The FBI Ross and near Cj next to me so if you're watching this on the kiss kiss club you can see the video of this but if you're not you can just listen to the audio. We are in the dressing room for our show in Dallas tonight. Okay let's talk. We've been on the road for what five weeks six weeks twin cities goal and now after this show we go home and sleep in our bed against the dogs and I will tell you this. We are finishing strong. We are for feeling we just did the meet-and-greet out front all we I so many so you talk in the night and sorry that we didn't get around to a podcast last week in fact see but we let me just tell you. We do not party okay. I can't tell you when you're on with this what happens. We do the show and I go home and I go to bed and then I wake up when we leave and I do it again or if I if I one night we had some wine and the next day I was like. You're our feeling it so we don't do that so we haven't been partying we've just been trying to get our supra can and I don't know if you can hear which I sound overdose totally rain but I have like a frog in my throat. It's not as sick. I don't think it's just like a road. Rot I call it anyway. The point is this. We're in the dressing room. We start met. All these straight talkers out and then these they bring the incredible things. One straight TALKER. Cj this beyond say candle when brought me a Dolly Parton candle and then look we just want to show you. These one talkers. Made got us these cookies. And we're GONNA show you if you're watching on the kids because you can see not we're going to describe what they look like. There are cookies. Throw my faces yes. Tj's faced with the YO. Pepe ballsy fags easy here a Pristina Darling one. There's cut three crunchy free crunchy cooking. We'll take a picture of all these we will put these on. Hello Ross Todd. Here's a namedrop cover. There's a Nikki vomit. One going a mold of I cook a Chardonnay. Quantum cookie allies cookie Amir gate cookie. You there's so many snack attack. Cookie BLANCHE COOKIE SENT duper cooking with. Ross and the little mermaid cartoon Ross Cookies and of course we ended with what? How else could you end it with? Kish Kish cookie now. I cannot thank you all enough. It's so and you know in every city we've been in the street. Hawkers have have come in broadest things but the number one thing they brought us our hugs and kisses and this one girl was wearing a jacket not dissimilar to the Ross mayor sequined jacket. I wear on stage today and I said maybe over. Yeah she goes. Why weren't because maybe sequence should be mandatory and we both in unison started thinking mandatory. She Queens so I would say going forward if you WANNA wear sequins all know. You're a straight talker in line. How does that all right kids? We just want to give you a little look. Cj taking pictures of the cookies throat. They're so cute. And you can see that again on our social media. Hello Ross hard affecting hey so morrow. Cj I'm asleep in my bed with Selena all audrey next week and my Brooke Stonecipher pillow but thank you to all the thousands of you who've come on tour to see US sorry to the two cities that didn't work out but really to the really thousands hundreds every night and so. I can't even do the math in my head. But I'm so grateful beyond grateful tonight in Dallas. We're going to have such a great show and then two weeks off. And then we kick off the west coast Phoenix Colorado Denver Boulder San Francisco Portland Seattle Vancouver Salt Lake. Yeah so we have to get him this show so good and it and we're just having the we are it's Ostad we're living at one hundred eleven goals in life golden living will take it away till Scott Freedom taken from me thank you.

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