Puerto Rico Protests; The Latest On Iran


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Meanwhile things are also moving fast in the Persian Gulf as Britain calls for a naval fleet to protect vital shipping lanes but also tells the White House that Europe is going its own way with Iran so this hour on point we'll take a look at what's next on two key stories this week Puerto Rico and a standoff with Iran and I to Puerto Rico. Have you been following the protests there. Do you have family members who are in the streets protesting against the Puerto Rican government. Do the protests give you hope and what exactly beyond the immediate controversy surrounding Ricardo CEO what exactly is bringing hundreds of thousands of people's people to the street on the islands join US anytime on point radio DOT ORG or twitter and facebook at on point radio and we'll start today I from Miami with Danielle more more contact chief news writer for Univision News and political columnist for UNIVISION DOT COM Danielle. Welcome thank you MAGNA. It's good to be on the program great to have you so first of all give us a sense about the the current state <hes> of of the protests in in Puerto Rico. Do we expect him to continue to grow over the next days. I think it wears we can expect the protests to continue for a few days. It's very hard to determine how big they will be. We <hes> they have already been record numbers of people actually demonstrating on San Juan's <hes> streets and also in some <hes> smaller cities across the island but it's very hard to to say whether the same numbers will be achieved over the next few days however the protests will continue and as we speak they're going on there will go on wanting to the night <hes> now of course it's not just in the last day or two that the protests have been going on. You've been going on for four several days. Why were demonstrators not satisfied? When I believe late this weekend? The Governor Ricardo Rossello said that he would not run for reelection because has their fundamental demand is that he resigned he actually leaves the post and let somebody else take the reins of government <hes> on less that is done and you know <hes> he decides to resign the protests so I think are going to continue it will be very hard to to rule Puerto Rico to govern Puerto Rico okay so Danielle standby for just a moment because I want to hear from San Juan Puerto Rico itself and Antonia Hilton joins us now she's civil rights correspondent and for vice news tonight and Tonia welcome to on point. Hi thank you for having me so what's the mood like in Puerto Rico in San Juan specifically today after of this massive surge of people who've been taking to the streets so the mood is a mix <hes> I save overwhelming emotion is actually joy. People are so proud to have seen Puerto Rico. Come out the way that it did yesterday I mean people from all corners and the island made their way over to America and walked hung out danced eight food together all day long and actually part way through the day there was this massive rainstorm the lasted for several hours and I think people thought for a moment oh maybe people are gonNA head home early. In this little damp in the big plans that we had for the a day and people stayed through that and danced in the rain and through a party under an expressway bridge and I think people are still kind of writing off that energy this morning although of course late last night there was some intense clashes so there are some folks folks who <hes> are feeling down about what happened between protesters and police officers here in San Juan last night but really the overwhelming emotion is really just a gratefulness in a pride about the way in which Ricans came out to support each other yesterday now and Antonio of we're definitely going to talk about sort of the underlying concerns that Puerto Ricans have about their government right now but can you just remind US briefly about the catalyzing event that really brought people out into the street <unk> streets about these messages that the governor was revealed to have exchanged with some of his top aides and close friends. What was that all about right so the local center for investigative reporting released almost nine hundred pages of Lee chat messages between the governor <hes> other government officials but actually in fact some people who were really more associates of the governor and actually not elected officials and so <hes> N- only the contents of this chat conversation station really offensive to Puerto Ricans but actually the people who are in the chat having access to that information was offensive to Puerto Rican and to give you a taste of what was said there were homophobic jokes about Ricky Martin? There were sexist jokes about a number of women. There were some threatening comments. There was discussion about the silencing of <hes> political opponents <hes> there what the joke that a lot of folks have been talking about <hes> made <hes> at the expense of folks who died during Hurricane Maria a a joke about sort of feeding dead bodies to the crows here in Puerto Rico <hes> and you know this is really the straw breaking the camel's back <hes> because not only have people in Puerto Rico suffered through a flow disaster recovery and be worst hurricane we've ever overseen <hes> but they're also many of them. Feel strangled under the austerity measures designed to help you know lessen the debt but but many of them feel as a strangle to work in class Puerto Ricans here on the island and <hes> you know years and years of corruption of course you know Perico isn't new to corruption but this chapter like evidence of everything they suspected all along and not just the evidence but actually callousness the way in which that the people joked about about what they seem to be aware they were doing to Puerto Ricans at large <hes> and so it's just <hes> with such a painful thing to see an already very vulnerable time so Dunya. Let me turn back to you hear D do You. Do you agree that this as Antonio is saying the messages seem to affirm confirm <hes> the suspicions that <hes> hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans hat about row CEO and his close aides for for some time then that will that's what catalyzed them to for towards these massive demonstrations. Yes basically that's been the case. Rossio is probably the governor who warned <hes> the most unpopular election and with the lowest percentage of votes in Puerto Rico's <hes> recent history where he got about forty one point six of forty one point seven percent of the vote <hes> so he hardly had a universal mandate <hes> in Puerto Rico as so he had a lot of enemies. You're just to begin with and a lot of critics ethics and an opponent's <hes> so after mishandling so many things including <hes> a lot of the managing of the actual hurricane <hes> and then these two false candles one having to do with with corruption in his government by are now former members of his government in at the same time the chat scandal I was just too much for the majority of Puerto Ricans so so tells more about the the allegations or or evidence of the corruption corruption that existed in CEOS administration before even this past a couple of weeks so yes so just a few days before the demonstration started <hes> there was <hes> a an investigation that <hes> became <hes> public in which <hes> at least six Puerto Ricans what involving in corruption <hes> which consisted basically in diverting about fifty million dollars from U._S. assistance federal assistance to to private hence that means <hes> businesses and individuals who are work connected with the government <hes> these individuals were arrested there'd been investigated and there will probably be <hes> I charged with raise specific crimes and at least a two or three of them were rather influential at some point and they were appointed by the governor so it was really a very tough situation coming into do the chat scandal. I see so Antonio what what are your thoughts about. The sort of the prior corruption Danielle was talking about the prior corruption is <hes> you know was the build hold up here. I keep hearing particularly <hes> Julia Kelleher th name WHO's the secretary of the Department of Education and what has made her some of the like a secondary villain in the story has been <hes> well of course caroling education department and the fact that Puerto Rico has closed so many public schools yesterday <hes> at the major protect on a highway. I spoke to family after family I spoke to teachers who came out <hes> and it's a common in sort of second threat of this story here. The Puerto Ricans feel like they're educational system has been completely destabilized that public schools have closed and kids are been having to travel farther and farther to get an education and find themselves joining larger and larger classrooms <hes> that not only this sort of a painful and stabilize act but it's actually <hes> making it harder for for Young Puerto Ricans to learn and when young Puerto Rican struggled to learn they have a you know less social mobility and so that's something computer connection between education the corruption and this sort of concern about the class divide and what <hes> people like governor Rosillo representing the face of all of that she and the Department of Education kind of become a secondary secondary <hes> very popular sort of suggested discussion around this because the schools seem to be so much actually what has made so many everyday Puerto Rican who may be wouldn't have in the past come out to protest day in and day out <hes> actually has them out in the streets and <hes> coming out in pretty late into the night so <hes> I'd say Julia Kelleher is actually been sort of a secondary person here who you know I haven't heard her name at ton and mainland press on the mainland <hes> but certainly her name is coming up every day eight years okay so so done. What do you think about about the secondary name from Jill from about Julia Kelleher well imagine she she's a person who was like career employees Khloe in Puerto Rico? She had being working for the department for several years before she came over to the mainland and then she was asked to go back by the governor and given <hes> the high position as you occupy for a while while there were suspicious about <hes> her about her handling of the Department of Education <hes> for a long time before she was basically forced to resign <hes> perhaps seeing the kind of nightmare there was. <hes> about to to take place in Puerto Rico so the the nickname <hes> is understandable who's takes well <hes> Daniel and Antonio Standby here for just a second we are for this first part of the show talking about protests in Puerto Rico and what the Puerto Rican people want for the future of their island and for their government will be back this is on point this podcast and following message sponsored by Xfinity. Some things are hard to control like over caffeinated co workers other. Do Things are easy to control like you're in Home Wifi with Xfinity X.. Fi set wi fi curfew change your password and create user profiles all with the X. Fi app another reason why xfinity is simple easy awesome go online call one eight hundred xfinity or visit a store to learn more restrictions apply. I hope and expect to be the only time that I was speak to you. In this manner. I would not provide information beyond that which is already public appearance before Congress Special Counsel Robert Muller isn't getting his wish he set to testify about his investigation into Russian interference and possible obstruction of justice by President trump afterwards the N._p._R.. Politics podcast cast is going to be there to break down everything you need to know about what he says. This is on point. I'm Meghna Chakrabarti. We're talking about the protests going on in Puerto Rico against the government of Governor Ricardo Rossello. They're a little later in the show will switch gears and talk about Iran but right now I'm joined by Danielle More Cartier. He's chief news writer for Univision News and political columnist for UNIVISION. Dot Com joins us from Miami. Antonia Hilton joins us from San Juan Puerto Rico she civil rights correspondent for vice vice news tonight and let's listen to the voice of San Juan Mayor Carmen Union cruise she recently spoke with N._B._C. New York last week about those about the protests going on in Puerto Rico and what they might mean for the future of the island what is happening. People are tired of corruption tile tired of self aggrandizement. They're tired of government. That doesn't reflect the people of Puerto Rico six hundred thousand people voted for the governor. Five hundred thousand people asked came to leave so the messages loud and clear democracy is not something that you do once every four years. It is something that people in Puerto Rico have awakened to that San Juan Mayor Carmen gyulay's crews now governor row CEO himself. L. Spoke With Fox News Shepard Smith yesterday and Smith pointed out that many people including Rosales political allies have abandoned him. That's what Shepard Smith said Smith said quote your man on an island by himself itself and he asked the governor how long he could hold onto power and here's how Rossio responded my and my commitment is to follow through on some of the efforts that I've established for the people of Puerto Rico that includes establishing again again a plan that I've already circulated with members within the White House so that we can bottle this corruption so that's governor Ricardo Rossello on Fox News yesterday and just today we have news here that the Governor and eleven others I have been served with a search warrant ordering their cell phones to be surrendered as part of an investigation that's being on being done or being <hes> <hes> an investigation being done by the islands the Puerto Rican Island Department of Justice estes into that <hes> telegram chat scandal. You're talking about a couple of minutes ago so Antonio Hilton. I know I've gotTa let you go in a moment but just let me ask you unless question. To how long do you think row CEO can hold on. You know I think there ah two answers to this through real CEOS is he seems to be digging his heels in and I think his team the impression here has been that they perhaps have a strategy of thinking that if they just wait and he hides out in a different properties around the island that eventually people will become exhausted. They'll go back to jobs. They would just won't be able to come out every night anymore. <hes> until able to start a process of some kind of reconciliation when you talk to regular Puerto Ricans on the ground they laugh in your face when you say that <hes> They I don't see any shot at reconciliation they are planning to come out as often as they can with as many pots and pans and new chance as they can come up with and if they can't make it one night they're sending friends to go. <hes> there's really an informal social network here people who are sending around flyers that there quickly drafting up excel spreadsheets that I've received <hes> people are trying to keep each other updated every morning text or going out saying Oh. Did you see on twitter. Here's the Flyer for today. We're dancing and fund of what the Lisa <hes> tomorrow night. We're GONNA DO X._Y._Z.. Lawyers are going to be in front of the capital like already today. There are are probably three different solid firmed up twins for what's going to happen tomorrow and that has been the culture now for the last eleven days and people people seem to be getting more and more excited by not tired and so I think if it's the governor's under the impression that people are going to forget about this at some point soon and are going to trust him to be the person who has to put Puerto Rico back together after he may be diluted well Antonia Hilton Civil Rights correspondent for vice news tonight joining us from San Juan Puerto Rico Antonio. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me Danielle. I'M GONNA come back to you in just a second but I do have a couple of callers who want to give us their thoughts on the situation on I let's let's go to heavier first of all calling from watertown Massachusetts Heavier. You're on the air hi. How's it going? We're fine. Go ahead excellent so <hes> I just wanted to say that <hes> for the people listening listening this is not just about the chats does not just about the the bad in mean things that the governor said this is the straw the broke the camel's back this has been years and years of mismanagement that have finally come to light we finally we have proof that says that we were right all along that this has been happening for so long and we're not gonNa take no for an answer <hes>. He thinks that he can hide. He thinks that he can <hes> just wait us out but that's not the case I family members on the island Kuba protesting for the past week they will continue to protest. I myself was out at a protest yesterday and <hes> we will continue to protest until he's gone in the people from his organization. We'll have your thank you so much for your call so Daniel. Let me ask you if roe CEO stays on but doesn't run for reelection or if he resigns before the end of his term regardless. I'm wondering it doesn't seem as if that act in of itself will be enough off does Puerto Rico need a deeper reform of its political culture here because I'm just reminded that Rosales on Father Pedro right he was governor of the island from what the mid nineties ninety-three to about two thousand one also mired in scandal for for that yes obliteration was also married in scandal several of his <hes> sort of members of his inner circle ended up in jail <hes> after having been try for for corruption so <hes> it is an ongoing see toys listen and is he hasn't been just something that has affected the <hes> today's ruling party which is a Conservative Party the P._M._p.. But it's also affected just about every important political party in Puerto Rico over the years so what you have have had is <hes> a lot of of <hes> members of the political class who have used patronage in order to win elections in order to maintain support from from the public and it's actually trickled down to <hes> municipalities <hes> the Congress and a lot of Puerto Ricans have fed up with that essentially because it is at the center of the major economic crisis the Puerto Rico faces that kind of attitude by the ruling class for so many years has brought about the huge debt Puerto Rican government has incur which surpasses seventy billion dollars and it's also you know th that itself and the fact that there is a a an overseen bore trying to make sure that the Puerto Rican government is more austere in the way uses funds <hes> in practice has meant a lot of pain for the for the Puerto Rican people people have lost their pensions and our people lost their jobs <hes> thousands of Puerto Rico so they passed to your four years have have had to to leave their homes <hes> and come to the up to the to the mainland to states like New York and Florida <hes> <hes> so what <hes> what we're seeing now is <hes> an exhaustion on the part of so many Puerto Ricans with the status quo which has been status quo of corruption <hes> and <hes> of negligence of the actual situation or the Puerto Ricans well. I mean we heard that clip from governor. Oh CEO on Fox saying he circulated with members of the White House a plan to battle corruption on the island but I wonder how our other elected officials in Puerto recall looking at this moment is there the possibility that Rossio could be pushed out by other branches of the government <hes> actually the consideration of CEO <hes> through an impeachment process which in Puerto Rico known as into <hes>. It's a political <hes> trial is already underway however there there is suspicion that the processes just to slow too cumbersome and that a lot of Puerto Rico so no winning to wait for the process to to take place so that's why you see all these demonstrate demonstrators <hes> asking Rossio to resign <hes> without further ado just to resign as soon as possible and and the other the other factor here is the people who essentially would be in charge of trying that everywhere to occur are members of his own party essentially because they control the Congress as well in Puerto Rico Danielle my last question for you then is is there a role or should there be a role for Washington <hes> in in in aiding or handling the situation on the island well. I think they're all the Washington so that he played a major role there we we as we understand we as as we understand that there is constant communication between members of Congress <hes> they're the Rosillo government <hes> whatever it is left of it and <hes> members of the opposition decision <hes> leaders in the Puerto Rican legislature just to make sure that they understand that unless unless there is a satisfactory re <hes> outcome in this <hes> <hes> predicament in Puerto Rico <hes> it will be very hard to justify <hes> the sending of assistance to Puerto Rico and and by the way but a Rico has only received fourteen billion dollars of forty two billion dollars have been promised to the island even though we know that sometimes the white my house isn't a habit of saying that more ninety million dollars have been having approved. That's not really the case but I think that's a that's a mighty pressure. That Washington is applying well Danielle more cartier joining us from Miami. <hes> Daniele L. is chief news writer for Univision News and political columnist for UNIVISION DOT COM Danielle. Thank you so very much for joining US my pleasure. Thank you so much Danielle so that's the situation at the moment on the island of Puerto Rico and the future of the governor. Governor Governor Ricardo CEO but let's now turn to the Persian Gulf region will switch gears here where the U._S. End Iran have been upping the ante in recent weeks with drones being shot down ships commandeered and where all parties are saying they don't want war but they cannot seem to find so called off ramps that Tehran and Washington need to calm things down so there are a lot of moving parts of the story of been the tension between the United States and Iran with get some help figuring this out out from son of Akil she is head of the future dynamics in the Gulf project and the Iran Forum at the British think tank Chatham House and she joins us from London Sodom. Welcome to on point. Thank you for having me on Meghna also so joining us from Washington is Lower Rosen diplomatic correspondent for the Middle East focused online news site. I'll monitor and you can find links to her reporting at our website on point radio dot or Laura Laura welcome to you. Thanks as for having me okay so Laurel. Just start with you. First of all just give us your take on the latest news over the past couple of days from Iran for example the <hes> the Iranian government saying that it has arrested more than a dozen people that it claims were spying on behalf the United States a what significance of that well. We don't know trump went out yesterday and denied that <hes> the people arrested were spies. <hes> you know Iran frequently calls people American despise who are not so. I have no information on the people who were arrested okay but is there. Is there a significant to ron making the big announcement about this is it could it be seen as a as continuing a further provocation vacation in the eyes or two provocation of the United States I would take more probably as a signal to their own domestic audience <hes> that you know they're countering western pressures on Iran and you know efforts to what Iranians may see to try to interfere in around okay so son invoke you would just quickly on the on the alleged spies. What's your thought on that? I think at the Iranian onion leadership is indeed trying to play to its domestic audience as I mentioned <hes>. They're trying to demonstrate that they're you know standing up to this pressure. They're very resilient. <hes> and the whole variety of actions we've seen over the past few months are reflective of that pushback strategy that is playing quite well and you're on okay well so let me just throw it some questions here to listeners about what they think about the current issue is the situation between Iran <hes> and the United States. How do you think the White House is handling increasing tensions between Washington and Tehran <hes> and what do you make of the fact that Britain China France Germany the and Russia will be meeting with Iran this weekend but without the U._S.? In order to salvage the Iran nuclear deal find US online at on point radio DOT ORG or twitter and facebook has always add on point radio okay so let me get your your sense here about I I've seen other analysts. <hes> Persian Gulf analysts saying that they believe Iran is playing what essentially now amounts to a dangerous game here in its continuing provocation of Washington. There's been to the fear for many weeks if not months now that eventually this could spill over to accidental war quote unquote accidental war do you do you have that concern. Yes I very much share that concern. <hes> Iran is is playing a dangerous game but the calculation in Tehran is that it is the only game that they can play they have been <hes> sitting <hes> in compliance for the past year from last May to this May <hes> waiting for <hes> the remaining signatories of the Iran Nuclear Agreement <hes> Europe at three European countries in Russia and China to make good on their promises of economic investments in Iran that hasn't come to fruition and <hes> the calculation inside the country by the leadership has been that <hes> actually Iran benefits more thru confrontation than it does through conciliation and this is a reflection of <hes> their own understanding of the trump administration's red lines there <hes> quite aware that trump doesn't want to get involved in the military conflict and the region. He didn't shoot down that drone <hes> he wants to draw down <hes> from from the Middle East he wants to burden share. This is an American I president and based on <hes> those assessments that they're making they think that if they <hes> increase their own pressure on the COMP administration and Washington's allies in the Persian Gulf <hes> they can raise the temperature and by doing so <hes> trying to paint some concessions <hes> from the trump administration as well as from the Europeans and the Russians and the Chinese I see so Laura let me just get your thoughts on. What's your response to what's on? I'm saying I agree with everything and I think what your listeners may not be aware of. <hes> was beyond trump withdrawing from the deal in May two thousand eighteen <hes> just this last eh couple months back <hes> they cut off the waivers to two eight countries that were buying <hes> smaller amounts of Iranian oil really trying to have no Iranian exports of Iranian oil and really coinciding with that <hes> cut off the waivers <hes> you've seen Iran's provocations <hes> largely increase with the tankers attacked and <hes> you know concerns about U._S.. Troops security in Iraq and drones shoot towns <hes> and other our actions so I think if we could even go back to the April Situation <hes> you might have a more status quo that could be sustainable <hes> until the U._S. reelection campaign and in Twenty Twenty <hes> I do start to wonder if the trump administration is wondering if they went too far with maximum pressure and don't know quite how to dig out of it and you see a lot of <hes> foreign allies of United States like French President Macron in particular <hes> shuttling. I'm doing shuttle diplomacy trying to see if they can find a deescalation off round. Well hang on here for just a moment Laura and Sauna. We're talking for the rest of this hour about increasing tensions between Washington and Tehran and Yes yes how the rest of the international community is responding particularly <hes> our European allies will be right back with more. This is on point bitcoin needs a huge amount of electricity to power. It's computers and that is created some very unique money-making opportunities in different parts of the world. It is also causing some governments listen and subscribe to the indicator from N._p._R.. This is on point a magnetic Roberta. We're talking for the rest of this hour about Iran and Washington and the international community and how tension seemed to continuously be rising in the Persian Gulf. I'm joined today by son of Akil. She's with us a from London. She's the head of the future dynamics in the Gulf project and the Iran Forum at the British think tank Chatham House Laura Rosen also joins joins us. She's in Washington and she's a diplomatic correspondent for the Middle East focused on line new site Al Monitor and we have links to her reporting at on point radio DOT ORG and and but Laura and Sam in in a few minutes WANNA get down to <hes> sort of the diplomatic like options here but first. Let's just drill down a little bit more into one of the major current flash points in that is shipping <hes> in the streets in the state of Horn moves because <hes> as people might remember on Friday Iranian commando <music> seized British tanker in the streets in drag global. The shipping consultantcy released audio recordings of the moments just before Ronnie and commandos sees that tanker and in this clip you'll I hear a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards speaking to the tankers crew who and then a British naval officer warning the Iranian forces to save. If you're all day you beat you will be safe author. You're close to three six zero degrees immediately over in in impede obstruct all hamper the passage of the M._v._p.. easterner imperial that audio from moments before Iranian commando seized a British tanker in the streets of hormones on Friday now interestingly Dingli just yesterday Iran in foreign minister and Mohammed Mohammed <hes> Zarif said in a message directed to now in the new incoming prime minister Boris Johnson he said it's very important for Johnson as he enters number ten Downing Street understand understand that Iran does not seek confrontation that Iran wants normal relations based on mutual respect. That's what the Iranian foreign minister said just yesterday on the same day Britain's foreign minister stood up in parliament element and announced that the European Union would begin protecting shipping in the streets of Hor moves the foreign minister spoke softly but here was his message he said when it comes to Iran the E._U.. And the U._S. might going in different directions we will seek to put together a European lead maritime protection mission to support safe passage or both crew and cargo in this vital region. They will not be part of the U._S.. Maximum pressure policy on Iran because we remain committed to preserving the Iran nuclear agreement. That's the Britain British Foreign Minister Hunt. They're just yesterday so Saddam. help us understand here about this flash point in the in the streets of of hormones. What is the current heard situation and for example? What is that the U.? K. One side of this they U K position is very much <hes> complicated by a few issues first of all brexit where the U._K.. Has House voted to leave the European Union. <hes> this is now going to be accelerated by the <hes> arrival Boris Johnson is their new prime minister tomorrow <hes> and the British <hes> have been signatories to the Iran nuclear agreement as well and very much believe in defending that agreement <hes> very frustrated along with their French and German counterparts <hes> regarding the trump administration's unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear agreement. This has created a rift <hes> between <hes> the transatlantic allies is rift has not been repaired and <hes> Europe is very frustrated with Washington because they are left holding the responsibility to save the J._C._p.. Away the nuclear agreement <hes> and they very much blame the trump administration for the escalating tensions and the Gulf that we have been witnessing over the past few months whether it's the tanker attacks the drone <hes> militia groups that have been <hes> more adventurous and Yemen or any rock <hes> so there's a lot of frustration here <hes> and <hes> two weeks ago the British government seized any Iranian tanker called the grace one that was traveling <hes> to Syria and they've seized <hes> that tanker on the grounds that it was violating European sanctions. Instill delivering oil <hes> to the Syrian regime of bushell outside <hes> that tanker was <hes> they they did try to negotiate the release of that tanker unsuccessfully and the Iranian government responded in kind by seizing a British tanker and this is of course accelerated tension specifically between the U._K.. And Tehran and interestingly here <hes> the British actually took a very I think <hes> smart and independent strategy because they don't want to be seen as being to align to Washington to jeopardize their efforts to save the Iranian nuclear agreement and so <hes> rather than <hes> joining the U._S.. Maritime Security Initiative they're creating their own with Europe <hes> and there's a lot of irony here because at the same time the U._K.'s leaving the European Union so sorry this is a very long winded respond to this very complicated situation zone apologize because it's the complexity that we're trying to understand right now so so I appreciate you guiding us through this Laura I mean what's what's your response to that. It does seem as if I mean perhaps Britain is a unique case for all the reasons that Saddam was talking about that <hes> you know trying to leave the European Union. Perhaps we'll will bligh even more on its relationship with Washington in the future whereas right now as you pointed out it's trying to also follow this European lead maritime protection mission in the streets of hormones. It just makes me wonder about how much we can hope for the meeting that should be coming up in a couple of days between Britain China France Germany and Russia and Iran <hes>. Is there any hope for <hes> some sort of progress progress coming up with through those diplomatic efforts in the in the coming days. It is so striking that Britain which is probably the most U._S.. Leaning of the of the five remaining international countries in the nuclear deal and and that has had its vessel sees now by Iran that it still is leaning way from the U._S.. Initiative which isn't to go to war with Iran ostensibly to protect maritime security so it was striking that you know even even under those circumstances Britain was still leaning away from from Washington on that on for the kind of joint commission meeting. You know it's a sign of <hes> how complicated things are that even getting the date was a negotiation. I understand from the Europeans fans that the Iranians wanted this meeting to happen at the ministerial level because they have a lot of grievances about promises they say have not been delivered to them by the remaining parties in terms of <hes> sanctions relief that they have not gotten Indus meeting is not happening at that level to happening. A couple runs down. What's called the political directors level and there was lots of you know <hes> negotiations about the date that it would be held? It's unusual that will be held on a Sunday but they all finally agreed to come <hes> what also came out last week from the outgoing E._U.. Foreign policy chief is is that none of the remaining parties in the deal are yet ready to basically call out Iran as being in significant significant violation of the nuclear deal for the ratcheting down of voluntary compliance they say with some aspects of the deal to protest <hes> lack of sanctions relief. They've been getting so you know they're all still trying to buy time to see if they can get around to go back into compliance and seeming to understand Iran's actions as being in response to the U._S.. Maximum pressure campaign okay well. That's interesting so on that point. Let's go protocol or quickly here. Zane is calling from Oklahoma City Oklahoma Zine. You're on the air. Thank you hi to everyone. I think the maximum pressure policy by president trump is absolutely the right policy toward Iran European I like they they did the same game with the dictatorship of Saddam before during the the nineties trying to secure their own economy in game from not really carry about the security of the region or regular right inside. I think they they do the same thing with Iran right so <hes> I not to really good deal with Iran yet. They are trying to to protect your own to US predictor ships and that's what the president trump called into two to stand up and do their own part of their responsibilities just trying to take responsibility comic financial gay out to be on Zane. Thank you so much for your call. Laura Rose and let talk to you on this line was little shaky what he's trying to say was <hes> that he believes he sees Europeans as making the same mistake with Iran as the as the international community did with Iraq and that they say he saying Europe only cares about the oil in those shipping lanes and not necessarily stability of the region well. I think the Iraq experience <hes> very much informs European <hes> misgivings about where trump is going with the maximum pressure campaign. I know there are <hes> <hes> especially in the United States an Iranian diaspora <hes> some who would love to see regime change in Iran and they would like the U._S. to help advance that I think the Europeans don't want any part of that and my understanding is that trump jump through Japanese prime minister abay when he visited around a month ago. <hes> said that he was not pursuing regime change in Iran so I'm afraid the Iranians and the day asper are going to be disappointed either way those who don't want to a conflict with Iran and I and those who are disappointed if they're eventually more trump engagement with Iran to get another deal well Sam. What's your response to Zane who questions European motivation sort of at their core? I think that AH Laura's spot on European policymakers are very much <hes> still suffering at least at the domestic level from the consequences of the two thousand three Iraq war <HES> and a and they're being very cautious <hes> because they don't want to see a replay of Iraq with next door Iran which from their calculation it's going to be a much more complicated war. Should it ever come to fruition <hes> and war that would probably very much impact Europe security in terms of refugee flows drug flows <hes> and the like <hes> so they have a very different calculation Europe also has a longer history of engagement meant as well as a pressuring the Islamic republic whereas Washington actually has no history over the past forty years of successful diplomacy beyond the nuclear agreement whether you're on <hes> so I think <hes> actually actually I I would sort of push back to your callers <hes> <hes> <hes> question and <hes> question what you know what our president trump subjective and is this president actually going to be able to facilitate new negotiations with Tehran <hes> after you know basically unraveling the one successful diplomatic achievement <hes> between Washington and Tehran in a forty year period interesting okay so let's go to one more call here. Edith is calling from Canton Connecticut Edith. You're on the air. Yes <hes> out. President left the nuclear agreement now. He's trying very hard to run the show if you will for our allies who are stuck without this country part of the agreement <hes> I find that it's very interesting that <hes> he will find a way to <hes> get back in the <hes> picture of showing alliance and I think it's just been a big big mistake to have left and it's beginning to show some results yeah. Well eat a thank you for your call. Now Laura Rosen a couple of minutes go you were talking about shuttle diplomacy and diplomatic efforts here. There are does seem as if there's some efforts I don't know if I can say overtly coming from Washington to the trump administration but but politico has reported that Republican Senator Rand Paul met with Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammed have a Zarif recently in attempt to begin a dialogue between the United States and Iran so here's Senator Paul on Fox News on Thursday before he met with Iranian foreign minister. Mr Diplomacy is a good idea and I think that if sanctions are to work you also have to talk about removing them so I think that discussion now since we have maximum pressure on maximum sanctions on Iran now we have to say what would we be willing to remove of them for what type of behavior would be willing to remove them for. I think there was a possible opening that Iran Woodside and agreement saying that they won't develop a nuclear weapon ever that would be a huge breakthrough. I think president trump is one of the few people who actually could get that deal. The Senator Rand Paul on Fox News on Thursday Lauren Laura what are you. What do you make of that is? Is there some sort of quiet diplomacy going on a between Washington in Tehran. Yeah I mean that was really very interesting. I actually reported that meeting. Politico no reported that Paul had asked trump if he could be envoy <hes> meet with the Iranians and and reported that trump had given him his permission. I think that leaked because a lot of the hawks around trump are not happy about it. They do not considered around Paul <hes> where they are and where they want trump to be <hes> you know national security advisor John Bolton has been very skeptical of negotiations so trump very interestingly pick someone <hes> not in the administration to fill out the Iranians to begin to see what they might need to get to the table with <hes> with trump. I do not have a readout of that meeting. I also know that Iranian President Real Hani has one of the top nuclear negotiators Iraq she to France. Yes I think today <hes> to send a letter to Macron <hes> extensively. He's been doing some <hes> back-channeling between Washington Iran maybe to see what would be needed. What would Iran would need to try to cool temperatures down on the Gulf off and so I mean does this? Does this mean that the that we should take stock and what Senator Paul says that he thinks that there's a possibility that Iran would signed an agreement quote in his words saying they won't develop nuclear weapon ever. I mean some of the stuff that around talking about already in the Iran nuclear deal which I know is very frustrating for people who supported the deal that trump you know and some of the people around him don't seem to know what was in it or are so ideologically opposed to it that they would reinvent you know some things that was just a small part of the deal in any case if rand Paul is looking for a way that trump can seize victory that Iran as willing to agree to. I think you know I would support that. <hes> you know for the sake of security okay well son of Hewlett just got a couple of seconds seconds left here but given what Laura said I mean. What do you think may come from the talks this weekend? That won't include the United States that talks this weekend are <hes> about trying to freeze the current tensions with the Iranians really trying to impress upon <hes> the French and the remaining signatories that they do actually need some tangible benefits <hes> not not necessarily to go back into full nuclear compliance but to dial down.

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