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Am To noon eastern on Sirius sex him fifty six welcome to the bust it open podcast this is David Greco on today's episode wwe we all the fame of the world's strongest man Mark Henry joins me as we talk about a mazing smackdown mark from Friday night there was so much much that we had to talk about talk about the drama and the not knowing and the new things that happen unbelievable and of course because of the travel aval issues out in Saudi Arabia Annex t dominated on Friday night and speaking of travel issues again we don't know what we're GonNa see on Monday night raw but the talk about that and that Talia joins us here in Studio to talk about Roy Tonight and of course what happened at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia maybe one of the most important things that happen happen dance in Saudi Arabia Win Talion Lacey the women's division it is doing things that we always expected out of them but we get to see the first time that two women in the squared circle Saudi Arabia and we give love to e w because we have maybe the greatest tag team in all pro wrestling young bugs join us aw today's edition of the busted open podcast Dave how can you not be excited in wrestling world right now now even the great co Lombo couldn't figure out all the drama that's going on right now Colombo would have a tough time with this one where would Colombo Oh Bay would he be in Stamford Connecticut or Colombo be in Saudi Arabia trying to figure out what the hell is going on well excuse me so you were saying mm-hmm maybe this happened on Saturday but it spilled over to Sunday Colombo he would just make you till where you are how you did it went and just he was the bad world's smartest man Columbo he's always say I'm not a very smart man I maybe I'm getting this all wrong they get shake his everybody thought he was stupid and he was the smartest man in a row because he has no first name was Colombo's Columbus's first name I don't know it was loaded I have no idea it was just it was like but Donna Colombo and not only that but Colombo's one of those that he didn't take the easy way out he wanted to harm his cases and right now among the mystery of what happened at Crown Jewel is very mystery like I mean it's it's is so much going on I I don't know where to start date I shall we start with the negative should we start with the positive well here's here's the thing and may we may need Colombo but Colombo passed away so we're not gonNA get Colombo to try to figure out what's going on we love him he's hanging out with peppy Lapierre Colombo right now so yeah bless his heart but we're gonNA need somebody like Colombo to kind of figure this out and and listen there's a lot a lot of positive and we're GONNA I mean this show is going to be extremely positive 'cause no matter what happened in Saudi what we got is probably the best smackdown down you mentioned ten year probably the best smackdown in over a decade this is probably the best smackdown I remember since Siham Peng beat Jeff Hardy in the cage to retain the w the world heavyweight championship after Summer Slam in August of two thousand and nine that's probably how far you have to go back to find this show that was better than the one we saw this past Friday Dave I couldn't sleep I had trouble sleeping I kept I'm thinking about wrestling and then in the middle of the night at three o'clock I went and watched I wouldn't watch the show over again yeah three o'clock this morning no say boy you know on Friday okay like I had to watch it again and you know of course I can fast through the commercials also a lot easier but I was just as excited and I kept replaying there were three things that I I just I just couldn't take my eyes off I thought that it was it was quality television Bianca Bel Air there was Lupin as like somebody's stole her dog and it was a modeling it looked like the police should have been called and the interview would Sammy Zane we're forgive when keenly and and Matt Riddle walked up on him was very entertaining semi Zane is also as a man the way that he was selling was it was like watching poetry he he's special and watching in Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole in a thirty minute old school wrestling match that was not not sports entertainment that was that was nothing watered down about it there's no fan that even even damn eighty www haters those fans will call in the gay and go hey then Adam Cole Daniel brand match was fire it was mark you're so right from top to bottom fantastic show and I'll even throw this in our good friend Pat McAfee on commentary which tremendous Indus tremendous applause ladies and gentlemen mccafe Dami was good have you aside Jim Ross I have been excited to hear somebody make a call wow Michael Cole so one of the best setup men in announcing history he could set it up like nobody's business pat McAfee was colorful he was funny he was insightful and he you could tell tailed that he is a fan that he's passionate it was like if they let you and I make a call see if me and you own the commentary we probably get kicked forecast because we'd be talking about Colombo the God yes but you know what Pat McAfee did as well is that he was a cheerleader for annex t like at the end of that show when triple h was in that ring with the annex t that the annex t wrestlers that were there that night and they all kind of piled into ring to end that show Pat McAfee ran into the ring to that's what made it so special because it did feel like ah true takeover that's why you needed Pat McAfee on commentary and to me Pat McAfee at the moment tonight when Stephanie McMahon came came out and he she's she's you know waving a triple agent throwing them kisses and say hi baby and then they they had a triple eight and right behind him was back-back affi waving back. Stephanie Mcmahon a the guy you're talking to me he's a nut man I'm done the I love him and we know Pat you know Pat Pretty well yeah that's Pat McAfee like David asked Pat McAfee to do any he's truly truly nuts like he's a nutcase okay of course is is like you know you know the best nuts in we're always takes back to food but the best nuts autos honey roasted mixed nuts they saw the sweet pat magazine he is honey roasted that he's sweet he's delicious he's awesome there's nothing negative about it there's no I all of them does not one you pick around the mixed nuts like am I going to eat the hazelnuts not gonna eat the macadamia nuts pass McKenna macking like some Atkins all of it I want I mean all of it Oh Pat Mak of his Asia now again best Mac down in ten years the best show of the week you know we we're always talking about what was the best show two week was exte- was at eight e w well I think we can all say that the best show this past last week was Friday night smackdown the best show that they've had since they moved the Fox for sure and again all this happened mark because because of the incident that happened in Saudi on Halloween they had the show in Saudi Arabia and I mean it depends on who you believe the wwe released the statement that said it was mechanical issues Dave Meltzer has got several reports about what he feels happened to hold up that plane Yugoslavia Vich did a facebook live about what he thought from talking to somebody out and relationships that he has with people still with the wwe about what what was happening so a lot of rumors mark when it comes to what truly happened after crown jewel on Halloween. Yeah and that's why I'm saying about the drama we need a special detective to sort out the bull crap and was real because I don't know I don't have all the facts I refuse to sit here and comment on what I don't know but what I will say is is if there's any validity to what was said if I was a talent and I was willing to go over and do my business and and do my work and do what was required me as an employee I would feel slighted if if what they're saying is true and then maybe I would be like Daniel Br i May b-be Daniel Bryan and John Cena and Kevin Owens and whoever else said they didn't Wanna ago I would I would be on that bandwagon I'll be like well I'm not going to I don't feel safe I don't feel like I've been respected whatever that's if if if that's the case then that's how I feel and I wouldn't blame you for that so to really kind of fill in the nation if they haven't heard and now this is coming coming from Dave meltzer about what took place right after Saudi Arabia obviously WWe reported that there was a malfunction with the plane there was mechanical issues and it couldn't lift left off they were they're stuck for a full twenty four hours before they finally landed at JFK on Friday mark so obviously not able to be apart of what took place on smackdown and again we got the annex t doing a great job for smackdown Friday night but Dave Meltzer reported that the WWE was not paid for the previous Saudi show. Now that's show that took place on Halloween was supposed to air live in Saudi it sounds like Vince McMahon Kinda pull the plug they got a sixty million dollar payment just before the start of the Saudi show so wound up being on a forty five minute delay for the people there in Saudi then supposedly the Saudi Saudi Arabia maybe the the government who knows where upset maybe kind of put the Kabosh on them being able to fly outright after the show now there were some wwe talent including Vince McMahon including brock listener rick flair Hogan Jimmy Hart Brock lesson that we're able to leave right after the show Tyson fury also able to leave we've right after the show because they had their own private aircraft that was sending out of Saudi Arabia not like the rest of the crew and then I'll save even if do you have your own private ask Air airplane you still have to fly out of their airport under the air air traffic control so if the government says nobody's flying out nobody's flying out I just just can't get that I that's one of the things that somebody smarter than me and more knowledgeable and more have more Intel and understanding would have to say how could Vince and the other planes get out and then that plane I get out is it because it was commercial and is different make like somebody enlighten me I I need I need enlightenment and maybe it's a different run it could be a completely I don't know it could be a completely different runway then a a lot of people are saying like how could they leave while the rest of the employees can't from what I hear their aircraft's left much earlier so you know it's not like Vince McMahon just left his employees there to rot as he went home safely it sounds like his aircraft left and because there's a lot of speculation that he laughed and just just left the employees there yeah why paint the picture of somebody as being in why would somebody be the as negative and say something like that without any validity to it I mean you you is going to have to come out that there's supreme knowledge about this being a real thing for me to be like okay why would you leave everybody that that will be hard for me if that was the case but I just don't believe that I just don't believe it it's gotTa be proven to me you know who we need we we need the investigators that found Jericho's built we need that you think those body they were good did they were fishing they got they got the news out in less than twenty four hours and here we are still in suspense I don't want to be in the dark well I mean again these are feel about dark blue nine oh he gets scared I get it now Dave meltzer saying like Vince McMahon did it no he wouldn't have left if he would have known there's a lot of speculation all I know is that tension is very very high right now in the WWe Tau not happy can't blame them they're stuck there for twenty four hours without any kind of direction the boss is gone there there there he's not so I can understand as being a tense situation but again and we don't know all the facts these are just rumors and in the window so I can't really report like and point fingers of WHO's to blame I don't know what's true and what's not I mean they had they're fiscal quarter press conference or I shouldn't say press conference a conference call at the end of last week and I know that they didn't mention the last Saudi Audi's show in that so I do believe that probably money was owed from that last show now whether they pulled the plug on the on the airline leaving giving who knows until we find out facts it's really hard for us to come on the air and talk about something that we really don't know is either a fact or rumor I just can't see this okay if you were seventy billion dollars what is five hundred million dollars peanuts nothing was nothing but it's it's nothing I it's hard for me to let's say five hundred you have your Amex card and you can run that Amex I mean you could put a fifty thousand dollars on 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gotTa stop getting you just getting better looking every time the great voice I'm using my wife was in she said an Italian just look at her she just looked so so-so glowing I'm really happy to tell her that this is your most it's the moisturizer but you know what I'm feeling so happy in my life I feel happy with my career and my relationship with my my work is good home is good like when things are good you just I have to embrace it he did it because life throws curves mark and I know all about those I hello now but you have to be glowing especially after last week we've talked about it a lot here on the show and and just the emotion and I watched it with my wife and my daughter and just seeing you get emotional as you're coming down the enter tramp to be invited I was crying for even left left gorilla I mean we were I was like I almost felt like I was like just overwhelmed with emotion because I knew that I knew that this match was bigger figured the knee I knew it was bigger than lacey new is bigger than wwe there was nothing like this that the women and wwe have ever done before and like mark said the magnitude of being the I the experience was just transcending it was four little girls and women everywhere the that have had a dream and that we got to open doors that have never been opened even before that was just overflowing in my heart nattiest was there a point in saying today you know off the air as well as before before you came on the implications of what you did and Lacey did with the wwe they're very likely in fifteen to eighteen years there'd be a young girl that was sitting in that audience that we'll be a professional wrestler and the when she when the microphone gets to her and she gets her time to shine her fifteen minutes and she says I was a little kid in a crowd that Sauna talion Lacey Evans and that's why I exist in this business a day how how you gonNa feel I'm going to feel so incredibly inspired because that's the way I felt walking out to the ring and just just to me that's what life is all about that's why that feeling was transcending wasn't this is more than just wrestling in about moments creating moments the moments are what lasts forever not the championships not not the goal I mean granted listen I'll take a couple of championships I can get them but it's it's about the moments it's about the way people people make you feel and to be able to inspire little girls I was so inspired walking down that ramp and I was almost so overwhelmed with emotion that I I I almost felt like I couldn't deal like my legs when I was walking down down to the ring it was a surreal almost out of body experience they felt like I literally was talking to my dad add before I walked down the right when I was gorilla I always have a few people that I talked to I always talk to my dad now and my dad I know he has my back can I felt like in that moment he was with me too you know and he was he was there he was like he was part of like all the stars align that made this this moment for lacy and I feel like my dad had a little hand in like every star perfectly aligning for us and when I was go ahead no I'm sorry because I I was just GonNa say mark that when I saw you coming down that entrance ramp at Crown Jewel and I saw the emotion your eyes and the ears if I felt good in a way that she is living in the moment and Italian because we're big fans if obviously you know the show and we're big fans so a lot of times big moments like that that you don't think about it until the moments long gone and then you look back at it but the fact that you were able to embrace it while it was taking place and not just you could tell Lacey Evans ends was as well I I felt so good for you that you're able to live in that moment and really experience it and understand the significance as it was happening yeah you have to like like I said life is about moments in little like I can I just don't know what else in my career will ever replace the specialness of that moment that memory and how how impactful it was like mark said for for years down the road to be able to have somebody one day a little girl that says I wanted to do this because you know think about the first ever Saudi Arabian female superstar coming. WWe Wannabe ridiculous and it's going to happen yeah so it's just being able to being able to transcend so it's to me I just felt like I I'm so grateful that I was part of incredible change now I would have I would would be remiss if I didn't mention how I'm I know the rules of the country and the attire that Jao how ward to the rain were in respect to their rules and their laws and you have to do that and also the wrestling style like I saw difference in the wrestling style you lacey both y'all wrestle more you you you show respect each other when normally that's that probably wouldn't have been the case when you're in your normal work mode it was it it would be you and Lacey at odds and that was not the case and was it the idea of the company company or was that something that was required of you guys well let me say this before you even answer that because that's actually a great question and that's you're the first first person that's pointed that out I have different respect for Lacey Evans after this week because before like even when I started working with her there was moments where shoot kinda get under my skin or get on my nerves and it just because she was new and she was of course I'm always going to help everybody out but she grew on me so much in the last couple of months and then this last week she just showed me a different side of her that I never knew existed in my first coach in wrestling doctor Tom Prichard said sometimes people brought into your life for a reason and I feel like lacy was definitely brought to my life for a reason and before we went out I said to Lacey Lacey very much likes to play bad girl role and delay said remember tonight is not about good versus bad add tonight is about respect athleticism and introducing dipping our foot in the pond and introducing the Saudi Arabian audience of what we do. We WanNa make such a good impression that we can have a women's battle royal here we can have the first ever women's championship match here we WanNa make a good impression in but we need to tread carefully and slowly because this is the first time that they've ever seen a women's wrestling match so let's worry about our characters on another night in let's let's wrestled tonight and make it about respect let's not make it about good versus bad let's give them a wrestling match that they're going to remember and something they're going to be so entertained by and so that's what we did it was really so much about respect even the costumes were going into another country we have to respect their culture and Lacey Evans can change your your at Nassau Coliseum tonight for Monday night raw there arse tickets still available so go to WWe Dot Com again at the Nas Oh veterans memorial coliseum for Monday night raw and Lee Evans can come out on raw tonight and get right back into actor just before it so it's great that you're able to discount it suspended for a while for something that you knew it was going to be his that night that's what the story was about in for me like I didn't think or care for one second oh my gosh I have to wear this t shirt over a big bodysuit to me to get the chance and the opportunity to wrestle and Saudi Arabia where wwe me has done over forty shows in the Middle East we have and you mark you probably remember one of the most iconic pictures of Owen and the rock on the camel they were on camel's in the Middle East thinking back like my family is as wrestled over in the Middle East and don show's here I wanna be a WanNa continue to carry on that legacy for myself for for women for women around the world and again to open doors that have never been opened before so yes we can always do good versus bad but there is something to be said about respect and I think I feel like we we had a really cool story I'm glad that Y'all had effect on that and not just be a mandate a that that happened because we as much as we deal with positive we also deal with the negative is unfortunate that we have to but we do and I feel an heard no negative zero for the first time in my life dealing with a pro wrestling there was no negative energy about the match I I was just in shock I was waiting nine here come somebody's going to say some negative and here we are in another week and still nothing negative the caller lawyer the last caller we took before you came on he said man that was so inspiring it was so incredible aw that I had tears in my eyes because I knew how good that was a women's wrestling and for that country that that was the Colorado Day by L. so like very easily and they wore too many clothes they didn't look like they normally look they didn't act like they normally ah none of it got none of it and I'm just happy for you I'm happy for you lace I'm happy for the Women's Movement I'm happy for what went on in Saudi Arabia you for the Saudi Arabian people as well as the women in that country I treated so well over there I mean from the from the men the women the children I mean the food mood was amazing it was so clean and the food was listen I've never had promised like Saudi Arabian Hamas It was the Hamas was amazing using I mean it was just like the women I can't tell you how many men walked up to me and said your family is so inspiring me Bret Hart was my favorite growing up and I sent Brat like a screen shot from somebody that had tweeted me that that was from Saudi Arabia saying your uncle was like is the reason why I love wwe w. e. and like people were just sending me so much love I felt so loved so embraced it's funny 'cause Lacey already wwe was ready Saudi Arabia was was ready the world was ready it was a perfect storm of readiness yeah I think I think about the the this is awesome chance that were happening waiting so I'm sure you're you're probably butterflies going into how to fans going to react and then the here those this is awesome chance I mean I had my biggest fear in any country I wrestle in any place in any any city state or country that I'm always afraid that no one's GonNa react so when like you get a reaction like the one that we got in Saudi Arabia you run with it you just take the ball and run with it and like it just felt so good even afterwards I said the lacy before we went out and I said let's walk up the ramp together like I want I don't care that I want I want us to celebrate this together like you and me both one and we got out of the ring and like all of a sudden the people were just trying to like hug us in this woman in the front row people keep asking me who that woman that hugged you guys it was just a woman that was sitting in the front row that just wanted to be hug and so we just hugged everybody almost like becoming another another match with us just hugging people in the front row because that's how big in great everybody was afterwards that's how much love we got married I was so wrong I was so wrong and I I'm quickly admit when I'm wrong my son Jacob he said my wife Said who's that woman and Jacobs said that's just a fan and I was like Nah she hugged like she knew her and she she must work for the company there's something and here you are just put an egg in my face look you around Mark Art Jacobs said that was an emotional hug that he she didn't know her yes she just was a fan right even when I walked down the right right before it got in the ring I decided to take my cat ears off and then I didn't WanNa put them on the girls had because I didn't want to take liberties but handed them to the girl sitting front row and then she put the monarch head and more than the whole night and like every time I kinda got I like looking at her and she had my cat ears on I'm like you know what wrestling speaks a universal language edged wwe we're we're in over one hundred eighty countries around the world twenty eight languages wrestling brings people together we create moments and memories. It's so funny you you mentioned the cat ears I told my wife that you're going to be in studio today and she was like well make sure you talk about the cat make sure you tell her about and I was like come on there's so much more to talk about going back I got five cats they're they're good they're spoiled to pause as one hundred sixty one thousand followers on instagram a put Sarah Logan blocked him on instagram so he's been staying wow he's run the NAM Cat Sarah Logan I wanna go on the record and say Sir I'm so disappointed in Sarah Logan evil she blocked Mike Catt who's never done a damn thing to her I I don't know and I'm just honesty I'm a little pissed off about it too honestly he's been in therapy ever since he's definitely does people block you you know you think they're a fan and lead relationship and then you get locked I know it was like I remember when Braun Strowman for start falling volley to pause it was like the greatest day so he gets bronze following them one moment and then to then Sarah Logan blocking the next we were just so devastated now I know that eventually in the next couple of weeks there's going to be a match between sal again tonight the way I can't wait to Wrestle Sarah Logan Raw I had a match with her she will kick ass but she this girl's good there's a couple of dark horses right now in WWe vw e that I think are really Sarah Logan live Morgan Danny Brooke I think those are three that we really need to watch out for those girls are definitely ready to make some waves well I was going to say to you too because the way mark and I started today's show we're talking about smackdown from Friday and obviously annex t took over smackdown act down Friday night you you better watch your back tonight I know Shane of Basil may come out there who knows what's going to happen luckily I keep my friends close and my enemies closer because casino actually a really good friend of mine she trained together before wwe so I've always had with every by no I'm like a little social butterfly but I love I love Shayna unlike before my big match with Charlotte Flare Two thousand two thousand fourteen at that takeover I trained with JANA for a couple of days private petty you really should watch out for Bianca Bel Air Oh wait to work with you see the whooping as she handed out dead I she's she's got it Bianca Rea- Shayna like I thought I thought that smackdown was awesome win situations happen that it almost looks like a blessing in disguise because it gave us something totally different than we didn't expect but Bianca has such a presence feel like she is she's got such a total total package she's got something that can't be taught it's one thing to learn headlock or dropkick it's another thing to have that kind of backer that she has she has very special about about her that to me is she's beautiful but she's strong she's fierce she can play any role that she's thrown into and she also she's not afraid to be a little vulnerable horrible which I saw that in her match with Shayna wwe a really good place coming out of that too because you think about it maybe a lot of people people didn't know the superstars had a chance to see them on Wednesday night and then you get like you said like he kind of fall into it wasn't supposed to happen that wasn't what the show was supposed to be on Friday and it turned out to be a home run probably a Grand Slam and now more people are going to have is on exte- after they saw it as mark knows and w w either is never a dull moment in the company it's always something exciting that's how like all of a stay young because you look at like I mean I can't there's never a dull moment here here we got Monday for Raw Tuesday total divas Wednesday we got two shows on Wednesday we got Friday smackdown we've got pay per views that annexed he uk there there's so much good good wrestling on right now not just with wwe but like even independent wrestling like I watch you know my husband and I teach I used to wrestle Japan we follow we follow that too we follow Oh everything because we love wrestling so it's a great time to be a wrestler it's a great time to be kicking ass and I hope to do so tonight at the Nassau Coliseum where actually tonight is where evolution to place that's right that I'm so glad that you mentioned total divas because I own Gabby does a segment called diva on divas our and we she actually breaks down what went on Tom on total divas to our new this is new new segment tie fan base and Dave and I have watched episodes total divas when we never did before so it's like is real cool to see how this works and I'm wondering do you have the acting bug is that's something that you would you would pursue once wrestling is over you you just a wrestler and I'm just going to Russ that's a great question I think for me people say oh you're so good in the ring you should be a coach you should be a producer but the truth of the matter is is that not everybody's meant to do that and I feel like for me I'm not I just feel like I have kind of like the personality like my dad where I I like I like being in front of the camera I like to speak to be heard I like to I like to I really love being in front of people and I love communicating and like I feel like I will always have a role like in some way that I like being on film I like being on TV. I love being an entertainment so I would love to get into acting I would love to do movies as I would love to even do what renee young is doing I'm so excited for them this week their debut asked age I think it's Tuesday night on F s one so so the first one given a cheap plug Rene Booker T. Plug but it's eleven pm so I'm excited to watch Rene Booker do their thing but like Rene to me is somebody that's such a role model because she is she's never changed who she is inside she's very genuine she's very authentic she's very relatable but she's also oh you know not afraid to be yourself we make mistakes even you know she had talked or tweeted a couple of weeks ago that she wasn't she she somebody had made a comment about her not being good on commentary and she said Look Doc I'm learning I'm I'm working at it I'm trying the best that I can and I thought you know what that was so powerful for her to say that because we're all human were all everybody is just shoot a gun defensive Sir yeah and sounded like a B but she didn't she came across you took the high road and she's right she's he's trying guys like it's not like she's done this whole life like that it's been in the rain since she was an infant I really how's that she was able to crow putting hip hop body slam we had a wrestling ring in our backyard. So I've been doing it for a long time I remember it and wring out in the Front Yard House Yep and I I remember y'all being real little kids and when I say look at me like five six years old kids so it's been a long time and and I'm just happy to say I was able to know you that long and did you ever see Mark Martin I did yeah I babysat the kids I cooked for the kids is breadth Austin broke a plate one night because I said we're all going to wash dishes together together we made this assembly line and he was supposed to dry and hand the plate so that we can put it on Iraq slam the damn camp laid on the floor cracker there because he didn't want to do it I made him clean that should go get a broom thirds weeping that glass like resume man like don't take no shit off don't put me in charge you you want me to really be in charge the red eye threatening to spank them and everything maybe get spank mark martyrs because right though he's markers like an honorary member of the family he's got a very special relationship with Brett who had a very special relationship with owing he's he's he's like an honorary member of the family and we don't you know we're not always accepting of everybody so you you've been there through the good and the bad and everything in between so we we love you mark I just don't personality Miss Ross Ross Ross made me get my first my uncle Ross actually was one of my first wrestling teachers he wanted me to get this costume that looked like Kurt Angle's singlet and I was like Ross I'm a girl like it was hideous cost a single uncle my uncle Ross is like a high school principal also granted I was covered up but everything was covered up like this not the guys don't realize fashion woman back if he shows up on com go everybody on commentaries got suits up features which shorts and sleeveless shirt jack against everybody's got March that's true again Monday night raw tonight at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum there's still a few tickets available go to WWe DOT COM and it's amazing the tally I mean you're you're in Saudi and you know all the stuff getting added air your like now you're in New York how do you get to sleep in my bed after all that I I you buddy as you get condition to it mark knows you just kind of get used to it and and one of the reasons why we can do you it is because like even with with you know that long trip home it was like fourteen hour flight like we're all together it was a fourteen hour flight but like there's nobody I'd rather be having fun with my friends friends from wwe like my husband didn't come family they are family like we all drive each other crazy but we all love each other and we all it's it's really a brotherhood Sisterhood Hood and and so that's how we do it it's like I'm so excited to get to raw today and see all the girls except for coronal marcus very snippy in how we all WanNa choke you no I don't mark as one of the hardest jobs in the whole company he's got so much to take care of man I feel sorry for that do lose his listened to ninety all actually with an x t now there's like a hundred and thirty people that call him every day day can

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