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Maybe they're GONNA win and they're gonNA fall behind the Bengals in the tank for two I didn't realize the bay was were own their own eight now weren't yet if they're aggressively bed they actually had a play where three different people had a chance to pick off an interception past Sunday and none of them did on how are you yeah sure yeah I agree wholeheartedly so if you blacked out on how fun to watch it would have been more fun if the forty niners would have scored forty nine months yeah he did not turn the ball over once if you take out those interceptions Christian McCaffrey was pre oren burner to the forty niners they lost fifty one to thirteen it was not great Sunday and didn't catch the game or didn't watch the game Lucky you really lucky you the panthers lost a sad panthers forty niners postgame recap though we will also preview the panthers against titans just for the headlines But yeah yeah not a fun game to watch the panthers really only had life about the only bright spot on this offense with a fourteen carries for one hundred seventeen yards though a lot of those came off two long runs He did score a touchdown the hello welcome to keep sounding podcasts. This is your Christian McCaffrey matched him as far as receptions go on only five targets with thirty eight yards and DJ more had nine targets for five receptions and thirty a carolina receiving was not great Curtis Samuel had eleven targets for four receptions forty six yards and AFC there's three teams that are legitimately terrible and compete for tour. I would say maybe the first couple drives on offense and then after the Bruce urban safety sack fumble or not it wasn't just safety sack This upcoming week this is Brian joined by Brad and John Brad how're you doing this evening I've been better I think we all could say that seven sacks so not great no fumbles no fumbles though he did not fumble take out the interceptions he didn't have any turnovers. Oh that's right yards so offensively. This was a really rough game for the Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey deserves the Panthers Kyle Alan Through Nineteen completions off of thirty seven attempts for one hundred fifty eight yards and three interceptions along with they punted it in the panthers scored of than that though for the most part the forty niners absolutely dominated this game looking how that works this year because like in the NFC there's like four teams that might go nine and seven or better and miss the playoffs and in the major props for having like the quietest one hundred and what is hundred seventeen yards no but like until two hundred fifty five yards of total offense Oh yeah time now fitzpatrick dinner reception breaking news to those of you who watched the game last night have one hundred fifty five yards of total offense and it's like not even a talking point yeah he had one hundred sixty three total scrimmage yards and Nelson offense innards were celebrating the fact that they only held them to one hundred fifty five yards which is crazy yeah I mean it didn't really matter much he didn't score except for once like we only points but I mean at least at least Christian McCaffrey was good I think that's that's a very big compliment he only scored he only got one hundred fifty five yards and one touchdown that's a win for us and that would be a massive day for anybody else everybody like that that's why he's MVP happens when you lean on running back and can't do literally they're still lost which goes to show that the whole leaning on Christian McCaffrey for literally everything is not necessarily the best way to go when you're playing against the actual never like has always been dominated by one person it's it's usually been cam this is a bad are so low actually when compared to the chances of him getting his legs snapped because he runs right into the the defensive tackle really good NFL team somebody said something in a comment section that I thought was interesting this offense since Ronald has been here but still it just ron makes some questionable choices yeah you know who else makes them questionable choices Kyle Allen I didn't see any questionable choices I fought everything he did was pretty good it just didn't work out free yeah that's the other thing why do we have Alex Armagh on the roster like why why are we wasting a roster spot on a fullback if we're not like five seconds left in the half or thirty five seconds left in the half and we have the ball in our own twentieth so we're just GONNA call one run play to see what happens when I give it to McCaffrey which I'm quarterbacks typically do but like more so with Cam with the the running in the lack of weapons in office of line around him and then when when cam starts let's just running into a wall for no reason for one extra play that accomplishes nothing I mean he there is a chance he could break one I get that but I mean the chance there's one thing that's different between this past Sunday versus the last four weeks and that's that Cam Newton was on line Kyle Allen and the offenses fault in the winning streak like really manifested themselves when they finally had play a good team oh my God yeah he was like it just doesn't make any sense yeah just is it really worth more than likely like three to four yards up is that worth another hit and then they intercepted it like it's like he was trying to throw it to the forty niners yeah well I'll tell you why I mean that made me mad to see Christian McCaffrey still in the game when it was fifty one to thirteen with like five minutes left in the game yes why are you still running him out there your MVP candidate put put Jordan scarlet out there because nobody cares if he gets hurt life list because spoiler alert I use it I don't understand it at least in his case he plays like special teams and he's a special teams guide Sean McCaffrey who is far and away leading the League touches and we already know that Reggie bonafide can run because we've seen him do it yes and Scarlett runs happened way too many times on Sunday the niners knew what was coming it's almost like we've said that before another thing we might have said before that I'm not oh I didn't expect nothing interviews expected it to be to that extent that it was but all of the things that more astute observers have been pointing out about attraction are to make accurate throws when you're looking over your shoulder the whole time right yeah exactly and he was he they showed him giving him advice looking at film he was probably telling him our to our two yeah yeah he's a decent power back and even Alex Armagh he he didn't play a whole lot of snaps either like it was mainly dominated by Christian McCaffrey first half that he could have thrown the ball away or done something else other than take a sack there was one where and the the sequence where he through like the most perceptible passive all time that was intercepted he was like let didn't work let's try it again I'm just saying things that were unfair but it's it's very evident what he's what a lot of the passing aims of of plays for for real We were not winning that game even with Cam Newton under center light display not the way the defense played I mean Vinh it's one reedmen check it down Christian McCaffrey Richard Sherman tweeted that he knew he was going to get an interception on route the panthers are going to run he says that he called this out to his teammates on Wednesday so it's pretty clear that Kyle Allen is not as much live in Os starting record let's see that come to the ground crashing down in horrifying in disastrous fashion Obviously because Christian McCaffrey is selfish and he wanted all the touches in yards to himself the other one the other one that gets me too is when it's like the key to his issues with injuries it's now will will just give every single touch to are running back even when we're down by forty points in the fourth quarter I was live tweeting the game and I was trying to be as fair as possible Kyle Allen during it because there's a lot of Kyle Allen troopers out there who are GonNa get triggered the forty niners hung fifty one honest there was there was no well and to be fair you know Kyle and gave them what not to do like he was probably telling is sabotaging him actually believe I just believe Cam Newton was there being like yo bro even if like I get it like you're trying to play down the field but in the NFL sometimes you gotta throw it away and live to play another down and I saw at least three in the issue what happened in fact Cam Newton was on the sideline on Sunday Kyle melted down and it's it's cam he's you know short fields to work with but even if cam was playing we we weren't winning the way the defense play now granted we might have lost something like the guy making the reads and making throws as it is like the the Games are plays or schemed up for what he's supposed to throw against good defenses that's not gonna work air lungs at right tackle after Dennis daily has played well as the web tackle over the last few weeks which was weird and then I I wanna say this is what I've had to deal with good luck have fun that's a fun easy is it yeah look at you and your the second series like five minutes into the game so they decided to start the game by making the offense of line play in a set they're not us three rusher it was just like he he created internal like interior pressure and of Allan took like one or two points to his left slid to his left he would have the rush you know thirty eight or forty two to twenty seven or something like that it might have been a little more respectable and it wouldn't have been an embarrassment but we were before that like after that I mean it's it's weird it's wisdom well it's it's like I don't know if it's because yeah one of one of the things that was really questionable that we've discussed in our slack chat to was a panthers decided to trot out Taylor Moton a left tackle and adventure Williams so who who's the lineup and by easiest domain who's the worst player in the lineup to move Abiam and whoever Van Roten would have had this kind of push out of the way but instead he just took off to his left and I think that's nick both had fallen over and he just ran into Nick Bosa who is was to try to I guess learn some chemistry early on which is weird like offensive lines generally play better sure not entirely sure is he's been he was hanging onto the ball a little bit too long in the pocket and there were at least three sacks he could have avoided by just throwing the ball away starting offensive line group after the one previously had been playing pretty well yeah I mean they ran all over the Jaguars they did well the we said yes or Sunday granted but he's not the reason we lost now I mean one of the reason but not the reason winning that game with the way the rest of the team played it's not completely all on Kyle Allen that that we lost he was not that good he did take off a couple of times where like maybe Cam Newton could've made a play out of it but you're not you're not cam kyle you're not like so and I think we need to be clear justify him being on the bench if he's not playing well so that that part really boggles my mind like I don't understand why they feel the need to get him out there surly or but it almost seems like the Panthers are trying to get Daryl Williams in the lineup because of how much he's being paid as if like you can't just have him be on the bench it's not a great amount six yes yeah it's not a lot it's not a lot and it's also not like they had sunk five years of their cap into this guy this is why if he's not playing well when it's not like he's making like seventeen million dollars a season he's on a one year deal I think he's making what like nine million maybe ten just like it would have been completely out of the play otherwise yeah and that was like that's his pocket presence in a nutshell it is like if I've learned anything from reading people talk about contract values if you don't get a good return on investment you might as well does not play football yeah so you only get the best way to get return on that investment it was maybe three or four series into the game panthers reverted back to Dennis daily and Taylor moton devastate left tackle it wasn't even that like it was like who is the one that we can make explain away the best I know we'll take the rookie sixth round pick yeah John You and I had a little bit of back and forth about Rebecca from his concussion issues right yeah I mean like it's been what what is three four weeks now with him make sure he plays exactly I mean we've already spent the money back it's not even if they spent a huge amount of money either live contracts or because of tenure or both but it was like all right we'll trade centers back gotta move their Williams at right guard but we can't just the audience offensive line played shit like go ahead I didn't I didn't I never really pay like really close attention leave the one that sticks around while they're Williams probably shouldn't like after yeah I'd be surprised to see a team pay him next year but yeah you're gonNA but like if any team offers him any unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in you'd hope that he gets out of the concussion protocol hopefully in a conservative estimate the next two weeks maybe this is simple there's there's no rush you like leave them all in the same spot where they're aware of what the guys on the on their sides are doing but now Ron Rivera's choice was let's just throw it a totally 'cause as if they're going to pay him more to be on the bench lying rollason understand the sunk cost fallacy yeah you gotTa have a return on investment sort of significant amount of money and now by just like any amount of money there's no reason the panthers should try to to match that they're fine especially if little ends up getting you could argue elite so hey I'm Spencer Hall I'm Holly Anderson I'm Ryan Nanny I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast yes I saw Daryl Williams get literally onto the ground we got you gotta get him on the field man yeah like the entire offense of line got offensive line and in terms of like who like the individuals and who's doing their assignments and stuff but I didn't notice him like being anymore any worse than anybody else him come out during the offensive self-destruction and when they put Daryl Williams in there to style him of a him now versus him years ago as like Oh man he's got a little hefty I don't know I mean like I saw Royd on Sunday and I think it's I think I understand where the weight issues are coming from but I feel like it's unfair to judge Turner on this game when literally back those great wide receiver they had like Devin funchess and Kaelin clay and Brenton Bersin that's years he hasn't been good since two thousand fifteen I say that all the time two thousand seventeen he got he wrote into the playoffs in year so like if you gotta guys playing better on cheaper deal what's the problem especially guys playing better on the cheaper deal is probably going to be I heard about from what I've seen with Cam Newton that's more than enough time to to in somebody's career that is true Cam Newton's career has been over since last your favorite podcast app what do you think of the The blowback on Trade Turner I think it's unwarranted I do see what people are talking about with his his weight though yeah he's a big boy but like the pictures in the scratching post today Oh years yeah not he's old well over the hill he's what thirty quarterback never play past thirty nope no Thursday's pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and that's true Yep so let's talk about the defense I don't to bring him back I don't think is daily played poorly as forty niners but everybody who's GonNa play poorly against forty niners their entire defensive line is really want to but I think we should so the Coleman has figured out and so two defense by bringing in smaller faster more athletic pass rushers can we agree on that at least know I've they have I didn't he really wasn't like and I don't think four weeks of being on the bench is going to doom his career either so maybe wait her recover from injuries either ever not when they have not when they have to in somewhat quick succession. That's why I think Patrick Daryl Williams either this isn't like a Matt Kalil contract I mean it's not great but it's not like you can't it's not like they're paying him so much money that you can running game and they kind of revealed what does panthers defense is which is that date they did sacrifice the rushing yeah I think the problem is that I John I know I brought these concerns up to you over the last few weeks I think it was basically a rusher kinda penetrated through the through the center guard and but he wasn't like a of vendors of college football podcast it says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what I mean is this all spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disaster it since the second half last year I forgot about that is is been reminding me years since the first half of last year we have seen in years everybody sucked yeah now I don't know I don't remember him being a problem in the first game in the first three games got hurt housing getting hurt nope never once not once he was only benched on Maranon injury here's had the ability to release lean on the running game and that was what worried me for the last few weeks about this panthers team because we saw flashes of how bad the could be against the run in a lot of times they were downplayed and against the Jaguars were correct the running game didn't matter that much even though Leonard Fournette did have some plays but this was a team who was they they all had the ball in their hands at one point in time and then hit the ground and they're all just laying on the ground like oh no mike you suck the season committed to run the football and the game situation dictated that they could control the football as much as they wanted to they ran the ball they had the users. NFL disagree with that fought part I thought that was the way to go yeah no I think it's just in this particular situation the forty nine homes is done yep dislocated his kneecap I don't think this guy's ever gonna be healthy as well bring Jimmy Clausen and if you think he's GonNa be this Young Panthers Front seven has been against the run it worked against a lot of other teams but the forty niners seem to have a counter for everything they did and even Luke Kuechley seem to be and the forty niners just took that and hit a home run with it because they not only did they run the ball well but they also capitalized and how aggressive this young of the remaining schedule but those are the ones that worry me in terms of creativity getting running backs in space you cut out times for negative three yards as well so yeah they contain Matt Brita that's Nice Right yeah they did Carrie against the panthers when yeah not very many other people are doing that Brad what are your thoughts pretty much what Johnson like the fake on the misdirection and then a toss to a wide receiver or the jet sweep to Deebo Samuel like they just throw out that kind of offense mainly because Gerakan runs like a eight second forty yard dash the titans are also like Super Bonilla and the only teams that are I think will pose problems are granted that's three of the last nine games as a third I think teams can try to emulate it but Kyle Shanahan for whatever reason just has ron's number so I don't know it's just about limiting them and making plays when the teams pass I also think Kevin Coleman is a perfect fit for what Kyle Shanahan testing 'cause they were misdirecting the crap out of us it wasn't even just the misdirection it was also like the play action runs had so many different facets of their rushing offense where the panthers are already on their heels that it seemed like there was just no getting passed in this game takes a special combination of of Kyle Shanahan and Tevin Coleman to do what we saw yeah the play calling was really CBS Murray was super productive this past Sunday so yeah it's an Aaron Jones just had one hundred fifty nine yards receiving so yeah he also had two touchdowns taken away think any other team is going to have the horses to do with the forty niners did unless they can have kyle Shanahan come in and call their plays in design their run place I mean I don't know I don't think the issues are going to be correctable because they've been it's been an issue the big plays advantage you all season Ed I mean you know I don't I don't think it's a quote unquote correctable but I also think that it take to get their shit kicked in for once for once yeah yeah so maybe it'll get corrected I mean the titans are not likely to they had two hundred and thirty two yards on the ground with six point one yards per carry the you have to factor in the fact that Nick mullins kneeled the ball mark born in Andhra in high school in Alaska Wow I imagine there's like one football team in Alaska and they dislike scrimmage that what games where you're talking about backers and saints I agree agree to the Saints Have Alvin Kamara in even when they don't in fact you learn something new every time you listen to this show as we're here for your trivia facts hard out eric had eight tackles total he also had a sack that's about all you can say positive Bruce so panthers defense not great there were there were some good performances though I mean Luke equally from two that were like long ones on it's going to be a problem yeah so moving away from the Russian game because that's sad too depressing talk about so doors kid of Linemen and defensive backs at times and things of that nature but on offense we absolutely refuse to rotate anybody so I don't unless haven't Coleman Stars bouncing from team to team I don't know if that's not gonna get that bad but I do think the running the big plays will still happen of a that idea yeah I was getting a little annoyed with him in Rhonda Rhonda always hates us we know that but I would have been fine they scrimmage against polar bears yeah yeah because polar bears totally reside in Alaska Yup pass rush goes there but this is just another general coaching staff question We seem to be a big on rotating defense with if March slayeth played tight end like he would have made sense yet like you know if it was like Tony Gonzales talking about national a Christian McCaffrey there on the field every single play yet the only reason brands illustre got out there was because Jerry right was hurt ask us as up there north big cities are also up there at the big part of Alaska in near the Arctic Circle Eleven targets on the season that's ridiculous no Sir Twenty Twenty three total touches for those for the non guys talking about which combined would be just a much less from Alaska I didn't either from Alaska marshawn didn't realize people were born in Alaska I think it's the run if it's bad and it's going to stay but I think like we're not gonNA see other like how many yards foreigners ad but they ever to carry led the forty niners with six receptions for eighty six yards did not score a touchdown on national tight end by the way national titles away oh no it was yeah Ron Ron mentioned that a few years ago in twenty thirteen I wanna say when it was brand new lavelle Ted ginn Steve Smith and it was like almost always they it makes sense but March slayer was was a guard like he he wasn't a tight end so I didn't understand it I really look forward to the day where as those guys on the field and you were just like what are these other receivers here for and that's a little frustrating the so the let's see here they have Logan Ryan knock him Butler both is a lot of polar bear problems up in Canada especially big cities like Montreal bad thing is that not the same three wide receivers it's always a Greg Olsen and always seems to be Chris Manhertz and Christian McCaffrey quite underrated I think the front sevens pretty good they have giral Casey could be another game where it's tough Ian Thomas played well in his first year and they have two running backs on the roster wants a young rookie they just drafted and Reggie Jonathan Greg Olsen guests to call a game with George Kill national tight end game because I feel like tight end day because I feel like that's GonNa be great just good commentator TV is GonNa get targeted like fifteen times they play they play man coverage Colin is not going 'cause he's not going to trust what he sees damn well the good news is this Sunday even though the panthers will face wants to do with rushing offense yeah and that's that's that's why they signed a but he's averaged now that's three games reset gone abroad who like really take over a game and go over one hundred dollars receiving Brad what do you think of that I mean another plus side is the panthers would likely play Ryan Tannehill who was not great on Sunday the five the five players that we always have on the field more same on McCaffrey Olsen and right the rest of the team supposed to be like Christian McCaffrey Christian McCaffrey life but now let's just throw the same personnel out their defense is totally won't know how to handle that a heavy dose of the Derrick Henry running the ball probably after this past Sunday the panthers pretty much showed that running the ball against them could be the way to beat them let's see here there will no I know I know who I I knew that I was talking about defensive backs I know they have a so that'll be good I don't know like the titans are underrated tossed leading for the offense as those guys are pretty good and I don't know if I trust Dj more or Curtis Samuel Right now at least with Kyle Alan at quarterback ah I remember we did it a few years ago and it was just like we only ran like three wide receivers at all and it was just like that just robbed Danske so I'm going to go panthers thirty five titans ten thinking anybody else but most had the long run and just having doing what seven Coleman has been doing to the Panthers Rupaul the old patriots pages anymore a Dory Jackson may or may not play not sure yet still but according to certain titans fan I know who I may or may not be average got like eleven judges yeah I could totally see McCaffrey going over two hundred yards scrimmage again and that would be good very good for the offense it's coach so brad what do you think of the what do you think the scoring is going to be on Sunday wow thirty five point by the panthers offense led by Kyle Allen wow well of course yeah he's the future I agree yeah I I had to do with Brian Burns not really playing a whole lot with the club on his hand but it's good to see that our depth solid as far as the if on the team behind more Samuel Olson McCaffrey who has one hundred eighty touches in the next sizes forty tax for Bruce Irvin he had it he had Bruce Irvin had a safety to game in general it was just like the whenever we did something good it was like oh it's preserving again this cannot be blown out forty two three or some shit like that yeah I remember that game yeah and it wasn't like the titans were more talented than the panthers they just straight up outcoached like horribly that was also a Ron Rivera team by the way for those listening in wild believe it don't believe it for a second yep not really all that difficult to interpret just all you gotTa do put Cam Newton on the sideline yet put Cam Newton on the sideline limit cash Christian McCaffrey and let Kyle they will face Matt Patricia no excuse me that's the lions my bed that would be Mike Fable another former patron ten titans victory I think that the the I think the blueprint is out there to beat Kyle alum which is early never mentioned that it was just as well I think it's a George kill thing so that which is why March Larry was a big a big fan and I also have a little ptsd from what was that two thousand eleven where the panthers pretty good on the satellite brats it it's very difficult now to feel confident and he's worth scoring prediction because I thought like much like Brad that lasts this game is the forty niners is going to be like how did I came on one run but he also had a second big get called back because of trade turner's garbage human garbage self I think that's never seen him not once John What about you what's your scoring prediction for this game so he's going to just check it out of McCaffrey ton and then McCaffrey's for sure going to be able to win in man-to-man coverage who's covering him so and you're you're correct yes I'll tell you I'll tell you I have a thought all right Christian McCaffrey due to the the titans bowl probably throw a lot of men coverage at the panthers the titans defense is also I was so right last time when I said the panthers forty nine it was going to be one of those old time he ten nine offensive battles the offense bad for his long term health but whatever don't care about that that's what we do in Carolina we take we

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