Ep. 501 - Trent365! - Nike, Tiger & the Long Game


tonight episode five hundred one of three sixty five Nike and Tiga and the lone game. Here in Bali, again just checked in for the week and Tiger Woods has just won his fifteenth. Major. And I think it's the fifth time. Now, he's one the US masters and to me what is interesting about. This is not the Gulf because quite frankly, I don't really follow the golf. But to me, it's interesting story in branding because Nike who have stuck with him since he went pro back in ninety six through two thousand nine when he had he's big six scandal. I think it was two thousand seventeen he had a big drink-driving issue, which became big news. They stuck with him. All the way through out saying, listen, the guys got some issues. He's working through them. We're gonna be there with him. And today this aying that the coverage of just the fun around of the masters the brand exposure that Nike just purely by the Nike Swoosh all over his uniform all over his his clothes was worth that exposure was worth in the final round alone. My Jew was within excessive twenty two million dollars. And that doesn't count. All of the clothes that they sold out of all of the Tiga branded clothes in peril base old out of in the store, and to me, the interesting story about that is that it kind of exemplifies that branding is really alone guy. It's for the long term. It's not a short term play. And for whatever reason Nike have decided, not whatever reason, I think, we know the reason Tiga clearly has identified himself as a champion of Gulf. They identified that early. They said listen, he's personally shoes way on a drawer line. We're going to separate the personally shoes from the professional Gulf because from out brand perspective. That's what we stand for. Now. We can argue all day long with that's a right or wrong moral stance. But I think the funny thing about sports that I think people tend to forgive those kind of personal failures if you like as long as you perform a professional scale and go and kill somebody infidelities and things like that. Frankly, don't seem to matter a great deal when it comes to sports, certainly from a brand value perspective. At least not in the long term. And again, that's where branding goes. I think it's also an interesting story about the brand of Tiger Woods himself. He's started off as a champion. And he got went through some issues got through those issues come out the other side, and in many ways, I think he probably wins a few more fans out of something like this as well. And again going back to that issue of what works, and what doesn't work for this particular type of Saguenay if you like the sports athletes segment of branding. If we want to look at that for whatever those reasons are, right, wrong, or indifferent. It seems that the market consumers of decided, well, we actually don't care so much. If these guys do the wrong thing, we understand the human. We understanding to make mistakes we only really care about them as professional athletes as long as do anything to dressed. So I think from a brand perspective again, the other listen to learn is that what seems to be black. White maybe in any other sigma the world any other facet of your life. Doesn't necessarily hold true when it comes to the brand if the market for your particular brand has decided and declared we'll those things not important is not suggesting that we should all go off and try the Tiger Woods apprised brandy. But I do think it's an interesting observation that the the consumers seem to have forgiven him the market seems to have forgiven him for his failures that acknowledged that. He's might mistake. He's acknowledges made a mistake. He's come up. He's got through it. And now everyone is back on the train. So again, not from a brand. Sorry, not from sporting perspective, not from a personal perspective. But I think purely from a brand perspective. It's a really interesting case study what's going on with Tiger Woods over the last few years. And where it's ended up today already. That's thanks for tuning and I will be back again tomorrow. So you got the.

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