Hour 1: Patriots Down Dallas


Great News there's a quick way you can save money switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more more on car insurance go to GEICO DOT com today and see how much you could save more time to catch up with Jerry. Jones the D.. In big big these two for disaster in New England yesterday and the cowboys boss sounds like he's finally had enough then the news in Philly even worse and it comes in the form of a question what is wrong with Carson Wentz. We have that answer coming up and if there was any question about San Francisco it was answered last night. Did you see what they did. Do Aaron Rodgers here we go. It's time to get up on a Monday on. ESPN WE'RE JAM packed. We are ready to go. We are fired up. And there's like a halo effect behind l.. Don't get is now. An Angel Program started this morning and we begin with a day that everyone had been eagerly anticipating yesterday the cowboys the Patriots and the wind and the rain. Could you possibly ask for any more drama than we had been foxborough to get. Things started yesterday and then late in the first with no score all those patriot. Special Teams Pat Dip rip. Reach Matthew Slater with the block to get things going early for the New England Patriots. The offense can't do anything. matchplay this as Jimmy that I got you talk Patriots takeover inside the twenty and that would set up for them the only touchdown of the game aim on this day. And this is a nice throw from Brady to kill Harry feel like we haven't seen it since week. One Antonio Brown against the dolphins one great throw by Brady New Kill Harry the rookie fresh off the IRA getting his hands. Up to speak down great touchdown throw from Tom. PATS his seven. Nothing lead next cowboys possession early in the second on a third down this is a bad snap and it's an even worse throw rex. What do we see here? Don't get a grip. Financed Gilmore bike. He's done all season the best corner in the League and not only does he. You make a play on the football he catches it. And what's the way secures. This thing right disagreed played by Stefan guilt. The Patriots twentieth interception of the year by the way had one more cats on the day. That Amari Cooper did Patriots turn that into a field goal. Ten nothing lead fourth quarter. Thirteen six can the cowboys. Get anything going yes they can here comes Landau Mesh down the field. It's a great throw by Jack to Cobb and then cobb running down the sidelines. Watch mccourty come and punch the ball away lucky secure but he massive play for the cowboys offense fifty nine yards in fact that sets up late in the Dr Thirty seven from the eleven as we watch these suburban garden gnome Catholic Catholic without disturbing it. Notice it moves moves like not at all it's inanimate and utterly without brain function but despite that when a garden gnome his about how Gyco not only saves people money but also gives gives them access to licensed agents twenty seven online and over the phone. It's clear to them. You should switch because yes. Switching to GEICO is a no brainer on second thought. The garden gnomes to carefully people might talk. We are back on get up in the game of the day was in Foxborough and the wind and the rain gene and everything else engulfed. Boil down to this possession fourth quarter just over six minutes to go third and seven for the cowboys and Rex Ryan. They weren't thinking for downtown. There's no way they they act as if they were floated in there. It's actually a good ball by but come on do what they take the field. Well hey you covered the spread or whatever you did I have no idea but you need a cover the fact you need to win a game. That ain't gonNA help you. It made it thirteen to nine. They would get the ball back. I mean in theory. It kind of works if everything goes their way. Here's the call that talking about forever on a third one. That's a first down. Play Zeke Elliott but to see the flag coming on the right side and for the second time on the day they called tripping. It's on seventy a to Frederick in the middle there. Somehow that is called the penalty biggest call of the day. The huge game and accused spotted sets up a fourth voice down Amari Cooper. It looks like they've got it but take a look again they do not it's overturned on replay. 'cause this ball clearly hits the ground the cowboys turn it over on on down. The Patriots would run out the clock and they would win thirteen to nine. It was a dramatic day in foxborough costly loss for the cowboys. Even with the law I still have the sixth best percent chance to make the playoffs in the NFC but that of course requires them to win. The division is the current wildcard Seattle and Minnesota both at least two games. The head of Dallas both have over a ninety percent chance of making the playoffs. We certainly don't need playoff odds for the patriots therein. They're going to win the division it's done but there are real issues for the first time in a long time. They are winning despite their offense winning because of their offense. Why is that PAT and I agree with you there? I think Tom Josh mcdaniels boy or going to have to figure it out. But they're special. The teams in defense have been carrying this whole thing in from special teams standpoint. It is easy to do. Just you have to be very focused on technique and fundamentals and be committed. Matthew Slater is the best special teams player in the history of the game. Everything he does is right his step to write everything like that gets the block. Yesterday sets up the only sport four but also feel position has been something that they've been absolutely slaughtering teams on yesterday against the cowboys. The a twenty point twenty yard advantage on field position and that is a good way to win games in the UK. Special teams has been helping them out. Immensely J Bailey rookie from Stanford with a big brain has been helping but also that Defense France has been suffocating specifically though when you watched yesterday where did the Defense Excel. The most against the cowboys third downs. This was the best third down offense in the NFL. They came in the Patriots. Third Down Defense so the cowboys tried to get involved and messes to get some create some rubs and watch the Patriots. They don't allow it. Those defensive backs every guy on different for levels never allows the pick or the RUB or the Mesh to happen. They get off the field because of the past break up the best third down. Offense tries another opportunity in bunch. Look at the top and washed it. Three Patriots defensive backs all on different levels. This doesn't happen by accident. This is coaching coaching. All three guys running free with the Receiver Know Pick or Mesh Rob and Gilmore's able to undercut so now they go to buy to motion racing receiver down at the bottom of the field. They're trying to get back corner to run into the defender trailing Randall Cobb never happens. He's got a free run to Cobb thirty three three two yard completion third down. This was the best third down offense in the league and they got skunked by the Patriots. Third Down Defense and the thing about it is whenever you have a great special teams that set you up with good field position if your defense can take advantage of it. I'll pin them. You get them. It's a beautiful recipe for success. Even if your offense hasn't table to get home in this whole thing is almost the exact script of the Broncos just a few years. They had a hall of fame quarterback kind of falling off of and he is at this point but that was able to win in a super bowl in a best case. Scenario greeny you can combined your offense and your defense like we saw last night. Oh absolutely let's get to stay up late last night. You missed the San Francisco Forty niners putting on a show against that man Aaron Rodgers and the packers look at this past Ross Ryan. Yeah you look good thing. Default never played for the the forty niners. I told you the best defense in the league. And they showed it on Monday night next Monday recovery down inside the five off of fumble therefrom Camerin Rogers they would then give Tevin. Coleman will take it. In for a touchdown it's seven nothing in favor of San Francisco early late in the first. This is bad on any night particularly bad when playing against this defense Brian blog the starting tackle out for the game. He does not return. It would all go downhill from there. Look at Armstead. Snow some blood in the water. They put arms thin and both the same side. Little T. game armstead comes free to set a two sacks on the night and later in the drive at won't treat me better sells a big plate here. Jimmy grand makes the catch. Wait a minute. No doesn't pretty sick. Throw by Rogers. Jimmy Grandma actually thought that the packers and Collins to was going to challenge this and make it a completion. They didn't in the end. Graham would have just one catch for seven yards right before the half packers down twenty to nothing trying to get something here but nick has just too good right is there's an line him up over a fish and that's exactly what Rogers had. Just forty one yards passing in the first half. And after a packers touchdown a two point conversion Asia are the forty niners might let them back in the game. That's the question. The answer is no George Kennel is back and better than ever. It's a sixty one yard touchdown. They're up thirty ready to wait. George let's talk. We've been running that since week. One and I have to run like two or three times a week fifty out every single time. So it's pretty I'm GONNA say Hey cow-like relax tight end. He's a very good tight. End is what he is yes. Six Cats at one hundred twenty nine yards and that touchdown that fourth quarter more of the same Aaron Rodgers. This has nowhere to go and no time to get there anyway. He would finish move. Just one hundred four yards passing the niners defense five sacks on on the day so what can we. Let's start with the forty niners rex. You said it weeks ago you'll say it again right now. What do you think of these forty nine? The best team in the National Football League. I I did say it's six weeks ago when nobody wanted to listen but it doesn't Matter Thirty Years of coaching. I don't know what I'm talking about. I knew it was going to be a horrible matchup. That game was a a horrible matchup for the packers. Why we saw the same thing like two or three weeks ago? When they played the chargers they play the exact same defense on by the way the niners have more talent? And so that's why I knew it was going to be a bad day Aaron Rodgers. Let's talk about Rogers Dan. This was coming off the bye. They had a lot of time to get ready for this game and they were never in it at all. I was shocked how bad they played coming off of that by almost looked unprepared. They let that defensive line for San Francisco dominate the football game. And what you can do against Francisco in the packer should know that is. Don't get behind the change. Because then the rush happens both is over on the left side. Okay velocity goes goes out. Robert Solid Defensive. CORNU goes to kate. Bosa go to work. And to REX's point they over fish at right tackle and it was domination after domination. Seven pressures on Aaron Rodgers US seven every one of them came after Balogh went after the football game. That's incredible number by the way and also a fumble recovery and almost touch down there but the thing about the forty niners is. I don't think you can prepare for schematically. Yes he could get the ball out quicker but if they get you in third down third medium third along you're dead because they figured out a way semantically to have your offensive line. Go One on one with people in all you need is one person to mess it up last night. They took advantage of that a lot. Rogers was under duress the entire game. I think the only thing that can really stop the niners and I hadn't been sent him because they hadn't played anybody until the should've won that game. Now they beat the hell out of the packers actors. The only thing. That's really going to stop this. If you meet a front for an offense of line that can stop their front four front five and that's going to be something that's going to be very difficult to do. They still have the ravens on the way and then at Seattle Seattle so the schedule is incredibly hard coming up for the forty niners. But you're buying them not just because of their defense which is the best in the sport but because of the tight end as well the tight end the best in football football and he doesn't know that I know he's a tight end but you run like a deer that's the difference right there they have speed on the outside so with you know and then oh by the way they have a whole stable of running backs we never had Brita play Kyle Shanahan who does an incredible job setting everybody up for success. You have that defense led by Your Guy Salah coach energetic then that often so Shanahan's brain is going to get running. I mean the niners are truly the only way they lost that game is because Shanahan pull the Shanahan and dislike. The Falcons went through when he shouldn't have run the run. The thing out two minute and they're going to be just fine much more as we go. Meanwhile let's let's get up and go do it builds running back Frank Gore past Barry Sanders for third on the NFL's all time rushing list pat. You played with Gore. What can you tell us about front door loves the football? He doesn't like pads pads soccer shoes. He shows up to work every single day. Everybody loves him in that building every building. He's been in congrats him on passing Barry Sanders Walter Payton. You're gosh he's coming for you. Let's go to the NBA. Because you to get up and go look. Donald Trump forty-one points had time six rebounds in a big win over the rockets. It was the four thirty point game for the twenty year. Old who led Dow's to five straight wins dodge becomes the second player in NBA history. To record two thousand points five hundred boards and five hundred assists before their ninetieth career career. Game the only other person to do it. Oh Oscar Robertson you might have heard of them and Lasley sticking in the NBA clippers. Pick up their fifth straight win beating the PELICANS. Thanks in part of Mantras Harrell who led the charge with a career high thirty four points and twelve rebounds becoming the seventh player in clips history with thirty and ten off the bench. LA's outscoring their opponents by more than in sixteen per game during their current win streak very good basketball still ahead on get up. Did we count out Baker Mayfield and the browns a little too early. How realistic are their playoff? Chances we will discuss and only the saints could fall victim to the pass. Interference will that they inspired a little irony irony. And it's coming for you sean. Payton not happy parts deal Harry Travis. Frederick called for Tripping Valve Fourth at eleven for Dallas Fall. Hit the ground into super dramatic day yesterday in Foxborough in which the Patriot defense suffocated Dak.. Prescott was pressured pressure on a season. I thirty five percent of his dropbox. He entered the game as the least pressured quarterback in the League. Tom Brady average to season. I nine point four yards in the air on his his passes for fourteen on throws ten yards downfield and a bunch more that were dropped. And then Amari Cooper held without a reception for the first time since joining the cowboys cowboys. Stefan Gilmore was matched up on twenty six of Cooper's thirty routes Gilmore actually had a catch in this game and Cooper did not so. Where does it leave us with the NFC the playoff picture? Well Dallas still in control of the East game up on Philly forty nine ers. We just went through their massive win. They have the best chance during the top seed in the NFC nearly fifty eighty percent and then there are other saints. They sit back. And we'll get their shot at San Francisco in two weeks. He did especially after Phasing Panthers yesterday who were trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. NFC NFC south showdown. We pick it up into third quarter. It was a one possession game but the Saints Drew Brees to Michael Thomas Dan beautiful course. It's the Michael Thomas it's a touchdown. Pass ask them breeze the Thomas that connections on stoppable great places by breeze so panthers down by seven. They're going for it on fourth and goal from the two Kyle Allen Scramble hold connects with Dj more. So we're not up at thirty one now. This next opportunity under three minutes left. I had a lot of Atlanta's more set on twitter because it's just looks like he's able to get through. Go right the passes and completed. Take a look the panthers would challenge because they said it was pass interference. This been working all year. It's not worked at all all all year. In fact right like less than nine percent of calls actually got overturned except this one does get overturned. How'd you like them apples? Sean Payton you wanted this deserve. So what how do they do with the opportunity. Absolutely nothing a new set of downs. He gets that does Allen so now. It's Joey sly already missed. Two extra points. Anthony Come on pat there. That's tough jumped over to snapper. There was a guy right up the Godley pushes it from twenty eight yards though you gotta find a way to knock that home for your game. Still tied saints at their own thirty-six ensuing drive brees again to Michael Potus twenty four yards. I down ten catches and one hundred one yards per thomas on the night he'd already kicked a game winner this year. It's will lutts take it back with one L. because he hands out the other L. to all these things a little bit thin but sneaks her home for a saints w that it wasn't our best game and by far wasn't their best game and quite honestly it wasn't New York's best game and so it is what it is amen. He's right I mean I look at his house for this yet but we're gonNA punish them because they add for adding me too. How many times eight percent less than nine percents in nine percent it gets turned over? Well what are we doing. Because it's a saints. We automatically GONNA mess. I take a look at it. Well it's visit pass interference or not pass interference. Are we comparing it to other calls this year that they haven't overturned. I think the issue with this rule was it was meant to save the game to help the game because pass interferences are such large penalties. They swing games but now with the lack of consistency it almost feels as this is foul Berto River on hates the rule and he hates rule because it makes the rest on the field look bad less than nine percent turnover one on the Internet. Everybody agrees on something except for one guy and now he has a chance to take it out on Sean Payton. I'm no conspiracy theorists. Let me put on tin foil cap if that was any other coach. Other than Sean Britain. That's not getting turned over inside probably makes the kick by the way. So Karma came full circle there yeah slide single handedly costs in that game. He left five points on the table. Able I'm just saying very quickly though wrecks in terms of the game itself what stood out to you from it off. I think first off the saints aren't as good or as completed football team is we're saying okay. They just gave up thirty one points to Carolina with a backup quarterback and by the way Kyle Allen he had a great game and he really did but let's not say is going to be the starter Darter next year guaranteed Cam Newton. If he gets healthy. I still think you'll be the star for me for the saints a lot of conversation about this guy being in the MVP Combo this is an NFL as as QB driven leagues. There's no chance he's GonNa win it but Michael. Thomas is an absolute stud at guard. Mike never heard something more accurate. The Guy shows up and shows out every the time it gets on the field they may not have looked good last couple of weeks. He's still got drew brees green. I'm still taking that over there. QUARTERBACKS vanloads jumper way over to the AFC yesterday where there were some some interesting game so you got Baker Mayfield. The browns take it on the dolphins which is a revenge game for Jarvis Landry against his former team. You knew we'd have a big day and again we've seen so many red zone struggles for this team. Nice route by Landry leaving a window. I can't dance like tall by Baker I can. I'll teach you later then later on the first browns in Dolphin territory and here here comes old Dell back. I love the little pocket movement by Baker. And then he'll down again that that's not my dance. They opened up a huge lead in hold on to win again. Then there are the steelers that team may face last week and again this week. And there's Mason Rudolph in the middle of so much controversy and continuing to play really bad. Yeah the ball. The ball continues used to get turned over by Mason. Rudolph the other football team. Easiest ways backup quarterback for you to go down on the bench against anyone but the bengals they would've lost yesterday. Rudolph bench inch draft throwing for just eighty five yards incomes dot com. I'm not throwing absolute perfect spiral to change Washington getting off off of me. Twenty three touchdown steelers quack quack. Hodges five completions one hundred eighteen yards and a touchdown steelers win sixteen ten the bengals our own eleven eleven for the first time in franchise history and so this sets up a much anticipated rematch with the browns and while they are not displayed on this graphic they sit just one game behind the pack of teams that are six and five and already looking ahead to that game. Cleveland's Defensive Tackle Sheldon. Richardson says he's Hoping Mason. Rudolph will be back in the starting lineup. Next week. Rudolph Bench today. Would it be disappointing. If he doesn't play clan Bro. You guys did such a great job of hope. Hope he plays. I hope he plays. Why did you see him as tough so it is a truth is the absolute defense? I mean that is the reality at the end of that game. The game that will always be remembered for myles Garrett in the helmet incident Mason often throwing four interceptions play terribly yesterday so the reality is the steelers quarterback situation is a mess may be better off with. Hodges what maybe I have pat. Take this so I would argue this. That all of the Pittsburgh Things Mason Rudolph should be suspended just as long as miles. Maybe not Sir anything that happened on the field. But they're all thinking. Hey get this guy out of here. Duck hodges goes into La. GETS A win. On prime time football he'd been sitting there watching Mason Rudolph Doc not only throw helium balloons from party city. Whichever single pass not always? He's starting fights the most vicious fighting. NFL history but the guy just flat out isn't good. You get duckie. Hodges judges in there with his duck call they start making a run there. It's been tough to stop the steelers especially if duck hodges is leading the flock regular. We'll send that to one hundred percent unsure what I want to ask you coming off of that. Let me talk about the browns. The browns have ridiculously easy schedule. The remainder of the way. And when I say that. I'm not exaggerating. They they play this showdown game with the steelers. They still have Cincinnati twice. I told you the Bengals Owen eleven they get Arizona which feels like a highly winnable game and then of course the showdown with the Ravens. They're not really fighting for the division. Anyway they're probably hopelessly out of that. Rex are the browns going to make the playoffs. There's no chance they will but yes. They're go to do it because I know you love it when I say but I'm looking at look. You got a quarterback that's underrated. I mean bigger. I wonder if there's really not he's taking care of the football that one bad intercept yesterday but but this is they had the talent to win all these games you know but look who's GonNa beat them Pittsburgh with duckie. Hodges hire some goose play quarterback. I don't know they got no chance or terrible. Then you can look at Cincinnati. I love how it was. Eighty two percent chance to win and then when they go to Cincinnati because that is a god moist the play it goes to seventy one ticket. What are you kidding? Who They can't beat anybody so I think they got a chance like this schedule? I never seen an easier. Here's the thing. The schedule is incredibly notably. Easy but the reality you just saw the buffalo's GonNa get in the playoffs. They don't think you're talking about one. You're talking about fighting for one spot. And that's the raiders. It's the Colts Yup. It's it's any the Tennessee titans or no. You're very high on Cleveland. GonNa make it or not. I don't think Cleveland makes it strictly because Indianapolis Colts who have an MVP. Jacoby percent at quarterback is detached the best chance out of those four teams to make it because everything that Cleveland was doing at the beginning of the year that hurt them turnovers and penalties. Not Doing let me just long healthy. The turnover ratio and last month Cleveland Brown. More about this as we go and I will remind you that our week twelve Monday night matchup tonight is a good one. It stars the biggest star Darwin. This sport the electrifying Lamar Jackson leading the Ravens into ally to take on Aaron Donald. And the Rams it's eight eastern tonight on ESPN ESPN two there's and the ESPN APP. Coverage begins with Monday. Night countdown at six coming up Jerry Jones putting Jason Garrett on notice comments from Jones the likes of which we have probably bubbly never heard before. Don't miss it next. Get up on E._S._P._N..

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