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Talk Radio DOT COM theme song. This is the fire house and I want to introduce you to some very special friends that I met along the way it's a safe seat three Max Brown King Robert from the Royal. This is the undisputed future Seth Rollins Alan Davis Gaines from wwl ILLO this is W._w._e.. Hall of Famer The heartbreak Kid Shaw Mike. I'm restful and I'm offering an eighteen Flat Bay kindnesses disagree Mickey and the Balance Win. This is located not haughty the greatest man that ever live always liked the good rats and you're listening to the greatest rack. Brad Faxon is guaranteed experience your fly. I Love I love kick ball. I'm back taking souls and digging holes. I'm GonNa Break Your Pitch. You hear me with your host and they've been lying. Hi Andy you heroes don't exist. y'All become addicted to the illusion of what a hero does for you and I mentioned that I was once addicted to eating sponges thank you let's see war. Woman is call me tiger. Oh my God it's ticker takers takers takers. Take Me Oh my God it's take her and she was wicked. Wicked child spat and swore and shoot tobacco. I like buffets and her producer Sir Ah rocket modern creatures of the night will now experience actual art of up a tree this right here liaison the champ there runs the camp live where you'll Edward Yali will owie it <music> and good evening thing everyone welcome to the rack right here on wild talk radio DOT COM brought to bear friends over at in B films. CHECK HIM OUT YOUTUBE DOT com slash in B._G.. Twelve eleven and if you're you're listening to us over on while talk radio DOT COM radio show dot com or directly on twitch. Thank you so much for tuning in we greatly appreciate it. You're on twitch and you haven't can have a twitch prime sub available well. We'd love it if you use it here. Just a little purple button up at the top above your technology screen and see if you have one available feel free free to use it here or if you WANNA use it elsewhere. That's fine too but we'd really love it. If you supported the channel here I'm your host Lindsay War joining me as always as they ever faithful producer sauce co host slush Haney Mansa Rockin Hi we're here we're alive. I'll talk radio show Ellensburg on twitter's. We'll talk radio DOT COM record should come to your place beats night right because we've got stuff to talk about stuff to do 'cause things yes so. A lot of stuff happened today. It was a <hes> pretty quiet week until you know like today four nights season ten drop today we are talking about that. We're actually going to take you into the game on the show and on yesterday <unk> friends later but rather than like walk you guys through the map on that show we're going to do here so we're gonNA in the second half. Show actually take you in and show you all the new things that are going on in that <hes> we got some news big big news about Ninja that we're talking about. I know we normally don't talk about streamers and stuff like that on this show Oh but we have to talk about this because huge and yeah we're talking about okay and we've got wrestling news. We've got smackdown and x t all your favorites tweak stuff like that. We're doing all the normal stuff but it's a really really really jam-packed Newsday and so we're we're going to start with. Minya brought to our friends over N._B._D.. Films you calm such N._B._C.. Twelve eleven and he made an absolutely huge announcement today that is going to impact packed <hes> really directly impact not only streamers on twitch streamers elsewhere too because he officially announced that he's leaving twitch permanently and he is going right to mix her and he will be exclusively streaming on mid serving time yeah big sorry sorry by the way if you were on the pre show or you're listening to this on <hes> the the podcast. It's storming here right now like there's a big thunderstorm right over my house right. Now is pouring rain. It's thundering. It's lightning so I apologize in advance for the store is not ambient. I promise it's actually happening and it was just a really big crack lightning that came down so yeah. It was great timing for the effect. I do what I can. You know preplanned all this. I'm just praying my power to go out right now. That would be awful awful way too much to talk about so yeah inches leaving. He has left which he's had two mixer fulltime starting tomorrow contract the twitch so he's moving to that platform which means if you ever subscriber to him subscribe here tricks that T._v. says Amazon prime's. It's what you know. The whole twits prime thing do the whole the whole Shebang <hes> but it's a game changer because for him. It's a more of a settling rattling move where it's like. He doesn't have to worry about his fan base because he's blown up so much yeah he can just sort of do what he does. He can stream when he can he does but he doesn't have to worry about. Hey Amazon prime account linked to your account claiming rectangular button the whole thing that you all should be doing right now but his other worry worry about that he just has to perform he just stream that's all he has to do because they made him a montor offer to take his millions of followers to mixer a to grow that brand he helped grow twitch now. He's going to help grow mixer. It's a great deal for him and I know for a fact I know how astute of business person he is and his wife is and I know that they would have not done this unless it was a significant monetary offer and and the benefits to both parties were equal and in really good I mean that's the only way to phrase it because it's like Ninjas. Not GonNa do anything anything. That's going to be a detriment to him or his brand. He is extremely protective of it. He understands that this right here is his bread and butter. You no the sponsorships and everything else he does. That's the gravy to what streaming has brought to him but the streaming the the live content that he produces that's where it all comes from so he knows he has to maintain that he knows he has to continue to do that and so he's going to make the best decision possible on where to put that in whether that's let's keep that on twitch or now move it over exclusively to mixer he had to make that choice and I from what I understand. He's been considering this for really long time. On this was not a snap decision. He's been talking to mix about it and he he ultimately made the choice to go to to mixer and leave twitch which which I think it will ultimately be good for him because he doesn't have like. You said he doesn't have to grind his heart. Is what what everybody else doesn't twitch. We don't have to sit here and say hey click the Amazon prime button which we'd love for you to do by the way you know follow subscribe. You know all that other stuff. He doesn't have to worry about that. He can be him and do him because his schedule Joel is so insane. He's rarely live anymore and I mean that like rare. He rarely has time that he can really be live periods but then there's stretches where he's gone like he'd be home for three weeks and then he's gone for two so it's like we're not going to mixer now. We're not going to make sure we did not get a monetary monetary offer however if MR would like to make us a monetary offer of substantial means to come over and exclusively stream on their platform. I am open to hearing that offer Brent already there. So why do I need <hes> so yeah. We're just GONNA stay here. He's GonNa go there. Everyone one else staying on twitch but they've been mixers after the big names they've been after them for a while. They have ages dot A._G.. Thousands of mixer he's on there often. They're trying to grow. They're trying to become another big platform and Ninjas the one the biggest of the game. They're trying to capture that four-night audience. That's is what they're trying to do. They understand that four night is one of the biggest games in the world right now and so it's Ninja on average can get about forty to fifty thousand people watching him every day so it's like they wanna Bernie's got millions of followers on Youtube and twitter and instagram and twitch and everywhere aware and so it's like they they want that exposure. They want those numbers. They want to grow and it's Microsoft so you know they have the money through just yeah yeah they kind of have the money they want to grow which is this this is the way to yeah and so basically it's like what does this mean for everybody else like rock said pretty much all the other bigger streamers light in Batman Doctor Lubo and a few of the other ones. I think courage confirmed although I'm not sure that they're all staying staying on twitch. They're not going anywhere for right now. They're all staying where they're at and this does not mean the end of the squad streams if you're a fan of those Ninja can still like be with them and play games with them and like his voice can be heard on twitch is just he cannot stream this content on twitter anymore so that's what that all means so he can still all do everything that he did before if you're fan of the man and it's just different platform to seize content that's it I feel like for the twitch community as a whole Ooh and this is just me and our small little channel on not that we would ever gain any benefit from it but I feel like in terms of a big streamer leaving twitch. This is beneficial to everybody else. Because now those subs the followers <hes> those viewers can go to other channels and other channels can now benefit from the fact that hat ninjas no longer here because like I say he is like here's the thing you could if you watch twitch enough and like for example I'll queue up fortnight and I'll listen four-night throughout the day different channels whoever's on all all listen somebody until they go offline and then I'll move over somebody else depending on whose online so it first thing in the morning there's a lot of people on lawyer and symphony a couple other people out of the people that I follow and then it's like Luca comes on and he gets he'll get like eight to ten thousand viewers and then Tim comes on and Tim alike slash leabeau's number because everybody goes over to him and the Ninja comes on and Ninja takes from Lupo and Tim and anybody else that's on like you see the numbers shift is really interesting to see how the numbers shift throughout the day and then t food comes on and symphony and all them lose their numbers because they all go to Fhu you and yeah okay yeah you go from there but yeah so it's like I think it will be beneficial for everybody else for the smaller streams especially during the day okay in the mornings. Sorry do anything about it. I'm sorry <hes> Yeah Georgia Weather <hes> I think it's going to be beneficial for everybody else. 'cause like I said those those viewers and those subs and everything else they can go to all the different channels channels and they can benefit from all the different channels and if they decide to exclusively go remixer like the only reason they're here is for Ninja will okay. That's fine. They can go there too. There's nothing wrong with that but I feel like it's just going to be good. It's good for him and his good for the community as a whole everyone because while they're all friends there is a level of competition between every streamer because they want to get the most viewers they can. They want to get the most subs that they can because that's money to them. This is their job <hes>. This is their life. If you're a pro streamer this is what you do you get online every day eight hours a day and you grind it out for content and tips in <music> subs and everything else because that's your bread and butter. That's how you're put pain. You're in pain your light bill and doing all this other stuff and living your life because you don't have any any other job. Sorry just keep going. Stop letting distract you know it scares me only graph that was close anyway so oh yeah I just that's my point is this is going to be beneficial for everybody. I wish him nothing but success. I hope it goes really really well for him. As well as the twitch switch partnership has gone and he just really enjoys what he's doing <hes> and he gets something out of it emits or get something out of it and everybody else on twitch. Get something out of it like it's just to win win for everybody so so that's the big news yeah. That's the big pop culture news of the week. Yeah let me to handle this part. Yes so now we have to we're going to transition over to wrestling and there's another story that we have to talk about and we're going to be very serious for a minute because it's a very serious various topic and rocks GonNa take it from here. So here's the deal earlier today. It was announced that former multi time in the world champion when Harley race had passed away at the age of seventy six it was revealed by longtime friend Dustin Rhodes that Harley who's been diagnosed with <hes> back in March a terminal lung cancer. It's unfortunate. He's been sick for a long time. He's had many different attempts at trying to beat it. Sadly sadly he was a night sucks. It really sucks. The wrestling community is sorta grieving at the moment they're trying you will see all the messages passages everyone's putting out on twitter facebook instagram so what have you it's sex when you lose. Someone alleged like this sex when you lose anyone yeah. It's a sucks. It's it's really really hard when you lose a living legend like someone like Harley race who impacted so many lives in so many careers like you hear almost every wrestler of a certain generation and beyond say you know one of their main influences was Harley race ace and he did so much to give back to the community as a whole and I know he's going to be very sorely missed. You see see the messages out there like you said and people are just the entire community is reeling from this because he was so impactful and he was so important to a a Lotta people so it's really very sad that he's gone and our condolences and our prayers and our thoughts and not that that really means anything to anybody but just the fact that we're thinking about his family in this very difficult time you know hopefully they can find solace in the fact that he's at peace and he's not in pain anymore because as I'm sure that was not a pleasant thing all to be dealing with in the fact that he has relief from it. I'm sure is some some measure of solace. I don't know though so there you go so thank you Harley Goodbye Godspeed sit. Tell everybody we said Hi go join that big party in the sky and try to calm everybody. Hey down so moving on from that. Take a minute and moving on all right. We're Interviewer so good for him <hes> and well. We have a little news on the aid of You T._v.. Show which is coming this fall. We have the first first two matches set. This is inviting news we do we have cody taking on Sammy Gra Vieira that we should apparently the the opening match on the first Marquess so <hes> and and Kenny Omega with the bucks is taking on Chris Jericho and to the mystery opponents <hes> <hes> wonder who that could be don't know we'll have to find out too super-secret tickets now available or sure rebel this tickets available this Friday for eight W._D._C. so tunein everybody should be exciting switching over to impact wrestling real quick to Kneel Dash Would Aka Emma of former W._b.. Fame has signed with impacts who good for her. That's awesome news guten very women and I like that I'm kind of okay with that. Actually her and Tessa could do some good probably makes a magic chick in more we won both is against each other and his attack team. They would kind of be interesting together so and well net flicks is about have to get a little bigger. Oh yes well. It's the big show and he's coming to net flicks with his own reality. Reality series the big show show. This is an actual live action comedy. This is the thing comedy with the big big show. Here's the plot well the teenage when the teenage daughter makes you a retired world famous superstar comes live with him his wife and two other daughters he quickly it becomes outnumbered and outsmart despite being vitelle weighing four hundred pounds his no longer this center for attention. That's the plot should be interesting. I mean Netflix. That's like tends to put together pretty decent original content so kind of looking forward to this should be interesting. Big Joe's great comedic timing. Oh yeah so this should be really fun and exciting to watch yeah Kinda. Kinda can't wait for it so we'll have to see where we go there and we'll laugh but certainly not least waist. Let's do the blame brand's bragging backscratching so it's this week's injury roundup all righty we have caring Q. in annex t with a broken leg hashtag blame Brent and then Rachel Ella Ring along with a knee injury Hashtag blame Brent both the same day yeah both of them were the same night in two separate cities at two separate INEX- t- he shows so well done Brent that's Karen Q. will should be out six in nine months and no word on how severe the knee injuries for Rachel Hollering Evers. We'll see he's keeping fingers crossed there for them. <hes> tobacco smackdown welcome everyone. He's week's smackdown food. Where do you WANNA start righty well? I think we need need to start with the biggest thing I because I wanNA talk about it. Which one or two big ones well? We need to talk about win. AAC Queen Gene meets the Queen in King's court the Queen McQueen's versus equipment queen of all eras. Yes okay. Let's talk about it so oh they set up the dream match you had jerry the king lawler because they were in Memphis hosting the king's court and Outcomes W._b.. Hall of Famer and everybody's dream MHM girl Trish stratus who looked fabulous as always as where she gets better as she gets older she so pretty <hes> anyway. I have a little crush on her anyway so we had Jerry Interviewing Trish and well outcomes so he she made well he questioned. What about you know? Did you ever think about having one more matt forgetting the whole thing about evolution forget on all that have you thought about having one more match in Cert- Queen here yeah so outcomes outcomes Charlotte and a queen meets the Queen and when I say Hey Queen meets the Queen I mean Charlotte met Trish Rush 'cause Tristesse v Queen the Charlotte's just a <hes> no offense to Charlotte but Trish Charlotte not not on the same level. Sorry very nice to me. I don't know but yeah so in terms of legendary status chart will get there one day but not right now so the to have a little back and forth four and basically what happens is. We're going to get the dream match at summer slam of Trish stratus versus Charlotte Flare Mulia. Oh Yes yes yes. Yes it should be and I think from what I understand the tube in working together behind the scenes. They've been practicing together so hopefully this should prove to be a very good match. I'm excited for it. <hes> I think everybody is because we're always happy to see Trish because she's kind of one of those that she was in the the what's termed the golden era for the divas but she kinda got screwed there at the end a little bit so now that the women are being taken more seriously. It's nice to see her comeback back and kind of get her do a little bit so yeah. This should be a lot of fun. We'll we'll talk about the whole match next week as wheel. When we the previous Summer Slam scary to think it's tweak them in the month of that they have been the early part so they want to get it out of the way you trying trying to get it out of the way so well speaking of getting things out of the Way Bailey an amber moon had to get the awkwardness out of the way because they team together in a match before the match Bailey and ember have a little chat where Bailey's like look? I don't like you. You don't like me see you want my title. You hit me or you cheap shot at me. It's water under the bridge OUTTA Yati auditor. We have to get together tonight so we're going to get together tonight but you know if you try anything I'm going to end you which sounds very weird coming for Bailey Bailey life threatening. Anybody sounds really weird it does but she she made no bones about it and emory was like yeah if you so they go out they do their match. It was a little Matt they lose to Nikki Gene Alexa great together <hes> and then well afterwards after a little bit of confusing whatnot Bailey Bailey the belly laying out amber moon so bailey returns the favor on ember for the eclipse last week <hes> and yeah I'm okay with this. I'm fine with this. That's perfectly and I had to transition for this other than speaking of getting things out of the way Zane answered Ulster Blacks Challenge yes. He wants to fight the GO-TO fight Alison next summer time so that probably be early on match because you know sometimes can be very long show could be prepared before to five hours is be prepared. Strap in slams going to be long but sammy versus allister's could be good. It's GonNa be really really good loyd and speaking of good or not good for fans of horror. Things got a little fiendish yen. We had the puppet talk and we had bright talk doc or right laugh. The puppet talk laugh and then the fien showed up during the dossier Griffin Beller match which okay we have to talk about the fend off match which was actually pretty good matches self was actually very very good. It's very enjoyable <hes> but things went a little haywire when the fiend decided to haunt fin valor we sorta showed up he didn't do anything he didn't attack he just sort of loomed in the darkness in the Spooky nece before he disappeared again and then we had <hes> <hes> the rabbit show up on screen the Rep who was the rubber was I yeah the rabbit the rabbit showed up and was talking and then break came came in and he was all upset and he was looking for the rabbit because the rabbit ran away and hid it couldn't find the rabbit and then he talked to Finn but it wasn't it wasn't hasn't seen bray. It was like slightly ready to lose his crap ray like its pros. It's PROZAC Bray but it's it's the twitter version of the PROZAC Phibro so basically it's bray like on the edge of Luke constantly losing his crap and he looks like he hasn't slept in about four years because us. He's like leading the female and he can't like he claims he control it but I don't think he really can and so like every time the fien comes out it gets harder are in harder on him to sorta like pull it back because it's like you know. The natural tendency of the character is to be this crazy evil faster that just like beats everybody up mhm and kills them but this P._d.. So we can't say that eliminate eliminate. He eliminates them in quotations. So Oh the fact that you have this character struggling to hold us back. I like that a lot better than like ultra uber happy. Oh my God you're here. Mr Rogers Anders Breivik Diet like I liked the twitter character a lot better than I like <hes> like the fiendish cool but the Phoenix should be exactly how they're using it. It's a special occasion. Dan Type thing where we see it very very rarely in the Bray Wyatt we should get to see is the actual like cracked out version. I hate to <unk>. I hate to use that word but that's the only way describe him. Where it's you know he's not ultra happy bray? He's not the fiend they're sent middle ground where he's both and that's what was really good about this and then he sent the fiend out in the fiend haunted vim valor in the fiend left so a haunting time with with with Broadway and then last but certainly not least we have Roman reigns it was who was there to announce his match at summer slam us there for for knowing he's on the smackdown roster. I forget that he's on the smackdown roster like I forget that because it's like he's been doing both and he was on raw for so long. It's like Oh yes. He's on smackdown never mind <hes> but anyway so yes. He's there to announce his match and he's walking backstage doesn't interview with Kayla. You know everything's going. I'm fine and then randomly a big ass. Shell falls on him. Yeah all comes crashing down so hokey is just like wait. What was that like? Did that mean to happen or was it an accident. I mean granted. They did a really good job of the after we're like everybody's rushing in and you have the camera guy struggling to get the shot and you see people's fee and you know they did a really nice job of presenting at presenting it as it was an accident or it was. It's not quite an accident but it was basically everybody was really surprised by it. They did a really good job of putting that together in shooting that but yeah it's just like randomly shell falls on Roman Roman reigns and we're all sitting here like <hes> what just happened <hes> so the Internet has done some investigation on who attacked on though I can't wait to hear this theory they believe David Buddy Murphy Eddie Murphy Attack Roman reigns to get on the good side of Shane McMahon because okay so what in the all the whole build up. There's a there's a mystery man who walks around backstage is walking as Romans walking around Koetter to the interview. There's a guy walking around that Rohan passes. You don't see the face but you see the back and it's the same shirt buddy murphy always wears. Could it be somebody masquerading as buffy buddy murphy could be but the Internet is claimer so that's the thing murphy versus Shane Okay Murphy versus Roman reigns. That's different totally different. I guess I me I'm not opposed to it. I'm just trying to head around in it would elevate buddy murphy. It would totally elevate buddy murphy because I feel like they're what they're are doing and what their eventually working towards and this is just me is they're. They're shrinking the two. Oh Five Live roster in their steadily working working. The tool five live guys in to the main roster product and I feel like what they're eventually going to do is just phased two. Oh five live out of their product offering altogether and they'll either insert another show or they won't but like because to a five live I I think he's just is mainly on the network. I think it's on errands some of the some markets but you're not not for all this if you think about right to five live airs on Tuesdays right after smack them smackdown moving Fridays so where are they taping it are they gonNA taper on Fridays and in an air raid on Tuesdays. That's a long way in cycled to really sort of like <hes> do they tape it on Mondays but money's already three hour TV taping and they take main event right so it was like like they do yeah so it's like and I don't think to five live ever took off the way that they wanted it to like. The cruiserweight classic did really really well and and that's sort of where to a five live came from was people responded so well to that turney that they're like okay well. Let's give them their own show and aired on the network and it just never it never quite took the way they wanted it to because I think they just didn't fully get behind it. The way that they should've or pushed it the way that they should have and so because of with that of people just kind of forgot about it and forgotten it was there and then it's like Oh yeah right to live is on the network because you would see commercials for it randomly somewhere where you would see somebody pop up on T._v.. Now it's like Oh yeah right yeah yeah. That's the thing so I feel like they're they've been slowly letting people out of their contracts or they've been trying to work them into the shows does so that way it's like they're going to keep going to keep you nose like cedric. Alexander Mustafa Ali and Drake Maverick Andrew Lack Mike Canales Tony Niece like those guys they're actively trying to keep in the working them in <hes> but some of the other guy or I should say Lucia a house party to they work them in can't forget the House party at some other guys like the Brian Kendrick in <hes> crap who are some of the other ones to the singular. That's just name the entire roster well only so yeah. I mean some of the other guys I think they're going to try to get everybody in but it's at the same time. It's like if if they decide to leave. I don't think they're necessarily going to try to stop them at this point unless they're just that paranoid about the other promotion coming in then they may they tried to stop them. I don't know but it seems a little foolish to hold on to people that you have no use for pay them. That's a little baseball but that's my not so so humble opinion and they don't have to take it because it's worth what they paid for it but yeah so that's smackdown in extreme. It's time for this week's edition next Steve Rundown. Did you know Kim this Lori so fight g wants to fight E._E._O.. I don't blame her. I think they should totally fight because I want to sit there and watch it there. She was waiting for her in a parking lot. Regal calmed down. She's not here but she will be in Toronto. We'll be takeover and Laura arrivers ASPERA AD takeover. I'm one thousand percent okay with this and I don't know why but I really like how the writing real right now like I always have loved. I love how they've had regal on the product and he's kind of sort of this like you know it's William Regal Right. You know his history and you know that he is not quite an upstanding gentleman but the fact that he is so just permanent proper but he's you know he's that bad ass on goal that that everybody has like I. I just love how kind of like almost presenting him like that late that to me that to me. I just love that like you know he's like the way that they handle pete done last week. In this week is candice hand is and Williams just I I'm still waiting for the full adoption of done on T._v.. Like I actually want I really I wanted that ever. Since I've seen Pete done is not to take it away from Kansas but I really really really want that pairing where William Takes Pete under his wing and just takes him to the next the quote unquote takes him to the next level in terms of like who he is in his personality like basically polishes him up pete he took on roderick strong in a hats signage. <hes> Oh my God this was so good really good match win via tap out after breaking the fingers felty dream same type to get a shot in but hey he felt the bitter end dream honey. He'll know what you're getting into their just leave him alone just leading to show up. Okay don't don't with that one just feet up roddy. Don't leave Pete alone. You know what you're messing with their okay right. He's he's he's grumpy. At the best of times lead in B A verbal exchange with Shayna and MIA was so oh good oh my God. I'm on board for this match. I can't wait to see this fun like they've done such a great job with Mia <hes> in terms of building her up as bad ass which she is obviously but they've done they've made it like the gorilla warfare that she's been doing with. You Know Oh beating the girls up the Shane's girls up in the locker room at the P. C.. You know and sort of doing things like that and you're seeing that outside of the arena environment it is really well done very clever <hes> because it's super impactful and he gets the point across without having to over emphasize anything Kevin Grimes the Bronson re to move to the finals of the break-up tournament. I don't know that's all I have and then he was in the opening contest calibrates Jason Jackson Reicher <hes> South Match Tyler got the clean win verse farthing but the forgotten sons were not not too happy about the the win they go on to attack him three on one but tyler had a friend and ain't goes back Akyol. No no no. You're saying correctly fawn down go no. He is Fandango. He serious now fungal he serious yes now bond. He showed up in a wife beater and jeans tattoos were out he looked bad ass like this was so so oh good right up until they played his music and then it's like ray the touch Allah after you've just like being beaten beaten somebody up pets they go out on so like cheapened it just a little bit for me because it took you out of that moment where it's like tyler breeze <unk> were standing. There are standing tall and goes looking super fears and bad ass in serious for the first time I think in years ears yeah and you know it's like everybody's super excited than they it. The music and you're like right right. That's his music right so as much as like I love that music I kinda hope they remix it a little bit or he gets a slightly different theme just just to help because if this is going to be the character where he's not so much the dancer anymore he's much more serious than they need for music. He needs different music successfully but I liked this was a great way to bring him back and put these two together then being an in annexed tease perfect. I feel like that's the right environment for both both of them like I. I would hate to say that they don't belong where they were but they didn't fit because I don't think anybody really knew what to do with them. On the main roster here they do <hes> and that and here they have a little bit more leeway in terms of experimentation and being able to do different things so I think overall all this will be a better environment for them so that's an X._t.. So all right everybody sit tight buckle the love because we are leaving wrestling Lynn and we're gonNA take a quick break and when we come back we are talking fortnight. Season Ten is here. y'All and we're GONNA fill you in on everything and we're going to show you what changed in what didn't so you're listening the rock right here on wall. 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I mean so if you're if you're without a home after Ninja laughed and you need a home hey we're here. We talk about four night. We play for night. We're very bad at it but we play it. You know like like you do so anyway so we're done with wrestling guys. We're done with wrestling for right now. We're not talking talking about it anymore because we have to talk about fortnight because something happened today but I'm time twisted in season ten drops yet but there's a thing we need to do. There is a thing we need to do just so excited about four night though but I guess we can do it tweak. The Cana purse was banned in town face to spam sanded taken over my place and I was <music> so big and found a place where you can go ahead. Iraq were to feel a hundred forty vacate. The less educated Matt Diction starts to Climb Goethe refreshment. God tweeted no no. It's can this show okay so to kind of set this up because this ties in what we're getting ready to talk to talk about <hes> on Wednesday yesterday yesterday the fortnight trailer for season ten accidentally got relief or got leaked by one by the four-night account in Brazil Zil hoops. Somebody accidentally screwed up posted the wrong video things happen. It is what it is so epic in their wisdom decided. Hey you know there's something we can do about this genie's out the bottle because originally they had just released a teaser for today and when the actual video got released they're like well now that we do so they released the full trailer video high quality version of what happens that gave us basically the reveal of what we're about to show you more or less with a few few surprises thrown in there and so I have the following reactions to you said video courage J._D.. Use Me as a holy Shit. It's happening button negate thirty use me as a holy crap. It's happening button golden boy use me as a holy Poo Poo. It's happening but I love streamers. <hes> that's all I have marshmallow Kayla. Even though I lost that round I still because I killed Dr Lupo Tim. The toolman won the security guards tim the tip man cool name me sad face Walker J._D.. A big Gamer moment crying emoji Tim whatever milt tips characters thanks for the free points yesterday the program then the next next day or later that day tim post a picture of courage to the in front of a fan. You know the one that blows air glad to seek urged J._D.. Hanging out with his one fan Dr Lupo although no one loves his fan like Jack All Marcel honestly incredible that Kirch did he can cast for night in front of millions of people but can't talk to a girl Kerr Cini. What does this have nearly twenty thousand likes J._D.? Why this is nearly thirty thousand legs Kershope why this is nearly fifty thousand likes well because it's true I mean I don't know what to tell you Jack? I really don't know you need to answer the question. Though why is it that you can do the thing the one thing that you can't what do the other thing caleb breaks to all the Uber's. I'VE BEEN IN NEW JERSEY NEW YORK. I promise I'm not let one rip when I go car my latex pants slotting against your leather seats. It's just replicate that sound. I likely storing third J._D.. This trophy so sick I can't win can't wait to win at all today. I'm going to win three million dollars Hashtag four-night workup Bluebell. We'll book says that's can't win. Sorry Jack Boga. Today was the debt today's the day later today was indeed need the day he won the World Cup and Finally Symphony. I'm scared Burke. Expert enforcement eat raw fish Dr Lupo congrats on your first time but the freezing freezing Ben Benjamin all the freezing week all right all right. y'All I also now. We're going to switch over to the fortnight's. We're officially gonNA talk about it. I know everybody's so excited. We're a little behind the ball in this one because is like everybody else has been on already showed it. I'm sure everybody's already seen in their probably tired of it but we have to talk about it. 'cause holy crap. There's is a lot going on this season so initial thoughts on season. It's kind of amazing. It's one of those so what we're going to do all we should take the screen here. We're GONNA move this this one over here. Move this on there and I think that in a way to fix it a little uh-huh works amount <hes> so we're here. We're GONNA talk about it. We're GONNA go take you to the new location on the map so everyone can see the brand new location on the map for travelling to island. We <music> No. They're nervous. There are ash there was no there was no damage now so essentially off. This is the new map right here in the center. Not a whole lot changed yet. We're going to get into that a lot of people people. I think we're disappointed because the wall dusty in the factories are Three three more or less with this part of the map so you have dusty often the distance to the north. You've got the factories immediately right under US and so the map is pretty much as it was then now. If you look off to the West we see you know the monster skull goal. They've made it very pretty over. There has a nice little park. That's all nice little colors and pretty much. Everything else on the map is the same nothing changed and I say that people were disappointed because I think a lot of people expected the thing at the late to go off and blow up the map which to be fair it did go off did blow up if we actually go to the lake which we can go to the lake. Thank you for jumping game. I really appreciate that <hes> the thing is actually in the process of blowing up except like the meteor. It's frozen news version Thomas so this is is so it hasn't happened yet so it was like <hes> could the meteor and the thing blowing up Lee to cataclysm at the end of the season we we don't know but one of the interesting things that epic has decided to do this season is make the map ever changing so they hinted at the fact that other pass locations could be coming back but they're not going to be the same as they were and they may not be in the same place that they were but if you watched the battle plas trailer trailer tilted becomes a wild west town so the map itself is going to change but rather than change it all up front or all at the end. They're going to do it throughout the season which is really pretty freaking cool that they're going to do that and I'm kind of excited to see what they do so so like I said people were disappointed because you know not a lot changed. You have the anti gravity zones around the meteor and you have an anti gravity zone around the lake <unk> but that's really all that kind of change you have other little things that will will sh- kind of show you in for an islet friends <hes> when we when we do that but these were the two you like the lake in the meteoric too big changes this this season so far as you can see now under screens trying to fix something <hes> yeah. There's the the big giant explosion. Everything's frozen and <hes> sort of thing we're trapped in time time's not moving right now. We can be going back even further and time either no oh yeah you don't know you just don't know which is really fun because it's like it could go back. We could get the prison back. We could not get the prison back. You know it's we just we don't know and I like that. I like not knowing like I. It's always cool when you come in in the map. It's like ultra changed and you're like Oh my God it's all different a and then you have to relearn it but this is like this keeps you interested because after a while it just kind of gets old and also low gravity with low gravity is just kind of amazing so yeah. This is the big big change to the map dusty <unk> depot has returned the factory old factories have returned and throughout the man as he sort of our our little semblances of the past. There's a spot on the map for flush factory. Yeah there's a spouse map for risky reels. There's a spot on the map for lazy links you so there's a little bit of everything yeah. This is where the vote was save a little bit of everything here and we're going to continue to get more like I said as the season season progresses one of the things I love about the spot is how they made it look like fractured glass in places like the light and everything like that. That's just really neat how they did that wanted. This is actually a really cool spot. One of the cool things the battle pass like there's no real news yet but they're takeoffs of previous skins like this getting. I'm currently wearing is a takeoff of the drift skin this the female version of it since he's wearing. Which one are you wearing technique technique sneak so there's it's a different version of that one and the whole battle pest is full of different variations? There's a new D._J.. Yonder the young Ooh la king is one of the Skins Oh my God. The new yonder skin is lit. Can we just like go through the battle pass. Let's just go through about a pass we can just let's run about relief playground. Go to pass that way. We can show everyone on the screen. What what is by the way speaking without pass creek record second night that aired is then variant is spread? You spread your legs. Uh Hey little wider there. You brought up in chat chat right up. I know that but still you know you've been whoring yourself out for the past two days. Oh yeah okay so we're GONNA go through the battle. Pass as you can see it on your screen right now catalyst the females. Her skin has mentioned. Is this your first in you see all the different variations of it all pretty nice different colors different different things which is really cool <hes> she say there's twelve different stages of it see there's the drift Catherine on your screen right now and so forth and so on with the different color variations in yes as you get lightning effect in the glowing eyes and all that stuff yet from the original draft then you have X. Lord which has eight different variations which is a take off the wrestler and I believer Yeah Yeah. This is a take on wrestler. This is before he becomes wrestler and he's a little bit more intense. He's got a really sick set of outfits and then on top of that he super ripped upped and epic. I have to applaud them based on the the summertime challenges that they did they figured out how to make a shirtless skin and for a guy in successfully cover up the nips so there's no nips on him at all so it's okay for kids and teens because he's not totally shirtless. Everything is covered. You just see you know the six pack APPs and everything else so bravo to them on this because he looks absolutely bad ass shirtless so he looks good too with with the whole outfit but yeah it's like a Mad Max kind of thing going on when the cool things about this bound passes loading screens I mean advertise. These are fan arts all screens. This season are fan arts. Don't know how they got him where they <hes> when for them this fan art all throughout the malpass which is really cool. There's different ravs you get the email cameo he popcorn as the contrails which is cool. You have what's called the different gliders for whatever reason doesn't like going to the last one there jumped bucket so yeah that one different sprays as were were screens so far my favorite email Challah I got I love Trello law so much aw you got the monster final showdown music backs music. You got new pickaxes at some. We're learning screens. You got tilted. The technique has the one Lindsay's been wearing that she has multiple assets multiple colors which are really cool. There's Jaywalking Komo. There's the spray sale. There's a whole bunch of different things. There's a bottle flip for whatever reason because we need it. That's why hi I'm master mix glider. Can we talk about the yonder up far above the under the Yonder rap. Ya'll check this thing out. Just check it out. Look that look at how sick that is. That's pretty cool and his entire set is kind of like that like this. Battle Pass in the beat. Drop contrast really cool yet is like this battle pass is yonder heavy and for the kids bowls was just so cute but then there's Yonder with the three he got an upgrade. Dude is successful now. He's gone gold. He Looks Biffi. He's got the longer coat and then he's got us more firmware with the with the whole shoulder pad thing going on. I mean yonder look sick. y'All yonder looked really sick. You Got O._G.. Music for those who like the O._J.. Stuff that was weird. There's Yonder on mass which which he looks exactly like you would expect him to look and he looks really super cute. Actually they did a nice job modeling pickaxe you got Kevin and I can't wait to get that that's going to be so awesome you've stride and a lot of the emotes reversal all basically all except for one thing yeah. They're all traverse oil which is really need that they've kind of gotten into that. Sparkle supreme is really cool looking like her whole entire Alfred animated. Oh my God it's amazing that she's one of the best ones they did <hes> just because of how the outfit especially like at that Stage three and four <hes> the way that thing animates is ridiculous so you got some contrails then you have the Pixel pilot a glider game right there. I lost my mind at this. It's like Oh my God. It's an eight bit glider that is phenomenal <music> nominal phenomenal. Here's the break the <hes> what's called break pregnant. Apparently that was like the files before it was a different name. They've renamed. Ill so go okay sneaky sneaky celestial contro just cool this is them being trolls the pump thing you can no longer do the double pump plus epic the Internal Voyager <unk> cool with ahead on the stages really cool yeah. It's like it's neat because it goes from like zero zero to <hes> just flaming skull than you have. The miser open later for those who like trashcans. There's there's another dragon. I lost my mind when I saw this as like they actually did that. They gave us a legendary glider in the the battle pass and it's a freaking medal dragon. That looks absolutely sick as hell look at this look at this thing. He is fierce he he's going to kill you in your face and I love him. He shoots the fire. I I have a trio like I'm so happy the about this like he has an axe for tale <hes> he is just ready to lake own your ass. It's so amazing and then there's Lama King Oh my King Oh my God I need that my life so hard and then there's ultimate ultimate ultimate night ultimately so this is a non to all the previous previous nights. He is clearly the ultimate of all the nights he is fierce. He is thick any as two different styles that are multicolored. He has it's the sort of more warned style with his whole battle outfit and then they actually have a secondary style for him. That's a nod back to the previous previous nights that they've done before with the more rounded full shield face helmet is a sore on his leg he he's here to stab people and shoot them and when he's just you don't want to screw with the sued and then and then on top of that he has a really really really awesome looking shield that goes on his back which is his dragon dragon because that's what you do when you have a very scary fierce dragon as a pet and glider. Is You make it into a shield to scare people yeah. That's what you do. That's what you do. That's about the past that's our Bala- passed in review like in subscribe. They did a really great job on the battle pass like they always always do but this one in particular I feel like they kind of up their game on it a little bit because it is ten and you're getting a lot more again again. They went thematic with it and like I said it's yonder heavy but the updates they did to all the skins are so good. They're so so good it makes makes it worth it because it's like they're all animated. They're all slick there well designed and it just yeah good job. Well done epic very well. Hold on give everybody a raise because they deserve it so I think that doesn't I think that does it for us. So we are going to round up the squad Ed because coming up next we're going to do for night with friends and we're actually going to go play the game and there's one or two things that we haven't shown you that. We're GONNA show you on there because there's a whole other different thing I will say. Actually I forgot to say this before I close this up. <hes> there is one thing that they did that. I'm not a super fan of but we're going to have to see how this goes because they actually removed quite a bit of mobility from this this game so the quad crusher is vaulted. The baller is vaulted. The shadow films are vaulted and the content pistol the flint knock is they're all gone. They're all vaulted so and gliders are gone to except for large team oats so for the regular game you have all of that mobility gone. The Volkan events have been closed up the large slip. Screen Stream is gone. You still have the one around tilted in the one around retail slash rush mega that you don't have the giants slipstream around the map so the only way that you have to get around the map is the boards impulses else's okay and everything like that so you just everything like that. We're going to show you the other thing because there's one more item but there's we need. We need a full squad reaction for that. There's a MAC and we're going to probably do what we did before that way. So you stay tuned for four with friends coming up. What's we're dumpling yeah but not a fan of all the mobility that's gone out of the game but we'll see how much much more than put back in as time progresses because I feel like they are going to put up gang because they did add riffs back? They did put those back so we'll see but yeah plug so plug away Saturday night midnight <unk> another addition to see we have the McAfee unusual gray gray coward doing the summertime blockbuster the two thousand edition check out Subaru Live Dot Com talkradio. We backed Preview Summer Slam special eleven P._M.. Eastern check on the wreck extremism. Mrs Reuse now AL available right now record issue dot com the new episode of available ten thirty on Tuesday night. We'll back next Thursday night to preview an XY takeover to preview summer slam right here on talk radio. I worked for the Rock Radio. Show on facebook twitter INSTAGRAM EQUITY ISSUE DOT com. I'll talk radio and twitter facebook. Dot Com says well talk radio network. Its twitch DOT TV slash debris to your life and subscribing Amazon prime account discounts called twits private. You can subscribe for Free Free Amino Ninja left you so we're here for you. 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