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Now that the sport they love is suddenly gone, and they're stuck on their couch, just like the rest of us. Are they staying in shape? Our their kids heckling them as they attempt to home school. Did they almost burn down? Down the house trying to make bread. Are they sleeping in their jerseys at night like I? Do Okay, just me, okay, listen to the no sports report now and subscribe on the iheartradio. APP, apple, podcasts forever you get podcast Mel, here's a highlight from coast to coast am on Iheartradio and welcome back to coast to coast George. Noory with the along with Professor James mckinney. We're talking right now. About planet x and he's got an updated book of course, which is planted x update twenty twenty, the real history a planet. This orbit that Robert Harrington was talking about. The came in an interview with Zachariah Sin. So we increased it by about six hundred a miles I guess forty two hundred. Forty two hundred year for six Hundred Years Rather, but that as you said, Jim is not a is not a big jump is. No I mean given what he knew in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six during the interview, he was pretty close because at that point, they had not observed anything they were just looking at the orbits of Unison, Neptune being pulled down, so he was about four worth masses. They knew that they were looking for. And they knew it was down there, so they were looking, and so he went to New Zealand with a relatively small telescope, eight inch astro graph. And so he took pictures, and he came back, and then he went back in every year until nineteen, eighty, nine finally identified the object there, that was moving by doing blink comparison. It's called in the Strana me, and then so he went back in one, thousand, nine, hundred ninety got another set of photos and finally nineteen ninety-one. They had enough data to determine its are exactly and at that point also I believe that he would have seen what turned out to be the companion. And that was a huge controversial issue also, but the important thing about the companion is that by knowing its orbital period you can calculate the mass of the central object, so they knew that not only were their calculations from and Neptune correct, but they could actually directly measure it, so that was. That was the basis so then he knew it was forty two hundred years new. The orbit was coming in was almost directly with, or they estimate was about a million miles away. That's far lunar distances. But and then there was the question, was there another object also coming in with it, and in nineteen in two thousand fifteen, and then two thousand, fourteen I went down to South America myself. In with a similar type of equipment determined that there was no other object down there. So I proved that he found the only thing that was down there, and that's what it was was. The became the nucleus of Hale Bopp. And Jim the end of the controversy of Planet X. of course is they've said that. Whenever it comes around planet earth, it creates havoc. Tragedy might have caused the flood of Noah. What do you think of that? Well that object was on a very near. It was earth crossing or in a came perpendicular so the. Here's the situation the probability of it. Coming close to Earth is pretty small. but it's if it's on a direct lesion. Course then the probability is one. But that now it's on its way out of the solar system. It'll be back in twenty six about twenty six hundred years so I lost all of that time in its orbital period in one cycle. So if you use that same logic, it was probably they're. Around not forty six hundred years ago, but probably about six thousand years. Would put it right around the time of Noah's flood. Now Zachariah citizens call this planet Nibiru and he claims it's inhabited. What do you think what's what's your guests? Well I think it's inhabited because it's a pretty steaming hot planet because of all the activity. However part of my book. I talk about there was signaling that which measured and this was something. That I determine myself, but it's from my contacts that in the security agencies that they'll. In fact, we're measurements of intelligence signaling that came from the region of the comet and I also in the book talk about why would alien beings be around a big hot comment? And it turns out that it's because they use it for braking and accelerating coming in the solar system and going out of the solar system, they used the magnetic field of the discharge in the comet. That creates a large magnetic field. Make really push against that for breaking and then for accelerating going back out. And so and I. Had contact with people that got are now. Got Space Center. And You know there was just so much going on behind the scenes that once that. They had the LID put on basically in nineteen ninety one in it took a while to piece all this together, but so all I do is say in the book is that there is good evidence that there was intelligence signaling coming from the region of the comet. That's pretty dramatic all by itself this it's exciting. Why isn't made mainstream science astronomers telling us about this planet? X. I mean if it's only two thousand some. Years away in terms of orbits. You'd think they'd be able to find it right. Well yeah, they know the exact orbit and they. Have watching Hale Bopp leave the solar system, so they know exactly where this is, and that's by the way just one object. in the last fifteen years, NASA has discovered hundreds of planets around our solar system, a lot of them small lot of them Pluto sized. But even that's a pretty big object, but what we don't know is the orbits of these objects. And we. I've heard that there are some objects out there that are Pluto that are Jupiter size, and they might be just in harmless orbits. Way Out there. We don't know, but nobody has published Deorbit. Some and we know that there are hundreds of these objects now out in the Cape region that they have discovered. Controversy though still continues, doesn't it? Absolutely, but I just WanNa make it clear that I don't have any information about anything. Impending Right now. Other than in twenty six hundred years does Hale Bopp. Thing is coming back. and it's big, and it's on earth crossing orbit so I don't think any of us have to worry about that, but the the other issue is that these things can come in and an unannounced? And within. A very short time all of a sudden we could have something on our table, but also it's a very rare event when you have the big comments that would have some kind of earth crossing orbit. It's very very events, and it sure is. Have we been lucky Jim that we haven't been hit by an asteroid or some other space object? Oh, yes, absolutely and This is a shooting match out here. It's like a billiard ball game and we're just you know the, I guess the thing we have going for us. Is is just a speck of dust out here really. And so so direct collisions are rare. But if it happens it's You know going to be a major event. But also not just collisions what I've discovered. Is these objects come by? And we can look in the historical record of mass extinctions, and we've probably have twenty Nass extinctions on planet Earth, not only the dinosaurs. That's right, and I don't believe these were asking collisions. These are big objects that came by Earth. And the action at a distance. I call it I'm going to start calling you, Belakovsky. Remember we had a debate. I had a debate with Dr David Morrison right exactly and that was a I think one of the most probably listen to shows of all time. but that was quite the event I remember that. Those Those debates are you're right there? Well, listen to people love those things and I think you won that debate, didn't you? I did with a call in vote, which surprised me completely I thought I would lose by million nothing. Defending Belakovski and my work on elective nature of comets, etc, but. so that surprised me is anybody is NASA afraid to tell the public? There's a planet in the solar system. It's on a four thousand year elliptical orbit when it comes by, there is some things that it does to the planet that creates some havoc, but it's out there folks, but don't worry. It's twenty six hundred years away. Why are they afraid? It's this is a top down thing and that's what I've discovered is swim when Harrington discovered that. His work was buried now. Even though he died his work should have continued. Somebody else would pick it up Tom Dan planner. It is assistant or somebody, but it just got shut down and so this is a top down thing from the. The you know. The Vatican was involved the the C., I.. was. I can't explain Answer your question, but it's a I can tell you. It's a top down thing and the people that. Are under strict gag orders you'll see. People from NASA can't just walk up to the microphone and say something it goes through an official release agency and it's it's you know okayed by people like Tony Phillips People like that who are? In the relief agency, and and it's very structured everything that comes out so. I remember an article in the newspaper. It was a long time ago. James I mean I was young much younger. But, they talked about an extra planet. A planet x out there so I mean. There were some who knew about this. Yes yeah the the idea that Urine Napkin waving pulled down. If they were being pulled in or something like that it would be, you'll get. Maybe say oh well. Maybe it's something funny going on with gravity out there, but these are being pulled down. And it was very noticeable very measurable, so. It wasn't like they could account for this by some. You know strange anomaly of gravity. But so there has to be a lot of astronomers that know about this, but just keeping quiet him, but I've learned also. There's a pecking order in astronomy. Caught up in when I was at Cornell. In the is I'm not one to hold back no, so. Needless to say I didn't understand. The Thai was in when I was there now I do. but So yeah, mainly astronomers, every mild-mannered people you know and and I'd say what I've learned to. Is The the new crop of astronomers I completely clueless about dollars history. Yeah, they are. Why is that? Is that intentional? clueless or Is. They just don't know. They just while it's not part of their training and they they learn the you know they're so busy. Being a graduate student and I'm getting your first post doc, and then getting your first assignment at NASA or some observatory. There so busy and I've met these people. they? They're so busy. They're just green behind the ears than they don't. They don't know what they don't know. In the the people on top the hell, weavers, and the other people like that don't. Pass this information onto them. Listen to more coast to coast. AM every weeknight at one am eastern and go to coast to coast. Am Dot Com for more? Some podcasts light and fun and fluffy. My podcast isn't. I mean unless you'd think a podcast about a teenager. Picking up dead bodies for a living is light and fluffy. I'll tell you this much. Growing up in a funeral home is killing me. My name is grant, and these are my funeral home. Stories listened to season three of my funeral home stories on the iheartradio APP on Apple, podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. 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