[Announcement] Creativity, Compassion, and the Coronovirus


Hulo Friends Ben here. Quick announcement that we are going to be postponing the release of the rest of our series. Why I stayed why I left for a little bit because it's really clear that this is not the most pressing issue on people's minds right now. I was talking with Helene Merrill at the center this last weekend and we were noting how faith communities in faith leaders are still struggling with ways to our organize themselves in this current virus moment but also how to be grounded respond with creativity and compassion to their neighbors. And so this week the bts and I are going to be releasing here on reports a series of one introductions to how you in your community can respond creatively and compassionately to our corona virus. Moment will be talking with people. But how do you be a good neighbor? How do you stay? Spiritually grounded the one on ones are switching your community to an online space and more sustained. Those conversations are all going to be really short twenty minutes or less so you can listen. You'll have some links and you'll be able to go out and do the great work in your community so stay tuned for that. All those conversations are going to be coming out this week on reports from the spiritual frontier.

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