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Hours a day at bloomberg dot com on the bloomberg business app and bloomberg quick. Take this is bloomberg radio bloomberg markets. Three body glenn and paul's view the volatility in the marketplace here three had completely different climate strategy across the board across industries trying to shore up their balance sheets. Jerry very disturbing dynamics work breaking market news and insight from bloomberg experts destroying dollar policy. I think is a lot of its rhetoric visible dislocations there's always relative value traits that you could be doing issue is how long homepride with thirty. I think that is really speaking everyone. These bloomberg markets with fund quinn holes. We on bloomberg radio. Good monday morning from snowy new york city from the bloomberg interactive brokers studio endpoints points. Be on to our worldwide audience. Coming up we're going to chat with phil orlando. he's achieve equity market strategist and head of client portfolio management. At federated hermes he has been ghoulish on this equity market and he has been absolutely right right to get his latest thoughts. But first. Let's go to greg jarrett bloomberg news for bloomberg business flash greg all this flashes sponsored by with them forward-thinking advisory in accounting firm offering industry expertise an innovative solutions for your business experience. The witham way innovative adaptive effective trusted visit with them dot com for more doctor up as some of the world's largest tech companies of rallied and several strategy. Recent explosion of speculative by will not derail the bull market inequities brian levin invesco capital market. Strategist tells bloomberg. Please remember the moves. We have seen are not typical. I just remind investors not to complete it with what's.

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