The Great Gildersleeve 51-03-07 (398) Marjorie and the Twins Coming Home - Grandpa Isn't Needed


The Kraft Foods Company presents. Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you each week. By the Kraft Foods Company is great news tonight. Parque margarine is announcing sensational new. Eighty-three thousand five hundred dollars prize contest. Eleven hundred seventy separate prizes including twenty brand new one thousand nine hundred ninety one. Ford Victoria's Fund to enter. Anyone may win full details in a few minutes have paper and Pencil Ready. Parque you know is the margarine that tastes so good because it's always fresh wonderful as a spread seasoning or shortening. That's B. A. R. Y. R. K. Margarine made by Kraft get some tomorrow Temperature got down to zero in Summerfield last night and this morning as the first rays of the prostate. Dong Room the great gildersleeve stirs in his bed. Those the blankets closer around his ears cautiously opened his one. Is You you you quarter to seven? I can sleep another fifty minutes union calling at this time in the morning. I'm not gonNA answer it. I'm sleeping that Runkel Ziff. I didn't know over heaven's sake. What a family. I'll be glad when Margie's home from the hospital with the twins and they'll have to be quite new around number the. Upc last grew Leroy. I was sound asleep. I got was my teacher on the phone today. This school the pipes of frozen Mike Pitch. Now run along my good life. Let me finish my name is. He is ten minutes left route. It's better than nothing. Ed King Office with you today. I suppose boy along need have. Cd's sleep thank you. I don't want anybody disturb. You hear a good boy over. Leroy you answer the phone trying to get up living in a Belford into that alarm clock telephone. Shut it off family. Look who's talking. See for me marrow. Highly girly calling Bronco Very Marjorie. Is You certainly the market? I wake you walk. Why are you like so early in the hospital records an hour ago? I have wonderful news. Aki News Avenue. Dr Charles ran this morning and I come home today today. Really coming home today. He's coming home after David. You bring the twin. Today's the day clock black. I'll be there my dear. Don't you worry about a thing I wanted to baby's on the way home bring ready? Just leave everything year. Old Uncle George. It's GonNa be good to have you home new at eleven o'clock. Bye Bye Birdie. The records faxed unite the hospital. Eleven o'clock that's it. You just watch birdie she's GonNa make them a little slack. Yuli don't stand there and this is the big day we've got to hurry Branka. That was on the phone. We're bringing your home. Today is going home home where my clothes back. But she was a different way. He's going to even find his clothes. I go to the office new with Leroy. I'm not going to the I have to go to the hospital and bring measuring the baby's home on the bus. Don't realize how important this is. Your sister and those babies are precious. We haven't been able to do much up to now but I. This is why we take today because we wanted to come home today. You said we could go to the office. You go to the office. I'll have to go to school on another day title by tomorrow over. Leroy stop thinking about yourself is thinking about somebody else. Think about my dream time to. Be Selfish. We all have to pitch in and help you too can have cheer you can. There's a lot of things to do more than I can handle. What do I do I I go upstairs and get out of that bathrobe? Put Your clothes your natural board executive usually how to make things happen on the ball every second. Yes Sir you get a mind like a steel trap going matter group. Where am I close? Let's see now. We only have ours a lot of things to do what we bring home. Well I got mismanages. Close all packing one. She's going home good but he good. I can just see myself sitting in that car holding one of them babies. I'm going to be nervous like an old hand. You won't have to worry Birdie not with me diving. Oh you absolutely every wedding along dime looking forward to the day. I pulled into the driveway with Marjorie and her baby's yes sherry. Why do I start? What can I do? Well somebody's got to set those two little data for the baby. Yeah Yeah I've in the players are you GonNa let me do that. Leroy kind of a tricky job boy. We wouldn't want the vegetables. The little tykes out on the floor veg together falls apart all leroy plenty of things you let me take care of the day we're GONNA need to hot water. Bottles wonder each of the twin. Wait a minute. Leroy bought a house around here. I can't find the basement when my tenth with your yeah. It was using it for a canteen. Michael's can't use that. We'll have to go over to judge. Hookers Enviro hit Hooking Leroy. We haven't much time. I'll take care of the hot water bottles can do something. You can watch things. We need some things from the drugstore cop and baby money up. Why do you insist on doing all the difficult things? You'd probably forget half the things you went. I don't know need for you to go. I'll stop at PBS. On my way back from judge hookers holy cow. Everything than anybody else. Have any fun NAM right. That's the wrong isn't a question of having fun. We're all doing this for Mondrian. The baby's we simply want the most capable person to do the job. That's all these to ride in the car with you when you bring March home you but there won't be room for you would you roy. This isn't a picnic I have to. It's my duty all I want to see. My baby's brought safely hold doesn't matter to me. Who Goes Lear? I listen how much fun it'll be to stay here. Module the babies when they come in the door. Honesty killer sleep. I just talked to March. Everything's all say y'all said Yes sir. Mr Bullard is letting me use his cadillac. I'm picking marge up at the hospital at eleven o'clock new usually you're picking up. That's right we'll make a little bed in the backseat for margin. One of the babies and Birdie can sit with me in the front seat and hold the other one good arrangement. Don't you think fact is Rockville? Yeah I started plan on going myself. I'm awfully sorry Mr. Gildersleeve but I'm afraid there won't be room for you. You'll be room. I hope you don't mind Mr Gildersleeve know how much fun to stay here. What the margin the babies when they come in great Gildersleeve. We'll be right back in just a few minutes. Fold details of Parque margarines easy to enter great eighty three thousand dollar prize contests get paper and Pencil now? Don't miss a word that may help you win. One of those big big prizes lagrange had it all planned that he would try to the hospital this morning to pick up Marjorie and the new twins but it seems Marjorie husband Bronco had the same idea is so there wasn't much a lot of commissioner. The do you pushy. Kid wants to do everything himself. Listen to it showing off. Just because he bowed Bullard's Fancy Got Messenger. Boy until I am around here Bronco Room night car. Good aside in there someplace. Kids spend the whole thing for himself. Let's all go on Mr Gildersleeve? Oh No I don't mind a lot of things to do anyway. He knows down while I wouldn't go on the reason he said. I think that boys a little crooked Mr here. Oh no I wouldn't think of IT Bronco. You go ahead smoothly. Have a good trip really waiting for you. Showing his big Fed Hydra Matic to even go. In the house you click the guy sickle got a good mind not to be here when they come home. They don't need me. Why should I hang around? They think they can get along without me. Just let him try. We'll be plenty Shari doing leroy packing up some stuff. You vote for moving down in the cellar seller. Sure just an all around. Here's long down. We'll the other old leroy much feel that way. Nobody needs me for nothing. That's not true my boy. We're all needed every one of us. If we make ourselves needed we have to look for ways to help other people. Moving down the sheller when they bring those babies you in the cellar. Hope you find a comfortable spot. Let us hear from you now and then boys noses out of joint jealous babies things he is needed. You'll come around George. I feel better myself bill you I should I get steamed up just because Bronco wanted to drive Marjorie hope hospital. There's lots more important things to do. Bragging often forgot all about the really important things the hot water bottle from the judge. Listen things from the drugstore. That's just like a kid you. I'd like to know what they do without you around here. Come on he'll probably get his jumper coordinated rowing machine. No judge you bring you out this nippy morning Lou. I'm busy is a bird dog. Judge my coming home from the hospital this morning at last you have all your lovely little family together under one roof is going to be fine having measuring the babies home. But there's sure keeping me on the right terrible babies. I went to the hospital yesterday to see them. During visiting hours I was holding. The baby is up one by one for the parents to see through the glass. Yes I've been there every day for the past two weeks. It must have been far. I five proud fathers viewing their offspring and me at car. Well there's held up margarines twins for me to look at she smiled so prettily your Mike. All the other fathers looked at me as much as to say those yours over and I didn't say no I simply couldn't resist yelling glorious feeling it must be for Bronco to such. We agree on that judge. Good broncos still just boy responsible kid either got all the important thing is just a good thing. I was around. That's all I can forget. Allies by came over judge. They need an extra hot water bottle when they bring the twins hold he went. Unregarded all about it you. He's not by here on his way to hospital. We picked it up. Yes indeed what else he forget plenty of things? There's a list of things in my lawn need from the drugstore. It is up to me to get his kids ozzy. Let judge after rush over to PD. Maybe I can help. Gal Thank you judge. I can handle it dining bronco do everything could even let somebody get the hot water bottle by George. I'll get the death in. Pd's show him. He isn't the only one of the family that means anything US this morning. I need a lot of things is bringing the twins home this morning at nine of excitement around your hat. Yai BRACCO was running around in circles. I had to stay home from the office to keep things under control in Hong. Say Yes sir you get your Pencil shopping up. I've got a big order. Man DO BOXES OF COTTON. Three bags of safety pins together here. Write these down. Pd cotton two bottles of baby lotion for the boy wonder the girl outcome pottery a lilac fragrance hearing you ought to buy all these things of course. I do previous. Somebody has to do it now. I can say is you're GONNA have an awful lot of cotton. Cotton and safety pins around. Your yours. This RONCA was in this morning. And the things you're buying a he did he. Did you know together? The broncos a very capable young man anything else I can do today nothing. I'll go home. Yeah just being away in old extra getting underfoot Go Leroy in the cellar ridiculously blown down with the rest of the junk. I'm coming down. Move over my boy. What's the matter the I feel? Pretty Lowly Roy. You and I are just excess baggage around this house. I guess should he you rightly nobody needs us? We cut each other. You try to do. Your best. Work can help. Then when the bring the baby's home you forgotten. Yeah we just don't matter anymore. Let's run away. I run away. Nobody misses somebody pulled in the driveway. That home you wonder who carried the babies in cares. Everybody's got a baby but me. What did you say? Nothing say nothing? That was one of the babies. He'd be a pin sticking him. You wonder what they're got there. They don't need us. I suppose together Leroy Vegeta- together responsible kid. I'll get the screwdriver. Read the players. Come on Roy Moore Bronco. Let me at that back. I can't seem to get them together. That end up the little rascals stop. He's watching his uncle. That's me you were the other ones. Watch me you little ride is the bed. -Ill yes but the other area I'd emergency thirty and you know me and there's an emergency. I'll make up the beds. It had me blankets. Bronco blankets blankets by George. I have to do everything around here. That's a good thing you only Leroy. We're around Mr Gildersleeve might never gotten those band together. You can't be expected to do everything my were you leroy when we came in. We were around. Dad's already Birdie. We can put them in their sleep. Happen advantage let me put him in thirty doing how you all look at than Bronco to of them. Maybe we'd better let him sleep. Come on we'll be along in a minute chilling. Meta chance to look into little tax proposal babies niece and nephew hun nicety went into the. Yeah put up much fight to date a good base. What the Dreamer. Body admitted this long enough to dream but they will earn. What else around the next ru those letters Levi? The hospital. Those these the baby's name. What other names? I don't know much. Look you just say boy and girl got have better names year they will migraine Bradfo. Haven't been able to decide. I guess good. Somebody will take some fine names for them. You wait and see the Great Gildersleeve will be back after. This important announcement. Well someone has the name those twins and that's why park a announces a series of big prize contests I naming the twins. You may win a one thousand nine hundred fifty. One Victoria are one of eleven hundred and fifty other prizes. Yes for big beautiful. Victoria's will be one each week for five weeks. And all and every week for five weeks parque will also award Tim. General Electric Portable dishwashers twenty. General Electric Triple whip mixers one hundred Chris. New Twenty dollar bills and one hundred new ten dollar bills. Eleven hundred seventy prizes in all. Here's how you enter. Think of names for these babies one's a boy one's a girl get an entry blank from your grocer. It will tell you how prize winning entries are selected or use plain paper. If you prefer send your names for the twins plus your own name and address do parque margarine box six seven nine nine. Chicago seventy seven Illinois with each entry and blows the red end flat from a package of Parque Marcher. And here's something special if you'd like to try a five hundred dollar cash bonus. In addition to the first prize includes to Parque read plants. One end flap entitled your entry to full consideration for afford Victoria to read and flaps entitled you to five hundred dollars extra if you should win one of the weekly first prizes remember Lee address Parque Margarine Bach six seven nine nine Chicago seventy seven Illinois. First Week's contest ends at midnight. March seventy so. Hurry NAME THE TWINS. Get your first three off tomorrow. Gildersleeve again friend. Mighty Nice of you folks to help us out with names the twins you hope you think of some good ones. Magnolia right away. Speaking of the younger generation. This week marks the thirty ninth birthday of the Girl Scouts in America. Thirty nine years of building. Girl Scouts everywhere. Keep up the good work product. What is it Leroy me wonder what this as a deer throckmorton remember me remember the girl who sang to you one rainy afternoon? Remember the girl who sang the song the girl in the woods. I'll be back in Summerfield next week. Maybe you'll hear it again affectionately. Katie Lee daily. He's coming back next week. Denied folks jealously this by woman. Waterman Joe is written by all last John. Eliot the ninety white with music by Robert Armbruster included in the cast or want to Tenley. Really Randolph. Dick Brener Narrowly Rob Earl Ross and victim grant this John. Huston saying good night for the fast foods company makers of those famous quality food listening next Wednesday and every Wednesday while the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. Next time you read the ICEBOX are sit down for between meal snack. Don't forget to add a little craft repaired. Must do that cold meat. You eat all that sandwich you may or when you add a little mustard you add a lot of two kinds of craft mustard salad mustard with that. Delicately spiced mild flavor and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added. Have both times on? Hand them for extra zest in meat or cheese. Just add a little mustard and you latte a lot of time by craft prepared mustard here. The bulk every Sunday over the station. Check Your newspaper for Time Broadcast and listen next Sunday. As the Falcons solves the case of the unsilent Butler you bet your life. It's Groucho Marx on NBC.

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