76: The End of the Supreme Court, As It Was Known


This means that Donald Trump will be the forty fifth president of the United States. This is your life. Now this is our election. Now this is us. This is our country. It's real. Hi and welcome this week's forty. Fifth podcast. I am here with watch a highly back watch. Hello. Thank you for inviting me for a week with no good news whatsoever by appreciate it. I just saved me for the most depressing weeks and it was pretty bad last week too. I mean, I guess it kinda got worse. Yeah, air. We just found out last night that apparently climate change is going to destroy as much sooner. It's like a major story that otherwise would have been covered of it because we live in the Trump administration's like story number eight. But apparently we have until twenty forty to get our stuff together. Twenty forty because you read their port and if you had ready yet used, definitely read it. It's in your times. It's very sobering. Yeah. If you wanna feel happy, don't read it. But anyway, the actual numbers in there are like twenty thirty twenty two to twenty forty is like mid range. Optimistic very, yeah. Yeah. And that's just that's that's the optimist who actions medium optimistic thirty also possible for that like dire point. Basically, it is now unavoidable than in our lifetimes. We are going to live through global crisis scale. We've definitely seen since World War Two and possibly not even then. Yeah, we live in interesting times. We live in interesting times and it's one of the situations where I know on this. Podcast. I've said before, always give that analogy, and you know, people thought I was exaggerating that if if given a choice between renting a room to a woman or person of color or burning on the house, the angry whites will burn down the village and just feel like we see examples of that both here and in Europe end in now in Brazil, even those not whites, but you're seeing the rise of far-right the return through a liberal democracy. So that might be that might be our near future. Oh, and by the way climate change might destroy. So. So who knows? It's going to be either authoritarianism where the people who are poor marginalized, if you have ovaries, your person of color will be oppressed, if is reviving a blue state and have some nice property an internet access. You can make a go of it until twenty forty because then we're all gone. Yeah. Well, the, I think the story of the late twenty tens and hopefully not too much. The twenty twenties is going to be how. Resurgence fascism stopped the world from making one last great stand against climate change before. It was definitely too late. If we acted right now, if we acted on the scale, that's actually probably impossible given what we know world behavior we could dramatically stop right now. This moment in time what's going to happen before gone at this moment, it could be averted and won't be, but it could be. That's why don't have any faith because also what happened. Another piece of news that just drifted by because there were so many fires burned on this country is that the EPA the Trump administration's EPA use sketchy signs to say a little radiation is pretty good for you. So I'm not making that up for listening fortunately. Yes. So, and then you know America's one of the worst abusers, but you also have China that, you know, even though it's it's party to the purse, grim kind of is Knowles barred to the hilt. Deregulation giving zero apps. So when you have United States which has abdicated its role, one of many roles on the global stage backing away from the Paris agreement, and you have China n. you have from EPA saying, little radiation is good for you. It's it's, it's it's fascinating. Like, you know, the thing, isn't it? Interesting. 'cause everyone's both citing hate being right some with his whole cabinet thing. I just tweeted two days ago doesn't take a genius that everyone's talking about civility in both sides, especially Republicans. Now this both cider ISM is stunning because now you see the press picking up like, oh, don't be so angry women or don't go low and just let's have civility and move on. And mild question is, isn't it amazing that for some people in this country or the minority in order to feel great, they need a Justice cavern. They need kids in prison. They need unarmed black people being shot. They. Need deregulation. They need a tax cut for the rich. They need a little bit of radiation. So what does it say about them? And what does it say about the rest of us who are against it? Ashes them as a human impulse. We've not ever volved on it and probably never will probably and giving people have threatened privilege fascism rises again. And that's why I think you know all these people are talking about this, this being a pill. Before I, I hopefully, you know, turn the tide may. We could talk talk about what where some silver linings is. You know, people are talking about this Blue Wave and it might happen, but you don't, you know us to see the trends Republicans. There are a minority party. They've shrunk Trump. CNN, pull just came out that Trump is negative thirty one with women. It's stunning, but the independence are now buying into the Republican narrative that apparently what happened? The Cavanaugh was. No unfair and they kind of go for the pox on both houses. Both sides were wrong and you see this rallying of the base, and then we just saw today from Tennessee that was a Senate. See that could've flipped. Guess what happened? The democrat candidate was up by two points guests up now, the Republican candidate by eight points because just like you said, they're threaten it's all or nothing. Zero sum game and Steve Bannon said, as long as you play density politics, which white people have done all throughout the centuries of this country, he says, Republicans will win and because gerrymandering voter suppression, you know, I don't. I don't know if the Democrats can take the house into see think you're gonna. Keep act Taylor swift is not enter the ring. Oh yeah, the Taylor swift, but you know what? I put something here yesterday, Luna. So those were listening Taylor swift for the first time ever decide to throw a ring in politics, honor, Instagram, basically did a kind of basically said, don't vote. For Blackburn and basically went with, like, you know issue? No, I'm horrified by position on women. I'm horrified that she a vote for the violence against women act. I'm or you know, she's like I'm proud to be t I'm pro woman on prime more pro minorities and Donald Trump today said he likes her twenty five percent less, which is weird. You didn't miss. That just came goes, I like Taylor's. Twenty five percent less than so you like, you know, he's always precise number. Yeah, it's very presented ill when my thing was I could be wrong in a way I respected because everyone's on Twitter. The kids are on Twitter. The Taylor swift is not like your, you know, flaming lefty. She's a darling of America. Yeah, three, she's very specific in and makes a case for a specific race in Tennessee. So I'm wondering if that's enough, but with Cavanaugh she went up enough. I don't know. What do you think? Do you think democ Dem's will take the house? Maybe I, if they don't, then everything's over basically if everything's over having summer, like I really. I don't mean that in Bollock way. It's all over at. There's not one chamber where the Democrats have subpoena power without that everything's over. What do you think going to go down? How do you things are gonna go down. I mean, probably I think there's. I'm not going to say like, I feel good about it, but like a coin toss plus a little bit. That's going to be. Democratic house Senate know NIA Senate, actually low, probably lose one or two seats, but maybe we'll have a silver lining and like, you know, Ted Cruz will lose. You know what that might happen. Like everything else go terribly. But like one tiny little bright spas like actually Tigers law. So we got that at least it's this lizard in human flesh. Rub your describes him. Yeah, the scroll among us. It'd be like this one one sweet victory. But the thing is everyone says Trump's winning and they giving him too much credit because Trump can only win because Republican party let someone I think people are letting the Republican party off the hook, and I think they're giving Trump way too much credit. People forget. Like I think it's weird that there's a difference there drawing here because they're not anymore. Trump is Republican party or publicans Trump year, but now the press is finally coming up to that, right? But the thing is the Republican party. I mean back in the day another, it's gonna be me nostalgic elected officials were supposed to be servants of the people whose oath to the constitution in even when the president this supposed to serve as a check and balance because we have three branches executive legislative and the judiciary. The Republicans are letting him do. People. Forget that Steve Bannon said this in twenty fifteen in the summer of those big Bloomberg report. I'm forgetting the name of the author, but he wrote later, wrote the book, the devil's bargain, Stephen. The beautiful thing is like all these reporters, like chewy, take Trump literally in seriously. I'm like, yes, there are people open. One thing at both from administration. They're not settled like Steve Bannon Jeff Sessions. They've never been subtle. Steve Bannon said Trump is quote a blunt instrument, but I don't think he gets it might interpret nation of it is a, he doesn't get the white nationalist agenda. But Bannon said, that's fine. He's blunt instrument. The petition is like John ego. Oh, you think so? I think I think for it it was Bannon's agenda, which is restriction of Judeo Christian white civilization protected from the the Brown Muslim arts. And then if if if you here even the jokes Christians, they say the same thing, he's like our king, David, he's Cyrus, he's a flawed instrument and fought anymore. He just, he just an instrument, not even that he's no, he's leader eventually kills totally embraced. They're fully behind Trump as a person not just says, tool Bana and do just or Trump is h Trumpism. They, he is. They, they're not like Bannon Bannon knows what he's doing to while I don't know the case there. Dan is. His political skills have been far overestimated, I believe, but at least has awareness of what he's trying to do. Think that the others are aware enough that way to separate themselves from Trump like that Trump is them. They are Trump. But I think for the replica Kosovo for the Republican party, the reason why they're all in is because the base is now all Trump or infected with Trumpism, their donors of openly said, Lindsey, Graham at this forget that he openly admitted says they told us if we don't pass the tax Bill, not to come back. All the rich donors pass the tax Bill, which they did the got the justices might get a third or fourth one people are like, oh, they'll only get to. They might get three or four. Take back one of the chambers in like twenty before twenty twenty is that Trump will have unchecked power for the next two years, and they'll be nothing to stop him from a him. They're putting party from. I define political scheme where they don't need majorities to win. Well, that's already what's happening right. Does people forget that the majority Senate that bomb rushed Cavanaugh through a flawed process is the minority and the two presidents who lost the popular vote are responsible for putting the last four supreme court. Justice that's Bush and Trump. Trying to hire someone their lives you can do that are not smart. Now includes going through hundreds or thousands of UCS maze. Don't fly what you're looking for. And it also includes trying to, you know, half ass Ajab and not actually find the best job, but you know, what is smart going to recruiter dot com slash forty five to hire the right person. ZipRecruiter actually doesn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them for you. It takes away all the hassle and the work. It's totally convenient. It has powerful matching technology, which scans, thousands of resumes that dentist people for you with the right skills. -cation experience for the job in actively than invites them to apply. 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Look what's happening in now you think about it in your like everything is just lined up so perfectly for it to come together. Right Trump was the blunt instrument minority majority rule gerrymandering barely won the election by seventy thousand of votes Russia essentially as winning all cross Europe without firing too many bullets. You have Poland. That's non gone pro Russia yet. Victor orb in Hungary, the rise of the Nazi party that basically the Freedom Party barely lost Austria Brexit and you see it right, if just barely barely got by. And then it reminds me, oh crap. People didn't vote because it. The whole boat sights will her emails. Remember all that two years ago I should get over it, but I don't get over it. I don't think histories when Gilbert for a long time. So have you gone over? So I just wanna ask us as the sole representation of fifty one percent of the mob AK women. Now there's some Democrats and Republicans finger-wagging sing, get over, Cavanaugh move on civil seen that. And I gotta say, I, I have Republicans like mostly there's no actually seen where have you sent Chris coons Chris considered already. That's totally Chris isn't. It doesn't surprise me and the tampering down impeachment talk. And now they're enough. Okay. Then peach mint is not going to, well, let's go to big oil literal elephant in the room, the knee Republican Justice, because it is clear that this now there always was clear, but now there's no doubt they political supreme court and what happened? The amount of awfulness can't be overstated. It's just one of those things. It's broken and can't be fixed. Again, we can make it better long-term, hopefully, but like we can't go back and our lifetimes. This was, you know, a devastating weekend and we're not a point. We have no idea what America's gonna look like five ten years at all. You know, it's gonna look like, I think post reconstruction, Erica, you're gonna see white rate. I mean, really, I mean that it's, it's gonna be minority majority rule, but the difference is unlike the nineteenth century, women actually have the right to moat and black people aren't slaves, and there's no segregation and minorities have avoids and white. People can't just eat both white liberals and white slave owners and segregationists can't just, you know, rule without any type of pushback in. That's what essentially is going to break the country I think is because you have like you mentioned minority majority rule. You have tainted supreme court now, right? Because it's tainted. It's tainted. I think in my opinion, we'll see how the interesting from academic perspectives even happens by at aspirin court is not institution. It was before it's from dad long spring court? Yeah, and McConnell. Just entered the White House east refer Cavanaugh. Any received a standing ovation in rod Rosenstein. Is there also because Kavanagh's is buddy? Yeah. It's it's bad it like, you know, if you believe in a liberal wing liberal in the traditional sense, not in the democratic lefty cents. If you believe in a liberal world order, what happened is the disaster. We'll see how much you're cavenaugh could be like a little more moderate than he obviously seems to be. It's possible. He will be like a lukewarm and some respects. I don't think so. I mean, check in Roberts is very far right. So when Roberts is your new Anthony? Kennedy. Demings. The court has shifted over to the window, everything in America, right? Of course going to be like as far as public could be from the rest of the United States, which is not tenable the long term. And he just because people are people starting people say, it doesn't represent me. You lose all credibility or legitimacy in the court. Again is supposed to be one of the Coequal branches of grim that serves to serve as a check and. Cabinet said, if we remember back in the day before the doctor Ford's testimony, he said the supreme court Justice should be neutral, should be neutral arbiter in unpire. But then during the right after doctor testified, he said off his own written words that he wrote what goes around comes around. And he also said, this was all part of, you know, a smear campaign done by the Clintons and the left that dude is now the deciding fifth vote, and so your your optimism, I shared it for like maybe two seconds, but I'm like, no knocked them. Yeah. And he, you know, he, he's cherry picked by the federalist you know he was can starts hatchet man during the Clinton impeachment. I mean, e she's like primarily political operative. He is Gorsuch is different. I don't like such a lotteries, but like Gorsuch as much more traditional in terms of his sucking. If I mean like sake for what I want to see happen, but otherwise does not have like a pardon history like like Kavanagh's Kavanagh's born out of parts. Cavanagh was born of tar Gatien Gorsuch it's just a really conservative. I cavenaugh is a part of the, I injure second. And so with Roberts the hope and Roberts is because Roberts if we remember was at saving for ObamaCare, it one, five, four and Kennedy people forget even though he, I mean it shady what he did. I, yeah, I, there's a lot of mixed on that. A lot of legal commentators attended, you know, it's not as it's not shady. It's, you know, it's being hype. I without endorsing it all the more extreme stuff going on. Twitter, that was all nonsense he did is inappropriate and damaging long-term to the viability report. And that's why was shady. It wasn't giving credence in conspiracy, but my thing that you know the fact is. His role in cabinet office, you know. But candy, people forget is a Republican who also was the deciding vote on some major cases and Republican. Never forgave him for Wade. They never forgave him for that. And also he's the one who wrote the very stirring and beautiful opinion. Legalize will give marriage equality, but everyone's now turning their eyes to Roberts. I don't see a, but apparently I was reading Kagan Roberts or having conversation about, hey, no one's going to respect the court. The majority of Americans will see us as a legitimate and, oh, by the way, where Coequal branch of government. But I, I just don't have faith in cabinet after his performance. You should believe people when they show you for who they are. I also think there's a range of ways he could rule and decide an issue. It's not necessarily true my guess that he would, but it is. It was possible. He would not overturn Roe v, Wade, give an opportunity. He could find another way to undercut it. An entrepreneur Tackett my guess is he'll overturn it, but I would not call it a foregone conclusion as point at say, for practical purposes, it's close to foregone, but there may be some shreds of at leftover, which will be good thing because offals would be there's a way could take down rookie weighed that wouldn't take down all the other host of rights built on. That's my, that's my office to cope right now is they take away weighed in a way that doesn't of this rate. Everything came before it will gut the gut it, and then the states, especially the red states are going to do everything their power to completely eliminate any clinics see this. It's not even stop there. I really don't think that the endgame endgame federal laws opposing one is access to healthcare. That's the end game. We're talking about the house in our conversation earlier. 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That's how do you motivate a large part of the base, anything in everything can be jettisoned anything. Everything can be sacrificed case in point Trump as long his, he's a blunt instrument that gets us to gut Roe v, Wade. It's all about abortion for simple for some of them and for others, it is purely regulation money. Our maga- go back to the time where white privilege was not in check. So this is my like everyone says, when was when was American. We've hearing for two years. I haven't exact date measure with you. My date, please nineteen fifty three right before Brown versus board of education decided in nineteen fifty four, which officially may segregation illegal nineteen. Fifty. Three is the high watermark. I sincerely believe if they could take the DeLorean they will take it back to nineteen fifty three's and when you talked to many the others, especially consort another place when they say when was ready, go the fifties. And then Trent Lott remember Trent Lott gun trouble. Bentley a lot of trouble when he when he said the good old days talking about pre nineteen fifty four. I really think this is death, rattle and death March. Actually, the death rattle has been into the death March white supremacy, and they're playing for all the marbles, which is why I'm not as convinced of the Blue Wave. Because of gerrymandering they need seven to ten percent. And I really do think Trump McConnell as usual, very good at rallying the base around an existential crisis, right? It wasn't economic anxiety. Survey survey finally has proven racial anxiety. You'll be a minority. They're coming to get your guns coming to get your women. They're kind of your religion. They're gonna get you. You will no longer have power the blacks in the minorities, Mexicans, the gays debt terrifies motivates the base and they all come out and they will. I think they will come up, but that being said, we haven't. No, we have to weapon Trump keeps telling them that it's fake news at they're losing you think so? Yeah, it it's, they have poll showing actually reducing turn out so that tiny edge we got is Trump's calling fake news that there might be a Blue Wave which will give some complacency. But right now though, I think just reading earlier today, five thirty gives it a seventy five percent chance at the Democrats take the house and they're favored by about four percent, which is, of course give or take the margin irritate four percent. But now this is silver lining. So we're talking about cavenaugh we're talking about being gutted by what happened. People forget hundred ninety one, Anita hill. All right, twenty seven years ago. The next year was drum roll please. The year of the woman nineteen Ninety-two was the year of the woman. If you're forget, it's not really quickly aware that point. Yeah, yeah, that was the one year of you. You know, you guys are taking all the years away from those one year of the woman and a record number of women based on what happened with Anita hill ran for office. You got six lady senators and twenty four lady house members and people forget that that was twenty some years ago before me to before time. Up before there was even really any smart, you know, nuanced education, sexual harassment, and the nation believed Clarence Thomas tuna, one compared Anita hill. So now we fast forward and we have to, we have times up. We hopefully have some more awareness. We have more female senators. What he thinks going to happen in a month. 'cause every week now is eight hundred days. The big question is how far can get pushed before finally break because they already know what women are gonna vote in favor of supporting students by Jordi. But if someone at some point it will at some point, the white woman support will break fail and my Burkan fail me go blow eighty percent. So with the close call. And if that happens, then there's beekeeper trouble from Republicans because I still need the white woman vote in order to get any Seru. And that could be teetering. It's not at all foregone conclusion, but on balance, what they've been doing is pushing it farther away rather than bringing closer to them. And so this is a thing where everyone saying this is a short term Peric victory for Republicans, but Republicans not parrot lifetime appointment. We got, you know, a five, four. We won for thirty forty years. And like you said, are all the guard rails are off. We spike the football, but exactly what you said. The secret weapon for the America is women and specifically white women. If just a sliver of these white women peel away from the Republican party just to sliver that could do it because it's still a hard heart south to get even the summer break because only so far went, women have voted in favor of white males. But what they showed with cabinets is that you're now having these negative double digit approval rating of cabinet with women and also white women, white college educated women, and some of them were Republican independence in this is also I think it's a shortsighted strategy Republicans because you think about it if they just played or appealed a little bit, if they just expanded the basis little aimed for the fifty, one percent get super majorities, but they just kinda don't. They're just like f- everyone were tripling down on her base. They're not gonna live to see over in distress. All. So why are they care? The goals are until the basically like tense expire. They don't have to worry Michael whoring onto worry about that happening. So the time that crisis happened, they'll be gone every concern about right now as the next ten fifteen years and maintaining as much controls possible and reform the world and to you know, they're conservative. Dream after that all bets are off, but you know, it will because Jesus is coming back and all of us are. And then there's a fraction who are literally doing it to bring Pakalitha which, hey, they may be the victims here. I'm actually I wasn't joking. I think people forget that that there is, you know, everyone talks about the Muslim extremists and your own white on here in America that our littlest who want the bible to replace the constitution want to be a Christian nation who want their religion enforced through the laws who don't really see this as a secular society and believe that it's their mission to pave the way for the resurrection of Jesus to come back. And if you read the end of times scatology which I have Jesus comes back in the first group that he goes after we'll take us. It's not the Muslims Jews. Jews don't fare so well and then the Muslim fair. So well, which is also interesting because you're seeing the largest Zayas boop in America's Jewish group. It's evangelized, Christians, joy. Jon hagey of Texas Christians United for Israel who by the way, one of the staunchest supporters of wait for Donald Trump, and he happened to be one of the pastors at the unveiling of the new embassy in Jerusalem. So that's, you know, all these. I think people sometimes forget the all these different parties in the Republican party are connected, not all necessarily sharing the same ideological goals, but willing to support each other for the type of long term. Short term gains consequences damned. And the rest of us the majority suffered, which is why the mid-term important, because it's the last shot for any sort of check. When I hit about thirty five years old, I realized I really didn't take my vitamins. But since then it's been nearly a decade. I have squabbled to get my daily vitamin intake in because you know what? I'm going to draw full of them. It takes forever to get all them in. 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I think that we've moved past the point where that's gonna matter. I hate saying that we just had an article week KOMO news time showing conclusively that Trump was a tax cheat and no one cared. We had more coming out this week about putting together links in the chain for Russian collusion. No one really cares. It's an accepted built. In fact, now that Trump is both a tax cheat in fraud and clue foreign governments when election and that's not proving it's not gonna change your mind. So you'll see, I think, corruption legal matter the corruptions, except it's known corruption is well known and no one cares. That's okay. So that's, that's my thing. I think the reason why no one cared about this really good, amazing New York Times report having people's rita's. Yeah, he's a crook. He's a crook. So what number one, but we still see the rush investigation positively. Most Americans do. They still see mother positive must do, and there was also a poll that says, even some. Republicans want Republicans to be a check on Trump. That's still a hope there and for independence and the people on the fence and also Republicans the things that people really don't like is corruption. Now the tolerated for Trump, but that doesn't mean they like. And so I do think if you can win over some of those independence get some of those publicans to not vote and win over some people on the fence, you go with three pronged attack number one healthcare like, hey, do you like healthcare? Do you like not dying? Will Republicans are take your healthcare Republicans adv? You note that's the most maddening thing. Also publican ads cycle or like we're gonna protect, pressing conditions, knocks plane, y knocks, they actually opposed to them running ads, blatantly saying, Democrats will take your healthcare way. We're trying to protect preconditions flam outline. It's working Trump and Senator rally. Democrats take preconditions. We're gonna protect them. They can say they want like they are going to if they have two more years of this, they will win the war to have a post resign. Well, I think we're only gonna persist because he's just lied more and more and more what you said is he's like, he says, they want to gut Medicaid. You're like, wait what it just, you know, lies upon, lies upon lies and after a while you need this, were you need. I think depressed kind of doubled down because the press based on the revolving door. That is the culture of Washington DC New York and basically all power. They want access. They want to be invited. They don't wanna play too hard ball. And so the both sides, everything even sometimes reflexive training and history and like operate for so long. It's not even some are reporters for sure. But overall, it's, this is how reports American to some worldwide are trained and educated and do their jobs, and it's really hard paradigm to break out for anyone. You know, I'm forgetting his name right now, but I think Daniel Dale Toronto Star is fantastic. Were calling all the BS. There's there's a few people who do it like, you know, with journalistic integrity and often because you can be an objective journalist and called BS. You know, you don't have to engage in this boat. Cider is minute thing. I think that's bad journalism, but I today as of right now and the bit skeptical about the wave I could be wrong. No one knows. I think I think it's more likely than not gonna happen, but that just doesn't mean all that much. Yeah. I mean, it's not going to be like this wreck. You might barely get the house and that's fine. Honestly, like all us barely barely enough in this case where it's like they need some kind of power. That's the problem right now. Public sentiment is a matter journals doesn't matter that much because if they have full control over every single branch of government, eight doesn't matter what the people think it doesn't matter. Public sentiment is they can block any process that can block any attempts to use legal system to do what supposed to do and pokes it won't matter. Yes, crush annoys people, but if they can stop any effort to investigate it and any effort to prosecute it, it won't matter what people think in the thing with the houses. The house will unleash investigation on investigation on investigation which should have been at least because of the rank corruption. The Senator of course will block it, at least it will be in the press cycle and at least will be checking balance. At least you know, and they can't block it all. Yeah, they can block it all and you will. You'll removed avenues who regard. Of your partisanship. You have to admit that this guy is objectively deeply compromised in in his duties as the head of the house intelligence committee, essentially a hatchet man for Donald Trump, and one other positive news is, I don't know if it's positive, but it's something which is interesting is lottery Putin's popularity. Plummeting in Russia in falling. Rush is not going to be this. There's some comfort that whatever happens Russia's not gonna win by when I mean come out well, except unless I take back, there's one long-term plan, which possibly is my theory about what the secret Russian plan here, and that is create a Russian temperate tropical paradise by Vance global moustaches possible. Oh, wow. Look at you. You went straight there. It's not the Jews control the weather, ladies and gentlemen. Putin. We are replacing our conspiracy in the week where George source conspiracy three went mainstream because Trump Republicans of mainstream that we're going with Putin controlling the weather. But you know, I just wanted to mention this George source conspiracy three. This is rooted purely in anti-semitism. I'm talking about the oldest antisemitic tropes of evil Jews using their power and wealth to subvert society in control people's minds. That's where it was born from. That's where it's come from from the gutter swamp exist on the fringe on the far right. And now that has become a mainstream talking point because both Trump and Republican leaders said, basically that George Soros was paying assembling this quote mob of women who were protesting Cavenham, and it just goes to show you how the Overton window has shifted so far right in what was considered fringe and looney just two years ago is now mainstream for the public in party. And my will get far worse before it will get better. Officials free tweet by nationalist. They tweet white, national slogans part has sailed. We now have a party in power of all levels of government. That is tolerant right now onto just tolerant of nationalism. But they're moving beyond tolerant to embracing art to accepting in promoting. I wouldn't say we're there yet. It's just the tolerance stage, but that's, I think it's gonna worse is because you losing women, you're losing black people, Laurie lost by people, you're losing immigrants, you're losing college-educated individuals, sliver of white women, a sliver are leaving sliver of the independence or leaving your base is going at older base is gonna die. Once you take away all their healthcare, they're gonna die. Faster. Coal isn't coming back infrastructure with Republicans. Never gonna get built and not gonna get internet. Which is further depress them a hurt them. Possibly God forbid kilson these people prematurely. And so this is a short term victory which makes them feel great again for the next ten years, but brings down the entire country. And the thing with the lost the culture war, they've lost the ideological work. They've lost the majority, which is why I still think Putin might win in the long run because America we weakens America gets divided and people forget. That's what Putin ISIS always wanted, but Russia's too weak to come back to wants to be nobody, Lisa America. It's weakened America win that way. But the outcome from Russia's not going to be great, but they can win in the gall strain or enemies yet. But you this whole, this whole Russia Centric pull that is attended to create is around many of the same propaganda mythic narratives of this resurrection of this nostalgic, white Christian empire, European empire, brave and bold. Old pure where there's a natural order. And by the way, the one thing people forget anything very important, especially in the week of the Kevin confirmation is we talk about how against immigrants black people. Jews, a major component of people always forget is what they think of women and the most threatening aspect of society is empowered women. And so they believe there's a natural order were Menon top and women have their rightful subordinate role in. If you see the fuel for outright recruitment, it's what special in college campuses with itself. Kidding. But. Yeah, yeah. The feminist women are emasculating men. Men can't be men. And so this is why Cava really does if you think about trigger is deep fear that, oh my God, the women are angry at their mob. They're taking over the take over our men in the white women who always been part and parcel soldiers. The Susan Collins of white supremacy are right there to make sure that they're protected by the system that oppresses their sisters. So it's gonna be interesting. I really am hoping on the white moderate women to come get people the next just helping a few more stop sucking as the highest right now. Just one to ten, how important socks as a man who always loses socks and his tap fix, I would put it on eight point seven out of ten, nine point five. Underselling. 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What do you think with the Susan Collins? You think she's gonna win? Twenty twenty now now I think she'll she might have gone too far. I don't see very strong Arden. I think she may have overplayed her hand in possibly even be running. Again, it's hard to say could be what we saw was her like, you know, planning your exit to be a lobbyist. Do knows. I, I think she'll probably go down that this. Here's other thing as Dyer's right now. Kavanagh reporting done that they should start done. Assuming Democrats can get any kind of hold in any chamber or any level of government, their stuff to expose it will be exposed and those supported him will suffer for it. He won't be impeached. That's not gonna happen, but those who supported him will be tied to it forever. I do think I grew here that this is a short term high. I don't think it's gonna last because one of those things when the does settles and more and more information comes out when more and more. Reflected when more people see what happened when they when the emotional high with draws its Dr Ford's testimony. It's his testimony in court, like it's the supreme court is now known as someone who has Cavanaugh on it. And Debra, Debra Ramirez there, the witnesses that they didn't investigate people will come up. It'll be more stories and the fact that Republicans double down Grassley Cornyn Collins like this stuff will add up. It's not even that, like I think that the lines are drawn part issued Cavanaugh is that the people support him didn't care if he's actually solved someone, will they still that's not gonna change your vote? Yeah, but we'll also come out, for instance, his involvement in stealing democratic politicians documents to us as part the Bush nistration that will not more and that hopefully still matters. I think it's still matters. I don't think you know the department thinks he has some shame in worries about his legacy in worries about the credibility of the court. I don't think he cares. He Kevin, I am simplifying a bit here, but nothing Kavanagh's done is that impress like he is impressive because he's worked. Political connections has a lot of ties to powerful jurists who can feed quirks through them. He has good allies. He has a really strong network as we seen, but he's never. I still don't see what about him possibly may when that he was spring court caliber level, judge I like beer. I'm nothing stupid. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry. In fact, who doesn't love you goes, I worked my butt off and your grandfather was like, he's buried at you and that also kind of helped. Yeah, it's it's, you know, people need this propaganda. They need the myth of meritocracy to kind of lull themselves in themselves thinking that everything's equal and they got by on merit and to ignore the deep systemic injustices in inequality where fifty one percent of the population. Women does do the same amount of work, but get paid. Less and woman comes up with credible testimony where she's helpful. She's calmed, is intelligent, is helpful, is willing and open to anything for the investigation. And then her the accused gets to be belligerent angry. Tell like it is not answer questions, lie under oath, a talk back to senators and he gets appointed to the supreme court because of course all about merit. If it wasn't him. It wasn't cabinet. It would be another conservative jurist in many respects the be the same, but like it would be more bearable if it wasn't him on the court does not this sexual salting lying Pissy little dude, wanna port. There'd be like it would be a little more bearable, but it has. It has to be Cavanaugh Cavanaugh warrant extreme version of this power. He'll support Trump we're going now that's, and that's why people forget. And also Trump is in BuzzFeed. Just came out really good article that people to read about today that Trump people forget Trump gets to appoint his replacement Cavanaugh is or was a very powerful federal judge in Washington DC and that judge will have power over basically deciding there's a case coming over Robert, right? And so it all works out really well and and Cavanaugh based on his own writings is the one who has the most expensive view of presidential power and immunity. And so if you're Trump and your an unindicted, co-conspirator. Where most of your team, including your former campaign manager to have are convicted in her pleading guilty and mothers breathing down your throat and they have the financial trail and the chief CFO of your Trump organization that worked with mother. You're freak the f. out what better judge to put. Well, Cavanaugh apparently right now as we're talking is being confirmed and apparently giving an extremely partisan speech or Trump just gave with parts speech to announce him. So in case it's a any now, he's a neutral, a neutral, and Mitch McConnell said before, got a standing ovation and rod Rosenstein is there because he's cabinets buddy. Any shook the hands of Republican senators before taking a seat in the back and Laura Ingram is there even the Laura Ingram is not an elected official. She is a host of Fox News and the rule of us and the rule of right wing media. If indeed we have a future written by people were objective state TV state propaganda. It's it's shameful, but that's really what happens in dictatorships and saying that we're still, we're still not in quite the very worst time line. There is still a darker time line which we so far in that's Justice, Janine Pirro. That might happen. You never know the so far only in the second. Worst. No. But you might be it might be Lindsey versus Janine? No, I don't even know what I'd want there. I don't know how to choose between those two. Awful. That's shit. I might even go for session. I don't even know like sessions Graham are Pirro. Who would you choose. Like the first game ever because he's going to get rid of sessions after metro. He's gonna get routed Rosenstein. That's. The intimacy note here about why my pessimism rush enough to Gatien being able to matter if the house growing Rosenstein and Trump today spent some time on his little plane talking and afterwards Trump said that he believes trade, very fair, but the Russia investigation. All that's wildly inappropriate. All that's all assigned that there is no longer a wall between the investigation and who's being investigated, and he now has significant control over what's being done to him. And as long as Republicans have control over both the house and Senate after midterms, it will go nowhere. The brushing up station, no matter what it finds. It can have a phone call Trump call Putin and saying, hey, giving those heck deals right now, please, and it wouldn't matter. So it all comes down to midterms and I don't. I don't agree with you. It all comes down to the mid terms, but. You know when people say, oh, this never been a worse time in history. I always want to remind people that black people have been going through this since the beginning of American history. In the always found a way when they weren't being killed, raped beaten, lynched, hanged pressed to live their life with dignity and hope, and find something empowering. And we should look to black women to this out of this and to people of color into marginalized communities who have struggled and struggled with hope and found a way to build a community and climb the uphill climb. And you know, they're women running for office. There are people of color running for office. It still isn't over and maybe just maybe we hope that enough people care to come out and just for the sake of the democratic project just for the sake of the project to see if it gets revived act as a check and balance. But I said before, I'll say. It again. The midterms are month away. Every week is eight hundred days. We have no idea what's gonna happen next week, Suzanne Cass. So go talk to the white women in your life and tell them to rethink what they're doing. You said it not me. We just a few of them. So thanks again and we'll be back next week. Take care. A big, thanks to all our listeners for tuning into the forty fifth podcast week after week, and if you'd like to give us further support, you can do that by becoming a patron at patriot dot com slash forty fifth pod by doing so you can become a supporter and patron for as little as five bucks a month to do. So, again, go to patriot dot com slash forty fifth pod a shout, and thank you to our sponsors. They make this program possible, and I urge our listeners, please check out our sponsors and user products, and thank you them for helping us produce week after week. Thank you to our audio producer head a McCarthy. Our executive producer meet fell Han, and you can find us on social media. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, our handle is at forty fifth pod. Our website is WWW dot forty, fifth pod dot com. Thanks again for tuning in CNN week.

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