Hour 1: Biggest Moments On The Last Dance


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Play that way. A winning has a price. What's going on everybody? Welcome into I take you so much for hanging with us. Max Kellerman Stephen a Smith. I'm Molly Karen. Rose guys seven eight aired last night. They did not disappoint to say. The least. We saw a very emotional Michael Jordan Steven at. What's the biggest moment that stood out to you from the last two episodes? Well there were two big moments for me molly and Max. The the one is obvious. In terms of his emotion at the end because he was basically highlighting illuminating what he had said a bit earlier in the episode whereas he was pointing to the sacrifices that he made in order to be a champion and his attitude was those who came after me as teammates. Who didn't endure a have to endure what I had to endure. I don't believe they had the right to sit up there and tell me to be differently. They didn't have to endure what I had to endure. They didn't have to pay the price that I had to pay to get ear and I knew that in order to win. That's how you want. And so I was certainly going to make the demand the same as he said directly known to ever say that Michael Jordan asked them to do a thing. Dating did not or would not have done himself so that once stood out to me above all else the other thing is and I just gotTa say it and I take no pleasure saying this because I love the guy personally but Scotty pippin looks very very bad in this docu series overall and his own words. Nobody else is. This is not about Jordan. This is not about a Phil Jackson. Anybody else let's think about this off a second. I think number two episode number two weeks. Scottie Pippen admitting that he delayed his surgery it didn't get it taken care of during the some of because his attitude was. He was being underpaid by the bills by the Bulls and damned them. He wasn't going to F. up his summer and so as a result he missed the first thirty five games he was talking about. Never planning a bulls uniform again and essentially procrastinated and delayed his arrival for that last season on purpose then last night we saw in one thousand nine hundred ninety four you refuse to check into a game went away. Phil caught the last place for Tony. Coup coach but prior to that it prior to that they were talking about how the Bulls were successful that year because they ran the triangle to near perfection. Woods with Scottie. Pippen obviously being architect but Tony. Kukoc coach had hit the game winning shot on several occasions and they will winning by sharing the basketball. Because Michael Jordan wasn't there to yell at them and he wasn't always take the final shot so it wasn't like Phil Jackson was asking if something asking you to make a sacrifice that you hadn't made or ready on several occasions during that season so we got to take that into consideration as well and so when you look at it. From that perspective those two elements those two moments in this docu series along with the obvious migraine that he couldn't help this all top fifty great player. I'm one of the top three defenders in the history of basketball a six time champion. A good do the whole bit but those three things the Migraine the contract dispute and then not checking into a game. All of those things are the things that resonate about Scottie. Pippen and I don't think he looks good with this Docu series at all. Well let me touch on the PIPPIN thing. I since you brought it up Stephen Scottie Pippen. Let's not forget. This is not just a game this game. Three of the of the playoff series against the Knicks. Like he doesn't and then let's take into consideration. It wasn't a great shooter coaches a much better shooter. And then let's take into consideration. It worked coup coach. Hit the shots. They I mean like if it makes him look terrible. I agree and and unlike I've heard it compared. I read recently someone on that Bulls team compared it to like Bill Buckner in one thousand nine hundred eighty six letting the ball between his legs. But that's an honest mistake on the field of play. Of course buckner was gone to one of those things went through his legs. This is pippen's choice not to go in so for him to compound that's mistake all these years later and the documentary did a great job. Last night of building you up to think here comes ping with a MEA culpa for him instead to say I'd have done the same thing all over again is a really bad look and I would hope would reconsider that to me. What Joe absolutely jumped out another moment was the finals game that fell on Father's Day because the thing about Jordan. Now everyone knows you six or six in the championship. And he never went to a seventh game in the finals and all that stuff and he was six time finals. Mvp and he's the best player ever all those kinds of things so we like. How do you create drama? Because we know he beats everyone it set up. The Sonics didn't have a chance and no one did. The Sonics had a chance but the sonics over sixty games that year. They be Houston. Who was defending back to back. Champion in the playoffs and Lajoie was still playing ball. They BE UTAH. Who's on their way to finals? Appearances on the way to get to the Bulls if they were our house team. Biggest weren't considered to dig. Didn't no one considers them have a chance against that bulls team because that full steam with the greatest of all time. So you have to start thinking of ways to drum up the drama right and so when the DOC touches on. Hey it's an emotional time for Jordan. The knee jerk reaction is. Oh come on you. Guys are looking for some drama here but in fact when when it comes full circle and they reinforce what went on with his father throughout the dock and then the fact that it fell on Father's Day I know people oftentimes say well. That's the escape from the emotional turmoil of everyday life is the workplace right. An athlete can go to the field of play an escape all of that. But anyone who's gone through something like that It's a big thing. So when Jordan says hey it wasn't Gary Payton who bothered me. It were other other things. It rings true to me especially since the thing only when the six games so that that jumped out to me I agree with you. I don't disagree with you on any of those points and and that's what I love about it and then when you see the raw emotion you recognize the fact that those emotions that he showed throughout the years weren't fake. You know you could see that guy is intense that he was a high end competitor that he cared a great deal and that he demanded from the same from you. And just think about it. Anybody who's wanted anything when you've sacrificed in order to win you just don't want people by your side that don't WanNa make those same sacrifices not as teammates. Now if you've got friends if you've got fans and people like that and they want to praise you for your exploits that's entirely different but when it comes to go in the war and doing everything that you can be a winner. You can't pull that off if you have somebody besides you willing to take shortcuts and willing to cliffnote their way through things per se or anything like that you just can't pull it off is not GonNa last. It's not gonNA be something. That's sustainable is what he was saying and I totally get that and I totally appreciate because every athlete. It'd be great athlete that I've ever covered that it's told me stuff. They've spoken along the same lines. Since you bring it up Stephen a that was absolutely another moment. That stayed with me. It's when he was in. Agony looked in the locker room after winning the championship. Having come back and you can imagine that. It's about his father at that moment but it hearkens back to the original championship. The first of the of the six when the way he clutched the trophy. I'll never forget that because we were all watching it live on TV anyway. I was a kid watching that Jordan and the duck also in previous episodes did a good job of this was known as a scorer who couldn't win the championship which is ridiculous. He didn't have a squad when he wasn't winning so when he won that first title the way he clutched that trophy and was lying on the ground and crying with his head pressed against it. You saw how much winning meant to him. How competitive he was. And this time there was like theme and variation because you go back to a similar image but this time a lot of stuff that's happened. He lost his father. And it's a different kind of emotional charge when you see it. It's not as an iconic image which made it fresher what you saw it but I certainly jumped out at me geico presents. Not again another voicemail from your roommate. Hey man so I was in a rush to get to work and I love the back door open shut. I lifted wide open. While you're there could you also turn off the oven and all of the burners? My mom never let me use the oven. I wonder why the Geico Insurance Agency could help. Keep your personal property protected. Like if it's your roommate's first time operating in oven visit. Geico DOT COM to see how easy it is to switch and save on Renter's insurance. It's time to keep up with the Joneses fellas. There is still no long term contract for Dak Prescott Dallas placed the exclusive tag a contract on the pro bowl signal caller while also bringing in another pro bowler vet in Andy. Steven Jones said this about the situation to throw the ball talk. Stephen A. YOU'RE GONNA love this. There's all sorts of analytics. Your favorite. That showed your quarterback takes up too big of a percentage of your salary capped that it decreases your chances to win the hall of Famer Joe. Theismann recently weighed in on the Dak Prescott Dilemma. Cbs Sports Radio. This if I was advising Dak Prescott I would say take the money. What are you looking for? Another couple of million. You're never gonNA see the last year of this contract anyway. You are not a top five quarterback in the National Football League. A good football player. You have the potential to be better. But what have you done out a cowboy Murphy? Spirits JOINS US now guy. Some strong stuff to unpack here. Max I'll start with you. Are the cowboys right to use of quarterback analytics and DAX negotiations? Sure but let me change the name for it so people can follow this. It's really simple. Call Common Sense for a second. Okay not just quarterback play any position player. Any player on your team who takes up to larger share of the salary. Cap is going to decrease your chances to win. Why because there's less money to go around. That's the point of a salary cap. So Stephen a while it is obnoxious for Stephen Jones to sit there and say it's not about the Joneses patting our own bank accounts not like. We're trying to save money for our family. We just try to win Football Games. But that's especially obnoxious because his father. Jerry Jones is the guy who ushered in the salary cap in the first place which has zero to do with competitive balance. I mean look when I was a kid. Buffalo bills went to the Super Bowl every year. Bengals small market teams gossip the Super Bowl all the time. It's not about that. It's not like that's happening more now. There's there's a greater variation and teams that make the Super Bowl. It's about simply the owner stopping themselves from paying the players air worth. That's it so Steven Jones should never open his mouth. Ever about the fact all the handcuffs on we can't pay but he's absolutely right like no quarterback who's been the top pay guys ever won the Super Bowl in this century which is already two decades old. It just doesn't happen and if someone's going to break the ball and say to hell with it we're going to pay this guy boy that guy better be able to carry a team like I duNNo. Patrick Mahomes Mike Patrick. Mahomes one day be the highest paid guy and his team won the Super Bowl. Yup Yup that could. I could see that happening. Dak Prescott eight Patrick Mahomes and I like there's more but go ahead guys. There's more I WANNA say Stephen Jones but I wanna take up the whole segment. I am so to you. I want to give you a round of applause because you made about five different data points and you out to make by more so the fact that you're willing to stop we could grab or what the hell you're saying. I mean I'm so appreciative of that because some fall bob the rest of us. I thank you for I think would be kind enough to bless us which intellect to just stop shot for my ten point. Welcome at his ultimate. Here's the ultimate point. You're Steven Jones. Excuse me I don't WanNa hear a damn thing about why not at somebody. Is it just me and swag? Oh listen can somebody join me in this chorus to call somebody to find out what the Hell Dak? Prescott is being offered. It guaranteed dollars. Could somebody that famously. Because we know we don't know Max B writer for Thirteen Years Journalists. Twenty five you. I have never seen it in my life so long in my career. I have never seen a take the floor for somebody to find out what the hell is. Debt press got being offered in guarantee dollars. Because guess what Max that. Suddenly the suspect is going. We don't have to worry about analytic. We don't have to worry about anything whether it Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones or Dak Prescott. There's a clear side that you would be willing to take if we knew the truth. The fact of the matter is we don't know was Dak. Prescott offered one hundred and ten million dollars like Jericho about one hundred and nine hundred and seven. Whatever it was that cost went got are. We sure it's going to be thirty five million a year. I don't even think that's the issue this way. Because the exclusive franchise tag cost you get thirty one and a half million dollars on a one year deal so you don't document if that ship. Pramath is absolutely right they do. If you're being guaranteed over thirty million dollars I mean come on. What are we talking about here? A couple of million dollars. He's right if you have the guaranteed dollar and within that rage but the reality is we don't know it's plausible guys that based on what Joe Tasman said based on what some debt critics Dak Prescott critics might say. It's plausible that they might have come to him with about ten to fifteen million dollars less in guaranteed dollars then a guy and Carson Wentz who played in one playoff game was knocked out in three minutes by today beyond cloudy. Dak Prescott has been the three playoff games. He's won at least one so what I'm saying is when you look at dead along with his forty and twenty four record as a starter. It's entirely plausible. That you might have come to this brother and asked him to take about ten to fifteen million less than guaranteed dollars. We don't know and if we don't know what the Hell is. Anybody sided with Jerry Jones and Steven Jones for on this matter. Talking about caps and quarterbacks when you're behind one end a quarter century who the hell are you take you are bringing us that tried to cap stuff in the last twenty five years? You've had that work. Hell no so. I don't WanNa hear that Stephen Yuko to pass the but you pretend this morning and mass you know damn well what that analytic statement was about. That was a precursor to the fact that we aren't trying to give back the money that everybody is throwing around at least. That's what I got from the total compensation the problem that I have with this whole situation though and I. It goes back to the foundation of what we've seen. Quarterbacks have happened in the past when they get to this point in their careers. Because we've all talked about quarterbacks. Don't grow trees hard to find a good one when you find a good one get better. Keep him each and every one of us on this show has made that statement at some point in time about NFL quarterbacks. Here's my issue when you look at everything. The total sum of this whole conversation. This ordeal this contract negotiation. Whatever you WANNA call it. Since the beginning it has all come back to. Are they really willing to pay top your quarterback money and I keep hearing number of years? I keep hearing that that this team was four. The cowboys more five. They got all these excuses about the salary. Cap is going to go up. He needs to be well positioned for that. All of this foolishness why we continued to see the Dallas cowboys deal negotiating signed bringing and now to the last point you bring in a significant guy that can actually start and probably win games with this team. So let's the add on top of all the money that they've already given out but we sit here two point and accepting let the cowboys are playing fair and just being a hard head okay. Waste this publicly right now. It back Prescott has been offered eight of thirty five million dollars best. Not even my issue the cowboys have offered Dak Prescott hundred million dollars or more guaranteed and he's saying no because he wants a four year as opposed to a five year backed is out of his mind. I just don't believe that's the case right because nobody can say they have. Let let me address that I got something for you. Stephen a. The length if it is true that is what's reported is the length of the deal is the issue if it's the length of the deal than than Steven Jones is being disingenuous twice. Once we're not trying to save money we'd love to pay him. More hands are tied. Because your father shepherd it in the salary cap and secondly it's not about the money about the length of time 'cause that wants out earlier because he thinks he can renegotiate for more then. We'll actually technically Stephen Jerry. That saves you money right now. That's betting on himself and on the League going forward so don't try to play it like it's not that but Stephen and Marcus. This is the idea that Dak Prescott is underpaid. Or it's long because other guys are getting paid is a self defeating point. The reason he points to analytics just call it common sense. That none of the top paid quarterbacks win the Super Bowl now twenty years right the top guy new reason. He points to that because the quarterback market is irrationally. Exuberant overvalue quarterbacks. Obviously the top guys put one on both. If we assume winning super bowls is the point so your point that since the market is crazy. They need to pay their quarterback according to the crazy mark instead of according to what they think he's worth doesn't work for first of all first of all Max Kellerman one of these days you make me call you out on National Television. Because don't tell me that do what we all want. The fact of the matter is if somebody's getting paid X. amount of dollars and they do the same thing that you do. You believe your Paul with that that sets the market you understand that secondly more importantly don't you did sit up here on national television and try to convince us that analytics has common. Sit Thomas Sense for you. Plenty of times that we looked at it. We go hell no comment about. It doesn't seem to make any sense. Okay I'm not saying all the time because analytics listen. Analytics is not new. Pat Riley just noticed why go Pat Riley was using analytics in the late eighties for crying. Out lout as players who play analytics eight new it's just that all of a sudden it's been categorized in fashion. In my estimation that brings a select few people in and leave the whole people out of the mix but that's a subject for another day. You can take the floor swag but I'll be damned if Max go convince me that analytics. Let's just call it common to run my show stuff? These news do what? Let me grab the MIC. Let me grab the MIC. Because I heard the little smirk in the laugh from Max Kellerman about Matt. You don't like the Philadelphia. Eagles knew that the analytic you don't think the La Rams new analytics back paid off mistake. Well have they won anything. No they haven't won anything but they damn sure felt like Carson Winston. Jared Goff was worth it so now now the cowboys are going to be the franchise to said it their quarterback. Hey we're not going to pay you market value because you're not warmth that here's the deal. Max Kellerman and everybody out there. They're selling this conversation regardless of what you feel and Analytics Win Steven Jones said that he drew land to what I was thinking that a lot of people out there was thinking they don't WanNa pay check what the market is saying. He's not as good as to be a started and one dame's in this league so now I just I have a problem with the fact that you act like thirty one other. Nfl teams. Don't know that if you paid a quarterback a lot of money in a lead the super bowl so now we go do this now. The Dallas Cowboys we take it back from. Nicoli can never change and super bowl. So you're kidding right so so so eventually is going to be the next guy up. Who Doesn't get paid if people are trying to bring the market into line with reality right. So what you're saying is it should never change because that guy could always say why me. Max Executive stop going here. I got I got some video. Max Max Max is the executive that numbers crunchers. And you're the guy that never wins. You'll sit up there. You'll be competitive. You'll definitely make your own money but you ain't GonNa win because you sit up that you get value you saying. Excuse me let's take because of what you're saying based on what you're saying you ignore wing you is on a market you. You are the one saying that offer get calling analytics common sense. I point out to you that the top pay quarterback never wins the super bowl. Therefore don't make your guy unless it's maybe Patrick Mahomes in he'll he'll he'll be. The exception proves the rule. Don't make your guy if he's not worth at the top pagan the market says you should. But that's what an overly exuberant or that. It's not reflecting your best interests because what the quarterback is saying because the coach don't know what the hell he doing. What defense can't play was it because the quarterback that's why they lose it you're right. It's not necessarily causal out is a one hundred percent correlation so far between top paid quarterback and no super bowl going back twenty years. According to handle your enemies are doing. Nobody's arguing with the analytics are the percentages. The point is other teams have continued to do it under that. Same Vein so stop selling to the public scene. 'cause you was the one that we're talking about well Jerry. Does he just want to keep the cowboys in the media? They don't WanNa pay the man the type of money he's asking for. That's what the problem is with this contract negotiation. Geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the Camaraderie of the other bikers. Band of brothers always there for you. Rain or shine to the amazing savings. You get with Geico on your motorcycle insurance and accessories coverage all year round but for Cornhill one reason in particular. It was my helmet. Hair was born with helmet hair. I've tried to cut a bunch of times even buzzing it but it immediately just goes back down here geico motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Tom Brady joined a list of sports stars. Who signed a letter seeking a federal investigation into the tragic shooting death of a arbitrate and Georgia among those who signed the letter to attorney? General William Bara Warriors Coach Steve Kerr and the players. Coalition Cofounders Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin. Who will join US later? Stephen this is a sickening heartbreaking tragedy. What is your reaction to Tom? Brady lending his name and signing this letter. Well I appreciate him. I appreciate his His conscious his consciousness in this metal along with the plethora players and coaches who signed That let's take Lebron James on that list Stan. Van Gundy was on that list. You mentioned Steve. Kerr obviously emboldened Malcolm Jenkins and what they're doing Can't say enough about them. Let's not forget the executive. Vp for the National Football League. Troy Vincent His name is his signatures on that as well along with plenty of others I mean. Obviously this is something that we've talked about many many occasions in the past And I'm lucky to have Max here with me as much as he brings up systemic racism What and how IT IS AOL. Dot Nation for so many years This is just the latest example of it. This is not a police officer shooting an unarmed black man But as far as I'm concerned this is just as bad. This is Vigilantism IF YOU WANNA call it that or just flat racism. I don't think I think it would be an insult to call vigilantism. I think this is just flat out. Racism this guy was jogging. He was not armed he was he was bothered by these individuals day pursued him the father and son They obviously need to be arrested. Seventy four days without an arrest taking place. That's just agreed. If we hadn't seen this video they'd still be walking around Scott free with not having to worry about any repercussions whatsoever and that gets us to the big. You have law enforcement that needs to be put under intense federal investigation. This calls for federal investigation. Make no mistake about it now. Obviously the the Corona Corona virus pandemic taking place To get indicted. You've got to go before the courts. And what have you that requires a gathering and that's not expected to be able to transpire until June but nevertheless they should. They should have been arrested. They should be incarcerated. They should not be allowed out of jail. And Law enforcement officials need to be investigated of the local prosecutors who failed to to pursue this matter until being forced to. They need to be investigated as well from the top down anybody that was associated with this because this is a former police investigator him and his son. That obviously did the did the shooting It needs to be thoroughly investigated. And obviously somebody needs to pay a price. A life has been taken and I don't WanNa hear some stuff about a shoplifting case when the guy was eighteen years of age that has absolutely nothing to do with his murder that took place because he was jogging down a road and you went after him and approached him. Because you miss took him to be a burglar in the neighborhood. So your story goes. It doesn't wash it doesn't fly applaud. The Reverend Al Sharpton Forget involve my brother Ben Crop an exceptional attorney who obviously was involved with the Trayvon Martin case and represented their family. This is something along the lines of that ilk actually almost identical to the point where you're walking around you're on Ogden armed and somebody that is not a law enforcement issue is armed comes bothering you and by the way Max. I'll give it to you by saying this. Georgia is one of several states. That have stand your ground laws. Let's understand that. Stand your ground. Basically says that you don't have to retreat. If indeed you are threatened and you are put in harm's way it doesn't say you pursue somebody else to do on that's what has transpired trayvon. Martin and that's what's transpiring. That's what transpired in this particular. It's in needs to be addressed. More rest. Need to be made and people need to lose their careers over this. It's agreed stand your ground. I mean when the guy literally running away that's not standing your ground. That's hot pursuit hook. This happened several years back when when black lives matter started blowing up so to speak and and some politicians said well all lives matter and of course to reasonable people could not who were really thinking about it. 'cause what's wrong with saying that it's because black lives matter really means parenthetically to black lives matter to seventy four days. Is the key here Stephen? Seventy four days before an arrest. But you have what you need to make an arrest because this country and when I say this country look used to be called Middle America. Whatever you WANNA call it. The last general election showed that white people particularly in the middle of the country and the south voted as a monolith. They voted together as a racial block. So this country that said has a very high tolerance for dead black people and and you know what once upon a time it was. You know the no equality then then the rallying cry in the south especially separate but equal right separate but equal. They were trying to make legal defense along those lines separate but equal they can tolerate together an unequal or separate but equal. But what about just together an equal and so a white athletes in particular the face of the NFL at least until recently and we'll see going forward and the greatest of all time in the sport to sign on. I think is important because there needs to be solidarity shown not as black people or white people but human beings in as Americans and so. It's great that Tom Brady signed on. And I think that usually in these cases finally just say Stephen usually in these cases the there is somehow another side you know. There are defenders of the bad behavior. And they'll usually point out something like well. Circumstances weren't perfect. You can see where the person who committed the crime. Might Misunderstand something a burglary. You're gonNA chase a guy with a gun and chase the guy down the block for a burglary and shoot him dead in cold blood because he won't stop that that that that's okay when I say there's a high threshold a high tolerance for dead African Americans in this country. That's okay so if he's black but do the thought experiment if he were white. Would it? Take seventy four days to make an arrest. So it's important that Tom Brady lent his name to the cause. Well it's definitely important is definitely a most appreciated because the reality is that is heart. Wrenching is this is to know that this happened to Miss Aubrey. The bottom line is very few of us in the African American community are surprised It's something when we heard the news. We certainly weren't shocked by. We all palled and heartbroken by it but we weren't surprised because unfortunately nobody wants to bring up the reality or I should say very few people want to bring up to reality of that. That black men are marked. Man You got people coming after black men all the DAG on time and acting on video on social media I literally saw just the other day a white individual waving waving sworn in the direction of police officers and it literally lasts for about four or five minutes. Had that been a man. We'll tell you we believe we would have been dead. That's what we're dealing with here. So Tom Brady. And Stan Van Gundy and others Steve Kerr and other signing their name to it. Listen we're all in this together black and white and there's a lot of but there's an awful lot of good white folks out there that recognize. How egregious is that something needs to be done about it and all of us need to come together to help. Put a stop to this Because every black man is not criminal matter of fact most black men are not criminals. Most black men are law abiding citizens go about the business. Putting their head down going to work every day and representing our society in our communities and upstanding fashion and the man in wished we have been labelled and stigmatized and castigated the so egregious. Somebody needs to say something. Somebody needs to do something about it and I applaud the players. Coalition for doing just that. We should have done it too. And we're doing it now elsewhere. The President Marc emery. Says FALSE FORTS LIKELY? A No go. If campuses aren't open to all students and Virginia President James Ryan told. Cbs The nation that we need to have students back on the ground beef. Four football can begin here was Emmerick speaking from NC Double A.'s. Twitter account on Friday. First of all all of the Division One for sure all of the commissioners and and every president that I've talked to is is clear agreement if you don't have students on campus you don't have you know don't have student athletes on campus. That doesn't mean it has to be up and running in the full normal model but you've got to treat the health and wellbeing of the athletes at least as much as the regular students and so if the school doesn't reopen then they're not going to be playing sports. It's really that simple Likud's here now coach of Arizona state our friend her Edwards. It has been too long term. We miss you. It's great to have you with us and I hope you in the family are doing well her. I'm going to get right into it here. You just heard mark emery. Where are you on this subject? He saying if campuses aren't open then we can't have college football. I understand exact words coming from the last time I checked this football game. Your football thing. It's not a social sport by instructed imagination and that being said if there's little students on campus you're sending a signal that you feel not quite safe for them to return to campus. Why is it safe but the players play football coach? Is that your feeling about college. Football or the sport of football overall. Do you think that that mode of thinking needs to extend to professional football because professional football has the television and not to say the college football? But you've got big five conferences and things of that nature that might have the television contracts with is a plethora on a numerous amount of schools. That don't have those television contracts whereas in the National Football League you do have the television contracts and is your mindset that no matter what you're college or pro football that needs to be the mentality in the approach. Well I think mentality I always have to be the safety of player. Who's well as the fans I think? Pro Football these professional football players last time I checked a game. I coaches college football. There's two athletes I and by the way being student athletes. They have a garden at hasn't decisions to make in the situation as well their parents so I think you know if we sit here and think about what is going to happen. I think there is. There's all kinds of thoughts out there. We energy and emotion make the world go round but facts and commonsense it slows down. And I think we've done a nice job of slowing down and trying to rethink ourselves and say well. How can we make this happen where it's going to be safe with the players as well as the band have? Come in the saints. That's very important. Safety is half half to be the number one concern for one right now. Coach with all the uncertainty going forward and with the restrictions presently in places result of this pandemic. How are you preparing for the upcoming season? Well we're prepared like there's going to be a season obviously and I think as we know the one thing I knew know about sports just life in general a plan. That can't be changed bad plant so every every week. You seem to adjust your. You're thinking of how you're going to do things and right now we're going to have another meeting Thursday with the PAC twelve coaches to figure out where we're at right now. We do know we do this. We need about a six a six week window to make sure the players are into dish to play football. Let's don't lose sight of that. We've missed valuable time right now. With their inability to to work out. You know you'd have to work out and be prepared to play football. You just can't help and all star plan so we all athletes to get mistake before we can even think about playing football coach. I understand your motor thinking now see where your sensitivity lies. I appreciate that but knowing that you're going to be a voice in that room. The are their ideas. If any if any at all that you yourself have thought about or have. Come up with that. You'd like to convey to folks in the NCW on F. S. Is there anything that you'd like to convey that you've been thinking about that? You think can facilitate US having a college football sees. Well I think the power be have done a great job of putting a lot of things on the table and I think right. Now we're all just trying to figure out what is the best thing to do for everyone. There's another out there that big about this. Let's say you decide to open up but all of a sudden there's some teams that you play that their state doesn't open up. Let's say we're in Arizona. Let's say we open up. Let's say California does not. There's four teams in California in the PAC twelve. Wouldn't be doing about those teams. I mean there's so many balls being gel right now. It's very difficult. And that's why I don't think you see a concrete answer because we're looking for answers. There's a lot. There's a lot of people evolve because much smarter than me to make this decision coach just in terms of not not paying attention to every detail of reality but we just saw the UFC staging events. Successful event is very exciting. But we've had experiences as individuals many of US watching fights and empty gyms that doesn't seem unnatural. Let's say their social distancing in place in a lot of online learning and stuff but campuses are open enough somehow to to stage events but clearly. You can't packed stadium right stadiums. Do you think it should be played that? Football's the kind of sport that that lends itself to being able to be played without fans in attendance. It would be different. There's no doubt if they decide to do that. All I care about. Is this the safety of the players and the fans when it's good when it's not safe and we're going to have a prom? We're going to have a problem. We all know that. And I think we're smart enough to realize that everyone is talking about. They understand the elephant in the room is the safety of players in pain. That's the most important thing and until we can figure that out. We're all struggling with different ideas and I get trust me. I understand. It is very difficult right now for everyone. We all want to go out your feet of water. But what does it look like? There's a hundred college football players on both sidelines. That's a lot of young men with coaches. That's approximately one hundred and fifty people on both. That's three hundred. People to just on the sideline boxes. How do we make this work?

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