The Killer Rose of Gypsy Rose (01)


It's the middle of the night June tenth twenty fifteen vicious and bazaar murder is about to occur in the innocent. Sleepy town of Springfield, Missouri. The killer has come here on a mission to not just take a life. But to do it with a brutality that the sheriff's department will later say they have never seen before a woman a mother, in fact, a single mother who had come to be regarded as a local hero for the sacrifices. She continually made for her chronically and terminally ill daughter is going to be gruesomely killed while she lay sleeping in her bed. A woman who has not one enemy in the world is going to die and despite having no enemies, no valuables, and no money to steal. This attack was not random. This was not a burglary gone bad. This. Killer had traveled a great distance to murder this specific woman. Now, this may be an everyday occurrence in Chicago, New York City, Miami other places. But not here, not in Springfield. Together, you and I are going to deconstruct an analyze one of the most bizarre, layered and befuddling murder cases in modern times. We're gonna pack this case based on facts based on what may have been hidden at the time, but has since come to light in when I say facts, I mean police reports crime scene investigator findings court documents forensic and psychological workers. And most importantly interviews that I myself conducted with the key players still alive in his steadily drama. I intend to take you inside the heads of everyone that play depart in this bizarre murder bazaar, not just because of who carried out this horrific crime. But more importantly, why the why has always fascinated me put goes on into mind killer. What goes on in their mind leading up to the murder? How do they make setting upon someone and snatching the life? Right out of them. Okay. Are they sick twisted a moral, and what goes through their mind at the split second? They act and who do they drag into the tragedy with them the scope and range of complicit parties in this case is mind boggling. Ranging all the way to government agencies almost at every level. A multi-state fraud. Scheme will be unveiled dark family secrets are going to come to center stage. Twisted tale of one of the most distant and cruel cases of barbaric, torture and child abuse neglect and sustain MC breakdown ever. Imaginable is going to come to light. And I should warn you. I predict this all unfolds your most basic core values what you thought you believed about right and wrong may be shaken and challenged everything is tied to the facts. Everything is tied to documentation of the case. And I'm looking at it through the eyes having been trained as a forensic psychologist having spent my life in the litigation arena. And trust me. Just when I think I've seen it all a case like this comes along, and you could not make this stuff up. In order to support our show. 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He came in from out of town and arrive under the cover of darkness stealthily, stalking the streets of this sleepy Springfield suburb. He's on a sick demented mission for a victim who will quenches thirst for blood. He is a killer. But he is so much more. This monster is the bodyman of evil. He walks down the dead end street in a quiet neighborhood casting his evil eye on each house. He passes by. Which house will choose which houses e looking for. And why why how does he know this woman he doesn't even live in the state, and she hasn't been more than probably ten miles from home since she moved to Springfield this woman like you. And I. She peacefully went about getting ready for bed. Just a few hours ago brushing, her T's putting on something comfortable getting her bed ready and slipping off to asleep that you can imagine a single mother of terminally ill child with multiple diseases to manage would probably welcome at the end of a long day. And she pulls those covers up around her neck as she closes her eyes. She has no clue that she will never see the morning light. Never smell the aroma of morning coffee. She has no clue. The will all in tonight. Her executioner is standing in the shadows. He standing on her front porch. She lives in the seventh house. And that's where he stopped. He's inside that house in the blink of an eye completely undetected by this tired mother. He moves almost as though he strangely has a sense of precisely where to go. And once inside that room. He's over her like a dark shadow. And with the slash of his knife. He turns that seventh house. On the sleepy suburban St.. Into a house of horrors breaking this morning thirties are investigating a homicide just north of Springfield the moment sheriff's deputies enter the modest home, the stale smell of death overcomes them. It's the unmistakable odor of a dead body with their guns. Drawn the deputies carefully walk inch by inch through the livingroom pass the kitchen following a trail of blood leading to the bedroom. They cautiously crack open the door their guns, cocked and ready. They don't know what they're going to find. But when they look on the bed, they see the body of an obese middle age woman. Lying face-down. She's drenched in blood the scene screams violence. The normally unfazed deputies are stunned. They're shaken by the sheer brutality of the murder. They would later say that they had never seen anything like it before. The murder this grisly. Just never happened in Springfield, Missouri. Until now, the killing was savage vicious and fierce this woman's white shirt, her pink sheets calico covered pillows are all caked with dried blood she had apparently been dead for several days. And she had been stabbed many times. It would be much later before the medical examiner could determine it was actually seventeen separate stab wounds. But for now for these officers, it just looked like a scene from the Hitchcock film psycho police reports say this mad slasher must have surprised her while she was fast asleep. Pathologic reports indicated the first plunge of the serrated knife was buried deep into her back. It had to bow shock her awake. And incapacitate her at the same time terrorize she screams out in excruciating pain, and then cries out for her daughter gypsy gypsy helped me then according to the medical examiner the second plunge the knife slices straight into her neck. Her blood curdling screams echo off the walls. Help me. Help me gypsy gypsy. The third thrust of the knife gets caught up in her lungs the killer had to forcefully, yank it out the sharp tease of the coal steel blade rips. Her flesh splashing pints of blood onto the bed the walls and even the ceiling. She's now too weak to fight off the savage monster her screams are now. But if I ain't whisper. She's begging for mercy. His price of dude. The predator goes in for the kill. Stabbing again and again and again and again in as the seventeenth plunge the knife slices into her battered body. There is silence. Bitter death has closed her eyes forever. He Blanchard mother of gypsy rose Blanchard was dead and she hadn't just been killed. She had been overkilled. This was personal. This was vengeance. This was unbridled off the chain rage. But why and where was this wheelchair-bound chronically ill terminal girl, she had just disappeared into thin air, panic, gripped, Springfield, Missouri. You're listening to the killer. Thorn of gypsy rose analysis of murder by Dr Phil promise you at the beginning. That it wasn't just going to tell you a story. I wasn't just going to report on a crime. I told you that I was going to analyze this was going to unpack it. I was going to break it down for you from a psychological perspective from a forensic, psychological perspective and take you inside the minds of each and every player involved in this tragic drama. The one person I didn't speak to. Was d- Blanchard, but you are going to hear from her because she was as I said a bit of a hero in Springfield, Missouri. So she had been on television. And you're going to get a chance to hear some of her thoughts. What I'm interested in? From her perspective is what thoughts go through someone's mind. Not just when they're dying. But when they're being killed. In her last moments on earth de Blanchard's. Final thoughts surely must have been about her young daughter gypsy rose. These two were inseparable. In gypsies paralyzed in a wheelchair. She's fighting cancer. She's fighting many diseases. She is totally dependent on her mother. Her mother had to be thinking if I'm leaving this earth. What's going to happen to my daughter? There's no one to take care of her who would take care of this little girl after she's gone. With homicide. Detectives pull the bloodstained sheets away from DVD's lifeless body. They instantly realize. This is not a random attack. This is targeted. It's payback. With payback for what why would anyone kill Didi? The murder makes little sense because all the neighbors loved and admired Didi and gypsy rose. They were well known for their courage in battling gypsies numerous illnesses. The murder investigation began with what would have normally been a routine radio. Call sheriff's deputies were dispatched to eighties house on a wellness check. And believe me that kind of thing happens all the time. But this time was different. A couple of DVD's friends alerted the sheriff after they saw a mysterious and vulgar post on the Facebook page Didi gypsy share now let me warn you. The post is very graphic. It said. I think slash that fat pig and raped her sweet innocent daughter now when two friends saw the post they thought the course language was very uncharacteristic of Didi. She never talked like that she never cursed online. They I thought well, maybe she's commenting on some kind of horror movie. But again because they've never heard her use that harsh language. They just don't think that's the case. They can't make sense of it. So now, they believe that maybe someone has hacked into her Facebook page, but who who other than her very close friends even know that Didi and gypsy have a Facebook page. And if they knew at how would they get access to it? I mean, everything has a password, right? Then just a very few minutes later, an even more chilling message was posted. And that's when the friends realized something was horribly wrong. Let me warn you. This post was graphic as well. It said her scream was so effing loud. LL? This sent chills down their spine. Now want you to make a middle note here because these Facebook posts will prove to be very important in the investigation of this case, not only in helping to solve it. But it also speaks volumes about the psychological makeup of the culprits. Now once the France, see these two posts they immediately call D on the phone. There's no answer worried. They drop what they're doing. And they run to her house. No, one answers the door. They try to peer into the windows, but they're covered with a thick protective film making it impossible to see inside. Now, they immediately dismissed the idea that d- gypsy took an unannounced. Visit to see the doctor or just are gone on an outing because the specially modified car that holds gypsies wheelchair is still parked in the driveway. They can't go anywhere without that car. Now, they're really worried so they call nine one one nine one one what's your emergency? The deputies quickly arrived. I mean, they're they're in minutes, but they cannot lawfully enter the house until they obtain a search warrant. And as they're waiting for the warrant to be issued one of the friends in the neighborhood volunteers to crawl through a tiny window and look inside for signs of life. He's in house for less than just a few minutes. You know, he had to smell the body decomposing. But he is quick back out that window because he is really unsettled. And he tells deputies he saw gypsies to wheelchairs, the only two she has. Inside. The friend is now doubly concerned because he's never seen gypsy without her wheelchair. Now after some anxious hours of waiting in. Yeah. I said hours. The search warrant is finally in hand they set out in front of that house for hours. Who knows what's going on behind those doors, but they sit outside because nobody answers, and they don't have a legal right to go inside what they have the warrant the front doors lock. So deputies busted down this when they find eighties body in the bedroom. And in those few seconds. This. Once quiet neighborhood is now a major crime scene. Now, a national story. Sheriff's deputies seal off the house and surround the yard with yellow caution tape and begin the grim task of processing the evidence. But to see us I team quickly noticed his two key things are missing. I where is the murder weapon. Now, remember, the deputy saw trail of blood leading from the bedroom to the kitchen, and they find bloody paper towels in the kitchen trash can. Now, again, make note here because this is a major psychological clue who savagely hacked someone to death in their sleep splattering, blood everywhere. And then tidies up around the place with paper towels and throws them away in the wastebasket in the kitchen at the crime scene. Not very careful or thoughtful. But on the other hand, the bloody knife isn't anywhere in the house. In second. And much more important. Where is gypsy rose? She couldn't have just run away to save herself. Not without her wheelchair. She's the only witness to the murder and she is nowhere to be found. Headquarters issues all points bulletin for gypsy safe return, but with no description of the suspects. It's impossible at this time to know who deputies are looking for. Detectives are working on the assumption that gypsy is still alive because how would anyone outside her close circle of friends have known about the Facebook page. She shares with her mother, they theorize optimistically that her doctors have kept her alive and are forcing her to give them the password. So they could post on the Facebook page. But why why why would they even want to do that? The psychology of this killer is breaking all the moles. Who? Commits this kind of a murder. Gets away. And then wants to start posting about it on the victim. Social media counts. This killer is unconventional motivated by something not yet figured out. And that is scary to say the least. Because when you are dealing with somebody unconventional that means they're unpredictable based on the savagery of the attack Springfield sheriff department assume that this is a male. At our majorly concerned that he or they have gypsy rose outside the perimeter of the yellow crime scene tape. Neighbors are gathering shocked and scared out of their wits. Here's what two women internatonal hood have to say shocking, but I never get to talk today again. She's just an amazing person. She's always had a smile. Kind word for everybody listening to those neighbors with a psychological era here two things number one. Didi gypsy rose truly did have a positive regard from the people in the neighborhood the people in the town they work cared about. Because these people are truly grieving deeds loss. We don't live where we live by accident. We gravitate to places that we feel comfortable that we feel safe in every community has a collective consciousness. And it seeks its own level of safety comfort predictability. And when somebody or some thing comes along and disrupts that creates chaos, your whole life becomes unpredictable. It becomes scary. And imagine these neighbors. I mean one day things are calm their predictable. They feel safe maybe don't even lock their doors. And the next day. Someone is viciously stabbed to death not two hundred feet from their front door and has not been caught. Is there a killer on the loose? Are they at risk? And now this little girl has gone missing is young teen is gone are their children at risk. So there morning Didi they're worrying about gypsy. And they're wondering if a predator is on the loose people do not feel safe in their own homes. Feelings emotions are chaotic right now. Why would he kill Didi and not the witness to the murder did gypsy witnessed the murder? Did. She see the murders face. And if so why not kill her as well as horrible as that would be and what terrible things could be happening to this week. Young woman who spent her whole life battling a luxury list of ailments Leuke. Mia epileptic, seizures, muscular dystrophy cancer, just to name a few. What kind of deranged individual kidnaps disabled young woman said to be fighting terminal disease, everybody fears for gypsy rose, they fear that she certainly will survive for long without her wheelchair and without her medicines. Now, no one thought for single moment that gypsy rose paralyzed from the waist down was the knife-wielding maniac. She's too frail. She's too delicate and the attack on her mother was too, violent and savage. She just didn't have the ability to do that speculated earlier about what was going through dis mind at the moment of her death because she and her daughter were inseparable what's going to happen to gypsy rose is she still alive. And if she is she's without her wheelchair. 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Make every day a great skin day with Robin McGraw, revelation dot com. That's robin. Mcgraw revelation dot com. Fully take minute and tell you a little bit about where and gypsy lived out, Springfield, Missouri is in the heart of the beautiful Ozarks. And it is the buckle of the bible belt here church and family values are paramount and neighbors are always ready to lend a helping hand to someone in need mazing. It's amazing outpouring of love and support. That's Dede talking about how the Springfield community welcomed her and gypsy with open arms, helping them unconditionally when they needed it. The most may Mary we're moving to Mayberry Didi. Gypsy were mini celebrities in Springfield people. Consider de hero. She was the always devoted caregiver who selflessly took care of her sick daughter against all odds, they moved to Springfield after their escape from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. Diddy gypsy were then living in a New Orleans suburb near the Gulf Coast when the massive storm made landfall gypsy and DD lost everything but their lives DD said in an instant their apartment building was just completely demolished their cars wept to the sea with the storm surge and all of gypsies important childhood medical records gone gone with the wind gypsy recalls. How she and her mom hunker down and wrote out the hundred and seventy five mile an hour gusts in their tiny apartment simple handful than me. But I looked in. I still have nightmares of what I saw. But for gypsy the real night, the one that never ends. It's her constant battle fighting her multiple illnesses. In order to fully comprehend what gypsy has been dealing with all of her life. A need to take you back to the time before she was born. And tell you about how her mother met her father. Didi grew up in check by Louisiana. It's a small Burgh onto by you about an hour outside New Orleans her give name was Claudia Petri, but everyone just called her Didi after high school Didi enrolled in nursing school where she was trained as a nurse's aide. This will be important later. She landed a job, helping registered, nurses, and physicians in hospital now one night after her shift Didi drove up to New Orleans and meta man who would change her life forever. Rod Blanchard media at alley one night was out about the seventeen years old sewer. She was she was there damore with a friend, and she looked a little different. No. She was trust different thought. She might have been from out of town or some up Rozier next where are you from you know, like from down here nothing. So we've kind of started talking Laura drank a hung out at night and started dating from there. I thought she was pretty cool. She was pretty different. She wouldn't like the girls from down. Here we dated for three months Chadha car. I didn't have a vehicle. So she kind of drove me around Didi was twenty four when she started dating seventeen-year-old. Rod you heard right. He was only seventeen but in the city that. Care for God. No one seemed to care that rod was underage in. Neither did he rod was really smitten with DD he worked on a fishing boat, and he fell hook line and sinker for the woman from the bayou. He said everything was going great. That is intil came in from shrimp boat said on to talk to you a pregnant like, wow, really said you told him body said no not yet. I said, well, you know, I guess we'll have to get married. You know? I mean, it was just that's how I was raised us. What you knew. Felt like that was the right thing to do a terrible person. I wasn't really in love with her madly in love with her. So I say, well, you know, she's a good girl. He's got a good family all of intially. Learn the love or more, and and stick it out and do the right thing. But. Kinda didn't work out that way. Three months. Rod says when it sunk in he was about to become a teen, dad. Well, he was spooked. I woke up eighteen Burgess fit like what am I doing here? I don't you know. And I mean, the decision that morning that on. To get out of here. I didn't feel comfortable in feel like it felt right on all going to be the father to a child, but I could still do that. And not have to sacrifice my whole my whole life. I had so much ahead of me to look forward to that. Felt like it was a big step made their own choice just left. You know, she she was upset about it. She she was. She woke up, and she wasn't happy. Jesse kind of went downhill from there, you know. But it was too late to turn back. The clock DD's baby bump was growing with every tick the baby's heart. Rod says, he just wasn't cut out to be a seventeen year old married. Father to be and he says, he wasn't ready for the enormous responsibility. That comes with the territory, he skipped out he abandoned DeeDee and their unborn child. But rod says his attitude toward fatherhood changed dramatically when Didi gave birth to a baby girl, albeit a little prematurely, actually and Crandall talking. Rodeo got a call from mom the next morning saying, you know, chips he was born this morning. So we were left Brandao came up old when when your hospital and everything. What could for Devi? She was born perfectly healthy Rudd says, although he ran like a coward at first the moment, he saw his daughter's face everything changed. He was happy and proud to be her father. They named her gypsy rose after gypsy rose Lee the infamous strip tease artist of the twentieth century. Don't ask me why they just did despite gypsies premature birth. She seemed healthy she same strong, and oh so adorable such a cute baby girl, a real stunner into making dull I'd with thick Brown hair and turned up nose who wouldn't love this child. But rod said the happiness of a healthy newborn baby girl quickly. Came crashing down about three months old lady told me that she started having seizures and stop breathing in her sleep. So she had her in for sleep apnea tests, and as far as I know from the medical records of see now there was no determination that shoes. Chad sleep apnea or testing pretty normal. But Didi was persistent that she get a. Tort monitor that she would wear at night Rudd Till's me. The sleep apnea was the first red flag of many red flags. He would have now I wanna talk to you about a concept that I pay a lot of attention to from a forensic psychological standpoint. It's what I call accident in Ebeling factors. And when I talk about accident in Ebeling factors, I use accident. Very broadly. You can substitute into word mishap tragedy crash. Whatever. Bogging about when bad things happen. There are in neighboring factors at play. And I mean, if something bad has occurred an airline crash a car crash a building fire. If you start breaking this down in analyzing the human factors involved think about it as links in a chain. And the last link is the tragedy will what was the link before in the link before that, and you will get back. Until you find the first link in the chain. And then when you start analyzing how each link fits together. You're gonna find out that along the way. Somebody had to do something. They should not have done or failed to do something. They should have done. That allowed the tragedy to occur. I call it the but for test. Now once you to put this in your vocabulary as we move through this case the but for test, but for someone doing something they shouldn't have done or failing to do something. They should have done could this tragic outcome have occurred. But for rod. Ignorant. De's report of sleep apnea at three months old. We might be in a very different place today. As we unpack this crime. I'm just asking you to pay attention to what people did or failed to do. That may have contributed to this tragedy. This young father didn't trust is interface. When something seemed illogical. That might well have been the first rock in an avalanche that would wind up ruining more lives than you can imagine. So just remember this moment rod says he was so concerned about gypsies breathing that he moved back in with Didi and tried to make the marriage work. But he says their attempt reconciliation failed in a divorced few months later and then work out. I didn't feel any the relationship. Just did a won't eighty and started fighting well, not not fighting. We fight a lot. But I mean, she kinda hounded me down and steak back and forth to court for child support after she was born and everything tried supporting financially the best could which I guess to hurts still. It's never enough. You know, so ships taking me to court for additional medical bills that she was accumulating take minute court with the thousands and thousands of dollars of proceeds gypsy at which, you know, the court order that I'll be obligated to provide, you know, the medical insurance and all medical expenses on top of child support and alimony. So I don't know if. You know, de maybe seeing that as as a way to to get a edge on top of me, or you know, some extra money. She can get Rudd says gypsy grew her health continued to decline and the medical bills increased Egede how difficult it must have been for rod to see this daughter. Does wanted inspired him to become a father instead of an absent father? Magin how he felt watching his daughter falling apart day by day. He had a feel helpless in one sense. Because. He couldn't do anything about it. He worked on a fishing boat. You didn't have any expertise in this. And he had married. Essentially, a mother figure let's think about this. He seventeen she's twenty four that's seven years difference. He's not particularly well educated, and she has gone to at least some college, and we're now dealing with the child at has medical issues. And what was her college training is medicine naturally? He's going to defer to her because she's claiming expertise here. She's worked in the medical field. She's been trained in a medical field. He works on vision boat. He's rendered kind of helpless here at the time you have to remember he seventeen he's overwhelmed with the baby. Now, a sick baby. And he's got a woman that's older than him with training. He's deferring to her look at it through. His is is not so hard to understand. The first issue that she said she had was the sleep apnea and later on before she was five she started talking about her having problems with their eyes. She was having seizures and her digestive system. Shed trouble the digesting certain foods. So the next major thing. You know, what's the feeding tube shed had put in her the Mahad, I got past doctors. But she was persistent that she have a feeding to put in. Did you hear what rod you said? He didn't know how d- to feeding tube insertion past the doctors. Well, let me come in on that for a minute here. Rod disagreed that gypsy needed a feeding to d thought she did road disagreed with it. But again, he deferred to Didi these how did she get this passed doctor? Well, Dr disagreed with DD is just that simple. And. Let's face it. When you're dealing with children. You rely very heavily on the parent. To be a reliable historian. You rely very heavily on the parent to report what's going on when they're home with the child, and if apparent shows up with a child that is a Macy's aided or underweight dehydrated along with a report that the child cannot keep anything down in his unable to ingest food regularly normally, and you have evidence there that the child is below weight. According to the charts, and is dehydrated it makes sense. If you are relating the symptom Atallah g to the physicians and they are believed why wouldn't Dr do a procedure. There was indications for their. So that's how the decision was made to give a feeding tube. He just disagreed with it now, we'll talk later about. About whether that was the right thing to do or not. But twenty twenty hindsight he feels like it was the wrong decision. One thing. I do know is that living on a feeding tube for a child is a very difficult thing. The tube has to be fitted and changed at least every six months, which can be very uncomfortable for the child you have an opening there that is subject to infection. They're all kinds of problems with this. So it is not something that if as issue would do lightly or that they would do without having some good clinical evidence as well. As a responsible parent giving them some history started wondering what kind of issues she has. She's has seizures sleep apnea. She's got the problems and Didi always told me she had some issues growing up thought, it might have been genetic. But one of the reasons that rod was so bothered by all of this. And I think it's another red flag another Lincoln the chain that he failed to react to is that. Despite what Didi was telling him about gypsy being sickly. He says every time he saw gypsy. She seemed to be fine. Whenever he visited her. She seemed to be feeling well, she seemed to be robust, but rod and everyone in the family just hope that gypsy would grow out of her myriad of illnesses. She he felt like okay children have touted diseases. Maybe she'll grow out of this. So part of this maybe as denial and part of it is just hoping against hope that I don't really know what to do here. So I'm just going to hope that maybe this will get better with time. But rod says not to be that gypsies health only got worse as she got older. When gypsy was seven years old. She was in a minor motorcycle accident with their grandfather. When I say minor, she Skinner ne-, not a big deal for a youngster right happens all the time. But after a visit to the doctor that minor accident suddenly turned into a major ailment. Rod says DeeDee told him the diagnosis was much more serious than just a cut brews, a scrape. Didi said gypsies legs were failing. So she needed a Walker to get around and ultimately wheelchair. Five six seven years old at the same time. She started having problems with with their physical ability to use her legs. Her muscles would hurt. Her DeeDee told me she had less Keila dystrophy. She was gonna lose her ability to walk pretty soon. Muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy from a skin knee who has ever heard of that happening, but DD insisted that crippling disease is exactly what gypsy had and that it was incurable. She would talk a lot about her muscular dystrophy and seizures and everything when we would talk on the phone, and that's when I kinda started asking, meaning what's what's going on? Can they figure out? What's the problem? She told me she had a chromosome disorder. He says she wasn't going to live between years old. So this chromosome disorder, which is going to affect all functions. She would never get like full Rome and mental capacity would be reduced gypsy grownup. She seemed normal happy child apart from day. Omits mom issue had to me on never seen her display any symptoms of on ever seen a seizure or through up from eating any certain types of foods or anything should just seem like any of the child. She's seemed very normal after pappy normal was not in the cards for. Gypsy rose, the deck was already stacked against a rod says when gypsy indeedy move north to Springfield after the hurricane. She told him gypsies health really started going south at that point. She's telling me, she's got cancer shaving her head taking pictures of both of them shaving their heads. So that was pretty elaborate to go from chromosome this order now, she's got cancer. I couldn't fathom that the chromosome disorder had anything to do with cancer. Really like it hadn't already know. It really took a turn for the worse. They hurricane epileptic seizures of feeding to muscular dystrophy, and now cancer d- said it was leukemia. How could this sweet inseparable mother daughter pair have such a run of bad luck? It just seems unfathomable unfair and uninviting. So the good people of Springfield got together and change the. Bad luck into good. They rallied around their new neighbors. They surprised them with nothing less than a custom built home and reveal with special wheelchair modifications for her daughter. The house was heavensent and those wheelchair ramps. A godsend Didi was a static about the wheelchair ramps. She told her new neighbors that the muscular dystrophy had damaged gypsy spin Lee legs so much that she was now paralyzed below the waist now once they had settled into their new home Didi reinvented herself, even though by this time she and rod where long divorced. She kept her married name. But she added the letter e to Blanchard that final e put sort of a classy Fritsch Patino on it. Because now, it's not financed Blanchard. It's now bland chard. Kinda makes you wonder what's that? All about why would Didi feel the need to reinvent herself. Is this an alias is she hiding as she'd been kiting paper bouncing checks around Didi also told everyone gypsy had a learning disability and as a result of her premature birth. She claimed gypsy had microcephaly. That's a very rare condition in which the baby's head and brain development is smaller than normal the unborn child. Doesn't get enough oxygen to allow the brain to fully develop it it can cause a child to become mentally challenged. As a result. Didi says gypsy never made it past second grade. And she told everyone including gypsy that she had the middle age of six or seven year old even though by now, she was a teenager, but DD homeschool gypsy. So it was okay. She would move at her own pace. And she. He says gypsy learned how to read from the Harry Potter books now time out here for a minute to put on the developmental psychology had here. I don't know if you've read any Harry Potter books, but they're pretty complex books. Pretty well thought out very layered very complex a lot of characters. There's a complete fantasy world it's created. It's kind of a leap because here's a teen who supposedly educated only a second grade level with a mental age of six or seven who's learning to read by Harry Potter books. This kinda jumps out to me as being incongruent with someone that has a mental age of six or seven the numbers of words in sentences the complexity of the plot lines, it just seems that the books are pretty difficult for someone with a mental age of just six or seven is. Gypsy rose, perhaps whole lot smarter than her mother's telling her. She is and are we dealing here with another accident enabling factor. People failing to take note of a significant incongruency by incongruency. I mean, a report a six or seven year old mental age individual is learning to read from more complex books than make sense. But when gypsy spoke to the local news about her new house her child like voice, and her kinda pollyannish attitude certainly seemed to validate her mom's claim that she had the mental age of child. Ulcers pay endings are not just in fairytales. They're real addition to learning to read from Harry Potter books. She was also a namrd with Disney characters gypsy was living alive where she live curiously through fairy tales, she seemed to escape into the happy endings and the the wonder of the DisneyWorld the magic of Harry Potter the same to be escape mechanisms for her. She had a particular affinity for Cinderella. Tragically her own fractured. Life certainly seem to be headed towards anything. But happy ending. You at all sound, so horrible. Try to put yourself in gypsy shoes. Imagine what she's dealing with what's going through her mind. She's confined to a wheelchair. She's able to walk. She's fighting cancer. She's losing her beautiful Brown hair from chemo rod says he felt powerless do anything to help his daughter other than giving her constant encouragement. He says he trusted DVD's medical knowledge in her assessments of gypsies condition because of her training in nursing school. She did a little college shadow medical background. So she had some books we found in the house leukemia dummies, and it'll different books. I guess what? She did a research and more importantly, gypsy implicitly, trusted, her mom, and she lived by the phrase mother knows best always doing what her mom massacre to do never challenging all ways remaining courageous as she faced her mounting illnesses. Head on question. The name what's going on? She can walk or not wheelchair all our life and answer got from the was she had a disease, and it was gonna progressively get worse. Eventually she was going to be bounded wheelchair at all times. And that's when I kinda started asking the what's going on the she wasn't gonna live to be twenty years old the way rod says DD described it it sounded like a death since for young gypsy r-. Does that had to be shocking news for everyone in the family? Here's gypsy step. Mom, Kristi her making Biden, Nella Kimia. We didn't think that she would live alone life and everything I mean chromosomes, and they're saying, and there were so much when people would ask me, oh what gypsy has wrong with like the Lysa shorter. Void. She doesn't have pretty much kind of explain it pretty much doesn't even begin to cover the universe to gypsies ailments, Christie says DeeDee told her that gypsy was drooling all the time. She was producing too much saliva and required surgery to remove her salivary. Glands dating had told me that she had problems with her salivary lanes from one of her seizures that it made her get paralyzed from mid thigh a surgery for her acid reflux saying that you had to get part of her stomach lining wrapped around her a sophomore. Celery gland surgery and the removal of the stomach lining are two very painful invasive procedures and it's hard to imagine. How much gypsy was suffering? At this point Dede told everyone gypsies health had declined to the extent that she was forced to quit. Her nursing job. She said gypsy required a round the clock care and who better to give her that care, then her own mother. Didi became supermom always protecting nurturing her daughter and everyone in Springfield, admired her for her to nasty for her dedication. But without a steady paycheck. How would they survive? Well, they relied on government assistance that paid for a closet full of medicines multiple surgery. And charity that included donations and even free trips to DisneyWorld they spent a lot of time planning and doing things taking trips to the new world and different events have free trips here and they're free flights chiefs getting money from a couple of celebrities shed, shed met. So their life was full of free stuff fund stuff that they were able to take advantage of piggybacking on her medical condition country music star maranda Lambert, reportedly met gypsy backstage at a concert and donated several thousand dollars not to mention that tens of thousands of dollars many good Samaritans kicked in as well. She done Sony concerts and meeting greets just because they don't make a wish foundation and everything and look for kids that are disabled and everything so she took advantage of that today extreme that on top of the whole support system from the medical field. Just the welfare side of Missouri is a big state for welfare helping people out. So she really took advan. A lot of that road says he regrets. He wasn't always there for gypsy in the early years. Even though he abandoned his family at the beginning. He says he always paid his child support on time and even through in extra cash along the way to help pay for gypsies mounting medical bills for the first five years gypsies life. I'm never left with median gypsy a child and you live with them. And you you go through so much with them. You you build this tight on with them. And that's one thing that we never did get experienced that chips. Deedee was always there in the middle making sure that didn't happen. She was just that buffer. And it was very limited. Did the best. I could birthdays holidays, but it was always hard. When our first five years lived here. Locally not for. So we did some visits wasn't Toshio after five six years old. They they started moving further and further away in the came more. Scares. We always stayed in communication, you know, phone calls and everything that the physical visits the further D moved away, the less. We got to spend time with her rod says on those phone calls. He always tried to give gypsy the emotional support she needed, but what words can Afaf's say too little girl who's paralyzed who may never walk again. And frankly, who may not live long enough to see Twenty-one candles on her birthday cake. He said he did his best to make her feel loved and wanted. She seemed pretty happy when we're talking about, you know, caller, nee which open up to you know, she tell me about a little trip they did or something they took part in. And she was always pretty cherry about about everything they've known and what they were going to plan on doing. So it seemed pretty normal a lot of times. I would ask her how she's feeling she says she was feeling. Okay. You know, she was just a little tired a lot of times for response would be, you know, just tired not feeling too wonderful. But not too too bad Rud says he worried in loosely about gypsy but in. Final analysis. He relied on DVD's, medical knowledge. He believed everything she told him and remained in awe of how she handled everything as the sole caregiver. Absolutely. No doubt. I'll tell deal at time. I don't know. How you do? It can never do it as continued to support a financial even after she turned eighteen kept supporting them and trying to do all can for them. I was grateful. I told needy all the time. You're great mom. I don't know. How you do it? I can never do it gypsies childhood as far as we can tell she seemed like Didi had our best interests Kristie grease, but she says Didi was reluctant to allow her energy into forge a good relationship with gypsy to have a relationship with gypsy as best as could she called me ain't Christie Marquette's co Didi ING beady, I don't think dating one and hurt Komi mom, number two or step. Mom. It was kind of hard to get that relationship that I wanted deviated impossible speaking. Gypsy a couple times every few months, we never knew that she was in the hospital or that she was sick. Until after the fact we'll get on the phone extra how she was doing. And she would tell me everything's going. Good tired or been sick. But I'm I'm okay now and around the holidays in our her birthday or anything, we call her ask her what she wanted you know for Christmas. And she would tell me nothing. But love I mean, you ask any kid. You know, what you want? They naming ten things, you know of the back their hand. And she would tell me, you know, nothing. But the Christie says she always kept her promise giving gypsy buckets unconditional love. But she says things got a little awkward when Didi asks for something extra anyway, then ex or something and say, well, she wants this or she wants this. You know, so we would offer at an and mail it to her and thanking that she would know it was from us, but data would tell her what mom got you. What's that? All about the mom taking credit for a present. From the step. Mom, almost sounds like Didi treating gypsies a cash cow. Christie was rod second wife after all. And she says there was a bit of underlying tension between him, but despite that troublesome family dynamic between mom and step mother Christie says she never questioned eighties total devotion to gypsy. It was impressed with her encyclopedia mileage of gypsies diseases. As daily working in the medical field. No matter where you work you pick up things you learn things. And I just basically thought she had a this is the reason this is what happened. This is the treatment. This is what we're doing. This is the doctor everything was backed up and we never like question. We thought great mom taking care of gypsy. Otto rod so many times. I don't know how she does. You know? I mean, putting all that time and effort into gypsy, basically, pray sir thinking data was doing this great job gypsy. She was always house of mom would be giving gypsy the attention. The love the care that normal. Mom would never saw red flags as you heard road reflects already flying in the wind, and he says what he called gypsy on eighteenth birthday. The biggest red flag of them. All gypsy really didn't know where h caller for eighteen per day. Didn't want me to talk to. Well. She wanted me to tell a happy birthday. But she wanted me to tell her happy eighteenth birthday. So it's like why not you know, eighteen days big day. You know, it's like well should really know that she's eighteen I thought that was weird thought it was just mind blown to think that she would not want her to know that she's eighteen that starts Rod's mind. Working overtime. He wonders why DD is always isolating gypsy from everyone. Why is she sometimes reluctant to let him talk to his own daughter. I call eight first gypsy talked to her and say, well, she's taken a nap callback in an hour. I'll have a ready for you. So I call back in our callback. The next day at a certain time. She'd be ready there with all the right answer. Apparently the isolation wasn't directed only toward rawdon Christie. It was to everyone gypsy came in contact. With. This is important because you have to understand I Sulaiman is the number one tool of the abuser. But why was she doing? It was it because she was being abusive or was it that she was just being overprotective of a very fragile young child or are there. More evil reasons. Either way DD never left gypsy alone in a room with other. She constantly held her hand always clutching tightly very tightly almost like an iron grip grasping her tiny fingers Didi wouldn't let gypsy visit her best friend Lewinsky, she wouldn't even let her see her alone and insisted that she had to chaperon them, even Noah Leah only live next door Ilias said she never objected to eighties constant hovering and clinging gypsy. She says she was just happy to give her friend the support. She needed. We loving carrying this full of life and happiness investigators interviewed Eliya after the murder the information. She provides them we'll help. Detectives unlock the mystery. She will help them. Find who committed this crime. And she'll also help figure out why the murder of DeeDee Blanchard has policed. Who killed her? Why would the killer stab someone they didn't know seventeen times? And then kidnap a intellectually challenged chronically ill paralyze daughter that day is difficult for rod and Christie to even talk about. But they bravely tell us about the horrifying moment when they heard about DVD's murder and gypsies apparent objection. I heard got murdered all the at work system called me said you heard about eating chips said no what's going on. And she started crying and said a gypsy was missing. And Didi was murdered. Really? Couldn't believe it. I've got a call a couple of times from them. They through some things they got brawled at the store this serious. One of his dad know, it seems like yesterday rod was at work and he called like Halley's. Cheerful conversation about an hour later. He calls again. And I'm like, okay. This is not you know, this is a norm. And all I could hear was him crying and saying DVD's dead, and they can't find gypsy. And it was like what? And he's lying to stand. And they can't find gypsy and first thing. That kings him a mine was only God somebody took her, and they leave her dead thinking that she can't walk. Sorry. Thinking that she can't walk and she is this medication. Rod says he's fearing the worst that gypsies captors are doing God knows what to her. I couldn't understand. Why why would somebody murdered somebody even if they knew or ordinal he murdered him out? And you take a handicapped person as as a hostage or a victim or whatever. And then make sense. It's not something you hear about everyday, you know, here about people get kidnapping this don't hear too many handicapped he'll get kidnapped. Police think gypsy may still be alive somewhere in that the killer may afford her to give up the password to her Facebook page now the detectives trace the IP address of the mysterious person who wrote the disgusting Facebook post that he killed Didi and ripe gypsy. It came from a computer nearly six hundred miles away in Big Ben, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, who in Wisconsin would even know gypsy rose indeed. Is that where the killer is holding gypsy Kathy? Coming up in episode two. The search for gypsy goes national startling new developments in an already bizarre murder case in Springfield wary. As gypsy. She dead where she alive is. She tied up held captive in the squalid basement. What's the connection to Wisconsin? Remember in the beginning. I said this killer was not from Springfield. This killer traveled along way. Lot to commit a random crime. But to kill this specific woman. Shocking discovery just around. The sheriff reveals one of them haddish were to saved. And I think this might be case we'll separate the facts from the fabrication that's all coming up next episode out killer born gypsy rose analysis of murder by Dr Phil. Dr field girl. Thanks. Hey, if you one of those people that likes to listen to things add free, you can do that with fill in the blanks by going to Stitcher premium, and what's more you can get a month free trial, just go to Stitcher premium dot com and use promo code, Phil. That's PH L, and you can listen to all of my personas ad free.

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