Episode 134: Keep The Champagne On Ice ft. World Champion Yankees Strength Coach Dana Cavalea


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It's twelve thirty two in the morning. We've reached now Thursday morning. We've been amoral aimlessly waiting for the goddamn dodgers in Kenley Jansen to close out the Tampa Bay rays they refuse to do that. They're a bunch of assholes. This is insane. It's all's holds better though kind of Hello Tommy Yeah we're in limbo right now. We're just as in limbo is you could ever be as some loud ass. Shit Shit starts right outside my apartment church in here that and here I did say to you today. I was like hey you know we got this plan for tonight. Tapis don't win tonight. Things could get a little hairy and like the worst possible scenario was that the rays game somehow goes to extra innings. Actually it started earlier the nights before ten o'clock and now we're just here right now. It's what the top the eleven and the dodgers game there. They managed to to be down now to runs. They're down eight six. What is their problem? What other razor winning eight six yeah? What did you think it was? I thought it was still six six last night. You know the reason I said let's record this because Metro's a fucking homer before the like N. Even started in the eleventh and then then Fam- double they sacked sacraments eight six rush it Yeah Shit maybe win tomorrow and they have a more more proper celebration. I will say it's kind of funny seeing all the Yankee beat writers outside the Locker Room in like raincoats in coach and just and just looking like the dumbest people on Earth like like we think we have it bad right now. I mean we don't but I mean Villes guys have the go home and they got the raincoats on to really hate us right. If you're watching the yes network showalter Walter Setup Buck showalter saying like you know like I'm like he's still a manager Modi's. I'm going to send these guys home. He's like I don't know you know. After a certain point wait is true you begin tomorrow on everyone to be shot for tomorrow and it isn't important aim with you know the Astros and everything and you WanNa win to clinch so yeah. I'm I'm worst case scenario would have been this game went like eighteen innings and which I guess could happen and the raise one but off the rails GonNa win in eleven. I guess it's not too bigalow disaster. I think we're past the point like I think the Yankees are going home right now. I don't I cannot imagine it's eight six raise. I can't imagine staying around. We waited this long. Let's just see the end of it good point though Tanaka not there. She's pitching on Thursday Brian era now so he kinda everyone there you also want to do it off a win like best-case off win so like they just make a decision like hey guys fuck this. Let's just win our own and we'll be happy tomorrow. It's the loss on Wednesday. The you know the Weird Lawson suspending whatever yeah conjure eller show a little bit but it's all good I will say I was getting annoyed with the fans on twitter being like Oh. It's just it doesn't feel right they they shouldn't celebrate after laws it doesn't feel like shut the fuck fuck up late because the res playing a West Coast game complicated things but if the res played at seven o'clock and you know they they lost are sorry yeah. The rays lost a Nancy's finish the same time it also lost the clinch. You have ever right to go celebrate just as hard as you would. If you want I mean what are the division. You're not celebrating winning the game or losing the game that night. It's a season-long accomplishment newbury first division title in seven years feel I mean just shut out. Feel doesn't feel right after a loss. Don't tell them they can't celebrate as Cassandra loss. I mean that's ridiculous. I think within five minute or thirty seconds to a celebration. Nobody's GonNa have any recollection of which is the game anyway yeah at the end of the day. I'M GONNA sign with my guys. In my players. The guys you have the winds on the field field and they wanted to pop champagne. You know what so I agree with them. Pop Champagne the I don't care whatever they wanted to the way today. I'm on board. That's who I won't. I won't go against them. That's their call is their accomplishments their achievement they do whatever the fuck they want. They clearly won the pop the champagne tonight do whatever you want but we will put on ice and other day I think me and you we said before we started the show that we will also we will be doing an instagram live dual thing if and and when they went on Thursday so you can get our reaction you know live reaction stuff to the champagne because I think you know we wanted to give you that show you know you the reactions and whatever so we'll give you a little bit of that on Thursday night if they were to do it on a win. If it's a loss I don't know I don't know we'll do the same thing you know. They're they're not collude though when Thursday and you'll get your little reaction we do have a lot to talk about though first of all Dell Matanzas I mean we're starting to show a bad bad note but we I mean the number one story right now del Matanzas as an torn Achilles. I mean it's partially torn my you know there have to see if they're gonNA need surgery. They don't know yet. He's in a walking boot. After the game on on Wednesday I got agreed. CC kind of like acqu teary eyed moment but Dalla Matanzas appears to happened on the strike where he thought he was three outs and there's only two and and he lands a little awkwardly looks like and he's dancing off the Malecki always does something he's done a thousand times and tears. He looked so good on Sunday so good eight eight pitching to strikeouts looked incredible feeling great. The bullpen is as good as it's ever ever go. Maybe in the history of baseball going into the playoffs you know better than the royals when they want it all and then you come into the twitch on Tuesday as one down the show and you're like you see the news. I'm like no the game's over you know. I'm feeling Great Severino Pitch Great. We'll get into on a second and you're like Dell Tours Achilles. I'm like we talking about why you plan any joke on me like this and yet it was a nightmare it is it's tough to call the season from hell when they're going to you know win the division in win over Andrei Games but the amount of things that have gone wrong. They see it's just it is beyond belief. Yeah I was out there. Jack Mack goes to me. Oh you see potential towards Achilles and it didn't register in my head yeah because like he's not a Yankee fan base on the Yankee Fan so I was like he has the wrong name like is something wrong with us. The wrong name is reading it like there's something is wrong. Reported for the there's no way is just was my brain was not computing the down Britan's could have possibly possibly like they had an off day on Monday to committee autumn. It seems fine Sunday like it might bring honestly my brain still does not compute how it happened. I have a weird theory. Sorry like conspiracy here so on the honor getty images site you know they have all pictures of Yankees one of the other things so Monday. Cc had the whole team was at the Legacy Foundation dinner for CCC bath. You like the end of the year thing Delon's in pictures with his girlfriend. I don't know if they're married right whoever but like they're smiling and like he wouldn't did he hurt their. You think maybe maybe dancing. Could that possibly be real real like that's not being talked about right now because he looked fine pitching like come off the mound. You would think like you'll see towards something. You'd see a little bit of a winter whatever he's all smiles like you. Don't notice anything like I don't know I I've been holding in saving for the show like part of me thinks something might have happened at that dinner like an accident of some sort. I don't know warn Achilles like he's not gonNA be too happy. Sunday knows Monday night to go out. You know yeah. Maybe that's a possibility I didn't want to. I've been thrown out on the twitter sphere yet. I don't see I don't know if I'm GONNA 'cause like I only want positive thoughts. I don't want to start start anything but like dude he was at that dinner on Monday with his girlfriend wife wherever you were caller and they looked happy and he wasn't a walking boot and then a Tuesday comes in and the injury happens. It's like some paper he moved okay tonight right when he approved and he's a walking boot who then he's not in the walking with at dinner. You would think if he had that injury he wouldn't have shown and saying he can't show up to the dinner but like I don't know it is like he's I'm still moving. Pretty fine is shorts. I think he's like maybe at the hospital getting like again exam Zam or something if something's up. I don't know if I don't know I don't know if it's true. I'm just saying like that was weird. That just like something. Unquote went off my head on my That's interesting just something to think about but anyways a brutal injury not a season championships over injury nothing like that that but it just gets a little bit harder you know because out of you know seems to be running in a little bit of fumes right now. He hasn't been really locked down yet. The rest of the bullpens been fine Canley. Look Great on Wednesday night. Britain's been brock's Chapman's been Greg Green's been great but consensus being slid into that into a whatever will weapon actual you can use them. Wherever ever makes everything so much easier? It's like almost you need. A four innings from the start of the game is over. You know five innings you need. If you five things you need you need like four innings out of six pitchers Ritz really and Batangas and I said this time and time again when he's on like he was even with his ninety five our stuff on Sunday one of if not the most dominant pitchers in as a relief pitcher in baseball. That's how good that guy is so to lose him brutal title. I think it's also brutal. He's GONNA be thirty two next year. He's a free agent. He lost this entire the shoulder injuries and now he's got this. If you need surgery that you know next year's gone just brutal for him. Just the guy of self wanted to get back to your so badly. He's from Washington Washington Heights. He wants to be potter. World Series Championship bronze so badly you know it's been killing him just seeing him out there. In something he was so happy and this is just brutal for him not just the the team for for him. Now it saw it sucks like you said it sucks because her either I mean yeah they've been the best one of the best teams baseball season without Adam so it's not like this is a loss as much of it's not in addition. If that makes any sense dodgers two men on now in on the eleventh this this would be annoying annoying but okay sorry keep going but yeah I mean I just feel so bad for him personally to work your way back like that and to finally I'm sure he felt like Oh. Oh great I'm going to be part of this. October was so happy you know it. It sucks. It's size sports to suck sometimes and I don't know I I know it's like people spoil Danke fantastic twenty seven rings about to win your hundred gain clinch the division. You're complaining about how life isn't fair. Amount of injuries sustained. The season really isn't fair. It's insane and it's never happened before. It's never happened before if the amount of injuries to this team happened to any any other team that team is in last place west this many injuries that many important people the last place there's no other team in baseball. I think well at least they don't make the playoffs. I won't say they don't make the playoffs they don't. They don't win the division this easily. It just jumped all now best record in the league. That just doesn't happen. It just shows you how good this organization's been put together or that. They were able to sustain all this and still be one of the best teams. I mean. They're so a job. They've done Brennan's together Prince Team together together. This organization is incredible. They lost all these guys. This is basically plead this season it not even half strength basically and that this half ish version of the Yankees is still which is better than everyone else. It's just the depth of this team have crappy cash from credited boon for keeping everyone's head had you know on check and and not you know anyone who came up kind of felt welcomed him as you are important to this team and I think boone really did a great job of that and that's probably why Boone wins manager of the year in my opinion that's another story when he does win it but with potential going down as what these these actually GonNa win it. It's him in Delhi right pretty much. Just give it to Rocco Bowl Deli. They tailed off. I mean they're still GonNa win the division but they held off I mean I think it's such a manager there move just give it to like the twins guy well. There's always Yankee bias with awards the she the factor that in I don't know I think he deserves it giving them any injuries to keep everyone's everyone come you know they had the show is the mytalk men's and and they still won. I think it should be him. I'm like you said I'm just thinking bias yeah for sure. That's always I mean probably give it a core or something. Core wanted again but with breath batanes is going down as fucked up as seen is that meant to someone was coming back up at mammoth Luis Severino we were all nervous going I mean I was really he really nervous like around the game start at six thirty and obviously swimming very good joke on twitter I don't have the name on top of my head but they said how seventy didn't give him some ten minutes to warm up for game three of the AIDS so he gave himself ten months this time those kind of a funny joke but yes he starts on Tuesday drilling. They said he's seventy seventy five pitches what they're going to give them and you don't know if he's GonNa overextend himself you know he's me over Severino's known really channels emotions and an pitch with emotion and fire and you just don't want the guy that just hurt himself out there you know just trying China overthrow and trying to be no one Ryan out there and he comes out. You know I was so nervous around five o'clock once like the office started clearing out and you we're doing the twitter stream whatever and I was like Holy Shit like just don't fuck just don't be don't be a joke like pitch well. Please just pitch well pitch healthy and just get out of there and three or four innings fine and it comes at the first guy that Brian Goodwin. This asshole works up twelve pitch at Bat. I mean we only got seventy five pitches Max of Severino no and we wasted twelve on the first bat. Are you kidding me. We're doing matthew simple math and we'll be lucky to get two to three innings right now and then he gives a boob single right after that I think it's the Fletcher but he does luckily get out of it. Gets a nice ground ball to shift and then a double play ball the pools. Who can't I mean no one is no one is losing a foot race? Our pool stays like no one. Even people like one leg. You can beat out money balls a smoking okay Albert Pool Halls. I actually think so I gently of course dodgers make it eight seven okay so the topic run second game but yes so he gets out of it it gets out of it and like seventeen pitches and the takeaways there. You can't really put he wasn't putting hitters away. Fine just got out of it. We'll find second seconding strikes out to guys the miles per hour starting to tick up. He's getting stronger. He looked great from innings. Two or four and the coolest part of it was the third inning is Mas Paris his speed charter to go down a little bit and boom on the palm after three and he's like why he goes so you're ninety two ninety three. You know you're going to tidy no. I'm not tired out there. I'll get stronger and it came out and through ninety nine miles an hour so it's like okay we several years back back and he was so good all game. It really was effortless the way the ball is exploiting on his hand. He's locating a slider up the boss. Brown sliders were worried right about that was right where it should have been change. It was good everything was good. It was a really good outing for Severino Gimme that Sevi- all playoffs long I we don't even more in four innings. GimMe said before innings shutout would be ideal. Obviously foreigners one-run health warnings to runs when it be the end of the world. That's what we need out of him. I mean meal probably seem to more to more starts right. Yeah I mean I'm I'm like if there was a planet game five. I become hate having another two two so he gets tuned up a little bit more we could build back outfits but everything. I needed to see Tuesday night. He had he had the fast ask law he had the he had the off speed stuff had a slider control the strike zone like yeah. It wasn't an eight inning shutout dominant performance but but I just don't think there's now enough time left in the air where it sever is going to get to that point Gimme four five innings of really good semi and I'll take he got eleven times out of ten. I think the plans again like ninety pitches. which I think is reasonable? I mean through what sixty seven a star like. We're talking about him in like bullpen role I know I think that's the plan I think like we were kind of like confused by the whole thing. It was just like I think we were just we thought the plan was to be like it kind of guy following the opener but it seems like they just wanted to be a starter five five star which is great fine. Take no but overall like I'm feeling good. I was a little nervous from that thing where he wasn't throwing hard and then he just ninety nine I was nervous. We're GONNA wake up today given how the seasons GonNa on me like a reaction everything he's done for the year but didn't hear think so I assume if he had normal soreness and he's good to go for his next start and hopefully flee that will be an eighty start. I think maybe they'll go to because they threw sixty seven this time so everything's good which is cute. I didn't think I didn't they know how smooth it was going to go but I think it was like best case scenario so yeah just a great which is scary right. Well things go like what goes up must come down right so part of that coming down today so the the Yankees curse this year the Voodoo doll curse has hit the whole team obviously what twenty nine guys and the I l. a. Million Miss Games John Sterling for the love of God had the mistime Mike Michael Kay mistime. It's time and finally hit the bloggers fear on on Wednesday. I was struck by a bicycle on Wednesday four tweet dawn so I left the office I was going to go meet your the Tattoo Guy who's in today. That's my buddy was meeting him at the Bar and I'm crossing thirty third AH street and sixth avenue going towards fuck was going to so sixth avenue going towards Second Avenue and it's only one way traffic going to the right side so I'm so I'm waiting at the light with a bunch of people and then the light rusel so no clutch tonight yeah so far so I saw the white the white sign goes everyone starts walking and it's only one way traffic. It's only going from right to left and so I look to the right you know making sure. No one else is coming because that's where the traffic comes from and as I'm walking I'm here watch out. Watch out watch out from this fucking asshole scum of the Earth bicyclists. It's the worst person on the planet coming left to right the opposite way buddy. You are nowhere near. It's not even a green light. You are nowhere near in your right and what is as you crashes into me. My left arm my left arm. I actually thought I broke my arm. For about ten minutes. I literally got to the Bar I was like panting and my the pages would not subside and and eventually got it still hurts like fucking bitch and actually have chest pain because the bicycle also went to my chest but I didn't get knocked down to eight the IB basically eight the bicycle and got into a nice shouting match a nice as I'm like walking away from the whole thing just oh curse getting a good like easy ten to the guy it was. It felt so strong what I was saying. He's like you're not in. You're like what the fuck are you talking about dude you. We're not like it is a long fucking way going the wrong way. It's a right light. I I couldn't say it in twenty. You can't tell someone WanNa die on twitter anymore. You get immediately like in Twitter Jill so I think some of the lines of like I hope he loses the keys to his house. I hope he gets an S. T. D. YOU and he gets arrested for tax evasion or something like that but we're now in a trustee right now. I hope that guy dies. I hope he dies a terrible arable fucking death fuck that guy fuck you fuck you. I hate cyclists in general but man if you just like going the wrong way and just crashing in the people like a Goddamn astle fuck you do to help you blow your tire. You fall down the sewer and alligator issue alive. That's I hope you die. I'm getting fired up. I just love getting reasons to get mad man especially at cyclists I mean I feel like it's pretty universal. Everyone just hates these. fucking scumbags fights has led the cause well but I mean that's that's always what I thought. If you're are GONNA be look if you want to be a little harto piece of shit and ride your bike in the middle of the street fine but then you got to abide the abide by the rules of fucking road buddy like you know when it when it's a red light you stop when it's a one way street you don't go the opposite way you want to be in the street. Obey the laws of the Road I love. I never got hip I want. I don't WanNa get hit by one. It's not funny what it's not fun. We love to just like come. Just close up. Don't get hit but I still get to get shout like there's so so many things I'd love to say. I'm a little jealous. You got that opportunity. There have been many times this year. We're like this Yankee season as bad as the injuries have. It's been a dream and I've been looking ahead and every time I walked to work occasionally when I walk to work I think just don't die today. Don't just Kinda. Just make it to November. This is going to be so much fun this ride this team. It's magical you can feel it. Just make it to November then you can die and for like a split second. I thought I thought I was GONNA die for no not like this is bullshit. Luckily I'm still I'm still what did. TJ Just how we feel what the hell the TJ to send us. I don't know what that was what I was and I can even and live with a bicyclist like you know how like they just don't obey the traffic signs. They just go when it's red or whatever that's fine if it's still like the flow of traffic brought I'm not gonNA look to my left. When it's a one way street the other way you know so just just insane fucking can't fuck that guy I hope he died a miserable death very soon and I hope to God? He's a Red Sox Fan Fil no way that guy I hope to God. I don't share the same phantom as that guy. There's no way no way assholes. Also assholes like Yankee no way that Ashkenazi accuweather says no fucking chance moving on to catch my breath. CC's final home start was Wednesday Wednesday district side in the second inning. That was cool it. Did it feel like to you. That's it like as a whole. No I think he'll be on the postseason roster. especially with Batanes down felt weird to me. I don't know I got a weird vibe from it. I don't know how how important his appearances will be in October. I don't think there'll be that I mean there's a chance he number stuff on mount again. There is no. I think he'll pitch pitch next week. I think he will 'cause. They're gonNA try him in the relief mode yeah I what I expect to make a deep run so I think he'll probably pitch in the postseason but I will say one little pet peeve of mine. I'm getting so tired of people like almost babying see see see where I mean not always. There's some I saw some stuff I think he's twitter but also I saw it in the post game show like Oh you know. CC He pitched pretty well tonight. No he did not seem to and two-thirds innings and allowed two runs left with the baseload look. I know he's not the same pitcher but I honestly it's a big. It's more insulting to see into his legacy to be like Oh. Yes see see you did pretty good tonight two-thirds choice. You know it's not that that's a garbage start art. CC knows that's a bad start. You know he was obsessed with this guy used to be a workforce goes seventy eight any and I get that he's not that guy anymore. Don't expect them to be that guy anymore but I don't want him to. I don't want to act like our GRANDPA or like a little four year old. We're going to be on a different scale. Come on like I like interest insulting thing to see to have a go all right. He did pretty well today. I also don't think he's only anywhere near healthy like I think he's like like he was pitching most of the season forty percent healthy. I think he's like twenty five percent healthy right now so like I think they all knew that that's why I get the vibe like I don't know it could have been it like that can happen his last like Sh- I think that's his last start ever. I think it's a less start. He ever has everything awesome as a reliever and it would work to you know last star comes inky Stadium Yeah so I duNno we're vibes funny thing his him dappling everybody the first guy so that was actually really really sweet and they're they're good buddies but you you made the the comment on twitter about you would be a disaster and adapt line. I think you fall in line with never never kind of went for like the handshake when everyone's like i. I'm a pretty good dapper. I think I would have been right there with Delon like I think that would have been my move. Whatever Dylan did is what I would have went with but you would have went with like the weird handshake like half hug look like There's no possible way that gone smoothly for me. It's not so today so head coach Dana Dana Cavalier and then you'll hear his interview soon. We had a pretty good everything with them. Greeting a good good by a good I could buy when handshakes that was pretty right but then you miss this there was a second goodbye on his way out where I like. He gave his left hand. I I gave my right hand and it was like site. We're like standing side to side. Basically Oh was like we were like holding like totally shaking your hand. Yeah almost like holding hands or it was done so well and I blow it at the end. God God damn. That's tough 'cause pretty simple like hello goodbye with that guy feel like and that's tough. You can't handle that we have to go back to we have to go back to the drawing longboard. I feel like we've we've gone to. I don't want to be good adapts. You know what I mean. It just never going to be good. I'm fine okay suit to be good at when when the new wave of greetings comes by you gotTa jump on that when I go away you got to be the first one like yet all in in here in this study to show them but yeah obviously see very sad who knows that's start off to see what else I'll say within the game pretty much the reason Yankees lost Alino not good again really struggling -vely in terms of in her in his standards Kinda fall a little bit down the trash realities running on fumes out if he's just having a weird you know having a weird go but where are your concerns out of you know. I'm not super concerned the timing of it for the playoffs obviously in great but I think sometimes uh-huh hitters pitchers used to like it happens. I would say I give them the weekend. We saw him Wednesday. I'd I'd say you know what clear mind don't worry about it. WE'RE NOT GONNA use Thursday through Sunday and then next week try to get them two to three appearances where he's rested sustained and he'll be good and you can have confidence themselves. We can have confidence in him going supplyhouse. That's that would be highlighted so he's now giving up a run in his last four appearances France's one of those was unearned. we has like eight blown saves this year. They're pretty well. One saves her yeah. I know I know it's just a weird style. They might be nine now. Yeah I mean not overly concerned because his stuff is just discussing and you know he's shown time and time again again but this is probably the worst stretch he's been in as the Yankee looking back and says of concern you know he's had like one really bad appearance here and there but in terms of like stringing them together together. I think this is the worst that's a little concerning. They do generally give him plenty of time off. This was only his seventh appearance in nineteen days. I feel like that's not crazy at all. That's almost like three days rest two days rest in between appearances so yeah a little concerned but nothing like I'm hitting the panic button but I just WanNa get shit together so maybe he doesn't need the weekend offer something. We'll see another guy who came back so they kind of why thought like death came after today with the bicyclist was Giancarlo came back nice to see him back. I think we've been pretty firm with that. We Watch on call it back right yeah. I think I definitely want to go back. Look the hazy gets saint he two years ago. We'll be talking about like there was a tweet from is the network account Avocado Return. Some other flies were just just discussing. We don't want him back. Oh we don't need some four three restrike. Outlook was great in the playoffs last year. WHO's been plants? Last year hasn't been great in clutch situations but you know what is a great baseball appoint. He's capable of going on a tear that can carry a team. He could have not going to say he'll do it but I think it's a possibility I know you're gonNA say that. He is an owner like era. Yeah I mean he's as all the potential to do that. That's how good he's he's talented and Iran was just just as bad as I mean in a bigger sample size much bigger sample size just as bad you know so as dumb and he comes up to the plate fall behind to this I back and rips a double and everyone's like Oh all right. He's pretty good yeah. Freely this guy. He hits the ball one hundred ten miles an hour at least every single time he makes contact. We could probably used that probably be probably good. You haven't the lineup and then in the outfield. He's no slouch. Either People Forget. He's one of the best arms in baseball. I mean the guy he had headed here. The guy dead the rights if gosh okay hang onto the ball beat them by pretty good margin. Do you feel her can help us in October. You guys are morons morons. If you don't want that crazy to be the starting left fielder not tober too especially with Hicks Garnering Center judging right. I even important he he is. You WanNa put an X. factor. Whatever in October I think you can make the case that is from Carlos and yeah I mean I am not to put this guy? I'm blessed but I mean you're the first person that comes to my mind. This Guy Brian Barcelona. Hell the last name to wells. He tweeted me this morning wrong for not wanting to call back in the lineup. I really think think that huckster lineup as way too much for me. He's GonNa kill so much momentum. I think I'm okay if he comes back and hits like eighth but no way he should be near the top. I mean get it together. Guys get it to you call standalone we're going on the record the short porch we are very pro Giancarlo and if he goes over four three strikeouts in LDS game on I can't say I can't say we'll be standing by that much. Ah Give Him more than a game like if he has one strikeout critical spot. I'll be like look. This guy can't believe me back but you know that that's playoff baseball. Almost it's just corrobos getting your head because Kobe the first part. He was probably had his finger. If I know him he was watching it I I bet I know he's watching the first at that and he had his finger on the Tweeden. Provinces Tweets Chroma crows can get my head. It's more just like myself getting right right right so but I mean that's that's the only thing that's GonNa make you feel negative Carl. At this point just well. I get some Yankee twitter and stay away from it. Shit read our tweets. We'll be positive we'll be positive I was pretty negative two years ago kind of change my tune. We'd positive now especially because I cheated death. Today I will be negative right now though are did you see these yankees new era caps that yes me as one of the worst hats ever see my life. I think I need was why why there's just so bad that I think I like them. They look you have like a bunch of toothpicks tape to the hat. I'm not a hat person not knicks. Whatever what are they called when you put him in ears your wax they called you tips to cue tips cue tips tape to a fucking and I'm kind of thrilled by to be honest doesn't display hat? I feel like it's a good display hat like just avenue desk not to aware display hat. Yeah that's true. I don't know I see everybody hating on it and it's like I think I need that. I mean what you'll see is just the people who like just go against the tide. They'll just take all yeah. This is sick just for just to go against the tide. I won't be one of those people that had sticks. We can do better than that. Let's let's let's be real here. Folks what else oh the cool moment happened at fenway happened the couple of days ago like cool the how about this the most memorable moment of the entire season for the red sox. was someone hitting a homer against the Red Sox your strength ski kit hitting hitting a home run. That's the most memorable moment at fenway this year. How about that? It was cool. It was pretty cool yeah. This is pretty cool but that's the that's all the red talk to hang their hat on. Someone had a hormone awesome pretty cool. Fuck what an eighteen red sox baseball baby yeah all right so I'm still like hurting from this bicyclist thing. It's just I can't even tell my mom is not anything. Oh my gosh we go to the hospital. You got hit by a full speed bikes. Are you kidding me. She what you almost tonight as almost at Marquee nightclub with Gashi the rapper you almost want. How close did he go so so Tuesday Gashi rappers m coming out Friday pretty basin over a million followers on instagram has the song my year with Jisi he came in Tuesday's managers like a big Fan? I met him last year was like you're the best are going to be on Saturday night. Live one day man thank. You like drought just I. I don't even know you handing out incredible supplements like that I died me a drink. I I did a video with Gashi and afterwards. I think I'm just in Gosh. She's entourage walks. He's like Oh man like Marquis nightclub tomorrow night. I got a private table or celebrate my house. It's only like you know close friends and stuff that you could come bring wherever you want and I wasn't going to go. I mean going to a club on Wednesday night. It would have been cool to go with nightclub with rapper but it's a Wednesday night the newer recording tonight I'm tired like I I don't need that but then I was talking to mark Mush about it and he was like we gotta go you crazy. That's the whole reason we they have this job so marty was gonna come with me but then once I I mean it's one ten right now so like I want to begin to marquee like probably two or two thirty like God. That's just not happening like I'm so comfortable in my bed. The idea of going on right now is out of the question. I will go to album release party tomorrow night but yeah my night ah I considered for a little bit spending my night out a nightclub with around the thought of that gets me is Austin. I hate clubs I I can't I really want to light clubs so when I tell you know an elevated surfaces I do like to do that. I it's like when I first heard toilet on. I'm going to really like clubs like the vague your shrimps with Dave and stuff and I was like this is cool added here when he buys you forty Graham ramblers or stuff at a table like there's like all right. I'm going to be a club guy and then it's like I just I the thing with clubs to me. Is Your you feel better about it in like weeks in advance like Oh that was cool that one time but in the moment you're like man I'd much rather just be home right now and you know what I was like. You know what I'd rather be at my bad right now. So you go album release party on Thursday seven thirty to ten. It's sponsored answered by Print Street Pizza which was awesome pizza so I was. I doing the reaction video to winning the Division that'll be I'm not going to go for the whole thing. Okay you'll leave curly. Also that would talk probably Gotcha all right well yeah. I won't be there with you well not that I was invited anyways but I'm not I'm just is not good. I can't be I can't do that. I don't envision myself rally or something. I'll be void entourage if I can get in. That's the that's the entourage I'm maybe before. I'm even my sites there. What else by head like her? I think I might be concussed. I don't know what's going on here. I just opened my tunes. I don't don't have I don't want it ain't GonNa play Oh so we have this interview Dana Cavalier the nate. I'm so battling Cavalier Yeah Okay Okay Dana Cavalier. He is the two thousand nine shrimp thing conditioning coach for New York Yankees. He's got a world series ring and brought it into the studio. It's pretty cool. We thought little change patient. We've had players on we've had you know the Ryan Ruko John Sterling's but different side of the game more behind the scenes that you don't hear about often pretty cool motivational speaker now he wrote a book your hear all about it and hopefully he can help us get through all these injuries and make us feel better about it and not to point the finger at anybody because he's obviously been in the shoes in. It's not easy so before we get into that. Do want to talk to you. Guys about the Barcelos store lost stuff coming with the barstool sewer. We got a bunch of Yankee stuff in the pipeline not out just yet but in a few days it should be Maybe maybe by the time you listen to this Thursday night. If you listen to this hopefully we'll get it up with them. We're trying we got some good stuff it promise but along with the Yankees stuff coming out football's back obviously it's September the fall crisp air. It just feels right October baseball football football or it's all kickoff here stock up on all your Game Day essentials that the Barstool sports store fourteen letters three words football is back stock up on everything you need this football football season from tease sweatshirts tailgate gear for guys and girls. How are you getting ready for Game Day? The barstools store has you covered this season with the best marks from across league so go to store DOT Barstool sports dot com shop now at store parcells sports dot com got a bunch of football stuff. You're gonna Yankee stuff all the stuff you need. Don't shop anywhere else shop at the barstools store stored stored up parcel sports dot com without further ado and this will close out the show and we'll see back here on Monday and we'll also give you a little taste on Thursday once which we win the division then hopefully we win the fucking division at some point in the next ten days you'll hear from US Dan again on instagram follows there eric hubs arrogant scrubs and you're you're just Tomsk value right yeah. It's a follow get on those and be prepared then but we're we're in the show with an interview with Dana Cavalier. Enjoy we now welcome in the former director of strength conditioning and performance for the New York Yankees he helped lead the team to a world championship in two thousand nine the same year he was awarded the Nolan Ryan Award given to the top strength and performance former coach ladies and Gentlemen Dana Cavalier. What's going on man now much? Thanks for having me guys what's happened by. We thought we change up of it. We've had a bunch of players in this year but given even the current state of the team. We thought we'd we take we pick at the mind of strike the kitchen coach because I don't know what the Hell's going out yeah yeah. No a lot of people you know look towards has the strength coach. When there's a lot of injuries I always say listen? It's it's it's not always the case that it's the strength guy and that it's his you know his fault right that players get hurt ralliers. There's get hurt. Sports players get hurt and there's a lot of reasons why they get hurt. We'll get into for sure I. I wanted just for those who really are not familiar because I feel like you you play more of a behind the scenes role with the team. Just explain yourself what what was your exact role with the guys you were there from do you the strength and conditioning coach from two thousand seven to two thousand fourteen fourteen. Just explain your role and how you got started with all that yeah so for me. I have a degree in sports medicine from the University of South Florida down in Tampa and grew up big Yankee Anky fan grew up on long island not too far from the stadium and ultimately the strength coaches responsible for on field performance not the the XS and Os and not the hitting that the pitching and not the outcomes in that in that regard but we are responsible for making sure that the players are ready to play every single day you you know they're strong. They're not carrying extra body fat there nutrition's in check we assist in the rehabilitative process when players get hurt and at the same time we work with every player you're on the team to pump them up and get them excited to play every single night because one hundred sixty two games. That's a lot of games spring training playoffs to grind it's to grind and there's a lot of transitions most emotionally and physically throughout the season. So what were you doing in your career before joining the Yankees and how'd you end up land yeah yeah well. I practically yeah pretty interesting. You know I decided again your kid. I decided to leave the Big Apple and had the Florida land of the palm trees but the reason reason I went to Tampa was because I knew the Yankees were they're smart so right from the jump. When I was nineteen years old I started as an intern with the New York Yankees and it was an unbelievable achievable story because you know here I just at the time it was steinbrenner field or legends field and I pulled up in my car and I'm literally literally taking pictures of players with flip phone through a chain link fence years this this was back in two thousand and four okay so I'm taking pictures through a chain link fence sending them home to my friends my family? I'm just amazed that it's February and it's eighty degrees and literally that day I ended up going back to an internship I was doing with the University of South Florida football and the head coach calls me in the office and says hey I wanNA talk to you. I think I'm about to get whacked and he says no listen. I got an opportunity for you. If you're interested did the head strength coach with the Yankees just called and he would love to have somebody there turning basically handing out water handing out towels and you know watching the weight room and nobody's in there I said as a matter of fact I just got back from there and I would love that opportunity so literally the next day I drive up the day before a parked a mile and a half away because I couldn't afford parking college kid and you know that day I pull up. I got a spot for myself. You know already reserved. I walk in the office. They say hey are you. Dana Cavalier Lisa Yeah they throw credential on my neck. It's gotta see for Clubhouse in an F for field access. They throw me in you know Yankee gear and next thing you know the same picture field. I'm taking a picture of a day earlier now. I'm in the middle of that field. My life changed the real. That's all that's too quick one day. Okay Hey dirk and I have an autograph your water and here I am you know or you know a few years earlier. I'm I'm at the shoe store by Derrick jeeter sneakers because it was the cool thing to do and you're nice school at the time so it was a really quick transition and it was an amazing ride you know from that point had to cut my teeth as an intern. I didn't know a whole lot but I was able to Jason Giambi called it well get baptism by fire jumping and you'll figure it out took over and just a few years though right so yes yeah yeah yeah so in nineteen years old. That's when I got an internship position but just a few years later you know there was a rash of injuries and I got promoted. I went to Brian cashman sweet down in Texas. Phil Hughes was throwing a No hitter through seven hundred twenty hurt him hurt his hamstring in Texas hot night the the next morning again cash calls me into a suite which was palatial and he says listen. I WanNa make you the interim head guy. Would you have any interest in that and I I say it was like my Jerry Maguire. Moment I walk out and I'm like holding myself together not going to believe this and that was the real point of transition you know in my career but but I we'll say that internship and getting to know the players you know who they were and having nothing to lose is a nineteen year old kid. That's set me up for success down down the road. Who was the first guy as an intern the a player that came up to you introduced himself that you developed some sort of relationship yeah so the first player I've ever had a relationship with when I first started was homer homer Bush okay okay but the player that helped me was my gateway player to get everybody else was actually hip Asada pretty good one yeah and he's one of my best friends to date and when you get Hor hey there's a package deal that comes with that you also get Derek jeter and when you get Derek jeter you get everybody right so so it was an amazing ride and hey I remember we were in the back of a clubhouse in auxiliary clubhouse in Chicago playing the White Sox and it was just me and him and he he says hey listen this winter would you doing? I said nothing really of any plans. He says I want you to come down to Miami. I'm getting older and I need somebody on me every single day making sure training right stretching me taking care of my tissue work all of that can you do it and I said Yeah So. He put me up on Miami beach here. I am like twenty three years old right. I have the opportunity of a lifetime and that relationship got really tight and there was another player that also lived in Miami Alex Rodriguez together we were able to I formed a relationship with both of those guys and from that point it was it was it it was amazing pretty good so obviously two hundred nine you know they win the world series and you're a big part of that. What stood out to you for that? You still have the ring of Yeah Yeah I would never. Do you ever take that off. You know what most of the time it's I always say. It's in my underwear drawer so okay. I brought it to that yeah. I figured it was it's fitting for the show yeah and also don't forget it's our ten year anniversary which is by now feels like Oh yeah just like two years ago right right but so what stood what's your from that two thousand nine team from the other years because obviously they had won the world series since two thousand going inside a little drought similar to the drought. They have right now yeah yeah so what stood out to you well you know that year what we were just getting into the transition between Joe Torry and Joe Girardi Joe took over Girardi took over the year prior prior right but that year we had signed see Safia and we also signed. Aj Burnett one thing I learned early in my career from Joe Torry was pitching and defense wins championships tips to share as well to share as well right so so techs unbelievable defensive player and you've got to really strong arms that came in right in Asia so right there. It's like hey pitching. Defense wins championships. It's two thousand nine you typically need three starters to win right right and we just picked up two horses in addition to having a depended who was what we call old faithful when game two comes around you want Andy Pettitte on the mauser and you knew it was going to be a lock so that was the difference you know we had Nick Swisher who brought a different vibe and energy to the clubhouse that was very atypical of Yankee Culture Culture which was very quiet subdued and traditional you know he came in last in the music and making everyone in a loosen up a little bit so you had a mix of new talent Alan and old champions coming together and you had some guys those new those new editions had not one before so there is a hunger that because you have a quote from Your Book Habits of champion You have a quote never get too high never get too low. Yeah I took that from Derek jeters Nick Swisher. Go against that yeah you you know what the here's the thing right so swish he he was such a momentum player definitely goes against that but it was also one of the things that would sometimes get him a little bit of trouble because you get so high and so excited that on the way down his energy would come with it and everything else would go with the two but actually got that quote from Derek jeter never gets you high. Never get you too low and that's what you see somebody that totally and same thing with moe and same thing with a lot of those hall of fame type players they never got so excited and they never ever crashed. It was always even if they went over four or four four you had you never knew their disposition was always the same was their unique feeling being in the clubhouse all season long. Did you just feel like this is a team of destiny. I remember that year. I mean all the walk off Wednesday. Walk down. I'm thinking all the new guys state. It was like everything is just coming together with quiet confidence all season where something special is happening. I think we knew we were a good team but but ultimately we also scuffled a little bit there. There was a transitional meeting that took place in Atlanta and you know Brian Cashman led that meeting he started off by saying listen. You know this isn't a panic Hanoch meeting but we're going to have a meeting and talk about where we are right now and honestly from that point forward that that was when we really blasted off and everybody got together and started moving in the same direction. We always say we have a saying the equipment guy with the Yanks Rob Kacoos is a good friend of mine and he always says listen when you have more players in in the cart then pulling the cart. You don't have a very good chance to win but that meeting would did was cash basically gave everyone a little bit of a smack in the rear and said hey everyone out of the cart grab hold and let's pull this thing down the field and from that point we did and every player picked each other up there was also one more transitional moment and that was in September timber. We were playing the Toronto Blue Jays and there was a pitch that was throwing it jorges facade and you can go back and see the video and he tells the pitcher. I don't know Dunbar maybe last night and he says don't do that don't do that and he was a very juiced up player. In a lot of ways very excited and literally he was coming around the you've got the first and he was trying to score from second pitchers coming to cover the plate. He's nowhere near Georgie and Georgie reaches out with his arm and hits them so what happens benches clear that was the moment that pushed us through September and the first coach. I've worked under Jeff. Mangle was in the first rank coach teams come together. When there's a fight for I mean you could make that comparison with this year's team with the whole savage thing that's happened earlier in these not September number but it's you know to this point carrots to where we are and brought everyone together so that helps for sure but you mentioned that to very interested so that that braves cashman speech? What do you have any more details what what into that yeah you know it was it was ten years ago okay but but the one thing I'll say about cash is is he? He never puts anyone down right. It's it was uplifting was a motivational. It was saying guys here's where we are but here's where we should be right and and and I really believe at that moment the guys believed it and he talked about. He's not afraid to talk about players. He's very upfront very upfront and that's what makes them so amazing right but telling hey I brought the best talent in so we could win and that's what we went out to do right after you hear that everybody's sort of check themselves and and that moment you you recommit to each other and that's what happened you could tell that that message just went right to everyone's no one was not paying attention. Yeah okay here we go yeah because we knew we were better than we were playing and and it was like all right we kinda needed that little kick in the butt and you know listen you hear your managers voice almost every day. You hear your coaches voices almost every day but you don't hear your. GM GM very often right so that was that was a powerful moment for us very interesting. What was it like just that night winning the world series against the phillies and then into into the parade? You just described those that night those next few days well I always say the one image I have in my mind is Marta Shera. Who is a total pro? Throw down at one oak after we won the world series with two bottles of champagne goggles on his head going absolutely beserk so it was an amazing it was an amazing mazing ride but you know for me the moment that like as a kid I watched all those championships I watched ninety six and that will run so to now now be a part of it Chris and sitting literally a standing on the top deck you know with my hands on on on the Dugout fencing that was that was amazing L. standing right next to Andy Pettitte Andy Cans me they handed out these cameras that were like disposable cameras at the time and he's like hey do me a favor. Can you capture these moments for us so so I got so excited after that when that ground ball is hit that I ended up just drop in the cavern and it was like one of those things. Are you know a couple of days later came in you got that camera subdued but but it was you know when when what we we talk so much about winning winning and success that was it right that's it's where we peaked all of that work all of those meetings all of those trials and tribulations everything that everybody faced that year from the front office all the way down. That's the moment that was the moment that we were playing for see obviously you were a part of both stadiums yeah so what was the biggest difference moving into the new stadium winters of facilities because being strength condition coach all these shiny new toys. GotTa be a good thing for you. Yeah well listen. I I got a chance to renovate the old stadium weight room on design and how I wanted and then I actually got to be very involved in the whole process of designing the new that's training facility so so you know I I'd like to say I had made my mark in both places but but it was amazing the one thing that the players valued the most believe it or not was that there was much more restricted access to the media in the new stadium so they were able to kind of put their hair down more and the stadium was so spread out underneath that there were so many places to go and hide and even get some private time because as a player you have media around you. You have agents around you. You have financial guys around you have have player. Everyone's always around so it's very hard to find some peace and quiet for yourself I when you think back to different guys on that team is there anyone that stands out that just had weird workout kowt routine or a weird habit where like ask for help within your S- like what what are you doing man yeah every player's quirky you know like talk about Iraq right as a as an example most players. You don't WanNA listen to pump some pumped up music. kyw's listen rabs some guys. Will you know you know put it into pieces but he wanted to actually listen to Pat Bene- tar you know hit me with your best shot cranked up. He was super excited for so every guy's got his own weird routine Andy Pettitte on Game Day. We used to have to play the rocky soundtrack. Stop right there. These are the highest performing athletes fleets in the sport and this is what they do in order to get ready and get prepared to play so every player had their own quirks to them. Well what do you is there or anyone that stands out besides those two. You all remember just being like what Derek have anything crazy now he was. He was pretty pretty standard. Pretty Standard Wisher Swish you switch was when he was on a roll. He do a lot of training okay but as soon as he kind of went went cold sometimes he pulled back a little bit he was very on and off off nick. You know so so it's hard to say who had anything really quirky. There wasn't in terms of like Laura offer you know off the rails was there during spring you come in different mentality some guys. They're really grind some guys you know they have their roll cut off them ready and they can just relax or anyone who really like half asked like spring training like in terms of like getting ready yeah. You know it's interesting because a lot of times the veterans are the ones that actually do that but they don't do it to be lazy. They do it because 'cause they know how long the season is so. We always used to say you know you'll always have one or two spring training hall of famers. They're typically younger guys guys guys that get their first shot and they wanNA give it their all and you say wow this guy's amazing but oftentimes they don't make the big league club or if they do you there already backed down and four weeks. There's always that that sort of player but the great players they pace themselves and they've done it before so saying that we used to also also use is act like you've been there before act like you've done it before. Catch was with the veterans be like look this kid trying so hard going balls to the why you'd see you would see it every year. Yeah I roll and the biggest thing is like for me think about it. I'm in charge of conditioning these players you know a lot of these guys. They don't WanNa be running and you know you're not liked coach during spring training so what they would always try to get the young guys that want to run to the front of the pack and there's a guy like pushing pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing guys like hey man slow it down in front a little bit you know they they wanna be that pace car but we gotta keep facing check so you mentioned. CCC Scene Garner the only to carryovers from that Oh nineteen to nineteen what what you say about their workout routines and just what they were like listen. I always say this. You know any player that's played over ten years has figured it out. You know so you know Brett. Gardner is not a big weightlifter. When he takes his shirt off? You'd think he's unbelievable all right in terms of you know his physique and what he does but but you got also remember that these guys are hand selected best in the world you know so you're dealing with a hand selected population that comes with so many natural talents and so many natural tools so guy like Brett Gardner he works really hard in the cage he works really hard on his defense he works really hard on the mechanics of base running but not a big weightlifter right so hello and then with a guy like CCA you know there's always a lot of talk about his weight. That's always been the big thing. John's got bad knees because of his weight listen. He's a big guy. He's six five. He's he's a guy that carries more weight and carries more body fat than the average player and oftentimes when we would try to trim them down what would happen. Is You trim. I'm down some of his confidence and he felt like you were trimmed down his fastball at the same time so I always said when when you talk about a player in their body you gotta take a lot of things into consideration you gotta take in their body fat. You GotTa take in their weight. You gotta take in their circumference how big they actually are and you gotta take how they feel and you gotta take in their performance and it's a balance silence of that equation not just one because if guys playing well and feels good but he's overweight. What's it matter right now? Getting the wins twenty thirteen not the best year. You know things just didn't go our way. Do you think you were kind of made out to be like the scapegoat there. I really don't hold all will will or anything. No you know what what's what's interesting about baseball and anybody that spent some time in it as a coach or player my philosophy is this the day you start you flip an hourglass us and that's any coach by the way you turn and we don't know how fast the San move sometimes. It's very slow and other times it speeds up when there's a lot of injuries I know for for me as a strength coach especially in the soft tissue side Hamstring Groin lattes and things like that cavs I would start to be worried that that sand I and was speeding up whether it actually was or wasn't in my mind that was speeding up so I don't look at it as a scapegoat. I look at sports at the professional level as a business. That's right and you have to have a reason why something is not working and sometimes it ends up. Being you know somebody that you have to take out you. Eh SORTA fast forward now six years later. I like this twenty nineteen team could use you they. They got out something. What have you ever seen anything like this rash of injuries yeah? You know what here's the thing I I was actually talking to Sweeney murdy a couple of weeks ago about this and for me. I never you can't point the finger at one person right because again. We don't know exactly what these players are doing all the time but what would you have always look at his trends right so if you see a repetitive repetitive injury hamstring hamstring hamstring hamstring calf caffe caffe caffe Oblique Oblique Oblique Oblique you can at that point work backwards a little bit but here's the thing right right what I was used to say is this as a strength coach. We know the exact volume and the exact program that we are giving our players right does a hitting coach know how many swings a player takes every single day they don't. They don't know how much tea work you know. The players took how much soft toss cage. BP and live EP so until you can get all the facts right. We're in a data game now. We've got an all the data right all the analytics we don't know how many swings a players taking per week and that compounds per month and over the course of the season so you got these high performing athletes right they're stronger than ever ever they are more powerful than ever and now they're doing a lot of high velocity volume work right so you have all these leaks happening how much of these players swing winging taking batting practice every day I was used to say and I still say if you can't hit by September. You can't hit how much need right so there's not oftentimes times teams are pulling back and saying hey no today or no cage work right. That's an unmonitored activity same thing with throwing immune pads up. It's interesting though because they have really hammered didn't like more than any other team no relief pitcher goes three days in a row and like I guess aside from Delon one that really has held true any relief injuries. Let's just going through my head right now like that's interesting way of like rest like that. That has to play a part. Do you believe that like there's needs to be a certain amount of time taken off one hundred sixty two game season yeah. I think it's different for every player yeah right so the one question that I always ask players is how do you feel today and I'll ask him the same question an hour later in an hour later these guys I always say they're like Formula One cars in every lap they take around anything could happen. They don't feel the same at the end of the lap they do when they start the lap right. Sometimes it can go three laps and feel good. The fourth is the problem. How often would guys be honest with you and be okay? I I need a day. They don't feel great or was. It always like I'm good. I'm good to go to them yeah. Well you know in my era. Let me say this in the seventies and eighties guys couldn't couldn't say they need a they need a break. It wasn't it wasn't appropriate right or even the nineties you know but once cal ripken took a seat. I think guys started to you realize the importance of saying. Hey you know what if I played today. It's probably not a good idea because I'm going to get a setback so players became much more open much more vocal about what they needed in order to perform at a high level as the years went on and now it's the same thing players feel comfortable asking for a day. Do you think Jacoby Ellsbury is pushing it a little bit by saying he's like three years it. You know it's interesting man. Sometimes you don't know actually what's going on transaction really you know there may be some things going on between him and the front in office and him and his agent the front office yeah so so we never know all the details and that's that's the one thing I learned when I was just a fan right in high school. I I used to get so pissed about certain things how this guy's not playing sure why why's cashman doing this but when you get into business and you realize it again it is a real business. It's just the business of sports and the business baseball you start to realize why things happen. Why players sitting right now you know? There's things that we don't oh no. Maybe there's a trade being set up. Maybe the players hurt but they don't WanNA deal. You know there could be all sorts of hun is a lot of behind the scenes transactional work so you have your book. it habits of a champion. Nobody becomes a champion by accident. Tell us a little bit about the book it came out last September correct correct yeah last September and I just actually released a kids book too but but that book Abbott's of a champion I mean listen. I was fortunate to work next to some amazing easing people again from front office to players you have a chance to learn some pretty incredible lessons from some pretty incredible people that have to perform on a pretty large stage so what I wanted to do as a coach always reading books about Personal Development self-help Growth and coaching but I'd read a lot of these books and they were perfect perfect world situations. These weren't always written by people or writers that spent any time in the field in the trenches in the real life situations so I wanted wanted to take what I learned from my players what I teach my players and put it into a book that works more like a handbook as opposed to just a one time flip through read and that's what habits habits of champion is. It says nobody becomes a champion by accident. That's the subtitle because it's true if anyone ever knew the amount of work that players put in mentally really physically nutritionally from a rehabilitation standpoint they would be amazed they would tip their cap to these guys allow more than they do and I always say to you can't forget forget when you turn the TV off at eleven o'clock a lot of times. We're getting ready to head to the airport an hour later and jump on a flight possibly to Seattle possibly to Oakland so so there's a lot of variables here that that determine a player's ability and a player success. Can you give us an example of one of these lessons yeah so so you know one one lesson that I learned again. Go back to to Derrick jeeter. Buddy always says if somebody doesn't respect your time they don't respect you. So you know a guy like jeet. He would work out with me Monday. Wednesday Friday like clockwork three o'clock. That was his time slot. If he was running two minutes late he'd Kolya Elia right so so his big thing was about respect. That was a big big word for him because if somebody doesn't respect you they don't they don't actually really respect themselves right so that was a big that was a simple lesson on people right in the game baseball you got a lot of different heads a lot of different people around but it's so important award in order for a team to win. There has to be a level of respect for each other right so that's a very a very simple lesson that was in the book so Yeah No. It's definitely never be late for never be later or that's it. No more no more dinner I saw also the a-rod pretty much credited like all of his health and success us to you pretty much so so the thing with Al Alan I have developed a pretty good relationship through the years. Just you know he was one of those players. Usually when you're dealing with a player that's six foot four plus plus and over two hundred and thirty pounds their bodies require a lot of maintenance and a lot of work so the strength coach spends a lot of time without player so how how I mean we'd be stretching multiple times a day doing soft tissue work make it your hips or mobile and open so he could generate the power generate so yeah Alex and I have a really a great relationship seems like you built a lot of great relationships with a lot of great players and I'm sure they take care of you. What's the best gift you ever got from a player man outside side of some checks it? was you know it's going to sound you interesting to say this but my father was a guy. That's like a Jew. Make sure you get your pictures with these. These guys make sure but but that was never something that meant a lot to me. Lament the best gift was when they keep calling you like before we started the show. I said you nausea dinner two weeks ago with Andy Pettitte right you know I was talking to Alex yesterday. what what better gift than that right I mean ultimately these are these are superstars of the game right when you think of. MLB These are names that are going to be with that forever Marian Rivera being able to go to his house. You know have launch talk talk right so these are the gifts that keep on giving so check great the the second best gift next to the having obviously these relationships ships is is what I wear on my right hand which is world series ring to be able to win a championship with the core four and even have your name at the roster on the roster even though it's way at the bottom it's still on there so so that's cool you know what I mean. I'll always remember this and it was a magical moment and we'll see what happens this year. I hope they just stay more healthy. I I can't do this. Whole one guy comes off? The one guy goes back on the ideologist. I know I'm losing yeah. No it drives. I know it drives fans crazy but I'm telling on you more so than than driving you crazy those guys that are underneath that are at CHR- credited with keeping these guys healthy it drives is us crazy even more yeah we gotta get the food all away from somebody because someone has it's real it's real when there's so many injuries like that to the players ever like look at the strength and cushioning stuff to be like hey man. What are you doing you know I think what I'll say is? This most players have a really good relationship with the strength coach so they're not looking at bury you unless you're a real jerk work. They'll turn on you if you're a real jerk but but most of the time the strength guys are pretty cool guys that get what the players have to endure and what they have to go through so they're not looking at their now. Look into to bury a strength and think about it. It's a team so you're not looking to take down the guy that's trying his best to keep you healthy or trainers that are doing their best to keep you on the field. The players aren't gonNA AREN'T GONNA turn on u unless unless you turn on them you know for me. I'll I'll say this. I was always players coach so it was always you know you gotta keep a lot of things between the players that are meant to be between the players so player coaches that don't coach like that players tend to go out a little bit more yeah so you're you're working out still. You probably need some tips yeah so I was GONNA say. I passed like month two months. I've been trying to trying to get Rep China. Yeah yeah come back back in hurt my back so I wanNA know. What can you tell me some workout tips basically just wanted to do? I got some man tits trimmed down a little bit like built some biceps I steps and we get some broader shoulders some lattes in general like how much should I be working out how often ordinance diet for anyone like me out there. Well someone like you right. You're you're are naturally skinny guy so there's a lot of that sometimes because actually skinny goes act naturally skinny guy could tell just by looking at your wrist structure right you have you have have you do an analysis on feminist. We're going to judge a light risk vote so we so we look at those things right to see how much mass you can hold so you're not what you're never going to be. A high mass guy naturally okay so there are some places that you can go to accelerate your process but ultimately you're asking. Is We gotta get you enough what I say. If you want to build a five thousand square foot house you gotTA show up with enough would so most guys one thing they don't do is taken enough calories calories to build the House that they wanna built okay so if you get on a good strengthening routine right that's five to six days a week. Okay Okay and you're taking in in enough protein and you're taking in enough carbohydrate to drive the performance over time not a week not two weeks but over about eight to twelve weeks wchs you can start to see some good gains. The problem is most people they take in enough food today and a little bit tomorrow non-consistent yeah a little bit a lot a little bit a lot in Yoyo and then when you look at what they're eating. It's a lot times high fat food in high carbs and they're not taking in enough protein to build the body. I had so much protein at take about nine. I had some grilled chicken a ham sandwich and a proto protein shakes protein would you would you have for lunch Salad Alad okay. What's the Moussa Meg White's okay so so for you right? It's like you took in a majority of your protein probably at one meal yeah. We want to spread had that out over about six meals throughout the delk so it's so it's going to be hard because again. You're naturally a burner right. You know what I'm saying. I'm looking to get like oh needs to be like bulky. I just want to basically maybe more toned like what I do. have toning it up a little bit so is that if you're going to want more than tone women tone okay men men put on size and they get strong and they put on lean mass. I gotta eat more basically and full body workout. Every time I hit the gym well for you guys that are trying to get more size your body response when you put the muscle under tension so for you I would not do total body. I do more of a traditional bodybuilder split right so you're going to do like chest and tries back and buys and then you can do shoulders and legs together okay and then you're going to repeat that over and that's going to be your cycle so you're going to work six days a week Sundays. We'll be your off day and then you do it again. Put together a nice a nice plan to me. I hope I brought this up as a joke and now you're like and you're just for you. Well listen enough serious said if you if you wait trained properly you won't need the cardio when hear me hear me out. If you do any kind of cardio it should be more anaerobic sprint based fan base work because of too much cardio will go down even more all right so we gotta get some size is on you but we're not going to do that if we do too much cardio all right. Hey No. That's that's good look. There's I'm sure a lot of our listeners. Look pretty similar to me. I don't think that many bodybuilders so anyone listening to me that they want to. They want to tone up leaned. They don't want to tone up. They want to build WanNa build lean lean lean we call it lean bulk mass so along with great interview Tommy just changing exercise yeah yeah that we kept pretty top. Get into some detail fantastic denied. I thank you so much for coming in hope that God we actually start knocking her and we can win a world series but I appreciate come an awesome to hear your inside with everything. Thanks guys absolutely Dana Cavalieri. This is John Sterling. You've been listening

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