Hour 2: Iggy Or Steph?


The first. Last night pulled even. Spicy for Pascall scam. Right now. Yeah, that's ridiculous. That is the wax nickname I've ever heard by C T. This ridiculous. Make no damn sense. I mean about peace pieces little something like this by CP, spicy ping who for the hall of Famer. Isaiah thomas. Call today, spicy t would that be the nickname? That's a terrible nickname is even as what's going on. I'm good. How you doing? Here with us. I'm gonna start with you. I how important was it? Or is it for the warriors to win game three? I think it's very important for them to keep the momentum going because right now you know losing losing game one here game gave Toronto tremendous confidence. Then they come back and they win game two and I always believe that the team that's able to put back to back wins together in a series. That's normally the team that wins. See for me. What I love about this is one. I'm one of those guys I really wish Katie was hit just because I just wanna see, I don't want any Asterix I don't want it issues wanna mismanaged as well. Of course, it will be misread to mention but I guess what I'm saying. I just don't want to use injuries or whatever. But even with that aside saying, assuming K D doesn't come back. Let me tell you something. We don't find out something about Toronto. When you go state wins game three that means they want to straighten gay four is at the oracle on the road that's similar to what transpired is seventy Sixers to a lesser. Cannot transpired against Milwaukee Golden State Warriors and not Philadelphia, seventy Sixers, and they're not the Milwaukee Bucks, you want to really, really find out what your Toronto Raptors are made of let them lose game three and half to find themselves in a situation where they're trying to avoid going down. Three one at the oracle, we'll find out then what they made up their minds to mention but, you know, they, they may, I would say Golden State, they may be due for a stinker at home. Sure. Because, you know they've played so well throughout the playoffs, Houston Portland, then they had to lay off, they may be due for a stinker at home. So Toronto may catch him on the right night in terms of three or four. I think about your pistons team. Yes, you're the you're the MVP caliber player. But you had a crime partner on any given night, who is a reliable all star or else killer, Mark Aguire, Joe Dumars, Vinnie microwave Johnson, right? Who is that guy going to be for Kawai? We saw PASCAL Siachen game one, but he's not at that point yet where he's going to do that every day. Can Kyle Lowry be that guy can vanfleet be that guy who to use see who can step up for co y you, you wanted to be Lowry. I mean he's the guy who has the most experience. He's the guy who's played in head some some, some terrible, you know falls within the play offs. But yet this year, I think he's played pretty well particularly in the Milwaukee series, you want him to be able to get up and be able to do it. He's a guy that I root for I don't know if he can do it. You know, I'm being honest. I don't know if he can do it and not on a road. He's the guy that you're going to have to. I think it needs to be yet that he needs to play Wales. And he needs to score the ball, not at a high clip, but at a crucial clip right van Vliet, max van bleeders shooter in a scorer. Norm Powell is a score. He's an aggressor collar is your lead. He's your playmaker. He somebody that hip rim the shots to run a team. Plus he has his history with this franchise hit. But that's also why cholera last night may have been my biggest disappointment. He came out all tra- aggressive, cholera, not go back. I covered them in high school when he was Philadelphia before he went to Villanova. What is right for the Philadelphia Inquirer, call our not go back a long ways, always at the heart of a lion real guts. I real but I was real disappointed in him last night, because you've been in the league to log, you're too smart to come out so Oltra aggressive and I know they were complaining afterwards about the referees and some of the calls, but Larry put himself in a position to be. Thousand at least three of those foul calls these three. There was two points in that game that I was disappointed in Lowery and also Toronto starter, the third quarter you, you go down on eighteen. Oh run. I mean, you, you have to somehow manufacture get a bucket. Get to the foul line do something. And then at the end of the fourth you, hold Golden State scoreless for four minutes, and you're down six but you continue to come down and take loan contested three point shots. You don't slow the game down. You don't really get into a point where you need to score. And when Golden State was up six and they didn't score for four minutes. The champion in you says, I gotta score. I gotta get to. I gotta get one. I gotta get that this morning was sued in three and that wasn't the thing to keep you. And I have you've scolded me about this. But I do agree that mid range block. You know. Down the block in crucial situations. You just can't overuse it. But in high leverage moments when it gets tight score another way. I totally agree with that. People aren't paying enough attention to that this morning, the eighteen run the twenty four one run. What about the fact the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, the champs didn't score a point, that's until accidentally on a near turnover? Iki got the ball. I mean so defensively Toronto's defense vase stepped up and did what they needed to do the last five minutes of the game offensively. This is when your point guards gathered take control the game. And again, it's always time tempo and score in you gotta understand down six. Don't eat it three. Now. We got we got plenty of time. Okay. Put the ball in Kawais hand Kawais getting to the foul line. He's drawing to he's dishing. He kicked it out a couple of times. They settle for the long three as opposed about it on the flowing into let me tell you why they settle. They settled because when you talk about kuwa- they panic. Right. Kuwa-. Yeah. That's true. But what I'm saying used this. Kowa has the skills strength, etc. Etc. But they doubled him got the ball out of the hands. The. The big he picked, he, he kicked the ball to and got that kind of heart. The other guys kicked the ball to shoot as they ain't going to the whole of leading trying to go to the whole of, you know, empower, even though he could do it ain't really trying to go to the whole, they want to shoot the rock. So to me when you talk about getting to that whole having a willingness to get to the free throw line. You're talking about Siaka of Bacha Gosol, and those guys got a little bit tight, and they gotta get the mindset and you gotta have the mentality that you don't win championships. Take championships. That's how you get. I wanna wanna stop you right there, because people are quick to say other, the Magic Johnson Steph curry, the greatest point guard of all time. And I actually my thoughts often go to you, because I think in the crucible of this level of competition, you find out what's what maybe it's because I cover the fight game for so long. But in US, Aw guy, even if you were hobbled you were clutch when it mattered most Steph curry, is this unbelievable mobile artillery unit. Right at all times, except I saw four twenty to go by against the Cavs game seven at home. Not a point scored and they lost seventy three win team. And last night, I saw Steph. You're the conductor of the greatest half court orchestra of all time. Why in five minutes do I hear no music near turnover winds up in hands accidentally and he hits a shot? Otherwise, maybe you lose that game. Why do you think as someone who's been in that exact position? Steph kick can. Doc, the band for five straight minutes under those circumstances. I think he can. You know, I look at Steph and I say Steph is the leader of the team Draymond in clay in this order, heart and soul letter team in Durant is the best player. And when you really get down to, you know, who's the secretary of defense that's Iggy. I mean, when you want to drop the bomb in this town to push the button, call Iggy because he gonna push the button and drop the bomb the clutch shot last night. All right. The warriors have now won thirty two of their last thirty four when K D is not on the core and Steph curry plays. I can't believe it. Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit how long until it get their loan. Get there. I'll get there. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with gyco. What's this button? Do what's this button, do what's this button, do what's this? Believe that guy. Go. Good. Save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Really a day to day thing. And it's we had a crystal ball. We would've. Would've known a long time ago over you're dealing with an injury. That's. There's been a lot of gray area literally as just day to day. And how of how the progress is coming. And at this point he's still not ready. Right. It's still has not been cleared for practice. Practice. This city will be coming back here. That's for sure. Still spirited warriors even. The north. That's where that's real nice. Make sure your show up in the second half. Next time. The raptors online was renewed half at the start of the second-half yesterday. I think everybody was in shock. I mean really consensus fans at the start of the second hand wouldn't even stand, and it was probably trying to get that autograph from Obama. Bobby? All right. Guys, let's get into it. So the show by the way, everyone does he does. Wow. Told me that, that great honor. I just watched a great interview with him. And David Letterman that show on Netflix. Check it out. It was great. Okay, I'm gonna stay focus is I'm looking at you because we don't have you the whole time here. Do you think the warriors need, Kevin Durant to win the series and is Kevin Durant coming back? I believe they need him to win the series, particularly now that clay is a little banged up. Also, you see they need parameter scorn. And when they only have Steph and clay, that's not enough. Cousins came in and gave him a big scoring punch. So those ten to fifteen points. They actually need that off the bench. I thought cook came in and did well, but, you know, with the rent, that's just a totally different animals. So they definitely need him out on the floor to win this series in my opinion. I don't believe that I believe that Zeke on a tough that the players of all time to Tom champion. There's wrong on this one. I believe if Klay Thompson, and bogey and ego dollar healthy, they will win the side of what? K- D. In six. Hamstring. Let me let me tell you why I'm not bringing the hamstring into the equation because coming into the series you pick Toronto and six Clayton have a hamstring injury. Can you tell them rooting for Toronto? I got. That's all I'm saying. In other words, we understand that without clay Golden State's toes. We get all the equa- dollar competent we get all that. But I'm saying without K D, if everybody else's, they're picking the war is to win those that he will pick to Rondo and six strictly because the K D And I'm saying that's what the prediction is. That is clay. You're saying what if he's just physically compromised, but he's out there is does that count to, or do you need them? Healthy. You need them healthy Kawais, not healthy brother Kurai is not right. But he's so tough. You knew that coming into the giving thirty four and Zeki has to bully his way to the line. He has to get into the paint because his shot isn't falling because his legs, he shoots line drives. Gets the shooter's because it's not right. Or left. It's true. It's straits. He usually gets shoot about he's not getting that because he's got no legs right now. And yet he's willing his team to a game one victory. He had a lot to do with it. I know Siachen was the best player and he kept them in the game. Right. Till the last possession, then game six against Milwaukee that didn't stop them. I'm saying at a certain point, though, it's going to he's, he's got he's doing all he can do. He's got somebody else got to step up. We talked about Lowry. We talked about the Saul who had twenty in the first game second gain. Not so good right offensively. They gotta be to step up and they gotta step up in the crucial times of the game. Not when everybody's cheering not when it's all going good. But when it's going bad, you need someone other than Kawai to make shot for you agree to the foul line. All the fans leave to go get the Bracco bomb. Autograph? That's right. What we assume it was probably out. They get some hotdog stuff like that, too. Not bring you some sushi courtside or something. Right. I mean, it's not the same kind of party. Hey, third quarter for Golden State. I want to know what you in the locker room. Well, it's the second second right at the Datino run. It's almost. Toronto has outscored the war is in the first second fourth quarter two series, the warriors, plus sixteen against them in the third quarter. That's what everybody they do. Every they kill everybody in coaches quarter, the third quarter, the coaches quarters as the coaches quarter, but it's consistently. They come out with a different kind of bounce different kinds of energy. To her credit for that as the coach of the team, we looked at quarter after halftime. What adjustments are made seems like you should get some credit for that. Okay. They get credit for. But at the end of the day, right? Draymond clay staff. All of them. They come out with a different energy a difference way. For you guys in the bad. Boy, pistons, did you sometimes sit there after a rough I like let's stop playing games. It just go get this. Like, how does that work? Now, we always knew that we had a run in us. Right. And we always knew that okay, we'll stay close. And then in five minutes, we'll take a five minutes Burton saying. All right. Let's turn it on video, and we'd had conversations, but it seems consistently with Golden State. It is the start of the third quarter. I mean it it's like it's like a Broadway play. They do they think first second quarter, and then the third quarter they go in and, you know the phantom opera comes out at dawn, I mean, they do they think and it's consistent. You think that's more mental or you think it's more adjustments that they're actually making? I would say that it's jesmyn, but I think it's more mental because it's too consistent for them to, to reform on this way for that to. Well, you have to give the players credit who in particular, do you think it's Draymond? Or do you think it staff? I think it's I think it's a collective think it's a collective thing where I really, it's a different energy to different switch. It's a different swag, compass. Listen, listen. This is not complicated y'all where you can make shots, you can scare the living hell out of people think of. I want you to watch sometimes when clay went went clay or Steph open. You usually see people lunging out at others takes shots, when no dude got us. A little bit of base. And they literally the day this is what they do. Because they're more C'mon and the difference, you can listen Toronto heart things scared. They got skills, but they can't score like that. We're Mark these causing Hiddick shot you like this, Dan. Do I will give you the exact feeling because they got they got three guys like that in terms of Steph Klay into rant right when we were playing against Boston. They only had one guy every bird when he got the ball you was like damn. He got the ball. That's right. And the other guy when we played against Chicago when Jordan got the basketball, you would like Tam called it. Not not that getting ready to shoot. He caught it. He got you do you will look over there, and you'll be like I take back. I'll take a ball taking back anymore. But you may not remember this is college, right? This is in the nineties. I never forget, as long as I look because one of my favorite old Tom college moments. Kenny Anderson, folks, may not remember that name playing at Georgia Tech, he came down on the great Bobby Hurley to Tom national champion body early. And literally, it was a one on one and Kenny K and day. It's behind the vet crossover put it behind his back them shimmy, and then dipped it and Bobby Hurley literally ran to coach K, practically cry. I think about that moment because when I see guys at today's NBA and what they can do, because they ability to make shots is that Kana heart that they take from. That's what I'm talking about. Stereotypically weinhardt somewhere else. It's got to be a yes or no. Are we gonna see Kevin Durant? Yes. Okay. I like it. One game doesn't define a series they got rings. They can be confident I four not, first of all. Lucky? This series is. Murphy here with your sports center right now. So the warriors trailed by double digits early had one made shot, you'll go or free throw in the last five thirty nine and they won. But that one made shot was three point dagger yet another clutch moment from Andrea della. Yeah, he'd missed thirteen his last fourteen from deep but Steph curry still thinks forgetting about Dray was a bad idea. Of course, the game disrespect for Levi's it would open like that with the game on. He's made big shots like that before and. Got it done. Tonight. We weren't disrespected anybody. We were up garden, heart, and we put two on staff, and we hell he threw it almost right to Kawai, right? Pretty good defense. They were scrambling around running around, like crazy, but. And they found a right? They found him, I'd like to go back and try that, again, about ten times, and one of them, doesn't go away. That's it for your sports center right now. Let's send you back to I take at the finals. Look at that. You're ask park fans are out there. Good morning, everybody afternoon for some at this point. Welcome back into I take care at Scotiabank arena. Mr. wanna remind. Just one of remind into national audience that you have people out there because we were supposed to be outside in Jurassic Park. It was so hype that was going to be so many people out there that cop said, they didn't think it would be safe, so they made us come back. And we go outside. I have to talk to the, the mayor and some put us outside talked to some people to work with concerned with other they could do it. They never thought of whether they should see y'all think I'm joking on. I'm trying to make I'm trying to speak to some elected officials. The people in power to make to make a hap- if a game up, I'm trying to be outside. I plan on having a Cup. I think you should go one hundred percent. Yeah. I'm with you. We should be with the people to be off with the people to rot. So let's stay focused now. Good in the studio. Into analytics is. Olympic. These two eighty had only twenty four percent chance of making that three point basket, yet he delivered max with the game on the line one shot. Who would you rather have taking Iggy or curry of everyone on Golden State, open shot fate of the universe on the line, or the martians? Have the death beam pointed at earth? You better hit it. I want Igwe Dala. That's right. And I know what that sounds like Ed. It's not fair to Steph because so much defensive attention is paid to him. And I'm not saying steps not a better shooter. He's a way better shooter dollars ice water in his veins Igwe dollars, that type of player, let me give you some examples. I'll take some baseball examples a rod was an MVP hit fifty home runs. Isn't that ask any Yankees fan from, you know, ten fifteen twenty years ago, would you rather have bases-loaded World Series? You need a run Luis Sojo the middle infielder up or a rod hardcore Yankee sense, to tell you Louis SoHo because when under pressure, it was something about that, dude. That was cool and something about a rod that wasn't. I mean that's what it is Curry's. The greatest shooter of all time, on till it matters most, I've seen let me tell you something, something. My dad used to tell me about Billy Martin and. And big fan of yours, by the way here. He's a big fan. Know he's mad at you right now. Billy Martin manager for the play second base for the championship teams used to go one for four in the regular season. Two fifty average lifetime one for three in the postseason three thirty three in the postseason. Not a power hitter used to say whatever it was one for four one for three my one hit would kill you. Mark Jackson was here saying he's like good for great defense and eleven points every single one of eleven points will kill you high leverage moment, fate of the universe on the line want open shot not go get it. I want it would Dala taking that shot for me. My money is on them thirty Steph curry opus faded a universe online. Give me a third. I'm going with number thirty every single time I bought a hot water. No water warm water in the desert. If it's a opus shot, give me number thirty to take the open shot to make it and win it. Well, see the problem that I have with journalists. Isaiah thomas. The fact that you have a smaller your face while doing it like it's funny to entertain this nonsensical take by my partner here, max Kellerman. This is a guy that religiously leads on numbers and numbers show that Steph curry is arguably the greatest shooter we have ever seen in our lives. But max Kellerman wants to ignore those numbers when it comes to an Andre equal dollar. There is no doubt. He's an MBA people reads it. He makes a matter of fact to give credit. I've lied. Don't equal dollars a big reason as to why I've got them winning this series. But why why because he's gonna be left open. Why is he left open because curry teammate? That's why what did Nick nurse say in the post game conference. We doubled Steph. That's what he said. In other words, we'll conc- we'll leave anybody open anything, but allow him to have the ball eagle Dala when he was MVP. He was wide open Cleveland left wide open because they had to concede somebody at the shoot the ball and they want clay, and they want step to shoot. Steph curry is so great as a shooter, they would rather mug ham. At least somebody else wide open then man up against him at the risk of somebody else taking. It's not. All right. Hong backs. I cannot miss, too. I can't do any of that. Let me ask you let me, let me say this. Livingston made the play to the ball to prevent steel. But the second part of that was he looked at Steph and everybody went to Steph so he made the no look in hit Iggy. That's what gave Iggy tan the most important part of the play. Let if you go back, and you look at the film Livingston gap, the basketball, okay? You gotta win it back a little bit more. Gotta run the point back more. What's it? Look, you see. That's what gave him the time. It was the most important part of the play was the look of which gave Iggy another second. And you hurting their gear ready does not get hurt. Nick ner saying, like this is our defensive strategy like it's not disrespected Igwe dollar. I'm not denying any of this. But would you concede this was Robert ory the best three point shooter in the league? No. No. With the money on the line, who you want taking them out. Tom out money on the line shooter, his what you're missing. Here's what you're missing Robert ory without those clutch moments that you're talking about without clutch moments with a better shoot at any dollar. Yes. So, in other words, what I'm trying to say to you. He was the threat at any point in a game Egwa dollar as the pressure mounts. He rises to the occasion, but he's not a shooter. Robert ory was always shooter for a big guy. He was always the big Hugh. Hugh. But he later but a lot like Iggy and he had or had. He was a defensive player who shot under pressure. Let me give you the huddle. Let me give you the huddle if you sit in that huddle and Steve Kerr designs, the last shot, but Iggy and don't go to Klay in Steph Iki goes say, no, no, no, no. I don't want that Robert Horry goes say, no, no. I don't want this shot. They get those shots out of because a clay because a Steph because the lies Awan because shack, then ain't no pressure. Right. So missed the shot long rebound to Iggy. And he wins the game. And then what you're saying when you sitting there, and that coaches calling your number you hear it loud, in the Rena, I gotta make this shop the pressures on me. Everybody else. The other pivotal point to bring up is this with a lodge was shack, and all of those guys you're looking for something on the interior. In the case of Steph curry, Klay Thompson, you are looking for something on the perimeter and equal Dala wooded death think he should be. Steph curry any Cirque of ten shit. Alex Louise SoHo for Alex Rodriguez with the bases loaded either no manager would do that, about example, ho came up the Yankees fans that have been happy. There are some dudes this what we're arguing about. We're all conceding Iggy is clutch, right? But you're saying, but it's kind of accident, he'll get the accident. They do. You're happy. You're analogy using it, as a bad one, because guess what? Steph curry is covered doing anything that can keep the ball out of Alex Rodriguez gets the chance to come up the back. He gets the back cover. They like you get the ball. We will mug you before we let you get the ball, the difference. I guarantee you all these fans sitting behind that sin behind us tonight. I mean it's in behind us. When Iggy get the basketball they were happy. It wasn't still. Let me tell you anywhere. Happy. Dictate predicted would win. When I saw the ball in his hands. I thought that's it. They're going to get the split. I knew he was gonna hit that knew he was gonna hit it. However you didn't you didn't move Steph to shoot it alone rather, have you taken that shot going step to take. I understand I want Iggy to take it. Thank you. So let your being with us. Appreciate you. Defined. Toronto's shit Bank arena, where it all went down last night. Colli in the raptors could not get it done. Rafters chant. Everybody Stephen, I want to start with you here DeMarcus cousins got start last night. Certainly paid off eleven points, ten rebounds, six assists, and just twenty eight minutes of play. Tell me this will this decision to start cousins be the turning point in this series, Podvig will be. But it's not because of starting whatever it's the mount of minutes that he played and what he was able to do when he did play. The fact is that he was exceptional in the second half last night. He took over point bullet rolls from Draymond green. That's number one of because of the assistant he was recording. He was grabbing key rebound. Because at one point Toronto seeing the beginning every offensive rebound or whatever. And you just said, all right? Somebody's got to help them out on the board. He came in and offset that more importantly, his defense on pick and roll situations by the Toronto Raptors you didn't expect him to be able to move so well, but he did his defense was definitely up there and last, but not least it served to neutralize soul. And the Bacher those guys will pivotal and game. Even though Siachen went off the soul did have twenty points in game one he vodka did make a contribution as well. And when you look at markets, 'cause it's in the post all of a sudden they were limited to one shots, all of a sudden the path to the lane wasn't as easy as it had been with the undersized Kvant looney knows boys. You can't say enough about the job to markets cousins did in game two last night. I thought he was the MVP the game because of the way that he played in the second half. And I gotta give love to Quinn cook as well. With those two big three's, of course. Equal dollar hit a couple of big three's in the second half. But the Marcus cousins to me, was the key X factor in all of this. I cannot say enough about how he played yesterday. I would say this is the boogie cousins game, maybe along honorable mention Dala because would not only hit the, the nail in the coffin, but also played excellent defense when it looked like out anymore. If you play the series after injury it may wind up being the difference in this series starting boogie. Because if you recall game. One boogies passing. And he's a brilliant passer. He plays the right way. It was almost overdone like they were passing up. Good shots for bit. No, not for better shots for no shots. They were overdoing it. But after a guy's been out for a while he needs game or usually a couple of to get his rhythm to get be integrated into the team in bookies cases basketball IQ is so high took him one game by game to as even said he's running point forward. He was the Draymond green on both ends of the floor. Like, who would think that boogie could be dream on both ends of the floor? But he was the question is can he do this consistently after sitting for so long after being hurt for Sola members coming off catastrophic injury and then got hurt and that hasn't been playing so like for him to do it? One game is all well and good. Can he continue to do this coming off of all that? Yeah. That could decide the series I think so definitely could decide series because you're going to need something from Zola Bacher. You gotta remember, you know, when you look at them with how boogie because and by the way. For the not forget to give Andrew bogut props. He only played about six or seven minutes, but hit all three of his shots hit all three of his shots. And spelled four boogie cousins, so to give, because once a looney went down with the collarbone injury, courtesy of koala colliding into while driving to the basket. He certainly had to leave the game. He didn't come back. So it was about bogut. It was about the markets because and you didn't anticipate in a series like this to Golden State would be able to do that. But having a big body that you could put in the post area, whose girth and mass not to mention skill with something so formidable that Toronto would have to deal with suddenly assault. Baca seemed ill equipped to do. Also consider the starting five, they're all like, oh, my God with K D, right? But now just swap K D out for boogie cousins, if Claes healthy, you still have Steph clay, Iggy dream on boogie cousins, like can't do much. Let's look at the skill set, but I'm gonna tell you what. I, I don't think it was so. So much. Just cousin skills, it I thought it was time he played twenty seven minutes. Thirty eight seconds. You could not have planned for that. If you're Nick nurse because he was gone for fourteen games straight in the postseason. He comes back and game one only place. Eight minutes who would've thought that suddenly he starting the next game? And not only is he starting, but he's going to give us twenty eight minutes. Nobody with that so important for him going into a contract. You're by the way, we always anyone with eyes, new boogie cousins was a devastating talent. Right. You could see that not the most athletic do. But his skills were unmatched his size. He was great. The question is could he use them in service of a winner of champion? And last night, what he showed was. Yeah. He was the best player on the floor on a championship team in a pivotal game. And that really is answering critics who had questions, not even answers just questions. Can he do it? The answer last night was the curry Andrey. Mom being a plush toy. Twelve on the floor last night, and Marcus all in thirty one minutes in thirty one minutes at six points, and Bhakkar in seventeen sixteen plus minutes had seven maxim, ask you this who's the MVP so far on the warriors who. I mean yesterday it was boogie cousins and they lost the game before. So can you say boogie can you? I mean, maybe Igwe dollar because he's played both gaming. This last game was hurt. Let me tell you this for me dream on Raimo. I think dream on has been consistent last night. He has seventeen ten and nine similar numbers did a triple double twice in Western Conference finals, obviously damn they had a triple double in both games this series. This dude is playing lights out. The guy is a point four it. He's running off half the time he's defending he's rebounded. He's assisting a couple of sloppy turnovers along the way. But for the most. Right. Not only that his speed and quickness, because he lost twenty three pounds. They can't win. He's got the ball near the top of the key. He's blowing by some of their bigs. They don't wanna come out and get them, but they have no choice because even though he's not. Threat to launch a perimeter shot. He's finding the Oprah perimeter shooters better than anybody. No argument that is the right answer. It's dream on. And consider this. I thought he was the MVP of the Portland series. He dominated the offensive glass. He was great. And now in this series, so far he's probably the MVP of the warriors, consider had it not been for the Cavs winning game seven at oracle dream on would have been the MVP of those finals. That dude is historically. Great. Clutch onto Steph curry had never wanna finals. VP K D one to Iggy. One, one. Thank you so much for coming out to things that, what should the rafters feel Anchorage or dick at this point in the series, the raptors should be encouraged think of these facts, Kawai, shots, not falling? No teammates stepped up. The warriors went on twenty four one run to start the third it was a one possession game at the end of the warriors got lucky that Steph didn't turn it over. Maybe the wrapping all those things to get out of here by the skin of their teeth one one provided, oh, the raptors should be Inger, right? Yeah, that's funny. That's really funny. You know about a blonde y'all should be encouraged because Klay Thompson might not be held. That's about it. As long as Klay Thompson shows up and boogie cousins shows up and Andre Igwe dollar shows up, y'all will be down to one come Wednesday night. What about? What about? Coming back to Toronto to to coming back to Toronto calling it right now. To me. After game three. Let me see how healthy a off. Golden State is healthy.

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