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Trump: I "feel terribly" for Kavanaugh, doesn't "deserve this"; Kavanaugh accuser hasn't responded to invitation to testify; Stormy shares XXX details of her alleged affair with Trump in book


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Her testimony could change the course of history. But now the hearing into allegations of sexual assault at the hands of Bradley. Cavanaugh is in limbo as President Trump goes after the Democrats were sitting on the accusation until the eleventh hour. Hooton hitlist another one of Putin's political opponents is hospitalized after an alleged poisoning, how many people need to collapse before the GP Colonel will be held accountable boss. The dirt's CNN has a copy of stormy Daniels new book with intimate, frankly, TM. I accounts of her alleged affair with the future President. Mr Trump could. These details help prove that the president is lying. Welcome to the lean on Jake tapper. We begin with the politics lead and President Trump minutes ago weighing in on the allegations by professor Christine Blasi Ford, that in the early nineteen eighties at a high school party now supreme court nominee, Brad Kavanagh, sexually assaulted her charge. A cavenaugh strongly denies ever happened. The president this afternoon, expressed deep sympathy for Cavanaugh. Honestly, I feel terribly for him for his wife who is an incredible lovely woman and for his beautiful young daughters, I feel terribly for them. Mr. Trump did not mention professor Ford by name. He did refer to the Senate Judiciary committee's invitation for her to testify on Monday. Hopefully the woman will come forward state her case. He will state his case before representatives of the United States Senate. We still do not know if professor Ford is going to testify Senator Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate and announced this afternoon. The Republicans are willing to have four teller story publicly or privately. Democrats have attacked the way this hearing is being held can suggesting that there needs to be more than two witnesses and calling for an FBI investigation to be completed before any hearing takes place to this President Trump said today, the FBI should not be involved. The open, it's five. I don't think the FBI really should be involved because they don't want to be involved if they wanted to be would certainly do that. But as you know, they say this is not really their thing. This is an interesting moment of restraints for President Trump giving his normal propensity to have the FBI and Justice department get involved all the time whether they want to or not calling for them in the past to investigate Hillary Clinton and her private Email server. Again Clinton the uranium one deal. The Clinton campaign for alleged Russia collusion, the Clinton foundation for alleged corruption. The Obama administration for what President Trump called without evidence illegal surveillance of his campaign, former FBI director, James Comey former deputy FBI director, Andrew McCabe, former FBI officials. Peter Struck and Lisa page New York Times anonymous op Ed author, special counsel Robert Muller for the president says or conflicts of interest and on and on. I could continue, of course it's only an hour show his concerns for the parameters and propriety of what the FBI should be investigating. That seems rather new c. n. n.'s Jeff Zeleny is at the White House for us and Jeff. President Trump still not attacking the accuser, Christine Blasi four directly, but you made it pretty clear today. He does not believe the accusation shaky did and the president also inch closer and closer toward diminishing these allegations saying that they should have brought them forward a long time ago. He also said it seems to be a pattern of democratic obstruction and resistance, and he added a campaign against me. But the president also said, the accuser should tell her story in a public hearing. The question now is whether she will. I feel so badly for him that he's going through this to be honest with you. I feel so badly for this is not a man that deserves this with the supreme court confirmation of Brett cavenaugh hanging in the balance President Trump expressing empathy for cavenaugh and silence toward his accuser, the president forcefully defending his nominee amid new uncertainty over a public hearing at the Senate Judiciary committee, even as the president's pointing a finger at Democrats. That's the name of the campaign against me. They just resist and they just obstruct. I don't wanna play into their hands. Hopefully the woman will come forward state her case. He will state his case before representatives of the United States Senate, and then they will vote. We will see what happens so far. He's been uncharacteristically silent, not tweeting or talking about the accuser, Christine Blasi Ford who says she was sexually assaulted by cavenaugh more. Than three decades ago in high school. But privately officials tell CNN the president is frustrated that his star picked to the supreme court now could be in jeopardy. When we asked him about it today, the president, but his tongue for now at least is this all politics. I don't want to say. I don't want to say. Maybe I'll say that in a couple of days, but not now, but fifty days before the midterm elections Kavanagh's confirmation battle is awash in politics amid a deeply serious discussion about sexual assault allegations lodged against a federal judge with a lifetime appointment to the supreme court. It's unfolding as Washington's biggest moment of the metoo era away Trump has often diminished or dismissed yet. That's not the approach he's taking to acusations concerning one of his most important nominees delays certainly acceptable. We want to get to the bottom of everything. We want everybody to be able to speak up and to speak out as Democrats call for the FBI to investigate the allegations Republicans along with the president disagreed. I don't think the FBI really should be involved because they don't want to be involved if they wanted to be would certainly do that. But as you know, they say this is not really their thing for the second straight day. Cavanaugh was hunkered down inside the White House, preparing for a public hearing on Monday where officials say he wants to defend his. Integrity. Have you talked to judge Kabanov? Let's go make your way out. Why not? So specifically, I thought it would be good thing not to he can handle himself better than anybody. So judge cavenaugh is still here at the White House said, I'm told he's working with his confirmation at team to prepare for that a public hearing on Monday, also calling Republican senators and putting together a list of supporters here who are pushing back publicly against these allegations, but to Jake in the Oval Office earlier today with the visiting president of Poland. I asked the president again, why haven't you spoken with him? And he said specifically, he didn't think would be appropriate under this circumstance. And he also kept talking about a process. They want to let the process go through, but it's clear the process, at least in the president's mind includes politics now as well. The question now is, will that hearing happened on Monday? We don't know the answer to that question shake. All right. Jeff's only at the White House for us. So let's talk about it with our experts. What do you make of President Trump today? Coming out saying he feels horribly for judge Cavin, offer his wife for their daughters, not saying anything about the accuser professor. Ford. Some people obviously have said that was the wrong message to send. Well, yeah. I mean, look, I think. He has a pattern of siding with the man when such situations are put before him. That being said, I think it's fair for him to stand up for his nominee who has to our knowledge, led an exemplary public life in a thousand different ways. And that's understandable to me that he would do that. I also like the fact that sort of mildly surprised that he has followed Kellyanne Conway's lied and said, hearing from the professor is part of the process and is important. I kind of expected him to possibly backtrack on that fact that, but the fact that he has not, I think I think that is part of the process. What do you make of it all? What was your reaction when he said he felt horribly for judge Cavin all. So I feel horribly for the professor and I, it would be unfortunate, especially if the accusations were not true, but I would love to see the day when Donald Trump can put himself in the shoes of someone who has to have the courage to come forward and say that these things happened. To them. And of course, we know that he probably struggles with that for at least twenty reasons that we've been told about in the press. I also thought it was interesting that he said that cavenaugh does it deserve to face accusations and in or allegations. And I think to me, I would say to that. What about the person that experience this in a certain way. Donald Trump. So we don't know. We don't know what's going to happen on Monday because as of now, professor, Ford is not gotten back to the Republicans in the Senate, the judicial judiciary committee and said, I'm going to testify, is this in your view, kind of a game of chicken. I mean, I know the Democrats wanted to be a delay. Republicans say, let's hold the hearing. Here's the day. Come up. We want you to. We want you to testify what happens if she doesn't show up Republicans hold the hearing anyway. Yeah, this is this is an unfortunate trajectory of this entire episode. That was totally unavoidable. What I really hate is that we have to feel bad for one side or the other here because both sides are inextricably changed by the way that this process has played out and the fact that we didn't have an investigation that was conducted in private to surface these kind of things before you get into a political arena, means that on the epitaph of judge cavenaugh, maybe Justice Cavanaugh on the path of Dr Ford. This episode will, in fact be the case. And I think that is one of the most regrettable things that I can personally kind of wrap my head around as we process. Yes, where we go from here as to whether she shows yesterday, her lawyer was on every morning show in America saying that she wanted to testify in her voice be heard. I can understand why victim might be reluctant to do that. And so she wanted to do that in private. Certainly. I don't think anybody would blame her how she wants to conduct that of heard. Some suggest there should be some negotiation. I think people should be wide open to that because how she wants to tell her story is fine. As long as that story is told and everybody seems including the president to be on board with that leader. McConnell has said, it's okay if she wants to testify privately. If the hearing does happen, Paul, I want to ask you about this. The reality is all eleven Republican members of the Senate Judiciary committee are are men of the ten Democrats. Four of them are women. I know that there is concern among some Republican circles that no matter what those are bad optics. If there is a public hearing terrible optics. If you just think as political strategist, which is what I am. The key vote in this upcoming election is suburban. Women collar. Educate white women which have been a Republican bastion for decades, but now they're crumbling away and moving to the Democratic Party. This is exactly the kind of folks who are going to be the most upset if in fact, Dr Ford is treated badly by these Republicans, John Cornyn the number two Republican senators already beginning to tee it up. Well, there's gaps in her story. He's, you know, he's, he's, he's going to be, I think the bad cop. Maybe it'd be eleven bad cops. I think it's really risking. Josh is exactly right. They should Republicans control this entirely. They should professionalize it not politicize it. They should give it to the FBI and need a hill today suggested maybe some independent body. We have an independent body. It's the FBI all can. I cannot fuzzy on the f. b. I think is that that's where I get confused about all of this and that the FBI's role typically is to provide a background check which they've done different times for six different occasions. And in fact, when they were referred by Senator Feinstein, this this case, they made a note for the file and included it and said, you know, with all due respect, our work is done here. There's not a federal crime to be responsive. To. I don't understand how we're injecting the FBI because it's their job in new background check, Josh. There's no federal crime alleged and all the rest of Kavanagh's background that we know of. But I think it's their point they haven't. There were other people at the party. Contemporaries notes that they should examine their action. Six years years ago notes from long before this current controversy. They can examine see those real. There can be a search for corroboration and the FBI is better to do that than a bunch of plant tissue. I want. I want to get your reaction to something the Kerry Severino who's chief counsel and policy director for the judicial crisis network, which is the main group back in cavenaugh something she said on CNN when talking about. What this event might have been. Her allegations cover a whole range of conduct from from borsch nece and to rough horseplay to actual attempted rape. I'm saying that that the the behavior she described could be could describe a whole range of things. I know her. I know her perception of it was what it was one way. I'm just saying, I think I think we have to get all the facts. Again. Cavenaugh denies. All right. So he's not saying, oh, this was as she said, rough horseplay. He saying none of this ever happened, but what did you make of that? What I'm just saying is that she should not say that because you should treat the allegations seriously, I will say conceded that optically Republicans, they're damned if they do have a hearing in their damned, if they don't have a hearing which is really not on the part of the the accuser, but on the part of those who brought forth this information, that's part of the timing and part of the situation they're supposed to be in at this point. I will say that like as a woman who deeply understands the pain of somebody who might have been through this. Than I would like to. I'm also somebody who would like to vet the facts and it can't just be that you're a bad Cup if you ask. Okay, well, what are the facts here in the past? Unfortunately, in this new era, we are all called upon to publicly examined years, older decades, old accusations, which means you have to have respect for both the accuser and the accused, and it's a very tough position to be in an as we've gone through all these new cycles. I have come up with some criteria like one to have named accuser. We have named accuser on the record. That's important. Incredible to contemporaneous reports would not have those. In this case, it's nice to have those. You're going to verify verifiable facts like the location or time or anything about this party that you can then corroborate. That's all very clear. And then lastly, also not necessary, but like an IMO that someone repeats this behavior in the case of ROY Moore, in the case of Harvey Weinstein, I felt very comfortable saying, all of these are met in the public sphere. In this case, we have one of these things this far, and I hope that the process will lose it more things that make me feel more comfortable. Accusing him, but I'm not sure everyone stick around. We're going to talk about this more on Capitol Hill demands for a delay demands for more witnesses demands for the FBI to investigate. We'll Monday's hearing actually even happened plus shocking and salacious stormy Daniels telling all, perhaps even too much about her illicit encounter with President Trump and her new book. Yes, too much. I'll say that right now stay with us. Support for the lead comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Let's talk about buying a home for a minute because of rising interest rates. There's a lot of unpredictability when it comes to buying a home these days, it's causing a lot of anxiety with folks. Well, our friends at Quicken Loans are doing something about that. They're calling it, the power buying process. Here's how it works. 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Nominee Brett cavenaugh will testify under oath and we are told deny the allegation that he sexually assaulted a girl in high school. As of now, it's unclear if his accuser professor, Christine Blasi Ford will be there committee sources. Tell CNN that neither for nor her attorney have responded to repeated requests to testify privately or publicly CNN's Phil Mattingly joins me. Now with the latest infill, we'll Republicans hold this hearing, even in professor. Ford does not attend Jake. At this moment, it's genuinely and open question. Republican leaders have made clear. This is the venue. This is the opportunity for Christine. Bazi four to lay out her allegations. Monday is the day, but Democrats have made clear in return given the significance of this nomination. Given the seriousness of these allegations, there should be no deadline should be no rush. The public hearing on assault allegations against President, Trump's supreme court. Nominee may not happen after all. You could do it privately if she prefers or publicly. If she prefers Mondays or opportunity. This is a test for the United States Senate on how we handle accusations of sexual harassment and assault. I am hoping this Senate passes it, and if it does take place questions about who will testify chairman, Grassley said there'd be only two witnesses that's simply inadequate unfair wrong and desire not to get it the whole truth and nothing. But the truth, Senate Judiciary committee chairman, Chuck Grassley, telling radio host, Hugh Hewitt, the hearing would only include two witnesses. Judge Brett Kavanagh in professor Christine, Blasi Ford, and that Ford had still not responded to the committee's request for a follow up phone call. Or it's hearing invitation. We have reached out to her in the last thirty six hours of at three or four times by Email, and we've not heard from him. So it kind of raises the question. Do they want to do they wanna come to the public hearing or not ten Democrats on the judiciary committee called for the hearing to include more witnesses including Kavanagh's, former classmate, Mark judge seen here in Georgetown prep yearbook who Ford identified as being in the room when the alleged assault occurred. Yet the GOP continued to stand firmly behind cavenaugh an accusation which he has unequivocally deny and too key Republican Senator, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski making clear Ford, not testifying would be a missed opportunity than I really hope that she doesn't pass up that opportunity if she is not. Going to be part of the hearing. I think that that that would be very interesting and unfortunate, turn of events. Our thanks to Phil Manningly for that report joining me now to talk about this Democratic Senator Patrick layhee Vermont, who's on the Senate Judiciary committee Senator. Thanks so much for joining us has professor Ford responded to the committee's requests that she testifying and what's going on there. I have not heard that she has, but I think there's a very lot of concerned about how the committee is doing this kind of rushing it for it in the past under both Republican and democratic leadership allegation like this, you would turn it over to the professionals, the FBI or other investigators and say, here do a background on this report backed with tell us what you have. Don of professionals, and then we'll south the witnesses for hearing. Instead they're rushing this through makes you wonder, what are they trying to hide? I mean, I'd like to have the doctor speak. I'd like to have Mr. judge who apparently was there have him speak, but they're rushing through as they don't want as they want wanna look like they're doing something not do anything. Well, Senator my understanding is that the department of Justice has issued a statement saying that there's no federal crime at issue here. So that's why the FBI does not want to get any more involved other than what they are already did, which was put the letter in his FBI file and move on. What would your response to that? Well, when you're doesn't background investigation, they're not looking for a crime either. I was chairman of that committee or number of years. If we, if the chairman called the FBI and said, we have this question about nominee would you look into it? Of course they do. You don't call and say, hey, this is a crime here. Go get the Bank robber. That's not the case we asked find out. We have some conflicting testimony here I go and get us the facts, impartial nonpartisan way. If the Republican chairman asked for it, it would be done. Listen to President Trump earlier today. When Senator Feinstein sat with judge cavenaugh for a long period of time, a long, long meeting. She had this letter. Why didn't you bring it up? Why didn't you bring it up? Then? Why didn't the Democrats bring it up then? Because they obstruct and because they resist. Now, I understand Feinstein says that she was trying to protect Ford's confidentiality for it at the time had not yet said she was willing to come forward and be named, but you think Feinstein should have at least told other committee members about the allegation or maybe told the FBI about the allegation? I heard that earlier what President Trump said. I don't be purposely mispronounced under Feinstein's name or not. But the thing that I would say is we have the facts now, let's do what we have done. So in the forty, some odd years I've been here is ask for impartial professional investigation. And then once you have that back and it's billable to Republicans and the Democrats then have the hearing and ask the person questions under oath. I'd wanna have Dr for the question I want to ask Mr. judge who apparently was there the questions under old and of course judge cabinet under own. But we know the judge cavenaugh denies. It had happened. We know that Mr. judge denies it. It happened and we know that professor Ford says that it happened. We also know from Ford's attorney that she never spoke about this publicly or privately. Even until six years ago, there are apparently therapists notes from six years ago. They don't mention Cavanaugh by name. I. What do you think a hearing is going to accomplish? Given that there doesn't seem to be any clear way to prove this at least based on what we have heard from professor Ford's letter and professor Ford's attorney, don't you think it'd be helpful here. Mr. judge under oath, not getting second hand from the White House. The same White House that within minutes after this became public, had suddenly had to have a letter signed by sixty five people tested to judge capitalists character there. They apparently do the allegation was coming forward. Who did they know it? Probably. I mean, the thing is there's I was a prosecutor for eight years. If I saw something like this, I'd say there are so many questions. Why don't we get the professionals that why don't we have the investgated bringing the report back? And then we'll ask people the questions under oath Senator Patrick layhee, democratic Vermont member of the Senate Judiciary committee. Thank you so much free time. So we appreciate it. Thank you. Jake is the only other person who was allegedly in the room when professor Christine Blasi Ford says Brett cavenaugh sexually assaulted her. So you just heard Senator Lahey referred to him who is marked, what does he know stay with us? My name is Paul Shirley, and I've gone on a lot of dates. I've noticed something on these dates. I often find myself telling the same stories stories about my mother teaching sex Ed stories about playing college basketball stories about playing NBA basketball and almost dying in the process. We all do this. We tell stories on dates because dates or winning get to explain where we've been and what we've seen in why we think like we do my name is Paul Shirley, I now hope you'll check out my new narrative podcast stories I tell on dates, you can subscribe for free on apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. Raking news in our politics lead the other man. Then teenager allegedly in the room according to break Kavanagh's accuser, professor, Ford is breaking his silence. His name is Mark judge is a former classmate of Kavanagh's who denies that the incident ever took place. Judge says he has no memory of the incident that he has nothing to offer the Senate Judiciary committee according to a new letter. His lawyer wrote to the committee, quote, read cavenaugh, and I were friends in high school, but I do not recall the party described Dr Ford's letter more to the point. I never saw bread act in the manner Dr Ford describes. But judges writings about his hard days of partying while in high school with Brett Cavanaugh are fresh scrutiny given Ford's accusation that both cavenaugh judge were quote stumbling drunk that evening c. n. n.'s Jessica Schneider reports. Testimony from Brett Kavanagh's high school classmate, Mark, judge in demand by Democrats. I think it's important that we hear from witnesses not least of which is marked judge. How could we want to get the truth and not have Mr. judge come to the hearing and the ask questions, professor, Christine Blasi. Ford says, Mark judge was in the room at a house party. When she alleges a seventeen year old, Brad Kavanagh pinned her down trying to take off her clothes and put his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Ford says, judge witnessed everything. Judge. Now, an author and filmmaker told the weekly standard. Its accusation is absolutely nuts. Cavenaugh has also forcefully denied any incident judges own memoir on a diction depicts the heavy drinking and hard partying of Georgetown prep students at the time Cavanaugh was there in the early nineteen eighty s but it does not recount any incidents such as what Ford alleges in wasted tales of genetic drunk. Judge. Writes how the all boys high school was swimming in alcohol, and he was shocked. They got away with it. One only needs to look at the writings of more judge who was the other person present now to know that he wrote about history drunk. He and other members of Georgetown prep were repeatedly routinely. This was part of their culture. Judge even seems to allude to Brett cavenaugh in this passage from the memoir. Do you know Barco Cavanaugh one character asked another. Yeah, he passed out on his way back from a party. Both cabinet and judge were varsity athletes at the prestigious all boys Catholic high school outside Washington, DC captions in quotes inside their class. Yearbook, allude to parties in women, one hundred kegs or bust written on Kavanagh's yearbook page on another page. Did these guys beat their wives? And this one prep parties raise question of legality. Judge's personal page reads, certain women should be struck regularly like gongs judge has even waded into conservative politics, writing several. Articles for the daily caller. He's written about former President Obama saying, he seems to be a woman in a feminist one at that and judge took on the topic of feminism in a two thousand thirteen book review. Writing the bogus war on women is really nothing, but liberal women acting out against bad fathers. The anger of the feminists has grown more cute. Nothing short of a matriarchal utopia will suffice. It's easier than admitting what really ails you. And we've talked to a friend of Kavanagh's who tells us Cavanaugh may have drink beer in high school, but she says he was never out of control that same friend saying, judge on the other hand, was allowed mouth and a lot wilder. But this person had no knowledge of the party where Ford alleges she was sexually assaulted by Cavanaugh. And of course, Jake Mark judge also says he has no memory of this incident and therefore says he will not be testifying before the Senate Judiciary committee. Jake. Thanks so much. Take a listen to the Senate minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer discussing Mark judge and whether he should testify on Monday to certainly make sense for one witness to be Mr. Mark, judge, how could we want to get the truth and not have Mr. judge come to the hearing and be asked questions Senator Lahey said that to me just a few minutes ago. What's the strategy here? Why did I mean judges already said he told the weekly standard last week he has no memory of this happened. He said it again in a letter clearly. He's not going to provide some sort of corroborating evidence for professor Ford. Why did Democrats want him to testify so much? I mean a suppose part of it is if I'm a little bit cynical about it, asking him questions about the high school drinking and all of this that he would have to answer truthfully to those and talk about these things that they didn't it the culture. Yeah. I, I think that would that would be the bolstering attendant for both cavenaugh and judge. Judge when they, if they, if this is their story, all they can do is come and say, I did not do this thing in judge can say, I don't know him to act like this, and I never saw him like this and they can say that over and over again. And that's about all that they can do. And I do think it is dangerous to go down a path where if the standard is you have to prove you weren't at a party sometime in nineteen eighty two, the location in and number of people at which we don't exactly know or date of which we don't know. That becomes a really nearly impossible standard to hit an all you can do is go and say, if you believe, honestly, this never happened. Say it never happened. Am I being exceedingly cynical when I think that the reason Democrats want Mark judge to testify is because he's a horrible character witness. That they want, and they want to try him as if he is up for the supreme court because he's written. I'm glad that you're supposed to objective. Oh, it's way pastor. Said MS far more offensive than anything break Cavanaugh has ever said and they want they wanna make him exhibit. Well, first off, he is the only I witnessed this event. If in fact it happened and the huge part of the cavenaugh defense is he's such great guy. He's a better Catholic than I am very American. Then you just ask him, it's baloney, okay. It's baloney, what's what's Malone Brett Cavanaugh use the power of the office of independent counsel Ken Starr to reopen the investigation of suicide of Vince Foster. Now I knew I worked with him, he committed suicide. It was a tragedy that was investigated by the park police by the first special counsel, Robert Fiske by the Senate by the house. By the secret service all said, the obvious appointment took his own life. He reopened it spent millions of dollars and tormented. The foster family in the most vicious cruel abuse of power. I think I've ever seen in thirty years and he should be held account that that's part of his character to if he would do something that horrible. I don't know what he was like in high school, but I know what he was like when he had power in that office and he had a family. Family where he was under oath doesn't go to character. And yes, I do think that Marge edge would be a terrible character witness, yes, as boring as many of the most of the testimony already was, I think this would actually be entertaining. And of course, we live in a day and age of reality TV with the current president. What I think is interesting. I did not know that of around about what you just share, but we talked at nauseam about how Brett Kavanagh's testimony made me feel listening to to him, respond to Senator Haruna or to Senator Harris or to Senator Booker. The only three people or three people of color on the committee was also like it was it was troubling. So to me, I do wanna hear someone else who can talk about his character even if it was in high school. There are other things that are present day in more recent that I speak to character more definitively than this. Harris. Harris also launched an attack that went nowhere act that was far detect in silly intimacy. He hasn't speak up against that that I think we have for interesting. The only time we call we question peoples credentials. The only time we call into question whether or not silly or there was there was it was it was founded on good principle is when it is a woman or a person of color sitting in the United States, Senate is really fresh to the same as I am. Public. Kicker dealing with his response to her asking questions where she had good reason to believe what she was asking. I know her personally, I know that she did not have more information the facts that's not true either, but what is so interesting is she just said, did you do this? And he said, it depends on who you talk to who told you that he could have just said, no, and he went through this whole rap the whole thing about whether or not he talked someone from wonderful, thanks what he thinks. But I think what he did was he went his large law firm and he went to check whether he had talked to anybody from studying in how you're framing, but that is not just wanted to get back to. Professor and Josh is there, is there what are you hoping for on Monday? What's the best thing? There's nothing good. There's nothing good that this is a circus of the highest order. It should have been prevented. It was very preventable. This is very regrettable situation, and I think you know the handling of all this from July on is a real problem. What is the most likely outcome? Monday is that we again here, he said she said you again here from Democrats that they wanted to lay more now. Could that have something to do with this? Sure. But so did all the document requests up until last week. So did all the Bush document requests before that the goal, the name of the game from tactical standpoint, for for Justice is to try to delay the the nomination as much as you possibly can. That's been like that since the beginning of supreme court hearings. So this is not all part of just factfinding. This is tactical manipulation of the system. Now they do need to get to the bottom of this Mondays important for a whole range of of residents. Yeah, everyone. Thank you so much. A person who publicly embarrassed Vladimir Putin somehow ends up in a hospital after an alleged poisoning somehow. It wouldn't be the first time Putin sent a potentially lethal message to his enemies. That story next stay with us. Soccer fans are you? Tired of missing great UEFA games and giving soul crushing spoilers from friends, good news. Bleacher reports, new VR live that helps you watch all UEFA Champions League and wait for your openly games. Uninterrupted, because live should be live nowhere more third-party sites, cramping, your style, or scouring the internet for updates. Now with VR live super easy to get started, download the app to be our dot, live from more live over ten Jason in subscription purchase and additional terms may apply. Our worldly now poisoned by Putin. That's the suggestion being made by the band in protest group pussy riot after one of its members fell ill in Russia. Last week, thirty year olds. Peter, Verizon love was rushed to a Moscow hospital and then airlifted to Berlin. Germany, doctors there say it's highly likely. He wasn't poisoned pussy. Ryan has frequently staged demonstrations against the Putin government for its abysmal. Human rights record CNN is senior international correspondent Atiku Schumer just spoke with the man's family in Berlin Atiko. What did they have to send. Well, they had just visited him at the hospital and they said he's awake, but he doesn't really comprehend what's happening around him. Here's a kind of Asia and he didn't even recognize his own mother at first. Now, I also spoke to Nadia telecom Cova. She's a founding member of pussy riot and has a daughter with him for her. It's very clear that this was a probable assassination attempt, and she's basing that on what the doctors told her, that there was some sort of poison that attacked his nervous system. I also spoke to Veronica nickel, Sheena. She was with him when those symptoms appear. She described how he lost his sight, then lost control of his legs. And she believes based on what the doctor said that he would have died if she hadn't been there. It was a really shock. We will release your price. I was really surprised when it started to be worse and worse from our to our just few days ago. He understand that he's in cost Patel. And then he probably is poisoned. Now, why would he have been poisoned? Well, Vert Salah did pull off the stunt over the summer where he stormed the pitch at the World Cup with other political activists, dressed as police officers. It was highly embarrassing to the Russian government. However, poisoning seems exceptional retaliation for this. And I think it's important to remember that virtual off was also involved deeply involved with investigations into Putin's closest ally, so that may have something to do with it. Jake Shubert. Thank you so much. This is of course hardly the first time Russian President. Vladimir Putin has been accused of having his critic silenced through violent means c. n. n.'s Tom Foreman's at the magic wall frozen, Tom. It's remarkable list when you put them all together. Yeah, it absolutely is Jake Russian President Vladimir Putin today, sharp message to his critics earlier this year, seeing on Russian state TV, those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poisoned themselves. It's an interesting choice of words considering the appar. Current poisoning of this man versus off with pussy riot and other outspoken cases of dissidents suddenly falling ill and sounds bury England. The victims were a former Russian spy surrogate scruple and his daughter. British investigators believe they were poisoned by nerve agent sprayed on a door handle. It was very serious attack, which officials say, could have easily killed them both. Although they eventually pulled through in two thousand six. We know about the case of another former Russian agent who died after drinking a Cup of tea in London. Alexander Lipin, Yanko authorities say that thi was tainted with polonium two, ten, a deadly radioactive poison. Doctors fought three weeks to stop his rapid decline, but he died anyway, Jake, or is operatives ever been definitively linked with any of these attacks? Yes. In the eyes of some western investigators who say that is the only plausible explanation for the techniques and materials involved, but no, in the eyes of the Kremlin. For example, after the British officials released. Ages of the two suspects. In the scribble case Putin himself said they were nothing, but tourists who happened to be in south Barry at that precise time. Then those two showed up on Russian TV with the same story. Listen. Our friends had been suggesting for a long time that we visited this wonderful town. Salisbury, a wonderful town. Yes. There's the famous South America fedral famous, not only Europe, but in the whole world, it's famous for its one hundred and twenty. Three meter spire on is famous for its clock. And Tom poison is certainly not the only threat facing critics of the Kremlin walk us through some of the other cases. Sure. In two thousand fifteen bores Nemtsov a politician who criticize Putin's policies was shot dead on a bridge in Moscow. Some Chechens were convicted of the murder critic still think Putin was involved in two thousand thirteen Boris Berezovsky a former Kremlin insider. His critiques of the government had grown loud was found hanged at his home in England. Suicide suggested, but never proven lawyer. Sergei Magnitsky died in Russian police custody. He'd been investigating allegations of fraud, human rights, activists, Natalia Estemirova who wrote very tough pieces about Russian authorities in Chechnya was shot to death. So as journalist, Anna Politkovskaya a staunch critic of Putin as were several other journalists and other political foes, the Russian government has denied involvement, and there have been some convictions of people with no proven ties to Moscow, but skeptics say, look at how many of Putin's opponents wind up mysteriously did. And just ask yourself, is that just a coincidence? Jake. All right, Tom foreman. Thank you so much. The x. rated details in stormy Daniels new, tell all book. And we do mean tell all details that may spell some major legal trouble for President Trump. That's next stay with us. So many people around the world depend on CNN's quality reporting, and now they have an incredible online store with clothes gear and gadgets. Right now you can get fifteen percent off your purchase, just visit store dot, CNN dot com. And when you're checking out into the code CNN podcast, just one word and get a fifteen percent discount. It's that simple that's store dot, CNN dot com. Lots of books claim to be tell all, but they don't follow through stormy Daniels new book about her life. It's not that book. Wow, she tells all from the details of her career in porn to, yes, being in bed with the future president of the United States, and even being able to pick certain parts of him out of a lineup and then being threatened to shut up about it. All these accounts are in their CNN has an early copy CNN. Sarah signer is live for us in Los Angeles. Obviously, President Trump denies ever having a relationship with that woman miss Daniels, Sarah, some of the details here very not safe for work, but relevant to the legal troubles. The president might find himself and clearly her attorney said the reason why she did this. The reason why she detailed. So excruciating Lee thoroughly is because she said she was tired of being called a liar by the Trump administration. But she also tells a. Lot. Most of the book is about her life from her early childhood all the way through becoming a director in porn and also doing some other kinds of movies that we have all seen her in. But she certainly is very, very clear that this is full disclosure. In her. Tell all book porn. Star. Stormy Daniels gives readers and look at her life from a deeply disturbing childhood of neglect and rape to a public battle with the president of the United States. She writes that her first sighting of Donald Trump in two thousand six in his hotel suite and Lake Tahoe with shocking Trump came swooping in wearing black silk pajamas and slippers. She writes, what are you doing? I yelled go, put some clothes on. She writes that he changed and they both joked about his hair. I pointed to his hair what's going on with this? I know he said with a smile, it's ridiculous. She says the two talked about family. What would your wife think of you being here with me stormy rights? Oh, don't worry about that. He said it's not a big deal in any way. We have separate bedrooms. She writes Trump then brought out a picture of Milania holding their son Barron who was just four months old at the time. And when Daniels came out of the bathroom, she claims Trump was lying on the bed. Said in his underwear, they had sex. She then describes his genitalia in great detail his penises distinctive in a certain way. She writes proof her attorney. Michael oven Auty says she is tired of being called a liar. By Trump's people, President Trump has never spoken her name in public nor admitted to any sexual tryst, but it's spokespeople and attorneys have denied it ever happened again. And again, Trump and Daniels allegedly met months later at the Beverly Hills hotel. She reveals while in his room as the two were watching TV, Hillary Clinton called Clinton was vying for the democratic presidential nomination against Barack Obama. When he hung up. He was a few about Hillary. I love her. He said, she is so smart. Daniel writes, that's Ford almost a decade to the Trump and Clinton campaigns, and you'd never know it. Hillary Clinton made her money as a corrupt public official break into law and putting her government office up. Up for sale. Daniels also reveals she was raped as a child. She writes, it happened repeatedly by a man who lived next door to one of her friends. I was nine. I was a child and then I wasn't. She writes, he was raping Vanessa. So I put myself between them continually offering myself up. So he would leave her alone. Daniel says a school counselor called her a liar. When she revealed the rate. Now, those disturbing details, obviously, very touching hard to read. The book comes out October second, Jake or residing there. Thank you. Our coverage on CNN continues right now. Thanks for watching. So many people around the world depend on CNN's quality reporting, and now they have an incredible online store with clothes gear and gadgets. Right now you can get fifteen percent off your purchase, just visit store dot, CNN dot com. And when you're checking out into the code CNN podcast, just one word and get a fifteen percent discount. It's that simple that's store dot, CNN dot com.

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