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Welcome to Real Estate Coaching Radio starring award-winning real estate coaches and number one international bestselling authors Tim and Julie. Harris. Real Estate Coaching Radio is the nation's number one daily radio show for realtors who demand. Authentic, real time coaching. Get ready for flood free unfiltered full-strength honesty about what's working to get you into action helping others and making money now in today's real estate market. Or hosts Tim and Julie Hairs. Three to one, and we're back Julie Welcome to today's PODCAST topic that we're going to be covering the next few days is a topic that you have. Chosen based on the feedback from a lot of the questions and just frankly from decades of coaching experience and what we're going to be dealing with is specifically the seven types of fear we're in Milwaukee you guys through just the concept of the fact that really fear. At the end of the day, there's two types of fear and I'm not going to drill down on this now because we're gonNA, get to the first. Sort of the way that fear manifests in the form of procrastination but there's really an essence guys you'll learn to the series that. Are, GonNa present to you. Is that the fear that you experience when you do experience it is psychological fear and the nice thing about psychological fears that you can actually do something about it. You can change it you can actually choose not to feel the fear well, rather you can't choose to feel not fear feel the fear or not. That's easy for me to say but you can choose how you react to the fear ones you feel it and that's what we're GONNA be talking about this week. It's incredibly important. You guys drill down and stay focused because we are going to explain to you the cost of not moving past. The fear a mechanism having ultimate control of you. Okay. We're not going to be talking about anything spiritual or anything will or anything pseudoscience were GONNA? Be just dealing with straight up how to drill down get past feeling fear practical tactical stuff and I would challenge all of our listeners to just accept the fact that every single one of you has at least one of these fear factor's going on and some of. You may have more than one that are sort of working together against you. So do take good notes and of course, most importantly decide what you're going to do about it. Right. So before we get to the first point in the first point is procrastinator which is near and dear to Julius heart because that's fear manifestation that's plagued her and chased her most of her life and all of us do differing degrees. So before we get to the first point, might all of you if you're not in the free coaching program, there are still an opportunity for you to enroll. All you have to do is text the word survival two, three, one, nine, nine, six, text, the word survival two, three, one, nine, nine, six if you're one of our friends in the great white north money was kind. Enough to let me know yesterday the texts mechanism does not work in Canada. So you're going to have to go to the website directly to enroll and to do that it's simple. Go to Premier Dash experience dot net. It's Premiere Dash Experience Dot net but for everyone else other than those of you in Canada just text the word survival two, three, one, nine, nine, six, so. Julie. Let's talk about the procrastinator. Yes. So by the way, don't procrastinate texting get on that. Okay. So all right. We're talking about fear but the the first tenant is the procrastinator and you might put a slash next to that It's also known as a perfectionist, but procrastinators often obsess over the end product or outcome of whatever they're doing and they insist on being perfect. There's a perfectionist isn't coming in because of this they tend to spend too much time planning and researching instead of simply diving in they hold themselves back from even getting started in the first place. Now in real estate, these are the getting ready to get started to someday possibly take the first step if the planets are in alignment and the sun is shining, you've heard this before. Or an aversion of that, right. These are the agents who spent a year or at least months on their pre listing packages always tweaking and over engineering everything instead of getting it done and using it, I would put a lot of stuff in that category you might think of. You know some of them have wanted to do some videos and they've got a system but because they're not perfect at it, they get stuck and they never use it listing package. Sorry. Listing presentation by our presentation doing proactively generation of talk topic that's coming up. Yeah. Okay. So these are the you read my mind. These are the same agents who role play endlessly, but never call an actual prospect because quote they're not good enough yet on the script. So for Pratt procrastinators, what's the cure out of that second I've got four points of cure to the procrastinating the getting ready to get started crowd. Most of you guys listener are procrastinating, and again we're going gonNA focus on the things that you know our wheelhouse in your wheelhouse, which is being successful real estate business owners is what you guys are all spiring to. If not already, and the procrastination thing is not you cannot be a procrastinator and be successful in real estate or anything else of that matter. And July said a lot of really critical points and hope you guys were listening to getting ready to get started is where most of you guys are virtually all aspects of your lives you think about that be honest with yourself be introspective with yourself. Thing of all the things right now you're you're getting ready to get started to take seriously takes the next level. How many in Your House Hound little unfinished projects do you have in your house? How many? How many different things have you promised that you're going to get done this year that basically just been procrastinated until the cows come home but more importantly how many of you are actually doing the things that are actually going to lead to? A paycheck and you're not doing them because of the fact that you're procrastinating feeling like you have to learn more know what to say, and that's just all your ego. That's your ego trying to protect itself, and we're GonNa talk about that more and the future days that are to come their own the next five or six days. But the reality of it is that the procrastinator is the easiest thing to identify it's also the most insidious and destructive of. All the manifestations of fear. 'cause you never do anything. Yeah and in fact this, there's a lot of psychology to this is well, this is actually the first stage of mastery which is known as formulation formulation is the getting ready to get started to someday do something you're thinking about your planning at your tweaking at you're studying at you're doing a survey on facebook about it. Okay. So then you can't get to concentration which leads to momentum without doing this. Hey. Stand up i. have to read this. Here. All right. Here we're doing little office reconfigure as well. Okay. So what is the cure number one? It is important to push past that fear of starting getting written word when we switched your screen. Sorry. Okay. Getting started may feel like a big hill to climb. This is a quote from a psychologist, but you cannot edited or revise something that doesn't exist. Right so this is where you get stuck massaging something that actually hasn't been executed. So be careful not to place energy into a perfectly finished product instead use it. To troubleshoot an outline or an initial push, this is where agents get stuck. They don't actually learn anything because they're not actually doing anything. They're thinking they're doing something because it looks like work. I made sure I quoted the Right Person Sheryl Sandberg of facebook famously said done better than perfect. Actually you know it's funny. I was the one that tells you. She said that he actually was quoting somebody else. So she has competed that maybe it needs to know she she's the most modern famous person to have said that actually. Just wait at the end of the line I know what you're talking about. Julie's Super Energy knows exactly what I'm talking about Oh I. See looking at your notes. That's right. I told you a tool. Yes. So but delays to that point though with regards to the whole done is better than perfect concept that in itself right. There will be a revelation most people but I do want to loop this back into proactively generates versus passive just to drive this point home the problem with what everyone else is telling you guys to do for the sake of building your allstate business is that you will never actually you're always going to have A. Reason to procrastinate you're always going basically have there's no way to perfect what they're asking you to do. There's no way to actually ever get to some sort of psychological point where you feel completely comfortable with saying it's good enough because it's constantly changing look at I mean I'll use. This is a stupid example, but it's a good one look what happened with Tiktok what look what happened with all these different things with technology that you? Guys were being told by suppose gurus and coaches and the real estate industry investor time in. But look, you don't get business from it because there's no business to be had its all time wasting activity. What we ask you to do has a very discernible start nettle and finish what we're telling you to follow a system. What we're asking you to do in our coaching program does have a very predictable duplicate -able result whereas all these. Other things don't, and that's something you have to keep in mind because if you are a natural procrastinator as a new fall prey to believing that your future in real estate is dependent on your ability to be a social networking influence or whatever gimmick they're trying to sell you. Then that's going to make it so that you're procrastinating tendencies of combined with those bad ideas are going to never result in you ever actually taking any any. Real momentum in your business and Jillian I are working on might even end up being a book but we're R. We're at the point where we feel very confident that the failure rate for agents has actually increased since the normalization of all this digital stuff basically as a primary source of lead generation and what we have determined and what we're trying to you know. Absolutely, drilled down on using NAR statistics mostly as the number of the amount of time agents spent basically how long the average lasts in the business and what we think we've discovered so far that since two thousand seven, the average agent in the businesses like they're failing significantly faster thirty percent faster. And we can only surmise that most of them are going out of business at real estate carrying a bunch of debt from having basically been suckered into buying all the gimmicks how about that for a shot between the eyes as I don called truth. So if you're wondering why you're struggling, it's not because you don't have the aptitude or the intelligence. So the desire the motivation you don't need to work on your mindset. You just aren't doing the thing that's going to put you in a position to help people and make money. It's not there's nothing wrong with you. There's something wrong with the path you're falling. So for most of you that should feel really great and understand that if you were like nine percent of everyone out there who your natural procrastinator. The defense mechanism at the end of the day but if that's who you are and you're trying to basically make social networking work, you're never the worst combination of a behaviors. You can actually ever exhibit if you ever hoped to basically be successful well, it's pretend work. Basically, you know it looks like something that's going to result in something and yet it's just a former procrastination. So let's see point number two. What is the cure for this for are perfectionist procrastinators in real estate there is little, which is actually perfect. You're dealing with people you're dealing with contracts with houses with inspections, you're not going to have perfection but. As I said in many my perfectionist clients be perfect at the things that do matter right clean contracts follow a specific process be relentless in your pre-qualifying and let the rest go. This actually comes out a lot in our coaching and premiere when agents get into some kind of difficult situation. The answer is always do what the contract says and this means that you can't negotiate intact. You can't do goofy stuff like that. There are some things that you can exercise that perfectionist muscle in, but it's not much real estate. You GotTa let the rest go. Point three realized that taking the first step is the most important and that the steps after might not even be what you think. So spending time guessing at what's next just waste time if you were to go back and interview yourself, you know week one of having your license and asked that beginning licensed Tim, you know what are the steps to enlisting your answered be completely different than after you had done ten actual listing appointments, right? Let alone after twenty or thirty or fifty thousand. Thousand I mean for sure. Yeah. Definitely. To over engineer guessing when you haven't done the action is just a waste of time. So basically, everything you've said so far as far as kicking the ass of this procrastination problem really is just falling approving plan, right? Yes. I mean at the end of the day, that's it and we have lots of them the seven steps listing. Process the pre-listing package, the scripts etcetera, and the procrastinator who with no. But if I'm reading this and I have, let's say a undiagnosed procrastination problem. So to try to make it sound medical here though certainly not physicians. But if I'm reading through these things and I have an undiagnosed procrastination issue and that's become who I am I am the procrastinator by procrastinating I never. Make my else self uncomfortable because I've never actually putting myself in a position where you know I could hear the word. No, it's just never had. You know there's all kinds of psychology they come that reinforces being a procrastinator. The last thing I'm going to be one it'd be told to do is follow a proven path because then I'm going to have to let go. Of this wonderful crutch I've had all my life call procrastination share and you're going to have to be accountable. That's right which is not something of normal procrastinators going and that's why the next point number four is really critical set specific but attainable goals, right. So if you're working on the treasure map which you get when you text three, one, nine, nine, six, texts survival. Thank you have your treasure map, which is your business plan you're going to get that and you're gonNA look at it go. Gosh this is pretty robust I'm GonNa have to do some work here. Give yourself one week to complete it do the first part, my financial picture being clear about what you have to earn in real estate. Don't just look at it and get overwhelmed and say, Oh, well, I'm not GonNa do this because I don't have time to do every single page. Perfectly a must you the first page of your points there Julie which is the first time seeing is we'll tell you my mind went as well as that. You're I know I know is that your? With. This is all against spending around this like when I when I sponsor somebody at X. When we bring somebody into our XP royalty family if you guys want to talk to Julian up during our XP family, just feel free text me directly on my cell phone, which is five, one, two, seven, eight, Oh two, oh, six, five, one, two, seven, five, eight, Oh, two Oh, six if you're just curious and you're just getting started. Text the word e P. Two, three, one, nine, nine, six, and we'll text back a fantastic nine that video that walks you through all the reasons why you want to join espn answer all your questions. So if you're ready to join today just text the word I'm sorry just texted me directly at five one, two, seven, five, eight, Oh two oh sex, and if you want to just if you're esp curious just text the word. P. Two three, one, nine, nine six. But here's here's what I was going to tell you is that every single person I've ever talked to when they join the XP, and they realized the potentially XP has specifically for sponsoring agents. That's where their focuses, which is not everyone but most people they get it is they always overcomplicated and overcomplicate to a level that is just absurd. They don't WanNa accept the fact that there's a proven path to fall. They think their egos tell them that they. have to create these complicated bundles and this and that, and the other thing. They don't just want to again adapt to its there and follow the path that's there for them to follow. They don't WANNA realized they don't want to accept the fact that it's I don't WanNa use the word easy. It's not easy but they don't want to accept the fact that they don't have to create anything. They can just fall in the footsteps of others learn what to say learn how to say it. Learn what to do how to do it. The whole thing is right there in front of you. If you want to get into, ESPN start sponsoring agents you know and yet ninety nine point nine percent of all the people I ever talked to they immediately try to over complicate things in the same thing happens when people get into real estate yes absolutely they do they start listening to all these social networking gurus quote unquote they start doing all this complicated crap with thinking they need to. Create Bundles on branding and learn all these really pseudoscience terms and just frothy and all what. So in your opinion, why is it? The People? Everyone wants things to be more complicated than they have to be I think a lot of it is lack of business maturity and exposure to the fact that there isn't. It isn't easier path I would say more efficient path to just do what has been done before you. You know when we got into real estate, there was no coaching but we were. To follow people who's proven path work but my question is why do people in your opinion drill down on this? Why do people want things to be more complicated than they? Are I think it is a creative avoidance so they don't do anything. So it's more procrastinate is so so there you go. It sounds like perfectionism, but it's really progress. So by making things complicated, you're creating more of an excuse not to do the real work of. Everybody uses it. So it seems acceptable everyone else right because they're not doing anything. More seminars more webinars, more jurors, more podcast, more everything to listen to because you've got, you're getting ready to get started and you need to make this really complicates system. So ultimately, what is the people that act like that, which is virtually everyone what what is it? They're trying I mean look how many people you know if you google some of the biggest search terms are essentially about different workouts in. This the other thing it's like it's not that complicated guys this stuff has been out forever. It's not that difficult lots of people that sell stuff that you want it to be complicated. So why they're multi. System what's in the psyche that wants to be complicated? That's a good question I work and I think I think people hide out because they you know ray they get intimidated by what they think is a bigger process Fear of the unknown is a big thing fear of success. I think is just as strong as fear of failure because what if they actually do follow that system and somebody says, yes, and what if somebody says no, it's all the stuff that's made up in your head the what ifs when you don't actually have anything to compare it to. Say you know this doesn't work after making three phone calls I think people are more bass than that and I'll tell you this having thought about that question longtime because as coaches I I mean you constantly run up against that. You want the immediate if guys listen this, enjoy getting this notes but the simplest answer is always the truest answer. Right? The first answer you guys from remember. From taking tests. The answer's almost always see if you can't figure out what it is. Right. So the simplest answer is always almost always the correct answer when you're trying to decipher something but our egos for some you know obviously undefined reason wants to they want to make it more ego wants to make it more complicated. But here my opinion is the reason people ultimately like to have things. Be More complicated is because it does create a socially acceptable way for them to procrastinate. It does create a long term thing where they don't ever have to learn to do what they don't want to do, and they don't want to do it at the highest level and you know using our favorite example. Basically, you can say you know prospecting, for example, you sworn pledged throat on your dream. Board Goal Board everything the you're going to basically pick up the phone and start calling for sale by owners but you haven't you maybe have made this pledge that beginning of the year and what did you do use the coronavirus viruses your excuse you used all the other crazy things that have happened this year you're trying to perfect your script you're trying to role play you're trying to this. All this through varying degrees of procrastination. But those things that you procrastinate have you ever noticed they're also the things are going to put you in a position helped the most people make the most money. The quickest have you guys focused on that or realise that's true. How many of you procrastinate picking out what version of Kito Diet or whatever that you're actually GONNA do books you're GonNa read podcast you're listening to all websites you're going to just because you don't actually want to start doing what you don't want to do when. You don't want to do at the highest level because you want to stay in the formation phase as long as possible because you're creating your plan that way you can tell people you're working on losing weight. You're not. You're just basically reading a bunch of stuff trying in watching a bunch of videos trying to procrastinate ever actually having to go to the gym and make yourself uncomfortable or ever saying no to the third helping Pumpkin Pie right is this makes sense Pumpkin Pie that's not nice. I know I said just a buggy. been put Pumpkin Pie spice on your coffee. This morning I saw was yesterday. By the way they checked. But but but is. This we're talking about it's elaborate avoidance and you know what's funny about this? Let me let me do this last point and then I'll make a coaching story. This is this is this is gonNA hurt out warning. Related to. Done is better than perfect. Perfect is the enemy of good. Where does that thought come from? Well, I looked it up aristotle and Confucius and other classical philosophers propounded the principle of the golden mean you guys can look that up but which counsels against extremism in general. In this case, we're talking about perfectionism, the Paredo principle or the eighty twenty rule explains this numerically. So it commonly takes twenty percent of the full time to complete eighty percent of the task. While to complete twenty of it takes eighty percent of the effort achieving. Here's the important part achieving absolute perfection may be impossible, and so as increasing effort results in diminishing returns, further activity becomes increasingly inefficient in other words the harder you work on something to make it perfect the further away you're getting from that, right. So in other words Aristotle, Confucius want you to stop getting ready to get started and get to work. Here's The interesting thing that happens coaching clients. And you can I hear this on. Mostly on for sale by owner, I was saved by owner and of course, expired called basically anything that activity that would result and you potentially hearing the word no is what really saying. This is real world. We hear this every week several times on the Premier coaching call. Okay. So let's say I was a procrastinator before, but I've decided that I'm going to actually take the first step and do something about it and I've listened to the coaching and I'm not GonNa put all this pressure that I'm GonNa make one hundred expired calls or anything like that I'm just going to take the first step today. So help me God I am going to call five chooser category Feren by owner. expired. Whatever and Lo and behold what do you think happens I get an appointment and I go to premier and we have the victory lap thing that we do in in premier. So they can share their successes and they always end the same I can't believe how nice that for sale by owner was I had the best conversation they were so great I've got an appointment and I'm sure I'm GonNa get the listing. You and I are always like well, what did you think was going to happen? I think talked to you about this one hundred percent of the time but they're always like so amazed that that's how it but be job they took the took the first step but right but drill down on that. So guys, you're all positions again, you're all guilty of basically procrastinating doing the real work of real estate and the reason you're doing it ultimately is because it's not fear it'll work. It's the fear of you not basic of your ego thinking that it can't handle the actual situation where you might hear the word no, or will the seller might ask you a question you don't know the answer to it. So you continue to spin around the toilet bowl forever mentally. And emotionally and financially never get anywhere, and then you're always beholden to buying leads. You're always beholding to basically the next shiny object I. went around the bend on today's show to premiere my parting thought his fear is not profitable you have actually give me two minutes. Okay. Have Time. So so here's something I. Want You guys all to be very, very resin of so zillow and this is no surprise to any of you guys who've been attached to Julian I for a long time we have never been zillow fans and the recent we've never been zillow fans is because essentially everything that they did was not in the best interest of the industry on a whole was basically the best. Best interest of agents who are low skilled and didn't want to learn how to generate their own business that is the bottom line and what zillow swore they would never do. They have of course done and they're going to continue to do yes. They're opening up a fifty state brokerage but even gets worse how many of you have come up on? A steady Diet zillow leads because you've only been the business sense of effectively the last ten or twelve years when Zola's been around to sell you a leads you've never learned how to proactively generate we generate and what's happening in those intervening years. Yes. We've always told you not to buy leads Gary Taylor Gary. Keller. Told you not to buy leads from. Anybody. With a conscious who sincerely cares about you guys told you not to buy leads to learn skills, develop yourselves. You still did it. You made zillow worth eleven or seventeen billion dollars, and now what they're doing is they're basically the then some of you guys said, oh I've had been selected to receive zillow listing referrals from there is buyers well guess what they're taking that off the table to unless you join their brokerage and you can pretty much surmise they're not going to be paying you hardly anything in terms of salary salaries, an agent Ed, zillow wherever the hell it's going to be called. Julie's got to go to premier. So I mean that's the thing I'm GonNa make sure you know to tell the. Screen. Okay. Good. So thank you. The podcast notes days. Yes. I do as well and Julie is going to rush off to her office now and you're literally hearing the door open and close to go to premier. So if you guys are not attending premier every single day you are. You have access to that program at even through the Free Coaching Program. And yes, go ahead and jump on. Premier and definitely tend every single day and joined the community and participate. But let me just around the ban on this point. I. Was Making About Zillow they as a business has certainly. Kicked they executed better than anyone else ever has as far as like a startup better than I, think anybody up until the X. P. They zillow's executed higher level XP ultimately going to be seeing I think is the ultimate Real Estate Tech Company but that aside so what you're seeing zillow now is getting into the real estate brokerage business. Of course, they're going to get into real estate brokers, business those agents out there who have only known how to buy leads from Zillow and other sources. You guys are all going to be essentially on your heels if you're not already and it's just going to get worse and again I know it was. About eighteen twenty four months ago. Some of you were so thought you were so fortunate 'cause Zillow and you to start basically getting their listing referrals even though they had a thirty five percent referral fee and now those listening referrals are going away and now and there's another report that came out on today that effectively says that agents are wising up and they're not they're decreasing the amount of money they're spending on buying leads why? Because the quality of the leads that they've been buying from the big portals are basically crap. So what we're seeing is the end of a mega trend if you want to call something that lasts ten years of megatrend. That what you know anybody with half a brain could have told you what's going to happen. That's just the bottom line Jillian I been talking about it forever we talked about in our book we talk about in thousands of podcasts you go back and you listen to all the way back. Ten Years Julia, telling you not to do that because we knew that this would happen. We knew that there be a whole bunch of agents that never learned how to generate. So they always had tolerate and. I mean tolerate what the you know whether the gimmick that they were you know trying to pursue was going to continue to work and there's another article I mentioned this the other day on again inman. That talked about the fact that you know there's a Tiktok. Sort out and I really don't care. But how many agents out there listen to some guru tell them they need to dance around Tiktok videos, and then all of a sudden tiktok basically might not be relevant anymore. How many of you guys have invested tons of money in SCO and all these other things just basically have the tech company change a couple of things in their algorithm and all your years of work. Quote Unquote have basically gone poof and now all of a sudden you're left with. No source of business that is the problem with buying your business that is the problem with being a passively generator that is the problem, and I'll tell you the other problem is those companies take all of your profit. So not only do you not know how to do the business yourself not only are you always dependent on buying your business but the profit margins in your business or terrible when Julius. Nyerere in the business in the ninety s and into the very early two thousands that I think we sold our last house and I don't remember what year two, thousand, or two, thousand one. The profit margin most business most teams and brokerages were decent not great but decent. The best most profitable agents have always been agents and focused on just being listing agents with maybe a few assistance. You know the ones you don't know about because they're too busy basically working and investing their money and they become many of them have come from the most wealthiest agents in the history of our industry because they focused. Primarily, being listing agent but the rest of these agents in the rest of these folks that only come into the industry brokerages, office managers, agents a probably ninety eight percent of all of you listening have not been in this business for maybe maybe five maybe ten years very few of you have been in business for even three years that just statistically true when I'm saying so you don't know that this whole buying. Thing has just essentially been a trend, a trend that's coming to an end in if your not adapting to what comes next, which is learning how to be a proactively generator, your career will inevitably come to an end to because again, you're constantly going to be looking for the next pretty shiny object hoping and praying that's gonNA solve all your problems guys you have to learn to be independent. You have to learn to basically be a proactively generator. If you WANNA last and business, this intuitively makes sense to every single one of you but this gets back to the topic for today, which is the first of the seven fears we're going to be sharing with you guys. Know, it's about procrastination. Why are you continuously procrastinating what you know to be true. What are you expecting to have happen? You just hope and pray that basically you're able to make ends meet for another year maybe another two years isn't the stress of living that way isn't that burning you out it doesn't make real estate fun. That's for sure. It makes it a little bit of a curse doesn't it? How much better will you feel about yourself and your business if you knew how to proactively generate if every single day you walk up you Had, a specific schedule, your following you did specific activities every single day at specific times, and you got very predictable duplicate -able results. Then you had very predictable duplicate income of which you then start having financial certainly freedom, and then you can essentially save up and reinvest that money and then create your you put yourself in a position where you're rich and rich by definition according to Harris Rules are book is where your money works for you and you only have to work for your money. Guys don't make it so complicated it's not the. Path forward for everyone it's very simple. Our Egos in people trying to sell US crap us to believe that it's complicated. It's not. You know it's not if you want to know how to lose weight, read the book that came out I think in the seventies by Dr Atkins there is it's low car, but look all these different iterations that have come ever after that low car. That's all this other stuff is right looping it back to we were talking about weight loss, and if you WANNA earn more money and you actually want to not. Just, earn more money but increase your your essentially profit learn to do business exactly like we tell you to do it, and then you will, and then you're GonNa get to the point where you will and faster than you think you'll get to this point. You'll laugh at all the gimmicks used to basically fall prey to it'll be entertaining for you as it is for night to see all these craftily written pitches to agents where they're trying to convince you that using fear of missing out if you don't subscribe to this or by that or. Whatever right all the gimmick trail. That's really what we call it remember the yellow brick trail. Julian. I call it the gimmick trail. So when you choose to get off the gimmick trail, you choose to do the real work of real estate. Then you start having more choices and how you're gonNa live your life, and how you're going to be able to essentially the experiences you're going to have in life the money you're going to be able to help other people with donate maybe if you choose to or just all these things only comes on the other side of doing what you don't to do when you don't. Want to do it at the highest level. So hopefully, this makes sense to at least some of you. I know statistically, it's only going to appeal to maybe three percent of you but for the three percent that are listing in the fifty four different countries that listen to this podcast every single day as always thank you for continuously make the making this. The number one listened to daily podcast Barrosa, it professionals in at least the United States. Hopefully, we'll get to the point where we can say that for the world but in the meantime you guys have a fantastic day and we'll talk with you on the show tomorrow. This program has been a presentation by Tim Liras Real Estate Coaching for more information on the real estate coaching and training programs. visit our website at Tim and Julie Harris Dot Com. Remember to tune in weekdays at noon for upcoming shows until next time. Thank you for listening to Real Estate Coaching. Radio Tim and Julie. Harris.

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