Will Your Carry-on Bag Fit? Check Out The Kayak App


I'm Palmer Dane with dish in digital sponsored by bien h New York's ultimate camera thirty. The kayak travel app is out with a new feature designed to end the frustration of having to check your carry on bag because it's too big for the overhead bin dimensions for carry. Ons can vary from airline to airline to use the new feature. Just open a flight search on the kayak app and click on new bag measurement tool. You'll be prompted to scan the floor to calibrate the tool, and then move your camera around the bag to capture its size. Kayak will then calculate the dimensions and let you know whether your bag will fit into your planes overhead bin. Kayak says, the tool can compare your bag against the policies of all the airlines to perform the measurements. Kayak is using Apple's new augmented reality feature that was included in the recent IOS twelve update dish in digital. I'm Palmer Nain and for more go to WCBS eight eighty dot com. And click on the audio section.

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