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The Steven Naismith show podcast is presented by Iino the capital one assistant that catches things that might look wrong with your credit card sends an alert to your phone and helps you fix them. Hey what's in your wallet. SEE CAPITAL ONE DOT com for details the this is this even a Smith Show podcast. I'm Steven Chris Paul. The NBA Trade and free agent off-season just continues to roll and the latest on deck check latest to be moved. We'll be Chris Paul. It's Stephen Smith Show on E._S._P._N.. Radio the E._S._p._N.. APP Siriusxm Channel Eighty on E._S._P._N.. News will cain filling in for Stephen. You can only catch me three to six eastern on all those same radio and television channels so will this work will Russell Westbrook and James Harden worked together talked to one guy who knows it's Ryan Russillo to host of the Russillo show podcast as well as the V._p.. And Russillo pod. We'll have a new episode out next week. What's up? How are you Ryan? I'm great man. How are you doing? I'm good so we think this is this a match made in heaven. <hes> you know I just I'm. I'm still kind of getting over the whole thing like when I was telling people hate Chris Paul wants to move on and then <hes> I was doing a live podcast with Maury and he he wasn't really thrilled. I kept saying that and then they move them but you know that doesn't mean look if I'm G._M.. I tell everybody hey yeah. I WANNA trade this guy or hey. This guy wants out. I have to move on to you know because you don't want to ruin his value so G._M.'s ever gonna say ahead of time like yeah yeah. You know we probably should like so when I go down. It's surprised me a little bit because I feel like Westbrook's. The antithesis a Daryl Morey type basketball player right high usage low efficiency <hes> and the reason that Chris Paul Hardin thing I believe work was that they did an awesome job. Staggering and it's Chris Paul's a terrific three point shooter and they actually you're pretty close. I feel like Paul hardened thing work. Despite the fact that Paul again couldn't stay healthy so when I think of these two guys playing together now what's working hard and I don't know if it's a basketball fit as much as you may have been just only look at assets going. I think westbrook being younger and being unhealthier is going to be something that's more valuable on a trade market and a year to Chris Paul will be forty plus million with all of his injuries so it felt like an asset management move and it didn't necessarily them picking the Perch Basketball Ryen Russillo here on the Stephen. I Smith Show will cain filling in for Stephen A.. I totally agree with you man. I'm on the same page as you in that. We can just talk about this from a front office perspective for an asset perspective for a moment. I think if it doesn't work out on the basketball court then Houston can has something more to trade away. They have an asset. It's worth more on the market in Russell Westbrook than they did. In in Chris Paul. I also like Ryan just a risk tolerance of Daryl morey that he's just GonNa roll them out their role that dice out there see what happens so. Let's just stay on that for a moment on the asset management side I agree with you. It seems to be a plus mark. I give Houston and more credit for that is that do you think in the back of his mind. If it doesn't work out I got a more valuable asset spinoff into something else I I think it's on every single transaction. This guy makes like you have to understand these background whether it's M._I._T.. Worker for Bill James Working for I remember like the first time he'd been hired by the Celtics out there a long run. You're gonNA need with G._M.. That's in the League right now and he I remember the Celtics. You're actually wasn't even an interview you Celtics ownership spine teams. We're talking like Oh two three and they asked about like some banking thing you know I'm sure the particulars right but he wasn't even part of their office. He was just somebody that was advising him on some things and they immediately like. How do we hire this guy way? There wanted to be G._M.. And he thought like there's no pragmatic. He thought the only way I could be G._M.. With my background is they'll have to make enough money ready to buy a team like that. He actually ended up becoming G._M.. After not being brought into the office so knowing his background knowing them like this. It's it's not just this trade. It's every single trade so we're in total agreement because Westbrook. He's not the type of player it just it just isn't and Westbrook's contract being what it is and honestly the Paul contract is pretty brutal so they're probably looking at is like all right. We're probably trading Paul for the only other contract but some people take Paul for so you know Oklahoma City ads all of these picks. They feel like they're stockpiling for the next guy. That's bad that maybe they grab or maybe they're just throw the save a ton of money but I don't think this is there more going. I've loved Westbrook's game right him saying I can trade this guy in two years and Chris Paul will be untradable untreatable Ryen Russillo here on T._v.. Smith show with will cain okay but let's do the basketball thing for a minute but because they gotta figure it out in the short term listen man. I've been together a long time radio together. One of my favorite insults that people like to throw is this kind of open ended but totally insulting. You don't know basketball. It's it's the closer in an argument but what I find funny is that people that say that the most often are guys that were in the game and I would say to their face I would say it to Ryan Hollins or Stephen Uses it sometimes or whoever uses it but one of the fascinating things. I find that a lot of that you don't know basketball. I feel like treated as though it's N._B._A.. Jam Or an individual sport and and I get it you always want more talent on the floor Lord. You always WANNA trade up for more talent but you do have to ask yourself at some point. How does this work in a team environment and I just can't make sense of Westbrook and harden on the court set aside the asset stuff on the court at all so I'll answer the second part I I was something there that I wanted to be as far as what kind of pieces you put together but the Westbrook off the ball is not entity he just right engvall? I I always tell people like to watch himself. Westbrook set a screen for somebody who enroll awesome like it doesn't happen and you know hardly Chris. Paul was a lot of watching co Chris Paul's a terrific three point shooter also be that can shoot off of the ball and the heart plays breaking down daily Hunt and he has to get the ball to Paul. Paulk and make that shot so you know WESTBROOK shooting climb three straight years I think if you just look in the mirror and go hey maybe take five or six less awful shots a game that take so sensitive like l.. Chance of going in another fun and it's cool and it goes down and if you just stopped shooting those shots going to become more efficient there's also with the spacing Houston's pulled off the last couple of years because it's been incredible like what they've been able to do with their spacing especially when they go small then now maybe all those lanes a wide open but you know part of Chris Paul's frustration with that with the play off the ball. He wasn't gonNA be involved. He wasn't GonNa do anything so even Paul were able to dry. There was always other defender that that hard was kind of ignoring play so you know <music>. I'm sure some members could count some stuff with just watching it. I worry about Westbrook and this is about the regular cd such job so and especially that first few they basically look when hardens Paul how vice versa close with these guys but in the the play offs it's different so they can log with this way. Westbrook shouldn't have more shooting around that. He had it Oklahoma City but I just it's two guys that ruined off interested in play when they're not handling the basketball right so you trying to put this like a math problem. Westbrook is going to have to have the ball in his hands because he can't play off the ball. You just pointed out that he doesn't work but he also doesn't shoot well. Chris Paul shot forty percent from three Westbrook's twenty nine percent from three so even if he's working over there he's actually not producing as an off the ball player meanwhile hardened can he can shoot but he doesn't. He doesn't work off the ball. So what you're asking yourself is. Do I have to Weigo's that can actually adapt to this new type of Environment mm-hmm and I just don't know of any evidence of the past five years it says the answer to that is going to be yes and probably even on October rolls around November. You know maybe they both average after the game everybody goes up see it works <hes>. Maybe it will work you know but we're not going to know until all the hand so that always off the one thing that needs to be <hes> repeated here is that hard horse book like Charter Okay Right Right and by the last night about it all together and so if that's like a genuine friendship as opposed to somebody's faking V._A.. Celebrities maybe that works. Maybe the drive onto their hearts mortgage off ball. Maybe what's bad shots. Maybe he has our freedom and all this stuff but it gets back to kind of that other things that you just brought up. Were you argue without the ball players. Tell you a basketball GRUDEN's puzzle part of this that you know in basketball you you WANNA see like when Golden State was rolling. It was perfect combination of things but every general manager will tell you did this with his wife Short Vegas Saturday guessing pretty simple. I've always agreed with what he says. When I say is if you look at all the championships other anomaly was the rapper's passenger is it's basically like the top ten fifteen dean twenty players? Do you have like how many of those guys do not how they still feels like every major because it's so hard to get these guys they're just finding trying to figure out any possible way to the next top fifteen guy with the topic early have and if it's imperfect on paper or imperfectly actually happens if feels like every default is all the state for the guy and and figure it out later you can see four more valuable all the trademark what the job is become so in that way it has become just a talent accumulation and that way it has become if not N._B._A.. Jam just as you said get three four the top twenty twenty players in the League if you can and what it says to me Ryan teams that are built a certain way that are more fitting the puzzle together building it from the bottom up teams like you could say Denver or Utah or Indiana who aren't there yet but are putting together pieces in a way that seems to make sense are ultimately GonNa fall short because they don't have that top fifteen player that three top fifteen players formula were to pull this off. They went to title this year which you know with how wide open the Westfield's right now with good I I really like Utah. I need the Lakers actually going to be pretty good here but we don't know what we see as a nudist to this west out of we just had the east where those top teams you go. This is the first one with a bunch of these teams. It's hard to figure out exactly who I really love. The westbound feels like it's maybe five or six teams Portland like the one that actually feel similar to what they were last year so if you're looking at a denver or G._M.. Saying hey you know what I bought my guy that gets you but I want my rebounded. How did we can also shoot up to four but I want three guy? I want to three guys the three and two that I wanNA scoring courtyard it could hit shots delays different things but I wanna make sure it all fits together so it's not overlapping both probably harder to do that to to perfection that it would be to just you say hey. Let's see what stars are available if up draft picks and that's what I don't know that you can really overpay draft picks or something stars whether it's Davis Trade Paul George Strait such a big chunk of picks in this Westbrook deal which I think is being overlooked a little bit so to say hey execute great plan two or three years. They have all these five complimentary pieces. I just don't think the job the transaction market works that way to go. I worry about basketball perfection of design say they just doesn't work a top fifteen guys now and despite Westbrook's challenges and so I think I don't love about his game. We still another sounds cheesy but excitement level to his acquisition. That would probably still make him marketable for another. It's Orange Steven Naismith. Show is brought to you by the new Shell v Power Nitro plus premium gasoline now with four levels of defense against gunk where corrosion friction talking Ryen Russillo the host of the Russillo show podcast and s v._p._n.. Russillo here on the Steve Nice Michaud with will okay. I want to talk to you about Chris Paul before you go but before I do that. Do you think that you you talked about how wide open the West is. I've talked about this. I put the number eight teams eight nine teams in the N._B._A.. Who have real reason to tell themselves? We could go for it. All we can win it all. All this year and I do think the numbers five six in the West including Portland in Portland stood pat I have wondered here's Houston there in the thick of it as it was with golden state as a super team. Why don't they just stand pat in in the new the N._B._A.? They have a much better shot to contend for title. Do you think they would have been better standing pat with Chris Paul or doing this deal for Russell Westbrook the pulse it works okay with whatever happened that loss to go state. This year is is really you know I think inexcusable to now after grand goes down the hall to figure this out because <hes> they were game away really trying to maybe win title so <music>. You're like what what's your of what works. What doesn't I think? The public is just way too strict about that stuff tree work like they were in it. They had a chance of winning a championship and that was happening of thinking the Golden State was just unbeatable militant even challenge history. I was like all right. We'll try so I'd like to say that they should've stayed that lasted Stupak and <hes> you know running back Golden State's out of the way hey but there's all these different moving pieces I don't. It's hard to say like hey. We're really close states so we're just we're the favorite style and they're all it said to us. We think we're still the favorites but pal as much as I depended. I mean it's like the seventy five percent chance he's not going to be healthy at the end of the year and I don't know why you would think as you get older. It's going to get I mean unless you just GonNa shut down for half a season without hope okay a game fifty in the playoffs. He's still going. He's GonNa be so it's about is is there are about risk gold. Stay more or risk and with alcohol states taking a risk with this with the payments with the moving draft gets because they feel like that all of the a Western harvest movable four top the depth around. It's like it's going to be facing on really good so I think that's what this is about Paul. He was gonNA stay healthy that he's really really good point but <hes> I don't know that they yeah but that's not the case defensive so last thing with Ryan Russillo her on the Stephen a Smith show with will cain is not just health with Chris Paul. I was hosting I take today and we talked to Kendrick. Perkins heard from Ryan Holland's who played with Chris Paul's well. They're serious questions about Chris Paul's personality in his leadership style and two guys get along with Chris Paul so with health concerns. The questions about who Chris Paul is a personality where does Chris Paul. I'll sit now. It looks like Oklahoma. City is going to look for places to move him onto. Where would that be Ryan? Only WANNA go <hes>. I heard <hes> pretty good source orsha. He's he's obviously you go Coakley C.. You wonder Miami would like a play for him. <hes> but at that point it would be a more kind of first round assets and taking on the contract <hes> there might be a third team like I look at these contracts with St Patrick's but you never gonna be able to do that but there's no impossible which is twice what kind of pets to deal Miami might think of it as like what we didn't Ah Guys Butler and Paul Poultry Coach and our interesting our more competitive <hes>. I don't know if the walkie would would look at where they were at half with you season. Maybe after the season feel like you know what the number two despite how oh good middleton is off of size polls healthy and can still shoot would walk you be interested those teams to pay attention to but you're bringing up a good point on the Paul thing <hes> a lot of these guys feel like around the league that that he's difficult to play with and I don't know if that's all personality like I love the Guy Okay. I love it but the only time I watch quite well I you know God. It's been defending Cole Time but is it all personality personality or is it that you know other guys get sick of something dribble the air out of all time and he's detractors say that I mean I thought that they came means. We all time should ever all these ridiculous. I've talked to other people that say it sucks to play with them because yells at you the whole time and because we just stand around and watch it. That's like the defense but if you were terrible at it like you would have more spots but then I think okay so wait a minute. Are you telling that Westbrook's upgrade path Jones claim upgrades them like at least baseball big shots so <hes> and I think you know despite the rebounds for Westbrook and assist numbers for Westbrook. I don't think every status equal actually kinda looking forward to Westbrook cutting other big guy say wait a minute. We're just supposed to give you every single rebound. I was at work awesome get to he might get an email from Stephen Adams. Hey man this is how it works. I don't understand why going on here. It'd be call Stephen. He'll tell you all right. It's Ron Russillo the host of the Russillo show podcast as well as s V._p._n.. Russillo they have a new episode out next week. Thanks man appreciate your time today. Thanks so you have it to where does Chris Poland Up Ryan rattled off a couple of I find it fascinating. This reputation Chris Paul has the issue according to for example Kendrick Perkins who was on I take today is that Chris. Paul is a negative leader. It's his personality. It's not about the basketball style. Ryan wondered aloud is it. Basketball is a personality. A lot of guys don't like playing with Chris Paul. The answer is according to several people like Ryan Holland's and Kendrick Perkins. It's Chris Falls personality. He's negative. He yells at you. He manages from a negative point of view not to pick you up positive point of view but what's wrong with you. Negative point of view and don't WanNa play around that at the same time. This is a floor general who fit in Houston Basketball Wise. I think better than Russell Westbrook who has playoff experience who I think can be a value to a team. Denise is still be playing basketball the right way who is at Miami. Amy Is one you could look for some kind of Reunion in Detroit with Blake Griffin but what I'm told is that is not something that would be welcomed. See the personality issues. We just talked about from the past. I have wondered this allowed of her. Northern Person Talk about this as a team but I know that Rick Carlisle wants to ball handlers Dallas Mavericks have contracts to match Chris Paul Salary but not many assets to entice the thunder Chris Paul would make sense next to Luca Danni which makes sense next two kristaps porzingis because they pull off the deal we start talking about need fit and assets. I do think you continue to come back to the Miami Heat. So it's enough to shell pennzoil performance line. Let's go to dairy and in Queens what's up during you on the Stephen. A Smith show will cain was so remember some cold what's up man. I doing things that Chris opposed to try to get his way to Philadelphia. Philadelphia Philadelphia should give up Joel Joel embiid. Okay well first of all okay. The train idea isn't terrible giving up. Joel embiid is awful. You don't have to first of all even if you were willing to dairy and you don't have to give up Joel Embiid to get Chris Paul. You can give up much much less. GotTa hope a meat you across from negotiating table best offer I boys the thing is man. A LOT OF PEOPLE WANNA ball handling next Ben Simmons. They WANNA get Ben Simmons down into the Post. I don't know how that works with embiid but you can get Chris Paul to Philly for much less than trading away your franchise all star now. We're not talking about the state of trade. Obviously you know certain something `bout evening than other got an I._R._A.. You some of the Oklahoma picks because they're going to be bad for a couple of years and then Simmons can play down low. I think it might be the only place he can play because everybody's running by shooting how long they're gonNA take improving shooting guard other bigs king facilitate. If you run Chris Paul been some in the pick and roll situation then somebody's knows how to say terrible the topic he could make decisions. You can play defense. He can go almost move positions surrounding oversee you you would do this right now you would do you would do Joel Embiid for Chris Paul and Danilo Gallinari absolutely okay. I think you gotta deal in Oklahoma City. I think they'll do it in a heartbeat sold San Prestige on the other line waiting to talk to you dairy and thanks for the call man Stephen Smith show you need seats to a game aimed download the vivid seats APP in Promo Code Champs at checkout to get ten percent off your first order. Don't buy just any seat get a vivid seat. The phone lines are lit up. You can give me a call. It's will cain fill in for Stephen a Smith on E._S._p._N.. Radio when it comes the hiring you don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot Com post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard and when you need to hire fast fast accelerate your results with sponsor jobs new users can try it for free at indeed dot Com Slash Smith. That's indeed DOT COM Slash Smith S. H.. Terms conditions and quality standards apply an interesting creature habits the flat arid plains of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead it's most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the bottle of head here's how Geico not only saves people money money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. You'll not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes switching to gyco is a no brainer easy publ at easy. You can get whiplash. You'll seem to the Stephen a Smith Show podcast stars continue to align in the N._B._A.. The dynamic duo era is in full force Russell Westbrook and James Garner together but can it work Stephen a Smith Show on E._S._p._N.. Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance and making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance will cain in for Stephen Today. You can normally catch me three to six eastern on E._S._p._N.. Radio and on E._S._P._N.. News or for Siriusxm Channel Eighty. Let's up the phone lines for moment. I promise you the one pair of Alpha's the one pair of ball dominant players in the N._B._A.. In My recent memory my my lifetime that came together in the some was greater than each individual component what they were together added up to more than apart and it took some very special characteristics personality characteristics that I don't think they're fully really celebrated for the made these guys achieve at the highest level in my estimation. There are the only ones in my lifetime now are they the ones that serve as a model for Westbrook and harden or do they serve as an exception hardening westbrook could never emulate. I'll tell you who those are in just a moment here on the Stephen. Smith show will came first Jomar and California. What's up Jomar? Are you doing <hes> so I just wanted to know. How do you not think at that? Melvin Gordon is a top three running back in the league statistically speaking when he's you know he's outperformed. Almost anybody besides of course the other guy in L._A.. All right so tomorrow harkening back to something I said about half an hour ago I said this you can hang on here. Georgia's for a minute. I said you know what everybody is really good at being super excited and optimistic and being everybody's best friend and coming on telling you guys top five. Oh yeah that Guy's taught before you know they got fifteen top five guys but nobody ever keeps up with it because they stretch out all those names over like three months. If you keep track of most people's top five's the you end up with about twelve dudes dot five duos top players no no no no. I'M GONNA keep it real. I'M GONNA keep it consistent and if it means that you think that's an insult with somebody well. I'm sorry what are you going to. What am I gonNA do? What are we GONNA do? I got an argument with Damien Williams. I take today about whether or not Melvin Gordon is elite. I said No. I don't think he's elite. I think Melvin Gordon is great but in my estimation elite it is top three in the N._F._l.. You can't have ten leak dudes. A third of your starting running. Backs can't be elite otherwise elite loses its meaning any Melvin. Gordon Jomar comes in about sixth. I that's where I would rank him running backs. I said he's not a league because he's not top three top. Three would be elite and right now. The top running backs I think would pretty easily be Ezekiel Elliott at number one saquon Barkley at number two and Alvin Kamara at number three. I will admit that Alvin Kamara has has some proving to do and whether or not he can be the bell cow when he can handle the full load but I still have Christian McCaffrey up there todd Gurley and the only reason he's not hiring clearly in the top three is because of his knee and and then I'd probably go Melvin Gordon. That's why Maher now he's gone. Bevin Gordon's had injury issues got understand that Melvin Gordon is great. It's not an insult for me to say is not a top three running back in the N._F._l.. He's a great running back. It's an insult to everybody else. If you keep putting ten different dudes in the top three it's an insult to the concept of being elite sit up Edward and Tennessee. What's up Edward? You're on the Stephen a Smith show with will cain <hes> yeah will cain could happen not listen. I just wanted to say I agree with you about the Houston thing but I think for different reasons reasons <hes> the reason. I don't think they're going to be successful has more to do with the type of players that they have. If you think about it <hes> The p the biggest players involve your Westbrook your heart and you might Dantonio. They just don't see in the <hes> perform well impression situation and I don't understand why people think that just being together. It's GONNA end up changing. There's always seem to be some type of deficiency in their game that doesn't allow them to succeed in very pressure situation and part of that might be mentality thing but you put all those guys us together and you're GonNa say who's GonNa. We're going to leave the team when it comes time to win and none of them seem to be able to do that. I mean you take away <hes> Kevin Durant from Russell Westbrook and he becomes a better player. He becomes better teammate. I there's something about that that parent airing. Here's the heck out of me so I thought they they're going to win the regular season. They're probably GONNA win a ton of games that are regular season but when you know the pressure gets up there and you know that you know what hits the fan is going to be a blame game thing. Media is probably GONNA contribute to it but the Westbrook is not going to like the negative attention he did and that's going to cause him to overcompensate and James Harden is going to go into a little ball his passive aggressiveness not play Defense and I moved out the ball shoot the ball when he gets it in this gun it will explode. They might Dantonio. He's GonNa say I hear you. I don't know what to do now. People are going to call you a hater Edward but I think you're being a realist. They're going to say you're hating on them. Because you're recognizing the way things have been and they like to say. It's all going to be different when you put them together and I agree with you. I don't get why did you take to individual problems. You gotTA team. Success like Ross had these problems in Oklahoma City and James Eddie's problems in Houston but you put them together and they're not problems anymore it. It's my opinion is what happens is everyone finds the variable that they think exists to make an excuse for the deficiency well the reason James Harden and had to play that way but because Chris Paul was <hes> wasn't as good as it was explained right game seven the last this year when Chris Paul was injured. James Harden played off against Golden State. I got Russell Westbrook and his performances in the playoffs when he has triple doubles when he had when he was going to double season M._v._p.. He's one of the best players in the league but yet in the playoffs. He's the phone Portland. I got got Ya got all right. Thanks for the call I got you. I'm with you. Let me let me lay this out for you. So you point out Edward Points out the personality issues playoff performance issues to pressure issues. They both have problems individually but we put them together and we're supposed to whom they all go away. How about this Russell Westbrook and James Harden isolation plays in the N._B._A.? They ranked number one and number four which putting together and that works how about usage drake they rain number one and number two but you put them together and that works both thirty five percent usage rate solo eyeso- drives drives to the basket during number one and number three but you put them together and that's going to be solved. James Harden leads the League and unassisted baskets. Meanwhile Russell Westbrook is one of the worst shooters in spot up catching shoot jumpers and three three-point percentage in the N._B._A.. which together and that's going to suddenly work? I don't understand the idea that two problems put together equals a solution. That seems to be what everybody is selling to me today. Now I asked where is an example of this. Where does this ever been done? Where'd you take into Alpha's to top players in the N._B._A.? Like this and they have achieved at the highest level they were capable putting Egos Ego's aside ball dominant side playing team ball. Where in our lifetime have we seen something like that happen to me? The one example I can really point where this worked was in Golden State with Kevin Durant and steph curry two drivers to Alpha's two guys that commandeered their own teams and yet you put them together and they were able to achieve at the highest level now. Maybe you believe that's just because talent was insurmountable. Nobody could approximate their level of all stars on the court and I get that that's part of it. I understand but you know what else it took. It took some amazing difference. Some Amazing Egos set aside it. It took some amazing adaptation Steph had to give up the keys man Steph took a secondary role and at times even K. D. did how many superstars are willing to do that. I said it several times on the will cain show that one of the assets one of the attributes that we're not giving Kevin Durant full credit for that is part of his greatness is his willingness to fit into a system. That's a hard thing to ask him a superstar but it's also a thing that has to be done in order to achieve at the highest levels. It's something that Kevin Durant did did and he should be getting credit for steph curry has gotten credit for deferring and Golden State when they took on Kevin Durant Kevin Durant should get some of that same credit and now we're saying can Russell Westbrook or maybe even taking for granted the Russell Westbrook. Doc and James Harden are going to do something that in my lifetime I really can only think of one example of superstars who have done it some would wanna point to the Miami Heat with Lebron. James and Dwayne Wade the difference was the Dwayne Wade was already on the tail end or past his prime who was going to be the main guy in the pecking order was more obvious it was going to be Lebron James who was gonNA take the secondary role it was more obvious it was going to be Dwayne. Wait but then golden state that had to be worked out it had to come together it had to fit into a system and it did and it resulted in two NBA titles in two finals m._v._p.'s for Kevin Durant. So why do we think that Mike d'antoni can all of a sudden solve this riddle so one of the most complex hardest riddles in the N._B._A.. Why do we think Russell Westbrook and James Harden? We'll be able to set aside their egos fit together and basketball in a way that only a few have been ever able to accomplish. Why do we think to Eyeso- players? Individual players. Are All of a sudden gonNA come together. Why do we think to problems are all of a sudden going to become a solution Stephen a Smith Show on E._S._p._N.? Radio will cain filling going in for Steven when we come back. I got a load of calls to take your on the Shell Pennzoil performance line and I'm going to hear from you and if you missed the show today including my interview with Ryan Russillo go check it out on demand and Steven Naismith podcast brought to you by the capital one assistant the catches things that might look wrong with your credit cards sin alert to your phone and helps you fix them. What's in your wallet? SEE CAPITAL ONE DOT com for details. Guess what you're in the middle of the Stephen Swift show podcast dammit. I don't know if you know this but dodgers cody bellinger's having one hell of a year he's batting three thirty six with thirty home runs and seventy one R._B._i.'s and his player resumes brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash hired Steven A. Smith Show on E._S._p._N.. Radio and will cain is filling in for Stephen. You can normally catch me three to six eastern on all those same radio and television stations. Let's hit up the Shell Pennzoil performance line. I want to Oh to Charles and North Carolina what's up Charles come on Charles what happened. I'm so disappointed says my call screen. He's all upset with me. Charles is angry and he's not even there so disappointing. Even called me will Smith so far. What I'm told is several callers have called in and I have been called will McCain will chamberlain and will Smith Wilk Chamberlain some call incident? I WanNa talk to Wilt Chamberlain. He's not here. How do you go from will cain to Wilt Chamberlain filling in for Stephen Today? We Have Wilt Chamberlain Ellen. That'd be interesting. Everybody makes up my name talking about the suit. I'm wearing tell me I had flavor. I walked into work today. I said I never seen you so much flavor. It's like you know kind of like Lenny Dennis blue suit on meanwhile everybody back in the control room bristles look like I'm headed to a summer wedding. I fully admit I'm a little over Muskie's outfit today which you can see on e._s._p._N.. E._S._P._N.. News all right. Let's go to Ben in California. What's been your on the Stephen a Smith show with wilt chamberlain? Hey well thanks for taking my call two reasons why the westbound trade work I read the news. The rockets offense has shooters and lead letting westbrook attack lanes open lanes which is what his strength is. I don't know I wouldn't want him. Shooting three three point shooter take that out of the equation and that's all those issue shoot second ball in half court her westbound can run picking option with Cappella and with their shooters spreads out the core spreads out the court and keeps her offense mind two reasons why I think it go work <hes> chemistry issue aren't they are there but they're there for every new finish users chemistry issue lamb every other day. Will he have been. Here's the thing thanks for the call. Lebron James and Anthony Davis Make Sense Clyde learn and Paul George make sense so many of these duos we can keep going down the list. Jaanus and Chris Middleton make sense penetrator shooter Luca Danni in Kristaps Porzingis make sense when seen it yet the court James Harden and Russell Westbrook doesn't make sense it doesn't fit. I always want to keep myself in check. Am I making sense. Am I staying consistent. I do want to read you. One tweet that I got you can hit me up at will cain. This guy named John mccomb says hey you just had lady on Bell at number three on your running back list yesterday and today is not even your top six. You're out. You're saying everyone one changes their top five but you're keeping it real. Come on man who catch John and I deserve that the reason why is I was putting together my top five list on the fly yesterday and I do have trouble with where I slot lady Bell Right now. Is it the levy on bell. I saw some Gosh. Was it eighteen months ago now in Pittsburgh or is it a lady on bell that hasn't played football in a year and a half is going to suit up behind a different offensive line with the New York jets. I don't know what to do with lady. On Bell Right now are readily admit that all right one trying to slip by you but good catch one more here before we go let me hit up maverick and California what's up maverick you and Stephen a Smith show will cain quickly Maverick A. K. I <hes> I just wanted to say I think the Houston Rockets they just kind of just want to basically fill the seats Philip stance. They just wanted to get guide as a triple double will that always gets a triple double to join James Harden and I agree with one of the other guys that was talking earlier he played with he played with James Harden Kevin Durant for for multiple years and they couldn't do nothing so for Houston.

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