Men in Blazers 03/19/19


This is Rebecca Lowe will Rebecca if you listen to sub optimal radio, and you on this thing to men in blazers on the NBC sports network. From the embassy row studios in the crap Hotta SoHo and from I mean, actually wrote the crackpot of my bedroom in West Hollywood, California where the magic happens of sometimes I'm avoiding McKay out here. The spring break they're gonna make too much noise by magic amid sleep immensely that never happens. I've such bad insomnia Roach. May Roach first of his name here to put you to sleep. Dave twin pair of the top of the port. We in all seriousness. We wanna send my love of everyone men in blazers love to all of our listeners in New Zealand place, it's near and dear to our hearts. Right. Dave. And a lot of family. There were men in blazes started one of our first television hits was taping a Premier League ground up for New Zealand. Couple of the reasons we still understand. It was amazing. Don't get it. But it was essentially really heavy on Chris would and Winston. Every week. And it was a real joy we tape it right after we take the men in blazes share, which is quite stressful. And it was just it was just J relief to enjoy ourselves in these in these heads, and it was one of the joyous. Parts of our week to engage with the bully and Kiwi football loving community. And like everyone else in the world. We've looked on with anguish and pain in the wake of the Christchurch shootings. Such we look at such an idyllic community into see it rocked. So senselessly the ultimate ultimate sign of the chaos and pain of our age. And we know we know there's other podcasts where the geopolitical ramifications, and the multi-layered the seismic multi ledge realities can be discussed, and in many ways, we also know that you come to be with us. Hey, many blazes to go away to get away from all the human this. We are all be suboptimal shelter from the storm. But did one. Unwelcome you'll of the top did GOP's today and all day. Right. Dave. And just say, let's never take anything for granted. Let savor every second. Let's make memories together while we can offers everyone down there and he's eland Minneapolis Roach. We'll talk Minneapolis in one second heads up. All Philis, Jeff OPE's a warning. But we also apologize. I personally to the good people of Nashville for the have it we 'cause this week. We're off to cash Ville for one right? They've smash Ville smash fail and they innocently asked for the right spot for hot chicken over Twitter. Which is it turns out is like trying to solve Middle East. Peace over Twitter heard the apprentice, we are Pepe fire where Bolton sewage hate fatty B's, we were reported advise, but above all was so excited to Nashville it I always wanted to get men in blazers hat show print post, and we're getting close up, but Minnesota David and Saint Paul Minneapolis and Sukhpal they're both the Minnesota rush. Like Trinidad and Tobago. Midwest. The more the news and Minneapolis, Ron all three places. Different places, we headed to all of you. We've we've what she fan base with a marvel. We've relished any support culture. All we can say now stumbling for details of a men blazes trip to your fine city viral raven newsletter which you can sign up for men in blazers dot com. All if you in the land of ten thousand locks Ramirez, we coming rumor that is the truth Raja was wanted to paisley talk one other piece, housekeeping, New York City, save the date for the greatest golden blazer of all time. It really is the single greatest golden blazer, which will be made twenty-second may twenty second promise shape. It's going to be like it's going to be Ben hurry, and and in other men in places news, a big congress GOP. Rory mcilroy. Ron sue remarkably one the plays on Sunday mazing back nine on Sunday down in Florida on the same day in which he appeared on our crap television show to talk with. Real passionate about his love for man. United the childhood encounter with Roy Keane, which Scott into life and his analysis of the Josie Marino era at manual, which was fascinating you can catch that show the link on our website men in blazes dot com. We didn't curse him Raj. Rory McElroy Kenzo men in blazes once and wins the place. Tell me flee would should come on next Everton the win the bloody league hate Russia. Just to to me you had Jim furic also on many blazes who finished second. We had the one and two on the place. Had I been there with Jim furic might have won it yet. But he came on the next thing he did after Comey on us to be the captain of the losing Ryder cups. Good. We also have to take the pad. But may be Great Britain Europe, a saying when you did it for us again wrote you pulled it out the cast lies nowadays. Sometimes the magic takes a while to develop. Okay, Roach hack show today. It's a bizarre episode of men in blazes. We've barely ever been here before in which we trade places while I'm packing an emphatic place. Erica win forever to over Chelsea. And Pat you on the head Dave I can Pat you on the bolt head for one. From that far away we talked turtle head time for Liverpool as they escaped lowly Fulham Betty with a win to move top of the league. And we applaud the FA Cup scriptwriters not always our favorites. But they delivered this weekend Roach. Giving us some scintillating games an amazing saints to the football for toast. I want raise this. My first third burger the day to this season's Champions League. We have already been blessed with the Premier League title race for the ages. Now, we got Champions League where her for the remaining clubs English Premier League. It's been ten years ten long years since the Premier League loss made up half of the finalists that was in two thousand nine when three of them to the semi final. But it was also later it went on to win the competition. So there's no guarantees, but a combination of economic might all these squads peaking at the right time and the bit look in eating champions, the football right mentioned. Heated volume ball God's plus the Nash bring in the good vibes from his Bleacher report spaceship from which your bit. So plenty and Brooke coast back to Turner. It's just a magnificent moment to level game. And all the English teams rocking also bat with a vengeance. In European gab with messy and Reynold destroyed him on this Demi gods but fan blood fan a racist. Budweiser to you and all the risks to savor in the weeks to come. It's a real much madness buckle here, a certain springing step of certain lilt in your voice throats because EPA to Chelsea mill said Gad to Chelsea dominant, but profligate Chelsea I donate Donald. It'll just possible around the pitch left the door wide open for Everton who miraculously rose from the dead and plant them of the park in the second half. Raj your boy struck and forty nine minutes when Richarson feasted on some corner scraps before celebrating with a perfectly executed niece light. Bravo. The Brazilian was also hot of the second during a penalty from the absolutely woeful Marcus Alonzo in my actually, not be Marcus longtime. I'm pretty convinces somebody wearing a Mockus Lonzo suit kept us safe. Oh, be only for the Icelandic war to slot. Home. The rebound Evison going to win the game and take full points from the two games against sorry. Chelsea this season. L plays Erico can be a cruel mistress usually via Roach. But this time office was humiliating Roach been trying to learn how to play the lia- just so I can write ballads that will sang for generations. Where all the ballots where all the club DVD's in the club. Shop did this happen. Did it really happen? Or was it all some kind of dream because I don't know. I don't know never mind. Be gracious win. I don't know how to be a winner at told Dave this wasn't quite like when Stephen Smith appeared from nowhere because literally out of the mist Yukon spotted, and he demolished Chelsea oh by himself that was that was a slightly win. Do I remember the Steven Naismith hat trick face tattooed Doma Tate? He's the most remarkable thing. What borates Yoseri was out coached Raj out coached at halftime by? I forgot the name of your his name salad station. No. He's not Larry boys. You want us. Oh from Wolford. Harry, the hornet. Yeah. Harry the hole in it out. News. Larry curious. The remember the Harry the on it out coached Marizzio. Sorry at halftime roads at Harvey's. We don't know this for sure. We need to relive beat by beat to get association. Coached the worst coach in the history of football Oma. God let let's see how we got there. Because I still don't understand. Let's let's like Quincy all CSI and try and go forensic and what the hell happened. It's not clear to me. Everytime. He did something good. It could just be that your team Uttley incompletely imploded. We may know of one this game, you may have shambolic necessarily lost. I mean, we need to contact Evison season has been like a stock at started strong. And then tanked think of our season. It's like theranos. That's what we've been this season. We were so good. And then a broke brokers with his shoulder in December. I mean, just this is shocking in the last seventeen games only this film onto sad story. Excuses for primarily football teams have won fewer points and Everton we are in relegation form going into this. And that's what it looked like for the first forty five minutes where we had an Avangard tactical game plan which was to give Chelsea the ball and not attempt to. Tackle them. What so ever let the historical records show as you've already hinted Chelsea dominated the opening exchanges. It should have been five nila halftime. But that's if you have a Chelsea to who given possession of no one tackling them actually tried to cut through you and shoot the ball on target, which Chelsea don't do. Chelsea just like namby-pamby around the field passing it to each other in little circles little triangles little cool shapes. Then they get on the edge of the area, and they try and thread through impossible little passes. They never run be on the man. They no one's running with the ball. It's just it's so pointless. So so you telling me has hit the post on purpose? No. That was a deflation Igwe when he charged straight go he decided to slap the ball street against Jordan pig. Brave little tiny dinosaur Hans well, he did get through you could've scored so early and often it was only what she now. I I for me gene FA kept game where he Premier Li giant named Chelsea play tiny tiny obscure normally. League team evidence only difference being Everton with this curious known league team that ugly decided not to give whatsoever. I mean, I spend that first half howling at the television begging the Premier League scriptwriters to please, please get the inevitable. Ross Barkley won the strike out the way quickly at couldn't stand. Having a hangover me. It was like an Everton theme. Bandaid receptive wound new to rip off a ruse? I spent the first shouting at the TV as well. Because I hate the way Chelsea player. There's no joy in dominating a game. And not story. This absolutely no, joy employments domination. It's better than the only joy Everton fantastic, which is doing Ross Barkley. Did enjoy that my son who is hey, turn round to me. And he said that why do we only get joy from denying? The team's points Liverpool in that total race Chelsea and that four and hating on an eight year old army that and I said to him Everton fans truly hate Ross Barkley, and he said, the do you dad, and I had to say to him. I said to be candidates said shift up and watch the game. But afterward when I was breaking down. It was moral lesson time we've roge- I find it sad to be on this because yes Ross rundown. This contract left this on the cheap. But from a human perspective thing about Ross's. He joined club Aleph win some football club. There's a there's a room a long corridor. All the young club sides of the past forty years, and you can spot Ross pretty quickly. He was one of those enormous kids when everyone else was still yet to Hugh Hewitt's. He was out in the club from eleven on once they. True fees. He loved and he was a young talent boyhood talent to buses to Everton training every night and stuff, but it was a young talent unfulfilled. Ultimately, we're bleeding confidence dodgy decision making kind of modulated by Ronald Kumon, and he'd come through as a kid the club Panini. We had to go to painful reality for anyone when we when we Ross Barkley. I do believe which is doing a room frustration own self loathing, and our shattered dreams. That's what's all the. Too much for an eight year old to take in David. When he came off. I did like the heath. He went three sixty to the entire crowd who will just old booing him making the Whiteside at hand. It was excruciating in boulevard the broken dreams for Ross Barkley reality. But that came in the second half a half time, I need to let the record show again. If I was in the if we were in the courtroom, Dave, oh, it would be an exhibit for the jury. I would want to show them that if Chelsea school, maybe not funny, but if they had taken one or two of the chances in the first off would we have commended them on a dominant control performance? Gwyneth Paltrow sliding doors at all could have been so different time. Halftime we didn't have a sniff of what was to come. Did we when you went to get your Gimmel bet refill from your kit? Gina halftime Malbak. Eat. Didn't you didn't have anything to fear. Did you know? I was actually so frustrated at halftime that was one of the more frustrating football because they they took so much time to advance from the middle. Third of the pitch is the final third of the pitch. Just cannot take how long and how ponderous all of it is you don't like trending. You've never liked gently Hundley direct football rods. Anyway, it was very very hard to watch for me. But yeah, they were dormant to the they were pointlessly dominant in the first half and Everton. I guess the only solace. I took his Everton will so woeful. I really didn't see them doing anything. But Marco Silva, all hiring the whole in it not knowing quite who it was certainly made a difference in the second half. I tell him what it was because right from the off in the second half. It was a different Everton. Players. They shouldn't he knew they were football as they looked at each other and said, I'm going members of a team. And then they looked at each other against have. We have a purpose of going forward. Together. We have a common goal we've anew. That goal was the Chelsea end. And it was glorious Gomez the most still handsome man in the Premier League throbbing guilty proving tiny little burn on Twitter, his child leg straining. I don't know. What Marco Silva San? I don't know what he could have said, I don't know who would have listened to anything this point in the season that would've come mouth. My only conclusion David about the half team talks juuling. Halftime team Tokes was a win salary was hunting mobile reds and he compulsively forces place. Must have been the least angel that site genuinely the only rational conclusion, I have for what we what we I mean look Evanson pressed they did Klay Moore's team. They say committed both defensively without the ball. They played a lot better, and Chelsea then just stop panicking. They just they know team like historically, Chelsea we always used to say that the mentally toughest team in full or maybe I used to say that. But I certainly felt that Chelsea through all of those title-winning seasons two thousand and four minutes with the mentally toughest team in football. And this team are so mentally weak right now on the second the Everton got it up Chelsea just couldn't play football anymore. It was just ridiculous lens breakdown that getting up the discipline my own benefit, my pleasure, because I'm still not sure this happen any Jay dubb's to verify confirm verify allow me to revel for McCoy Warner Chelsea defended in an away that can only be described as. Evident ask yet and attended town with confidence stolen from. I do not know where Michael key. Rose up of what she's only about twelve thousand times since we can. Like, a dollar store Virgil Van Dyke and he headed the bull, right? You play them on his your cap up. There is it rebounded to not today. Move his little chicken head raw Jolla, filthy. Rick. To David this staunching. This is how dominant you've been you've been astride me like a colossus looking down on my carrying little caucus it ended. Everton's five games have scoreless football against Chelsea. I've waited four hundred ninety eight long long minute someone impersonal with the graviton to school proof kids. And those of you listening who are children. I apologize for saying the woods angel going to drop some more life on when you try kids when you try when you show the, you know, when you g vaguely give crap like evidence, I wouldn't say anything is possible, but you can occasionally make crap happen and for the record Chelsea. Yes. I mean wasn't an amendment whenever in school. Do you know how I felt whenever someone one nil up a love blow people over Twitter one majorly how I experience evident taking a lead in a big game. I mean, you know, that the few moments in sports are more excruciating. Right. David Chelsea con. Come back from a goal. They don't do that anymore ever. Some we do we do. I feel a mix also fund you'll probably relate to this many of you will probably relate to this a mix of intense joy knowing fair because now I've got something precious precious that can lose that's the dunk -ness of Everton taking a lead. And we have the history the knowledge that we've done that. We've lost the precious thing so many times. And you don't dare to hope because hope is not welcome hoop is a false friend forever. Football club papers last down far too often. And in many ways, given the choice. How bonkers this sounds prefer? When Everton go a goal down, very reassuring. It's comfort like a pig. The Phil's best wallowing in his own crap. But if they wouldn't they've on this day, you've said, I believe you this Chelsea they have more than the sprinkle avengers Astle in terms of their confidence in terms of balanced back ability spineless, and they don't have a coach anywhere near as talented as inventor, and by the way, Chelsea at the same time have some really good players. Most of them was sitting on the bench, but they have some certainly plays to reform a sitting on the bench. But honestly in the primarily this woman football off, the watching them demolished Dynamo Kiev mid week where you can play this of Sarah against these teams on European nights. And it's fine in the Premier League. You just can't do it. You just can't play this game series. Chelsea this conclusion this evidence Porsche Everton is someone said last week that they neutralize ruin innate self-sabotaging Everton. That's my only conclusion I can take this because everything kept coming and coming Joel a gravity truth. Feld in the area by Allante Gill fate stepped up to take the penalty bless him. You know, how sports pop up the penalty had the shot Gill fees was more with just think more misses than converted attempts, which is so evident. We still send them up key go and just try your best. It doesn't matter. If it goes in he hit it right at play manager Kappa only to stop home, the rebound easing the ball into that net. Sneakily Felicia Huffman getting kids into college. But if I could change one ru about football, it will be the the ball is dead. Once you miss a penalty shouldn't be allowed to tap in the rebound digress. The most evident penalty of all time stoop to conquer suddenly my pants musher soaked. In the glory of Budweiser, Chelsea they Vince Lombardi said, the real glorious being knocked to your knees. And then coming back that's real glory Surrey's Chelsea that he'll percent. It's still shocking to see it, Dave. They just roll over when the punch they count outcoached outhustled out. Played out schooled out defended out. Everything is just. Gay Quyen seems bull. The by the week, Syria. J recently called himself, quote, Igwe anes football father, which is actually the same relationship. Solid ice has. Fine. School regains Everton. You deserve to be primarily. Oh, absolutely. Especially when you have a chance to get within a point of Spurs. I mean that is should be prime motivation at this point in the season Sunday didn't care all of that gain against Spurs and Fulham those fine performances for what for what they now. Sit six in the Premier League point behind, you know, heated three behind awesome in fourth place. Prognosis david. Noses until they get rid of salary continued status primarily European pug etry pointless, pointless, uninspiring, listless, lymph football, Constand it. This was certainly evidence. Biggest win of the season on the awful thing. Chelsea it wasn't even in top three worst losses. It was just another bad loss the Chelsea this season. Sound like Evanston fan. I believe you will be able to new will be Chelsea manager sooner or later, they'll make the pain go away for evidence. First big boy win against big sixteen since January two thousand seventeen with my voice allowing you to me on the head from your distance. It's twenty five games. It's taken. This was the first four games against top six teams, including Manchester United parcel, very now. I'm like, I'm wearing my waffle house. T-shirts has waffle house Princess. I need to set context. Bring it on bring. Which is a scream with delusion. And is delusion I want you to know this changes nothing how feel about Marco silver, and his leadership Everton doesn't it'll the first half that to me is silver football. The second to me was Sarah ball in full effect evidence win because we were good Chelsea just plain old fat paraded. But that doesn't the mind the joy that took from victory right up rise up. Mighty everton. We are now in eleventh place, aka nothing matters more. If it did most importantly with Buchen, the forty points barrier, which means we're not going to be relegated, my big confusion post. Dave was emotional. Like normally after big game. I'm guaranteed to sit that playing as my sad soundtrack choice on Sunday. I didn't know what to do with myself with my hands. We're my legs my body in that epic moment of victory. It's been so long since I've loved and felt loved so I had to over Twitter asks for happy. Celebrate. Songs because I didn't know any and thank you to the hundreds of who recommended among my favorites at toilet toe writer who suggested LCD dunce yourself clean Trojan seven five one zero who may me listen to bottle of smoke by the Pogues, and I was better person for doing that producer Jay dubb's lights and the other winner just for the cheek at BU braced for a one who said usually late 'til listen to you'll never walk alone by Gerry. Oh, Fulham one Liverpool to your posse manage to escape the friendly confines of craving colors, but not without a real scale of -able started the scoring twenty six minute with low key Premier League player of the year Saudi Amani steering homemade Bobi Trump was pulled back in the second half. With the visit looking to shut the game down seven minutes of mayhem, ensued. It began with they could fossil at the back between virtual Van Dyke and Allison that allowed the Fulmer livable man and natural redhead Ryan Babel to tap home, the equaliser, but with a potential drool dangling like a guillotine over that title hopes livable found a way with some help from Fulham keeper Sergio Rico who Feldman I in the box. Opening the way Jimmy mills to convert from the spot livable leapfrog man, city returned to the top of the table, but it's often routine Russia despite during their loss three on the road Liverpool set for destination Fulham with a sense of Tim ISM and partially because of that champions, the one the. Infant by which was remarkable and partially because of the the well it was just full squad. This is a stylish into which one hundred fifty million dollars have been pumped into law, summa arguably, the money would have been more effectively deployed if been dumped into a garbage. Nuts because full of just sampack invented livable onto them and came when they're crossfield switches movement that cunning Fulham free much accepted their fate like a team that would tanking design Williamson, and it went pretty much how you would expect it to find team go finish by you else. Manet. Seventeen the season eleven goals. His last eleven games. No play a lower profile and a higher impact Mosala still livable's. Poster. Boy, Bobby familiar dominates the cover model for dental cleaning weekly still, but it's Manny. Who's been Liverpool's main mandatory centers whom straight right David the plays. Well, when he wants to move as a fantastic Pula Roach. These feels like everywhere, you feel like the commentators saying his name almost, you know, once every five names, and they say plays night saying money's name. I love what she played football. But livable, didn't they couldn't potbellied and in that second half Ryan session? Young came on start to stretch Liverpool gave him couple of nervy shot against the bowel movements, which should have woken Liverpool up, but will prevent them was it was it Fatih wasn't nerves. Was it exhaustion from the champions the one the mid week? Was it complacency was all the above Fulham played pretty well. I've watched a few games a season. And this was a good Fulham performance. It was committed. You know, look all of those London teams like like the big clubs coming to that grounds. It puts a little bit more atmosphere in the stands, you know, credit cottage is not an easy ground. Go and play football at the fans, really close. It's sort of strange atmosphere. Suddenly the weather was not ideal. L in England, quite windy this weekend. Livable seemed on syncopated for what reason they should be tense. They should be nervous trying to cling on win the pregnancy this season. And there was a moment of dog Ness Jimmy mills hat to the bull. Big edge. Oh, why hem miscommunicated with Allison behalf headed the ball towards him? And Ryan bell bed down. Nutmegged? Alison, I'm bubble bobble exit livable declared before the game that quote, Virgil Van Dyke. Does have a weakness and only I know it which made me laugh when I read it turns out, we was right? He knew the virgin terrible heading the ball back to his own. Red hat. He knows the weakest specific specific. Confusing richer read, I don't even know anymore. It was a moment of dunk -ness of I the kind of summon the numbness of a wage or after away your points drop of self sabotage title runs of recent post, which are women get into because we only had four hundred and twenty seconds before another storm. She Maidment chaos in the Fulham area. Go keep a Rico dropped. Let's see routine save. And then decided we'll make up for this drop lateen safe. But maybe yanking money back to give away a penalty. Slowly match-fixing Dave seemed to bit match-fixing. I can't believe it comes ages. Let's you say it was a weird cumulative couple of minutes in the key moment of decision making by an opponent. And who'd you want in a stressful moment, David stepping up to the penalty spot who do you? I mean, you want epic hero. You want a star? You want a real, man? You will you want? One of the greatest football is in history failing that you a droid with. No emotion. Good point. James Milner stepped up with his post barely looking raised. And then thrashed. The ball empowered Liverpool to escape with three points and stained streaky on these mo- and science tweeted us to say there isn't enough toilet paper in all the world to last from now until season's end I level fans. The. Battled their way to two points. Clear at the top of the table. They David, you know, you're gonna have to win some close games. You have to win some close games. And they've now played extra game up on city through the international break. They will bait. Top of the table tight race back on relief joy, mostly they relief slight worries about mo- seller. Seventh game a goal comes. Josie ask I wish he would score to become did. 'cause I can't stand a constant watching sad. It's like saying like campus stripped of their joy. The evil sorcery wants to destroy all happiness in the world ball title race for the ages rumbles on Wednesday twenty fourth of April circle at one day listeners. When city have to go to Old Trafford and behave as if it's in the skate Rupe that looms large large large. Okay. Rose talking large West Ham for Huddersfield three. What a game of football a frantically comeback in the final fifty minutes sees the arns hand pull how to fill the Los despite scoring three goals for the first time all season after Mont noble put the ahead from the spot early Huddersfield three goals three one lead. But thumping Angelo Bonna Hedda in the seventy fifth minute and two goals from L tree. Layup specialist jury dole. See the curious HAMAs go salt bay on the gaping wound that is Huddersfield. A him the silence two more goals and a game changing performance. He and Jimenez, they are making this the best Mexican Premier League season of all time for reels a low we'll say beating up on this field, especially at this point in them, a three one lead this point. It's like boy the line necrophilia isn't even when you lose. You just can't seem to find a way to not lose it. When you resolve balm to Newcastle to ninety four th minute ninety four minute road stunk from former cherry Matt Ritchie rescues a draw for the two on the south coast Balmer in twelve th place. Newcastle thirteenth both closing in on that magic forty point. Mark thunderous finish from former Bouma stole that Matt Ritchey at the death McGill Marin for resilient Newcastle. It continues to impress the sparkling performance. It was hey who famously and it really when he runs it is fairly it's joyful run. Full length to the fail to draw. The foul led to Newcastle's apron. He's a bolt of energy pace until joy amenities manage for refer- Benitez. He belongs early one less to this was my game of the weekend. Burnley broads Roach by the ten man. Fox's despite Harry Maguire being sent-off just four minutes into the game. He was this look on his face was so tragic less took the lead in the thirty minutes. A brilliant freekick from mom pelia messy, James Madison. The Clarence pulled one back the Dwight McNeil just five minutes later, but in the ninetieth minute still hung over from the championship season. This is a couple years ago. Let's the caps in west Morgan headed home. The widow what a finish the FOX on three of four since firing clo- Puel Burnley. Meanwhile, aronie two points clear, the drop on pursuers Cardiff have a game in hand. Well, done the broads Roach. Yes, they the Brendan Rodgers bounce continues as his charge. You showed the one quality e cares about more than any other. Character can only release that will stopping finger at that. You can't. We should we should kinda cut dive Julie Callahan. We just got three point die without Canada. Firmly. The latest team to be dragged into that relegation Merck. You look at that schedule and you see their fungal four games away to Chelsea I'm born again Everton, then at home to also among Chester city, and he stopped praying for Dave Fishwick minibus rental now to the FA Cup quarter-final Swansea to man city three after going down to nil in the first twenty nine minutes pet small remember to they are and laid siege. To the swamps goal. They started their comeback sixty nine minutes when Portugal's indie rock concert of Renaldo Bernardo Silva accidentally lashed one home less than ten minutes later after Cameron clubs Vickers was judged with fouled razz in the books. Pretty soft pedal to the substitute Sergio guero banked it off the post of the swamps keeper both Christopher north. And in and two minutes from time of offsides issue Aguayo petted home, the winner to keep cities quadruple hopes alive. Swamps fans will write feel devastatingly hot down by city. They are scary. Good road. Win the feel like it when they get in the mood. The scary good. You know, what you love football at the weekend. And so I did what just game. It was meant to be my game off the financial times. We can addition you love that you love that paper. It's the one girl moment when I read the culture section. It's just like me time. I don't have any meter, but pretended to me at even know what meantime is, but I thought I'm going to watch one I and just enjoy reading about the books, and the the everything that I love and lunch with the F T O but soaked in because this was one of the most stunning first-half I've ever seen the season. I mean, remember this is club in turmoil. Onesie playing city who. Previous FA Cup. Robber seven nil. Burnley, five nil. Newport, four one they just smashed. I mean defenestrate had really shelter seven nil. Scored sixty one goals in old comes in two thousand nineteen. There was just no indication anything different would happen. So this first half. It was a shocking four five obscene city labor. They'd won eighteen of nineteen, but they seem so complacent is dead way. No value mentioned just had the game of his life, and whether I real- furry forward dealth overconfident bring sound Khanna robots Matt grime smashes it pasta. But that second goal, Dave. That's sweeping movie. It was like Manchester City move but used against them was cicle five point one back slash hyphen yet Colo. Yes. Three point four where five players go full into the failed with one and two touch football. And dia cut love. Dia waited a stunning pass. For city reject selene. Open this body clip to when it flew in. I am a grown, man. I am a groom nuts. Fax? I know love you don't believe, but I'm not too proud to MIT at did piss him up. Just a little bit man city had just been manned citied. It was like tradeoff movies trading places. Face off big freaky, fry is the two teams just body swaps. Onesie become Monsita man city was Swansea. Two shots on goal. Two goals for the swans city a bully being bullied halftime. It was just surreal. There's a certain point which you're looking at thinking does this really matter does winning the quadruple really matter to pet? Does the ethic top really count? Now that they've won the cariballo. They're still in the Champions League than just looking like a win the Premier League. Like do. They really can't do they really have in them to win this game. And this is what's so amazing kiss? You could see just how much pet wanted this this quadrupled thing because. Each spent almost all the second half running up and down the touchline acting like a ballboy to make sure throw ins could be taken quickly. Sped up send that ball back into play. He was money. I mean sent on Kuna Esguerra, deployed the rows, heavy cavalry. And it was all done degree effect. Because Swansea wilted first banal silver, another stealth play the drag city back into the game. Then Cameron Carta Vickers. The company American big harshly a judge to rows down the replay show. He got the bull. And the only thing city should've gone was a cool. I knew ver- this game, which is disgusting for no, you're listening because Swazi for ready, but they're fake. Couple is is for some reason only Premier League stadia will be up. This season is a head scratching consistency that came back to haunt the plucky wells championship scrappers and double break Kuna guero proceeded to hit the post of his penalty. The ball bounce across the line. When in off the back side of the Harare. Swansea. Goalkeeper any other striker? And you think it was lucky that penalty hit the post and win of the diving goalkeeper. I bet you Dave. I bet you wear. It was the kind of play who practices in training, the computations and figured out how to get it. Get Joe hall back. Just so he can use his penalty. Rebound into the gold trading ever. Get cruel of swans, a Cuna Guerra the knife will again, eight minute winner famillies to fee of side. Our new Justice. Heartbreak for Swansea. Men city will not be denied though, they needed a dodgy penalty. Warden offside goal. Jeff O P. David report tweeted Swansea of proven. It's better to have never loved than to have loved the lost. Which is a good way to go to gutted for Swansea. Right. David very Swansea. This would have been huge to advance in the officers club. This had the share of moral the last couple of seasons America and the comments lots of them Janine walks on the verge of winning the battle. Oh of Endo only for storm troopers to turn the tide. Just rent them. The lost. All halo, two Pap who did say. I don't like to win games. When the decisions are wrong. All around Europe hit is not we deserve to win by fall. But to win in that way. Sorry. Another great ethic cups. I wants to many knighted one the black could Choi strike battery of row Jimenez and Diogo sorta set Mullah new alight and send wolves to their first FA Cup semi final. Twenty one years wrote United. Meanwhile, stop their first back to back defeats since OGSM took the helm. Yeah. You know, did they done the FA Cup? The hardware they dropped arsenal. And Chelsea on the way to Wolverhampton, but one wolves one aspirated teenage really into flourish against powerhouses, all credit Nuno spirits, Sante nother crate, stealth award. He could get for manager of the year outcoached really going to go in this one. You know, you did the United of old really old but this season poker? Lethargic the frontline blunt a lack of a creative force evident tempo sludge levels. The backbreaking goal have been ripped from the marina. Where Luke shore channeling the spirit the late. Great Phil Jones making at least three eras on one passage play and then fight or flight kicked in. And he did well Phil Jones a taught him which is just tumble over and watch. What we'll scored prostate on the floor chewing gross. But we'll deserve their stone. They divert trip to Wembley. They deserve it. And they've played some great football this season really impressed with what knows with that side. Yeah. They really deserve it impossible to resembles. I mean club won manager. I've said last week in a believe it after what genetic watching him we'll away when a goal is scored to celebrate with his entire coaching staff is symbolically powerful. That's what makes his club. So successful their collective belief in it comes right from him the fans of stood loyally but a clubs through so many dog times, and I'm really happy. They're going down, Wembley Cima. My moosh. Recent happy memories are suddenly been knocked out in the semi final and the final. But it's it's a joy a rhythm memory. They will save as they grow. But you know, heated we were celebrate tree of that starting imperious. Dave, it's triggered one hell of a hangover first adversity for social. But I think it's still most important to them how they finish the Champions League. Obviously in how they finished in the primarily epic Cup would have been nice. But it wouldn't have really made a difference. Ultimately, he has two losses on the run though shocked by Osler in the league. Now the FA Cup. You got the English papers flipping their narrative that back to it squad. His thin to mix much build that squad. They doubt the quality the play as matych a spent force, and it's gonna be very interesting. He met it. It was a Porsche performance since he arrived oaks. It's going to be interesting. The league Altima lease what's important wjm grubbing that top four place by all means necessary. How they rebound in the loss street of the toll run is going to be one of the stories of the season. What to Crystal Palace law? This is a bad weekend for me other than Rory plays the OEMs dream season rolls as they. A spot in the semi finals of the FA op Ed in michi- back Shuai traded goals winner came from substitute Andrey gray in the seventy nine th minute. This is the third time this season the Wolford of beaten palace. I'm sorry. Steve in the final two final Brighton defeated wool on penalties after a frantic ending. It was the seagull schooled in the and ninety fifth minute to leave things knotted at to your semi finals. What versus wolves man city versus Brian thing. City would be favorites. If they had to play all three of the other teams at the same time in other news in the championship. Congratulations to Sheffield and their friends Hume beans team under percent aides who won the hard fought top of the table Yorkshire. Darby clash fantastic game local rivals, legion eight. It was raucous. It was end to end and it was worth bay. Fine stripe by Chris Basham of manager. Chris wall said in typical no-nonsense Yorkshire style eastern. Well. To be match-winner because after twenty five minutes he was coming off as he was up. -solutely useless for these teams come up. They maybe well, maybe wearing wonderful the modules shouted in his news conference. It was a full on big Bullock's performance. Come to the family Sheffield United take the second automatic promotion place from Marcello bell. So Jack Harrison's leads by one point eight matches left Berlin. Okay. It's an international break weekend. And it looks like this begins Thursday when the essay host Ecuador in jam Landau at eight pm eastern timeliest Fiene to England begin euro twenty twenty qualifying this weekend as well host Czech Republic at three foot that was that Jordan, and it's referred to five PM eastern time on ESPN news Friday and then travelling to Montenegro for a game Monday at three forty five PM eastern time on ESPN plus the US back in action Tuesday at seven fifty five pm eastern time against she lay in Houston that game is on ESPN two. Oh, let's have a shoulder Yankee mice to see what the future holes. For g g force. Euphemize spelt with two jeez. My year Gillmeister says. The US they're going to continue their rebuild obe- kind of Balu the rado let the footballing equivalent of the fifty million songs that will lost my space should love. I'm sorry to all of you lost your songs too friendly games Ecuador Chile. Tim welcome returns to the squad. Christian pulisic reports in as Jordan Morris what the light to see him back scoring freely. Again, the thing emotions did in what Jing is the players the player. Brewed have a true swagger in the hierarchy in that locker room for the US. And I'm fascinated to watch how Tyler Adams carries himself. Now, he has power arguably the best American male player in the world right now as a number six it's going to be TV asserts himself or if he seeds his status to Michael Bradley, two ballistic myemma says Gregg Berhalter declared he's gonna play out at right back. He's gonna move dander yet Lynn onto the wing and the dynamic between them. Berhalter is going to be the one that's worth the price of admission link to watch to courage unto glory, my international your show related Raj. He was only called into camp after injuries forced a few plays, including my beloved Ruben leftist cheat to withdraw, but I'm tasting James ward. Prowse Rotana favorite passages football is getting a snip of the action during one of those England games contributing from one of his trademarks pieces 'push is proper poster many ways to connect to us impeding next time on tour, which is transformed into the anytime by something Biggles full-frontal. We get a tiny essential last producible. Additional bit about contemplating putting the boulevard suite Roger at book spies of no country. Secret lives at the birth of Israel by Matti Friedman, author of one of the most haunting war memoirs have read in the past couple of years, pumpkin, flower and hair adele's into modern history to tell a spice story that so human as hard to believe it's really looks at the Arab section a. Small group in Israel's pre state covert services. This is full on John Licari stuff. But for real that were Jewish guys born in Syria and Yemen train, founder style to blend in to the populations in Arab towns to pull off Harari tasks, which a lot them died doing and then were written out of history completely and Friedman. This is a he is such a human ROY and grappling with complex stuff. It's a difficult story. But he takes something that many would use to paint a heroic pasta were picture of a Harare post. And instead looks at the big questions which need to be asked about our gut wrenching present. It's moss to flee. They also want to marketable Jeff oh P's for the brilliance general to take Suzie Sheffield of beautiful briny salt centers, the most sensational small bat, salt blends from Atlanta, a love on my in the morning, some of your beautiful briny soul and the wonderful Ari, Barron. Bam, you know, who you are. And everyone. Durham North Carolina. Shout in ninth street bakery. Yes, for the ninth street bakery, sent us a care package of organic baked goods one of the best chocolate. Route blacks I've ever tasted Shashi starting new feature. Dave where we feature the product solely of autism. GOP's? You are the motion marketable cast of characters were humbled by your passion. Rush. I have bought nothing this week. I spent absolutely no money. I have nothing to put into the important. Yes. I can recommend the galley restaurant in Santa Monica where it's Christmas almost every day. But I've got nothing. I've got nothing. I'll put into things next week. I'll give you some ru Gluck the ninth street bakery or rock rocky world finally wrote this writing comes from Josh Smith in Harlem, or what advice do you have for soon to be first time dad, I've got a little girl to you in a couple of weeks, and everyone talked to has some slow of advice. They want to give so far. I've heard get as much sleep as you can before she comes do whatever it takes to keep the mom. Happy handled diaper changes. And just enjoy anything you to father could care to add anything specific for raising a little girl in this country. They've got more doors, so you should go. I have three daughters and one son daughter's role, very different from each other tends to be this thing. Like when somebody has a boy, and then have Gill say while girls will so different from boys goals are all so different. From each other say the biggest thing with a girl is you've got to listen from an early age to walk. She got observe and just see what makes them happy. It's very easy babies. Infants really do let you know what they like. I'd one child love me singing to her another daughter who just very very only to read and write and do math and paint Knowle's kind of thing. So just listen to what your child. My biggest thing with my children is I've raised and this applies to go some boys I raised children who socially comfortable around all of my friends around my family around a lot of people and they're just comfortable around people on. I like the various a joy to listen to here. Thank you Josh myth 'cause we started this podcast with darkness. And I'm grateful to be able to end with light. My voice would be not to listen to any advice. Other than don't be afraid. Everybody is advice for first time. Parents and most of it's truly bonkers because every situation is just so sui generous. You got no idea the so many different emotional response in so many ways you can be in terms of personality sleep more so many ways you can react. That's what's that. He got no idea. How you're gonna react to the channel is so many different emotional responses. Very few of them intentional, and they're all the more powerful because ever move and uncontrollable someone. Vice would be is Sarah going to be good at Chelsea. You don't know until he takes the reins. How do we know what was going to be good, but silver wasn't you don't know until it happens where vice would be stay chill way respond. However, the fact that you having a daughter is an outstanding moment. Wish in life. I had more daughters. Only have lots of boys doors at the greatest and my only two pieces of insight would be save. Every second consciously take nothing for granted. Even when you in the middle of the night, you're woken up, and you have to go and come crying baby may gray memories of your hand on the door handle walking into that room. 'cause it all happened, so bloody fashion you're gonna win the where the hell it went Maguy. Al maroon I make sure make sure that your daughter watches a women's will. Because when need more kick ass women in this world, there's no better way to assure that than by taking in France, two thousand nineteen even byles Moses actually sons to okay, follow us at many, Dave is at what's been honest, grandma Davies on Facebook, many places you can always Email us many places gmaiLcom voices rates the crock pot of so hoping by book Roach encyclopedia plays Tannock of yourself. Why would you? Well, you never it's to doorstop edible good books, including one. That rhymes with Amazon Vendome Roach peg who wants to sex Tembo I like snack full twin twin take back. Gloria bulls. Loose to tweet apricot Ruckle mate kung FU find America love your day. Love ropes even Nashville where in eleven Dave. Character Cannock tap.

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