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Support for NPR and the following message. Come from Subaru featuring the all new three row ascent with seating for up to eight and a choice of second row. Captain's chairs love is now bigger than ever. Learn more at Subaru dot com. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. The State Department is ordering all non-emergency employees to leave Iraq citing a high risk for violence and kidnapping. This includes the US embassy in Baghdad and the US consulate inner Beal the State Department says normal visa services at both locations are temporarily suspended for days ago. The embassy advised Americans not to travel to a rock citing heightened tensions. Today's order comes a week after the Trump administration said it detected new and urgent threats from Iran targeting Americans and American interests prompting the White House to order the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN to the Middle East along with b fifty two bombers state media in Tehran or quoting Iran's supreme leader has saying in a speech last night. No one is seeking war legal challenges are expected after state lawmakers in Alabama voted to ban abortion with one exception. If signed by the governor it would. Be the nation's most restrictive abortion law. Kyle Gasset with Troy public radio says lawmakers rejected exceptions for rape and incest. The Bill only allows for abortion, if the mother faces serious health risks earlier in the session. Republicans voted down other exceptions in cases of rape, and incest this despite impassioned pleas from Democrats like Senator Bobby singleton what you just said to my little girl that is okay for men to rape. You. And you got to have his baby if you get pregnant you just said to my little girl. You don't matter. The Bill now moves to the desk of Alabama's governor Kay Ivey. And then supporters hope it will be challenged and end up before the supreme court for NPR news. I'm Kyle Gasset in Montgomery, Alabama. San Francisco is the first major city in the US to ban its police force and city agencies from using facial recognition technology NPR's. Eric westervelt says critics argue that technology gives government too much power. Critics say the technology gets government excessive surveillance and tracking powers and can reinforce racial biases. The eight to one vote by the city's board of supervisors bans, the purchase and use of facial recognition technology by all city personnel and departments demand is not affect federal government business or personal use of face ID technology. The legislation is part of a broader oversight effort city departments will now have to get board approval. For any surveillance currently in use and any surveillance. They hope to use the facial recognition band puts the city at the forefront of national opposition to technology, local Silicon Valley tech companies helped create Eric westervelt NPR news, San Francisco stocks in Asia rebounded today following yesterday's gains on Wall Street as President Trump downplayed escalating trade tensions with China. The Shanghai composite added more than one percent stocks were also higher in Japan. This is NPR news from Washington. A thorns in Alaska are confirming six deaths in this week's mid air collision of two sightseeing planes near Ketchikan a total of sixteen people were aboard the planes. The passengers were on an excursion from a Royal Princess cruise ship. Jennifer Hamady with the National Transportation Safety board says both planes were inbound to catch can when they collided at about thirty three hundred feet. We'll wanted to talk to the passengers employees of the two air operators and will also wanna talk with other pilots in witnesses that were in the area at the time. One official says it appears the smaller plane broke apart in mid air after the collision one of the pilots survived. The Walt Disney company is taking control of the online streaming service. Hulu in a deal worth billions of dollars. NPR's? Colin Dwyer reports right now Disney owns two-thirds of Hulu and NBC universal owns the rest. But that is set to change. Disney announced that it will take over and be C universal stake in the company. Actual ownership will change hands five years from now, but Disney gets full control immediately. The purchase price is at least twenty seven point five billion dollars. And if who value spikes in the coming years, the deal could end up being worth much, much more. This marks the latest big acquisition. Disney has made recently in March Disney acquired twenty Century, Fox. And the media giant also plans to launch its own streaming service called Disney plus in November, call Dwyer and PR news, New York. I'm Dave Mattingly. NPR news in Washington.

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