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therapy have everyone. Welcome back to teenagers. There would be guy. I'm mark IV Isaac and Tom and Kayla and welcome back to our first our first video podcasts. Asking for this for a while. Let's get a video park. Yes going and we were too scared but we finally figured it out the format. We WON'T BE AWKWARD. If we're eating while we do it. That's GonNa see what we're eating. Let's pass around your cereal show. Here is today's snap hands your. That's right Andy. I was trying to get but it wasn't the guys like you're Yeah Koko Nuggets Cook Way Nuggets. It sounds terrible cook. I'm excited Scout Cinnamon Toast Crunch Chiro Flavor. And the tax cut. It'll be I think the same taste but insurer form on gunsight. We'll find out sugars. Find out we'll go. Should we need the same at the same time? Just whatever you want to eat whatever you want whatever we want to pass around the Buhl all orioles back Bobo. Balde skate same or different. I think different. I really don't care about whatever. Mark Monitor Review Lines. Oriole chill by really back our orioles. You were smashed cookie old native Z. Cups I love. Those were good. I like the crunchy. Just really what? We're on the same abundance. Whatever I WANNA milk ill you don't do drugs. So the three flavors. Another side with the GEICO Nugget Cocoa Nuggets A. Are you sick so good though? Why don't you Avocado First Kale? We wish you a look like aren't you and I imagine my stomach is going to visit actually year we far. Gase gas omitted. What about ice cream? Same thing I love me like my immune ice cream day lack of in fact as we are let me let me. Let me teach you up with this. Should we do it? Like the plug at me of we mobile with best in the game when you taste about common is your own tolerance. Bring your milk or diagnosed by rarely fight cell doe- my uncle would always like try to challenge. Chugged most for birth canal. You different breeze almost literally tell me like I'm okay. Yeah that's different and it's like regular milk. No no no no way we if Roy Moore or like Vanilla or by. Cook doesn't with milk. Which is a bag. You would cereal. I like medium rare. I I love it. I love the world done using your own analogy rare bloody wear. Oh Yeah that will does. I love it. I love cornflakes incredible three tastes. Wow thank breakfast and bowl pancakes. Kinda brain thinks something. You'd have breakfast but with milk and I'm here to you can't just have one more. I always have to go. I always always have like a stereo. How many billions always two or three? Though she's all the pink ones yeah. I used to like photos up twice sometimes three times like the Straw tach. It was long too after like cocoa chocolate milk. Nope those different. What you can never wash opera. Got The bottom of the Straw. Roy was so you know. Bill likes walgreens one another first. You're lucky number. I wanted them grow the whole house burn plastic door. I had a goal. Plastic inaudible played different one vitamins. I think I had all took place better time. Get the big plastic cups. It was those big Lake the yogurt is doing the normal. The big brought getting our home Do Albuquerque thank you. I wish we would get sponsored by lunch or something. If we snacks winning podcast night I know I know. Hey please let us know sponsored episode anyways before we continue. Let me tell you about our sponsors or sponsor for this episode is better help and better hope is an online counselling service that allows you to get counseling and talk to a counselor in a completely anonymous and confidential way I really I really think Online counseling is really helpful online therapy and all that I really believe in it simply because of how much more convenient it is and how easier the bar of entry is on those services because therapy often seems very intimidating and scary going in especially if you go in alone right and better help allows that you know that high entry-bar to therapy to be taken away and really set a lot lower because not only is it way cheaper but you can do it from your house from your bedroom and Egypt. Really feel a lot more comfortable too. Many people that have really bad anxiety or social anxiety it could be a huge lifesaver for them. So if you're interested in please use our discount code teenager therapy to get ten percent off your first month you could go to better help dot com slash teenager therapy and sign up So yeah go to better help dot com slash teenager therapy. Our sponsor for this episode is also Laurel Springs and they're basically an accredited online private school for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. So they got the full deal I really like online school. Because he gives you so much flexibility and like you see a lot of teams these days going the route especially you know to Talk Stars. Youtubers and all that They do a lot more online school. So the good thing about online SCO in my opinion is that you get to have that flexibility. You know like if you WanNa be an athlete. It's much better to spend your time practicing six hours a day than being in school for six hours. A day right So I think Arlen schools are really really good alternative. If you know just the regular school schedule isn't really for you. And your passion involves something that doesn't need you to be in school for that long amount of time so go to lower sprint dot com slash teenage therapy and you could receive a waived registration fee. Okay thank you so much you know. We need some really company coffee. They'll Saturday never did row fatty and we're moment. He's podcast moments of the lower class. What people I think. It was footing. Jim No it up. Dora Louis melted. I took it out. No no no no. I was trying to melt chocolate chips because I wanted to make ends. We used to get that with ELA eggs the Pan all my God. Different elementary food. Well give these away your give a special cookie for like leprechaun beverage. I remember the day we what was the Panky US twenty loan package that our anti southern accent. Oh yeah girl dot no around the Max digs chief. Also I actually don't tackle. I never ate them. We're actually pretty good. See why everyone loved those. They'll pay people against talking like that like a window. No I swear elementary. I hate it when people. I never once eight the being burrito. I don't know why did that pizza was old from the Greasy Pizza. Maybe turning everything all that goes on council ocoee in the kind of Yeah. Almost no slushy. Ice Cream things in the triangle. You've ever them all Chari possible. That is in a triangle. And that you'd cut it in one case. Spaghetti on back and cheese. I remember getting knocking cheese. Managing right like a LASAGNA number. One with me Nanga Mac and cheese gotTA remember. That was a Shitty me. He goes magazines. Mac and cheese tater tots which were kind of bad. Because we're gonNA catch you Basham. Oh no allied container right past covering up the first time. I Don t speak you know that bad? Yeah that knocking one of the better things on the menu matchsticks. No you. Don't freak me out about mess. The bumps had ice picks like I always maps With Britain yeah. The Muslim Velez thinks. She's like you peel off she's alive. I forgot cheese and here was when they stopped giving chocolate milk and just gave us regular home. I never ever where where did you guys just mocking in the plastic bag about pro-tory Shit? Oh you all over the school or like really rotten as in round of these files in the bag little drink squeeze the again. No mark reminded one of those people that would do that or I remember. Precision made holes in them. It was the spark the plastic container. Around where you live with us you put into the table and you just like Bernie you value out of the house. I remember what? Yeah all these really. Yeah I used to get. Dvd's from Netflix. My Mail box fishing. I know Ellsworth cooking like I knew no one I did. I did Disney ex and I feel like shows I never likes. I watched I watched Howard was so hot long hair again right now so good. Yeah he does lab rats. Wash the eighth grade. That's when I started watching like six seven. Wait what I was doing. It was pretty good though. Knock on into the lab. Rats carry hair kings for Zack and Kelly exactly voted on that Charlie. All League was pretty cute. Gave gave a for Teddy Teddy's. Yes J. J. Hugh Hugh Cody. I don't even know where I wasn't. Netflix was Zack. And Cody really. Yeah I watched an article on there. I watched a Lotta nickelodeon like Victoria. Never I walked I. I walked curly so much Victorian I never watched. They still haven't seen very serious. Did I miss how I built me? That's their wish was man. That's so crazy. You should contact with her so it can happen again. You're I did you watch Classifying because he knew I wasn't that good farm bill was just the early Charlie. Assery talk to Arabia. Though I love you know like watching. It's still somebody knows something that still rewatch today and my thing is the best thing to win though. Best is actually a good story credits. The Wolf Red. Yeah was it was pretty good movies. Good week she gets her brother. Yeah like into an evil. One brother's Evil Goodson Bat. Angels say it was a bad movie where he forgets her out for for a moment there. That's crazy because like you don't even know watching for care something. They was completely different. You know there's there's probably no like like I don't know Charles and William Seven really recommends Colvin's do be seems like compare compare. The show's all my anywhere like any other doing the show in South Korea. What are they showing there in the Middle East? What do they show Dad Dude? They have their own childhood. What's talk show in Disney Anywhere Wizards Without Child? That's so our general. Yeah your take. I think it's our emotions. Yeah good wrong. And The Washington seven now hours cry would freaking. What was his name? Cody didn't get into the call but yeah we were there at the school. It's Ya the movies on cody and L- little twins right. There was a lot of twins in the movie. Yeah there was just so raw ondeck. Just hit different. Yeah I liked on back when I thought it was more mature. They were teens. You know. Let's see life. I like Sean as was more like the superheroes. I remember that episode. I carly though like those good. It was funny. It was really funny. Drake and Josh. I also have a lot of I wasn't that I really I really got into the car. I used to watch every single. Disney movie like lemonade. Merrill OUGHTA WATCH ALL THOSE. I've watched like like my I didn't WanNa do the Little Mermaid. My little tactic watch grow because my sister watches. I just watched it and the storyline was really interesting. Twilight sparkle needs to become get her wings. This serious I no longer tail and play like why I never watch the movies. I watch him regularly like it was just Omega trump reading about about. What's it called? Actually Patterson Roberson her or not. I don't know. He was invested in their relationships. Robert Patterson should now go back with Kristen Stewart. She is a bad girl for him. Rob Or you can do better. It's just trying to eat tweeted so many news but you so passionate into the room by Hasn't GonNa be now or yeah? Haven't seen him in anything for so long saying I wasn't able to the wire over wherever Jacob Jacob Jacob was hard. He's in a lot of the GEL hair. Yeah us like young girls know best part his best play as far. Inland Shark boy. I never watch yourselves. Why to with little yellow. Take my kids three kids moving off guard and I it was about the phones I remember. Yeah just Cobb. You're not washed my dream and then the little the ice being and then George. No big circle thing. I used to watch all those like family. Children like the one with Jackie. Chan is like spy Dad. Something like that cartoon right now. It was like a real life mood. You guys ever used to watch like those like the Spanish dubbed Movies. Like those which channel. We're taking our watch to go wrong is so bad you want okay. So school time to get out of school. They're going to want to go to watch. I watch I don't we've got. The role was a year ago. It's like we watch it on Youtube like the I've never hear that again. Thing is so crazy by women out. There are watching child another child alert respect and I watch so many but the allergies off. I used to seeing that in shows at one time. Joel Singing Influence your why remember. So which part growth they grow. I want to know every in every movie Subaru. Yeah like every he's blonde. Yeah and every picture. But what's it called the reason I don't know my multiplication facts. Is that during second grade instead of studying multiplication facts. I would watch realize this is. My mom will go to work. Make sure you study. I was like okay. So it'd be like and then I just put it away inside watching it. That's why that's why I have to McKay's nine anyways. Those are out shout her experiences. I know off enjoyed it and it was just kind of having conversation. You guys join in to laugh now so hopefully it made sense to you guys. You could really so I think that's it right common recommendations from your country. What is the best show of your childhood? Tell us that or makes you still like what's serious like Dan. They might have a job and tell us what we should do next and our next video. We've really worked on relive our children but I'll count it all it all tied into the coming coming. No thank you for watching. Please subscribe like common. And we'll see you in the next progress I guess by.

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