To Live and Die in LA - Trailer


So I wanted to ask you a question about design case, and I'm working Saturday. You might have seen it in the news choosen Hollywood. She was last seen on Friday with which this Friday or the Friday like that we've before. No this Friday. Wow. A series of unexpected and violent events unfold. A high stakes game of cat and mouse with multiple deaths drive the police and the missing woman's family to the brink of despair. What you're about to hear is not a cold case. It is everything that I'm currently experiencing as the immediate investigation is unfolding in real time. What I was told by the lead detective is just basically she's been saying stick with that spent laws said, no family on TV. No having on TV nine. Why you get a sense that you have a person about the known? And can do anything to to play with all of us. From from way back duties, they rape in fucking drink Dawson's candle past the fucker do talking about you it again, please keep this between us. Okay. He said I'm gonna go back. We're going to tie him up toward even if we have to kill him. Themselves. Four times ahead. Go down like this down since that. I didn't do. And the ring harder you need to be careful. You don't want them after you. Neil strauss. And this is to live and die it wing. Wing. Get the first two episodes on February twenty eighth. Missing from LA every single fucking day.

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