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Ep. 30: Ex-Marine Wants to Run for President and Then Dissolve The Federal Government


The Michael Chaney show pumping unlicensed liberty and financial freedom directly into your eardrums. Here's your host and Arco Capitalist Cheney. Hey guys welcome to this episode Michael Shiny Hair and unexcited honored and very sites joined by a former us. Barry passionate antiwar activist and allround defender of liberty. Adam coach Adam. Welcome to show. Hey Michael thank you. So much for that introduction rightly shit. You're more than welcome so I know a lot of people will have heard of you and maybe no the the thing about your hair nab for those of you that listen to that don notes you. Can you just kind of explain how you I go into libertarianism? A little bit about your background and song sure. Well I really gotta go and give them my parents a lot of credit for raising me with a healthy disdain. For Authority and tendency to question everything and I joined the Libertarian Party in Highschool at some point when I was asked well. Do you WanNa be a Republican or Democrat and I was like Whoa. Whoa WHOA. This is America. I don't have a choice. I I have to be totally frigging lame that that's not. It's not how this is supposed to work. And I had a social studies civics teacher who said something like well. There's these libertarians over there. They they like to be left alone as punk kid like. Yeah leave me alone but I got the message. politicized version. I got the socially liberal fiscally conservative as opposed to freedom is an ethical principle. Because you own yourself as an independent human being and this is the foundation of ethics and don't hit don't steal don't kill is not unless you have a gun and a badge or job with the IRS or your soldier ordered kill strangers on the other side of the planet. These are universal human ethics and when you violate them we are holding humanity back from our potential and so I still enlisted in the marines. I naively believed the government propaganda that the US military was in net effect of peace on the world and I volunteered actually to go to two thousand four with the Marine Corps Civil Affairs team and saw the most discussing things. That government is capable of firsthand. Because I was doing them and that was enough for me when I got home to question everything. And and really questioned militarism and state ISM and get down to the heart of it and you know Michael. I'm I'm so glad you didn't introduce me as a as a presidential candidate because I'd have to start making excuses and you know. Try to convince people that I'm not some kind of psychopath who just wants to be president of the United States right. And you're going to have this in the note so everybody's GonNa see that before they start listening or in the title. I hope but As you know this platform is fundamentally different. And it is reflective of the values that. I've learned over the years now in fulltime activism over a decade since I got the Marines. I was active with Iraq. Veterans Against the war ran for Congress endorsed by Ron Paul. In two thousand. Ten and run for the Libertarian Nomination. For President on the platform of taking the federal government to a bankruptcy process that leaves us with fifteen independent states and up to five hundred two sovereign native nations and before we get any further. I should point out for the sake of your audience that I am on our tour. Bus Right now. No Force One. We are on our way from Orlando a back to Dallas before going on to Oklahoma City and Alabama and awoke this weekend bouncing around all those clauses running for the nomination. Getting support from Libertarian delegates and party activists all over the country is raining pretty hard right now. We are parked somewhere near Pensacola and it rains a lot. Here I don't know if you heard there was a siren room From an emergency vehicle going by in a bit. Well I'll say is you as you might know. I'm biased in almost in the highlands of Scotland. So we have liquid sunshine Likud's Sunshine. That's his pretty much courage. So see regarding the platform I know you settled on this issue of The dissolution of the government of see. I understand that no longer listens. Will understand is well. What what's your take on that in terms of not winning over existing Libertarians. But you know assuming that you were given the run on the presidential candidacy. How would you kind of come vitus? Do you think that something that is going to be easy to convey to people a floating is that will like you about then. Yes you know because I know a lot of people are so going in with while you know. I'm all about lowering tax. Go quite a mass appeal and other people have gone in for drug getting end in the drug war and again that's quite a mass appeal amongst people aren't necessarily Libertarians ending the ending the government and dissolving the federal government. Imagine there's so much mass appeal until you've had to explain it will all AM I. Am I missing someone? Not It's often misrepresented is that And even you know when I say. Hey Look we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA end the federal government a lot of people. Just don't hear the word federal or people who are anti-freedom pretend to hear the word federal and paint this like so. Many other libertarian causes efforts in candidates as extreme and I would say that it's radical in the best sense of the word of striking at the root of the problem but it's really not extreme at all and I love asking people. Listen Michael I wouldn't expect you to know the answer to this question. So we're not gonNA put you on the spot but I love asking people how many people work for government in the United States and that would include federal state and local. The answer is twenty two million and I okay. Well how many of them worked for the federal government and some people are right on but most people way over estimate and and assume that the federal government is the bulk of that twenty two million. It's only three three million. What I'm talking about proposing here in the United States is cutting less than one in seven government jobs and a lot of those three million that we'd be cutting are going to end up getting absorbed by the state governments if they choose to keep those people on now on their staffs and the idea that a state can do whatever it wants is also in a sense in extremely moderate platform and this is the ultimate merging of pragmatism and principal for a libertarian platform. To say look you can have as much government as you want at the local level at the community level as long as you don't hold anybody captives you don't force it on anybody else as long as you create that system ethically you can have whatever you want. And so this idea of localization not only is it the everybody gets what they want strategy but to your question. It's actually a much easier sell. If I was running for president on the platform of I'm going to be president and I'm going to be a kinder gentler tyrant I'm GonNa put on the ring of power. I promise I'M NOT GONNA turn into them and I'm going to execute this on this issue in this on this issue in this on this issue will I have to convince a plurality of the electorate here that not only am. I good guy who should be trusted to have my finger on the red button and all these levers of power should be in my hands in these. These are levers that shouldn't exist in the first place. This is an unjust illegitimate power. And I don't just mean an ethical sense technically in a legal sense. The constitution itself is unconstitutional. It was ratified illegally. Rhode Island was basically bullied into it. And so the idea that they will. Because it's legal because it's on paper we have to do that. is is pretty absurd. So we're actually just acknowledging reality to say the Federal Government is bankrupt. What do we do? Well let's take it through a bankruptcy process. Let's localize its functions down to the states and what I found every single issue issue by issue. Wow It's good for that. Oh my gosh. It's good for that. This solves so many fundamental problems with American government and with American society. It really is kind of mind blowing that we don't have more candidates scrambling to run on this platform. And for the Libertarian Party. This is a slightly new direction in messaging instead of playing their game playing politics arguing issue by issue and trying to win people over like that. Hey really simple. Localization ethical principles. These are things that unite everyone because when your freedom is respected when we have the ability to organize systems in your community based on your needs and your values. Everybody gets they want. It's the only people I've run into in campaigning. For this idea for two years now do plus really i. Are you a lot longer? Because I've been talking about this since the idea came out of an intellectual exercise in in two thousand twelve That the the only people who really objected are the the the nationalist militarists and we need a big military that to keep a safe and surprise surprise. Like everything else government tells you the idea that the military protects you keeps you safe is a lie. It's an actual lie and most people in government don't even know this but they are complicit in perpetuating this lie because the fact is having a military makes us less safe and I don't just mean from my experience in Iraq where we were making enemies faster than we can kill them the blowback effect. And I'm not talking about just this American imperialism interventionism. Whatever you WANNA call. It is unique phenomenon of the American military empire but having a military in and of itself makes you less safe. This is why the founders were against anything that they would have called a standing army having a military. Is You telling your government? Yeah we don't mind take half our income steal from us all you need in taxes. Whatever it is that you need to support your course that's going to protect you. The founders knew that military's defended governments and militias defended. Free people that's why they advocated for a decentralized militia based defense. I've been asked while out if you get rid of the US military rocketing rid of it. Actually were making it stronger by decentralizing it but yes if you got rid of the Central Command of it isn't going to take over. The United States know China's going to be look the people of China are going to be looking at their government going I don't think we need you either. And when you tell the world that you're willing to be governed that's what makes you a juicy target for another government. The lie that we are implicitly taught from a very young age is that wars are fought between countries who was America versus China Germany versus Japan versus Russia. And it's absolute nonsense. Wars are not fought between countries. They are conducted by governments using violence to expand their protection rackets and as the founders would have said the best defense the most effective in the only legitimate defence or a free people is a well armed population that refuses to be governed by anyone and has Gandhi proved the well armed part is optional and probably slows things down. Yeah true some what I've noticed about you from following you and seeing it in on social media and seeing the you know the kind of materials now is what really comes across as your passion right. You're so passionate about this on a love there and I just want to ask what what inspires you get out there and try and spread the word and you know. Try and educate people about this. Because I know that the certain Libertarians are all well you know I believe in this. I'm just operating on my own life. I'm going to again much liberty going on in my own life GonNa try and change the world. I'm going to try and get out there and try and convert people. Obviously there's some there's a fire that's Binladin you. I'm wondering what inspires you to do that. And do you think we can ever reach a tipping point where where people are? Not People had their eyes open to to the things that you're talking about here and the lies that we will see to to make a difference. You've already got two huge questions. Baked into that. And I appreciate you coming at it from that angle and putting those together actually because they are definitely connected in my case there's been a progression and I've always been as committed and as passionate as I am now my motivation and my understanding of that over the years has gotten better and deeper as I've learned and grown as an activist at first. It was Iraq veterans against the war. I had just gotten home from being in combat and had to watch the death and carnage continue and to sit back and go. Wow if the American people knew what was really happening in our names in Iraq this would be over by now. This never would have happened in the first place. Of course if the American people really understood the crime that is war as Major General Smedley. Butler put it wars racket and I was in a position. Where with Iraq veterans against the war? I could get out and tell my stories and know that by telling my stories less people might die you know. That's that's A. That's a really intense reality to face. We go wow people are dying over there where I just was and it's because people over here are ignorant about what's going on over there and if I just let people over here know what's going on over there people over there won't be dying as much like that's that's a pretty heavy reality to step into as an activist and you know. I had been active with the Libertarian Party before that but this is the first time I was really compelled this way to become a full time activist. Dedicate my life to this in a one point I don't WanNa say homeless like to make people feel sorry for me but I I was Relatively destitute and living out of my car and couch surfing around the in order to to maintain my commitment to the antiwar cause and for a while the motivation after that was kind of a penance. For All the things that I had done in the military but it what it's evolved and and really grown into for me is a continuation of why enlisted in the Marines in the first place that I want my life on the line for something I believed in. I wanted to protect the innocent. I wanted to defend those who couldn't defend themselves and now realizing that similarly it's not my story necessarily but my understanding that I have an understanding of how government works and it's not special. It's not complicated to understand that you know what what George Washington true government is it is like fires it is forced and like Fire Dangerous Servant and a fearful master and to understand that government is a fundamentally coercive and unethical institution is really critical for humanity moving forward right now and overthrowing this unnecessary burdens tragedy. That were experiencing. And it's not just that I have this abstract Utopian motivation of saying look. We live in a violent world. Let's have a non violent world. Let's get rid of institutionalized coercion. I mean if you look at violence in the world today ninety plus percent of it is done directly in the name of governments and of the remaining ten percent ninety percent of that is caused directly by governments at least here in the United States with the drug war in the war on poverty. All the ways that the government's prevent people from being able to just take care of themselves in each other at the community level here creating desperation. Yeah we get rid of government as a coercive Centralized Authority paradigm. We government transformed into something ethical voluntary localized yet. We get rid of about ninety nine percent of the violence in the world and when you realize that that is the potential of the truth of freedom of the libertarian message. It's really hard to stop doing this. You know to know that. Yeah you have an understanding you have the ability to literally save lives by talking about freedom right now. That's pretty hard to walk away from. I consider The Libertarian Party and and and freedom activists all over the world as the greatest fighters of injustice I never liked bullies a never liked seeing seeing the underdog oh down and to see the way that government bullies people all over the world. It's like now. I'm sorry I I got to step in and stop this. I got to do something about it if I can. Yeah no I understand. I know I know you mean what you mean so some to the sites to the second part of your question. I'm extremely confident when you understand that a free society is a non violent society and that the greatest metric of evil of government is how much it forcefully takes us off the state of harmony that would exist in its absence will then you have to look at the history of violence of humanity and this is where I turn to professor Steven Pinker of Harvard. Who wrote the book better? Angels of our nature did a great ted talk about it highly recommended and what he is proven. Academically irrefutably is that we are living in the most peaceful times in human history. That not only. Are you less likely to be subject to violence at the hands of another human being today than ever before? But this is part of a consistent historical decline. We are getting more peaceful more harmonious more loving more capable of working together without in our relationships and some people look at the growth of modern bureaucratic governments like in the UK or the United States. Or you know most first world countries that have governments based around Fiat currency rackets. That is Money by decree that they're able to just print it and it has value because they say so and it's the only money that they accept in taxes and if you don't have their money to pay them their taxes eventually they take your stuff and eventually they take you and take you away unless you resist. In which case they are certainly authorized by their own silly words on paper to use deadly force if necessary to stop your resistance. That's that's the criminality of it. But I am incredibly encouraged. Not just by professor pinkers work but what I see as the acceleration of the human experience particularly around the Internet but technology in general Moore's law computing power doubling every eighteen months. Even if you don't believe in the technicalities of Moore's law. The trend is irrefutable. That technological progress is in an exponential and we are on the verge of if not in the middle of already an incredible turning point the turning point of the hockey stick on the graph if you will of humanity accelerating exponentially in a way that most of us can't even perceive with artificial intelligence cell flying cars just a continuation of the development of the Internet with Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain technology. All these things are making government so laughably obsolete I truly believe that even. If there weren't any libertarian activists the natural course of human progress would be to evolve past government eventually. What we're doing is making this a conscientious process and making it happen as soon as possible to minimize the suffering in the violence of government. I'm not willing to wait for technology to render government obsolete by see it as a a huge aid and a force multiplier. What we're doing right now. I've seen firsthand from just some candidates I've spoken to some of the activists season at technology in both fans using in a way that government doesn't even know exist reported just last week about the so-called dometic Mimetic warfare and how they you know the only just getting wind of the hull Use of names in this underground movement. That that you and I am sure have been familiar with for many months if not years. The government's only now just getting wind of it and oversee the report and the Information Eggen is completely misguided and misrepresented and full of propaganda. But they're so behind the game you know they. Literally years behind the activists there the carnage of this stuff. So yeah I definitely agree with you that it can only accelerate moving forward. So we'll just say real quick break and then we'll dive into this in more detail. Okay now all of this really makes you question your own privacy and what you're doing and what you're saying particularly on the Internet for example. Did you know that your Internet service provider? And therefore the government and all government agencies are actually monitoring what you're doing online unless you've got protection now. There's a piece of software that I use is called a virtual private network. Vp N. is like putting on an invisibility cloak. If you don't have this protection then basically they're watching everything that you're doing online so you need to get this now as you can imagine. I've done extensive research on the best. Vpn Out there and the best one to use and if managed to secure you a huge discount on the one. I personally use so to get more information on this and make sure that your protected soon. Nobody's snooping and watching what you're doing online get over to Michael Chaney dot com slash VPN. That's Michael Chinese dot com slash. Vpn Okay back to the show. Okay guys so welcome back. We Have Adam Co cash on the show today and we just finishing offered so here about technology and the technology by governments and activists as an activist. I've seen that you've got involved in a lot of different campaigns including the no dancing banning the Thomas Jefferson memorial cursing ban in Massachusetts and probably more famous little. Or maybe infamously depending you know which articles you read. They carry much planning in in two thousand thirteen. Could you walk me through? I know see that would be an entire an entire story in its own right Yeah I was I was. I was asked in a debate recently. How many times have you been arrested in my answer was? That's a really good question. I've I've lost track myself and and these are all arrests that are very delivered. I've I've actually I've been. I've been arrested unintentionally a handful of times but they've almost all been in some form of deliberate conscientious civil disobedience and in the case with a shotgun. That's that's certainly The most legally intense where I ended up with three felonies did four months in jail but it did further the cause of gun rights in DC. I think more famously. The Jefferson Monument Dance Party did results and change of the policy there really APPs and it wasn't a legal enforcement. They were basically enforcing the law illegally by by imposing their own standards of decorum at Jefferson Monument which is three or listeners. If you don't know I mean this is just the height of evil irony that Thomas Jefferson is the great champion of freedom of speech in American history and was actually known as the dancing president and would bus out a fiddle at the White House for other people the dance and has all these great quotes about dancing. That I didn't even know until after this happened in our video. Enviro but you can go and you can dance at Jefferson Monument now without getting arrested in Middleborough Massachusetts. You can curse police officers as I've done obviously in a friendly positive way to You know without getting arrested there and I you know. I've had a lot of other civil disobedience stuff where it was to make a point. You know with Iraq veterans against the war where you're not challenging the law. You're just saying look we'RE GONNA I'm GONNA sit here. I'm a block this intersection to make a point is where a bunch of veterans who are sick of seeing bell service members dying still overseas for lies. You'RE GONNA have to come and arrest us or you know we're GonNa March on the capital and get arrested peacefully their a number of those but one of the ones that I'm actually. Proudest of is is still pending legally right now and it's for failure to show. Id and it went on and it was I'm sitting here on the bus with with our campaign manager allies against the rally and he was there in February last year in New Orleans after we delivered two hundred thousand copies of my book in the city. And we're doing water stenciling where you're spraying high-pressure water through a plastic stencil on a dirty sidewalk. And you're not doing graffiti. You're just washing off your pattern of whatever your messages or whatever you design is and we had a lot of fun with this but at one point we got Roach by by some police and they demanded my idea and I refuse to show I D. I didn't actually know that. That was a crime in Louisiana but it is a shall ide- state if a COP demands ide- they don't need probable cause basically it's the southern version of stop and Frisk. So we still have a legal case pending with this challenging it and you know with with all these things I I I wanna I wanNA turn this back to the campaign for anybody. Who's listening all that's awesome. I'M GONNA do my own civil disobedience thing or I'm going to go challenge this law if you can get a law change that alleviate suffering in a meaningful way. Absolutely do it. There is no way I would tell you that. That is not worthwhile at all but the bigger point is well. I think of the the quote from Henry David. Thoreau that for every thousand striking at the branches of evil. There is one striking the roots and the points that I see as most valuable in my career of civil disobedience is not the changing of the laws or the policies but waking people up like the Jefferson Dance. Party for example. We don't really care. What the dance policy is. At the Jefferson Monument. This is not the height of injustice of the state right. Obviously were doing this to make a point and the point is that when government tells you. You can't do something it means that if you do it's violence will be used against you to stop you. And in the case of the Dance Party. We recruited a bunch of police officers to be extras in our street theater and they were amazing. They did a great job as as some of them even as as Supporting actors you know to to demonstrate this because when I when I got arrested for dancing I was picked up from behind in choke slammed in having knee lodged in ribs. You know it was a pretty brutal takedown. And that's why that video went super viral and that was more of the point. I mean what I what I really should be bragging about in in a sense with this. One is not hey. We changed the dance policy of the Jefferson Monument. Now we woke up millions of people to this fundamental truth about the violent nature of governor will. Yeah I I think this is an important point in In the movement as a whole really I mean I've I've seen this kind of this flashlight. Metaphor us before where people say okay. We'll would say the flashlight and will shine on this and this is what will we want people to focus on. You know so. For example the media might shine it on in. You'll case they might shine on previous arrest or say this is what this guy is about. He's about this about this. Other people as you said might seize upon the fact that that law was changed over a minor law dancing at the monument or whatever but as you said you'll shining the light on well no it's about the use of force by the government and I think it's it seems to be that constant battle. Isn't it to try and convey what we're trying to do to shine the light in the right way against the forces of evil attorney shining different way against you know they're trying to portray is in a certain way like this assay the report last week. How about this whole blue thing and all these means going around saying everybody. That's involved in his father. A right wing death squad you know. We're all basically whereas compared to people come to nine eleven basically on the same scale advice is just said what were the same as as Isis. So they're shining ally in a certain way to conduct their opinion and trying to shape public opinion. And say this is how you should perceive these people who are trying to go against watch. That's not the case. This is really what we're what we're focused on. So in terms of the the book did that come about as a result of the the kind of incidents in in BC then as that was our plan for a long time the Freedom Book and and get in the out. There nods a really cool story. Actually it was because of the shotgun incident and being in jail as long as I was people started sending me books and they sent me all. The Greatest Libertarian Manifesto's A lot of books already read that had had a great influence on me and I I would look at them fight already. Radom you know and hand off to other inmates and it was. It was really great to have that support when I was in jail. What I realized was that we didn't have a single book. That really was the ultimate libertarian. Red Pill that was the easiest way to get this message and really embrace it and internalize it as something that you believe in. I can convince anybody of libertarianism. In two minutes. Hey our delight freedom. Do you like not having violence used against you do you own yourself. Yeah Okay Cool. Well then guess what. You're a libertarian. But to get someone to really embrace it understand it as a world view that is resistant to going back to the violence of the state people need to take a certain amount of time really absorb that message and internalize it. So a lot of these books were You know very short but not comprehensive. Some of them were very long and to comprehensive And basically what I decided to do is to become the best rip-off artists the freedom movement has ever known so. I took all of their best qualities. All of their strengths. None of their weaknesses and combine them into one ultimate red pill book that is the easiest way to say. I get it when it comes to freedom and the true nature of violent government and I had a lot of help. It was a really amazing process. I only started writing it when I was in jail It took me more than four months. And you know the the concept was born in jail and I came out of there with A few sections written in an outline in concept and it was like all right. I gotTa make this book happen. We had over three hundred people involved in the editing process. And it really was a a beautiful collective effort to get this tax down to something juror polished and irrefutable. It's very simple in its language. Very philosophically technically correct A very concise way in the best way for people to be able to say yeah. Okay now I understand what freedom is cool. Look at kind of running almost our time here. I really appreciate you coming on the show. I'm going to have to get your gangs. I feel like we've just been going five minutes. Just wanted to ask just finally here for those people that want to get behind. You learn moral WANNA support your way. Can they go thank you? The main website is the freedom line dot com. That's all three words. The Freedom Line Dot Com and Michael. Before I go I just want to say thank you for having me on. Thank you for doing this show. As we talked about in terms of techno optimism. Independent media is a huge part of that being able to spread a message contrary to the mainstream media which is largely. Blacking out the Libertarian Party. Primary right now it. It's really disgusting. To see how at least the American mainstream media has become such a tool Mouthpiece for the duopoly they're just shutting out the Libertarians. Every chance they get washing say they don't ever give us the coverage that we deserve for challenging the duopoly because they don't WanNa see the dropoff challenge and that's understandable but it shows like this where people like you are able to give us a platform that make it possible for humanity to progress no matter what your vision of that progression is. We need to have a healthy strong and vibrant independent media. So thank you for doing what. You're doing to everybody who supports the show. I hope we'll share this episode and you know. Put Your money where your ears are and and support Michael and whatever other independent media that you consumed so for anybody that wants to get involved. The FREEDOM LINE DOT com. You can get my book. They're for free. You can find coca for President DOT COM and You know right now of course if you're not a US citizen you can't donate that way with their other ways to help us out. And if you are in the United States can become a delegate right now we are about a third of the way through the delegate season here in the primary. It's a very exciting time. We've got a great slate of Libertarian. Party presidential candidates one way or another twenty twenty is going to be a big year for freedom. Cool stuff. Well thanks again Adam. I really appreciate time. I'm we'll speak Hansen awesome. Thank you so much again. Michael. Lisa love. Y'All you've been listening to the Michael. Chaney show create your own wealth and protected against taxation turmoil and tyranny over at Michael Chamie DOT com.

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