1080: "11 Years"


Either exceeded your band with Adam curry John devora over twenty fifth twenty eighteen this is your award-winning nation media assassination episode ten eighty this is no agenda celebrating eleven years together. And we never had a fight ten broadcasting live from the capital of the German star stayed here in downtown Austin Tejas in the in the morning, everybody curry for goodness in the valley. Where there's one thing I won't be doing for Halloween and that's wearing black face. I'm John four. Devora skills. The money. Disappointing your annual moment to shine. Who was normally do you normally put on black face for Halloween? I can't believe you're not going to do that this year. Goes zephyr right on. Carrier. Everybody. Eleven years of the best podcast universe. Congratulations. Congratulations. John STAN test. Congratulations to everybody. Everybody who has worked on this show, and that's pretty much everybody. Are we still have a lot of number where people who started seem to show from the beginning? Oh, quite a few more than there should be then they're still alive, which is the cool thing. Yeah. But we, you know, the the producers of the show. We don't have listens. We have producers. This is your celebration. You have done this. You have taken us from a twenty minute show with no jingles, no nonsense. No commercials. No agenda to three hours twice a week on Thursday filled with media deconstruction. That's quite a path. We've taken yes, we didn't start off that way. That's for. Sure. No. And I have to say John's was discussed I should mention on the grind merica show. I haven't heard it yet. I haven't heard it yet you discussed what the evolution of the no agenda show. Yeah. And what was the conclusion that's? That's we started. Would number one. And I today, I'm so happy. John More now than ever in our eleven year history that you're the one that opens up all the mail. I'm just want to say continue to be appreciative of you in that. Story to tell your males not coming through. Oh, no, no, no, no. We have since Monday the entire city of Austin and Austin proper with many of the outlying areas have been under a mandatory water boil. No, yeah, you're warmness yet. But that's not that's a little more impactful than you'd I think. But yeah, but it likes have you you just drink Perrier. Great poupon. Yeah. It's it's not so much about me. It's about what's the economic impact of the city is quite severe Monday night. So it happened Monday the afternoon, they put the the which means that you cannot drink the water. You can't use it for cooking. You can't use it for washing produce. There's also a ban on, you know, does also water conservation regulations in place, and we went out to dinner with with Allen and Jesse tina's daughter who who lives in Austin her boyfriend and already Monday night at it was just a small restaurant the east side. There was stuff that you could not get to you know, we can we can't do any anything with vegetables. So here's what we have on the menu. There are many restaurants close. Now, just close. Wash their vegetables. You can't cook you, and you can't take the risk because this is a contamination risk that someone gets sick and your restaurant or would just get sick in your restaurant. Whether it was your fault or not no one can take that risk of the just shutting it down. People have no paychecks. There's no Starbucks. Beer. Is a benefit. But here's the problem. Our mayor mayor Adler is a douche bag, you know, he was already on my crap list for his you know, just let and scooters drive on the sidewalk people homeless people sleep in everywhere. But something went wrong, and they're not telling us the whole story. Because the no point is anyone said your water is unsafe. No because they opened up the the dams because of the water it's been raining here for the past two weeks. This is not the first time that they've opened up the dams, and the, you know, this is a lower Colorado Sarah lot. Yes, it's not the first time this has happened. So something went wrong. And apparently all this silt clogged up the works. And from what I understand now. Although no one is admitted that you press conferences, and I've been really trying and we have no press in Austin Austin statesman, was bought by some whatever outfit isn't there's no there's no one reporting on anything people rewriting press releases. There's no reporting in Austin. There was a pressure issue. That's the only thing they said, and that's why we have mandatory water boil what I understand now from not from Austin officials or any reporting here is perhaps we had an influx of seal which clogged up the works. They lost pressure. If the pipes go below I think it's twenty pounds per square inches can backs up then well the worst than the even little crack somewhere in the along the line contamination could come in. I guess it's called a form. And I well, actually it's bad next. You know about this stuff. Right. You've you worked in in areas about this haven't ya? Yes. Okay. The call of form is not really the problem. Call afforded coliforms is the is the aspect of the test mechanism. In other words, if you have called a form that means you got problems, right? But it's not like you're gonna die from coliforms poisoning. Okay. But if you have coliforms that means they're sewage in the in the line, though poop. Yes, we'll go right? It's an element of sewage pretty much see they're not telling us what happened last year. 2017 the citizens of Austin elected for a three hundred and eleven million dollar bond to create this fourth water plant, which is really only our second because they close to it's supposed to do. One hundred million gallons a day by itself and everything's failing. We're go we're using more water than we're producing the silt clogged everything up. What is silt? Exactly. And how does it in since? When does it clog up stuff? Well, you know, as silt is not real is it just like deposits like sandy salty deposits, the it's it's the little it's fine particles of dirt. Right. And that could have different. He was like a, you know, it makes a very nice mud. And so would it accumulates? It becomes a muddy like some is because that's still. Yeah. And that in that could then clog up the idol. Yes. It can and must be they have these people wouldn't be buffalo. Ing you keep talking about silt. They're they're they're public servants. Probably I would guess not a no, they probably Democrats, which means that they're from really honest, people the very honest, and they have to run thing, and they have an election coming up in in twelve days. But here's here's one theory. They'll just throw out there. 'cause I thought it was kind of interesting because in the past couple of months when I've been wake learning how to wake surf for the former New York banker in lake Austin. I noticed we used to have all kinds of green stuff in the water. And you know, you'd be in the water, and like what's had against my leg. I'm not I don't like that in general to and it was it was a lot. It was a lot. I remember two or three years ago. It's just tons of this stuff everywhere. And it was clogging up engines and all kinds of stuff happening because it, and it's just not a nice thing and people swim. I'm and water ski there cetera. So the geniuses came up with the idea of stocking lake Austin with grass carp? And in the last time, I went wake surfing. I remember saying, wow, there's none of this stuff in the water anymore, and we were bit by a fish. You know, we were we were at the Pierre having a beer and some kids were throwing like French fries in the water, and these enormous carp which turns out of the new researching it about forty fifty pounds. These things way they've eaten everything they've eaten all the green. They've eaten all the other fish. That's all that's left. And I think maybe when they opened the fl the damn this water just rushed through lake Austin. There's nothing left to stop the silt or whatever they expected, and it just expand just blew everything downstream. Maybe that's what happened, but any rate we're going to be under this boil watch until the weekend, maybe longer it could be a full week could be a month. Yeah. This is Austin man, this this is not some shit hole country. Yeah, you're not in the Senegal. But we're getting to know. But now you mentioned that could be poop in the water to we're getting closer to San Francisco. We got everything we got the homeless. We got this electric scooter soup in your water water. Casting. That's exactly what call a form testing would indicate. And no one's questioning anything. As all you hear is jokes. Oh, you're. Doing him here. Like, well, like, you just said you just drink Perrier all day. You'd be amazed. How often you interact with water on a daily basis in the the automatic movements. You have I'll just a splash of water and your drink a little from my hand after brushing my teeth. Oops, this a lot of different and how do that anyway? Well, I'm just saying there's a lot of different ways, you interact with water, and it's like damn I appreciate it. A little bit more though. Well, this is sounds like a disaster. It's an economic disaster for sure they said yesterday, if it doesn't rain we may be able to lift the ban the beginning of the weekend it rained all day yesterday. So it's going to go through the weekend. It's going to go into next week. I I don't know. I like to know what what does like valve is stuck stuck open or something went wrong. And then they're not admitting it that's the I mean, this is how media there anymore. So what are you going to do you never find out that probably the news the two guys on television? Don't have enough to be able to find out what's going on in their nobody's got any technical expertise. Now, all they have to do is find some sewage treatment guy, who's an engineer and who knows because they gossip amongst themselves like every industry does and tell you it sat me, but they can't even find one of those guys. I guess now I think we must have one in the audience. Oh, we we have several who have been. I was tweeting live, and that's how I understood the the pressure issue because that was one line in a in some interview somewhere, the guy's got a pressure issue. And then I understood okay. So there's real contamination danger. If you have a pressure issue and at the same time, it's also just conserve water because something is broken somewhere along the line. Some something went wrong. It's just not anyway. So. Yes, we drink Perrier and champagne all day. We don't care about the water crisis. But there's there's no restaurants are closing restaurants bars. How about you know, we have craft breweries forget about it. The camp brew their beer. All that stuff is closed. They still have beer in the tank. Yeah. But that'll be gone. Yes, it will. Shippen your water from France. Anyway. So it's interesting living under this disaster. Finally, something bad happened, really bad. Yeah. I've heard I was reading about. I was hoping you had some information. You got nothing. Well, I know I got you what I think is going on which is more than what the reporting here. And no one's interested. This no one's interested. John. They don't care. Yeah. I got my bottle. Not Trump's fault. Not yet. Not yet. I I work in on it. I wouldn't put it past mayor Adler to come up with something like that. All right that I was again, you're still tweeting a lot more than you used to which is pretty entertaining because you show up in my feet a lot, and I eat more followers. You got plenty of followers. Get none. Are you? Okay. Man. It's hard when you lose a gig. Sometimes you kind of fall into a black hole of. Yeah. And find okay, fine, man, fine, man, cages. You re took about it. Yeah. You tweeted you thought that the caravan was the biggest story of the moment Gannon all buddy all bunch of weirdos. Just a lot of weirdos on Twitter. I probably gonna have to quit it eventually. Because the number of guys is like. Yeah. Fun that crab needed. And you look guy with one follower. Obviously just joined last week. And maybe he's got fifty accounts in the one followers this year. They follow each other. These. It's like they're just in there too makes commentary that is useless in his doesn't help. And and also if you want more followers, by the way, being on Twitter a lot you're right. I probably tweet a third more than I used to. And I'm blocking ten x more than you just going to say if you want followers quick blocking people. Plugging. Okay. It's not healthy. You know, this right? Is you know that Twitter can become a little unhealthy bacteriology. I don't know that. Okay. Well, you should Ota, by the way, I look at. Here's here's the dilemma. So you got some jerk off. He says something stupid, and you go you look a mic and respond to get to followers and he'd just joined last week. He's got a picture of you know, Farah Fawcett as as avatars. Yes. I'm looking I'm, and then I think follows you if they can she's if I blocked this guy lose another follower. So I'm mute him. Oh, mute. Yes. That's the way to go you because the follower number is very important to you that keep your checkmark status. Does Jackson Email from time to time and say pay keep your numbers, otherwise, we'll take your check Mark the? Yeah. The other thing is I didn't notice this because I'd been muting you can mute entire conversations has mute conversation. You get these arguments going bad. And the worst part is your in an argument where you're not even in the argument, you just CC'd. I you're the one of the guys at the ads. So yeah, I don't wanna be listening to these two guys going at each other. You can hit mute conversation. Takes the whole thing off your stream TAT's what a discovery. Yeah. I'm learning a lot. Yes, I can tell I can tell. So I think the big news actually is not the care of it. I think it's the speed. I'm very confused by this because they seem to sometimes move five hundred miles a day. According to news reports and the same recycled drone footage of the of the bridge and all these tight shots tight shots of people sitting down. And that's when they're interviewed. Because apparently, then they're not moving the just hanging out. And it's this this reeks of wag the dog type television production with some professional elements. But otherwise who the hell knows what I'm looking at. It doesn't look like a caravan. I mean, I don't know could be stock footage from Europe for all. I know. I really don't know what this is the only person I've seen on site in the tightest shot ever was Horry Ramos when unit from Univision he was he did CNN, and he did think he did frat boy Tucker, we need a nickname for him until I could come up with frat boy tuck Tucker, I liked that nickname f. Fatboy tucker. It looks totally like a frat boy, by the way, I saw an interview he didn't because he's promoting his book. He did an interview with Adam Corolla, and if you can find this it's pretty easy you too. I have to say first of all I I've never been a fan of Adam Karol, I like him very much thought was very funny and various very intelligent in this interview Tucker on the other hand frat boy Tucker he reminds me of Christopher Buckley, Christopher Buckley was married to my cousin Lucy. That's William F Buckley's junior, son. Yeah. And this was the guy who famously said you with your internet. No one's going to want to read the news on the computer. Insightful observation from the Buckley family, and he later he's twenty years later said well, you were right about that. But that's exactly Fred for Tucker. Has this is it's it's it's a mill yo thing from Washington, and he's very likable, but six million thing where within three sentences always like, and that's the meaning of life commodities. You don't you understand one sees this? It always ends that way. And like he has figured it all out and just the other people don't know what it is yet. And you really as a parent in this interview does it's worth watching. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, yes. Which about right? Hey, Rama's, let me finish. Or hey wrong. The shot. The shot. Would be because the everybody in Latin America recognizes him. And so they will get behind him in jump up and down and put you know ears on his head. No that sort of thing. So they they have to keep it tight. But that's like, yes, that's not showing you a caravan. That's just showing him. Amidst a few would look like professional refugee tents with a couple of people walking by I'm I just don't know what to believe is gone from two and a half to seven to three to fourteen thousand now come on show me this for real I'm I'm just not seeing it. I'm not I'm not so sure. An and I if it's not the whole thing has to be a Republican GOP, some some strategists banyan Roger stone. I don't know someone came up with that. And it was perfect. It's perfect. The timing's perfect. The got people being shuttled around on flatbeds it makes nothing but since and in these cynical world that I live. In the minute these phony baloney clock boy type dildo bomb show up like, oh, okay. That's your. That's your answer. Okay. Democrats. Very funny. That's that is the way I see it today. Yeah. Well, I'm gonna argue in any of these points. It could be the deal does where sent around by the Democrats. And the the caravan could be by the Republicans. You don't know me? Let me tell you what I do know was very unusual and all the eleven years, very unusual. You get immediate pictures of the package and the bomb and close ups with the clock still operational in the wires attached. This is very unusual. Does if he cut too early pictures, you you do have Debbie Wasserman Schultz address since this. Spelled incorrectly. Floor whole thing is just too well done. Let's let's go in this. Let's talk about the bombs with their starting. One sec if let's just say, this is some left-wing democrat. You know? Whatever soros. I don't care who came up with the idea. Don't you think that if you and I were strategizing? All right. He is going to win a send these bombs going to make them look this way. And when he is we're actually going to put stamps on them. We want actually mail them will mail a couple because we want those to get stopped by the secret service. But we really got to make sure it looks like it's coming from some Republican nutjob. I know we'll miss spell the juice is name because that's how they think. And then we'll do a typo on Florida. Then totally looks like it's coming from some redneck crazy guy Republican. Reasonable reasonable. Let's go with bombs PBS rundown. Okay. Federal agents are working tonight to get to the bottom of a rash of bums up and down the east coast. The targets are mainly prominent Democrats as well as CNN and locations range was. Stop stop. This is the part of destroyed that kind of it, which is a lie. And everybody said it it was never a bomb sent to CNN. They sent one to Brennan at CNN and not worry works. He works at MSNBC. So I mean, if you wanna count that, but they make it sound is though CNN with some sort of a target. Oh, an all Elliott story say this. Did you see? Cuomo kid and Don lemon outside. They're doing back in front hugging. Each other stay safe brothers. It's tough being a journalist. They totally took put that shoe on like it was made for them. No it was for Brennan. Anyway. So let's finish that. But they actually have that part of the I'll CNN vacating the place. Nobody else did that by the way. But CNN did they wanted the premises? John you and I were sucker. We would do the same thing to play this up. This is fantastic. This is rating targets are mainly prominent Democrats as well as CNN and locations range from New York to Florida on Avaz begins. Our coverage. After a string of explosive devices were sent to two former democratic presidents, senior officials and a high profile party donor app. President Trump today pledged action promise a full resources at the government to bring to Justice those responsible for what he called despicable act in these times, we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong unmistakable message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind of no place in the United States of this read is so flat. I'm so disappointed in this. I mean, this sounds so insincere is it no one telling him to play this. I have the long version of this, which is a way, which is he I think he had to do it this way to kinda twist the story to kind of blame the Democrats. Well, it's lame. You try this. You've skipped to this. This is the Trump plea. This is a book. Buck fifty seven hour one minute. Seven seconds Trump plea regarding bombs. This is the whole this whole spiel as done in that same. Analyze it. Let's analyze the federal government is conducting an aggressive investigation, and we will find those responsible, and we will bring them to Justice hopefully, very quickly. Any actual threats of political violence aren't attack on our democracy itself. No nation can succeed that tolerates violence or the threat of violence as a method of political intimidation coercion or control we all know that such conduct must be fiercely opposed and firmly prosecuted. He tends to he'll say something. And then this is one of his persuasion things. He says something and then he backs himself up with being the chorus like a Greek chorus thing, we all know that. I think that donuts are good. We all know that we all like donuts coffee, even better or all love golf one of these. What is also true is doughnuts are fantastic yet. Another way of doing it and today. And they also be four for this. He's giving a speech in front this one of his rally. So it it's it is which is where. Yeah. Which is where I would have expected them to do a little better than this. Coercion or control. We all know them such conduct must be fiercely opposed. And firmly prosecuted we want all sides to come together in peace, and harmony, we can do we can do it. We can do you don't happen. More broadly. There's much we can do to bring our nation together. For example, those engaged in the political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective have to do. Have to do the have to say that. That's what they're doing to may have to do it. The language of moral condemnation and destructive routine these are arguments and disagreements that have to stop no one should carelessly compare political opponents to historical villains. Would stop calling me and not say she's done often son all the time gotta stop we should not mob people in public spaces or destroy public property. You're right. You're so right. I think he got that figured out. It's one way to settle our disagreements. It's called peacefully at the ballot box. That's what we want. Yeah. So he he basically his way of calming. Everybody down was saying, hey, Democrats. Stop calling us names. That is very that's a that is a persuasive technique for sure. Doing it with all his little tricks. The commentaries a little mumbling under the breath, which is actually a sales pitch where he doesn't. He doesn't seem freaked out about it. So I guess he knows it's bogut of as well. He's not free doubt. At all that he when he was watching his body language recently. And I'm tr-. I Finally I noticed something interesting when he is like irked or sun or really bothered by something he crosses his arms. And if you if you look at any of his commentary about Saudi Arabia, he sitting in his normally, you know, he's like in his chair leaning forward. He's got he's not behind the desk leaning forward. So it doesn't look like he's fat. But in this case all the Saudi Arabia chitchat. He's arms are crossed and tight. And he's giving his opinions about the Saudi Arabia situation. And he's he's very annoyed. I don't think he's annoyed unless he has his arms crossed. You know, keep an eye out for that. Ted Kaczynski, of course is rolling around in his cell. They're going like what an idiot. Nothing exploded. This makes no sense preferring to the unit, and I and I looked at looked at the there's a presumption here that I just like to question for a moment. I look at the list of people we have Democrats and one intelligence person that being Brennan so this. So this is clearly the Demi bomber I think that would be the appropriate name since we're never going to find out who did this. Could it be that this is not related to the elections? Could it be that this is related to Saudi Arabia being very pissed off about all of mainly Democrats and John Brennan all calling for suspension or severing of ties between the US and Saudi Arabia. I don't know that Brennan did that. No, he we played pieces. The long interview. Well, he's like maybe I don't remember him specifically saying that let's play the rest of this. And I have a couple of follow up clips, you can you can draw on the PBS down you need it. Okay. So what are we playing the rest of the rest of the Trump thinks that was it that was done that was the end of the then we have I had to get this. This was the bomber got both of Frenchtown sin. We know her. Yes, the spook. But but we have I 'cause we I've been missing him for. I don't know. We haven't heard a clip from Jeff pa- gays the poop man, and quite some time. But yet here is everybody. Let's see if I could make multiple law enforcement sources damn nailed it. Multiple multiple law enforcement sources multiple law enforcement sources say one of the bonds consisted of PVC tubing and used a digital clock connected to a small battery as a possible trigger device by ROY Technic powder was the explosive and in order to show up pyrotechnic powder. You mean it was like a flash pot? It was like the stuff that you put in firecrackers flash pot. Keep it a magnesium wait glass was used a strap NHL. Investigators think whoever put the device together was trying to keep the weight down. So that it could be put in a mail box without having to appear at a post office for mailing. Ron Hascoet is a former assistant director of the FBI or does it say that they didn't explode. Well, a may say that that they were intercepted prior to their ability to explode may say that they were never capable of exploding. Even though they may have had black powder in them, the six packages all consisting of a large Manila on. Vullo p- with six American forever flag. Stands will now be analyzed at the FBI laboratory in Quantico Virginia. Investigators will deconstruct them looking to trace the origin of the wiring and the other components to see where and when they may have been purchased and by whom on the package itself. The look for fingerprints and potentially the suspects DNA, if the stamps were linked as they're gathering this information all these investigators. How does that information filter up to the top what markings are on the outside or on the inside of a piece of end cap to see who's the manufacturer? Where is that product distributed is unique in some way? Looking at the tape looking at n cuts on the tape, if I tear something off and a piece of that tape is left at my on the subject at my house. They may be able to match ends. Tonight, g FBI and police in Los Angeles are swarming. The central postal facility. There were told investigators have discovered another suspicious package addressed to congresswoman Maxine Waters, if it turns out to be real. This would be the second address the waters in the seventh package overall. Yeah. We haven't seen a single statement about the actual bomb itself. Which is interesting. I'd like to know what did it work? Was it real? What was in it? What was the mechanism? I mean, there is a guy on Twitter who's a bomb guy. And he said, I go back get his tweets. But he said these this was bullcrap because he says type bombs for one thing never have wires coming out of both sides is idiotic went on and on about how these bombs are phoney. He thought they all just props props props. Well, well, I did hunt around because, you know, most of these did not reach the, and this is also reported very by omission, very poorly daily Clinton and Barack Obama. They never got those bombs. They never got the envelopes, they were stopped at the central processing, which is secret service handles. And there was a pretty interesting interview on NPR, and there were about, you know, this this screening of packages for people under federal. Protection by the secret service. And there was little thing in here that thought was interesting at the end, well, the the common practice of the secret service is to screen mail at an offsite location typically, and this has been going on for the last thirty thirty five years where they have available. A number of different sensors that detect bio sensors, radiation and other gas known gases, and in this case, if it's if it was a pipe bomb would have been easily detected in an x Ray machine or trace detection machine onsite. That's just wasn't asking. If you could give us a picture of what that mail sorting process is like, I mean when secret service agents, sift through the Daily Mail. How do they handle it in case it could explode or be toxic? You mentioned x Ray machine. What else typically if it's determined that it's of risk if it's a device that suspicious they have containers. They also have. They have contained a robots that will come in and actually look at the device remotely. So that there's not a human involved in the examination process. So it's very detailed. The the secret service actually goes through exercises where their own try to place devices that might. Be at risk and test the the the mail operation twenty four seven. That's what it sounds like to me. This looks exactly like some testing. They wanted to send through. Let's see if they catch it. I like the way the twenty this out before but the use of the word device. Yes. Seems to be dirty device before we go to Fran. Let's go. I forget we do have a second half of that Trump plea. This is where he is continuing on this spiel at front of the large audience, and he kinda really starts twisting, it even more toward the Democrats as part of a larger national effort to bridge divides and bring people together the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes full attacks and stores have to do. Have to. They've got to stop. Stop bring people together. We're just thirteen days away from a very very important election. It's at election of monumental just if you look at it monumental importance, isn't it wouldn't you say monumental? There are dramatic differences between our two political parties that we know it is essential for democracy to draw sharp contrast between the two different platforms. Putting before the American people, and we have a chance to do that right now in many states and on November six we need more not less debate about policy issues in our country. But what we cannot do is let our disagreements about matters of policy terrorists apart as the country. Can't do that. We must accept the verdicts of elections. And remember that America's greatest achievements have always been those endeavors we embarked on together. We have had great, great achievements. Yeah. See he could have easily said the same thing. But done it in a way, the got the. Crowd really excited. And no one's excited. There's that that was that's what's wrong with the picture. It's just wrong. No, he's not. That's what you need for everybody. Worked it into his routine is not for eight Mahe's. I've come to the conclusion that his polished routine. Which is what he does. Normally where he's you know, conversational rather sounds like he's reading which is what he's doing here. I just don't think he's had time to incorporate this is all new. Right. Is like you given a comedian and a new new lines. Like, I can't I can't. You watch we used to go to there's a place locally that on Tuesday nights would have a lot of the famous local comedians would come out and Robin Williams. Was there all the time? Dana Carvey, all these different characters, and they come out to practice their material and Carvey, I think less so but rather always come up with a yellow notepad, and he just right right here from the note pad and to get the response, and they wish to end it was not smooth. It was not talking just like Novoa. Let me try this joke. And then you start reading this basically reading reading jokes, even though they were more complicated finding that's what's going on here, by the way, just thinking from a strategy standpoint. He would probably smug be smarter and sit well what we're seeing? Now is the bomb is all Trump's fault because he said, oh, then me the people. So that's why he was sent to see an and the, you know, he's really making that stretch the CNN thing, but they're pulling all the stops out. It would be much smarter from a mission perspective to blame this on the Saudis. That's what everybody wants. That's the big news. We'll get to in a minute. Everyone wants the Russians cut. No, no, no, no, no the Russians. It's now Saudis every everything switched to that. That could be well, let's get the Fran. I want to because I liked. Before we get to find you have a little short snippet. I want I want you to play very short. It's only nine seconds. But I I wanted to see how fast you are on the draw. Okay. You should be able to figure it out by the name of the clip. Yes. Biased duty, as you know, as president is to protect and defend uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America. Mr President keep America safe. That's not what you do. What we do know. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. He gets a firm and solid. Lies. He lies. I hate that. I hate that. Advisor to President George W Bush. She has no senior national security analyst for CBS news. They knew what they were doing enough to make a bomb friend, but certainly not in a very sophisticated way. That's right. And it's what we're hearing from law enforcement is it's a crude device, it would have been lethal if opened detonated, but it's not a standard recipe. And so what we're hearing from law enforcement sources is this is an individual. He didn't go on the internet and just pulled down a standard Al Qaeda recipe, which we've seen four so he's left his own signature, right? There's something unique about the way this has been put together, which will bury the very helpful to investigate the notion that is PVC and not meddle. And so potentially could get through a metal detector is a little frightening. That's right. This is thought about it. He listened. That's also the reason we have all the return addresses being Debbie Wasserman Schultz to all these democratic leaders thinking that perhaps it wouldn't be screened because it was familiar they would've affected from her. Arrest happens quickly in case like this. I do I think there'll be lots of breaks. This is somebody who's who's made plenty of mistakes the wrong address to Eric Holder misspelling, John Brennan's name John Brennan doesn't work at CNN. He works at NBC. And so this is somebody who's made plenty of mistakes along the way, all the outside packages are identical six six stamps to tears, printed labels. This is somebody who's who's likely left a lot of clues odd. But still scary friend towns. She'll scam mature an amateur. I tell you amateur. I think it what you know, the possibility. It was Debbie Wasserman Schultz all along well, you know, to be honest. And I know you tweeted about it, but they really should have gone to her first and said, let me just check out what's going on. I mean that just because she's Debbie Wasserman Schultz doesn't absolve her from any possible that she could be the bummer. Well, it's come came from her. That's what says. Regardless. I think your point is valid they should at least have said, hey, I don't know that anyone went to her right away. No, I don't think. So. Anyway, this this whole thing is I I don't think they're gonna find anybody. I think this will just unless they can painted on the Saudis, and therefore Trump somehow they they could get they could get him in there. Patchy already lined up could be I mean, it's possible. It's what somebody pointed out that when the bomb team I cropped up 'cause I had mentioned it six weeks ago. Yes, it was to the day wasn't it that there is a six week cycle underway. Once again to the day is when the bombing thing came up, which indicates if is an F B ideal. That means they probably have some sucker already in custody who was a suspect. Yup. And another one of these guys who's really dumb, and you know, and he's going to be the guy they're gonna pin it on. And they probably had him. Do what do you actually do the bombs? I mean, it's possible. Let me show you how to do these bombs. Okay. Yeah. I you wear these gloves, and you wouldn't touch anything. And by the way, I thought Jeff for gays when he said dig and check and see whether the stamps were licked Lissette last time you. Bought a stab you had you. No, I just bought stamps the other day. You don't you? Yeah. You don't you don't I don't have envelopes that you lick anymore. Don't. Yeah. Yeah. So there's no stamps to lick. There hasn't been for. I don't know how many years, by the way, I went to the post office to buy stamps because he gets really cool steps. I got the Elvis stamps, the Elvis stamps are cooled the air mail stamps are the ones that are going fast. Did you find those done old-fashioned style, and they're actually raved, and they will last longer they won't fade like that Elvis stamp will. I sent I sent my my IRS check to the treasury. Yeah. And I only had one stamp left. And it was a snake? And I'm like, oh, man. I don't feel I'm going to put this on someone's going to open this up that asshole putting a snake stamp on it. I just had that feeling. Yeah. I would. I was. Yeah. That's why I got the Elvis stamp. This is better. But I was told because I know this they're already talking about making. 'cause you know, they've scammed the US postal service in the American public with they're doing their every nobody else in the world has to do this, but they have to prepay all their retirement benefits. And so they they're talking about the dollar being dollar being the cost of a stamp, and and maybe within the next year. Screw it. We're just going to Jack it up to a buck. You know, I was at the post office descend a box off to Christina. And it was it was only one one person one one woman was working there. And so I'm chatting her up because you know, I just you know, I don't get out of the house much. I want some human interaction. I'm asking I. And I laid this man, you guys really you always begin with that you guys really got screwed man with that pre-funding of your pensions. And they bitch about you. Yes, immediately. The post office worker loves you. Because they all they all know it like, yeah. That's right. And I said is this your uniform to she said, we just got new uniforms. They sucked balls are so horrible. So they don't fit right. They do look horrible. I mean, the US postal got a look at them. The shirts are are no longer meant to be tucked in. They just hang out the got you know, it's like really trying to ruin the POS. Yes. So you guys got a general? You got a general do with the byu Federal Express and United. Yeah. Business. Anyway, the put my post, we'll we'll miss said, I asked her about the stamp increases. I said just be stocking up on these forever stamps because there forever. She says. Yeah, you should by as many as you can is where they price goes up is going to be very hard. It's going to be by Stam's. Yeah. So expense. I'm going to ask for the stamps that don't get don't get cancelled. When they go through the machine, I'd like those stamps, please. Like the ones that got sent to Brennan, it's ESPN. So anyways, back to the original premise of you know, this caravan very convenient perfect Republican talking point is why don't belong to parties. Because this is the asshole stuff that goes on in these in these outfits, people become just horrible. And so I think this whole caravan thing is exaggerated at best. And there's just a lot of the imagery. You know, we're not really getting much else with. We're just we're just not. And then you have maybe this as the counterbalance like, oh these guys are unhinged. The crazy. You gotta be against Trump and everybody he supports. And so then we have this. You know, this caravan news wishes it's really well, here's Pompeo. He's palm peyot setting the stage is to what we will. And will not allow migrant character caravan is violating Mexico's sovereignty laws and immigration procedures. President Trump will not stand for this to happen to the United States to those who they say this is a hard hearted stance. Let's not forget that the United States is a historically generous nation when it comes to immigration. We're one million people per year are to permanent legal status here in the United States over thirty three million people to total are currently here. I always love the thirty three main who have immigrated to this. Entry. To those who want to come here come here legally. Now, let's just stop one second. Just so we all understand if you're of the opinion, these are people who are being threatened with their lives are being threatened at home. They are fleeing this Mexico will not have them they're fleeing. And they're here for asylum. Okay. We have a procedure for that. He must go to a port of entry. You may sit there for a month as well. But that's the procedure not just going to the border and saying I request asylum. It's there are multiple ports. You can go to there's ways to do it. A lot easier ways than what they're trying to do. Right now. Legal immigration is the surest way to obtain the better life, you're looking for here in the United States of America from a security standpoint, there is no proper county who these individuals in the caravan our and this poses an unacceptable security risk to the United States. Moreover, many of these people are ripe targets for. And traffickers and others who would exploit them. We don't want that to happen. I've spoken twice in the last two two days to my counterpart foreign secretary beat a gray. We trust that Mexico's leaders know what the best steps are to resolve this situation, and we urge timely action on their part in the United States. Also has a message for those who are currently part of this caravan for any caravan which follows you will not be successful at getting into the United States illegally. No matter what I repeat the caravan will not cross our southern border illegally under any circumstances. If you seek to come here go through the normal refugee process, if you apply for refugee status, a permanent solution is possible in Mexico or in a third country. But I can tell you with certainty. We are determined that here that you can also request your la- Silom status in Mexico. I'm just play that back the process if you apply for refugee status of permanent solution is possible in Mexico or in a third country. But I can tell you what you can apply for asylum when you're in Mexico thirty we are determined that illegal entry into the United States from this caravan will not be possible and just to show you how how this is being abused or used for its only purpose today. What's Martha maccallum whoever's who's on before frat, boy Tucker's up Martha Martha maccallum more? Maybe. Yeah. So Martha is going to be doing her show from the border with D H S secretary. Kristen Nielsen family on this is that is nothing. But political this caravan other Mexico it down to where war as or San Antonio for some food. I don't know what she's Jewish wants to get out of the office. But then you re like, we know Jenny's your den Jenny, of course. Yeah. So is technology reporters, we know her professionally I've met with her several times, here's what she. Puts on Twitter. That's right. I'm doing genie's voice to a T, by the way. That's right. Terrified white people. The Browns ambi- thousand miles from the southern border and they're coming to mow your lawns. Wash your car's harvest your crops pack your pork. Raise your kids. Mopped your floors, vacuum your office and pay taxes time to flip out like that is such a tone deaf colorblind thing to say. It is also extremely racist. Will is very rare. This is the old. Well, I if you remember I think it was on the view when some one of the women on their one of the left wit left-wingers it which Jenny would be says who's going to clean our toilets. Yeah. This is like unbelievable. It was like that's what that's what we're dealing with. We gotta get a bunch of immigrants who used to clean or they're good for cleaning the toilets. It used to be Irish the Irish are doing that kind of stuff this. When I hear genie's your den like this. And somehow, it's there's this elitist attitude that we should be really happy. These people want to come in to do the jobs. We don't want to. And I have no problem cleaning my own toilet. I actually find it somewhat therapeutic in an odd way. It's it's placing anyone who is of a certain color into a certain position. And in by hiring, someone to do that to pack your pork. You can then say I help out the Brown. People. Look, I'm putting them on the ladder to success in America. Aren't I good Disley them on the ladder to the roof? Yes. There's something really disturbing about it. Is it is it's always been. Flow so easily from oh easily. Just they don't even understand toilet. Geez. You were asking who's helping these people out or what is going on. And I have seen a actually there's one video. It says subtitles because it's just a YouTube video from someone on their phone Tom lady going through her town saying, well, this is what they left because you want to know, where's the poop in the trash. Well, it's in that town in Mexico, and this they did they just left to half eaten food rations. None of the clothes that people collected and put out for the for the caravanners to use. None of them took any of that to you know. That's not exactly the the way you'd expect people to behave if they're on their way to freedom. But there's something else that's going on coming up. Why the UN says BBC refugee agency has increased its presence to help them migrant caravan. That's heading towards the US from Central America. We think could every state to shoot play any measure. They concede that necessary to defend that border. But what we really appeal easily could to open a space hit to the people to open their territory to open the right the Saudis, he sent and to the people that the really out in need all the protection to the UN high commission on asylum. What is it? The actual high commission for refugees is helping this caravan and saying you should let them in the globalists' appear to be behind this not just our own globalist in America. But the ones that the United Nations the very new world order glow. Global known nations. No borders headquarters, so you stunned by this. I think it should be discussed. Nobody's going to discuss it because the globalist won't allow it. Let's face it, the globalist of taking over the media. Yes. No doubt. Just brought up a point that I thought this is Amy Goodman. This was when the most interesting clips in a two parter because the second part is funny too. And I I would like to deconstruct it a little bit. But the first part, this is Trump Trump Trump, this is she goes nuts about this. This is like the big scandal on Trump is a nationalist. Yeah. I got some clips for that too. All right. Good. Good. Good. Good. Hit you play this campaign rally for public and senators Ted Cruz, Monday evening, President Trump declared that he's a nationalist. Oh, no. Is a person that watch the bloke to do. Well, frankly, not caring about our country so much, and you know, what we can't add that you know, they have. You know, they have a word it sort of became say. It's a nationalist. And I say we're not supposed to use that word. I'm a nationalist. Okay. Trump's comments Monday line with his populist, America. First rhetoric label of nationalist is more often associated with extreme right wing ideology and fascist regimes questioned by reporters, Tuesday, Trump denied the term nationalist was used to describe racist movements saying he was proud to use it and that quote should be brought back. So I thought that she was a guest at this. Because we can't even use the word because the word implies all kinds of other things. No, no, actually, this is what it is a white nationalist. Is like saying white bread. You got bread by itself nationalist by itself. But the moment you put something else in front of it, which is what we've heard for the past three years. Really? If you take the campaigning into account, the the anchor of the word nationalist is now anchored into these people's heads for sure as white nationalist. It's a word trick, which also goes to white supremacists. Of course, Hitler. They like to do this sort of thing. Now this second part of this clip as got some it's got some usage. I don't like. And I'm going to explain why. Okay. And then it's also going to reveal that. Pence believes that are that Venezuela's behind the which I said on a couple of shows ago is behind the caravan of madness proud to use it and that it quote should be brought back the wife of white supremacist leader, Richard Spencer, playing the wrong clip. Well as number two. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. This is the wrong series to is my fault. Okay. This I wanted to do you have the other clip? You're just talking about now. No, no. I wanna play this clip. I because this is I just lost track of my my my pairing. Sorry, like a fine wine with some duck. So we just talked about white nationalism. White supremacy white, you know, I'm not done with that. So you translate. But this this clip now, so she just played that clip. See what it is. Yes. And what what does she transition into right though, other stories? She goes right from the end of the Trump clip with her quote, and listen to this to me is subtle creepy propaganda proud to use it and that it quote should be brought back the wife of white supremacist leader. Richard Spencer has accused him of regularly physically and emotionally abusing her. According to very dirty trick very dirty trick. Well, homa. This was on. Oh, this is the Cuomo kid just to see you can laugh Steve Cortez. Right. Think is Brown, by the way. He's a Republican. They're talking to each like, Ana Navarro's on. I don't have any of her. Just listen to him say, hey, this is just a nationalist is not mean Nazi or white supremacists. Listen to what the Cuomo kid evokes is that just a straight Ruth Trump is a nationalist with all that work carries. No, he he is a nationalist. I am too. But you don't understand what it does carry when you try to compare American nationalism to Nazis, for example, you're incredibly mistaken because the Nazis, they're they're perverted nationalism was about racial, purity, it was about blood and soil American nationalism, which by the way, defeated Nazism. American nationalism is about shared ideals. It's about a constitution. That's nothing to do with race, for example. Yes, it is. Well, by the way, you don't you don't get Krista just decide not made you see. Oh, the English language, you know, better than to me. To you know, better than George. Yes. I do. Yes. Don't you? George Orwell is. Now, George Orwell is is determined the word nationalist. Gone. That's what we're like Trump is like nine hundred eighty four man. He's like the pigs. The pigs man, I I have a long clip, but we stop them whenever we want. But it's. Nicole Wallace and her her band of people on MSNBC yesterday. I and I cut all kinds of unimportant stuff out. And it's still just minutes of of just insanity. Unhinged stuff would you like to play along? No. Yeah. Today. He doubled down on being a nationalist. He is in the tweets you put up earlier for Robert Coster, right? This is a little bit of an evolution for him. This is phrased that devilish. I mean, I he didn't really want to embrace it at a key moment was actually half the access Hollywood tape. I think some is cover the campaign would remember it. So we could show later gave a speech in Florida. I believe it was the one where he was a real screed against globalist institutions that after a lot of criticism. And that's sort of get filled anti it felt anti semitic came the tone that he followed through the stretch run as a campaign says the non Jew and has now kept since he's obviously withdrawn from a number of international agreements. It is very much a America. I just sort of like America first hand lasts only gonna be self interests, not perhaps. Wondering what countries roll around the world has been now in office? Just now we saw him splitting hairs a little bit. Like, he tried to suggest that he didn't even he wasn't even aware of the negative connotations of that term anything about history, or do you think he knows that some of the great nationalist of all time include Adolf Hitler? I mean every dictator pleaded for their constituents visiting call them that their subjects in in the case of the Amine and others. We just brought an idiom mean this is new. EDM was he a nationalist not that I know dictator run by the CIA wasn't he well this excuse, but to bring in idiom mean is new sort of Harkin to their nationalist impulses. Well, you know, I think what he there's a reason why other presidents don't use the phrase, nationalist theirselves. They use a safe return. Patriot. Right patriotism is something that most mostly people can agree on is safe. Politically is a more unifying were the nationalist nationalist on. No, I disagree. Don't you think the word patriot has also been completely tainted down into racist to say, I'm a patriot. It can be. I think you could you say that I think. I don't think you can still stand up and say I'm a patriot because you'll hear. Oh, yeah. Publican, obviously, as you say is freighted through history that we've seen with president before that he doesn't care what history says if he likes him. Here is he not now think. County has any idea the history of World War Two and Nazism. Anything came for from a call for nationalism. Well, let's look let's look at the phrase Fritz America first, which we just talked about it. I mean, the America first he might not have known a I was associated with pre war too, isolationist and Nazi sympathizers. Clearly, he learned that at some point along the way, but just just can't stop. It's like he doesn't know the history of World War Two. He doesn't know the history of Hitler. He doesn't know the history. He doesn't know history. He doesn't matter to him because they were conveyed when he wants to convey similarly with the phrase enemy of the people, right? He uses that against them of us may not have known it. I that was notice how they just looked at in. He uses that against some of us know. No fake news different by Staal, and as part of the mass murders. But certainly by now must know that somebody must've told him that he must have read that someplace doesn't matter conveys what he wants to convey, he doesn't care history. Conveys a meeting with these words, or maybe he does it's okay with them because the message he's trying to get out is one that says he or anybody else's standing up for the United States and resonates with the crowd last night in Houston. I was there. They loved it. They cheat. They booed the word globalist cheer the word nationalist when he said, I'm a nationalist. They chanted USA USA. This is a galvanizing language for his core. Supporters going into a bit term election two weeks from now. Now that they tiered at Hitler too. I mean. They shared at Hitler. Don't you know? Is isn't divorced from Cassidy the tier crowd. It doesn't make it. Right. It doesn't make it American. It doesn't mean Donald Trump isn't totally ignorant of the history of the word nationalism. Donald Trump doesn't read base plate. What she goes on. She keeps hounding this one point. He's ignorant. Doesn't know what he's doing? He's like at moron. He hasn't ever. Doesn't know what nationalism means. Oh, just better divorced from the capacity crowd. It doesn't make it. Right. It doesn't make it American. It doesn't mean that Donald Trump isn't totally ignorant of the history of the word nationalism. Donald Trump doesn't read books. I don't think any of this. He doesn't read books not even his own from Donald Trump's studying the history of Nazism or Charles Lindbergh for any Charles Lindbergh. Why are we bringing Charles Lindbergh in this is I have no idea. I mean, Lindbergh was a non Nazi sympathizer. Yes. For World War Two in the mid thirties. So maybe that's the reason they're bringing him in. I don't know just like a callback that nobody cares about for some reason that just throwing that stuffing. Doesn't even know who Neil sadaqa is. He's other hateful trends. He's a good line, by the way into the mid terms. He understands that the base got him elected in two thousand sixteen is still the base he needs now, and that is predominantly white its predominantly male. And it's non college educated. And he's do you know the words dome FOX racist? This is just defend whistle. They're silent. These are loud. Let me read this to you the Washington Post, Greg Sargent rights, what would make his claim controversial as if Trump actually meant racial nationalists. Which of course is exactly what he did mean. No, he said it. He said, I'm not a globalist. And now, they're just taking this. And this is a lie by claiming to be breaking taboo, by using this particular n word Trump. There we go. Quickly confirm that without saying it out loud, he on board with that analysis. Donna, well, I think that's exactly right. And some people have described this. Listener. She's great. She's the last one undertone it's not it is the tone. I mean, the president of the United States. He only thing that was a tone is wrong. Missing from that speech in Houston last night was the Tiki torches and the khakis because the president of the United States understands what he believes he needs to turn out his base. He's using that it's the phobic. It's racist. And. That coupled with the caravans and even the defensive Brett cavenaugh, the beleaguered white man under assault by the rest of America all of these play into what? Sincerely, believe is a way that his voters are going to turn out, and it is the worst possible thing. And so the president is doing this on purpose. And I think we shouldn't get fooled into thinking. Well, maybe he doesn't understand what he said. He understood full, well what he said. And he meant it used the N word that Hitler. Oh, these bad, man. Deals with the devil. That's right deals with the devil. Come up its dead is the worst. I mean, I can't give you know. No, I would refuse. I would reject it because it's just so offensive. It's so offensive as dribble. But yet. CNN should be ashamed of itself or putting MSNB MSNBC. Oh, what am I thinking? Yeah. I mean, listen to this all day. I mean, that's that's really PC has. Well, NBC we should mention that. Of course, I want to read I don't have any clips, although I could get plenty of them is the and Kelly thing. Yes, now NBC this is very very cool. Now, what happened with Megan Kelly, and if you've been watching my tweets when I first saw the first article come out because she she had gone on her show and said, you know. Naively did this. But I can kind of understand it from her perspective. You know, when I was a little girl. And you know, she's was one of those cute little girls that could do anything. Nobody gave a crap you could wear black face and go trick or treating and I don't see what the big deal is. She has no she's the one who's, you know, she's just take told her off on the show, and we can get some clips from like show me today on Sunday. I do have some not on today's down. But. They said, no, you know, this is bad. You gotta apologize. Well. We'll. Well, she apologize. Then it wasn't good enough. I think a hit man for the for the network. Oh, sure came out and said apology is not good enough. It wasn't this clip clipper that I wish I could have heard that wouldn't and I I'll get these clips, and then he she came out and repulsion again with damn near crying. And then they condemned her for having fake, tears and all this other stuff, which is she's a woman and they're ganging up on day waiting to take her down. This was already they had the paperwork ready. They would just waiting for a moment. And if you're doing a live talk show that moment's gonna come oh, it comes a lot. But most time they get it gets ignored or you get out of it. I mean. Get out of it. I mean, you would Letterman's a good example, but they didn't want her. And so I watched the articles come up variety just was slam Basting her with editorials and they lived variety. Merely a stooge for the for the network, but Megan kid, this is CNN opinion piece at grand on MS in Microsoft, Megan Kelly, Kelly's black face come and show her true face by Roxanne Jones. And then this is interesting. Did I'm going to read you the first two paragraphs. Sometimes I'm sorry. Just doesn't cut it a hard lesson that NBC today show host Megan Kelly now understands reportedly Kelly's morning show. Megan Kelly today, maybe cancelled according to CNN sources and variety reports. Kelly who never really seemed like a good fit for NBC. This is the this is the part that always cracks me up. This is that anyone has worked in a company has seen this ad many forms. But it's always it's always takes the same form. You got an employee. The guys that kick ass sales guy or does something really spectacular. And he's everybody likes him. Some happens. He does something gets fired then in all the meetings. The guy was never any good fit in fit in. We're glad to get rid of. It was. I said, wait a minute. You guys love this guy. But now you hate him. And it's just like a corporate thing you have to do this. I guess it makes you makes a mechanism to work better. Because otherwise people would say, why don't you get rid of Bill? We is no good. Well, she never she never really found her footing at the network. Now, did she you a Nici never really found her footing. She was doing fine. Kelly who never seemed to be a good fit this woman rights for the NBC morning show overplayed her popularity earlier this week when she passionately no passionately denied people who Don black. Real halloween. She was I saw the segments, you know, talking about blah, traditional black face with the exaggerated rid lips. And all that that is not what she was talking about. But she used the term. No, that's all that happened. All she did was used the term. She and then it goes on thing that most Americans understand is definitely not, okay. Unless their intention is to offend. I don't know if there's okay to offend at the mid this. This makes no sense this article quote, but what is racist Kelly asked on her show because you do get in trouble. If you're a white person who puts on black face on Holloway or a black person who puts on Whiteface for Halloween back when I was a kid that was okay. As long as you're addressing up like a character. Yeah. And then. Then. Appears that you can't even discuss it. Even though you may be discussing it from a screwball perspective, which wasn't right or was it right by today's politically, correct standards. It would have been right in the fifties or the sixties she looks like a fifties character, but they were looking for something it was a trap door she fell into and they would just. Laying in wait. And no matter what she did. Her first apology was no good. According to Roker. Her second apology was a fake apology with fake tears. According to these other people, and it's just now she's done. She is going to be off the air within a week the way it's going wasted. No time of fast-tracking. I think she already got us little. I think the news is out sixty nine million dollar settlement to leave. Shit. Take it. Started playing take it and start a podcast cone in gut like NBC does this is a screwed up company for throwing money away. Like, this NBC, I think it was eighty million because when tonight show, and then they bounced him out because Leno wanted to the show. That was by the way, before he went to CNN Zucker is running the place that he had this bright idea of doing Leno show, a ten o'clock during prime time bumping off law and order and all the dramas and putting Leno on every night at ten wasn't working out is killing their ratings. The network's never recovered the Leno wants to go back to the tonight show. They have to fire Koenig who has promised the show. They give him eighty million dollars to go away. And I mean, what did what did these guys there's a terribly run company? Comcast owns Comcast puts up with is the management NBC. It's beyond me. Oh, the good news is now there's a slot. Open for the return of Matt Lauer. And with that I like to thank you for your courage. The man who put the sea in clean my toilet. John c. Good morning to you. Am curry also all in the Moines. Dole ships at sea boots on the ground feet on the air subs in the water and all the Dame's nights out there. And in the morning to our troll room, which used to be known as just the IRC channel and later became the chat room. Void zero set that up. Thank you very much running for pretty much all eleven years. I think close to it troll room and no agenda stream dot com. You can go to that website on Thursday and Sunday mornings where you will hear us do the show live, which is pretty much the same as the podcast with just the, you know, like the ending tightened up in the beginning with little opener or otherwise you hear the pre show and things that are going to show go south in this. We lose connections or something we get to hear you. Yeah. Or hit the wall bonus some people see this bonus. But the troll room is also very important for me. They do on the fly fact checking kick false they. Feed me one liners, they tell me if something's wrong, they get lot wrong to when they troll. But that's the beauty of it. No agenda stream dot com. Thank you in the morning to you. Congratulations on eleven years to feed you one liner also in the morning to Darren O'Neill. He brought us the artwork for episode ten seventy nine the title of that was expanded vision. I should say properly Beck Spandau vision. Actually, I should say it properly. Vision. This was the jar of group home. Which was the no agenda group. Yes. Now with more. Thirty three ounces, and there's a little thing on the on the jar top things yellow joke on their best by three three. Can't quite see it like that. Yeah. I never finished. My groupon story. But we'll leave that for later or another day did. No, no. I never finished the story. Okay. We'll get to another time. It was a celebrity. We just do you took over mid sentence. And it was okay. You said something interesting. So I'd I left it. And then I was wondering what the grey Poupon story is. It's not all that great. But it's I'll tell it a different time. It's it's a showbiz story. It involves show business people off to. Rails a little lengthy for for here. Okay. We do a some people think for anniversary show eleven years show. Ten eighty. We have show eleven hundred coming up pretty soon, by the way, which is another breakthrough. Good number. All good numbers. I like these. Very wrong numbers. Very strong numbers. Letting we have the top donor is we have a bunch of inside one or two instant nights Choi Thomas with one one one three three one. Oh. Came in as a check came in with a handwritten note in longhand, and then he went back to all caps printing. For good reason. I haven't written. I haven't written in cursive, he writes. Shows you gotta read this in a long time. But I am trying to remember how I. Bed. Like, I am in fourth grade. Forty fourth hour. Sure just side again, great again, fourth grade, again, I got a C in penmanship. So I will stop now it is getting easier as I write is. But I will stop now. Okay. Back just pleased back to something. We can understand. I love no agenda. I don't remember how I found it. But I remember cranky geeks to sorry about the column, John, but most tech writing is shit now. Anyway. Your show. Messed up my podcast listening. I used to listen to dumb stuff like her. I d cast and career tools. But I only have so much podcast time as my commute is short -ironically. You mentioned the old Agnew's hospital that closed my how this is the mental hospital. I talked about. My house is now on the old Agnew's hospital land, it's called a river Mark, and it's a master plan community. That is actually walkable with safe with a Safeway dry cleaning, restaurants and credit union. There's a Wells Fargo, but I would never Bank with those dumb shits. There's a peach to John. Here's my donation old school way. Check one one one three dot three one for show one one three. Okay. Clear the douchebag status for me. And send me some jobs karma. All right. I deduce. Spend he'd do. He says the jobs at the end of his note, my staff in engineering got moved into IT and management, there sucks. It's me. It's time for me to move on. Please night me night of river. Mark best. You can choose a few clips olds at the end of the show. I think or old school anyway that was so jobs jobs karma. Jobs and job. That's. By the way, you've got are much. Mentioned that the void zero IRC network was alive. Couple months before the show actually started. I did not know void zero. And we just this is the beauty of this show. And we he just came into our lives, and it's still here. Well, for the troll real voice a special person. Rose is I give them credit for we have lots of special people, but these guys. Yeah. For the for the dude's name, Ben. I'm sure there's a few others literally sitting in our engine room all the time just making sure the engine is cranking and any other way, we would we? I mean, we've go so broke on ban with costs and everything they've figured it all out if they get out how. Effective way. Yes idiots. Keep us safe. Certainly safe is a lot cheaper than pod being. Yes. All right. You exceeded your band with try get your podcast, man. It says you band with succeeded. What are we supposed to do? Now. I can't listen to the podcast because band with succeeded. Cerberus lov Marinov in trouble. Go canyon, California. One one one dot one which is our special associate or these producers special for this particular show, then versity I don't have a note from him. Oh, that's strange, and it doesn't seem to have shown up in the donation. So I will look for that. And we'll talk we his note on the next show whenever we can find it because he does right in let me just check check in real quick here. I mean, it could be in the pay pill thing it didn't come through or as full. Or as full let me just see if shows up I got him in. Anyway. No, I don't I do not more famous nights. Okay. We'll get get you later Borislav, sir. Craig porter in council bluffs, Iowa is the second one one one one thousand one hundred eleven dollars eleven cents a special executive producer for show. Diversity show council. Bluffs, Iowa, John. I always feel bad because so many other producers rights such great notes, and all I can really all I really have to say happy anniversary, and please keep up the excellent work in media deconstruction. I like to ask for some jobs karma in abeyance as I may be terminated from current job. Wait, your check company due to something bone headed that? I did. Oh boy. We'll find out until Monday. You always have to anybody working to any level where you can write cover your ass. Memo's? Just do it constantly. Not admit follow. A mayor Adler is example in Austin. That's fine. Administrative leave this whole jeez. Yeah. You do. It doesn't sound good. Some situation where you they can't fire because, you know, Trump blamed Trump just blame our chips, and how to deal with the meeting with my manager about my termination are appreciate yes. I can stop. I was so upset by the lack of compassion. Our president has for the caravan. And then that he has incited all this violence with bombs. I'm sorry. I I must have temporary lost my mind. But I'm seeing someone I think I I'll be okay, I need one more week of paid leave. There's my idea. Yeah. You know, if you can find some way to show that you had pointed whatever you did wrong. Did you had pointed out some issue that was never resolved? That's a great out that got me out of jam once that enough. Mentioned is like two months, and nobody said not enough about your first marriage. What else does he say? May have please Evan L Sharpton respect, thanks for a great day cer-, Craig. Played the full deal for him. Getting lunch at. The race. We've. SPIC bail. All jitney ESP. Conflict this. This we but. We must. And we will. But. About. That. Commit jobs, jobs and jobs. Sir. Timothy Scott crow and Lynnwood Washington becomes an executive producer with three hundred thirty three dollars and thirty three cents. This is eleven eleven eleven times three. For myself for my wife and went for expecting human resource coming April of next year on show helped me, and I'm sure others keep an even keel between dimensions. I've been a big fan of yeezy for a long time. This clip showing me how introspective he is in business link to a YouTube. Twenty fours. If you wanna check it out f-bomb it at Endo f-bomb it end. Okay. Follow nen North American network operators group fairly closely this year, there was a computer science professor from Wisconsin giving a speech on how. Ruined. Our network infrastructure will be with mass flooding and more frequent stores which providers are higher risk. Like to watch about global warming. Oh, no. I can't watch Netflix. No. It's a problem looking for some jobs karma. My current salaries far below the greater Seattle area. Median for network engineers. Thanks, amazon. Thanks, keeping the show going eleven years. Timothy scott. Jobs jobs and job. That's for John. Got karma just about Amazon. My my I have resentment towards the visas with just what he's doing and connecting everything in the advertising the tracking. So I'm not going to go to whole it was much closer wholefoods is close by. I'm gonna go to HEB, and we have a real ghetto HEB, which I kind of enjoy its way south on on Altdorf. And I was already like I'm gonna make scallops for dinner with the result. I've never done a result. Does my first result? I'm very excited. What are you doing? Why I'm not a big risotto fan. That's not nice. It's gonna soupy Bryce. Making a result. I got everything I go to the fish counter for the scallops because of the water boil. No, no fish, no scallops. No, nothing. I race off to ghetto like a real Texas HEB or any of these is another chain. I've seen down there that are just big supermarkets that are kind of like appealed to the locals that know how to cook. They're fantastic stores. They all kinds of stuff yell. Not get it whole foods true and at a fraction of the price. Yeah. Cheaper and people are much happier. Just as much better experience by did have to go to whole foods. They they only had they actually had some scallops still out. They were they can't put any more fish produce out. It's done the more fish products. They can't keep it the can't ship. It. So we'll be beef barbecue. Well, maybe it's just a plot to get back on meat way. We usually have sushi on Thursday nights. I don't think that's going to happen. I don't think so Voitey toity Austin sushi. I. Art. She barchi sushi is famous Austin. I don't eat a sushi anywhere if not within ten miles of of an ocean coast. Just the Babbitt minded just a belief of mine. Hey, you know, what you are banned from coming to Austin. Okay. Your band will not. So as Sir Andrew snoops Magoo. Bentley. Tacoma, Washington at three hundred thirty three dollars. Segue. Nice gresh relations on your lev, your aniversary Levin's my lucky number. I was born on the eleventh hour the eleventh day ended eleven months. It wasn't in nineteen eleven though. Keep up the great work, sir. Andrew snoops. Magoo? Bentley jingle request any L gore. Gloom and doom sound followed. By Obama, saying you, you might die and it now traps has much extra heat energy every day as would be released by five hundred thousand Hiroshima class, atomic bombs exploding every day might that. You've got to get carmont. Arthur coonass parts known two hundred fifty dollars. Excellent product. He begins note. Thank you that. I enjoy very much. There are so many lies misdirections hysteria and complete nonsense to the M S M mainstream media that your show is an island of repose from my weary soul. Nice. That's. For your needed work it up for another eleven years. Thank you very much. We love being an island of repose for your weary soul. And thank you for your support of the show. I don't know about another eleven years though. Yeah. We both had the same like. Kind of like the way you think about my result. Oh, we'll maybe never had your resort. I'm talking about result, though, in general, I don't make superiors Oto stall risotto's kind suit me little soupy loses. It's it's whatever Ryan bird jet in El Paso, Texas. Two hundred fifty dollars writes in a note. Dammit, used this note, he's sitting at number of notes. Janelle this, sir base. I think is like three. I don't know if this is on there. You're gonna do take a note. Sure Bonnie hits it bourbon back in the saddle living down in sunny, El Paso, home of Beato bet. His been a couple years as donated do too many excuses to common boring to repeat here's as being corrected in the proper term in the proper term of Bong rips, and because they have graduated the single malt scotch. I would like to retire my current title and request a new one. Oh, okay. Maybe every may have it on their let me surpass night of the Sun City. Yes. We have it cer- Bong. It's bourbon goes to surpass night of the Sun City. Yes. That is on the peerage notation list shot up to my smoking. Hot wife who thinks you two are annoying shot up back at you. I'm slowly winning her over probably not doubtful. The garland clan PA Washington, including Brielle Dame, Elise. Hot fisherwoman and cousin Ian as well. As my man Seattle Ginga who have unfortunately called out as douchebag for not donating. I have to call out as douchebag for not doing. A big giant family? Yeah. People related related to the gardens. That's insane. That's. Did they what I'd like to know is did Daymond lease get other people to listen. Or was that independent? Is it something that runs in their bloodline? I think our brother is a natural for the show. And this is just one of the many people that we have come to adore over the years who just because Dame Elise gives us free things. I was going to different way. Yeah. Send us Russia door you. Speaking of outta ration- just because it came up Beto Beto twelve second clip, and there's something wrong with this. You can't go ten without an interruption from Abeto backer. Love your to. Thank you know. There's just so many. When is the last time we actually had a quote, unquote rockstar? Hello nineteen eighties. The look of that lead guitar player lead lead of the cars Kasic, he has Ricco cast a goofball. Look this not a rockstar star. We just need to you know, it's it's it's just an anachronism play that clip because this goes like this a few things are my perspective down here before I get into the main reason, I'm able to support you too in your stellar work. One almost every house in El Paso has a freaking Beto sign. Oh, it's direct sales going door to door selling solar annum as the level of support. This town throws one of the one of their own that being said there mostly hypocrites says many of them don't have solar or even want to add it to their homes, regardless of Beto. You should change your pitch. Hi, I'm here on behalf of Beto, by the way that was funny yesterday. I got this. I got this text message. I despise this. Because you know, I try not to be tracked at all from seven three seven number, and it was high Adam is georgeanne with Beto for Texas early voting started. We're fired up to vote you can early vote based on public records. We think you're registered to vote in Travis county check here for where to early vote when will you vote? And so I texted back. I said, dear John, I'm so sorry to hear this Ted asked me last week, and I've already made a date with him, but maybe next year heart. She replied. He said, oh, that's that's actually pretty funny. Okay. Have a nice day. Oh, that's really that's a real human being there. They got so much money. Thirty three million. Got time to be texting me all day. All right. He goes on. He says not my business. My company provides energy and solar solutions and El Paso, Texas. Lots Cruces Albuquerque in Pensacola here, currently we are expanding into other markets as well. We'll see if you use enough energy to benefit you get a thirty percent tax credit goes on. He says, here's my call. The actually if any Noah gender agendas in these or surrounding areas, go solar with Mike company. I'll donate three hundred thirty three dollars agenda in your name. That's right. An executive producer ship for saving money and the planet. And the website is. Merrick kasai. No, eight M E R A K. I S O L America soul who know M E R K I S O L A R solutions dot comes as one word merica sold solar solutions dot com. Jeeze if something was hard. Jingle. M E R A K solar solutions dot com. All one word you get a free estimate. He wants the step approach poopers of the. Doses. John don't shit on solar. After you read this piece or do. Lincoln the show notes. Thank you jingles Carmo. Thank you very much. That's highly appreciated. Ryan. Donald Silva in e e you a beach a Wii Mahalo. I check in with an interesting note. I didn't know he's been a nicer Donald silver forever. He's also nj in case to get prepared when my wife died in ninety three from cancer. I stopped working I helped my mother for a while with her financial finances. But then I stopped entirely. I was an optical physicist came to Hawaii what what does an optical physicist new. These guys deals with the physics of lens is one thing. I came to a Wii where I probably more to it than that. I'm sure I came to a Wii where I haven't I learned the healing the heat. I can't read it was raise some about loamy low me. Holy healing aspect of lomilomi massage. And I got interested in metaphysics occult knowledge at cetera does way this show. Here's for here for the lomilomi. What is it called? Loamy line now at eighty two. Hello, I think it's over thinking I would die two years ago. I found that I have I'm very much alive and thinking the world about the world at large. The best explanation is given by. Good. It's hard for me to get with straight face. Even though we liked the guy. The best explanation is given by David. Mike. Of course, we're all on that. Hello. I love all beings, except the mice that get into my house. I live in ten feet from the water, and it's rising. I lost twenty feet in my property to the ocean soon. The water is called a Rosen will claim my home, which is which will go. I a me or my house don't know my poor handwriting is due to a stroke actually, good handwriting compared to most people stroke or not. But I know you like. I know you like handwritten notes, I'm sorry. You lost your job? John your column was a highlight reading for me. Also, I made it to the end. Aloha. Hello mahalo. It sounded when you were giggling it sounds like you're edibles at finally kicked in. It's just I don't know. I like it. It's funny. Donald silva. Thank you very much highly appreciated by the we love David Ike. And he's been around for a long time. So. Greg for fourth in Handerson Ville, North Carolina. Two three four five. Six is supposed to be overnight hood puck of the western North Carolina counting. Sir. Dick, bangs of DC adequate name for Washington DC, whereas from two hundred twenty two dollars all the beagle. And knew what to do in Heidelberg, Germany. I for work. I was interested in seeing Patrick Henry barracks. Where my grandfather was stationed when my father and uncle were children about sixty years ago. And fortunately now, it's no go zone some Mola some Molly refugee camp if only get off his African refugee immigration plug. We're still there. Thanks hillary. And for that inside knowledge, thank you to need human resource Carmen, number three baking. Kerma sidebar. I'm an eagle scout. Now, you go DC Jesuit high school, not many of us thanks for the sanity not to be rid on the show. And he goes on. The little insight information that will. Thank you, very much, sir. Dick bangs and he wanted to human resource, karma and new home karma. It's packaged in one right here. You've got karma. Sure, Tim of the tunnels two hundred twenty two dollars and twenty years. He's also in Hawaii and white PA who. Keep this short happy anniversary. Here's a bag of eleven for each of you if you which is to twenty two twenty two point. If you can scrounge up, some vintage seed men would be as. Karma for all. Tim of the tunnel Caesar pig. One do different one. This one. Yeah. This is a good one. And which which Carmen do need goat karma, right? Okay. God for twenty five years. They've been growing. Eighties. Karma. Josh Honi, by the way, Alex Jones doing very well in Austin now with his berkey water sales just flying off the shelf. Little bit. This is a bonanza for. Yes. Then they left they left. I mean that most of these water deals are not, you know, anything to Brian. Is is an outstanding product does. Because it's a fool's real deal is not like cheapies not like just a filter to make water tastes better. Which is what I use. I use zero water. I think is the best tasting water. Does your water in refrigerate it? It is absolutely delicious much better than Evian and much better than resort. Oh. Risotto? You gotta keep store at you know, I know it's very labor intensive there is a shortcut methodology that actually works. I've seen it. Let something that one of these British ships dreamed up you got to do the official way keep adding the liquid keep adding stirring. All right. John get it. I'm not making resulted in Pennington, New Jersey, two hundred dollars IT, m fellas. Thank you for the years of hard work research, time and effort, you're my standard for news. There is no better podcast in the universe. Please deduce me and send my amazing wife. Melissa some job karma. Thank thank you so much, and that's very sweet of you. Do. And that's. Sure, Bruce in doylestown, Pennsylvania, two hundred happy eleven look at what you're doing. Hope you continue in good hill. This donation makes me a Baronet no accounting below because I don't remember any of it night in November two thousand fourteen folder love the hair in case. Cruise. We will at your title later in our ceremony. Thank you. It's on the list. Yes. Thank it is. And last is. Wardi in Lafayette, California, right up the street from me it's been about a year following the show. I didn't see you at the meet up Lovett. Born and raised in Holland Adams. Adams English was the Dutch accent is the best. Hey, vacant lots of Kuti Medina. But it didn't condone us was available. And I agree. It was my just my pure Lewis to John for the past twenty nine years, and I have a kid in UT Austin university of Texas, right? Also a little bit of political junkie. So between your show the teepee oh podcasts. And no, spin news. Plus, your fun San Francisco Bay area and Austin local updates. I'm happy camper. Thanks guys very much. I'm gonna give her a karma. You've got karma. Come to the meet up heat up up. All right. Producers executive and associate for show ten eighty of special anniversary donations. Thank everyone for helping us out there today. It was great. That was very nice list. I love reading the stories and what I like reading the most people consistently saying, you did something that helped me with my psychology with my with just living better. And happier that gets me up as been getting me up from bed eleven years long. And he's just sits there, and and cries curled up in a ball. That's right stirred my resort. Oh to really appreciate all of these executive producer, associate executive producers. I think you should be able to say I am the executive or socio executive producer of the eleventh anniversary show of the no agenda podcast that is your fischel credit for this one. Display display. The display that proudly wherever credits are accepted because they will be recognized if not we're happy about for you. We'll be thanking more people. It's quite a nice list for our anniversary in our second donation segment. And of course, we will have eleven years and one episode ten eighty one coming up on Sunday. Remember us for that episode? Ulrike dot org slash and people in the mouth for eleven years. Propagated? Formula is this. People in the mall. And as usual for these kinds of celebrations. We will carry it over to Sunday. So anybody who still wants to get in some free from us? We'll definitely be look look forward to that. Okay. We had before we waste up stopping, you know. Okay. Okay. Now, you gotta be stirring, this this our borough or whatever the. Right right rice, correct aboard. Yeah. That's stuff that talion especially should be from Italy. And then you're going to need some very good parmesan. Yes. They have very good parmesan. Just have the I have parmesan willow sends me parmesan several times a year from each. Oh. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You Pooh Pooh? You're not tasting my result o- ever. I don't care. Okay. I wouldn't mind parmesan. She sends you g probably saying if you're nice to me. Maybe if I mean to use give us relationship give it a shot. Yes. Do you have more to more? Critique. Well, yeah, you know, the. Yeah. Please there in stirred his Duri. Endlessly. This is not the idea of cooking to me. It's the idea of agony. There's the vote the French and the Italians to be honest about do not know how to cook rice the Iran or the people who've. Yes, acted how to cook rice? Okay. I am neither I'm done. I'm the okay. Connected to go bone in the ankle connected to the shin. And the she connected to the and the funds connected to the. He's old to get looks like that's kashogi. Tryst Wilson trysts. We have the official pronunciation we've been trying to figure this out. Yes way. Do we have the official pronounce pronunciation of kashogi Jamal Kosugi was got Jamal Shuji castrucci cashew g there you go Jamal cashew G is now the official no agenda pronunciation of the name. Even though I guy is still on the air Jamal castrucci. It's the official way to pronounce it is GIO mauve. Check check. No, Jim Jim out shock. Gee. That's the official way to pronounce it that way from now on I wanna do sharpens way. Okay. The Khashoggi Kozicki Shoghi choices show. She it's not now. Your mom Jamal castrucci. Gee, okay. Doesn't really matter. Hey, there's a lot going on as I predicted. Now the world is starting to come into action. Now, we're seeing the real players behind this angle Merckel. I'm looking at hers is part of propagating this trying to cut the Saudis out of everything in and aired on is he is loving this. He is now become the central figure in the Middle East. Whereas he really had no power against the crown prince. So look at who's now all of a sudden, his friend. We've got of course, Iran and the day of a border. They've been very, you know, thirty percent of of people in Turkey are Ronnie, and the a huge portion of Turks in Iran Qatar who they're they've they are bailing out the Turkish economy, they just put fifteen Bill into hate Saudi well Saudi Arabia hates them to and then Syria. And with this comes Putin and the Russians and there's and this is beautiful because coup is the central switching station for all the pipelines that we've been looking at age Turkey, you wanna get into into Europe, you you can go through Turkey with Irani and oil with Russian oil. And he is he's dis loving this. He now, and that's why he's coming up with all kinds of fantastical stories. And there is a technicality here that I was incorrect about I thought that embassy ground is sovereign territory. It's not and I've been corrected by many people, and there's go bust in and grab Julian Assange the first of all, here's here's here's an interesting rub. The host country is completely responsible for the safety of the embassy and anyone in it. So technically, the Turks are responsible for whatever happened to fuss shock. Jeep Djamil shock Jeep. They cannot enter the embassy without head of mission permission, which they did receive just I'm just saying that a crime committed that would be acceptable in Saudi Arabia done. The embassy in Turkey is not. Although I don't know what they do in Turkey. They may behead people just not not as openly as the Saudis do that is punishable by the laws of the country. So that's that's just that's just a technicality. Let's. Let me see I'm going to start because a lot of people started coming out and talking about this. I would say we stick with air to one for second. This is France twenty four. Two alleged audio and video recordings of the mud which the mentioned in the Tukish press. Instead putting the onus on the Saudis to find onces as to who ordered these nation dossier that the identify Nejla collaborator who said to disposed of casulties body. The Turkish short Kathleen that he believes King Solomon was sincere when he denied knowledge of the meta making new direct mention of his regional rival influential crown prince. Khaki expert, Dr tastes mid tone fronts before that speech shows. His main concern is this domestic Odeon showing that he has trust in the in the king himself to put things in the name different with his son to arrange the relationship inside the house of Saudis, this this is a month of the Saudis to do. But what matters for more is to shoe that he's the master into key. Also, and that the sovereignty of took it has to be respected. Pressure on the kingdom win said that would be an independent investigation into the incident. Eighteen suspects should be tried in Tukish. To my take away from this clip is that aired Yvonne is calling for a form of regime change saying, hey, I get along with the king fine. But you know, this this kid here he this. He's got to get out of there which aired a one wants because right now, he is speaking on behalf of Suni Muslims in all in the Middle East. I think Trump is a bit on board with this. Here's a short clip of him. It was carried out poorly. The cover up was one of the worst in the history of cover-ups. He's an expert on cover-ups think it's odd. Bad deal should have never been thought of. Somebody really messed up and had the worst cover ever. And we're step is at the stem. What would they thought about it? Because whether thought of that idea. I think is in big trouble. So there's Trump trying to because I'm sure he was really caught off guard with this. He is trying to deflect and say, well, whoever came up with it that guys in big trouble, not the Saudis. We shouldn't be blocking that because we got to this is all dependent upon his his real deals with the Saudis for petrodollar main maintenance. Although he wanted the price of oil to be lower. Also, the biggest deal ever that he wants to complete the Palestine Israel, two state solution. And this got this is so important they're so off caught off guard that Jared Kushner came out and did an interview of all people van Jones on CNN. This is a rare moment when you hear the Cush bird speaking, you're going to try to get to the fact do you trust the Saudis investigate themselves. I mean, it seems like NBS is like the prime suspect is also the prime. Vested in Detroit the Saudis to for this out. Like, I said, I mean, we're getting faction from all places. And then once those facts come in the secretary of state will will will work with our national security team to help us determine what we want believe in. What we think is credible. What we help us with what we want to believe is not credible. Even Trump's deception allies. I mean, you do do you see anything that seems deceptive? I think things that are deceptive everyday Middle East Washington. So again, I think that we we have our eyes wide open. I think that again, the president is focused on what's good for America. What are our strategic interests where do we share interests with other countries, let's work towards those? But every day we deal with people who are trying to deceive us in different ways. But our job is to see through it. But also to stay focused on what's best for the American people and the president fully committed to doing that, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But he's in trouble because he's been good friends with the MVS Mr. bone saw back to France twenty four. This is Monica Stockins said Staka, I do not like this woman. She's Dutch she's a member of European parliament. She's from the d sixty six party in the Netherlands, the reason I don't like well, first of all the d sixty six party or bunch of just wishy washy. White milk toast. I guess, but she's all she seems to do because I'm I check the tweeter t's only on Twitter all day commenting on Trump and this. Just disputing and and not even reading articles just translating the headlines. This is an outrage. Crazy, why do Americans put up with him? Do some business in the European parliament? And she is and she is telling us exactly what's happening. The continuation of what has been called for in the US congress the Magnitsky act, you may even reference it directly here. But if not it's exactly what they're calling for. So they can shut off Saudi Arabia and had their own little deals with Russia, and with the Ronnie and oil they've been working on it for months, if you look at the irrational behavior and lie after lie after lie after like calming for Riyadh over the past couple of weeks, it is entirely irresponsible to sell war weapons to this country. And she's talking about e you selling war weapons, the French. And the Brits big big discussion about this not just our deal with his lots of deals. It turns out a lot of money by a lot of stuff. I think that it is very good. That chancellor Merckel has taken the lead. And I would have preferred to see e wide embargo, which is something that we have called for in the European parliament repeatedly already, especially in the context of the war in Yemen. So I hope again, we will reach a turning point here, and we'll see more rational behavior and admist we will we will cease to export instability to Saudi Arabia and a weapon embargo. But also an embargo on setting surveillance equipment with which dissidents and journalists are being tracked and traced in the kingdom is also absolutely appropriate. And lastly, we would also call for human rights sanctions. Meaning that those individuals who are responsible for this. Brutal murder. We'll be individually held to account these events we can see asset freezes. So that there's no more fun time shopping in Paris or putting Yeltsin niece or children in good European universities. There have to be consequences for the individuals that are responsible and the. Purity with which violations have been taken place human rights violations that were serious before this murder for a very long time. It has to stop no more shopping trips to Paris. No, more yachts in in in French harbors. I wish I could make fun of her accent. But it's actually pretty good. Can't do it with her. So that's the plan Merckel is leading it Merckel best friends with Putin. They were in east Germany together at the same time. This is not our friend, and she is really working very hard to effectively ruined the petro dollar. I think that is the ultimate plan. They want Iran in oil anything they can get from Russia, sell it all the China. They'd love to have it in euro denomination. And I think Trump is screwed on this. I do not see how he gets out of it. Will NBS already backpedaling to an extremely do. You do you have a copy of his speech that he gave? No, I don't have that. I know good. Do you have a clip or just a copy of this is m B S makes statement this was on PBS ran over the weekend Fantoni yesterday. Arabia's crown prince declared today that the murder of journalist Jamal kashogi was a heinous crime. And he promised Justice Mohammed bin Salman addressed an investment conference in Riyadh. It was his first public statement since the Saudis acknowledged that Shoji was killed at their consulate in Istanbul Turkey and suspicions have been raised that the prince might have known about the plot. We know that many are trying to use this painful thing to drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and Turkey. This wedge will not happen. We will prove to the world that the two governments are cooperating to see that all perpetrators are taking court and Justice will be seen in the end. Yeah, he's gone. I'm going to tell you this guy will be gone. It'll be a new crown prince appointed he is out. He's out. He he's done. He is gone. He is screwed it up. Big time. He's done. He cannot rule anymore. And I don't think I think that Merckel and Putin, by the way, sir. Gene was away. He came back. And he said that he listened to the the so-called press conference where Putin was slamming. America's at the end of our days, the empires dying. And gene said actually really complimentary about Trump. It's not like that at all. If you listen to it in context, I haven't gotten a full translation. But he says it's not it's not. Yes. Prising? To the public here. And. Of course, we have this little tidbit, which if you think she's she's on a Nancy drew mission to solve crimes you got. Another thing. Coming bill. The head of the CIA is in Turkey today to investigate 'cause Shoji's killing at the Saudi consulate in STAN bull NPR's. Greg Meyer is here to tell us more about that. Visit welcome Greg high. Audie so hassles roll here. Well, she's got a very significant role. Not only with her title is head of the CIA. This is a place. She knows really, well, we know she speaks Turkish in a rare speech recently, he said is stem bull along with London or two of her favorite cities in the world. The never says exactly where somebody spent their undercover days, but she clearly knows this place. She's a player. She knows how the the hell things take place there. And remember the US Turkey, and the Saudis are allies, and they're conducting these sort of separate investigations, but there's also negoti. Nations going on this is probably not likely to end so much in a court room as is in a political agreement and some sort of negotiation. So that's the key thing. I think to keep watching. Yeah. Yeah. I'm sure she's there just to investigate really she's there to lay down the law and try and set them straight. And I don't think she has any of the it takes two to get anything done. This is a bonanza, and I really am curious when the president is going to get serious about it and address it because he is losing our shirt in this deal. He hasn't lost it yet. Meanwhile, play no attention to the world implications of what is going on. No. This is what you should be watching speaking to a number of solicits, both very well placed sources within the investigation and also within political circles and they've been telling us separately. First of all that said demolish, showcase body parts have been discovered. They had been a cuss up understand this some fairly grisly detail about how his face had been disfigured somewhat. Very is a suggestion thing they use it as a football and kicked it around the second souls. He is very very highly placed us, I say within political circles, and he has connections within the prosecutor's office that those body parts. Discovered in the God of the consul general. Just outside the property. The consul-generals property was a part of a focus of very big focus of the forensic investigators. They took some time to get in it into it. More than two weeks later, we all selves witnessed film of those forensic. Investigators examining the garden, we know that they took soil samples from the and that they were trying to match DNA samples taken of all Jamaica Shaw, g with samples they collected inside the conflict general threatens, where's that rapid DNA? Technology should be done at twenty minutes. Yet to prove this is the guys buried in the guys. An apparently the now there are rumors that Gina CIA Gina that she heard or saw the tape. That's all. This is propaganda. However, just came out the European resolution regarding the killing of journalist Amal, Jim O Djamil Shoghi for shock g cut hate it. Let me see Shoghi. Forget it. Okay. Kashogi? He we go. German chancellor. Stated that Germany would put arms exports the Saudi Arabia on hold. So that's the first one down. This is one of those resolutions, which is completely mean we. Let's see condemns the Saudis authorities ongoing harassment of human rights defenders activists lawyers journalists player writers and bloggers podcasters e you put podcasters in their both within and outside the country which undermines the credibility of the reform process of Saudi Arabia. Let me see we urge the member saves take strong position at the next Human Rights Council meeting, and blah, blah, blah. This is just and I'm just reading it on the fly supports strong initiative to create an e you global human rights sanctions regime. Okay. The Dutch with authorities will organize that. Well, no worries there calls on the Saudi thirty immediately and unconditionally released rife Budhahi. Oh, so they're asking for prisoners now. Smart smart asking for people to be released. Pretty looks like typical parliament has no power. It's just a resolution. Okay. But what angle Merckel did? And what may is now being asked to do and Macron is to stop all arm sales. That's going to be very complicated for Trump to say. No, we're going to sell them all of our partners who are actually our enemies in. This will actually candidate says they're gonna keep selling stuff. They don't care. Well, they're not enemies the right up north now, I do have to clips left. Unfortunately, what of duplicates a lot of what you know. I don't I don't mind, but from democracy now. So it has a slant. That's always amusing. This is some funny kashogi information with Trump, and this is the Trump assertion you already played President Trump spoke out Tuesday on journalist mouth kashogi chase murder. The worst cover up ever. They had a very bad. Digital concept. It was carried a poorly. What does that mean? A bad original concept. What does that mean? Well, I think he saw the draft. And he said, this is bad. Concept. We're going to kill this guy. Now, this is another one of those instances that you played earlier, or at least a disabled pretty much the same one with his arms crossed because he's pissed. He's very angry. They had a very bad original concept. It was carried a poorly and the cover up was one of the worst in the history of coverups, first imple- bad deal should have never been thought of. Bad deal. I mean, you gotta listen with the guy saying deal for what what was the deal was their deal. It's own cut a deal. What was the tit for tat part of the deal really missed up on Tuesday. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced the US will revoke the visas of Saudi operatives accused of participating in show. She's killing on Paige went on to reaffirm the US shared strategic interests Saudi Arabia echoing Trump's statements about Saudi Arabia's a strong ally to the United States. Meanwhile, Turkish investigators have reportedly found several suitcases a laptop and clothing that maybe linked to the murder in a car belonging to the Saudi consulate on Tuesday sky. News reported parts of kashogi chase dismembered body were found in the Gordon of the Saudi consul generals. Stumble home, though, the reports remain unconfirmed. Yeah. We just heard that report, and it was very sketchy. Presents it kind of as oh parts were found, but confirmation she's terrible. But which I'll prove later this is the part to which has some information. We didn't get that's a Reuters report into saw Qahtani a top aide for Muhammad bin Salman, the crown prince claims he directed Chris. She's killing remotely via Skype instructing those and carrying out push. Oh cheese interrogation to quote, bring me the head of the dog. Meanwhile in Riyadh the Saudi Royal family met with Jamal ca showcase family, including his son releasing photos of the highly publicized event to the press Salka show. She appeared visibly strained as he shook the crown prince's hand tomorrow kashogi, she's children are banned from leaving Saudi Arabia now who was it that apparently on Skype said bring these bring me the dog's head one of these what? The sergeant at arms or someone of the one of these systems for one of the military assistance. That guy's gonna kill service. Here's what I think. I don't think this guy NBS is going to go away the way you do. I'm going to say that. I think he's gonna stick around because they really don't have anybody else that can run the country. But he would he has to do. He's going to have to grab all fifteen of those guys came in on the plane. Find them guilty of a rebel a rogue plot. Guy. Find the guy who said well, it was they beat him up and he died during the fight that guy. Yeah, they find him. They're going to line them all up and either shoot them or hang 'em all or chop their heads off. This is the this was. This is nothing I wanted and he's going to go on and on like that. And he's gonna stick around. And you're gonna have a bunch of dead guys. Get around these guys up. To do I found all these rogue guys that would be that would be the strategy. I don't think is going to work, and I'm happy with having a different opinion. Let's put it this way. If he stays on. Then maybe we'll be okay. If he's if there is a quote, unquote, regime change and he's replaced or removed air to one takes. We already have no power in Syria. This is a complete turn of global events. I is the way I see it. And it's I don't see anyone taking this seriously anywhere. Well, I think that some people are taking this. We wouldn't have Gina. Yeah. But I'm talking about media like M five him. Oh, the media does this is what looked for them antitrust? They don't care. They nothing. Yeah. We're doing this show. That's why we have eleven years on this show. Because all we do is point out. I mean, the real point of the shows were not Trump apologised. We just point out that the media's not doing its job. They just they have an agenda that somebody's, and I don't know, you know, for sure who's behind the agenda but somebody and they just pound into pavement for the same. I mean, you played that clip earlier that MSNBC clip with his lunatic, Nicole Wallace. I mean, it was it was embarrassing. Nothing news about let me play the two clips. I have ROY are we are we done with the I dunno. I shook it. Shuki? This should be a little. Remakes, please. That's able Kirby he says I I was drunk when I did it. The guy screaming with the song. I love the show. We have. Dominant place some stuff that is just refilled with propaganda, and it's a shameful democracy now. Amy Goodman is really an embarrassment. This is this is this the lashed out clip. Now, she doesn't say Trump said this some Trump said that she uses the term she likes it used these these loaded terms collect them because she says it all the time Trump lashed out President Trump. Played a part to President Trump lashed out again Tuesday at the Central America Nygren caravan making its way across Mexico toward the US border claiming Middle Eastern terrorists had infiltrated the group press by reporter Trump admitted he had no proof to back his claim. They say happens all the time from the Middle East. The study saying bad or good. What's the real bad ones? But. They could very well. Be. There's no proof of anything. There's no proof of anything. But they could very well be. There's no proof of anything. The president said. Okay. So he said it twice she reiterated to make it clear. I don't know what the point of that was no. But it was just it was kind of an off handed. He say he said he didn't have any proof. But he said it any way. I guess I'm not sure what she was getting it. But this next clip, which is the continuation. She used she uses loaded language here that I have to call to point out. So people who understand when they hear this word. They will pay attention vice-president Mike Pence claimed hunter and president of Orlando. Hernandez had spoken to him about the caravan. Told me to curb in the snow making its way through Mexico headed for the southern Florida was organized by leftist, organizations and finance. Venezuela. None of the word, but the word is at the beginning. And the word was claimed claimed of course, stead of saying Mike Pence said, oh, yeah. He claimed that me automatically getting it's not true. The bright the subtext of the word claimed his always the guys Aligarh. They're trying to this is subtle because this people are noticing this. But there is a a lot of people like, Amy and other so-called progressives that think Trump is they think the Democrats are gonna win the house and that Trump is going to get impeached. Yeah. And then Pence will be president. But they got to get rid. They gotta start taking aim at pants because Pence's worse and they got again peach him to. That's Maxine Waters says we're gonna have pants will impeach him to for what they're not gonna impeach being an old white, man. You're not gonna impeach Trump because he's too much of a foil that they give them something straight to everyone understands this in. Peach mint is a political process. It does not remove the president from office. It's it's basically congress saying we don't trust you. You're do sheer impeached. It doesn't remove him from office. The only way they can do that is if the have three quarters of the Senate which never happened which you'll never have history. And then the idiot Republicans like, yeah, that's great. Impeach him. Then Pence's president. He can have Ican appoint Trump as vice president then resigned than Trump is president again. Hey. Never. Funny, though. Back to this doing. She uses the word claimed and people should look out for this word when it comes up the the proper word. Journalists accent is says you don't you never use claims. Trying to twist the meaning of of the voted up to make it sound as the guy's lying ended in there's no evidence at even fibber, let alone a liar. But but keep an when I hear this sort of thing. I really galls me because these people are on TV there, you know. And there's a lot of progressives that listened they missed the word, but it goes right into your sub conscious that the guy pants claims that he had a discussion with the guy what he didn't have a discussion with the guy if you think that prove he didn't have a discussion with the go contact the Honduras guy and ask him if he talked to pens, and if he says, no, I never heard of the guy there, you gotta story yet something, but no just by using the word claims that cheap. Dow is a dirty cheap muddy trick. And it's disgusting. No agenda. Imagine all the. That'd be fun. We have we have to the affiliate the show is running long long. A little you have to call out got my things or might use. All right. I think if you people. Yeah. With somebody that think that is on a list here. That's. No sheet IS is came in last week shows Jason Danny and his wife Kelly. Smoking hot wife, Kelly. They gave nine from Madison Alabama ninety dollars nine cents last week. And they need some f karma cancer and lotto karma. So if you will put that at the end of this list, you got it. Got it. Got it. Go bits one hundred twenty one dollars. He also sent me a little action figure the character that was in taxi. I'm never seen character in taxi the guy. Louie? Louie Louie was a Louis. I don't know who talking to me taxi driver taxi driver. He's a taxi. Oh, I said Texas thinking. Yeah. But there's a character's name. His go bits bits bits, m Andrey one hundred twenty one eleven m Andrey of the mid valley hundred eleven dollars eleven cents, Mike. Buke iowa. Congratulations eleven years Keith Gibson eleven dollars sensor Roger on ice in Tampa, Florida. Richard force one hundred eleven dollars eleven sensor. Roger Richard force in Zubay her favorite town, Switzerland where at all all the cryptos happen to everything's going on used to be oil. Now, it's cryptos. Allah Hamadi, I'm guessing what does she say here? Happy anniversary is donations for five reasons. 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Melanoma ski in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Stephon air it in bell Bach. Deutschland Dortch Londe. Here's the Hof. Eleven years from land. Robert Bruckner in Gilbert. Arizona black Knight, sir. Brian barrow? Congratulations. Thank you. He's pushing for earldom, Dave, Barron of Kansas City, Missouri. And looking my counting and says, I think I've accrued enough to get my wife's damehood, even though she rolls her eyes. When I talk about the latest things discussed on the best podcast in the universe. Thought. About dining my dog. Charles, both Bartholomew focus, the third junior, but figured Adam would put the on the scheme, given his general disdain for anthropomorphic and treating pets as fuzzy humans, although Charles frequently uses his damn near human cleverness to scheme his way into my chair and trick or other dog into running outside leaving treats unattended, I digress. Please Doug, my smoking. Hot wife day. Melody focus auto today ceremony and give up. This is what I have to write down. She needs chitlins and charter Nayed Chardonnay as she takes her seat at the round table. Yes. I'll put that on rolling your eyes. She's. Hole in them right now. Thanks. Dave ROY den -have in the Netherlands one hundred eleven dollars says Jeff mic Reynolds, heat, Texas nNcholas Robinson in Somerville. Massachusetts, Microsoft Word doesn't recognize chitlins. C I spilling. It c I t o. Us. C H I T T E R. Spilled chitter Ling's and pronounced chitlins by Jove. You're right. The now I'm going to say chitter Ling's instead of chitlins don't do that. Chitlins? It is thanks for that. I never knew that cheater Li I didn't know what our chicken something. No guts chitlins intestines guts. Guts. Well, maybe goods. I guess it's kinda guts guts, meant it. Look. It's can I can put it in. Good good. Anyone could make good chitlins or good intestines. Or there's a French dual. Everybody does them. Great. I'm doing chitlins risotto. Don't do don't favor. 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Douglas, Kuhlman parts known, sir. Douglas, we'll the of the false IAS. Says Jerry Yang hawker and Bengals. Benjamin Garcia in Los Angles, California. Dude named Ben do name been healthy. Yes, sir. Benjamin sir Benjamin then Lamar Martinez. Looks like he's from unawares from Baroness Monica. Money joy, still enjoying the show. She says, thanks, sir. Patrick coble. Our buddy there in Tennessee. You see how much weight he lost? No. That's not Patrick Coble. That's foam. Boy, I'm sorry. It was never that Bill. No. Some travel jobs. Karma puts you at the Patrick has do Kadi. Quiz do name ban. Good. He's he's the guy who's the penetration guy. Yes. We know him. Well, you better than I do comes out here. All once. Penetrate penetrate, John Kumar on eleven dollars says three more quiz swimmingly in Austin, Texas, and he's got a douchebag call up for somebody new. Please call out my brother, Nick as douchebag. 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Luke, Baras Salem, Oregon. What did he to eighty? What's this is anything to guys from Salem, Oregon giving exact same? That's interesting. Does your grand very random? Collusion. I think is collusion Brian Burgess in pelican Rapids, Minnesota fifty dollars and thirty three cents. David vote fifty dollars and eleven Scott Nelson. Melbourne Florida, fifty oh one the following people are. Dealer donors give you name and location, and in some order, Patrick, maycom, sir. Patrick in New York, New York. Philip ellen. Gingrich fifty Carla Kruger till Doumanian Doumanian in canton. Michigan Joe, wink of Winky or Vinke, maybe Winky or wink is Santa Rosa bass Bruna is this what I can pronounce it a million years. Are we is number sixty. But I owning Brian. But I said he says, it's Ted Kaiser's birthday. He turns eight it's my birthday. I turn thirty nine and hung Kaiser's is a douche. We got we got his on their Boston techs on there. Yes. LX delgado. An app dose. Mark. Jason van Buskirk in Salem, Oregon met Chaman ski in Hoboken, New Jersey. Michael Kaufmann in Hillsborough. Oregon, by the way, the smoking hunt mills bar, we'll get our call up Michael Kaufmann and Hillsborough Florida. Kennedy Linda, Bergen, Miami, Florida, Michael click near in Ewing, New Jersey and last but not least Stephanie chill or is. It showed total. For a member of the MSN Mona's interesting. He's a former member of the MS 'em. She used to work at Reuters. And CNN, I totally get what you're saying. And applaud you for having that gets say it helped me as I continue to labor my way in media land. And I wish you I could give you more. Well, send us a note from time to time Stephanie, but it's what's happening here won't hurt. If they're still I mean, if you still touch base with the m-5 Emmers, probably still working in the business, one of all these folks for supporting us in the Levin versus show, and this are these people help producer show along with a lot of people that. Forty-nine ninety nine in less thirty three and all the rest, which are kept in a non ass-. Also a lot of. Yes, my rule and a lot of people congratulate us at the eleven eleven level as well, leavened Levin cents. Yes, we got some astral travel in DM t- wishes all kinds of good stuff under the fifty level. But we keep those we do not mention them as Johnson mainly for enemy because that's where you go. If you don't want to be mentioned on the show, and yeah, the subscription keep those going. Thank you. Thank everybody for eleven years its value for value concept. I remember fondly. I think it was when do we start asking for really start the value for value model was that the second year first year? I think it was early on it was late in earnest Ernest. I think I heard it was always kind of it was always in earnest it wasn't with any. We hadn't developed the value models. That was the problem. We had we hadn't figured out what the value for value network, and how the model works we creating that on the fly. I remember I was in New York on a business trip. And byu said, hey, I think this is working people actually, you know, like it, and they're supporting it, and I think that's when I said, okay. Let's let's do this fulltime. I think that's when I ate my airplane. I believe you're. History. Story. What do you mean? New history. Yeah. Yeah. The eating the airplane. No, the eating the airplane was true. Because we we weren't doing that. Well. Years two years. Yeah. It took probably two years you eight the airplane for a lot of different reasons slightly paranoia at the time. No, I had I didn't have the money. I left to me vio is living in Los Angeles. They're paying for healthcare. That's all I was getting from them. So I. So I. It was tasty flaps not so much. No. The flaps are always know, you know, you should yet to really sauce those up and the point is this is a network where everybody can get out, and you should be getting more out of it than you put into it. So it could be just the pleasure of listening to the show having meeting other people with our meet ups, but also doing collaborating online new the so many different websites and services micro services. The people have said up from the art generator to. So what does the the what is the the main list? I keep forgetting what it is the Gitmo list. Things called the Gitmo list. The no agenda Gitmo list. If you find that you'll see links to the book club and all kinds of stuff, and I'm really proud of what everyone is put together. And really appreciate it. And I look forward to as long as you know, another eleven years. Sure, we'll go as long as as we physically can't, I guess and probably another eleven years before you ever do your Austin meet up. Hey, thanks. John dot org slash. Jobs jobs and job. That's. Willow says maybe some cheese for that. Interrupted the whole flow just to get some free cheese. You are you are you are the worst. Let's for cinema, Tori. Adversary show. Today's the twenty two thousand eighteen. Happy birthday to smoking. Hot wife. She turns thirty three on November seventeenth and his son Jad, we'll turn to on the six November happy birthday. But I. But I. Kaiser's turning eight and bus, but himself his turning thirty nine congratulate him and Marquette's has happened birthday to smoking hot mill. Barb she celebrated October nineteenth happy birthday from everybody. Here's the best podcast that universe. Now, we have. I'm remiss. One of our artists Ryan is like having his birthday. Which which Ryan good one? Remembers last name. Me. And I can't remember his name. I just sent a note to him about his birthday. Why don't you look it up? And then I'll do the get the ninety started. 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And of course, the mutton and Mead that is all available for you at the roundtable. If you go to no agenda nation dot com slash rings, Eric she'll we'll take your girth measurements. And we'll get the ring. You're sealing wax ticket out too soon as possible, and please tweet something out. So everybody can see how proud you are. And how proud all of us are have you becoming a night or a day of the no agenda roundtable. Here's the changes surf on hit some bourbon become surp- pasts nights of Sun City as her Bruce becomes a Baronet, and Sir John of London also achieving Baronet status today. Congratulations, all of you. And for your support of the no agenda show. Did you figure out the Ryan's idiot? It's not Ryan anything Mike Riley whenever top guys did that bone saw. Yes. Mike Riley, forty three. Yeah. feB birthday Mike on is. It gonna be like either. I think it was Monday. Okay. We're good. This more personalized this way. Guess there was. Steve, Steve, Tim Collins. From apple Tom cook. He was in in Brussels on a very stupid day. Actually, he was there to talk about privacy and the inker net and privacy and privacy. And it was a very stupid day for him to be there. Because all of the, you know, they have the the European parliament in Brussels, and they have the other one in Strasbourg, right moving back and forth. Right. So he went to Brussels while everybody was voting in Strasbourg someone needs to get fired. Jerry. What does a system did really stupid? I pulled a Cleveland. He's talked to an empty hall. There was probably about three hundred people there if that no less I say, maybe one hundred fifty it was very pathetic. His message was clear, and I liked what he said. And it sounds like a man who was very frustrated with what is being done with his product as well. He had some good zingers in there. I clipped about two minutes, but I'd like to share desire to put profits over privacy is nothing new. It's four back is eighteen nine Gogol court Justice Louis Brandeis published an article in the Harvard law review making the case for a right to privacy in the United States. He warned gossip is no longer the resources of the idol of the vicious, but has become a trade today that. Trade has exploded into a data industrial complex our own information from the everyday to the deeply personal it's being weaponized against us with military efficiency every day, billions of dollars change hands. In countless decisions are made on the basis of our likes and dislikes, our friends and families are relationships in conversations, our wishes in fears, our hopes and dreams reps data each one harmless enough on its own are carefully assembled synthesized traded and sold taken to its extreme this process creates an enduring digital profile, and let's companies. No, you better. Than you may know yourself your profile is run through L rhythms that served up increasingly extreme content pounding our harmless preferences pounding into hardened convictions. Your comes green is your favorite color. You make fine yourself reading a lot of articles or watching a lot of Ideo 's about the insidious threat from people who like orange in the news almost every day bear witness to the harmful even Gatley effects of these narrowed worldview, we shouldn't sugar coat the consequences. This is surveillance and these piles of personal data serve only to enrich the companies that collect them. Now, I need to mention that was twice as long I cut out every pause that. He puts in his speech. This guy needs a kick in the pants. Stop talk king like this. Pouring edit it out like that sounds very free flowing in professional must be twenty edits just chopping out. Silence everywhere. So of course, he is advocating for what I've been saying long time if you need to go and the main thing you can do to save yourself from this tracking is remove location based tracking from your life. And I'm not talking about the cell company being able to track. My little sorry Nokia e seventy one because of course, they can do that. But everything else inside your phone, which is what he's so he sees the writing on the wall like people are going to start giving this up we see more and more of these hates weekend thing take this phone just as text and he's seeing his product being abused. But of course, it's meant to be abused. That's what it is. He's got. Abusive product with his mobile devices, and I do like the data industrial complex. Although I think data is the new bacon is better. But it's a little scarier that way and just to fold into a quick OT g a couple headlines. Amazon's alexa. Has they filed a patent and the patents specifically states that the Alexa spite of ice in your house. If it hears you coughing or sniffling, it may be able to sell you some ads for what is ailing you. They filed a patent for that. I guess that was necessary. This was a pretty interesting story about this. And I've seen this. This was actually HEB, and I looked I remember looking at once I need to pick up with the monitor and the teen, and I moved into gather, and we didn't have one for some reason. I don't know thermometer amongst us. So there's the this connected thermometer. Turns out the connected the monitor was licensing information. This is Kinza is the name of the the connected, the or company to pharmaceutical companies with zip codes and temperatures that people had around the country. So that they could target their advertising by oh looks like we. I'm wondering why anyone anyone would buy connected thermometer because you get an app with it. And then they think oh, it's great. I can track the progress of my fever. I don't know people idiots. So you get that. But in the meantime, the app itself is just back during stuff to pharmaceuticals to sell you stuff and target you with ads. Now turns out this is a great one General Motors. According to the Detroit Free Press, they're radio tracking program, monitor the listening habits of ninety thousand drivers in Los Angeles in Chicago for three months in late twenty seventeen GM captured detail such a station selection volume level, zip codes of vehicle owners use the cars built in wifi signal to upload the data to it. Servers. This is insane. And they're stilling that sell the dated a Nielsen or they're selling it to to the radio networks themselves. Oh. Let's see what else do they have a couple of other stories. Also, I don't have it, of course, have an app phone but the new Google news for Android is going wild on data. People are seeing up to twenty one gigs of data transferred from the Google news app. Who knows what it's doing? This is not good. This is all bad stuff. It's great. Advertising. That's custom-made from me. I ne-. I would like I liked the idea that I get this relevant relevant. Relevant relevant. So our Candan avian brothers and sisters just got a raw deal up there of north as there were four provinces who voted against a carbon, tax course. Why would you wanna why did you want to be taxed for something that comes out of your although mention that the wash the state ballot? There's a carbon tax initiative on there. And according to Mimi who's involved in the politics all four it barely the argument of the old ladies as well. Yeah. It's not that great. But at least it's something. So so they've done something through dough is done something, very interesting. And I'm sure we'll get lots of notes canyon producers these four major provinces said, no, we're not going to do carbon tax so Trudeau just created a federal carbon tax, but he's trying to sell it. Well, listen to how he's trying to sell it. Toronto today. Prime minister Justin Trudeau laid out the details of his government's. Carbon tax plan including rebates as he tries to sell Canadians on the need to pay for pollution without breaking the Bank. We'll take you to shop away way. Notice the use of pollution pollution pollution story for us. So Michelle, tell us a little bit more about the plan any weight how much money he's talking about in terms of giving back to Canadians April that is when this plan comes into effect for large polluters as well as you. When you go to fill up, your your gas tank, or when you turn on the heat, it's going to cost Canadians more, but the federal government is coming up with a plan to make sure that you get most if not all or more of the money back. We're talking about rebates from two hundred and fifty nine dollars all the way up to six hundred and nine dollars per year. And those numbers balloon is we go down the road to twenty twenty two that's because the cost on carbon the price on carbon will be going from twenty. Up to fifty dollars a tonne Justin Trudeau says listen, this is the only way by the way. That's fifty Canadian dollars the price of carbon. We've known for a long time. It has been paid by the globalist at fifty US dollars. So to say you're going to raise it to fifty Canadian dollars. It's got to be a little higher than that up to fifty dollars. A tonne Justin Trudeau says listen, this is the only way that that Canada will reduce its its carbon footprint left use. It's a missions. And he says that he's helping Canadians just to the new norm by giving them the money back. It's completely Diatta. He's saying we're gonna have a carbon tax and it'll be on all fossil fuels. And so that will be at the gas pump, and your electric city is all going to be taxed, but we're going to give you a credit back based on what we think that increase will be in. He's positioning it as don't worry. You just get the money back. And then somehow that's going to reduce climate change. This is insane. The Canadians must be thinking schedule an idiot. This should be a revolution about this revolt vote idiot out of office. Oh my goodness. He's like a twelve year old running the place people bitch about Trump. I got a cool little operation. Which is you're talking about this. I do have a thing here. This is kind of interesting. This. I believe I I I heard that's interesting apparently lex is the best car you can buy everyone knows that. But the way they present this. This fact, consumer reports thing on CBS, I think that CBS is pulling out native ads on us in ways that are that I have not been able to pick up on ABC's real easy. Is this always at the same time of this show is right there, and it's pretty sounds like a native. It looks like a native ad actually I had to pull it out. Just as kind of a joke clip. And then I listened to it. We this is a native ad, and I wasn't catching it. I think CBS is doing native advertising on their news hour with Jeff glor- more than we think Jonathan Lynn cove tests cores for a living. He's in the driver's seat for consumer reports determining which automakers are the most reliable, and how critical is reliability when it comes to an auto makers long-term success or model success reliability is is the key thing. That's keep a customer coming back. Consumer reports, and you will reliability survey collected data on everything from the engine and transmission to the doors and electron x twenty nine automakers were ranked and US companies didn't farewell Ford was the top American brand at number eighteen Asian manufacturers did the best Toyota came in second and. Texas, which is owned by Toyota took the number one spot. We took a spin in a Lexus Rx three fifty consistently Toyota and Lexus have been our top two brands and our brand report card problems with infotainment systems. Tripped up other auto makers, including Volvo which landed at the bottom of the list, there large infotainment system has caused problems. It's crashed. It's hung Matata reset on owners. Tesla dropped six spots to twenty seven this year. If you look at the gee whiz factor. It's got what they okay linn cove had problems getting the wing doors to open on the model X SUV which scored poorly. That's big problem that we've seen the not always working, they're not latching. They're not opening up. All the way cove says reliability is just one consideration when purchasing a new car performance and price should also factor into the final decision. Kenneth Craig CBS, news, Colchester, Connecticut. So let me try and deconstruct it the way the ad by goes is consumer reports which is a non commercial entity is they do a report they have the car up in the position that the Lexus wants it. And then they buy the CBS analysis of the report. You think you think it's way because I would think it's the it's different. Okay. I would think that the CBS sales guys and this deal it could be by the way where Brown shoes. Brown shoes. Don't make it Brown show. Sales guys always Brown shoes. Get Brown should sales guy. He's got consume because they're always having these meetings. I know people that are professional high end sales people, and they're always having these meetings. They were how are we gonna yucca? We leveraged this into that. How can we get these guys on board for big by? And I would think it'd go this way, I could be wrong. But because of any number where she could happen. You got to look at the consumer report thing has got Lexus into us the same company. Can we sell them? We're not gonna do a story on this. Are we Jeff know who's going to do a story on that stupid? Okay. Let's go. Let's go to Lexus and see if we can sell that. We'll do a story highlighting the consumer reports article, and we'll mention them like a lot. It's similar. Yeah. I think that would be the way to sell it. Toyota's very aggressive advertising. And they say, yes, great. Can you also mentioned that Volvos like the lousy is one on this list? And that then that because the two cars they by the way, tesla specifically STAN slammed was not just any old tesla. It was the tesla SUV and Volvo they slammed was a Volvo SUV and the car they drove around in was Alexis SUV. Yeah. And you're surprised. No. Not surprised. I'm surprised they haven't caught this earlier doing this constantly. Hey, I haven't caught something that just want to have a couple of funny hate Trump clips just to end. On a high note. We've been looking at the Congo DR DRC Democratic Republic of Congo. What is going on there? Why why? Or why are people being sent there? Why do have all kinds of stuff going on for some reason? I follow tanker trackers dot com. Where's our hick economic hit men? Well, check this out. So tanker truck I got into this. When I got into AP are s and, you know, the the ham radio beacon ING systems, although APR is for much more than beginning. So you the AIDS, and you can track ships tanker trackers dot com posted this one of the post this. Earlier this month. So here it is a I eight hundred fifty thousand barrels of crude oil arrived in Ashkelon, that's Israel this morning from Gino Congo. We have never seen Congo as a source of oil for Israel before. But we have seen a couple of shipments. Come in from west Africa during the summer how about that. Eight hundred fifty thousand barrels is a good start. Good medium sized tanker. So they're taking that from an Israel's buying this. Congo's landlocked if I'm not mistaken. How are they getting it to the to the port taking it down or this picture here? Actually, take it down to. No, that's not true that they have to go to Gaborone. Was it can't see it here. From the west coast. And they go all the way around the top Africa through the straits of Gibraltar through the Mediterranean to get to Israel circumventing. Of course, the Djibouti this the Aden Gulf, and we're all that crap is going down. So they are they're going. So there is just a probably less dangerous route for them. I don't know about pirates. But they're yeah. They're taking it right through. Right off the southwest coast. And they're going all the way around the top. I didn't know so Congo's oil producer apparently. Look into this. I brought it up as a as a mentioned as hey, this is where we need to. Yes. And we both their send lots of people there to help with. I know the transport of the oil to the coast knows to get it out of their referred the oil catches Mola. All right. Couple media clips to hate Trump. This was a story new store you heard about when it comes to exit hoops, not that one Florida man is facing federal charges accused of groping a woman on a flight to Albuquerque as he was being arrested. He had something interesting to say about the president is there. Rachel nap is live in the news plex, the story, Kim, an FBI agent says birth Alexander was sitting in the back of his police car. He told them quote, the president of the United States says it's okay to grab women by their private parts. That was a great news story sounds totally legit here. We have the Lear Hollywood foundation at work in the supergirl television show. This is for children and let me see season three. I believe you are in season three. This is so super girl. And this is the in the in the cartoon, this is the spokesperson for the president of the United States of America. And the president is a woman, and here's what the spokesperson. So these Sarah Huckabee Sanders of the future in supergirl world when the president is female. Okay. Carl climate change is real. Yes. Carl as a matter of fact, she does she also believes the Tuplice two equals four and that the earth is round because the president is not a moron. Any third grader knows that global warming is the biggest threat of our time. And I'm happy to report the intellectual capacity of our president is not inferior to that an eight year old next question. It's reverse. It's a great way to program the children. That is disgusting. Fantastic. I'll give you today for that one. And I have to say when I heard it, and I didn't find it myself. One of our producers did I said it's a candidate. Thank you very much. Producer found that that is a piece of crap I've ever heard a propagandistic. It makes my analysis of Daime Goodman. Look like lifeway played again, just and we can revel in it. Okay. Carl horse believe climate change is real. Yes. Yes. Carl as a matter of fact, she does she also believes that two plus two equals four and that the earth is round because the president is not a moron. Any third grader knows the global warming is the biggest threat of our time. And I'm happy to report the intellectual capacity of our president is not inferior to that eight year old next. You will obey man. I love that. Then. Although I am not pulling the clip that everyone's showed Rosie O'Donnell was on MSNBC on the hate fest with Nicole Wallace. And I pulled two clips just to let you know where her head's at. And you have to understand that in this interview, she was very affected by the election of President Trump. He couldn't God in public for. She says she got physically ill. She puked when he became president. He couldn't go out in the public for over a year. Now, she's marrying a thirty two year old woman who looks like an Instagram wife ever seen one, but she's still. Filled with a lot of hate and misinformation not only thought that it was strategically smart to go after the adult film star stormy Daniels such visceral way, he workshop the insult prior to tweeting it well before Trump mocked Daniels, physical appearance, he trial ballooned, the horseface dig privately White House aides close friends acquaintances one source close to Trump even recalled him saying in passing that bleeping horseface Steve rose eighteen or still here by read these things and I'm shocked, but I'm guessing you are not not shot. No, he'll do anything and everything to get what he wants and women are of no value to him and his life a world. The only one who is I think is his daughter. That's it. The rest of women in the world are useless as the immigrants that he says are coming from, you know, Honduras to take us in caravans watch caravan that people walking away from certain death in third world countries. Right. Right, right. The man doesn't care at all. So what he did to stormy Daniels was. Ethic. What he did to me was horrific. But I expected when that was happening. The national organization of women are something would come out and say, you can't do this. You're not just allowed to pick a woman light and the baser with impunity. But he is he is he gets laughs Lord. And it's it's like a bad stand up. Well, she's right about that about the stand up comedy. But do we have them in the rotation? He hates women. I didn't know you hated women. I don't think it's a rotation. I don't think now she makes no misogynist is hating women rotation. Yes. It is by definition misogynists women. This is okay. This is something another social she makes which I found interesting. Because this question does around around questions of race. We talked about this after Charlottesville that now the K K K you've talked about this the KKK members don't work sheets over their face. The Trump effect. I just wanna understand what Nicole Wallace is saying here. She's saying that Trump is so racist. He such a white nationalist, the Trump effect has now brought it to this moment in time where Ku Klux Klan members fuel so emboldened. They're not wearing the sheets anymore. This is a this is very interesting because we KKK members were easy to identify. You could see the guiding light of the burning cross, and they were all there in their white hoods in their sheets. Now, she's saying the clan exists, and they're everywhere. You can't see him because they've been emboldened by the Trump effect not wearing the sheets anymore. I get it. This is running. As a concept the KKK you've talked about this the KKK members don't where she's over their face. Out of the closet with their misogyny. They're out of the closet with their racist. Nice that she saying out of the closet in front of Rosie. Do you see that that is potentially the most corrosive impact? Yes, I think it's really true. I was in the street the other day some guy saw me with my new air goes. Hey, you you look like at dyke must have been a K K K member. To my jas. The same thing the coarsening of the beige in my whole career is trashed you behind your back. Say something to face the culture. Now that this is what's happened. Yes. And that's the online Twitter culture. You're right. She's right about that. People would never say that to your face. Although I. And was I got to do with Trump nothing. It's the Trump effect is the Trump effect people have no scruples. They're mean, they're rude. They say horrible things to your face. Whereas Rosie O'Donnell who I helped with her career as she auditioned for VH one to doing rascals in New Jersey, the com- rascals comedy club. That was the level of where she was not too bad. By the way, rascals wasn't on the on the national stage in Steve leads had brought her in and did a new I I did a segment with her and that was part of her audition. And then I went to rascals to see your stand up and she slammed me. Oh, Adam Curry's here. The guy was Mattel stamped on his ass. Supposed to mean. T- felt I looked like a Malibu, Ken or something. I don't know. But I should do that for you. You said that that was the day I stopped liking her bag do sham, but it does bring me to my final clip. Remember, I was saying that it seems like language like people are saying things more like they're, you know, sh. The thing that really guiding into television with shit whole nation, and that's still repeated. But there's a lot of fuck going on, you know, Robert deniro fuck this Trump, Kathy Griffin. Fuck Trump mugs. Everyone's if everything like that. Podcasting influence. No, I think it's a barrier that people have broken through. And we. Back in Berkeley in the olden days during the free speech movement near it's near its as it was waning. And we're going to things it was a moment that was called the filthy speech movement old timers remember that I never heard of this. No, yeah. It's not it's not as well documented. But I think you can find articles about it. And it was free speech was FSM. And so you use the same signing, it was omitted method of conserving resources still use F S M signing for the filthy speech movement, and it consisted of a lot of public cursing. It was we don't need to be told what to say or how to say that. I think that's really the moment where they were using the, you know, saying fuck or anything pretty much. We're just. Sounding an educated became a thing of the educated class, the the elites the liberals Ayla became there will be came a potty mouth really as it were. Yeah. Yeah. We went on for about three or four years until kind of died off to well. It's filthy speech movement. You can check I will look that up. It's well, it's creeping into our advertising, I've cut this down. This was this was a a minute and a half, KOMO ninety and ninety second commercial. And this is from the I'm sure the egg council has something to do with it. This is just listen to it. And the bleeps are in the commercial when it comes to eggs. There's a whole lot of cluck in the doesn't really mean much of anything other farms boast about being cage free. Well, here are Custer raised eggs are full very how do we keep the? It's simple. We gave our Hinson space. Their race it actual pasture in the sunshine here vital farms. We care that our hands get to be hands and do hinder like whatever that is and leg nutritious eggs that are naturally free. But you don't have to take my word for it cage free. I've been eating up that beers bid that will my left one's public vital farms recipes are more popular than ever. Restaurants are vital farms. It makes the hands happy and make my girls. Happy because burst is too short for book. Right. Alison. Seri- shifts have been used vodka farms eggs for us reality of cage free is. Pardon? My French Audrey, y'all know what that means? But I know a lot about pasteurized gives hints space ten sunshine. Unlike free. Because when you crack into a bottle. We want you to be absolutely confident that what you're eating is one hundred percent both. How can this be? It's not like we don't know what they're saying. I think is tasteless add probably their eggs are tasteless through to be honest. You're probably. Oh, bullshit eggs. Exactly. All right. Well, I'd like to wrap up this eleventh anniversary episode if you if you wanna play us out with something I give you good. I don't know. I for eleven years. I've never listened to your clips when you sent them in hear them on the show. I have no idea. Feinstein. Oh, well, yeah. Let's play this. This is for nineteen Ninety-four diet. This is going around the net right now. Okay. As I'm sure this is Dianne Feinstein going on and on about border enforcement concentrate on saying the people who should be here are those who come legally at this time. And we've got to for the time being enforce our borders day when America the welfare system for Mexico is gone. We simply can't afford it. And I think you've seen the figures to state and local governments of what the cost is over two billion dollars. I think we should enforce our borders to have a situation where forty percent of the babies born on Medicaid in California today are born of illegal immigrants creates a very real problem for the state, which is in deficit the border finish agree. Seventeen percent of our prison population at a cost of three hundred million a year, the illegal immigrants who come here and commit felonies. That's not what this nation. Let's very simple. They've been enforced our border. My how their tune changes when the color orange comes into play. Orange, man. Bad orange, man bad. John congratulations with eleven years. Congratulations. Hang in there for eleven years too. I remember show one hundred. This on the Erica show. Ready to quit your but it wasn't because you were sick of your ready to 'cause you thought we had a good run. It's been a good run, John. Let's quit while we're a head. I just shuttering to think about what might have become of me if we had stopped. It not not not a pretty sight. In advance. I will thank Tom stark. Whether Dave Kurbanov. For. I think we have secret agent be star stark whether in the chat room. No, I don't think. So you can Email them coming from downtown Austin Texas couple of star state region. Six on governmental maps boiling water in the five by nine Cudi on the common law condo in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam curry from northern Silicon Valley where I'm not wearing black face. And I never will. I'm divorced return on Sunday for episode ten eighty one into our Levin year. Remember dot org slash NASA until Sunday audio smoke. Into agenda. They give shows we get we donate to. No. It's the show this rarely you donate to know. The John spe- Onate to know. Science is turn to Clea. Living living Lebanese. Living. Living. Eleven. Eleven. Any limits? That'd be led. Lead. It's a mess. It's complete utter mess. I get the biggest kick out of these Brits. Oh my God. We're gonna have to do our own trade deals finance. This is the great British empire. Ruling the world from sunset to sunrise. Now, they're they're freaked out because he can't do a simple deal. Nuts. Bolts somebody jammed do the United States Cadbury's? Now, there is this may be the last time, maybe you'll be one more year where we have daylight saving time in the European Union as there's now serious discussion in the European Union parliament to each of the twenty eight Member States, which is known as countries. But now that Member States to decide their own time. Mind boggling. Give you guys a lot of free too. Either. Let's make them think they're really in control of something by letting them decide whether they moved their clock or not or this is the death. Knell chaos is coming. Kill the sort of thing. They want the European Union to standardize. How many feathers should be pillow? Exactly. But no, we're going to give you guys power. Here you go. Here you go Member States determine your own time slaves. Yeah. It's an insult. Nobody seeing this. No positive. I'll crate we all yet. This is the way in the EU should work. We have sovereignty own clocks. This. There's no other way to see it. Right. Befuddling? Mike. Lots. Podcast the best ever done. No agenda. In this. Sure. Yes. Don't take anything too seriously. Life data is the new bacon. There is no agenda. Certain argue about what you believe you here in the morning. Dogs some people to. Is this? Tripping a lot. Trying to get some money. Trumbull material. Again. John. Jobs. Ants stance. Into the glow over. Morning. Moepo? Dot org slash. Stop the ham rain.

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