Recorded With JBL Tune 110 BT E463


What audio for six threes <unk> playing around year talking to you in a j._v. Oh tune scene one ten bt mid. It's a bluetooth ear bud and i'm not sure what's gonna. What's gonna sound like because. I'm using it on a note nine. I'm using it as a recording device amusing inside at app called spreaker studio. How's the sound to you when i use them in dublin dublin immediately after i bought them i thought i'm getting good base baby because i i think i heard were some instagram ads and it was the first time him of aware of how much fill is in a lot of the music that accompanies some of those over the top too loud instagram ads but then i thought brought to some youtube music collections have their playlists online and i got an a warning from my provider of how much gigabits of data was using and i also got entertain got some good musical fill in my ears with a tight fitting <unk> set of ear bud devices so this little j._b._l. Tune one ten b._t. Comes with a series of different sleeves. You can put on <unk>. Just replace the <hes> standard earbud if you want. I like the smugness of feel even though after a few hours of using them in a crowded city environment. I was aware that i had your butts on. I know friends of mine have told me purist that i'm going to be more like the students that are in my creative creative courses either by over the ears cans. We'll probably do that but it's a matter of the size of things i had to go in and out of the american embassy today. They don't let you take stuff like he ear sets into the embassy so i would have had to squeeze into a locker and maybe damage them so anyway what what these robots primarily because i wanted to have your buds. I had ak gs from a note nine that i bought months ago. Those ak jeez. He's fell out of my pocket when it was cycling and i found them a few days later crash bits by a car still on the area where i would write to from work. I got easier buds because i was looking for the replacement that thirteen-year-old replacements for the ak jeez. Everybody told me to different shops so me that curry's p._c. Were would have them. They don't so i- zeroed in on other ear buds and decided you know what since i wanted to have bluetooth ear buds while working in the back garden i'd go for brand j._b._l. Abi l. i knew and i spent thirty nine euro to buy things currently using whitman of nine using them now as a bluetooth truth microphone from experience i know by putting my phone in my bag and walking away from it that the other range of at least five meters that's about the space space of time and distance space the distance that they cut out five six meters good for me. I work with that when i got them there. They had a charge on the moretti between i wanna say they had thirty percent power is present charging i think and i got a full day's use out the in dublin which is decent translates into a full charge will give you maybe six hours of us which is fine. I have a small battery pack <unk> at on the train home which is about to our journey. They were fully recharged. That's good. I use them all the way down to where they just didn't work anymore and they produce this little warning bell that varies. I guess closer to you get zero. That's kinda cool so would recommend for you okay. If you want airbud that cut out the sound around you. They're pretty decent for that. They're not as good as noise cancelling headphones but they're good. They're good <hes> if you want them to. Cycle a bike there worthwhile. Do you want to just hear a greater range of sound that comes on the podcast with music that you have yeah. These are good ideas the other tests. I'm gonna have with ms. Can they actually keep me working longer certain crap. I have in my garage or pigging holes in my backyard. I think yes they will work that way. What i know from common uses that they're not so good for the other other end of the phone call so handled two phone calls with them yesterday. In both cases i could tell the people couldn't hear me as well as when i would take take off bluetooth and talk directly in the phone which did during the phone call so. I'm not sure there would be something. I'd recommend if you were were an e._m._t. Driving your emergency vehicle to a place. I don't think i'd use these <unk> spent one hundred twenty euro and get a plant onyx bluetooth headsets sentence boom it out from there but that's for another day for now you can say i'm happy for forty euro. I spent for the j._b._l. Tune in one ten b._t. Your funds earphones and that's what you're hearing me. Use <unk> nine connected to the speaker studio so all in all. That's a good technological fit the lifestyle that i have although i'm sure some people would find the standard fit too tight for the ears ears. Admit irritating others would find it totally unusable because as telephonic connection. It's not really the expectation people have have when making or receiving a phone call all right more about this stuff over on inside view dot i e that's the website that i use. You can find me dan. Shout back at me through your old ear buds. If you wish i am top golden good social networks by now.

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