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So whether you're listening in from an advanced civilization or have just reinvented the technology to decrypt our transmissions. This is our legacy to you. This our time capsule. This is the. You have accessed entry seven one four dot one C H O nine one zero certificate number two three zero eight to the letter j. Have you ever wondered about the letter j I mean, it's the first letter of my name. So I know you it's the first letter of my name is well my last name. Oh jennings. Right. It's fairly common letter in people's names. But not anything else as you would know if you've played scrabble. That's right. It is the fourth least often used letter only use less by z q and x and it's scrabble score is accordingly large it's eight, but I really to me it should be as should be ten like q x z. I'm an eight is x eight I think. Yeah. Q z or ten x j or eight is that right? I mean, we do use X's at least those of us in the adult video industry. Sure. Or those of us who put three Xs on a jug a right of corn liquor, right three. Xs is also the symbol of Amsterdam. And I think maybe Chicago. Oh, really? Yeah. Well, three Xs for Amsterdam makes sense, right? Or at least for that one district three exits for Chicago. But I don't know what's going on there. It said drunk three. I'd just yelling at you about the bears. But also J is right next to the letter I in the alphabet, and they look remarkably similar they both have the little accent on the top the only two letters in the English language that that carry a diet critical. And is that a jot or a tiddle, well, it's called a tiddle the little dot over the top of an ion Ajay are called titiles. I'm titillated, and they originally were there to distinguish the letter I first of all from other sort of squiggle squabbles. In fast written calligraphy because it's true though, when you do right? It's script lettering. Very fast. Everything is kind of a bumper a peak. Right. And you see this in the use of of little critical in? In Iraq, or or Turkish other languages that are original Turkish script, a other languages that are very much this kind of fluid angular language. Well, I guess fluid and angular different descriptions. But like if you're right the word minimum. And you're not super careful about your mummum that I mean, it's just a sign wave. And then you put a few dots on it. Look at that. Yeah. That's right. And originally they were they were much more slashes, but they eventually sort of consolidated down to dots. Is that right? They used to be slashes. Yeah. If you look at ancient manuscripts in old English or or similar scripts old friend. She'll see that the dot over the I is much more of a little Zing now. I feel bad. It used to be a big, bold swabs or slash in. Our we've pushed it back onto a little reservation. You know, it happens as particularly as typefaces were were introduced, you know, it was much easier. I guess to have dot, and it seemed more. More elegant at the same time. But I being an ancient ancient letter is where all of this type of graphically will you you aren't engine engine rudder by an ancient letter, Ken. I am the letter j moved forward through time, I've arrived here in physical form to tell you. I have come to tell you all. All. I come bring destruction and death. So the letter is one of the oldest letter. It's very old it originated in well in ancient Egypt as a hieroglyph, meaning a leg with a hand or leg first. And then they not know that rags have feet well in ancient Egypt people walked on their hands and and use their feet as hands. So your feet also. Backwards backwards makes sense. It was adopted into the Phoenician alphabet, I meaning leg and back. Then you need a whole letter just to mean leg because he were writing it a lot like so many amputations back then right? And the letter I meaning leg was pronounced yoga in Phoenician yoga, and so I- originally had kind of your sound, then as it migrated into Hebrew, and in in the semitic languages the letter. I means arm also pronounce your really, yeah. But as time went on, and he volved in Greek into a different sound from yet to e or I I'm sorry. As in the word, I Odessa the letter. I became I oughta I mean, our vow. I when you think of it doesn't really exist. It's a diff- thong that you get by saying. And then E, right? Just try to say just try to say you can't do it. It's not one Cy. I I saw a lot of languages don't even have a letter that does just that like in Spanish yet to put together an A N A Y to get that sound. And there are quite a few of those combination letters a e or o e that over the course of the evolution of language. It was decided either that they would consolidate into a separate sound of owl. For instance. I mean, a lot of our bowels are we can use a for. We this is part of teaching my daughter how to spell and how language works. It's often frustrating for her. And I think even for us to know exactly what you know, you say like e e sound except in this instance, it's the letter off imagine how English has become the world's kind of defacto second language, even though it's the worst. Imagine some kid who's been raised speaking Spanish or a talion or some purely phonetic language, right? We're spelling is not even a thing. There's no such thing as spelling bees because everywhere to spelled how it sounded. And every word is pronounced how it's spelled. And then they have to learn this monster hybrid chimera language of half German half French bastard language, where sometimes the letters h say who is in through or they could say, oh, isn't though they could say office in cough. They could say off is in rough often run. It could say, ow. As in bow. I in bow missing something I say, oh, oh, isn't though. Right. It could even be up as in hiccough. Here's the hiccups. Spelled with a G H at the end, right? Hit cough. I know right, right or. Yeah. Right. Jeff the the name Jeff G G H G O, Jeff. So it's just a minefields like, and it's all purely arbitrary, and it's one of the hardest languages to learn to to write era as to right end to speak fluently as the letter. I kind of the litter I was one of the original ones that had this sort of multiplicity of pronunciations because as it transferred down through all these different languages, each one sort of chose a different way of pronouncing it by the time it got to Latin. I'm most commonly in Latin was used to make an e sound like Vive, Vive vici or. Carpet. Diem Harpej diem is the D C's the d that's my that's my girlfriend used to say, but infrequently inland. It could make a y sound like it would be like it'd be the start of a word. It would be like I am another vowel like a or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But it was you know, what else you know, how they pronounce the letter. I in Rome. Oh one. Oh, of course, they thought they thought I'm in one dummies. In fact, the origin of the construction of the Jay, which is basically just an eye with a swoopy tale was actually as a Roman numeral in a succession like for instance, if you were writing thirteen Jay was a Roman numeral Joe J was an provide never saw rocky VJ. No this by the time. The rocky movies came out Latin had really volved. So the Latin of I did not. Aww it on the line of Ivan Drago, right? Are very different are evolutions. But like he can say yo Adrian with an I o could say, well, yeah. Yoyo? Adrian or or yo Adrian with a j if you wanted to use the Spanish pronunciation of the letter j. It would be that be like, the German prince Asian Spanish, that'd be ho-. It'd be hope a mean thing to say to Adrian Adrian, Colorado. She's a virgin she works in a pet store. Right. Yo yo Adrian would be also like in how alluvia Ajay used as a as a ya sound. But we'll get to that. I didn't mean to jump north. You didn't say didn't mean to yomp. The J was originally the last I in a series of three is in Roman numerals. So it would be, you know, thirteen would be x I j it was kind of a way of closing out the number. So Mr. T appears in rocky. I j I j so that was the first use of it. But I think only not not if you were doing three, but thirteen it would be sort of at the end of a longer series. You only do it with the thirteenth enough three because three would be all I guess this. It gets longer. It's more of a more of an Eiffel. This sorta process this was more of an accent. If you were a Florida writer it wasn't necessary. Oh, it was just a sort of. It was an affect taste of flourish is right. But it introduced the look and feel of the letter j but also as so it does seem like letter the letter j is kind of. More flamboyant letter it well, a little over the top look put a J in a wine next to one another which is the fancier letter when I was a kid in drama club letter j told me it was okay to be weird. That's what I'd let her. Jay, we owe a lot to the letter j those of us who live on the freaky side of life. Jay is like one of the freaky, est letters, right? Yeah. I is like a square he's on. He's one of the normals. I mean cute because q is is the founding letter of queer Q is a little clearer than Jay q gets a Q gets a lot of accolades now. But Jay is just I who's decided to chart a different course in his life. I mean, the weirdest thing about is that it's an open. It's got a tale. So it's kinda got the J thing going on. But then have you ever seen? How you're supposed to write a capital Q in cursive lettering. It's like a yes. The big letter to. Yeah. I'm not in favor of the capital Q in cursive. It looks awful. It doesn't look like any of the other letters, no accuser. Should look like an egg being penetrated by sperm that is. It was to the Phoenicians. Well, it's what it is to me. They had a whole letter the author that just a mean, fertilization what else in all of nature is a big sell with a little tail coming out of it. When I was a kid. I think we said it was a kitty cat. Oh, it's like the end of a cat listening at from the front some animal with a tale. Come. There would be a letter that would be a numeral eight with a tail we numeral eight being Ben as burn we didn't say the asset and. None of my teachers ever compared any letters to the asset of anything. But you're right. Jay is kind of freaky as well. As the letters go. It's it's out there. It's doing its own thing. It doesn't care what people say, that's right. And it's a letter that has a lot of different a lot of different sounds a lot of different selves. You gotta know it for a while. It's not just one thing. That's right at first you think o j sure I know Jay Banjar valley, and he'll reveals it's like, a guess it opens the KOMO no in a phrase that your fellow computer. Scientists would use. Yeah. We're always saying that the first the first person to introduce the word loader letter j as a separate letter was an Italian by the name of Jones Giorgio receive. No. And you can understand why he why he had such a fiction for the letter j although his name was spelled with G. Right. It would not. Be John Giorgio with Georgio. So today's entry is brought to us by Nord VPN. Can you explain to me what Nord VPN is? I am a computer guy in a past life. This is a virtual it's one of the most reliable and recommended a virtual private public. It's a virtual private network. That's the whole point dole air when you browse instead of getting directly online if use a VPN it's essential. It's like a proxy the stands between you and the internet. You log on to Nord VPN's private unsustainable. 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So the letter j has an inventor, the Leonard j says this guy is trying for days to make a new letter to make the just on a finally he comes up with it. Well, he as language evolved. There were all these additional sounds that were being used in spoken language, and there were convoluted ways of trying to write the sound in language. As as Waterson examples. Well, like, so for instance, the name of Jesus was pronounced us in Greek. And spelled with an eye uses his the Greek pronunciation, it's kind of a plot point in the third Indiana Jones movie. Oh, really do. You mean a home? Hello, Mr Guy. Sure does have a set of Honus. Now. Do you not do you not remember this? There's a Sean Connery has been studying the grail traps his whole life. Right. And he knows there's going to be you have to spell out the name of God. He's the only one. He's the only one that calls him, Indiana. Right right now. No, no, he calls in Geneva junior Kenya. Because they named the dog, Indiana. Right. So as soon as Henry Josey or leaves home, he pretends he goes to college and pretends, he's he's named for. He takes his own dog's name. It's very odd. Yeah. The his origin story Lee asks more questions than it answered. Not really clear why he would identify with like he always thought his dog had such a cool name that the second he left. He was like. Yeah. My name's browser. Well, I always wanted to be named Peter was at your dog's name. No, not at all. It was a family guy knows pre-famine got. I just thought it was Scott. Oh, no. It was kind of. It was like, I I loved Winnie the Pooh. And I thought Christopher Robin was. Great name. But somehow I felt like Peter was like a Christopher Robin like name for our time for our time. I mean, it just felt it. I don't know it just felt so English like Puta, it does feel respective like, they're, you know, all those blatant books would have little British group boy in short pants named Peter right heater. Exactly. Right. So they get to one of the traps between them and the grail. And it's basically a giant boggle Bordon. There's all these letters written on tiles on the floor. And he's like, oh like you have to spell out the name Jehovah, and you see Sean Connery in his he's been wounded at this point. By an earlier errand Nazi bullet. I think and and somehow he knows what Indiana Jones is facing. And he thinks Latin Jehovah starts with an I. Yeah. An Indiana Jones is a dummy and he's like Jehovah, easy j. And he steps on the Jim crow falls through the floor and nearly dies her. Right. And there's a Rolling Stone the gathers. No moss somehow in that. No. No, no. That's the earlier earlier. But this whole seems improbable to me. Now, if you're saying that I did not exist separate entities at the time. When the knights Templar would have been building their trap. Well, this was the this. Oh, yeah. That's right. It is implausible on a Jay which would be a great trap if the twentieth century person. But I guess that's just the fourth thought that God inspired in the knights Templar to make sure that the grail was well guarded. He was like in the sixteenth century. The Italians get into the letter j it's going to be a super tempting fake answer. It might be. The that. It was just a Knight Templar who had a seizure at that moment or Templar that slipped on a wet rock. He was trying to do a you. And then they're like lunch. I gotta go. In Hebrew, the name for Jesus is Yeshua, which is spelled with a y. So nobody uses the J except for evangelical is with their WW, J, bracelets or drama kids. Who's who? Call Jesus Christ superstar JC superstar. Well, this is all subsequent to tra- Sinoe who realized that the name of us use as it morphed in Latin had become Jesus. And although you could make a sound with GI as in for instance, John is his name. But there was a harder. There was a harder. Jay, it wasn't quite Sepe. It was Jesus a much more upright sound the sound. He was trying to get at a different sound than the Italian soft g right? It was a interest. And it was a different soft G like in the word jam. And and you could you could make a case that g. E as in the word like general accomplish that same sound. But there was interesting oes estimate the need for a new letter. And today, you know to tell you would just say, yes, sue, right? Like he would he would use the actually in Italian now. It's pronounced Jason Jason. So oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. GE would be like Jit like general. Okay. So this is the Lord of this is this new a new sound or enough of a new sound that a new letter was deemed necessary. Because they wanted people to say at the Italian way, but to be able to spell it without the the old fashioned way. And there was no way to do that. Because if you spell it with the I would just be. Us as I see. And there were at the same time a lot of importation of foreign words because this was an era of exploration. This is the sixteenth century. And in Italy. Sure. So we're coming back Marco Polo, and so forth are coming back from the far east with all these new words like Tajikstan, and author buzz, John and the Taj Mahal, and there is a certain sound Zhou sound that normally would have been spelled with the Zhou. An I a or what are some others or does spellings of Asia like Giorgio it would have been a GI today today, we would use Z H. But I feel like that that only comes after we get some Romanisation of Chinese, right? That's right. We we say as Chinese is the h but it would have been. Very difficult to spell like Taj Mahal as you couldn't put a gay. But at the end. Targeting tag Tegui. Right. So the J then started to be used in the Latin ization of sort of eastern or an words words that were already pronounced with these ya. But they needed a a letter that could sort of fill in that place like other buzz, John you have by John B a I if you had G A, and that would have been a very weird way of of throwing those two sounds together as a spelling so the modern Roman alphabet was only twenty five letters until relatively recently. It's like adding a start of the American flag. We thought of a new letter a new letter to represent multiple different pronunciations that formerly were either. I y or g put the addition of other vowels, we have just enough Joe's in Asia's inter into the pronunciation that. That this new letter which was basically just an eye with a swath sort of rose up into the Pammy on into the graphic on. There are other languages that use the Roman alphabet, but have added their own letters. But typically like combinations of letters combinations of letters or letter or Latin letters that have some sort of exotic or dia critic around some some flourish. Like when I was in Los time, I was in the u k I saw a Welsh scrabble set for sale. Did you buy it? Oh, please. Don't all just because on the cover. You can see that the high scoring tiles, but ten point tiles are all things like R H and C H and L L, which to us would seem like they're double letters to them to a Welshman in our age, as you know, as a Welshman bright like R H is just a a letter of their alphabet LL is pronounced entirely differently. Spanish dictionaries used to have L L in a different section and same with C H like you would look. All the seas. And then you see all the I think they merged that at some point. I think it changed about twenty years ago. Well, the as we talked about earlier in German, the pronunciation of j then was adopted into different languages with very different pronunciations. We we use J often as a job like just or jump. It's almost always that kind of de Deasy thing sound, I think is how it looks on the phonetic alphabet. Right. But you see your C J as y'all just as often like Hallelujah or just as not just as often. I'm sorry. But yes, like in borrowed words because that's how it's used in Scandinavian languages, right? You're right. You're again in fjord, and and German, and then as you said in Spanish, it's it's a silent letter or or it makes an eight. Havi air Jose and Hala Pinyo Holly SCO how lease go. But interestingly Jay is the the last letter added to the bet twenty bucks hot on everywhere. Well, even though apparently everyone was doing just fine without it. And then this Italian guy makes it up and other languages were like, oh that could be our h sound that could be our y sound right. We can use that as a substitute for these. Awkward combination. Supposed they were doing where we were doing. And they were just doubling up and having IB everything is that right in for the most part and then with a separate letter. You could assign the different pronunciations to I or I with a tail. Yeah. But interesting that Jay would become a consonant rather than another vowel form. Yeah. Though, we we often use it sort of owl Listrik -ly. We also use it con- some kung Constantinople cons sewn. Italy. We use it constantly. So the the adjective avowal is vocal I think or VocalTec, but I don't know what it is for. I think it's just constant and Tom subcontinent is its own adjective. Right. But actually, they're very often in in English up through the nineteenth century. There was a twenty seven th letter of the alphabet a special bonus. Let special bonus letter, which is the amp sand. The percent was often included in descriptions of of the English alphabet. We still do where we sing w x y and the the the next to last letter. It was originally w x y z and well that doesn't sound good. It doesn't sound as good and the emperor percent. If you think about it is a combination of the letters E N T which in Latin represented et which is and we call that a ligature to letter stuck together. Like when English people put their AM together like weirdos. Why would that need to be? There was only used to mean. And or was it used anytime you knew than ENT together? So and meant at or an was pronounced at in Latin or the word for and was at inland like at all at all or et cetera. But as ET became a amp sand, and was sort of regarded as a letter it started to be pronounced as you were. If you were speaking in Latin at which was fashion at the time you needed to distinguish amp sand the letter from amp percent, the meaning. So if you were reading the alphabet, and you got to the letter amp sand, and you wanted to distinguish it from the word, and which was it was confusing. Right. X Y Z. And right. Like, why is and the letter in you have to explain it's not a word this letter and not the word end. Right. And so it was. So they got to the end. This was before the song, they got to the hand of of the alphabet x y z and but in Latin if you were describing a letter like the like the letter A or the letter is that also were words, you would after saying the name of the letter you would say per se. Which meant in and of itself. So if you said if you were describing the letter, I and you said, I you, but you didn't mean the word I would say, 'i per se, I meaning I in and of itself, I not the word. That's how you would say the letter. I the letter I is I- per se I or the letter A per se, but when Ian t at became its own letter in the in that form of the the mash together. Yeah. The end the end when they would say it in the course of of the alphabet, they would say and per se, and and students, you know, were reciting this in the in the course of learning the alphabet, they would say and per se end and over the course of time that became the word anchor sand before they had the alphabet song. There was a Ingram. Ryan the English shoulder would use was called out apple pie ABC, and it's all pie themed. I guess. That's what children were into like says a give me a good large slice says be a little bit. But nice says see cut me a piece of crust take. It says D it's drives us and all these poems end with an percent like while emperor sand purloined the dish and four another pie did wish like because that's how it all had to end had to come down to anchor sand. Somehow he did it and when when the popularity of the much easier to remember and recite ABC song came into common usage. It was actually it's actually credited with the death of the amperage that really. Yeah. That we got to x y and z and the end didn't. There was no notes for it. It didn't move over into its position naturally should be. If it was truly a letter should have been incorporated into the song. In the in the way, the song was written out. Our of that song is the same melody as frugal Twitter are and baba, black sheep and Mozart. I think helped popularize that he he dropped that. Up into a piece was writing before like love it. Love it. Somebody realizes this matches the bet ABCD g inches. Holy cow. This is perfect. Hi and Bethnal from our doctors, and I'm Peter mcnerney from the story pirates, and where parents comedian and the hosts of Reno's parenting. That's true. But here's the thing. If we're being honest, we don't really know that much about parenting. I mean, we do have a two and a four year old and we've managed to keep them alive. But seriously is there a right way to do this. Are you asking me? I got nervous there each week. We unpack what we know. And don't know about how to raise kids. Well, our kids we'd never met your kids. So really, I don't know what to tell you you want expert opinions child psychology, cool parenting hacks. I'm sure there's a show for that each week on our show. We share our personal parenting triumphs and failure and failures. Already. Say failures because we knows parenting is hard. Maybe you can relate you can find. We knows parenting on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. I wonder if people had been trying to fit the alphabet onto a lot of different melodies like ABC d. Probably didn't work as well. Eight hundred staff they're like ABCD. But, but there's the whole line at the end, you could be like w x y z and you could be like an per se and m percent, amber, amber empress, and but that would have been like ten amp percents, which isn't how the alphabet was written, even then, but it could be w x amber sans. The accepted. They did the other order out. Why? Oh w x why percents? The w x y percents. Exactly is E percents and pretty cool. But yeah, that was the moment at which amp San stopped being incorporated into the alphabet. Here's the solution. You do it like the fifty teams, and you go w x y z and then I. That's how you do it. Then nobody forgets comes on. But as we gained the J and then over the course of the next couple of hundred years we lost the anchor sand. We also in written English lost another thing and only in very recent times, which is to written letters the OT. And a thing. I was talking about in like encyclopedia. Onsite the pay. Hey, defile, right. And those were letters which were used to to make this sort of Greek dip phone this kind of. Sound which persisted in written English fancy English all the way up until the twentieth century, in fact, in college I had a professor of linguistics who insisted that the word encyclopedia was pronounced encyclopedia. And most frustratingly insisted that onomatopoeia was pronounced on Amman Avia. And he would not let you get away with onomatopoeia. It was on a mutt. Avia because you have the end e. The only need letter followed by an eye in an eighth basically four vowels crammed together. But it's not true. Right. It's a no he is just right. Well, so as an for a while here in the twentieth century that this was one of the signifier of whether or not you were reading something in British English or in American English because we gradually eliminated that combined vowel in favor of just the letter E's earth differences world book encyclopedia was always pedia. Whereas encyclopedia Britannica had the Frankenstein letter. Right. And there are there instances where we just separated Owen the and left them both in like Phoenix. But it's pronounced as an e you don't say phooey Knicks did this guy this guy college ever moved to photo, you Nick, he didn't he did not say who mix. But if you think about a lot of I mean, most European languages create quite a few addition. Sounds with the introduction of die critical marks. And we in English have eliminated effectively all of those reducing most of those sounds downtick. Awesome. I always feel bad that peop- for people in languages where they have to. They have to hold down the a on their phone and see all the little lots or whatever we've got heavy metal bands trying to keep it alive for us. Right. Yeah. But there's an overuse of whom lots there where the where the whom lot does actually not change the pronunciation, none of the pronunciations. Like, I say Motorhead the same. I say motley Crue or head does queen's Reich have one at queen's Reich. Absolutely has won. I mean, spinal tap has them. And there's no change in the pronunciation that puts it on the end, which I think is a very funny. So how do you feel as someone who starts with the letter j do you feel proud that kind of the weirdo? Outlier letter is your totem your your spirit letter. Well, you know, when you were arranged by alphabet in elementary school and everyone lined up it was usually by last name. So R is a perfectly legitimate letter for last name, and it's really more a question to you like were there were that many other Jays? I imagine people with last name starting with a or b. There are probably always quite a few of those. There's research on people whose last name start at the end of the alphabet people named young hausky or whatever in that later in life. They become their worst impulse control because they spent their whole childhood waiting to be called. Right. And so when those guys opportunity like if they see something they will not wait for a sale. They're all they're the ones buying weird stuff at the checkout line because they're like me now, finally, yes, it's Mr. cow skis time, but being in the middle of the pack. I never really noticed when we learned when we had to write are learn how to sign our names in the phonetic. What do you call the the sign alphabet finger spelling? Yeah. That's right. Gay is one of the letters. You have to do a little floors. Again, you do a swot Ganzi or the only ones that actually have middle's washes. So when Jay z has signed his name, of course, he's he's all over the place. What was great about being John? Even though there were an awful lot of John's when I was growing up. I mean, that's not a very popular boy's name. Now, but in nineteen sixty eight when I was born if you didn't name your kid, John there was something wrong with you. You had to explain why to the magistrate. Yeah. The the only names really were John Matt, Luke. No, no wonder you wanted to be Peter. I wanted to be. So he was the most novel exotic name, you could think of sure will. And he goes, you know, he ends up. He's the only one that got the hell out. He was the great adventurer to syllables. But what was great about John was that there were so many different pronunciations of J as that name migrated around the world. So I could be one I could be gene, I could even be used or. Yes. Sean. That's right. Or what is it Ivan Ivan, right? I'm not sure. But. Yeah. Probably or e. Well, Janas was the was sort of at where devolved in Greek. So in Greek though, so it was really fun. I think as someone named Brian when it was like, well, what would that be in Spanish? It's like, I don't know Bryan, Bryan. Br there's not a lot of ways you could go with it. That was me being Ken why I had to be punch show or goose I just to make something up creek. And I was so jealous. There was a kid named Jim shoemaker next to me in class, and in Spanish, she could be high MS Petero, high maize oppa Tara's both his name's translated assorted mine as John Roderick. I was on your like Zoro freaking Zora. I am my name my name instantly went in all directions because you know, Roderick was the last king of the Visigoths. So there are a lot. Everybody had the word rod or had the name Roderick. It's in some way or another in their language. Do you feel like you're going to be the last king of anything from the last king of this? Show last king of rock and roll, Jon Rodrick. And that concludes the letter j entry seven one four dot H O nine one certificate number two three zero eight two in the omnibus listeners. We are confident that you live in a paradise of a world with even fewer letters Neil again. I think that's what that's what we're striving for by the time future. Ling's are speaking English and listening to English there's probably only twenty two letters to the you get rid of see just us. Yeah. Just use us in K and get rid of g and just use. I guess j I vote for. I mean, I'm writing for the letter j at this point get rid of x tissues ks for that matter getting rid of. I know I guess we need I. Oh, and I are grammatical. We need me as what you mean we need. Well, me per se me. Oh, we make each other laugh put in your ten runner paradise, we presume you have no social media lucky, but we live in a lesson light and time when we demonstrated our commitment to the ideals of the omnibus project by wrapping it all over the internet. We were omnibus project at omnibus project on every platform, you can think of I was at Ken Jennings can Jennings. Can I was at on on rudder yawn yawn? Rudder John Rodrick Ivan wrote a Rigo on Sean rubbery on Instagram, which was not spelt with a j that was actually spelled with an eye Instagram. We had a Facebook page on which. Upon which upon which connoisseurs of our historically important work could build all kinds of bizarre games and trading cards. So look for the future Ling's page on Facebook to find a community of people that are odd. Like you weird. Like the letter j it's okay to be weird there. That's a letter j us. You could send us Email. Do that omnibus project at how stuff works dot com at we were even vailable to receive physical meal. This is this is an anachronism, and we can do it only because Ken still had a mailbox because he is a member of the ten records for a penny. And I don't want Columbia house to know where I actually Columbia house since he he he orders a multiple times behind a proxy wall. My grandpas passed on. But one thing he always used to tell me he said, he would say, can you gotta keep your house and your Columbia house separate tell you what that's how that's how people survived that great migration out to Utah. They were like, look we're going to have packages sent postal Restante all the way across the midwest Columbia has divided on itself cannot stand. And that's why I have this PO box that we use for the omnibus project PO box five five seven four four shoreline. Washington nine at one five five. Yes. Nurse from our went point in you or just in past you have no idea. Hi, how young are Shiva's Asians or live like Altro by Chaucer? But we hope and pray that this catastrophe. This this diminishment of our alphabet and the richness of language may never come. We hope in fact that we incorporate Chinese letters and Arabic script into the English language. The great absorb and we call that the Bladerunner future, that's the blade runner future. That's right where where in blade runner people can speak to you in a pigeon, Japanese, and you understand it perfectly. But you reply in English, which they understand perfectly and. Yeah. And also all the signs are in Japanese and Korean text, but the Asian characters just speak English. That's right. Everyone is it's a polyglot nation. But no, one can decide what the languages or. No, one can decide decide what the lingua franca. No. That's not true the lingo, Frankas English. Isn't it? But the ridden everything's written in Japanese and Korean basically, we can genetically engineered snakes. But everything else is just a garbage. Well, you know, I think actually it's it's probably presiodent because by that point in time. We'll all have Babel fish inserted in our years like that little that little bug that that con- sticks in the year that Richard guts. Well, that would makes you crazy. Yeah. It does was that a red shirt or was that one of the main characters they cut them to everyone wears a red outfit. So I guess everyone's a redshirt. But it's Chekhov and his captain like, you know, check out. It's not going to die. You know? It's going to be the noble block guy. Oh, so it was it was the the bug win and checkoffs here and his and captain Terrell, but Terrell was the one that died from it, and they got it out of checkoff. Yeah. Conveniently it's one of these horror movie things for the black guy dies and the white guy just screams a lot and get saved. Well, I mean checkoff is a slob. So always screens. I don't know if they just wanted to make the Russians cowardly at the head of the Cold War. You can't really see like McCoy screaming though, can you? I mean. He would just go. Dammit Kirti just say damn it louder Kirk like yells at the sky. Fists above his head. There's not a lot of screamers on the enterprise knowing you would think it would be Sulu. Why? A war cry like the time he asked the sword. No. He kind of. I mean, he became a little bit more of a screamer in popular culture. He does quite a bit of like. I don't know what you're saying on stage screaming now, I mean, I've been on stage with him, I guess so and he screamed ally let out a great yell a great yellow of gratification to be celebrated by the nerds. Oh is that? Right. And then you're like I'll have what Suess how I'll have to lose having. If the worst comes soon by which we mean, all languages reduced down to one letter just said over and over a ultimate glitch in the matrix dirt or the only letters dirt or this recording. Like, all recordings may be fun. It could be our M percent. This could be our final word per se word to coin the phrase, but Dir per se d'oeuvres, but if providence allow yu-su if Jay sue allows. Yeah. Right. If his who's allows I love this like what what would the word end up being if it was Dirk per se Dir dirt per se Dir dirt Dipsy dirt. What you call? It's what you call us for dumb person derp, cedar. Let us begin coining. It's now new meme. Thank you, do if Zeus Janos allows we hope to be back with you soon for another entry Leon above. Today's entered in the omnibus is brought to you by Nord VPN. I installed Nord VPN on my phone this week. And I was up in browsing within seconds with amazing unparalleled levels of privacy and security by using their private network instead of going on the internet directly, and we're offering you sixty six percent off a two year plan using the code omnibus at nor VPN dot com slash omnibus. That's OEM an IB US omnibus.

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