ZBT #236: Al-Qaeda In Arizona


Welcome back to another edition of zero blog thirty today. We have four rounds in the magazine round number one. We have a corona virus safety. Briefs Grab Your First Line Supervisor. Because Corona Corona virus is in the United States. And we're going to have a full blown safety. Stand down on the show round number to a real life. Topgun moment led to one Marine commander being relieved from his F. Eighteen squadrons host round number. Three ADO living in Arizona is one of the main leaders of al Qaeda. Yeah that al-Qaeda this story is is absolutely insane. It seems like it's from Hollywood or made for Netflix type of series. But it's not it's real life in. It happened this last week. Round number four. Some absolute legends were on the field for the Super Bowl. Four one hundred year old veterans participated in the coin toss. 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You Catherine Yeah. It's only an hour our difference like an hour earlier but now I'll be home like just getting home at like sevenish instead of eight or nine ish. I'll I'll be able to get to my botchy league on time. Maguy Megi make some more friends in the neighborhoods. Yeah no I'm excited for. It looks too. I think it makes a big difference for me because like after doing radio for basically three hour study Boston radio the first two yeah. I burnt out in like on Mondays and Thursdays. When I'm putting together like the episode an eclipse and stuff I get so burnt out? Have that extra hour is going to be dynamite. It's a treat. It's a delight uh-huh rush into basketball practice and all that shit is going to be great too for family life for me. I added about that cons. Your do you do something every year. That I think is fucking awesome with your battle buddy that you're in Iraq with murder Sup- who's been on the podcast before you tell us about your snowboarding trip. Yes so that's that's my buddy robin. We're explaining explaining some new folks around town This this year on the trip and they were explaining. Were explaining to them why I go there every year and rob was ROTC so he had one less year commitment so he left Fort Hood where we were stationed and nausea sitting around one day. And I was I text. Hey Man Missing and I hope you're doing well and Salt Lake City. He's like hey you snowboard right money just come out for a trip. That was ten years ago. Just been doing it every year. It wasn't the first year something I said. I'm going to do this forever. It was just happened and then it was such a good time. He said Hey. Come come on back and not just been going back every year for the last ten years. Wow all decade now going on there and it looked beautiful gorgeous. It's so gorgeous got it. You still able two. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah I can still rip it up. It was funny. I posted a tweet with a short little video of going down one of the the tracks and I said Barstool boarding gene. PODCAST is going to be starting totally joking. We're not starting in extreme sports podcast but so many people reached out the came in they like give resume super that. nope I know we. We're we're expanding but we are not starting to barstool extreme sports podcast cons. I gotta ask you a question about the snowboarding. Are you worried. I think that you're on the precipice or you might even be there of being too old to snowboard. And I'm going to say that feels like it's. I don't like the old guy at the Skate Park. That's a young man's game and I think that pretty soon you're going to get those angsty teams like who's this old poser. Sir on the snowboard are now. I guess the one thing I would say is pretty much covered up your faces covered up so stuff that determine age unless plus you don't have any sort of face mask on so I think I buy myself a little more time thereby I've seen older people on the mountain who snowboard. You gotta remember snowboarding gene relatively as a very young sports. You're not gonNA have a lot of people by just the nature of that. Actually shut out. We were talking about how Jake Burton the basically the pioneer hiring is the grandfather. Snowboarding just recently passed away suddenly. Rip To him. But I think it's something we mentioned. How like ten years ago? We'd be in the terrain park. Arcnord Obdulio Johnston all sorts of different things in there. And now we just stay away from that like so you just shift how you spend your day. Yeah I can't wait until L. E. we're like in our eighties or whatever there's GonNa be some dude wherein a red tunein hat rolling down a snowboarding mountain with his his board strapped to his feet. And just all this shit going down the mountain. That's going to be in the weeds throwing sticks Monto. I'll say to all that's that'll be my contribution. Don't you bution. I bet you are going to be a surly old woman. Kate for sure absolutely all sorts of things that complain about cats. That's going to be I could see. KBM type the Old Lady. Who has her Coffee Cup and she brags about how long it's been since she's put soap do it? That's extremely they'll be rolled. You didn't have any of those people that and like your battalion or whatever that had their same Coffee Cup and they're like Oh. There's no reason to watch this coffee. All they it had his black coffee and their white Mug was essentially stained black on the inside. And you didn't have. That's a little more gross. I'm getting that's the last thing I'll say it's just interesting. How things do change as you get older? So I've gotten to know all rob's friends really well they're all great guys great great group of people that most of them I see every year and they're always around and we're at a party a birthday party Friday night and it's just interesting. How ten years ago? The party looked a lot different than this year. There was a bunch of little kids. Yeah people have wives and you know long relationships and just very different than ten years ago times. They're changed yeah they are But as much as they change they stay the same there. You go no doubt about it. Let's get into some of the actual topic of the day and this one the first one corona virus Rs. We're all GONNA die. Tell number one to all the way out there you cannot and I say this because 'cause I actually heard someone recently say this I'm not making this up. You cannot get corona virus if this drinking coronas if I hear one more hacky I'm just saying I. I heard there was a third time. He's mentioned the fifth time right. Well I just WanNa make sure all the young young bucks out there. All the boots out there listening know you continue to drink. Your Coronas Shout Dumpster Eto indeed well. Corona virus is one of those things. It's really taken over the news and even though there's not too many he likes active cases I think in the entire world there's fifteen hundred and whenever you put that into a global perspective fifteen hundred cases of anything is not huge seventeen thousand in China right now and then there's a lot more worldwide. Yeah it's getting pretty bad right now so spreading all all over the place. We're going to do a little corona goof. Just so you know there is major cities. I think Woo Woo Han. Has How many people that live in there. I think that say eleven million and then Shanghai was shut shut down for a period of two weeks and they have twenty one million people that live in Shanghai and it's spreading all over the place California recently had the first United States version of to to like people the people transformation not like zoonotic thing. But there's a lot of people eleven confirmed in the US. Now Eleven confirmed and and now people in communities like where I live in San Antonio people are up in arms because there's Americans that are getting evacuated from places like China and I believe the Philippines means to they are bringing them back to the United States than making sure that they're quarantined and one of the spots that they are coming to is here in San Antonio so this weekend Joint Base San Antonio this. This news comes to us from Kens five. which is a local San Antonio News Station Joint Base San Antonio they plan to house up to three hundred people people on base here in a little community called the gateway and so whenever you're going through military orders or if you're in transit out of San Antonio you'll stay at this hotel hotel called the gateway? That's where I was supposed to stay whenever I I moved here. It's very common for people to go. If you've gone through Lackland you've stayed at the gateway in while they're having all these people well the Department of Homeland Security or Asia says said that they didn't say anything about the corona virus in the actual news. Release that people were coming here. They were really really vague. Which I think is actually worse? What do you guys think if you know people are coming here for the corona virus and the news release that people are are coming here for the corona virus doesn't even mention the krona virus to me? That makes you a little more nervous. Yeah it's like what are you telling me. What do I really have to be worried? Read about lying by omission. You're not mentioning the fact it's like you're might as well be lying about whether or not they have it or not make should have mentioned it in so the count like local. Oh politicians duffer confirming like there's a misconception that it's people with the corona virus coming to San Antonio but it's people who don't have any symptoms and they're like quarantining people first first before they can even come over and all this and that but still you're right just with everything in the news you would think that would make that abundantly clear. Brian Super Transparent. Learn about the clarification. Statement is what they should have led with. They should have led with these people are coming but they have no signs of their whatsoever because because you guys know in a military community especially like base housing where they have all these different. Next door's now in facebook groups and things like that where you can hop on the group misinformation spreads on social media like absolute wildfire. Like you could totally see that some spouse somewhere put up. Oh Oh yeah. I saw some dude coughing at the PX and he was just walking around coughing on all the different types of food that they have it. And now we're all going to get corona virus. Doubt spread like wildfire wildfire on Bass. Suck being the kid who's staying at the gateway and you go out to the playground. Kids like unclean. Like aren't you are the dirty kidding class now. No no you've done nothing wrong and you're not thinking you're fine. Actually I had to go. I had to go there to get a prescription filled and there was a guy walking around with one of those mask on like just the regular face mask and I was like. Oh that's Corona Virus Guy Everywhere here in New York I saw a bunch of those folks My flight last night. What do you think about that wearing a mask like that? I mean can't hurt any extra. Yes go to town. My favorite was the whole book in it so someone could smoke a cigarette out of it. That'd be me and I'll say something on the show that I've never said I hate all forms of I think makes you look like a nerd every single time the weather. You're wearing a like a plate carrier. If you're wearing a boy or anything like that I think you look like a big old door when you're wearing last has ask anything tonight and the corona virus than where masking earplugs you know. I don't WanNa be imagine if I was in a place where they shut off nerve agents I'd be like I'd rather convulse on the ground and look like an idiot in that math right. Try to put that out gas mascot not. I'm all set to show you. I'm all good. I've grown out this beard so I can't can't even get proper suction on it so it doesn't even matter. I can't imagine being commands because you know command on lack in all over the place are going to have to give out these safety fifty breeze what they have to do. And you really don't know a whole lot about it. It would be a terrible situation to have to deal with corona virus especially coming to your base. There's GonNa be people all over the place that are freaking out right. Because I think there's still a lot of unknown so the fact you're going to have your soldiers airmen Marines asking you questions that you don't have the answers there's two that's probably one of the worst things as leader to be asked a question that you know as soon as the questions asked. You don't have a legitimate response. Because then you have to say something along the lines of I'll we'll get back to you or you definitely don't want to make up a response but that really just an uneasy feeling when you don't have an answer every question you're asked I just speaking to those questions sends like Joint Base San Antonio whoever is in charge of their PR whatever because the people reaching out to joint base San Antonio who are angry about this are probably fucking nuts and Mike in the people who are really freaking out are the ones reaching out to joint base. I bet they're dealing with absolute nut balls right now so and with all the different conspiracy theories because we don't talk about that enough it's there's a lot of people in the military who are big time conspiracy people. Oh yeah they love that shit so having it come here to San Antonio. I can't wait to see what happens. I hope the virus gets taken out a pretty soon. Obviously I don't think that anybody is it's pro. Bowl stands for us to be the first anti rotavirus. Yeah cast looking good for us. I'm pat myself on the back strides unbeliev- yeah look at Toby. Careful out there. With the Corona Virus folks will keep you up to date because I am making fun of people who are obsessed with it. But if you've listened to me on the radio or anything I am legit loving reading all the different articles and I am seriously blown away. That Wuhan has been able to build almost bill. That hospital in ten days Oh a thousand bed hospital in ten days they are building it crazy town. That's that's not a working party. My goodness I couldn't even get somebody here in San Antonio to build me a fence. Somebody ship me a hospital right now right. Now give me eighteen lance corporal. He does those troy audible. Incubated Rue des Noble effort and noble. Ever indeed down with might fuck me up for the rest of the podcast. Let's move onto round to brew you on all right round number two comes to us from our good good friend. I think you've actually been on his podcast before Andy Dyer. And he's from the San Diego Union ruined delight. Now he's a felon. He covers all all things that has military especially in the San Diego area. Well he told a story that immediately brings up top gun reference because there's an F.. Eighteen squadron audrain commander this week who they had a retirement ceremony and I would imagine retirement ceremonies or any type of ceremony whenever you're an F.. Eighteen or F sixteen or whatever type type of squadron that you're in with fighter jets. You're going to be a little bit you're GonNa have a little pomp and circumstance and you're gonNA go a little bit high into the right because if we know anything the thing about f eighteen fighter pilots just from the ones that we've talked to or that we've been around. They are a flamboyant group. I would say and this the final flight of this f eighteen like this this specific kind of playing because they're transitioning to the F thirty five cs so this was like they've been using these planes forever. It's the final flight. You GotTa do something a little Special Johnson car tomorrow. I might Thelma and Louise with the old. CRV that okay. I mean I might hit occurred. Papa whealy do something yeah you don't go down to Daytona beach and rent a moped moped. Not Trying to put that bitch on one wheel. I just don't do it. The last one of the F. Eighteen and the F. Eighteen is one of the more famous fighter jets. Have all time. I I bet if you ask anybody on the street like name the name of an actual fighter jet F eighteen is the first one that comes to mind. Yeah I would bet I might. I'd say fourteen just because of the movie top gun that might be everybody's only look into any sort of naval aviation so while the F. Eighteen here this guy the commander of it He's a lieutenant colonel. He was in the back seat of the fighter jet. Because if you don't f eighteen there's a front guy who is our front person. Who is the pilot or and then there's there's one in the back that's like the navigator and if you've seen that on movies like top gun well? The guy in the back was the commander and whenever they were going through this different retirement ceremony. They in the words of top gun kind of buzz. The tower they went way too low and way too fast right near the crowd and because of that the commander was actually fired from his role. As the commanding officer of this squadron. which it sucks this Guy Lieutenant? Colonel Ralph Featherstone Great Name. He was such a good name he was in the backseat and the FAA and the tower neither complained. They still didn't get any complaints about it. It was just the fact that he did that. They fired this guy. Like get the fuck Outta here. WHO's decision was that? Well you got yeah. You don't have too many people above you at least a a relative to anybody in the area some kind of curious how anyone even found out about this to their panties in a wad about it. Well the ones that did it. I'm going to say big time. Stick in the mud because featherstone went on to say that we had the landing traffic we had to deconflict from what I felt was sandwiched a little bit. I don't know what that means. But it sounds like he's taking it pretty seriously sleep and the Marine Corps even said the relief of him came as a surprise up for an otherwise exceptionally performing commander with a long distinguished career. It's necessary to enforce the standards that is viable to the third produces strong and effective leadership to promote operational. Excellence and they went on to say this. This is obvious for anybody who's actually serve. But we have a lot of people who haven't served that listened to the podcast. Whenever you're relieved of a Squadron Level Commander Your career is is over? You can't go onto another place. This guy will never pin on Colonel Ever. He was relieved as a squadron. Commander that is effectively the end of his career. It sucks to because is he admits he's like yeah. I think seems like it was pretty serious in the end. But he's like I was I was just paying attention to like the aircraft that was landing and not on where my pilot I was flying like I wasn't like he's sitting in the backseat and he gets totally fucked and he's not even control right like he's not even control. He's flying the plane. We got a bicycle built for three and the three of us are cruising around Daytona beach and chapters. Driving says Jesus take the wheel and let's go you know and then and then I get fired for it in the ver I respect I respect go. Hey he he stood up and said this is on me. I know I wasn't flying. I know there was nothing physically could have done. But ultimately it lands on my plate his his yes says quote was. I can't tell you why the pilot descended. Obviously I'm happy with the way things turned out but as commander I'm ultimately responsible if deemed outside the box I am responsible and I think that's a good lesson in leadership one that stinks like tell the like you can't yet fire everybody for something so stupid. Nobody got hurt just talked to him off the record. Let them on and do things like. That's a lot of experience in that field. That's now out the window because you want to set the example. You'd have to make your last ditch stand in the wrong ditch there whoever's in charge the tenant Colonel Ralph featherstone if you're listening we do this radio show five to six. PM et every night. We could use somebody we know you can fly but if you can talk about duty balls and farts parts and stuff like that. We did use somebody so yeah and president. Trump has been known to intervene and a lot of different areas. That some military veterans say that. Maybe he shouldn't like some of these war. Pardon that we've had like the war crimes pardons. This is a spot where I would say. This would be good if he comes across his twitter radar and comes into his feet and says this guy was fired. It for something silly like that reinstate them to do it that would be actually one that deserved exercise a little discretion because he's had really distinguished career you know. This is not the norm for him. He's not some Mike boot aviator who's just been on. You know around the block. One time he he's been around a long time so I don't know it just seems like a little too far of a punishment for someone who says as accomplished as he is and the last note anytime you can keep around somebody who has an oxymoron name. You have to do it you gotTA. There's no other stone yeah all right. Let's move onto round three round number three not quite plate comparable but it reminded me Netflix. I've been watching that devil next door about the guy who was Ivan. The terrible he was a Nazi who I think it also went to. It was like in charge of the gas chambers. Like this horrible fucking guy who tortured people and was just tons of witness accounts completely evil guy. While somehow he he disappears disappears and decades and decades and decades. Later it turns out. He's been living in Ohio in this little suburb of Cleveland. Or whatever churchgoing going guy with a family and very well liked neat tidy little yard and all these people are like. Oh my God we've been living next to a fucking Nazi this entire time only ship Boston awesome like one of the worst ones this and that's why I think that Lieutenant Aldo Raine was exactly right whenever he said that he is going to put the swabs. Go on their foreheads. With a knife because you can take off that little nuts a uniform but you're going to blend in society not with Lieutenant Outta rain and the patchy ready to take your stout exactly yeah but on a slightly different very different vein but like kind of similar a dip out from war and wind up somewhere unexpected. There's a story sorry this week. Coming out of Arizona that was covered by the Washington Post Federal authorities say they have arrested a Phoenix area. Man Suspected of killing two men as a leader of Al Oh Qaeda in Iraq fourteen years ago and at the end of the story. They're interviewing people who are likely he was my driving instructor here like goofy teens. Who are like what so turns out? They had no idea that the guy sitting next to them and driver's Ed is Al Qaeda leader. So just fucking crazy. But the Justice Department said that forty two year old amid Al Noori appeared before a magistrate judge on Friday proceedings to extradite him back to Iraq. The government there has charged him with two counts of murder in the killings in Volusia in two two thousand six. They say he and other members of al-Qaeda shot and killed lieutenant an officer in the Philadelphia Deplete Police Department back then That June in two thousand six masked men who pulled up in front of a store and there they took out Assam Hussein. I lieutenant in the local police force. A witness said that a med who was not wearing mask pulled out a gun told the mentally the police officer alone and then they all change their minds. I killed a police officer then not too long after that they did it again. They parked in front kind of another police officer in Philadelphia. And this time they all got out and they killed Officer Abraham Mohammed so. They said that he was a carpenter known for conducting assassination operations on members of the police force. So there's two killings are what they know he did because of many witnesses but the odds are good. He was an hi to leader. who was known for being fasten? So gunning down offense not the guy you want hanging your drywall. No No. Let's not do that has a reputation of being an assassin and going out and knocking off. Cops that's not the do the two out there but the story is picks up from there because this guy. I don't know how how you do this. What you talked about in the devil next door and now with this story how do you pop up in the United States and you're living a normal normal life like to me? That is insane because this is now twelve years after the fact to phoenix in two thousand eight as a refugee and now he was involved called in a large Iraqi immigrant community Phoenix and many people knew them. There was an eighteen year old who was interviewed by The Washington public via the Arizona Republic and she said there whereas like no way because she taken driving courses from this this guy he she said she went on to say that. He's a very hard working guy and he was a really good guy so people liked him. He was in his community who was doing things he had just gotten married and he had a kid and he was excited about bachelor life before recently getting married and all all that type of stuff he they even said that he was known to love animals and planned to build a little farm on a property near Phoenix. This just sounds like the nicest fella who immigrated here like to escape a war torn Iraq and next thing you know it. It's revealed that he will as part of that. I don't enter this potty. Put that aside several real people who had come to know him since he came to the United States as a refugee in two thousand eight struggled to understand the serious allegations levelled against the forty two year old he became a US citizen about two years ago. Had embraced an exciting bachelor's life and then he got married and had his first child this year he loved animals plan to build a little farm on a property near Phoenix. And it's like before that he was an al-Qaeda so I my only thought is that at the height of it all because the US we have our bats and hides however faulty that as and we keep keep track of all sorts of people and everything was that because these were carried out on Iraq police and it didn't affect American troops or anything like that that he just went under radar was obviously they never caught him so there was no record of having been him but finally as things are going. I wonder what the Straw was that this got brought up because fourteen years later like what was it that brought this back up again and maybe it was witnesses and going back through old cases and people being like. Oh yeah remember this guy killing so and so where is has he now like. I'm just curious to know how they found him again. But it's crazy you have stories like that all the time like the former mob bosses who escape and they take on on a new identity and next thing you know that they're like a pillar in the community and they're doing great how do you. I don't understand how you change your mind. Scape your your mind so much from one being not just in Al Qaeda in Iraq but being a leader of al Qaeda and Iraq and then next thing you know you're trying to build the little farm in Phoenix while it's the mental gymnastics. There is nuts right. Well I think a lot of people by classic sociopath that he's able to compartmentalize those two parts of his life and now he is a pillar of the community and someone that everyone believes to be a really nice fellow. So you're a sociopath. I think that you would continue doing those type of violent silence things and not worry about the ramifications. It seems like you could really make an argument based on these types of fellas that you really can't be like a product of your environment. Maybe all all it took was somebody escaping Iraq in like that type of environment where it's extremely violent like you're prone to be involved in Al Qaeda and and you get away and you're Kinda like I'm done with this life now. I see that it's crazy. I bet you there were a lot of people in Iraq who felt ultimately just pressured to you become part of some sort of terrorist organization. But Hey you got shit though you still gotta get fucked if you get caught one hundred percent hundred percent and also. There's still lots of people who chose not to do those things in the same. Oh no you're right so right there was like Oh yeah we're not excuse al-Qaeda. I'm sorry I lost my train of thought. That's what I was gonNA say like your the way you're saying that he's kind of really changing. He's a product of this environment now. We're not excusing all the bad things he did. We're going to still hold them. Mm Accountable for that right. I just find it fascinating. I think he definitely should pay for what he did. I just find that kind of thing fascinating and we see it a lot like there's constantly new news stories of somebody who is in jail for murder and they escape murder fifteen twenty years ago and now they're remarried and they're working at like a hardee's or something something like that and I just I just listen to. NPR episode. And I'm totally paraphrasing here. 'cause I don't remember the exact details but these two guys were sharing this story about their landlord in New York City in the eighty S. Who drink too much and they drop off the Rodney Bay? Let me tell you a story. I was a bad man and Columbia and I killed a lot of men and they'd be like okay Mr Mr Mr Top okay. Sure whatever and they roll their eyes well like twenty years later. Has the two guys who used to be buddies the one emails the other. It's like check out this fucking link it turns out the guy had been killed like hundreds and hundreds of men in Columbia was was one of the most murderous and then he was just their landlord. Who sometimes it talk? What they thought was crazy when he was drunk? And they're like okay cool story but it turns out he was like yeah. I think there are people who really just our that. That's second the head. There's lots of stories about mob Hitman who carried on normalized but that was just what they did for a living they killed people and they were just so cold that it didn't bother them that they were taking another person's life may be. I think this story like Kate was saying the devil next store. I think that this will be an Amazon prime. TV show or something like that eliminated ended. That comes out because this story is just too crazy. Not to be put on the big screen and some guy from al-Qaeda Phoenix who would and I am curious. I'm curious to know the how. Yeah well you know. I'm curious though too. I wonder if he was the only one in Phoenix. Or if there's other al-Qaeda running around Phoenix Right now oh conspiracy cons back Virus what about being his wife like. What about your husband that you knew? That was an Nice Nice driving instructor guy who was trying to start a farm. And then they're like. Oh no he's actually a member of al-Qaeda then again now that I'm listening thing to it. He driving instructing farmer. Dude overcompensate much nerd why he's going complete opposite direction of his previous life builds model title Model tanks and stuff and a little maybe arrest emily's sitting there bottle feeding goat. Okay all right. We're on to you all right. Let's move onto round for round number four the stock a little bit about the Super Bowl because before the super we'll start at about twenty minutes before the actual game kicked off. There was a video that featured our Guy Kyle Carpenter and he did awesome not being an actor or anything like that but reading the preamble able to the constitution. It gave me chills watching him do it and not just because it's the preamble the constitution that he was wearing the medal of honor. It's because we know Kyle the person into now humble he is and I can't imagine what his response was from the NFL whenever they asked him to be a part of this video where they explain different conflicts through out American history and there really. Was this American history. That was kind of concentrated on before the actual game took place and then right before the the coin flip flip. They brought out four different veterans from World War Two and we really want to focus on one of them. All of them deserve to have their story told. But we WANNA focus on one and that's retired colonel. The Charles McGee who just celebrated his birthday December by flying a private jet between Frederick Maryland and Dover Air Base now Ali Shah. I know I know a Lotta olds that are like in their eighties and I think you should not be driving. A Crown Victoria let alone a private jet. My old flying flying is my parents live in fifty five and up and every week they have these automatic garage doors. And I'm always like every week. It's like you can't go out this when somebody ran into into it again. Like they cannot get their shit together and it's fifty five and up so so we're doubling that so so being one of the members of the fame fame to ski airman it would be very hard if he if the kernel came up tunes like. Hey I WANNA fight as private jet telling him no would be very difficult situation but at some up point. You can't fly anymore. I think hundred might be the last time that should be the last time that he takes place i. He's limitless. The seems like a pretty pretty incredible person and I would trust him. I would trust being in a plane with him over fifty five year old at my parent's apartment community actress. Trying to F- I mean he he was he walked out there like it was no big thing like he was he was doing. He was wearing his hat. He looked awesome. But we wanted to take this moment because a lot of people might not know the story story they might know a little bit about it from the movie but we wanted to take the moment and just remind everyone how extraordinary these men were are. And it's incredible that we still have some of them them to look at in to hear their stories firsthand. Here's the colonel. In the documentary that was featured on Veterans Awareness Webpage. July second second one thousand nine hundred forty three American B twenty five bombers approached their target along the coast of Sicily preparing for the impending pending allied invasion as they open their bomb bays to enemy. FW One Ninety s elite German fighters move into attack back the American bombers easy targets and in their sights suddenly a US army air force P forty speeds into position positioned between the bombers and the German fighters maneuvering inside of the enemy fighters. The pilot unleashes along burst of fire watching watching tracers smash into its target. The German fighter lurches to the left then drops from the sky crashing into the ground down below as his wingman fleas for safety neither the German fighters. No the American bombers realized that history has just been made as the pilot of the P forty was Lieutenant Charles. Bohol of the Ninety Ninth Pursuit Squadron Today better known as the Tuskegee airmen airman and the first African American pilots in US military history. This marked the first of more than one hundred confirmed kills. Their story had begun just two years earlier. July one thousand nine hundred forty one when thirteen recruits reported for training and Tuskegee the Ski Alabama as the Gathering Storm of the late nineteen thirties erupted into all out war in Europe. Americans of all backgrounds braced for the moment limit the war would come to them. Many eager to serve yet prejudice still held sway an official policy and no black man had ever have been allowed to serve as a pilot in the US military. We're Americans who happen to be black. Once given an opportunity to perform formed away the disproves the journals ations racist thoughts that because of the color of skin we had no capability and could not work. Well the one person so we were really do not participation at the time after much lobbying and the need for for talented pilots. In the event of war promising African American recruits were selected for the newly formed ninety nine in what many called the Tuskegee experience Training would prove intense and follow the exact framework is that the white recruits. The men welcomed the rigor they knew do that. In order to be accepted they'd have to be every bit as good as the white pilots. And then some time we were. Just Americans led the blue to pardon what was taking place. The ninety ninth was ordered to North Africa flying missions in the invasions of Sicily and Italy. They joined join three new squadrons. Forming the three thirty second fighter group soon transferred to Italy flying missions over mainland Europe. There they were joined by young second lieutenant fresh out of Flight School Charles. McGee was born in Cleveland son of a minister joining the University of Illinois. ROTC not program in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine. He leapt at the opportunity to train as a pilot tenders depression we were just ziggy. Take the jobs in the military buildup. By the time. Lieutenant McGee began flying combat missions in February nineteen forty four. The tuskegee airmen. Airman were earning a reputation as excellent combat pilots on August twenty third as Lieutenant McGee piloted his P fifty one c nicknamed kitten on a bombing mission over Czechoslovakia a German. FW Ninety Street. Through the American bomber formation over the radio McGee gi was given the order. Go get him on Q.. Lieutenant McGee broke from the formation and fell in behind the fighter. The enemy pilot was skilled taking evasion action and diving for the ground before racing over a German airfield. All the while Magee was locked on his target The enemy fighter in his sights McGee fired a burst raking the plane bullets before it crashed into the ground. His first confirmed victory. He continued low to the ground to avoid anti-aircraft fire then rejoined his comrades in the sky. There was a circumstance to Tom. Time on dish in America still came on the effort that we would do Hitler and later News Charles. McGee had flown total of one hundred and thirty six combat missions by the timing was transferred home to serve as an instructor on November Twenty Third Nineteen Gene Forty Four. He would remain in the Air Force for thirty years. Flying Combat Missions in Korea Vietnam and retiring Kern his three war total of four hundred nine combat missions is the air force record that still survives. Today a legend among legendary group of men Charles mcghee would survive to be one of the last remaining Greek pilots of the skier. Every time I hear the story of the took to ski airman and this really black veterans in general from World War Two. It sickens me amazes me. All at the same time like people who are willing to fight and die for their country that came back and they still still had to deal with Jim Crow laws. Some of them still had parents who were directly involved in slavery parents or grandparents who were directly involved in slavery it really puts into perspective active. That are ugly. Past is not that far in the past and if we're not careful that we could easily slip down that slope again and there's a lot of things that need that we need to do to to really create an achieve Rachel racial equality. I mean and we see that still in aspects of the military. Now I mean. There's not very many black general. There's not very many black women generals. There's not enough medal of honor recipients. Who are African American? We just don't appreciate the service of people like Colonel Colonel here like we should and I think that that's a huge lesson for us to learn so I'm just thankful that the NFL gave us the opportunity to listen to that story and to learn a little bit more about him by do you. I'm always interested in whenever there's a story like that of these people and their names come off. I kind of Google while I'm watching the game to see what's going going on with them. And what their actual background is if they have a wikipedia page if that what they've been doing so having the opportunity to learn about gentleman is great. Is that in a legacy as great as that is something that I appreciate. That happened at the Super Bowl. I was expecting to be entertained watching sports next thing. You know you're learning about a little bit of history of the United States. It's really fascinating. I found this when I was recently watching band of brothers. How many of these gentlemen who served in World War Two and ladies have wikipedia pages so you can really dive a little deeper than just hearing their name? And and what they did. And then there's a lot of information just also wanted to mention his three POWs that were up there with him by name staff started. You know don't Sanchez Cardenas. Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Lombardo and Corporal Apple Sydney Walton were accompanying him and the coin. Toss look them up to ensure mention those three guys. Yeah that was very cool that they did that but I I started watching the late. I got wiped out again this weekend. First of all I was allergic to my cat. Moving off the. This is the most off the radar. I've ever seen you on a weekend. Yeah we'll one banned. You're banned from twitter in a band from twitter and two. I just like you know when you feel yourself getting sick and all your energy has just been zaps on your body and you feel like you feel like you're on drugs but you're not on drugs and you're just like but not the fun kind and you've just totally like I'm so I'm so sweaty man. It was just one of those like just gross weekends so I just was like along I went to finally I woke up and go. Yeah the Super Bowl is like in the second quarter right now so I put it on and I started watching it or whatever but and I'm happy for for Andy read happy for the guy gotta say but it made me think of Like we were talking about super bowls when we were in and I feel like when I was younger it was a much a bigger deal. Now just like lady with a cat but People when you're in it was we'd have these big parties. Everybody would go to like staff. Sergeant would have everyone over to watch it or probably in hindsight to keep us from getting in trouble. But did you guys do big superbowl stuff on your end did you guys just friends is my my favorite super bowls where Super Bowl Mondays and Japan because the Super Bowl would start at like. I believe eight thirty in the morning or something like that. We wouldn't have to go to work that day. That's awesome. Aw Aw which was it was pretty cool because you would wake up and you would go. You'd wake up at like three. Am to go meet up with people and start drinking and shit like that and then after this were bowl. It'd it'd be over with it like noon. you go out and go to the beach for the day go scuba diving or snorkeling or something like that and you have a good time superbowl Mondays. We're fucking dope. That sounds awesome. Semaj love that Monday off to watch the game. That is excellent as a football player yourself. was that a big deal where when you were in or yeah now there was always somebody having a big party at their house just so we could all have a reason to get together for sure. Yeah so social media channels to ask them of our pals like what was the best spot that you had are the worst that you had to watch the Super Bowl and and we'll start off with John Tema vicious I guess too vicious. He said he is currently eating a bowl of oatmeal with some powdered eggs in the finest corner of South West Asia. He's not even mad about that part though he's that I'm stuck doc watching commercials instead of the real ones so true because you look forward to. I don't think it's as big of a deal as it used to be eh. Because so many of them leak beforehand The super bowl commercials used to be huge and I remember when I first got to Okinawa in two thousand seven. That was my first super bowl. There are no two thousand four five and whenever I I watch I was like what the fuck is this. They're doing a commercial about the e club. Here airbase Arco Arkell Shit. Why do we have to watch the same commercials? That was very very disappointing. Yeah I had a similar except my oatmeal actually wasn't made with my own urine this time but I had a bowl of oatmeal meal and shutout to Willie Cologne. That was the Super Bowl. He won was the one I watched in Iraq They go the fan commercials just horrible because there's only like three of them uh and they just repeat each time. None of missed it out. Right Evan Brown eighty-six ed watched Afghanistan months-old Halloween Candy and Xmas junk people. People constantly sent US mainland enough rip. It's and you can kind of get a buzz. I guess so instead of having beer at the super bowl just chugging rip. It's trying to get wherever your patient in Afghanistan trying to enjoy it somehow someway. That'd be tough to have know. Seven layer dip it super bowl. You know brandon PAP says he watched Super Bowl fifty through the crew's Mess S. window of an L. S. V. While on watch at Kuwait's naval base he said the food was monster and cowboy killers. At least the Broncos won I can't wait killers. Yeah yeah he's sitting next to a former smoker of them now. I do the lights so yeah. That's a tough one. Yeah a lot of good a lot of people and the cute hugh pictures last year in the middle of the south. China Sea crowded Hangar Bay so we watched in our small shop. The ship version of pizza and wings. No alcohol had to go straight to cleaning stations and after worth it. That was from at the Chris Hill. That was another thing that reminded me of in two thousand two thousand nine we got shipped to actual or we got shipped actual actual beer and everyone was supposed to get to Real Beers as opposed to the near beer that they have in Iraq and I just thought to myself. How am I going to do it too? I just gave them away Mike. What's the point the next thing you know this one guy who actually rob and I were talking about this past weekend? He's probably in jail now. Staff Sergeant Hicks. He was interesting character. I think he went around and kind of broker to deal that he got everybody's extra beer so he ended up twenty beers for himself. That's the way to go. I think it really has to suck the anecdotes. I hear most are when people when their team was in the super bowl or the world series. And that's when they were deployed I when the phillies won the world series. I was on a plane going to my duty station so I couldn't watch watch it. I totally missed it. And that was like that. This is super sucked and then guy actually mentioned that on the twitter feed. He said that he was watching the Super Bowl where he was a seahawks fan and he's watching the super bowl where they were against the Patriots and whenever the feed whenever they're the two yard line at the end of the Game Russell. So Wilson drops back to pass and then it started to buffer and it didn't come back for like five and a half minutes after the interception. So they were all sitting there. No twitter feeds. There's no internet or anything like that. They had no idea what happened. I see that's got to be the longest five minutes of your sports life waiting to figure out what happened. And then to find out that it your team lost on that play when you can just handed marshawn Lynch and scored has got to be gutting on the open seas part of me though like I know a real fan. They want their team to win. No matter what but a little part of me would have so much foam. Oh if my team won and like all you all your friends at the parade and everybody's getting him John Watching the boonies somewhere like yeah that was probably by far the hardest part of being in the military as Social Media Kinda grew. I mean it was mostly facebook facebook and a little bit of my space when I was in twitter and instagram came a lot later but just all the things seeing all the things you are missing out on it used to be missed out on things. You didn't think about it because you didn't see how but to see all the pictures of your friends having a good time at birthdays parties it so that was tough we should. We should get some sort of an award for being in the military auditory as the rise of so I would've loved to see that from cons now with this twitter following now if content of Dude Appointment now oh hope you guys are having fun at the Super Bowl Party party over here in Afghanistan hot robb way would be the ultimate. Make it about me guy the that it was posting the pictures of while. You're worried about your stupid while you're worried about your own little college exams. I'm out here doing firefights deal Ellen. Firefights put that on a t shirt. Doing a lot of great responses will post signs of those super. Bowl's always a good time even if you are overseas overseas because you do have those times where you bond together and you form memories that you'll remember where you're at even if it isn't a shitty place being one guy said that he had to crowd crowd into the commanding officer of their submarine ship to go and watch a little F- and feed from time to time and they had they had a drawing. He said that where they had to do. Oh six people got to go into the room at a time and you had to draw for your time block and some people got like minute to through for and like the second quarter was the time that they got to go in and watch the super bowl that would really suck you you kind of did that with the phillies one. Whenever you had the bird box Paul yeah every time the ball change Daniel Switch planet blindfolds? You could and other people had to explain the game. Do you couldn't see it so yeah. That was tough one but got crazy all around for the good for the chiefs. Shout out to everyone. Who who is the pope though and had to watch in some crowded? MWR An office that it just didn't have anywhere anywhere comfortable to sit. India no doubt. Let's move into a little bit of save rounds and alibis. We'll start with you Brentwood. He got shoutout. Ben Garland who it was also one of the forty niners one. Oh well he made the super bowl but he lost using the Air Force this atlas also who wants secure or Jaylo really interested said because me and my me and the guys that I watched the super bowl with I mean. They're almost punches. Thrown over arguing. WHO WANNA ask off last? Who did who got right up on the camera at this point and she one model you? And your what about Yukon's I had something but we already discussed it so I got nothing Nouri. Go for me check out. CBT's social media or Dave Portnoy's blog today he wrote about A Marine sergeant named cody. Howard who was involved in a tragic snowmobile accident in Canada Cody suffered a level for a dissection. His survival of the injury. There was nine hour surgery afterwards. Then there was delays. Getting him more help so now his kidneys are failing. He's lost the use of his legs. He has a wife and a young son and and he is covered by the va but they've denied him coverage because the accident happened in Canada not the US so this poor young guy has these catastrophic injuries. He's going to be. It's GonNa take a lot of medical work but he he'll be able to to continue to live his life but there's a go fund me up up for him right now. It's t go so far. Bills are up to three hundred thousand dollars. Yeah has bills are up to three hundred thousand dollars right now. So this is a former marine sergeant. And so Dave Portnoy. The Post said it up today. And you're saying to it's tough. We all get a ton of can you help us. You know. Put out this donation about Blah and we WANNA say yes to them all but if they do then nobody donates anything you have to pick at you and he felt that this is a very worthy cause we agree so check out. He's got eleven month old son Wife and he needs needs some help. I hope so has. Don't go find me you'll be up on our page and a couple other places on the sites we were saying before the show. I had no idea that if you got hurt outside of the. US I didn't know that either the va just won't cover. You doesn't matter what it is which I thought was silly because just because I'm not in the United States doesn't change the fact that I'm still a veteran. Yeah I had no no idea. I was was unaware although I saw one thousand nine seventeen this weekend and holy shit balls I mean the the entire movie. It's almost two hours long. Just the filmography of it. I don't even know if Senator Right but cinematography thirteen takes thirteen shots Evan. Incredible you follow these these two British soldiers as they go on this journey Ernie and it never leaves them it never. It follows the hallway through. It's incredibly shot. It was such a cool and the end tears streaming down my face. But it's just an an incredible story of what soldiers do for the person to their left and the right and a little bit of a message to Garcia Vibe to get the message you got to you given a mission carry it out man finish it no matter what so it was it was really powerful and it was cool. The director of the film Created this film with writers based off stories. His grandfather grandfather told him his grandfather. Alfred had been in world. War had been in that war so just world will run crazy pretty interesting and really very humbling to watch that film so the World War One anything about one World War Two is like so much so talked about now. One is so much in the distance. The things that you see for more one are absolutely horrific horrific. It was great. I can't imagine it. It's yeah and it's just obviously it's not as prominent in film entertainment just because of the fact that we just don't have the same amount of records that we do for later wars starting with world so I think it was interesting to see such a large scale movie made about World War One. I would recommend it. That was on the edge of my seat literally the entire time and it was pretty pretty neat movies. Is that going to be required watching for the rest of the podcast. We're GONNA wait we Maybe do a podcast review of it. I think I also saw a little article that the Afghanistan papers were going to be turned into a series too. So I'm excited to see what that is hopefully won't be bad as the code other than that. We'll see guys on Friday. Sound the retreat Brennan do me a favor in just at some point when we're talking about corona virus just drop in from fast and furious when Dom uh-huh says you face product placement in. That movie was really stuff. Brent's face tells me he's not going to do that. But if I mean if I if it takes more than one youtube search says am not going fair fair. Con- you go on the search and you can find it for them ohka okay Abra can you scroll through an entire two and a half movie movie. Never seen never seen fast and furious. I don't like cheesy blockbuster. Wow okay that's fair.

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