GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 579: Zion's Debut, Senior Bowl vs the NFL Combine and NBA All-Star Starters


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I mean I was was not old enough or I am not enough to remember that much about Lebron's view but this guy to be one of the most anticipated. Mba debuts in a a long time in my personal opinion. I mean Zayas Guy who economy has suffered a sports media disputes. What in general ablaze the past couple of years I know he was? He gained a lot of popularity in social media fame and went viral few years ago when he was doing all his in game dunks engage in while all those dunks in games those all kind of went viral. The knobs that fame followed him to Duke and as as fodder to those summer league and then preseason and then got hurt hurt before season starts to wait and wait and wait. I mean obviously NBA was not an MBA ratings. Were not happy about that as they put the elephants on a lot of national. TV Games And though he weren't as good because they didn't has on there but now Zion is back and that game from him on the natty Spurs is was very interesting because of the discussions that it caused. I mean in in the beginning of the in the first three quarters. Let me just put out the first three quarters. You could see that this guy who hadn't played basketball in while you still trying to work himself back trying to still trying to figure out where he defend himself in and people reacted according to that. People were calling him. Buzz people were like. Oh He's not in good shape he's overweight blah blah blah. Ah Whatever whatever I'll just all types overreactions which tend to come from social media. I mean that's what social media basically is. I mean if there was no overreaction on the cease to exist assist but the bad thing about it but then came the the explosion if you will I mean three. Three minutes of of gametime demand routed off seventeen straight points and it's and I mean I met now I can't imagine it wasn't awesome. Aussie there in New Orleans. But I can only imagine how loud that building was. After that four three win injuries island. I mean you would. You would have thought I might see from. Some of the stuff is on twitter. You would have thought that that was game seven of the NBA finals the way they were reacting. But I mean that's the thing when you have a guy like Zion. He can bring this sort of excitement and energy to a fan base. That very few people. Can I mean there are a lot of there've been a lot of things for the NBA. Fans get excited about throughout this season whether it's the play of The Brian de together was the emergence of Luca as one of the best players in the league weather the highest trae Young House from John Moran who we will talk to talk about in the next segment but I mean collectively. That was that three minutes is probably one of the best moments of the NBA season so far. I don't know what that says about Zara That says about the season this far but I mean it was it was it was shot. I mean non with a shocking. 'cause I mean he's a great player here but it was just it was almost kinda jaw dropping that you just you're like what am I watching right now. I mean just if you just run through and I mean it's a shame that That the Spurs one game and really no one cares because of what Zahran did. But I mean that's the that's the case of Zion. He's he's GonNa be the bigger story the most nights but I said this first game the first quarter is then I think when I when I know something. Click which was before this plan talk about. He had an assist to chart the the play before. So the the assist the spurs comedown padding was misses the three Zion Scars Scott who was like a semi tall center easy clears on like it was nothing like he had like like he'd been planning for two months? At this point that you would have thought it was as far Azzam you gave skies over him grabs the rebound push the ball to floor Bassett trauma for laugh. And you're like Oh okay throw no now for live for. You're like Oh okay. That's kind of what we've been waiting to see. It's like as Zahran was is a guy for The kind of build in the episode. That he has he's pretty. He's a pretty good distributor showcase throughout the game. Unfortunately they weren't always able to knock down the the passes ones I. His his team is one always able to knock gunshots. When I'm passing the ball but you could see that even not having played for a while you said a good overall overall feel for the game so that was that was a good sounds? Good that was good for him to get the they said to get the lap for each one more and then after that is when the scorn barrage started and when it started couldn't stop I mean he shoots issues the first three very Oh okay that's big because if if there's if there's one thing that we know is that generally in this league they're gonNA prove make you prove that you can hit jump shots guys not know freighting jump shots in. Zion wasn't really a guy. He's got a shot that that wasn't his thing. He was known for that Edison. The dunks rebounds blocked shots as he was known for three point shot. So they're gonNA make you. They're gonNA fortune shoot that. So that was that was that would be permitted. Knock down the first. Just one than spurs go down score again ABSO- balcony at the ball back. They run a nice little like fake legs. Arms up topic spins back in Lonzo lobbed at form Scott over the Rosen again just showcasing that athleticism that everybody Marvel d'auvergne everybody's waiting to see an absolute. We saw it. It's still there. Senate came down the then. After the Spurs had another shot. Zarin John comes down. There's another pass from Lonzo is another reporter and you're like okay to to those big. I think this was right at the time arm. We could. This was right at the like seven fifty three mark so you could see they were trying to sell out because they went up to the table and then I think I think his mind been around the time where Lonzo was might be around the plate with Lonzo like Alvin gentry tried to call time on just like no we're not doing that And then and that's when they try to solve it didn't work they end up bringing them back to the bench because as I was feeling himself. Now then Then I'm the sportsman. ARGH another rebound it gets the ballgame tries to lay it up gets a block but then his negras law by goes up with a quick second jump puts in puts in another layups in. That's now what is that ten in a row for him at that point. Yes Oh three. Six ten in a row MIDAS has cut the spurs lead down to Attempt only was a temporary now down to three given up on the other end the PELICANS dunes aren't comes down his his third three and to this substitution and They get steel. And then Zaylon hits What's it design has amongst With a mean jab step back three his four threes is seventeen point in a row and it was and it would just absurd notice absurd. I mean like I said the whole Reno's gone crazy. Social media was going crazy. Every everybody's everybody's gone crazy and rightfully so because this even though it took him three quarters and change he gave everybody exactly we want. They wanted to see which is something to be excited about. That's all that's all. You can really have them do. They're just provide just provide people reason to get excited in and that's exactly what he did and it was. It was acceptable to see. I mean clearly i. I didn't know that all of a sudden your Caen you come back and you saw shooting staff that was That was news to me but regardless it was it was like I said it was just an impressive impressive feat in unfortunately some computation went to that right after that is when he got taken out right after the fourth time out and then they take him out or maybe not they may want to time out after they hit the three. Now take that back so when I hit a three than Zionist fouled misses the one free throw makes the second one they give up a laugh and then that's what they call the Tima and then Zayn wasn't seen again the rest of the game and that's Kinda weird discussion but because it was like everywhere on social media was like Oh liaison. He's playing. Well he's doing well but then obviously the medical team the medical staff. The PELICANS front office had decided that a he's GonNa play. How many of her medicine than even as I talked about at the after the game because I was ready to come on here and skewer him for making the decision that sounds like it was above his head he the Medical Safdar decided? Like hey look going play such and such amount of minutes to hold trick to that and then Osceola like Nike thoughts about the for them to even be able to get him. Extra time was already more because the like you said they try to some out of out like the the eighth of the former mark into the coaches were even getting sub that all game and they were able to he was able to buy an extra two two and a half minutes in order to keep himself again he was playing so well they didn't make any reason to take him out. But at the same time and you got taken out didn't come back in and then that was the now that for his night so so The one thing I will say about the the thing. That was unfortunate is that for him. It's just that In my I own personal opinion sometimes we can over think things as people and now I understand like are you not gonNa you don't WanNa China Strain the guy first game back completely agree I would not have advised him to play. The whole court has been extremely stupid But at this point I think at at that point he because he only played eighteen minutes total in the game which was to more than they probably wanted him to play based on the way they were selling them out. But it's like if you take it a three minute break because the game was still close with the. Pelicans still could've won. Understands the just a game Jane where she doesn't mean that much but like and also said he had no assorted had no issues. Some like do we really think two more minutes would've then set his knee off or decide anything like a negative role. What do you really think that to women's would have been that detrimental to his health? And maybe you do. Maybe like I said I'm not privy to the data with information at the PELICANS medical staff as they have caused them to make decisions so on ignorant in that regard. I don't maybe I'm like maybe I knew the new information my opinion would be different. Because I don't and I'm just outside looking in. I'm like as long as he like. That's the thing. Is that like these these. The you have to communicate with at these athletes. If the guy feels good and looks good I get. It's not he was like by the end of the read. The fourth quarter not. He was laboring up and down the court. It's not like he was struggling to get off if a shot who shrugging off the dribble like he was actually playing well so like if he feels good any looks good. I think you can extend that grace period but I give them credit for being For sticking to their game plan because they would have been very easy to just be like for our should be go over to the guys and be like. Hey He's playing. Can I leave him. Never like you know what yeah. Let's see how it goes. They were like no. This is the plan is. We're GONNA stick to in cool now while I wasn't happy with the night on and I don't necessarily I agree with that just because like I said the risk of injury is always is always apparent whenever you're playing in game whether you're coming off injury or you're fully healthy your there's always a risk to when you of injured plan in game and also I mean he's a guy that's going to work himself into shape by playing. He's not going to work himself into shape by getting three four minutes. SPURTS here in at the beginning of each quarter. That's not I mean. Ozzy will gradually get there. But it'll take longer if he's the bill the last time place so our macgyver. That's the dislike if the guy feels good. Just let him play offs. I'm not saying play him. Thirty forty minutes out of men stupid good but I mean if you're were that worried about him even playing twenty than like art is it wasn't even could. Could you in theory kept him longer until he could get to that point in your in the medicos asset summation just. Because I'm like did I know he said that on broadcast they mentioned about how He was he could have been back early but they didn't have no practices in order to get him back into shape. That's why I took until now to get him back and I mean that's reasonable title but I'm like you could have saved him to like after the All star break until February whatever in order to get to where he can play more than four minute intervals in a game. But that's just my my own personal opinion. We'll see how it goes we on Friday. I think that's when their next game is yeah. They play the nuggets nuggets on Friday. Zombie Play nearly pay Sunday Tuesday Friday so no no back to backs. You'll always have day at least one day if not too often between arrest so we'll see how he gradually Other graduate decide to increases minutes in Manhattan looks in those increase minutes but I said if if the debut was was anything like what we could potentially get from him. I mean the Pelicans are going to be a good team. Not just now but in the future as well is that he's he's going to be a big part of that so that was great. It's been says anything everything could ask for. You wanted to see some excitement From him see some good players from him and that's exactly what he gave us so that was great and like I said now at least mix. It'll make those Pelicans national. TV Games more worthwhile than they. I I mean they were because Birmingham's and playing well but I mean the before the season people weren't doing into the Pelicans to watch branding no offense them he's played great but is is just awesome. Zion's box office. He's the guy that people are GonNa WanNa see and now we have to see him so we'll see how he plays throughout the rest of this season and speaking of Zayn coming back. He's now joining when now he's back he's joining A rookie classes played pretty well without him. So far she has been a lot of exceptional play from different rookies on different teams. And we will talk about those rookies and their season so far for after this break are you looking for the very best. NFL and college football podcast then check out the GSM see football. PODCAST get the latest football news. Both Palm in off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered that's GMC. PODCAST DOT COM backslash football dash. podcast get updates on college rivalries key insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show eats sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Yes MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO breath. uh-huh yeah the network so as we were talking about Zahn back and that brings us to the rookie class but they were players players playing very well and is a class without Zeile in in a sense of like we. Now that we've forgotten about Zaire but there were there were enough rookies playing in welter to keep our to keep our attention until he got back and one of those players was another person that hails from South Carolina a former format. You teammate of ions. That is one jar mirant now. Jami rant has been I mean as number two overall pick so he was expected to be pretty good obviously and he's been just about as good if not better than advertise. I mean was on over the counter. The only played in the one game. So He's technically I in points for game but John Moran up until Zara came back. Let rookies in points per game with seventeen point. Five he leads. All rookies archies in assists with seven. And the next guy is there has gone at three point. Six Says three point four rebounds this year Per game shooting an eighty percent for from the free throw line forty percent from three and forty almost forty nine percent from the field and that three percentage communes only shooting about like two per game but still forty percent for for for anybody is good but as for as much of a rookie because normally the shot is maybe something that can take longer to come along just to get acclimated to the game But he's done that warming again. We'll see how we hold up throughout the rest of a year. But I mean he's been he's been great any. Alexey has the Grizzlies in contention for a playoff spot. And I mean that is not. What's something I believe? Many people had pegged them for and I definitely wouldn't have assumed they were going to be good enough to compete for a playoff spot. in Djaama's first year now in fairness to that they are still under five hundred and I think the team in eighth right. Now it was the spurs I believe and the Spurs are also under five hundred does not like so it's not like they are they accurate segment world on fire but I mean even still only four games under five hundred is not is not bad at all I mean especially when you think about Lashley they were they were the they were picking. What number you too? And they've been pretty good recently. I'm in the seven and three in the last time you lost. Our last tubes dropped him up. They had the longest active streak unle before that as they won they had won eight in a row. I'm coming into their recent like spurt. I mean they're losing their leasing losing streak and John has been the driving force behind that and behind the play of this team so far this season I mean him a couple with Jeff airing just junior. Who's been playing great in Denham? Brooks whose deputation A step up the season. I've helped those does not John Ranges doing everything by himself. But I mean he. He's obviously been the the main God driving and kind of like the catalyst for this For this big improvement for them on top of all that I mean he's providing us with basically nightly highlights. I mean every every night is a new. You get something whether it's Whether he's GonNa have him gone down somebody like he did with I mean even in even like the place where they don't work out there still impressed like the cat. My loved loved from like a little while ago where he basically almost cleared him. It was it was it. Looked like Vince. Carter Allah Frederick Vice in the Olympics and I mean yeah that was impressive you have the the play a couple of games ago where he went up for the dunk. I think it was against the cavs to on Larry Nance Dunk. Didn't we wasn't gonNA work then. Went to you. Know look behind the back path in like emit airs spinning three sixty those behind his back to Jaren Jackson. Course unfortunate non of course but unfortunately Jason Harrison isn't able to complete the lab blocked but does that he had the alleyoop in that same game the one hand just like just coming up above the rim to stone down looking Mike It looks like a young young derrick. Rose Ish maybe Russ booed like with Ozzy with a better jump shot at this point in his career than either those guys had coming going in. And he's like I said he's been great. He's been fun to watch. And he's got his team in playoff contention which I mean as a rookie. There's not much more you could. You could ask for from him and like he's like I said lives with patients their highest petitions forum coming in and then obviously with no sign. I'm going to be a lot of eyes on him. I M seeing how he plays he's played above. And beyond as well as you could hope for at least at this at this point nine basing these workers just to see how they won that wicky and when and if that rookie wall it's because I know it's been that the big thing just to see because they're not used to play many games. I used to all the flights in the roaches association holds up but I mean he's the guy that that's been exceptional for the season I mean Josh for rookie. But just overall as as a player he's been great and Another rookie for another rookie. If you will that had been playing well have been tyler hero and Kendrick Nunn for that. He I mean we talk with them a little a little while ago just in terms of surprising this year with the heat being one of the one of the big surprises. I think what they're now I believe they're up to second in the believed the second in the in the ranking in understandings in in the east now yet yet they're up to second there are thirty one and thirteen one above one game ahead of the raptors at who are thirty and fourteen I mean opposite is seven half games on the bus which I mean the bucks are the best thing basketball so no shot at them. And I said the the he'd have been great she earned an apart- that obviously was the dishes Jimmy Butler but also has been the play of their younger players and I mean just think about hero that me. He's he's been A big issue for them. I mean just in this last game. Is that the rookie record for threes. In a game with seven I mean that other games with six and five this year so he's he's been great. He's been a key contributor for that team. I mean that's all you can hope for as a rookie. Just like have them come in and play and play big minutes and contribute new draft. These guys in the first draft you guys in the lottery you want them to come in and Adam to your team right away and he is and he's added that with. This is the three point shooting ability. Let me shoot and Ford percent for the year. which again his good for any player but it's exceptional for a rookie? Because you you think they wouldn't they wouldn't be able or they may not. All of them are always ready to. Ah Get off that good star as rookie. Just because like I said the defense is tougher the Gaza more athletic Gaza. More physical the lines before the backs that that affects some people but it hasn't affected him at all true and four percent. Eighty five percent from the free throw line Only forty one only four percent from the field so he could he could get his two point shots up a little bit But yeah he is. I mean Got Four four rebounds to assist game. He's he's been big he he has been like a a vital part of their team has has another rookie. Kendrick Nunn for them. I mean he's again he's another guy who's been That that's been a very big contributor at here is obviously much more much less not more much less healthy to guy. Why is he has he came? He was undrafted. Wound spent some time in G. League all that Fun Stuff you know. He's been he's now the guy that's ray stepped in played a big role for them Y-you second on the team in scoring the second in rookies as well with Sixteen point two points a game three and a half assists three rebounds. He's he's shooting. Four six percent from the field thirty thirty five thirty six percent from three eighty percent of the line. And he's a guy that's been authority started every game for the for the out here has been a guys. Come off the bench and cited. Some games SORTA started three games series mainly come off the bench. But it's been a guy that's been in there Since since the since the start of the season and he's and he's just settled into that into that role nicely as a starting next to launch. Jimmy Butler said Yeah. He's been Grayton is event that the play of him. The merchants of him has been a big part of the reason for the success. Because I know Josh was out for a while and they needed somebody to Kinda help. Fill that guard spot. And he's in he has been the guy would that was able to take the whole position down and now he's not not dog's name start anymore. He's he's coming off the bench because like I said he's been he's been playing so well it's like why would you. Why would you take him out? So yes those two guys in another guy who hasn't had the numbers whose whose numbers aren't as good as non hero but has has been playing better recently especially since he's been getting more playing time as rookie is Michael Porter. Jr. I mean he's a guy again who was a very very high. I think it was the number one prospect coming out of high school. I am somebody check that you you you can fact on that. Don't quote me. I'm not I'm not hundred central by no who is deaf one of the top prospects that Habsi. He had the injuries while he was at Missouri which causes a drop in the draft and then he sat are off Lashio from the looks from what it seems like encounter the some things I've read nice all was at actually negative. Were so good last year. They didn't really need them so like all right. There's no point of bring him in late into the season. Just the Tana at men But now he's playing any. He's playing pretty well. I mean he's not he hasn't been getting he hadn't been getting getting major major minutes To start the season but now if you look at some of his racing games visit getting more minutes I mean. He's he saw these seen big big upticks in production like saying So before they just lost the Houston the other night so his last the last four games while he's is getting all over twenty minutes a game multiple games with In like most games with twenty seven or more minutes and he's been he's been responding he's giving them In those games again nineteen eighteen. Ten and twenty had another game twenty five points season now the game of nineteen points this season So he's the guy that like if he can continue to add in team to showcase the skills that will had him ranked as the on one of the top players in country as it continues to Get more ministered the the nuggets. I mean. That's kind of really all they've been missing Small afford that Consistently score. I mean they have they have Yokich they have Murray Gary Harris had Palmos We'll barring Hedman good for them but it was like they needed kind of like that was only real. There's only the spot really were. They were kind of Do they didn't have a an above average player. Not again not take anything away from Will Will Barton or to recreate or anything like his. Yea We'll great shave averaging fifteen points a game but I'm just saying if Michael Porter Jr. can be a guy that can give them that that fifteen or twenty points a night. I mean that that team becomes even more scary than already. was I mean anytime time. Have a guy in yoga can basically or can be an walking triple double. I mean he's a senator leads the lead the team in assist which is unheard of. But I'm saying like they could be even better I mean they're they're at the four right now but they're only a game of the two seat only five and a half games back the Lakers as a whole. So if like if he if he shook his even more from the all-star break on Mike Mean this guy's limit for that team has no place where there's yeah no town where they can go on. Obviously this is great for them because they have a lot of their visas are pretty young like meals. The only older guy on their team. That gets a Lotta minutes. And we'll bar is not that young either but Like which is young Murray Zhang Gary Harrison Zhong Jeremy Grant is young a more young busies young. I mean promised that young either but he won't be around to too much longer again. Most of thirty eighty four and Barton is twenty nine like all like Yokich. Murray Harris grant a Moore's Beasley reported in all of these are in their twenties and like mid to early twenties too. So it's like a team could be set up to be one of the. I mean they've already been great. But I'm saying if Mike Afford Can Be that God. They drafted him to be. He's shown flashes of that this year in limited playing time and again like they seem to be willing to give him more and more playing time. Recently I know he'd he in play an Alaskan rockets which hurt but these guys in here. That's going to be. The key. Point is say healthy healthy. I mean like I said guys has limit I magazine where they can go and where can potentially end up this using and then in the future. But that's GonNa the knock on him coming into the league that's obscene gunman knock on him until he can dispel all that. Just the injury concerns and I think he was Alfred of back so we'll see we'll see how bad it was the Hammerstein misses. I said he's been great and overall Israeli reclassify been pretty good. Now we're getting Zion back so that means it's only it's only gonNA It's only going to increase from here in just in terms of what these guys has have done having done. And what they can showcase on a nightly basis so that'll be fun to fathers rookies throughout the rest of the season. So coming up after this next break. We are going to talk about a quarterback that announced his retirement is going enough. He's going to retire. So you guys guys will be hearing us on Friday so by then by the time us. I've managed compress cops in time. We may have already Happen but due to it that announcement that led to the con- The interesting question of is he in the hall of Famer. And I mean if you're drives fans easy if you're tainted tena is easy on both sides of this but this may be one of the toughest cases for a hall of fame career that we could have it in my have lasting effects on the hall of fame if if he gets in so talk about my opinion on that right after this break check out the show that's built on the from the UFC two extreme cage. Fighting they got fights covered. Check out the GMC M A podcast get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to in about some of the biggest names in the enemy past president future when it's the fight game there's just one showed checkout. GSM See podcasts Dot Com backslash Mame Dacha. PODCAST don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. GSM MCI PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO Take they we are back down as MC sports network. So He Li- manning I mean he has got to be He's got to have one of the most polarizing hall of fame cases cases. Are you ever. I mean at least from the time I've been watching football which lasts like twenty years. I can't I can't say much about the order case by now adjoining has got in and I mean look at his numbers but you know got it all more out to not gonNA sign him but I mean he's just an interesting case of what if you were like relatively I don't say average. That's not the right word. What if you like alright? Alright for most of your career except for the except for when your team needs to be all of Famer then you were all of famer. They got his regular season numbers. Like those of the big things record was one seventeen and won seventeen. I mean they're the chance he could have been under five hundred. They didn't give him that one last. Start for Dana came back. He looked at his yards Threw for four thousand yards will at one two three four five six seven seven times. Not Bad ed only threw for three touchdowns three times little shaky Men Out today interceptions. He had yet. What dubbed dubbed Interceptions every year? But this past year which I mean Bury Council's he played in four games and even then he said five sections and his rookie year when you only started seven games and he still had nine as every other year. He's had W he's had multiple seasons with over twenty interceptions seasons with over Fifteen interceptions but I mean you look at I mean Brett farve and he has a lot of interceptions too so his not like unwanted. Strictly hold There's extra stuff against them. I mean yeah like he has had one two three you for five six seasons with Twenty seconds then you only you only had to again. Only to single digit interception seasons in the one was was when he played in two games rookie in Atlanta and the other one were was ready. Goodyear with the Vikings where I think to the championship. Game mm-hmm yeah was and then yeah. He went he thirty seven. Thirty eight touchdowns seven interceptions Brett Farve. I mean different era. He started in the ninety s became more pass happy in the in the two thousands the now he has more pro bowls on that stuff but I mean it just in case of like if you look at the various season number like all right there cool nothing too special. I mean like I said only made four pro bowls. You could argue. That weren't ready that many years. Here's where he was within the top five his position. I Probably Think Twenty fifteen hobbies best case we had Four hundred yards thirty five touchdowns touchdowns fourteen interceptions. Probably his best case for having being top five is position. I think yeah yeah so interesting but it's just that like all right but then you go to the play offs and you would say in you look at it. He has eight playoff wins. What's good about? I mean in various in every other year he made the playoffs. They lost the first game. So That's interesting does how did he only major. How did he only managed to win? Too Busy won't manage to win playoffs in the playoffs house in two separate years and that's it every year of his career. He's played in twelve total playoff games. He's eighty four so he's made it. What so six times one two three? Yes six times four times on one done and then two times super bowl. I think when you look at that that's kind of where you have to That's kind of where it comes in if you look at. If you got those runs he he went on so the first one they beat Tampa In the first in the walk around and this is is this the first year he has a sixty this year so they bury snuck into the playoffs. They the on the road all these games there atom beat them then they play Tony Rome thirteen eighteen and three Dallas cowboys. I mean obviously a division opponent. But they're at home they. This was a really good team. Had like Te'o and also that this was a team that was supposed to close to beat the giants they. They weren't able to do that then. He goes into Green Bay in like freezing cold temperatures. Those the ball forty times. I mean only twenty one of forty four retired freezing cold temperatures Two hundred fifty yards wins that game in overtime you drive them drive down. The field set the Lawrence arms field goal and as we know what he did did innocent people will say oh the defense will not only seventeen fourteen blah blah blah. Yes the defense by great of course but I still had two touchdowns in that game including including the game winner Tabasco The helmet cash. Which I mean when you look at off encourage you need to have hall of fame moments mailing the ploughs? 'cause that's in that's where we're discussing death when it matters the most is like we always talk about how important super bowls are important. Rings are in sports and how people are judged by that except for when a guy that you don't really like that much gets one in the now you to try to rationalize like how we got it now he's not like this isn't like these years weren't I I just wasn't like Peyton Manning's last year in Denver where it was like. Clearly he was he was not what he once was and he kind of long for the rival defense. Gary no you'll have to go into hostile environments and play. Well well in these games in order for them to win I mean. I didn't talk about even Dallas Game He wanted he had What was it he he had two touchdown passes in that game? I think over on his two playoff runs in those two years. He threw fifteen touchdowns in twelve twelve. Nine even two interceptions. I mean that's great again. What you ask them quarterback when you get to the playoffs and then they would let him for talk? Talk about the the second playoff run and also you gotta remember that that I find that the Patriots came to this who eighteen now for the perfect season. He ended that people thought they were surefire superbowl champion. That year didn't happen on the next year. They didn't have to go on the road. Three Games Games only one on the road for two of the Games. They beat land twenty four to two in the first round then they went into Green Bay. Meet the fifteen in one packers with Aaron Rodgers probably It means a statistic. I mean record wise. Probably everybody's best team and he was great game twenty one of thirty three three hundred yards three touchdowns one interception outduelled Aaron Rodgers Primary Rogers. Then he goes on the road in San Francisco I mean was he aided by some muffed punt by Kyle Williams uh-huh yes but also in this game. He was just getting beat up. I mean he got sacked. What six times through ball almost sixty times Only at three hundred yards two touchdowns this another over time. She's won multiple games in the playoffs. In overtime. I mean again in game winning pass in this one but it was just north. Kick a field goal to give him the win. I think I'm pretty sure this one was set up by a muffed punt by Williams in overtime so I mean that nothing duty live but you eat so put his team in position to win the game and an OSCE going to the Super Bowl the Patriots again beat them again. Don't have the helmets time. You just have probably one of easy. The top those in the super bowl ever and then probably one of the top throws just in general all time into that. Mario Manningham sideline in the fourth quarter Because that's just like like it's a little bit to the left Goes out of balance is a little bit to the right. Probably gets you there if he gets mad at down or deflected or maybe even pick off and if he does any software dozen he doesn't get there it doesn't get there in time and it's deflected those any harder than he might overthrown so liberty like That ball was literally the only place you could play in that scenario again this fourth quarter super bowl. Oh big moments big time and he delivered say delivered twice and it's just one of those things where it's like once are you. You can call it a fluke make you. We've seen JOE FLACCO GONNA magical run when the Super Bowl we've seen nick foles on a magical run win a super bowl using Trent dilfer want us to always pay manning's lashing she wanted to blow. We've seen subpar quarterbacks when super bowls before look twice and was a blondie people at times like in the now you can't call it a fluke in my opinion and now some people are like. Oh He's just Joe flacco of Joe FLACCO. Did it again or like say Nick. foles comes back and wants to know the Super Bowl. Then he basically manning's career and do both those things I will say one needs the Joe FLACCO. I mean you never know but as as of this moment right now joe flacco is not one super bowl since he won it back in like twenty twelve somewhere around the early twenty tens and the Nicole is just spent this year getting being benched for a rookie and now now now like alive benched where it was like is this is probably going to be slash regarding this is they. They went on payday. Falls big money to be the starter that it didn't work out so and also Nikoloz never started seeing never been A Minnesota solder for prolonged period of time on any team. He's been on. What is the Rams Chiefs Eagles? Jaguars everybody's gone. I visit anywhere. He's on that wasn't the eagles. He hasn't been great and then he's been with the eagles. He's only been great for short periods of time. The he had the one season twenty seven and and two year led the not his fault folded losing the house in the first round on the next year he was kind of injured. And all you end up getting injured trading him play all sixteen games now super bowl year. he he wasn't that great the last three games. This season then was good for the Vikings and patriots game and he was all right in the Falcons game. I mean if Kano Neil catches the ball that that is a gigantic teachable. Disney tried schedule with his hands with his chest. Then look nick foles entirely differently. So I'm saying is it easy for again when you think about the places like basically you have to play good football for like Max four-game so it was like a month a month. You have to play really. Well can mediocre quarterbacks get hot and play well for for for four games. Yes Romeo Court. Don't do that twice. That's my only thing they don't do it twice and and also win super bowl. MVP Who Bush twice. I think he's one of what I believe. Five guys to do the other four. Are Tom Brady Joe Montana Terry. Bradshaw Bart saw. Aw guys that are that are in the hall of fame or in Tom. Brady's case are going to be in the hall of fame and then obviously in kind of stands out in that in that group. But it's like our this is rarefied air to be able to do this and I'm not like a big. I'm not necessarily a big guy. Never thought it was really that good. I'm not really the big giants got budgets. Just that like when when you think the hall of fame is supposed to be signified. The memorable moment memorable players worried like if you take them out of history of the. NFL is something missing and whether people like it or not if you take our meeting in the giant seems out of the history of the NFL Valdan. There is something missing because they were the up until two thousand eighteen. They were the first and only team to beat the Patriots in the Super Super Bowl. An now see the Nick foles. Doing that Kinda hurts that links. The a little bit but again. I guess you'd say he's almost done it twice. He's going to have beaten Brady twice inner superbowl hard to be greedy twice ever in over the course of his career. I mean Payton Manning as you saw struggled with that in the playoffs and alighted twice on the biggest your stage against argue the best. The best quarterback ever the best coach ever The Best Dynasty in history of the sport like. That's it's not. It's not an easy thing to do. And that's something he was able to do so you have to give him some level of credit for that and I think that credit will be him making it into the hall of fame now. This is because we talked about the hall of fame in how I feel about the way the road crosses done do like. That's the weird thing is he like like A. I felt like no doubt Hall of Famer. No that's why. Why he she pie won't get down about naming people like him so he actually might but it's just like the weird scenario where are are like? How long does he does? He have to wait to get in because again his numbers are going to change. Numbers probably only going to drop down. I know he's top. Ten Yard touchdown passes by by by the time he's he's eligible for fame he might be in further down. This guys like Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford and a couple of other guys those to finish out their career. Maybe even like a Philip rivers where he ends up over his career here where he is he out on the way that right now on the list. But he like my Matt Ryan Mess for those kind of couple those air rogers like those kinda order quarterbacks that are past that and nightmare drop his staff down a little bit not to be interesting to see but at the same time. It's hard for me to take a guys won. Two super bowls went to super. MVP's did not put him in the hall of fame and again and memorable moments both of those and in one of those beaten the greatest team arguably ever the deputy the greatest dynasty of the last half century in football maybe in all sports the greatest coach greatest quarterback in all sports in solvable. I mean against I would Where you make a song of argument form as against them now? I need to hear your argument against the for why you're GonNa Liam out. But I'm saying if it were so easy for me okay quarterbacks to do what he has done the more money or quarterbacks would have two super bowls with two superbowl. WBZ In my opinion. You look at Gaza Aaron Rodgers who are great and have only been to one super bowl ever in their entire career. You got paid in how long it took him just to even get to the first one how long it took him to get back to another one drew brees never been to one. Never been to a second one. So yes if it were so easy for people to go and win two super bowls into suitable. MVP's and more great quarterbacks would have that. That's why I was only five. Players is only five core by ever won multiple Super Bowl. MVP's does not that easy and he has one of them. I think just one of those things where it's you Kinda have to give him credit for that but allows retirement may start off a off season with that could feature a lot of quarterback movement whether that's retirements vitamins. Or that's quarterback switching teams with US quarterbacking traded. What have you is? There's a lot. There's a lot of uncertain quarterback situations around the League uh-huh coming up this off season and we'll talk about some of those rafters breaking. Are you looking for help your fantasy football team check out the GSM see fantasy football. PODCAST get today's best advice on who to start who to sit even who who. You should draft from sleeper peixe. Red Hot LINEUPS. They got it all covered for you. That's GMC PODCAST DOT COM back slash fantasy dash football dash cash podcasts. We'll cover traditionally dynasty few PR. Even I impede leaks when you need fantasy help. There's just one show to hit up. Don't forget to like on facebook facebook and follow them on twitter visit. GS MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. Yeah it s by Pepsi some now if we take a look around like I said there's nothing retirement so darn situation squared away. You don't gotTa Auto Damned owns. took his spot already so we knew it was going to be a starter. But we didn't know maybe I'll be back. Maybe he'll go somewhere else and be a quarterback that's not going to happen so he's just going to. I'm out of the game gracefully But that does I mean that was not the only unknown. The that was the only quarterback in with respect GONNA set sail potentially have this off season. I mean I'm going to take a Grand old look around the league and and you can just see the uncertainty at the quarterback position across all divisions in both conferences. I mean case in point number one the Patriots now. Tom Brady sounds come back. I know craft wants to bring him back. We'll see how badly BELZEC wants to bring him back. As obviously I mean it wasn't necessarily his fault because the receivers weren't that great but Tom now got his normal pro bowl. Best quarterback in the league self or one of the best quarterbacks in the league south the this past pass season so admission see how does bow checking craft handle that and then if they do in fact show him the door where does he end up because because they are a lot of teams that attempts to use the services of one. Tom Brady so the Patriots. Just one example. The Dolphins asking that same division who Could be an option. I know It'll be interesting to see if they I know they are Dave. Unfortunately I mean that they try to thinking hang thing. They want to many games in order. Tank for Joe Borough but I mean I know that this might. They liked to before the season and as he's still going to be available this year of just ozzy with The injury more more injury concerns if you will be interesting to see how they feel about him and if they end up they end up staying at five five. They're staying there and drafting him off. TRY TO TRADE UP TO NUMBER ONE and get a job though done talk the Bengals GonNa Trade that taking if I'm them. I understand why I mean this is a completely different segment when we talk about another day. But I'm a believer of get the quarterback. I understand like you kind of want to build a team before we get the quarterback but as a quarterback you believe is better than everyone else else. There's no reason to pass up on that. Just to get more draft. Picks that as good as they have more shots. I mean more ladder tickets if you will. There's just as much anthony. You're GONNA miss on more players as opposed lease if you miss on the quarterback quarterback. He missed almost three picks. You Miss Loan through the now. So you've seen in the past years. Teams traded up The draft halls a team. We've gotten back from those picks and tons of the place of the picking have necessarily been that great so I would stance in legacy. You've got dolphins they can do. I know are filled verbs is moving his family down Florida to be closer closer to his extended family. As I've mentioned if they are they're going to want to have you've to sit for a year I bring maybe bring. NFL Verbiage on a one year deal The little stopgap situation knows Going going through the AFC more. You got the raiders and then moving to Vegas is Derek Carr going to be the face of the franchise in Las Megan. He could be but no one knows. Jon Gruden fields and obviously they didn't have the greatest season finished seven to nine on. The chargers seems like they're going going to move on from fell up and that's a team. That has been rumored. Never I mean just spectator speculated. Not Want to save rumored but the new secular about that could be one of the teams. Tom Brady go to do. They have a lot of pieces Around the recognition. They kind of struggled to see her. Mainly because of overs was throwing a lot of interceptions So if Brady one to leave to go to a team that can self contained matthew team up there You go through the AFC north. Now you got the steelers dealers who knows who knows what they're gonNa do a big band. I mean I imagine trying to come back but who knows if he'll ever be right. I mean the elbows are weird thing to task just because it's very important throwing so if that elbows right then he may have to use it out more time retire than if he doesn't sit out do Do the the draft to court. I mean they came. That's record around. I could. They traded for Minka which Farah good good trade but still I mean that's the only thing they're missing quarterback and I'm thinking day can you can't go into next year with with uncertainty a big Ben in just Mason Rudolph. God got they did. Let did this past year didn't work so you need to do something else. So like is that draft trade. That'd be entering the bengals obviously With what they're GONNA do there. We think they're going draft. Joe Borough we don't really know the banks are GONNA do. I mean it would make sense. He's from Ohio Ohio before he went to Lsu Cincinnati's in Ohio. So that would connection to so many connections there and the number one fixed they don't have to worry about trading up or going up to get him you can baking stay where they are and draft them. That's another team that. Could that's going to have new quarterback whether it's whether it's job or are they trained back and get to our and Justin Herbert or like join Jacobson somebody. I don't know they're having new new quarterback and then also that leaves any dawn. Whether GonNa do it aimed Indonesian account him other trade him. Is he going to be like a backup somewhere. He's going to go somewhere and be like a stopgap starter I don't know and then you got the AFC south where you have three teams outside of the Texans. They could have interesting. QUARTERBACKS NARROWS OSCE with the Titans they were just in the AFC championship game with mine. Tannehill now can they do that again. With Ryan Tannehill. I Dunno only. Maybe they believe they can. I'm not saying they can't again. I got this far but I mean this kind of sort of no I don't I was gonna say it feels like the. The Jaguars Situation Blake Bortles. But Tanner played a lot better than Blake bortles then Though if the playoff games board that she had the really good game against the steelers on a divisional round and so but in the in the various season ten was better than Bortles was but also Bona's then maybe if anything that would have been rookie not even work year for that no second year for the second day so and now Z.. The End Dennis had derrick. Henry who's a free agent so we'll have to bring him back but yeah Amerson receives or do they give them a two year three year deal with some some chance to get out of the deal. If he's not that good that you just franchise tag him Do you give them a full five-year extension for not. He's not going to get top line quarterback money because mahomes getting section this year and getting session this year so ninety and that kind of money but he's doing it something if you get the big extension and got Mariota who leaves you. So many people believe he's still can be a starter. So where did he end. Where does he end up on that of interesting the colts with I mean obviously the interrupting cotton surprising Out The you're good but kinda taper off towards the end so there's no certainty that he's there. Are Sheriff our answer there in Indianapolis. Maybe they drive their team address quarterback quarterback on when he got the Jaguars who again pay big money for foles and Go with Menchu Tamasese out and they have have a new offense coordinator Now they hired Jay gruden still got doug marrone but just new offense coordinator. We don't know which quarterback Jay gruden legs I mean Jay Bruins designed good offenses for Andy Dalton and cousins over his career and we got given the had Washington in the lead for the NFC east before has met guy her last year. So you know. It's a little bit offense at Michigan. See who they go with. If they trade foolish they keep foles and then have mentioned the backwards have them fight it out and then if whoever wins if maybe fold. I don't know there's a lot of money so it'd be interesting to have him back there switching over to the NFC now the DAX situation with In terms of I don't think he's going to officially hit free agency but he is a free agent or is going to be a free agent the cowboys. Whatever reason didn't get a deal done and now it's interesting because he just had a great year into the playoffs but added grace fiscal year annual and have guys like like? I said Mahomed Shawn Watson Getting Cartridge essentially this year. I'll say he's not going to give money. He knows that that level and everybody knows that but I I mean you could argue. He's at Shawn Watson love. I mean they both won. What one playoff game in their careers? They both men's basketball time both on division. A couple of times been yard. Song is in his class. Gerry Goffin Carson. Wentz already got paid. So he's going to at least one more than that. And it is ozzy with most new deals. They just get more and more money than he's totally free. So it's not even have like with you with the With guys like mahomes are dishonored golf and went there in the context. Early DAX GONNA be. He's a free agent so now and if you don't give them something friends asking them. What kind of missions is that sand? Because now you're saying you still don't believe him after you had based on a one year proven bill this year for nothing nine give him another one. Year proved a deal and then so that looks a little iffy in terms of their commitment to him at the quarterback position for that team Washington's the team's new new head coach in office coordinator. We'll see if this could be a Josh Rosen situation. All over again how much they actually believe past and I think that probably keep him but you never know No I'm C. West. Everybody is Saad even though depending on how you feel about Jared Goff that could I mean he's going to be the extension but like if he has another the bad season they're gonNA they're gonNA be needing a new quarterback soon The lions I mean mass efforts there but rumblings about how serious back injury is and then if that's that's the case then Eremita draft a quarterback whether it's like I said they might be in the Just in Herbert Jordan Love Jacob beason kind of situation nation. I don't I don't think jake farms that good. But they can pick him to make me team is looking for a quarterback Three or maybe even shoot they there at three they could get to if they wanted wanted to if I mean you can't have too injury prone. Uganda have two hundred quarterbacks in her. I mean maybe you can just lines. They don't they do things that sometimes don't make sense. I mean all teams doing. I'm not just going to pick on the lines but you now lines But yeah that'd be interesting to see if Maybe even pick too 'cause like I said they'll McNair be positioned to Washington's popular On a pick him or they can trade back for if somebody wants to pick them and then get a hall graphics by said they could need new quarterback. The mayor's on the salary they're sticking with Mitch but many Bay Miss Since I've expressed they're not that happy about that because again it could have haddish Shawn Watson could ahead patching homes and they haven't either now which is unfortunate for you bears fans. I'm sorry out there for you But Yeah I mean Mitch is going to what year four hundred GonNa get an extension. Probably not going to get the fifth year option picked up so see to bring in like Mariota Biota do they bring in a cam to bring in a nick foles Teddy Bridgewater to compete with him for the job. I can be shocked. They give Mr job outright. They're going to bring somebody in the compete with with him. But who interesting see where that goes then. Speaking of Teddy Bridgewater Saints have Teddy N. Andrew Breeze a free agents. This year I mean drew brees. If he's going to he's going to come back he's going to be there so that may not be that much moving but then you don't have you decided to retire may be wants to move on somewhere. Maybe Sean Payton's like I think we've seen the best from you. Maybe he wants to roll with Teddy Bridgewater coming. They were five and old this year with him as a starter. They lost the first game he came in against the rams they know so we have a Lotta facing tastes. A lot of faith in tasted hill. I don't I don't know Sean. Payton thanks Sean. Payton things uh-huh after team got Falcons with Matt Ryan. They could be looking for a new quarterbacks Not Getting younger I think he's like thirty five Ask the team struggled the past couple of years so they have more bad season and probably going to start to think about moving on from there if they haven't already already if they haven't already started to do use out on then you got the box James who put up gaudy numbers but also through thirty picks and had many other than a lot of fumbles. So you can't you can't win football games like that were quarterbacks turning the ball over and alarming rate and don't turn the ball over more than genius really so it's like what do you do with them. You give him another one year deal. You franchise him traff life because he again put up great numbers but the turnovers are only gotten worse. which is you would think it'd be reverse like as you get more? Get more time to leave. He would get better. Hasn't happened yet. But that we see what they do with him. And then the in in the panthers I mean when we are talking about Cam Newton's come off in very they have the old. LSU passing coordinators as receivers coach as their office coordinator. Now Have A. Keiko came from college here. He's he seems college quarterbacks he may have guys that he likes guys he he because he might have ion could end again. No one really knows a healthy cams to be so you can't as bank on him coming back and being healthy so like. Do they draft a quarterback today trae a four quarterback. I mean you could argue at almost I mean feeling viscount through the teams. I mean I'm going to take out the saints in the Patriots. Just because as of right now now. I think both their quarterbacks saved a team but you're GONNA look at one two debris and a possible possible possible possible in Titan's got DAK stay in Lines possible bears. Possible Falcons gonNA assessor logs possible like you have at least twelve teams. That have question marks on what they can do with quarterback position coming into offseason which is unheard of a Mo- seems most like argued the bad teams and the other couple teams the whole quarterback visual. But there's like legitimately like interview. I mean especially if you include the saints in an An igloo Saints Titans and Patriots. In that there's more teams of uncertainty on not isn't necessarily who's going to be there just what they're gonNA do with him. Are they gonNA give them a big deal. Like Tom Brady. Drew brees days. Give them one when you do. Give them a three year. Deal Sam Tannehill Franchise James Do Franchise him like a lot of question marks in obedience to see how it all plays out out Do I mean as unfortunate. NFL SEASON's coming to an end. That mean draft season is soon to be upon us. It's awesome the soon to be honest. And that means free agency soon to be honest and then have all kinds of juicy stuff coming out. So it'll be interesting. I think the quarterback movement off senior something we will have to keep our eyes on just just because it may be one of the most interesting storyline of the entire end philosophies them but yeah so speaking of the the draft I mean speaking of the end of the NFL season. That means drafts coming up which is coming up. But there's an event that happens before the combine that took place this week that I think is even more important than the draft. Combine some scouts and executives may agree with that. Don't tell you what that was and why I think it's maybe more important than the draft and more important than the combine breath is breaks. Are you looking to get your college football next looking to get the latest news on your favorite school team. The diaw Empty College football podcast is your ticket to all things college football to join us as we talk college. All is bill from the National Championship. The college rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy so which converts is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as as these the big twelve the PAC twelve. ABC and everything in between download the GMC college football podcast on Itunes stitcher. It sounds loud. Google play or anywhere you find podcasts just type. GS instilled in the search bar and uh-huh it took me are ferial emcees the Katherine by G. S MC podcast network. So the event I'm talking about if you don't know where you don't call follow in college. Football as much is the senior bowl week and the reason why I like Vanya why it's I feel like it's important just because is different than the combat in that it's not just shorts and teach. It's not like the underwear Olympics. Some people call them where you're not you're not gonNA see people run through like go through their forties Against Air like it's people doing things against other football players and I guess I that gives you a good idea of how this I was gonNA matchup. 'cause in theory usually guys are going to be having to play against at the next level. Could I mean I mean the one thing that Neka Nick on a distraction is the fact that it is only senior. So it's not so don't include like some of the great on underclassmen of coming out this year but still there are enough good seniors coming out out to where they they always fill up this game at high profile guys out there and this. This is a good a good showcase for a multitude reasonable one of them because it allows allows smaller school guys to showcase they can handle playing with the big boys like in past years they've had guys like Carson. I once went through this when he when he was a senior AM NASTY Opposite he has his own. Draft Selections Skyrocket Iraq. Than I was in the US ended up trading up for to get to The senior bowl though Though is a he went to played. Sec Eh power five conference but he played at Mississippi state which isn't necessarily known as a football powerhouse. Say but senior bowl where the cameras got to see him. Watch him up close gift. nome ended up being beneficial for them ended up for being able to draft him. Although I would like to point out that they tried to trade up four war Paxton Lynch and Connor Cook in that same draft. If you've if you've ever points out there before they ended up getting on DAX less not give them to too much credit for that but also he showed himself want to have at least to at least be on the cowboys radar during this week in the now. See other stuff Aftermath what is different showcase for that. I mean it gives Gaza may be had. who were a little lower on the production scale during there years like company is that kind of really uses game to help boost their draft stock Dana Jones I mean he was guy who some people had ranked high I by mean other people thought he was going to be like a second round. Pick and great second round pick and then this The senior bowl week is when Dave gettleman ops. You've seen being because I think he had talked about how he will never be able to many games which I mean fair enough. I understand dukes again. Not a big a big football school. So so you're going to see other high-profiled prospects as well as the gonNA spend a weekend. Do much you're going to see them. Play Clemson or somebody To Wash on the cups in player so he hadn't he hadn't unseen Up Close and personal senior bowl week. They would talk communicate with come see the way. He interacts with other players in the hall will be able to interview and stuff like that. And that's obviously where they must in love with him and then you see you have gathered them at sexy look pretty good this year. guys like tear corn. who had a great rookie year? But kind of didn't the have the big Gaudy stats that That some of the other receivers coming out had but he was a guy who showed up in the senior bowl week showed out an OSCE helped boost his draft stock. You see him continuing shout Do out of rookie year coming off. See he had. Some had had cycle do different quarterbacks at some injuries but like he was a great records even when he was out there. deebo Samuel Hui playing in the Super Bowl and now the guy who we had a great weekend senior bowl and get some. I think it's an injury concerns coming. In and then out against Carolina Corp Exhibition was a little hit or miss. But did this. This was a week firmness showcase his billion. I remember reading up on me was killing it that week. Then ABC's translated over to The NFL NEPAD visited drafts. I Globe got him on the ninth radar. The now's picked them when they really use awesome rate. Montas sweat was I. Remember who at a Mississippi Mississippi state as well oddly a couple of years after Dagmar compatriots Mississippi State and He was a guy that I remember. Just seeing clips of him distant dominating people during the Senior bowl yet mister I remember seeing him just dominate people during the they're on the different class at UC posted up on social media During his senior bowl week and he was a guy who who was who was good in cars last year As a senior last couple of years actually not say that the after. He transferred from Michigan say to Mississippi State last couple years but he wasn't like a big highly regarded prospect back until is at twenty eighteen years. I in America and announced he was able to come to this show out and then that was able to get him even in higher than the combine stuff with the with forty dollars And then see us those four guys. I think this is just this kind of the kind of weak is better than the combat. Why people think is better than the combine is just because this is not necessarily the football you trained for football but when you're going up when the doing the one on ones with the opposite line of Or they're doing the one on ones corners receivers or safeties tight ends or riding bikes linebacker stuff like that like there are so many dude you can do to prepare against going up against one on one against another. NFL caliber player. That you can train to get a better forty times. You can train dwell shadow. You can train them to do well on your vertical The the different drill. They may put you through to work on the throws or whatever but there's only so much you can do in order for football and when you gotta go man not man I mean. Obviously it's not. It's not full on eleven till the games but like the different drills one on ones Names him seven on seven some team stuff. There's no special workouts Training regimen you can go through to to put that to go To be ready for that. That is good that it's nice to be able to go model Mono Gallon Guy Kinda see Kanzi Howard by handles and see how smallest laws play big. We'll see how they are school. Guys plaguing saw the biggest fool guys like. Maybe I mean you when you go to a top school. You're only playing so many great teams like a couple year in theory. So so then you have a chance on. Even if you're a guy who wasn't utilized maybe properly during a cadre showcase like hey I can do this. I can do that and I mean that's that's the Claes this year. I mean you see you guys. I mean some of the guys that have had their lose their draft up a little bit from from the article. Another for DOT com. You have guys like I'M K J Hill. Who could be this year's terrible Corner House Guy who didn't have gaudy numbers his last year but as come to the senior bowl in in in had a great week you have A defensive tackle in Japan can law from South Carolina. Who even though he's he's I mean? Listen thing where the game doesn't matter as much as the week of leading up to practice again you're playing with guys. Never really played with his only giving miscommunication is going to be errors during the games but the drills loves. Where can we showcase your skills? And he's a guy who was dominating drilled nominee in the office alarming even though left an injury. He's he's a guy that's boosted his draft stock up a week-long the knee injury is not serious You have Another often linemen Josh Jones and he against Houston. Who is he is maybe a smaller school guy but is going up against Power five pass rushers defensive ends edges stuff like that. And he's using over showcase himself Well different guys like like no mission has guy in shape believe a pass rusher on the edge who's against them do some often coverage to cover a tight ends and stuff wanna one in drills Shuki something maybe. He didn't have to do that much in Michigan to see like. Hey I can do this to show off your versatility and stuff and then another big. Everything's another snares allows the smallest growls. I know there's a tight end out of Dayton atom trotman. I believe who nauseating liking like I said played at Dayton. So he didn't have he was planning is the highest level competition. But he's still put up nine hundred yards working touchdowns this past season so he can come to this and showcase like hey. I'm just as good as any other as any other Tighter Out there the timing prospect out there in sounds. He's had a good week. I know the bears looking for Tynan Solano. They've there's no matter reports talking to him Other receivers there's like A. who was the deliberately guard? And I think what's name Antonio Gold the Antonio Guidi Golden Again Liberty Guy who has Guardian numbers put up fourteen hundred yards ten touchdowns this season again at liberty but This is a big week for him to be a showcase. Like Hey I can run. I'm not as dominating small Coptic optus can. I can play with the big boys. That's why let the senior bowl more than or that's why I think more people like the super bowl in the draft combine. Just because it's not it's not it's much guys going through drills. Were passing runarounds against air you going against other. NFL caliber guys We're all competing for for for a spot in the league. Just like you are so they're all hungry. They're all willing to prove in your chance to showcase your skills and then this is can get you on the radar so when we come back the combine another big thing for their dad. Just the is the first weight measurement that these guys have you found cutting into all seasons. You can see from here. You see you know how tall short guys are and how much a way you can see our this guy work on his during training for the comedy lose weight. Did you gain weight stuff like that and also you when proteins are just. I mean. They're even more calm. Because it's it's you're in a comfortable setting you're throwing Uber's you know and stuff like that again is not. It's that's insurance is in a t shirt unless you WANNA do. I think who I know John is out that is in shoulder. I believe I think Baker might have did his more quarterbacks there's there which Which I mean you should you? You don't though in a teacher but yeah senior. Bowl is a is a week in is an event that isn't as hailed as much as the draft combine. But I think in you could argue if you listen to certain draft scouts and executives and stuff. They honestly believe it's more important. The combine is because like I said men people just view cameras as glorified underwear Olympics so as we can though. If you're not doing anything on Saturday yeah I think the game itself is being played on Saturday so you can watch that see some people your. NFL team may soon be drafting. But even just in the future. Just keep an eye offers because as you can see you can see sometimes success. The team will translate into the NFL. Like I said with the Samuel. Monday's not Montas this way on Danny Jones Carson wentz on Dak Prescott other guys do the years that have been on the senior bowl gone to have good careers in the NFL. You can start to see the beginnings of that at the senior bowl so this is a. This is an event that you watch. I assume you keep watching. May I invent that isn't necessarily on your radar. Maybe you can find them tuning. It's like the last week. It's one last week in January every year. I think I've read before the better for the pro bowl so you keep out on it for next year and then like I said you can season season guys. And maybe you didn't know about before such pop on your radar and then tonight surprising team drafts them. So that's that's interesting Debate does a C which one's more important but unlike speaking of debates the NBA switching gears. The nose for the NBA All star teams. Who all stars? Also starters were released tonight this being Thursday night and there were some people that were put on some people. I left out. That has some people people questioning some things. So we'll talk about who stars were on eastern Western in. How in how I think they did and how I think everybody? The voting went with the teams teams. And also the voting how the go with some of the reserves right after this break check out this built around the women from the UFC INVICTA F- steep tour championship. We got the fights cover. It's the Golden. I'm in state media concepts. Women's May podcast. The latest news of committee fights discussions of previous matches. Join us as we talk to win about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast uh-huh and in that year caster. So like I said if you didn't know the NBA also started released tonight. Being Thursday the reserves will officially be released. I think next Thursday. I'm pretty sure so. We'll see the team in another team in full by next Friday. But after the starters the for the West it was the Brown was the team. Captain Davis Kawhi Leonard. Luca End James Harden now the my opinion on outside the Guy Right. I mean interesting because he missed some time but then we look at the other. The other four is out there though I mean just depends. Luca is a small for that plays point guard zone. You're going to have to view him as a guard. He was voted in. He was voted in as a guard. So that's kind of why. You gotTA sneak Hawaiian their mother than that. I mean I think it makes sense the Bron- no doubt Anthony Davis no doubt Luca no-doubt James Harden no-doubt even those Kinda struggled recently is still leading point scorer in like important game. I believe with thirty seven. I think he's still at right now. So he makes total sense that when Did that all make sense but the interesting ones to me are are and this is again. I talked about this before how the fan voting for the also a game. How needs to be taken more seriously? And how people don't taken serious so you look at a guy like Devon Booker where you can legally devoting results bow than the list The Fan rank like where they reckon. The fan voting player voting media voting and then their way dischord is kind of like once we average average amount like where they where they end up. So you've got a guy like Devon Booker who is six in the guards within way to score of six point now but but so if you think I'm GonNa get to his fan rank in a second but in his player rank and in the Minya rang he's he's he's in the top four for guards and rightfully so I mean Again we'll get to in a second in how they decided to break the the media the media and the players I devote for that one but Devon Booker is having a great seasons averaging twenty six six assists nine four rebounds. I mean again not necessarily his fault than some stink but again they do so I think people are holding it against the fans That against them but I mean he's having I mean you could argue. He could have been also the last three years whereas averaged twenty four point nine twenty six point six hundred twenty six point five this year and he's up in Lafayette six assists. Two six point three shooting ninety eight percent from the free throw line this year. Thirty six percent from three thirty percent from the field and he might not make it because of the fan vote keys you know where he ranked in the fan vote eighth. You know why it happened. 'CAUSE you're voting for guys like ask Russo again. This is why I said this. Why had the issue with the FAN voting I? I mean we'll get to the players in the second they don't get right all the time. Either voting in these also games just all Konak but the fans took the vote more seriously than more people would have voted for Devon Kim book as opposed to voting for asked Rousseau and he wouldn't have ranked eighth in the fan voting. Because there's no reason he's not the eighth best garden we like. He's should be much higher than and let me ask doesn't even end up making on the finalists because again you shouldn't I think he was at least in the top and others. I think it was like editor at summit. That for the fan vote is just like you miss it up for guys even Donovan Mitchell who been great and has helped the jazz get up to the second the second see now in the West. He was stabbed in the fan voting because again they just have to vote for Oscar. Show for what we in Stafford at. Maddox Steph was sixth. Nassar Problem Yeah I think Roussel's fourth in the fan vote lace. It's de both those guys are were never gonNA play awesome amounts. He stuff goes announcers because I mean in France damage is not an all star but those votes in those teams people voting for those guys hurt guys like Devon Booker the Donald Metros of the world who miss out on a spot buy one my will may miss out on a reserve spot by one one player so just because they are. They're fan vote wasn't high enough to get them a better way to like. I said Devon Devon Booker. He's fourth player. Vote in fourth in the media vote. We'll talk with a lot of guys in media. which is I don't know how that works on that front court guys it's more? It's there's actually a romantic in whatever. He's four hundred player. Vote some as weighted score would be a lot better if he wasn't so low in the fan vote again. That's why then then we need to strip fans of their power But yeah though there's no one really I think That should be on the list. That's off though another interesting one. Home was Karl Anthony towns. Who I know? He's been hurt a little bit but again that guys like hiree who like. I said we'll get to the east in a second but Ease Guy who frank. I think knife in the Iraq igniting the fan vote Turkington the player vote in eighth in the media. Rankings that is. He's he's missed some games. But I mean Kawais Games false allegations these averaging twenty six eleven four and again through the wolves are good right now not at all. But that's awesome awesome you can you can worry about records and stuff for MVP all MBA teams. Whatever fan also a game just the best players you every time the best is no matter how good they are being like? I said didn't hurt off to the east. It didn't hurt trae young. The hawks were one of the worst team in the league. He was voted when I was a starter you could argue should have been. Maybe maybe not. But he's a great year he's top five points in a thanks Ivan completely fine within making it in as all-star starter order because it's not about the record all right is the is the team bad. Yes but that's not his fault is he's done. Who's doing on his best? He's doing everything he can try to get them. Some wins and there. There are many games. I've watched were just like he'll be the only one being able to sworn everyone else will just be doing. I just want to be able to hit shots. And then you're wondering why they're not winning games so as he was one of the stars on Cambo was not those not surprised but like I said the the car situation see how that went The yes he wasn't an Janas. Who's the captain Joel Embiid? CRM WHO I know some people were mad about Jimmy Butler not making it and I can understand it because SIAKA embiid boldness time this year and Jimmy Butler has this team in the top four seat in the east but I mean people forget how good night before he got hurt he was a legitimate. MVP candidate and honesty. When I know the sixers beat upside down this year but you could argue that NBA is the best big man when he's healthy the qualifying when he's healthy is a big thing and also in fairness to Siachen. He's numbers a little bit better. He is more points. He's having twenty points to Jimmy Butler twenties after seeing seven point seven rebounds to Jimmy Savon having an OSCE. He says he's at six point five. Jack Emily has three. He's played in five more games. which isn't even that much? I thought it was going to be a lot more than that. Not only pay five more games like I said Siachen was legitimate all. MVP candidate before the first month and plus of the season. So I'm not mad at them giving it to Siachen though I also make the team bracket see why some people weren't happy by Jimmy now making it but then again get back to the bachelor fans For their voting in the way that they don't take it seriously but the player voting for the guards was absurd. I mean they add they have Bradley. Beal ranked second of all guards ahead of tree on head of Ben. Simmons said of Kerry Fair head. Zach Levine. Had A kyle lowry and the media has in fifth again ahead is act being in a spot below And Kyrie in spot below carlisle. Riano people apparently that high normalcy. I mean Colorado's a great player but he's not the All Star game type of player. You'd want to see like you. You WanNa see like Ben Simmons. Zach Zach Levine even like derrick rose. Maybe an awesome game kyle. He's been great he's he got his range. He's got his all star Games. This might not be the one frame. That'd be awesome so back to what I was so the player rankings. How like in what world is Bradley? Build a second best guard in the league like it is it was observer saw so like all right it's a barely bills Gracie as lemme not. I'm not trying to bash them. Twenty seven point five points points per game. Four point six rebounds six point three assists but shooting wise shooting forty four percent thirty one percent from three shooting almost eight three is a game not ideal Initial okay should eight four percent from the field. I missed from the free throw by. You said that that that three percents for God's generally pretty good is lowest year before that was thirty five percent he'd had three years has over forty percent from three downs shooting year in announcing. And he's on a bad team which didn't hurt him. But then if you look at a guy like Zack Mark Levin who's who the games played in in Chicago. He's averaging twenty five points. Four point seven rebounds three point eight assists this year As a league. I in his team's better than the better than the wizards and he shooting a three percent from from the free throw line thirty nine percent from three shooting the same amount of attempts that Bradley beal has in seven point. Nine in forty forty four forty five percent from the the field. Some say how in the world is in an trae young numbers for fun. he's having twenty nine points in eight points and eight point. Six Says and four percent rebounds in again does his team am stank. Yes but that's not his fault But yeah in what world is Bradley Bills Having a very good year on a team. That's not right. I agree but like how in the world like who does any again. He's offers harmless Kemba. which again he should be camel but as I am I missing something? Maybe I'm missing something. You can tell me something. The thing is Bradley building that good this year. In which the second best guard and hasn't -nificant the upping his weighted score. He was ninth in the Fan. Vote which understandable the legacy Get the how in the world that the players vote to have him Tim second the guards that was the that was one of the biggest shocks to me was Bradley. Beal have got a player raking that and I mean again. Dan Players can't watch all the games. They're playing games and like the media had a more reasonable at five where he might be like five or six but I was having ranked the head of Ben Simmons like I said Larry trae young Rosiak Levine's microbes like whoa okay. That kind of caught me off guard. I don't know if he'll make it in and I mean I saw that's acclimated should should make an even though. Ben Simmons is a little bit low and I'm just like again that's the nest. The Fan vote so they voted for his also games is kind of shoddy. But the starters are out you can. You can talk to me about if you. I think anybody got snubbed. Or who you think may get stuff from the team eventually. Could I think there's GonNa be some tight races for the last few spots got I think the only only pick what seven reserves so one of if you just take you start four guys one of top four guys left in each each position. One of Jimmy Butler Jason Tatum. Obama'd Bayelsa Bonus out. Don't jump in for fun carry. Derrick rose Larry Levin Benson Ascendance Brady Bill couple has got which again is kinda shocking? Need to go west now. This this is is more reasonable. I think they'll probably get in everybody like Chris Paul. Who's been a good player? This year might not make it Apparently towns serving grade year might not make it Ingram Brennan Ingraham's at Goodyear Right now. Because they're gonNA they might WanNa put them hello win you know. He's having a good year not all Sarkar Beer. But he's having in a good year but they might just give them the the farewell also game numb trip so actually they do. They differ Kobe's last couple of years merely a job mirant. WHO's been regularly? She might not make. He is going to be some tough decisions as going to be some guys that definition. It's going to be snubbed. So we'll definitely talk about that next week when those teams are officially announced. But that'll do it for me here today today. On the G. S. MC SPORTS PODCAST BEEN BY G S MC podcast network. I think that's listening once again as you guys always do we. You haven't already minimize. Subscribe to the podcast makes you. You're on top drafts of Michigan. Never miss an episode If you can please give suffic- rating view be very very nice very helpful. We appreciate it and as always if you're on social media you're also social media. You can find US twitter instagram facebook. Wherever wherever you are we are defined find as they are again? Debate thing there you can tell me why Bradley beal should have been all star starter. You can tell me why you I. Manning isn't a hall of Famer you you can you can tell me which You can tell rookies. I should have put him I on some. I should have talked about more outside of like I said Miran non hero in Mike appointed union. Maybe missing US tell me a- But Yeah as always Ivan Kris Blades. Once again like I said I want to thank US listening to another episode and until next time. He's out in listening to the golden state media concepts concepts sports. PODCAST part of the Golden State media concepts and podcast network you can find this show and others like it at. Www W. DOT GS MC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play just type in GS ES MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from Sports Entertainment David and even weird news you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. 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