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The Freak Factor with David Rendell and Adam Kipnes


Welcome to the entrepreneurs. Mba bringing you lessons from real life entrepreneurs they don't teach business school here's your host business and marketing. Strategist Adam kipness as we've grown own up no matter where we are whether it's in corporate America whether it's in starting your own business. We always try to fix what's broken in one being better at what's bad we want to be better. Ed What were what our weaknesses are. And we'RE GONNA learn. How do we use those as strikes? Rather than as we consider how do we love an incorporate and build upon the things that maybe were not great at and we all have and we all fixate on them. We're going to talk about why that good thing at how we can make the best in those. This is adequate is host of the entrepreneurs. I cast really appreciate everyone being day and listening. I think in keeping that we can really all learn from. I want to take by sponsors. A C.. Suite radio is our platform that we're on and our power texting dot com is the main sponsor. So I wanNA thank them they give away a free hotel. Stay to one listener of every show that I do so stay tuned a in in a little bit for more information on that. Today's guest has made his life's mission to be hilarious helm. We're GONNA make this as fun and funny as possible he's a Stand up comedian. With a doctrine management's the class clown turn leadership professor who went from disrupting classes to teach classes about disrupting companies incompetence all around the world after being criticized. Punish his whole life. For being hyper active channels that frantic energy into competing Ironman triathlons ultra marathons. We're going to dig into why he decides. He wants to run a hundred miles for any reason. He wears a lot of pink. And so we'll figure that ad out as well David Rendel. Thanks for joining me excited about. This is a really fun conversation. Because we're we're taught in in American society to call the world so it'll be interesting to learn if other ball society unique in fact it may be worse than other races. Sometimes go to places that were not but it's not really all right so that's something I did know something I really we wanted to ask you but I want to start out with sort of. How did you get to where you are? We all especially being the class clown now our companies whether it's a t and t Microsoft United Health Fannie Mae. They've all brought you onstage Hausa you it from being the class clown and the person that teachers pay need to have in their class to now be a recognized person that they wanNA bring you in front of their employees because of that tells a little story it because I realized some eighty saw myself thing that everybody only was wrong with being Brash Saul as that actually working at this at silver outstanding people that went really well people that I was all I went out on my own. They were working so it was just discovery. I former wrong because all the lawyers who was the sister refined I was older. I was busy kind of expose weaknesses by absolutely not. The rates started getting that video. Wait aside five. Minutes Chamber of Commerce of Awareness Burn nonprofits and people were laughing before fun. I had fun why. Why is white? Parsons Highway Thirty. Grand Orient all OSS. Do your off Silber Riyan gone out of notaries Polish conferences for Bernanke for and He asserted referring knows Fox. Thirty eight bucks or Austin area. Here we are busy translator so it really started with realization. David thing that I would try to about myself as a moderate. Oh it's actually something I should be and what I did Around loves IT AND OTHER PEOPLE. Hey you got. I love that so when you do that. When did it become apparent to you that this was the business right because giving is one thing but building a business around it and forming that? When did voice? Yeah Rosetti when it happened. I DID A freetalklike about nonprofit browse looking rope us doing and somebody saw me without without being owing revert to the National Association or appointed Special Advocate And they all in Sunday eighty nine dollars with our and a half and apologized for a little at that point six hundred dollars. An hour was pretty solid. Beat final salaries. Alex is eight dollars. In Census taught that I've already already prepared. There must be something here so it wasn't until two thousand four of five fifteen years ago I didn't know there was a speaking the art of my job and I was just as a side we know there were you know I need slowly. Those jokes like Saturday live. I know stop for a living soul. Where's the division? Where's the division between motivational speaker and leadership speaker? Because what what people bring when you in for is the knowledge but the motivation to get people to act on it is critically important. How do you balance those two? Where was that transition? When I don't think it ever will the transition? I talk to people calm. Rational speaker they go relational speaker and other people might say within Steve Without and I think most leadership also about marriage a lot of motivation and his leadership and support for everybody needs to Beijing. How those relations speaker but I think that the I think a lot of a lot more substance behind the breed merv Asian as motivation gets excited. But it doesn't necessarily get us the act and to implement the things that you talk about in your presentations when you're talking to become means. How do you get people to get a little bit immediate motivation and make it continue on how to get people to go? I really try to give people a framework so I thought four parts of they never beaten says people in four ways Abram or boars themselves race We'll see them so see how their persistence. somebody gets strengths served resistant to weaken aids their southern Alaska. Persistence suburbs on the same thing. Right it's lead strike quality with with routine sides and I don't mean less suburb. Any more persisted. South worried about it loose out in the suburb focus on building more persistent than the average person. That's where I'm gonNA find success by making a significant You know some minor things to overthrow succeeded experiences upside downside. I'm not into six to amber in terms of all. I think it's such a big ship in the way people think that people go home the guy senior old people change their entire business so somebody really if they really understand really convinced that weaknesses are in fact also straits vying basing. There's no the only on acid response that actually true because it's not a slate adjusting the way we do things past absolutely everything. Didn't you growing up in school. Our teachers ears. Try to her. What were bad they try and change US and tell us? We need to conform in certain ways and we need you certain things. Yeah and we take that into. We take that really wholeheartedly and we spend a lot of our lives. I'm bad at this the and and in doing so the corporate sort of business model is to look at it and say how can we improve rather the improvement we want. They want to work on why we can make it better. What's one thing that people can do in looking at themselves and say all right? I don't need to continue to fixate on this. I don't need to continue to try and fix this. How do we use those weaknesses in a positive way I just had a question is how do we understand in them so we can then embrace them? Yeah so that's really. The first artist can't embrace it sidestepped. Why is the connect happiness to a strength so sexy people tend to be creative? Some inflexible oftentimes organized suffered person is often persistent bercy using has critical judgment into Liz oftentimes analytical seeing the upside spying that quiet and shy person doesn't have probably longer Olympic and they like more time and energy into thinking about things and mulling things over that other people might and so they actually have better insights sites in that person who's talking all the time seems to be really all so stepwise absolutely have to see the leading this isn't just a weakness it's also Louis Sprang that's why the name name do he does the assessments on my website is free. You just take your strengths for Melissa. The bigger weakens from formalistic. CNN last eight hundred naked and so you can't refrain that weakness as also spring of this bigness. It is salinas settled weakness in wait a second. What if I know the light brown more of this binding situation reward me for being like this when my stop trying to do things that require into the or in my area weakness and be something that. I'm not Harvard people at the ADS ads. There's myself but you're not going to do any follow up strategies terrible terrible politics that I have to eliminate the the only way to get started. Say Okay what's good about this bad thing about and that's like as before I had that'd be my speeches. That was number one rushing. Okay that sounds great and see how this is true for you. But what is that thing. That's where it starts. Seeing the weakness is a strike and then say oh I see. Now how do I get more and you can get that assessment and you can do that at. DD RENTAL DOT COM D. R. E. N. D. A. L. L. DOT COM. And you can get that assessment also. Put it in the show notes for everybody. Where where where does that end though because we all can really fixate on our weaknesses is and how do we? How do we pick one? Or how do we not over analyze our weaknesses and try and try and work on those. How do we pick one? I don't think we pick the one I think there's a whole series and sometimes that as a series of strengths and then one of the big questions is how Strengths together the art successful so that a single single strength flirt situation. I think you WANNA see us Who can how series of of your weaknesses are also a series of strength because these people fear about hopes on your strength and don't worry about your weaknesses? Sort of being one dimensional about. Do you see how you build that that superpower out of a series of strengths which are connected to a series of your weaknesses. So I don't think sticking wander honor picking the biggest one I think seeing I was true for all of them located her way the ultimate success is when you put all your springs were in your day they live your day to day where you can use all of the best arts Wa have to worry about getting worse parts you are and so now you've just you know flipped by entire business model on its head because one of the things that I talked about with by folks a lot is let's focus on what you're good at and do more of it and let's get people and hire people to do what we're bad at. We all spend a lot of time doing stuff that we're bad and that our weakness just is in us and I want them to all right. Let's hire those. But you're you're telling us and you talk about. How do we utilize allies? Those and where's that division in. How do we how do we know again? How how not to Only use our strengths but utilize are we just wears the balancing those things. Well no no. We're staying the same thing so but I say you're also grant there's this thing you might still well that's why stand up. We opened being quiet So I'm up author of running my business You're exactly right picture oriented so I want to maximize that spring picture. I wanted him. Is that beacon stop fixing it. For example he said relationships happening is is that your house Wellesz managed so. I don't know graphic design and web design. I don't say your our CETERA. Hires in your last framework is the argument. You're strong where we'd have if you don't have uh-huh percents focused on your experience building on your strengths. There's always gonna be things. Don't have secretive. You're Super Gra. Vesey vesey weakness so be things to be organized. Still get more hires somebody to go through So no you're right. It's aw weakness is the same strength. That's bitter another side of the story. I'm also sure optics easily on the airplanes. There's a downside up song upside. You're exactly right. I Want People Alpine who they are allows people to find situations make successful and allow their stress. I wanted to run away as fast as they can from the situation. And to your point the last step is strongly or we build those delays APP were there we there be for your song the best way I love that I love being a hundred percent right so I appreciate It makes me feel good about myself. So as you're building the business you get that nine hundred dollars speaking Gig and I'm assuming like everyone else else you didn't go straight to the top all of a sudden you've got a million speeches that you have to do what where where in business. Where was that? I sort of taking the bud that you needed to get you further but also could have derailed the entire thing. You're right that it didn't didn't happen all at once or any like trigger Mullin was a slow burn. So I as I'm from where. The rockets teaching and and weaving down south of North Carolina. Job Teaching and so. That's why I got that I all I I think. Dick Speech I thought Oh there's something here so I put up a leg science friend of mine for free. It and I dedicated three hours each building. My business solving business and so early on was just again free talks you know the Song laid out a talk. She's supposed to do society attorney attorney. I felt about an hour away and I showed up and there were six people there. One of my former students asked me to speak at the rotary. There were sixty. They're era but one of them wasn't and this is a microcosm of my business and she ran air agency see hundreds of nurses or Ingram her and she likes my first nurse talks to them. Oh I thought that was fantastic. We don't speak for leadership team thinks of their leadership and they will be like that and other people on Obama order for states of the US here and so she got a small radio session. The holding US sphere author. Take offense that well. They're keynote speaker at lunch. Pretty Bad So all up Outside the job level and they talk and Best lunch yeah. And so when they needed to Host for State Association records so actually brought in. I got three hours from twenty five seats rutgers. All on for hours and then hatless needs to uh-huh Fox's all over the country those equal I'd probably seven or eight times more of the same association in in North Carolina and celebrate years later and I'm still doing offs from that one airboats rotary six. People buy more enjoyable Arctic. Well but for in something so over the course of ten years speaking business became eighty percents of my infirm. I Hi College in two thousand thirteen. I quit since all are not on the VAT of sort replace efforts but on the back of doing swell of people old Enough Eagle referrals come on a consistent basis that a- at all I had the premise. The premise of the show is really really about how. How do you build that business and it sounds like this was not something that you you said? You woke up one day. And you're like I'm going to start a business. One thing led to another where when when you're going through that process what kept you going. I guess this is the best way I can put it. Why why did you keep doing it to to eventually build the business out of it? Yeah well that was the thing. The third part of can't do well. Let's do what I'm told and so I love to do what I WANNA do and I wanted to do things. Thanks bye way. I wanted to have playland business. I I love the speaking. I mean it all goes back to the same thing I love being Glenn motives features a center instant L. announced absolutely center pension So I it's just a perfect fit for me. The reason I would as the business is a one one hundred percent representation of Ym Stage one hundred percent. I sell happy as ever be I feel like there's it's a huge impact on people's lives earns his full as follow to the free factor. Ballgame US sir. It's An autism just yesterday somebody Re recommended basically someone like. Yeah well I was a kid powerful and sheets and so a recent businesses she visit. It's vehicle to not happen at worms. The clock is the Honor Code. They were which is normally speaking about. I'm happy Iran's doing those things. Take time to happy myself every night and I wish I earning great. That's why we're so. All the parents teachers old lamp lawyers. So my life's mission is to get out there tell. Those teachers parents employers lawyers. I want people to have these having on revelation and change their lives. Have I think that would be my urge to force their listening and stop just built business. Just try to make money reason. Your Business made money or each successful ultimately in law Richard May Day. It's hard you are who you are with this. This is what I see I speak muscles audubon sprint. Worse off for eight years and a lot of people are all growth But rose isn't isn't necessarily good wrote this necessarily bit for everybody business. A mortgage is certainly better. Some people are started. Some people are wilders creators or they don't feel like he's able to let go along they were. They were adults. They were questionable. They would congruence went on his suits and they start running more spreadsheets and they were looking at Bandon plans and they become more systematic daily pressure on themselves to be some other business to say. I'm a builder alligator and I'm GonNa keep doing that in past Onto other people so I think that's the message that I would give the people. It's not about the business. Is Somehow this way a separate thing for me. Ah Business Multi use those are. We're talking with Dave Rendall here on the entrepreneurs it's NBA. PODCAST as I said earlier. The power texting DOT COM way free trip to one listener of every show so go to podcast trip dot com so so you can enter to win that trip and you you brought up a really interesting point in that we. If we're great at what we do and we leave leave the rest to somebody else. How do we incorporate that into our employees because we all want our employees to arrive for our businesses? But there's a fine line between letting employees to what they do best and what their role is large companies and companies with two three four hundred thousand people like United Healthcare. How do we find that line of allowing our employees when they do while at the same time getting their job? Doc done with a need to do for our businesses be willing to change the job that persons of big change the job. So what created that role wrote that job description that way Why does one person have to do that? So I give people all sorts of options. We know it is your team together. People up tasks have Melissa reading. They love to do things to do. And that the OH. Jesus is not swats catches on responsibilities One of my former I students was a sales person church and She's cerebral paper and so they're trying to fix her or changer. Ranger or incentives or uninsured doing that. They were curve hires Bagel. That's so solway or acre away your neighbor way more build it also were successful in So we think that well. This is the role deserving this the way things are working out quite organized adjusted is the way we're working. Ask Her to cover that but the success we have it shows like faultless. Berg is basically almost nationwide ause house somewhere. Air Will Something to be enjoyed. Masol be graded insist on instructions people in now so I talked to yourself or Especially when it is really up at his is let's all sorts. Where probably somebody where everything illegal? The dice super small slices or whatever who are more opportunities person advantage. I think it isn't it easier to sell the versus the way it has to be in a worker while And six years studying psychology. I don't think they're gonNA turn someone into a salesperson or turn someone. The office manager just invest all those saints calls every day underneath sister will walked happen at some white people are people right and so once we tap into who that person is they can be more successful in their role in there for more successful or businesses. What a lot of people will tell us that? In order to scale you need to have systems you need you put people in boxes. How how can we do those things at the same time? How can we scale a business without putting people into a perfect box because people it systems processes in the wrestled says search station? Platform doesn't mean because you can't I mean some of it goes selection rights of. That's just the role spend a lot of energy finding what other people do the Syrians or being once arena those systems and structured fine. But what you need to do that as genasense weighing on selection who wants trading arm along this line a short while death or to really look at this really really Dr so those processes off the long play really diligent early mixture. And then when you have people who succeed or keep that process going first light of key traits and then finding work people ah usually Susan. I think it's still has to be heated. You're not you're not the person for the jogging a lot of time. Making sure people are the right fit where I think they want and in today's economy jobs are there more jobs than there are people and a lot of companies are getting to the point of saying all right. Let me get someone. That's good even if they're not right for the role and it sounds a lot like what you're talking about is saying yet. Smart people find out where or their grades and utilize them in that way. Correct absolutely and I think if you have created that's your sadness because right now there or people so when it wasn't that way or just kinda somewhere into creating organization where people maximize their springs and and they can see themselves. Bring the best. The were there telling your brands. They're telling their colleagues they're telling their family members and right now. You still have a line of people who want to come work for you because people I work and then when you created a factory our people this has to do with the new age by artist is looking at a long term is foul saying why situational other example. I want my opposition ings opposite of whatever I teach people when the economy's in the toilet when it's two thousand in seventy two thousand eight a law everybody's unholy everybody's trying to cut off the jacket time you should be higher. Because that's when the Hitler available and that's why you can build a relationship with all the talent that nobody does that and then they complain about housing. It's often. The economy tightens up so I think some of this is being really to be a little unconventional all the time in a whole lot of different ways to do things differently not informing all the ways tall and saying you can take different approaches this thing. This is what he's doing things. Go Bad. Ask yourself well you know what if I didn't do that. What if I took a different approaches? Their approach working hustling writing these ups and downs. You stabilize that this available the Astra's when unemployment Hi when the that's a very different way to think about things because we all we all get tight when the economy's bad even even today when the economy's good we have those times we don't WanNa hire because there's a fear factor but takeaway that fear factor and say. Hey what are you good at. And how can you help me support my business. I think that's again a very different way to think about things. Now in in your in your built businesses that employ disabilities and obviously that led to knowing that there are strengths in everybody which came was it was at working with people with disabilities. That allowed you to come up with this or because you have this in you had this idea and you have this knowledge college in that. Allow you to work with people with disabilities and business businesses around. It now started working with disabilities by first job in college and I realized realized that doesn't matter what they do but they don't like the only two things of what can they do. And what do they like I worked in the team. All the pretty serious all mental disabilities intellectual disabilities with their clothes on shave their faces people with serious limitations so easy for everyone just okasan limitations. What I realized was if I get them jobs doesn't ever yeah and there's no fixing that was the other crucial part will be with us on this? There's no fixing That you don't you don't change it. You don't stay on. The person can't read so they are unable to learn to read. That's this inability to learn and to adapt to take that information in process those types of things and so the real question is. Where's the personnel? I we take advantage of one person. Can't do how do we focus on what they like. And what they're we're good at and and that was a big part of I don't think of the other at the same time I realized. Hey it's not just because they have a disability is for all of us in all of us are are. There's not too much a changing or fixing mass. There's something wrong with it in the first place so we we look what we have is what will always be a laundry list of things that we can't do after such just such an interesting perspective. I love it. So where do people start so you can get them days book at D. Reynaud Dot Com. It's called the freak factor and it'll give you a beginning to all of this. But where do people start in identifying when they get off this and they know that their things and they have an epiphany that like. Oh Oh my gosh. I've been thinking about this all wrong. A what's the pass through the through. The frameworks awareness talked about that earlier. by your weaknesses also a strength. Do that assessment. See yourself differently. Is Your spouse deplete your the outside. The next step is acceptable. Sometimes fixes Realize there's a way to have one without the other can't be persistence and I'm not stubborn of at the same time. That's a costly all short. Save you a trade off exists and then appreciated the excited about the fact that you have this spring even though it trump this for spawning bigness. Then start amplifying for waste volume. Elliot look for opportunities are not volume about ties in the ASS. When you spend more of that thing that worked for you trying to recreate areaid? Those suspects I look for our time rolls started business on the side for volunteer opportunity. A just start. Something started experiments where he lives with that. Right fit asked for the job. I do work early. I thanks In the ones that energized released however put myself often works best. And then avoidance or looking for ways the minimized eliminate those past life. I was grading papers so I gave less. I A papers. I AH presentations grade class. While he can I reduce that Iran is. That wasn't what I was successful. The old protected Mike with teaching so look start waiting eliminated from your life completely eliminated. Your you're working on your business. Last one is people who are it would have been sitting down there spicer. Mrs Goes All the way back. The plus rating staus withheld And have that of you then appreciate them and possibly themselves I like is in the other room. She holidays professor and she liked it. She her thing talking about interior design. She said Made Insane decision. Harris let's Jews are bigger. That's our conor. abouts ores ore up and that was almost trained or something that made her come alive and so I was always encouraging research. This business circles plants finally got her started as slowly up every time. She does something worthwhile as an easy sitting these certain hitting the formal training. She thirty breeding or started. I was like so I'm not just trying to live. I agree with Spicy Amazon. My I'm not spying on other people emissions same so saying hey other people's lives their business managers sneaker and it will save us money if you do that by flattery. Lions should looks like. That's just your old but I do Now League reserve will it really bad. Business Hearts set on hurting. And that's a really important point because we get we put ourselves in those owned by in those boxes that other people put us in. We put yourselves into the well. I need I need to do this. And you're saying why do you need to do that. You really don't need to do at Saint. Thanks some people. I say every speech when I get to that application points say. Hey you're probably thinking at this point I've got old. They're gonNA change some UNINDO or pod on ours lamp. Tell them this new year. Oh Owl's goals mass who you are where your doors are we. Are these acts where we're GonNa win on the best these I ever read where I I my business station by the wanting to send that out was bigger and better better and better is wherever you are. Whatever we've laxed wine I go? The failing is broke up and somebody'll aside and they'll think you're helping me day a speaking the sale. What's your last sales? All I have a business where I'm going to work Bernauer today to you. I have a business chain a lot with all these places. I have a business that allows you to drive kids to school them up in a day and say I don't WanNa feel this. I don't need to make a hundred always enjoy. My bills would be alive. She is alive kids at school and people that were parents and their children. That's all I need's not or old should be or Sassy sites it was set goals than actually lars. beat this looks like someone else. That's so powerful and we. We can do this all day. I got a thousand more questions. I'll have to have you back again but I need to know as we wrap up here today. Why so much pink? Why why do you always wear pink? I'm sure brand there. But there's there's a deeper story. Yeah it's it's accidental than became intentional. I think that's my story right right. Learn through experience tribe names experiments so I started wearing feet as I have in my speeches. I tell some stories about how they the women's For example that your eyebrows thing I is far more leading body wash. I never thought Listed worry a little bit of paint damn really worked myself and so then reach supreme bathrooms. I thought being a cheese sauce. Eight wedding the classes and this is the immigration. You know. There's a lot by lot of tall Italy's others There are some people like me out and it isn't just however it also starts people say they lie so much deep because you just ask me I feel a little airplane. Explains why people like it or is this you were doing your business. Living Your Life with US EH and So that'll keep more and more like the snake. Closer in springs waited initiating conversations about this as consistent thousands standing out taking and that goes to everything that you're talking about because you turned pink into a strength where we're in pink and could be seen as a weakness metal up what they're saying is I don't want to deal with the garbage. The people they choose wet were business advice in ASCA sexually where And so I want to challenge you. believes they spun into about were events other colors other doesn't Atta gender What happened what are the consequences of Google plus only outside of that aura? Me Now that I don't match stuff I don't ask talks. Why does matter but I wanted to searching people in Salmon? The police have about the way words in any Burger old through certain starting to suffered. We'll sit it isn't Over old ways success always ask us one of my daughters. They're lying down black southern accents and she believes slaying that we we're all sorts of places and one girl was talking improper In an English class teacher said you're never GONNA be four five hundred. CEO What my daughter out was a small on your support and so we take advice and listen to advice from people of every single day. Who aren't in position? Were asking ourselves very often word. It's like breast but it might people's employers. Tell me your employer annoying things. Because they want to. They want they sort of necessarily motivated. You have a loveless muscle's maximum reward for the workers and so we have to reexamine the something that search by doing it. Well it's all Safeway's insane. Nothing bad actors back bus Kuban town when I wear pink and these other stations in the Lao does this also after we set up the way a lot along is so awesome. I absolutely loved this conversation. Dave rendall go to D- RENDALL DOT com hear more from him or Dave Rendall on linked in on twitter on facebook. It's Dave rendall across the board but the website is D- rental. Thanks for being here. And thanks for the knowledge so much that we can learn from this conversation. I really appreciate your time today. Great Awesome thanks everyone for being here on the entrepreneurs. NBA podcast my my name. Is Adam kipness. I appreciate you Dave. Thanks again you've been listening to the entrepreneurs. MBA download download Adams. Free Book how to make more money in your business at W._W._W.. Dot pre-booked from Adam Dot Com.

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