told you that my prediction last week, but there's two data points. I wanna put out there. Number one early. Polling in critical. Statewide Senate races early voting early voting is up dramatically for the Republicans. They are winning big time in some of these states in early voting. Now having said that. That is not always the best indicator of what happens on election day. I know that Joe for as you know, from person hearing, it's where I won on election day a congressional seat overwhelmingly by five thousand votes. I was like this is great. I was measuring the drapes in my congressional office in Maryland district six and they were like wait hold on. We still gotta count the early voting and the absentee and I got crushed. I wound up losing the race by by a sliver by one point because he made up all five thousand of those votes, and then some so it is not in other words the early voting if I would have just went by the early voting I should've lost that race by thirty points. I lost by one one point. That's it. So early voting is on always the best indicator. So get out take ten friends. But secondly. Some of the polling if you listen to the shows I did earlier in the week about how we're really having trouble. Folks, we're having trouble in these suburban districts some of the areas dominated by minority voters who would vote for Hillary. Whether it's Florida twenty-seven or Texas Twenty-three where we should be getting crushed. According to liberal media narrative, always by voters, don't like Trump. It's actually not happening. We'll heard and the virus Salazar race in Florida dominated by Hispanic voters in southern Florida and in the border in Texas. The Republicans are doing quite well in those polls where we're having real problems is in the suburban districts one of them. I've been using bellwether district is the Barbara Comstock race right outside of DC and the Virginia suburbs. I think it's Virginia. Ten forgive me. If I appreciate Virginia ten. Barbara Comstock who I've interviewed before when I used to host radio terrestrial radio. Barbara Comstock was was getting. Just crushed in the polls. She was not doing. She's the incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock has closed the gap significantly. Some polls have are running neck and neck with her democrat opponent in one of those suburban districts, so again is this a bellwether? I think so, but I think between chaos the caravans and cavenaugh. The two season the one K, I think the Democrats have created a really really untenable situation for themselves. And I think even in suburban districts a lot of moderate, Republican, moderate, democrat, female soccer. Mom voters are starting to say, you know, what this chaos thing is in for me. We'll see we'll see. I my prediction stays. I think we hold the house by two to four seats. I think we pick up two to three seats in the Senate. But those two factors early voting. We're doing very well. And that Comstock race, which I believe is indicative of this suburban problem we've been having lately is starting to close into and calm. Comstock starting to pick up some more numbers in the polls get out and vote, ladies and gentlemen. Like, I said, I get the beef with early voting. I understand it. I think seven month long early morning or early voting obviously hyperbolic is ridiculous. But this is not the time for that fight something God forbid can happen to you. You could get in a car accident that they have voting again. We don't we God forbid, but you need to get out and early vote put your numbers in early get that thing on the record, please. I did I already voted my wife, and I both in Florida, please do it. Okay. See? He won cautionary tale here on this. And I want to get to a fair share argument to fair share fair share your liberal, the rich are not paying their fair. Share? I have a really good article up at zero hedge today, the show notes showing just a very simple graph. How absurd outrageous the liberals fair share argument is that you know, the wealthy aren't paying their fair share. But before I get that just one note on the stock market. That's been very volatile. It's been up and down low six hundred points yesterday, folks. Take it easy on every, you know, the liberals want to instill a sense of panic before the election with the stock market. They love the highlight these stories oh, the stock market economies. All Radic, folks. This is natural. There was always going to be a correction in the stock market. There may be an even bigger correction. Don't forget for for the eight years of. Fed policy. Where we printed a bunch of monopoly money and drove interest rates low people were they call it, the, you know, the search for yield, you know, seeking out right? You have to search for yield on your money yield a return if I have money sitting in a Bank account. I want an interest rate I wanna make money on it making money on money that search for yield was impossible when we print that a lot of money because we the federal government drove interest rates into the ground and the economy was slow meeting. There wasn't a lot of demand for money. So people couldn't charge a lot of yield. If you can't get three four five percent for your money. You have to search for yield somewhere else. What were people doing Joe pouring money inequities in the stock market interest rates are now going up? We're seeing it in the mortgage market. We're seeing it would fed policy. People are have safer choices now where they can get some return on their money. You were always going to see some of that money. Come back out of equities and into fixed fixed investments like bonds real estate and other things where they can get some kind of a fixed return of what they believed to be affixed return over time. Bottom line is don't panic this. These are natural cyclical. I wish they weren't. I wish we weren't printing. Money creating these cycles, but don't panic everybody stand. I'm not telling you what to do at your money. You want to pull them out of equities, do whatever I'm not a financial adviser. I'm simply telling you on the economy. It's okay. And if we can get a hold of our debt situation our government spending situation, I think we'll be in a lot better shape. Okay. Here's my final story. And this is what I was getting through the zero hedge piece there's a terrific graph at the top and the data's from twenty four teens. He may say, it's old wealth. The reason it's old is it's the last year from the that we have the entire data set to look at. But on these on this fair share argument. There's this fascinating chart show. It breaks down income categories into into into quintiles. Right. You know, the upper wealthy twenty percent. The lowest twenty percent and tells five. Similar categories of income. These are fascinating numbers for all. You liberals out there. Arguing that wealthy. People. Don't pay their fair share. The highest earners in the country. Joe, and this is a measure of how much they received in transfers versus how much they paid in federal taxes. Very simply how much people gave to the government and how much they got back, please. Stop emailing. My gosh, my Email is going wild this way. I'm not talking to you. Sorry this group. They're emailing me. It's driving me nuts. That's like the fiftieth Email if got it in the middle of the show, it keeps blocking my screen. The highest thing earners paid seventy five thousand one hundred dollars in federal income tax and got back Joe in the form of government transfers eleven thousand seven hundred. Difference pant Fash out. Really that seems like a big difference to me the second number down so wealthy folks. But not as wealthy, obviously. It's the top group. The second twenty percent down from the top paid eighteen thousand six hundred taxes got fourteen thousand back in transfers. Now, the middle the second and the lowest quintile here of earners. Is where it gets interesting. The middle paid nine thousand six hundred taxes and got back fifteen thousand four hundred dollars nine thousand we haven't used Jay's Abacus in a while nine thousand six hundred dollars in tax payments, and they got back fifteen thousand four hundred. So you got the wealthy paying seventy five thousand getting back eleven thousand and you got people who are middle income paying nine thousand six hundred getting back fifteen thousand your fair share. Aren't you understand your nonsense? Your immune to Faxon data. It gets even better. The second lowest to the bottom paid in three thousand eight hundred dollars in taxes got seventeen thousand seven hundred dollars back in transfers, and the poorest individuals folks up is trying to tell you fair share argument is total garbage the port this is where they paid four hundred dollars in federal income taxes got sixteen thousand six hundred dollars black aback, excuse me. Folks. Hard pass on the nonsense fair share argument. Please Faxon data matter read the piece look at the chart printed. Give it to you liberal, friends and say how much more the fair share should be exactly because we're already paying all of it. Thank you Evan ice day. All right, folks. Thanks again for tuning in police subscribe to the show, especially on I tunes Bevis some issues. I don't know why. But go to itunes and your podcast app. Please. Subscribe, it's free. You can also subscribe on iheart. You can listen that bungee comment. Please subscribe to my Email list. We will send you the best articles of the day right to your mailbox. Thanks a lot. Folks. I will see you all tomorrow just heard the Dan Bongino show did more of din online anytime at conservative review done comb. You can also get Dan's podcast on itunes, soundcloud, and follow Dan on Twitter. Twenty four seven at dbongino.

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