The Desperate Young King Charles II


<music> a song that you love can't find anything about artist could have been huge twenty thousand tons of valuables garbage mixed together crumbling mansion images this both house all ten episodes of the podcast ephemeral are neatly labelled and easy to find listen to the full first season of ephemeral and subscribe on Apple podcasts the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen podcasts and learn more ephemeral talk show you're listening to noble blood a production of iheartradio and Aaron minke listener discretion advised in seventeen eighty six John Adams and Thomas Jefferson visited the battlefield at Fort Royal Hill in Worcester England. Adams was the ambassador to Great Britain Jefferson was negotiating trade deals deals with Europe and the two were political rivals but they had travelled together in order to see the place where the royalists had been utterly defeated by Oliver Cromwell and his army over two centuries prior Adams and Jefferson found the place deeply moving after all like Oliver Cromwell the pair had firsthand experience in waging war to overthrow monarch but to the shock and shame of the future presidents Worcester local seemed to barely note or care at all they live near the historic battle site and so John Adams delivered what he called an impromptu lecture to the townspeople do Englishman so soon forget the ground where liberty was fought for tell your neighbors and in your children that this is holy ground much holier than that on which churches stand all England should come in pilgrimage to this hill once a year to Adams and Jefferson Worcester represented the place where Liberty Loving Englishman had risen up to conquer a despotic would be king but less than a decade after the battle England had welcome Charles the second back to their shores with open arms parades and celebration elaboration he was homecoming son the merry monarch who became synonymous with indulging in women and debauchery those familiar with Charles the second tend to imagine him after the restoration of the monarchy as king thing in a flowing curly wig and surrounded by a fleet of Spaniels but just after the battle of Worcester he was a man on the run haircut short in ill fitting shoes always just an inch ahead of certain in death at the hands of parliamentary soldiers searching for him Charles would spend his young life doing whatever it took to win his crown back and avenge his father's execution even if it meant sacrificing religion friends and safety and dignity. How much would he be willing to give up in order to win back his birth rate for Charles the second if it meant being king the answer was everything I'm Dana Schwartz and this is noble blood? If Charles the seconds Father Charles the I believed lived in one thing it was the divine right of kings to rule Charles the I lived and breathed the notion that being king meant power bestowed upon him by God after all wasn't God who made him king in the first place and that belief was one he instilled in his young son from the very beginning remember son you were chosen by God to rule and your will is God's will that was the constant refrain for a young Charles the second in his father's court that and don't become a Catholic like your mother Charles the seconds mother Henrietta Maria of France had only been given permission by the pope to marry the Anglican King Charles I if she promised to be a force for Catholicism in Europe most of Charles the seconds childhood was Adila Ke- cushioned by the luxury of court even if that luxury demanded certain restrictions in ritual for eleven seven years his father ruled singularly until his taxes and continual dismissal of parliament ignited a rebellion the parliamentarians led by Oliver Cromwell rose up in civil war against King Charles the first who they accused of tyranny and treason even though he was only fourteen at the time Charles the second joined his father in the battles of the first English civil war members of the army noticed the young Prince's bravery the boy Roy who has already so tall with the striking dark complexion of his French Italian mother he stayed with his father on the front lines of battle on warships refusing to retreat to the safety of below deck fighting a more. More and more perilous war against Oliver Cromwell's new model army until finally everyone knew that the cause was lost and the prince would need to leave the country for his own safety. The prince's mother other the Queen had already left sobbing and calling out for her husband until their boat disappeared beneath the Horizon Charles the second younger sister and brother were left behind separated and hidden but as heir to the Throne Home Charles the second represented a massive threat to the new republic at the parliamentarians were building his freedom meant royalists could still rally behind him and so they needed him dead young Charles. The second exile began in Jersey an island off the coast of France where his host attempted to maintain the royal pomp and ceremony that the young prince have been accustomed to back when when he was the heir to a throne that still existed Charles the second would sit alone at elaborate banquet tables every night for dinner kneeling squires would offer each dish wanted a time while another servants carved a portion portion of the food to serve for the Prince and a third on bended knee offered a silver bowl for him to rinse his hands a cup bearer poured wine always tasting at first to check for poison and lifted a silver basin the under- the Princess Chin while he drank so a drop would never fall and soil his fine royal close. It was empty pathetic pageantry Charles. The second was a prince without a nation a teenage exile surrounded by hollow ritual that no longer had any meaning he had servants but no power after Jersey his exile brought him to Sicily and finally to France where he was able to join his mother in France France the prince who had battled on worships alongside his father's army was treated like a child his only income with pocket money given to him by his mother. Although later in life Charles the second would be famous for his lascivious flirtations nations and many mistresses as a young man he was gawky and awkward especially compared to the sophistication of the French court. There was a Princess Their Court Madam de Mon pennsylva- titled and Fabulously Wealthy and Short it should be a strategic match and the two were sat next to each other to feast to see Charles might be able to woo her later. Madame des Moines Panacea would recount the evening back to her friend who shrieked in laughter. The prince humiliated himself and Madame de Monte was humiliated for him he sat next to her so paralyzed with fear that he didn't utter a single word for fifteen minutes not long after that banquet Charles the second left France to stay with his elder sister and her husband in the Netherland hoping that the Dutch might be more willing than the French to help his father in the fight still raging in England uh-huh but it was too late the former King Charles the first was defeated by the parliamentarians and brought into custody awaiting trial. It'd be a trial for treason in the penalty was death Charles. The second went to extraordinary lengths to try to protect his father engaging in every flavor of diplomacy begging forging new allies offering ransoms writing to the new parliamentarian government government and all but begging for his father's life finally he made the ultimate concession Charles the second sent the new English government a blank sheet of parchment with his signature at the bottom a literal carte carte blanche immoral blank check. It said I will agree to anything to save my Father Cromwell and his government ignored an icy day. Hey at the end of January the former King Charles the I was brought to the scaffolding for his execution he put on two shirts before he left his prison cell so people wouldn't see him shivering in the cold and think that he was afraid <music> even as he walked the steps to his death Charles the I never denounced his faith or his belief in the divine right of kings in his final words Charles the second addressed the large crowd that had assembled all to bear witness to the regicide he called himself a martyr of the people and one final time he proclaimed his innocence but the crowd was held too far away and Charles the I was blocked by wall of parliamentary guards. The kings final address to his people went entirely unheard Charles the first lowered his head onto the block and apologized for his long hair in case it made the executioners job more difficult he gathered beneath sell cap then finally for the first and only time in British history. The executioner wrought his blade down on the neck of a monarch when the executioner. SNER held up the head to the crowd he was expecting cheers. The crowd only gasped he was very very quiet. It said one child the second heard of his father's execution execution he fell to the floor in screamed in agony. If Charles the second was going to win back the English throne he needed an army and his best hope was Scotland though the deeply pious Presbyterian Scotland had nominally declared Charles the second as king they refused to let him enter the country unless unless he pledged to accept Presbyterian Ism and spread the faith across Britain when he had once again become king that would mean Charles the second formally renouncing the faith of his Anglican father and the faith his Catholic mother he needed needed to negotiate fortunately for Charles the second he had a brilliant bargaining chip spectacular General Montrose who had fought valiantly for Charles the first and won several spectacular surprising victories for the Royal Forces Forces Montrose was loyal to Charles the second and readily agreed when Charles the second asked him to invade Scotland with a small force to attempt to raise the highland clans in order to challenge the Scottish government on his behalf Montross fought Charles privately continued his negotiations with the Scottish government until he finally agreed to the terms of the Scottish Nobles Charles wrote a letter to Montrose telling him that he was making him a knight of the Garter the most prestigious order of Chivalry that can be granted by a monarch it was as good as a kiss of death while mantras was still battling on his behalf Charles Secretly signed a treaty with the very people against whom mantras was fighting mantras was captured dragged through the streets and hangs like a common criminal not even receiving a nobleman death of beheading with an axe Charles the second gave up Montrose Montross his father's finest general a military hero but he got his alliance with Scotland after agreeing to uphold Presbyterian Ism Charles the second entered Scotland as their king he and and his men made their way from the coast into Edinburgh passing through the north gates in the city. What's that child's asked looking up an irregular shape on the gate it was twisted and blackened picked up by birds run through with a large nail? One of the Scottish guards answered him. It was one of Montrose arms hung up on the city gate as a warning and deterrent others Charles was silent the rest Thoraya you know he was technically King King in Scotland having signed the Presbyterian Covenant meant that that Crown was almost more symbolic than anything it had about the same power as a crown made a foil or a burger king paper crown a few hundred years too early see while his father there had a foundational faith in the divine right of kings to rule as granted by God himself. The Presbyterian Scots saw king as more of a magistrate than anything else. Charles was a king again but with no real king leanness us in Scotland the king was a man just like anyone else and like other men Charles the second was required to obey the strict protocols of the religion he was forbidden from walking about on Sundays and forced to sit through six hours first of Sunday sermons with the Covenant Charles had signed away his religion and his divine power but at least yet an army willing to go up against Oliver Cromwell in England and on September Third Sixteen Sixteen fifty they got their chance Cromwell and his men had advanced in a preemptive strike towards Edinburgh when they met with the Scottish forces in the battle of Dunbar the Scots massively outnumbered the Englishman and they also occupied the high ground leaving the English soldiers trapped between a hill and the North Sea all the Scottish army needed to do was wait them out but the Scottish general believed that England was already fatally weakened and so Scotland charged Cromwell watched with amazement the Lord hath delivered them into our hands. He said it was a decisive victory for England that put the entirety of southern Scotland Hartland under their control and left Scotland completely humiliated needing a scapegoat for the victory they forced their King Charles. The second to publicly declare that the outcome of the battle was God's punishment for the sins ends of his parents and his entire family. What could the young king do but agree? He was a king in name only a puppet for the Scottish Presbyterian Covenant Tres and so Charles the second swallowed his pride and did. As they asked now Charles the second path for winning back the English throne would require him doing it on English soil and so he and his small army of Scottish men and the English royalists he could gather along the way went down south to make their final stand against Oliver Cromwell at the battle of Worcester this time it was the English who had the advantage of numbers nearly thirty thousand men the largest army ever assembled rambled on British soil and Double Charles had been able to gather cromwell had predicted the movements of Charles and his armies and made a strategic decision to delay the charge three days so it would occur on September third sixteen eighteen fifty one exactly one year to the day after he had beat Scotland in the ground in the battle of Dunbar Worcester wasn't instant massacre for Charles the second and his army three thousand of his men were killed and another ten thousand captured deported off to work as indentured servants or worse as Charles and his close cadre of men rode away from the battle site. The king kept stopping his horse his father had taught him to always fight on the front lines. We have to go back Charles. The second set we have to keep fighting. His men looked at one another but only for a split second that was it. One of his men finally said the battle is over you. The parliamentarians needed Charles debt even though the parliamentarians and won a decisive military victory there were still those loyal to Charles and his longest he lived he was still a symbolic threat to the new republic. Almost no one in Charles's army had escaped from Worcester Cromwell's men had cast a wide net around the battle and they assumed boomed the king who had been on the front lines leading his army for most of the fight would be among the many dead bodies left when the fighting was over but by some miracle brilliant stroke of Luck Charles had escaped and so the would be kings the next six weeks weaving through the English countryside in an increasingly perilous series of near captures trying to make it to safety while the parliamentarian guards searched for him escape was a risky and dangerous prospect. The king was six foot two at a time when the height of the average Englishman was closer to five at six and he had an astonishing price on his head a thousand pounds he had a few allies a small network of England secret Catholics but anyone he meant could betray him and would certainly be tortured as to his whereabouts if soldiers discovered that they had been associated among that Catholic network were five brothers with the surname pendrill who saw a hot as a mission from God to protect their king against the enemy of Cromwell's protestantism one of the brothers Richard cut the king's hair so that it was short on top and long at the side in the style of a common laborer Charles I was trained in the local dialect given workman's clothes and shoes for King Charles the second who had up until that point only ever won the finest footwear the rough shoes left his feet bleeding and blistered thanks to his fight none of the shoes the pencils ahead on hand would fit him and so Charles was forced to slice open the size of a pair of shoes several sizes too small Charles would go days without sleep making escapes in the middle of the night to a state where he might be welcomed and smuggled in Charles was hidden inside secret priest holes were Catholics hid priests. Keep them safe from force conversions after the religion had been outlawed a captain named of all things William careless had been one of the final royal soldiers to make it out of Worcester alive he and Charles had made it to the Bosca Bella states where the pencil brothers were caretakers only to hear of an approaching battalion of Puritan guards careless knew that if he brought the king inside no matter how well hidden the houses priests tolls were eventually the soldiers but find him and so at careless a suggestion William pendrill brought out a ladder careless. I'm the king climbed high into an oak tree dense with leaves and stayed there for an entire day while the troop of Cromwell's guards marched beneath them searching the countryside for king who at that very moment was a dozen feet above their heads. The king was sleep in the branches when a pair of regards sat at the base of the tree taking a break from their search to clear the rubble from their shoes. Careless was awake and came to a terrible realization. His leg was asleep and Charles was lying hang on his leg if the sleeping Charles didn't move careless numb leg would cause them both to tumble from their perch directly onto the guards below an so covering Charles's mouth so he wouldn't yell careless. Careless pinched him and then pinched him again. Mercifully Charles woke up and quietly shifted his weight and the two remained safely hidden in their perch until the guards moved on after the king successfully evaded troops of basketball. Two of the pendrill brothers went with him to the estate of Moseley old hall the home of a man named Thomas White Greave there Charles the second was given his first proper bed to sleep in since he had escaped from the battle of Worcester. A family priest was also there a man by the name of Father John Huddleston who bathed and bandaged the king's torn and Athleti Feet Charles had been shown so much generosity and loyalty by Father Huddleston and by all of the Catholic Englishman who had aided him along in his escape that Charles Pledge then in there that should he become king of England again he would once again grant Catholics religious freedom. If it pleases God I come to my crown. He told Father Huddleston both you and all your persuasion shall have as much liberty as any of my subjects Charles stayed relatively comfortably at Moseley old hall for two days until parliamentary troops arrived on the afternoon of the third day Charles and Father Huddleston were quickly hidden in a priest hole but the troops tortured and interrogated their host. Thomas White grave convinced that he had fought with Charles at Worcester. Even though the truth was that he hadn't eventually after hours of interrogation the troops left the forces forces of danger were only closing on Charles faster the pendulum's brother-in-law had already been captured by English forces interrogated tortured and hanged but the entire time he had refused to give Charles up for the final leg of his journey Charles road with a woman named Jane Lane who had received a permit from the military to travel to Bristol with one of her servants in order to visit a family member if he made it to Bristol Charles could find a boat take him to France and so he adopted the alias William Jackson and road on Jane's Horse with her maintaining the charade that he was her servant anyone they meant when the to stop doesn't estate for Lodging Charles as William William Jackson was sent to the Kitchens to work as any servant would have been he was assigned to wind up the Jack that would be used to roast meat in a fireplace but Charles having been royalty as entire life had no idea how to do it. The Cook was immediately suspicious. What kind of servants are you doesn't know how to Work Jack? He Spat Charles thought quickly and came up with an excuse. His family was so poor. He said that they so rarely ate need that he had no experience with the roasting. The Cook was satisfied. The entire escape lasted six weeks and when Charles finally made it to Bristol he was able to smuggle his way onto a French merchant ship chip and make his way to safety right under the noses of the parliamentary guards. It was the most heroic experienced Charles the second would have for the next decade he was safe while he was abroad but he was also politically impotent relegated to attempting to beg for treaties with Prince's from surrounding countries who had little to no interest in his plight but then something happened a little less than ten years later Oliver Cromwell died on the exact anniversary of the battles of Dunbar and Worcester Cromwell's son Richard was milk toasts in passive and with no strong leader to take over parliamentarians recognized that the country entry was on the verge of civil war to stave off anarchy the leaders of the government had secretly written to Charles the second who had been living in the Spanish Netherlands Charles the second agreed to their terms of forgiveness and leniency for those who had fought him with the exception of those who had committed regicide against his father and so in sixteen eighteen sixty Charles the second was welcomed back to England he hadn't won the crown really this was if anything victory of waiting and circumstance but it didn't matter even if it was a role stripped of its power even even if he was a symbol even if he was puppet none of it mattered he was finally the King of England Charles would spend much of his later life recounting the story of those six weeks he had spent on the run too wrapped audiences it had been the only time in his life where he interacted with common. People lived by his wits completely free of Powell's ritual and formality they were weeks of piracy and adventure of death defying odds and close calls that became closer the more often the stories. We're told Charles the second would be an indulged king famous for his feasts and mistresses known for his flamboyant fashions in general hedonism and though he was a king parliament still retained. Gained much of the power that they had had in the interregnum when Charles attempted to pass a rule permitting Catholic worship as he had promised his loyal supporters who had risked their lives aid in his escape parliament instantly forced him to withdraw Charles capitulated. There was nothing he could do nothing he would be willing to do it meant risking his position the throne for which he had sacrificed so much to gain when Charles was on his deathbed suffering from organ failure and internal bleeding that even the most dedicated bloodletting efforts of the royal physicians couldn't care his brother. James came to comfort him. The Charles has had over a dozen illegitimate children. He had none by his wife and two James would be next in line for the throne. James brought his dying brother priest sire. He said this good man went saved your life. He now comes to save your soul. It was father John Huddleston. The very man who had once Bandage Charles Feet. He was escaping from English soldiers so long ago the King Charles had outwardly portrayed himself as loyal to the Church of England for his entire adult life he had secretly been Catholic devoted to the faith of his mother and if the people who had shown such courage in helping him escape before Charles second died the Father Huddleston performed the right to formally receive him into the Catholic Church Charles was finally free to be loyal to his true beliefs when he had nothing left to lose that might be where Charles died but they're still little more to the story stick around after brief sponsor break to hear more about Charles the second and his legacy <music> twenty six million calls connected on the battlefields of Europe doesn't mean anything if you do not have an operator number four minutes thirty three seconds that changed the course music history which is best understood feasts and his lease understood the twenty eight thousand seconds or ten episodes of the podcast ephemeral are all available now listen to the full first season of ephemeral and subscribe on Apple podcasts. What's the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts and learn more at ephemeral dot show a lot of emails about all the time and usually when I look at a story I can tell them the first five minutes probably will happen but this is really strange in our asking people what's wrong? What's wrong and we're GONNA serve office with no explanation? Janey award was sixteen years old when she died under mysterious circumstances she was at a party at a cabin in the woods in the small town of Marshall Arkansas Order would be I'm Katherine Townsend and I'm heading back to Arkansas on a new case to find out what happened to Jamie Ward on September Ninth Nineteen eighty-nine when there's no justice done it hurts a lot of people in town listen to how and gone on Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts available July twenty fourth in Sixteen Nineteen Astronomer Edmund Min Haley of Haley's comet fame named a new constellation in the southern skies with twelve stars Healy drew a mighty tree with far extending roots and a thick leafy canopy he called his New Constellation Constellation Robert Carolina Charles's Oak but this new constellation overlapped heavily with the Constellation Argo knavish the great ship and as astronomers map the stars of the area in the years. Here's to come they largely forgotten or ignored Robert Carolina such that now the Constellation is considered obsolete but just because it's no longer marked in the stars doesn't mean that Charles Trees Forgotten <music> This Day the Royal Oak remains a popular name for establishments frequented by the Labor's. The king had once spent time with English pubs. Noble blood is a co production of iheartradio Aaron Minke the show is written and hosted by Dana Schwartz and produced by Aaron Minke Matt Frederick Alex Williams and Trevor Young Noble blood is on social media idea at noble blood tales and you can learn more about the show over at Noble Blood Tales Dot Com for more podcasts from iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows <music> television network decades of pioneering television broadcast once and never seen again. It was nothing else like.

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