Governments work on recovery plans as societies open up following coronavirus lockdowns


As we start to think about our post pandemic future some say it's time for bold action time to think about a greener global economy. Europe is in a unique position to be able to invest in a collective recovery and a common future as places. Start TO UP IN DIGITS GROUP OFF. The coast of British Columbia is not ready to let visitors return at one time. Population was in the thousands. Now the native community is only about five hundred. People CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE. Anybody narrowly Ethan. Us here is just not get the virus on island. I'm Marco Werman also today discovering a long lost film in Spain Nas. I must keep one this yoga. My Orca from the Early Nineteen Thirties. The first film directed by a woman in Spanish history stories and more today on the world. I'm Marco Werman your with the world. It's good to have you here. Washington is far from alone governments everywhere trying to figure out how to put together a recovery plan to get past the economic blow from this pandemic the European Union. Today move forward on. Its plan in one sense it's similar to Washington's approach the price tag is enormous the EU is proposing eight hundred twenty five billion dollars worth of new spending. If that amount is approved it would add up to two trillion dollars in recovery money for Europe the US is also dealing in the trillions. When IT COMES TO RECOVERY. But there's a big difference. As a trump administration has moved to help save oil companies and dump more environmental regulations the EU is making a greener future the priority in its post pandemic recovery plans. The world's Caroline Bieler starts US off today. The European Commission is calling. Its new recovery package next generation. Eu Commission President Ursula fonder. Lyons said the pandemic provides an opportunity to Rian vision. The future I want us to take new bolt step together. Europe is in a unique position to be able to invest in a collective recovery and a common future reversing. The Post pandemic economic crisis will require solidarity. She said while announcing the plan I didn't EU meeting in Brussels. And while we are doing this we need to press fast forward towards the green a digital and resilient future because this is the future of Europe's next generation the E. U. Budget is required to dedicate a quarter of its funds to climate-friendly projects and the recovery package is no exception. It also earmarks. Thirty billion euros to aid the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and it includes a do no harm clause. That would rule out spending on fossil fuels other. Spending details are scarce but Finnish Environment Minister Christa me. Conan is satisfied. That green development is a priority. I'm very happy. It's still very strongly. The recovery package promises a wave of energy efficient renovations investments in hydrogen energy and installation of a million electric vehicle charging stations across Europe. That'S SUPPOSED TO BE NEAT. When we are solving one crisis. We need to solve the crisis at the same time to crisis with the climate change on Oakland Sampson Joel Jaeger. From the nonprofit World Resources Institute has been tracking pandemic recovery packages around the world and says this is the most ambitious when it comes to climate change the EU investments that are proposed for green measures are really an order of magnitude larger than what any other countries have been doing so far Indonesia. He says it's planning a solar energy subsidy program as part of its recovery plan. South Korea's increased its renewable energy subsidy for Rooftop Solar Denmark has invested more than four billion green renovations to social housing. But really none of them are nearly as large as this proposed package. Minella Duffaut is head of the Brussels Office of the European environment. Think-tank three G. She says the priority placed on energy efficient. Renovations is a textbook example of stimulus project. That's good both for the environment and for citizens who struggle to pay for and electricity. It's an investment in infrastructure in in making Europe millions. But he's also has very strong social component. The recovery plan has to be approved by all twenty seven member states of the EU. And that is likely to be a slog. The cove nineteen crisis has divided Europe along familiar lines so then European countries like Italy and Spain have been especially hard hit by the pandemic and the resulting economic fallout well. Some of the Northern European countries that have fared better are already protesting the price tag of the recovery. The so-called Frugal Four Austria the Netherlands Denmark and Sweden are among them and this worries esther. Delong a representative of the Netherlands. Who spoke at the meeting? Today if you propose making this a matter of twenty three against four we won't succeed. You will push those four countries in the arms of the extreme right. If you say let's do this without unanimity menam defoe of the environmental think-tank expects some very heated debates. The negotiations that will follow will a true tests. Not on your European unity but also on the European European commitments to climate neutrality. Expect those negotiations to last awhile. Leaders will start hashing out the recovery package at summit in June and they don't expect this stream of recovery funds to start flowing until the beginning of next year for the world. I'm Caroline Bieler. Iran is holding a number of foreigners in detention. And the government. They're sending mixed signals about what comes next for those detainees. There's been some talk of a mass release but at the same time. Iran's courts have been handing down convictions and long sentences. It's not known exactly how many Westerners are detained in Iran. Many families prefer not to publicize their cases. But it's probably a few dozen sixty-six-year-old anew shea assures among them. A story is British Iranian retired engineer. He's been in jail in Tehran for three years of a ten year sentence on spying charges. I spoke today with his wife. Sherry is Ati in London about how he's coping right now physically. He has adopted. I mean initially. He wasn't doing very well during the first year when he was He was in solitary confinement for a long time on he was under interrogation for up to ten or twelve hours a day for several months He went on a hunger strike and he had a couple of suicide attempts but I mean fortunately he's put all that behind and I think he's now focused on keeping mentally and physically Fit enough to survive this onto. Come out where does Your husband's case Dan currently oh he's been He was he's been convicted on his appeal was rejected so at the moment is sentences family in place on although than a an agreement being reached between the British government and Iranian government over. The state of these detainees. We don't have any legal recourses left to Australia. We're hearing perhaps encouraging news that Iran is perhaps looking for ways to release these prisoners. What you follow the signals regarding possible releases and exchanges. What are you hearing well? I mean with the outbreak of Covid nineteen in Iran. That was a lot of hope that because of Iran's need full for foreign aid and the requested actually made to the IMF fall for a five billion dollar loan. We thought that this would be a very good window of opportunity for European states for the UK or for America to actually come to some sort of deal with their own to get these Prisoners out but it seems honestly. It seems to have been wasted completely. I mean initially. We were very positive but as as time goes by we haven't seen any benefits to us or any practical outcomes so on at this moment I'm not particularly optimistic. Is it possible? Iran is looking for a deal. It's quite possible. I mean Iran has a a US sent many open signals to the West. That it is ready to you. Know to exchange these prisoners With each different country. I suppose it depends on what that particular country needs. I mean the far Minnesota if he's made repeated overtures to the United States that you know. Iran is ready to exchange American prisoners with Iranian prisoners. I mean his mentioned it openly on the meat on media but with European governments it slightly different I suppose. With some countries it is looking for prisoner. Exchange with others way believe Particularly the British government. We believe that Iran is looking for the payment of a very old debt that the UK government has to Iran. Which is I think about. Four hundred and fifty million pounds now so it's six hundred million dollars. Yes we think this is what Iran is seeking at the moment. Iran has proven prime. And again that they always. They always want something. In return for these detainees. So when might your husband on who should be released if there is no deal honestly I mean he? He's he's sentence is ten years if no deal is reached will looking at him spending another seven years in there but honestly that prospect is so terrifying that we none facia not not none of us. None of our family has ever actually thought about it. I mean if I if every day I think that he's going to spend another seven years in there and come out eight seventy three year old man. I think it will be enough everyone of nervous breakdown and Sherri how. How are you faring? Through all of this eight some I mean. We tried to as a family. We try to keep strong for my husband. Sake I I mean we I. I think he's got enough. You know emotional distress there that I we don't want to add to it by appearing that we're suffering or anything so we always trying to put on a brave front for him but obviously it. You know it's it's taken its toll on our family. It's it's not easy. It's not easy to see. Your family member imprisoned finot reason whatsoever. He he's a very kind decent man and and when you see someone like that soffer for something that he's you know his completely innocent off. It's it's very. It's it erode you away in a way you know it's It's it's it's extremely hard. Sherry is a husband unashamed. Suri has been in an Iranian jail on spying charges for three years Sherri. Thank you very much for speaking with us. Take Care Thank you. Thank you for having me on your program. If you've got to be in quarantine might as well be in luxury. A Sixteenth Century Castle in Germany with its own moat and surrounding forest for example. The reinsberg palace is where members of a Bolivia N- Orchestra were first stranded. Two months ago the Orchestra Experiment Dow Day. Instrumentals not does the Experimental Orchestra of native instruments arrived in Germany on March tenth to perform at the merits music festival nearby Berlin. That performance never happened Germany. Shut DOWN ITS BORDERS. The same day in the twenty five members of the orchestra were forced into quarantine. The festival organizers managed to let the Bolivian. Stay on the castle grounds during the week. The Orchestra Practices at other times. They explore the woods of Reinsberg Palace. Carlos Gutierrez is the Orchestra's director and he spoke to the CBC. We are close by the costal that we don't live into custody from window have the lake and the woods. And that's great because we can go all of course not more than two people we can have a look the Bolivian Orchestra has some neighbors on the estate. At least twenty three wolf packs. Make their home there. Some of the girls from the orchestra they sold like three. That's also pass to the course. It was shocking encounter interesting experience. Then there's Frederick the great or rather his ghost who's rumored to walk the halls of his former home despite the possible haunting group is doing well but could gyro says he doesn't know when they'll be able to return to Bolivia. We are missing our fabulous year. That's for sure. Even though we have the privilege we're GonNa Steal Making Music But of course we are very worried about what is happening in. Bolivia has also been impacted by the coronavirus. At least two hundred fifty deaths the Bolivian Embassy tells the BBC it's trying to get the orchestra on a flight at Madrid in early June. You're listening to the world. I'm Marco Werman your with the world mobile phone APPS may hold a promise in the fight against the pandemic they can help public. Health officials warn people if they've been exposed to covid nineteen. Some countries are trying to get a contact tracing APP on everyone's phone but not all APPS the same Tate Ryan Moseley as part of a team at MIT technology. Review that compares APPs for more than two dozen countries around the globe. Take thanks for being with us. gives a quick reminder. If you would of the technology used how smartphone can actually help with contact tracing. Yeah sure so. We'RE SEEING MOBILE. Apps using two main different types of technologies of GPS. And so your your location on your phone and then Bluetooth Bluetooth signals. If you have a phone with this Bluetooth APP abled and in the same room. As you has a phone with Bluetooth enabled that those Bluetooth signals would actually speak to each other and then each app logs the encounter with that other Bluetooth signal and is it generally more reliable than calling people up in essentially interviewing them and relying on their memory of who they've been in contact with. We don't know yet. The methods are very very different. And it's not necessarily clear whether digital contact tracing is actually meant to replace manual contact. Tracing were beginning to see that in some of these countries that are doing this well they really do work hand in hand so the digital contact tracing is enhancing what the manual contactors are doing. But yeah there's just no evidence to say that it's more effective or less effective. Your database compares the APPS and you're asking specific questions about the data they collect and who the data is shared with. How the data might be used or misused in the future. Can you give us an example of one country's at that your team gets high marks to and why? Yeah Singapore's APP called trace together. It was a very early APPs. I think it was released on March twentieth and it was the first Bluetooth system that came online. That was really privacy. Preserving basically all of the data is stored on individual phones and the Ministry of Health only collects then gathers that data at the point that someone a is confirmed to have in nineteen and then be consents to the scraping of that data. The data's anonymous it's encrypted it doesn't reveal the identity of that person or the other person that might have been exposed and it's deleted automatically after twenty one days so that was kind of the first gold standard we. We saw come online so at least. Singapore is kind of addressing the privacy issue with a trace together their program. What is an example of an APP that does not meet your team standards? I would say the most obvious one. That's getting a lot of press right now is Qatar so Qatar APP first of all to mandatory so everybody needs to download this APP or you will be fined or pressed with criminal charges. The APP actually request permission to use the camera and access to the photos on the phone which they say is quote a system requirement which is just completely unnecessary when it comes to effective digital contact tracing. That's interesting so you. Countries have privacy built into their laws. How do European apps manage to meet privacy standards and right now still be rigorous about tracing the spread of disease basically what we've seen with the EU is a series of conversations about how privacy preserving the APPS need to be and how rigorous the privacy preserving nature of these APP should be all of these countries that wanted to go out on their own are being forced into the standards set forth by Google and apple and Google and apple standards are understood to be more privacy and data preserving but just the soft power that they're showing alone has been really really interesting? So what chance you see of. Us putting out a national contact. Tracing APP is that even being talked about or is it in development. Yes so I think in the US. We probably won't see a national contact tracing APP. I think what we will see is. Individuals States bringing government-sponsored APPs on board. My guess is that most of those will leverage this Google and Apple Infrastructure Tate Ryan. Moseley is part of a team at MIT technology. Review that compares contact tracing APPs more than two dozen countries around the globe. Take thanks very much for being with us. Thanks so much for having me read more about contact tracing and find a link to MIT's tracker at the World Dot Org for years people have been asking for it and yesterday. Twitter responded for the first time ever they issued a fact check on a set of tweets from the president of the United States. The unprecedented move is one of several the social media platforms taken against world leaders in recent weeks. The world's Lydia Amana leaders following the story so in these tweets Lydia president trump claimed with no evidence that mail in voting which more states are doing because of the pandemic mail in voting will lead to voter fraud. So if you look at the tweets now they're flagged and there's a link below directing people to news articles and information about trump's claim. This is a really big deal. Isn't it absolutely So for years and years people criticize twitter for being too hands off for not dealing with false misleading tweets especially once posted by world leaders. Who have a big following so flagging tweets by the leader of the free world is a big deal and it puts twitter in this position that they and other social media companies have tried to avoid and that is acting more like a media company news organization that fact checks things rather than a neutral platform. So what change was twitter doing this now? The short answer is the pandemic before that twitter wasn't doing this kind of fact checking but as you know there's been so much covert nineteen misinformation that they've been forced to drastically change some of their policies including fact checking and labeling misleading tweets. Now a real challenge for them is going to be applying the rule that they applied to trump streets to the tweets of you know all of their three hundred plus million users. That's going to be a challenge. But you know some people say that this and other actions they've against other world leaders is a good first step but clamping down on on some misinformation. Your would about other world leaders in. What are we seeing for awhile now? Twitter's had this rule saying that If a user like me and you regular people post something that Could lead to harm? They take it down but they hadn't been applying that to world leaders they gave them what's known as a newsworthiness exemption and the thinking was if a world leader posts something really outrageous or dangerous that people ought to see that but the pandemic has changed that so for example when Brazilian Presidential Boston Naro and Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura put out tweets encouraging people not to social distance promoting fake cares. Twitter took those down because they could lead to death. Some argue. President trump himself has put out tweets. That ought to be taken down under the same policy but so far. Twitter hasn't taken down any of the US president's tweets. There was Lydia mentally. Thanks very much for this. Thanks out. We're on twitter. We are at the world another way. We can connect start your morning with a quick hit. The stories from around the globe that we're keeping an eye on our team at the world will email it right to your inbox in this morning's newsletter. For example we broke down. Today's commercial space launch and what it means for NASA's dependence on the Russian Space Program. Start the day with our morning. Newsletter top of the world just head to the world dot org slash newsletters again. That's the world one word dot org slash newsletters. I'm Marco Werman pro democracy protests. Were back in the streets of Hong Kong Today. So were police by the afternoon. The police have already arrested more than three hundred people including some students wearing school uniforms. The beginning of what could be a long ten summer in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong? That's still ahead here on the world. I'm Marco Werman your with the world where co production of the BBC World Service W. G. B. H. Boston NPR x with a brief announcement. Today Secretary State. Mike pompeo put in jeopardy billions of dollars of trade with Hong Kong for Heo China's proposed national security law would violate the terms of the one-country-two-systems agreement between Hong Kong and the mainland. In other words. Under that new Security Law Hong Kong would lose its economy and under US law. The territory would lose its special trade and economic status. Pompeii said Beijing is making a disastrous decision by imposing a law that undermines freedoms in Hong Kong and China's own promises to the territory. Meanwhile protesters in the streets of Hong Kong faced off against police firing pepper pellets at them demonstrators are furious National Security Law. They see it as draconian and threatening civil liberties and freedom of speech. Chris. Chung is an independent journalists and native Hong konger demonstration's that broke out across the city today by the afternoon. The police have already arrested more than three hundred people including some students wearing school uniforms. It's the first day when high school students are going back to school and I. It was debriefing process spanner back to the school. There have been reports of some fairly high levels of violence. What did you actually see? What did that look like? Level reports of fires being started but mostly when the police came Run away pretty quickly trying to regroup elsewhere but the police tactic today was a bit different. They don't simply tug at as included protesters. They were everywhere in Hong Kong trying to prevent rope blockade in most of the major areas so the Hong Kong police using a lot more muscle now bringing more force than was seen last summer during the months-long demonstrations. Am I right at the difference in tactics? Say in Central Business Area in Hong Kong. The police when they used pepper pellets. Some people it will affect people passing by. Who had nothing to do this? Or they May run-up students who are seen doing nothing just to prevent any potential for it So this sounds like it's not the outpouring of hundreds of thousands of people that we saw on the streets last summer instead these seem to be much smaller. More spontaneous protests. Do you think this is a new tactic? The million people to March as no longer going to be possible because police disband all these gatherings and governments using the pandemic situation to impose a law saying that any gathering of eight people on the streets of Hong Kong would be illegal so they have to be small-scale scattered mantegna protests Robin organized rally organized marches and with the National Security Law upcoming in Hong Kong protests may be entirely becoming illegal and the national anthem. Low today at the Parliament. Hong Kong simply just a small piece of cake. Petted national skirts. The law right but without massive demonstrations the movement in Hong looks weaker. So is it weaker. And because it's still presents a challenge to Beijing. We have in Hong Kong reached. A point of no return when people have visualized so many elements of the CO police violence or government mismanagement. So the people would never really get the discontent of the happiness. They face last year and I think I would still go on for months if not for years in the form it would take. How much does the coronavirus have to do with the smaller numbers of protesters? Well if the government does not have this ban on. Gatherings protest organizers would be organized marches with millions of people every week if possible but sends. It's no longer legal option. They can't do that and have to find other ways. So how'd you think Beijing is going to proceed with this plan to impose a national security law in Hong Kong? What are the steps? You think it will likely take a may be passed as soon as next month or it could be. Mums could be years depending where the Beijing wants it to be fast or slow. And how do you think Hong Hongkongers are going to react? When that National Security Law passes well. I think the Hong Kong people preparing for this. Since last year the turn for the worst case scenario some will be continue protesting. Some will be trying to migrate overseas. As a lot of people young people young professionals of preparing to sell properties move elsewhere overseas. Hong Kong people also try to lobby foreign governments to put pressure on it so it just put things into a progress fascinate expected but China right now does not really care about natural pressure or protests in Hong Kong. So that it has decided to use the national security law regardless of protests from foreign countries independent journalists. Christiane speaking with us from Hong Kong. Thanks very much Chris you. Lawmakers in Washington have been watching the unrest in Hong Kong today though. The house focused on another troubling situation in China the attack on the human rights of the Muslim minority wieger population. The House voted today and pass the weaker Human Rights Policy Act. It would sanction Chinese officials involved in forced labour camps in the Chinese province of Xinjiang an advocacy group. The World League Congress has praised the bill saying it gives great hope. Rahima Mahmoud is with the world we are Congress. She spoke with us from London. This is a great moment. It's Chris Three because people have been suffering from the AP oppression Communist Party. Yes Chinese Communist Party for the last three years you cannot imagine how we hold spin coping with the situation over people in Xinjiang and also people like myself living in exile. I lost contact with my family since the beginning of two thousand seventeen every day. I hear bad news and I don't know what happened to my family. My sisters my brothers and this is the common situation for all the people I know the world weaker Congress has been supportive of the Human Rights Bill before Congress today for you. What does it actually achieve this bill as I understand can give a green light to sanction those officials who are responsible for the oppression? That is for me. It's the first step I I know. A big part of this is about labor and whether forced unpaid Labor from leaguers in detention camps in Xinjiang is making its way into the supply chains of international companies. What our country's doing to identify that and stop it. I don't know if any country is really doing anything but the NGOs working together tried to stop this full example we have formed a group called against enforced labor. There are about eleven twelve NGOs working together. Rahima as you know. China is facing a lot of international scrutiny. Right now there is Hong Kong. We were just talking about It's also China's handling of the coronavirus pandemic does increase pressure over those issues. Help the weaker. 'cause I do believe every human rights violation against Hongkongers against Chinese people against anyone should be condemned. I believe the international pressure on China about Hong Kong. And also this coronavirus. It actually do help lower over the Chinese government is enemy of all the freedom loving people whether they are Chinese that Tibetans Hong Kong Taiwanese on a. We do hope that the oldest precious sanctions can change the ET. Toute of this very ignorant regime. Rahima the oppression of the weaker minority and China's been going on for years. A CONGRESSIONAL. Bill is encouraging. What else do you think needs to happen right now? I believe the second act that we will full slate prevention. I really hope that can be passed soon because That is another act that can have some meaningful impact for example that can penalize companies and institutions that have roles in the suppression on the best way to bring Prussia about this will hit China's economic prosperity. I believe this is another act. That should be passed very soon. Rahima Moosa Human Rights Activists From the world. We're Congress. She's been speaking with us from London. Thank you very much. Thank you for having made. The transition from emergency lockdown mode into some kind of new normal can be awkward. Some people in remote areas WANNA remain quarantine for their safety. That's the case in many indigenous communities across the globe. Here's what the world's Rupa. Shenoy found out about a few of those communities in northwest Canada off the coast of British Columbia north of Vancouver. There's a collection of rocky islands covered with Mossy rainforest. It's called High Tech Y for the people who live there. The Haida nation their economy relies on tourism and they usually welcome thousands of visitors drawn to world class fishing and hunting but this year's different hundreds of people on Heidelberg why protest and chant as a BC ferry vessel arrives increase. People on Haida wire making news for their efforts to keep people out. Good Morning Chambers Bill. Yvonne Bitch is chief councillor of the skit band one of the two bands that make up the height of nation. He says there's been no violence at these rallies. Just some unpleasant trees exchanged people showing up. You're just coming and going will Uganda. Which says their frustration is impart rooted in history. The height of people once numbered in the tens of thousands but in the early nineteen hundreds. They lost ninety percent to smallpox and other diseases brought by Europeans. Now they number about five hundred. We can't afford to lose anybody early Ethan. Here's just not to get this virus on island in April. A ferry worker staying on one of the islands disclosed had a roommate on the mainland who had tested positive for Kobe. Nineteen Community Guy. He wasn't doing what he should have been doing. I think it was telling him health officials he was vice lady but other people in the communities have seen and witnessed other interaction that it shouldn't under the man agreed to leave one got sick but that incident made people on high degree. I realized that if there were an outbreak their small hospital would be quickly overwhelmed and older people would be most at risk including the less people fluent in their language up Moose. Importance to protect our knowledge keepers. Just who knows how long we'll have all of them now? Older people have been confined to their homes. People are bringing them food. The Small Airlines that service. The islands have agreed to cut back. Flights and regular big high community. Gatherings have been canceled. Anyone coming in from the mainland has to quarantine for two weeks. It turned one hundred eighty degrees. Were welcoming people. Here at tutors is part of our economy and then have to say no not visitors of the time. It's really hard. This situation got more difficult. In late April when British Columbia officials declared hunting and fishing essential services paving the way for sportsmen to travel in early. May the president of the height and nation. Jason House up told webcast viewers that the province could be doing more to help. Restrain tourists to see people wanting to come to our communities and territories and move around freely is disrespectful and disappointing provincial officials. Say the Haida have the right to keep people out. But the ferry companies who service the islands told me that they can't stop people from traveling there they can only point fairy writers to the posted signs that tell people not to come to actually stop the flow of travellers. Coming in the height have turned to the nearby. Coastal first nations to coordinate strategies and present a unified voice is really brought together the rural communities in a way that really hasn't been seen before Maryland. Slat is coastal first nations president. She says they've set up. Checkpoints at all the entrances to their reserves community patrols monitor the marinas. Guardian watchmen patrol the borders. And sled says they do have to turn people back. Most of them are respectful. Some not so much and we know that people are trying to get away from the large centers and have means access to their pleasure boats. Lots but I think for the most Ju- definitely understands. Meanwhile Slat says they've built a third center and Community Gym to supplement their small hospital and hired a contact tracer still. They need services like rapid testing before they can even have a conversation about reopening for her and for chief Councillor Ivanovich on high-tech why the lives of those who might be lost to the corona virus are far more important than the potential damage to their economy by staying closed. The risk of hitting here and having such a negative impact on our island is not any dollars. We could make opening up too soon. We'll open things up when we're ready when there are no new cases or vaccine. He says they'll be glad to welcome people back for the world. I'm Rupa Shenoy. Let's talk sports for a couple of minutes for some of us being stuck at home but having no sports to watch on. Tv has been a little rough. I mean how many times can you watch? This classic Lakers Celtics Championships. There is some professional soccer. Right now. Like Germany's Bundesliga holding matches but with no fans in the stadiums even on television. It just doesn't feel like the real thing it's way too quiet but now there's an APP for that remote tear powered by sound. You D is a system to send support remotely. That's right the remote sharer by using this application fans consult support in their homes directly to the stadium tap one button to cheer tap another. Tabu tap another to send a special insult to your most despised rivals at he say trash-talking German the APP developer says he's user generated. Sounds can be piped into a stadium sound system. Depending on the number of people and the number of times the buttons are tapped Kamori. Excitement will increase or could also just be a big crazy mash. Up of cheers and boos insults. Still waiting to see where this idea actually takes to the field with much of planet under lockdown these past months. We've had a lot more time. To rummage through drawers or basements are freezers taking stock and cleaning up. It's been kind of the same for archivists in Spain. Researchers at the National Film Archive finally had time to sort through some dusty old movies that had been ignored for decades and one film. They came across rewrites. A bit of Spanish Cinema History Lucia. Ben Evita's has our story the eight minute. Black and white documentary is a journey across the Spanish island of my daughter. My ORCA UP WITH CANTATA it starts with the narrator talking about the beauty of the Mediterranean island. One that he says has been captured by poets. It show snippets of life. Kids running down a pedestrian streets among grabbing water from a well fisherman on their boats researchers think that the film titled My Llorca was Made. Between one thousand nine hundred eighty two and one thousand nine hundred ninety four making it the first talking film directed by a woman in Spain. And it's really a beautiful film. It has like a personal quality to it. Is the deputy director at Spain's National Film Archive Fee Spagnuola? He and his colleagues discovered the film this month. After they took home digitized copies of archived films. That hadn't been properly examined the kind of work they could do. While quarantine home the film my your was donated to the archive in nineteen eighty two by the owner of a furniture storage business. It was labeled as a silent film directed by a man so when radio go and his colleagues finally watched it the opening credits took them by surprise. They had never heard of the name mighty for this a- as much as we tried to locate and basically we couldn't find she was normally the female wouldn't make this kind of discovery public until their investigation was complete but with the quarantine and lack of access to archival material. They decided to post the film online with hopes that somebody would have information about the mysterious director. Boys do asleep. But at leased a journalist from my Llorca louder hold other stepped forward and in just a few days unearthed the directors past toys. Knock on Sunday says that media for this was a singer specifically a Cupola Teesta a cabaret style entertainer particular to Spain in the early twentieth century for this was well known in her hometown of my Llorca. In part for her fashionable style and for chain smoking Egyptian cigarettes on stage for this was also married to film producer. I'm on over in the Mid Nineteen Thirties. The couple left my Yorker for about say were founded a sound production company but their studio was raided in nineteen thirty nine by Fascist police working under Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and their entire film collection was confiscated. Nas almost no could other says this may be when the film maiolica disappeared is likely for this as only film says it was made to draw tourists to the island a couple of decades before it became a popular holiday destination but the film never reached the Public. That is until now and other says. It's been huge news. In my yoga the Spanish archive plans to have a grand premiere. At a theater on the island once it's possible but again nausea and the don't ask them nothing. We didn't know of any female directors in my yoga during that time period. She says other received tips from people all over the island. Who under quarantine had more time on their hands than usual battles video from Spain's National Film Archive Sa- film state has yet to be officially confirmed but whether or not it really is the first film directed by a Spanish woman is beside the point? It points out that women have been raised from history from history. Because there's there's never been any knowledge about which the rediscovered short film doesn't just show the beauty of a tranquil Mediterranean island before getting overrun by tourists. It also reopen the conversation about how little we know of female filmmakers from the time period since they were largely ignored for the world. You see this Moya Spain if you're like me throwing on some soothing music at the end of a long day can provide some relief from the stressful times. And here's where Japanese novelist rookie more accomplish steps in. Look for the silver lining. When Era Cloud Murakami the author such novels as one q eighty four and a wild sheep? Chase was the host of a. Tokyo radio special called music for a brighter tomorrow. Coronavirus has all of us feeling down these days. He says so. Let's turn to the power of music to see if it can make us feel at least a little better. The author opened his two our late night broadcast with modern folk quartet song. Look for the silver lining. Always look the silver lining the sunny side of by Murakami. Then jumped to Bruce springsteen's waiting on a sunny day. The song he pointed out that many Americans sang and unity after nine eleven more brought listeners. Seventeen more tracks with lyrics about smiles sunshine rainbows and the belief that things will get better. He Spun Nina. Simone's version of here comes the sun and sun is shining from Bob Marley and the wailers before slowing things down a bit to play raindrops. Keep falling on my head from the Ronald Eisley. Burt back Iraq collaboration. Nothing seems to fit. No Oh the raindrops. Keep falling own. Mind they keep between the melodies. Murakami related the lyrics to his own life. He told the audience about the time he ran. Ten kilometer race with someone who was visually impaired. Morikawa said that experience taught him. How complaining won't solve anything something raindrops reminds us of for me seventy one? He hosted the show from his home with his cat by aside. Murakami's a lifelong music fan. It's a big part of some of his bestselling novels. Murakami even ran a jazz bar in Tokyo. After graduating from university the closer in its corona virus radio special was this number written and performed. Beiber back is nine hundred. Sixty five hit what the world needs now is love. Go World meet what the world needs now is masks and a vaccine but love is no less needed. Murakami told listeners. Is there anything more important than love? Not just for some but just if you. The world is a CO production of W. G. B. H. Boston the BBC World Service and Pierre Ex.

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