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Then the doctor said to me said let me get straight. He's in the middle fifty minutes of a back and forth. He said you still are out there. The Shirley person and Bob and the Globe and Sam Kennedy and yet these people who claim to worship you're fighting about seating and are threatening to leave because somebody who you worked. Who worked for you? Actually to edited out soundness adopted. That's exactly right. You said we'll talk to you again. Tomorrow said Nets. Find them pro. Yes Oh really sorry. I was just telling Michael Long Conversation on my my my therapy session. And he said listen there's some ungrateful fucks in the world. And I said listen. I don't feel that way how I feel about it. So yeah there you go all right. Where are we starting here well? Do you want to start with Julie De Caro? It's sort of. I mean I'm a little bit. Yes I'm a little Julie dicara out a little bit because I just feel like she's like there were real enemies in the world and she's not she's not she's not legitimate. Your jewelry dicara out. Try listening to her every night for a week. It's been miserable to reduce not. I mean I guess when you take out. She plays other people's interviews for a good turnout mistake. Minivans are wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful all over the place very very present on with their shows last night last couple of which I watched. I watched a bunch of them this morning or tried to get through all of them this morning. I watched Andy. Mayo in. Dc talk about bucket microphones for five minutes and said okay. We're good moving software. Everyone okay It might be my favorite my favorite. You know there was a guy who used to do the show with mark from Providence Used to be made guy. The guy did the show every week mark from province in the Guy Mike show with every week. Oh math the guy. You're the guy who was bitching moaning guy. Yes I I remember. I remember with my favorite. You've been replaced now. Mentors is my new favorite the hand of the fan rather. Yeah he's million mentors. Many yes says willman health problems kidding but boy was he bitchy on your show last week. Yeah but I mean I thought I I had no interest in that conversation and everyone said it's so I did. I hated during it but then the reaction is told me. We'll maybe it was better than I thought it was talking about it for a couple of days planned to come in. Bitchy. What does that mean like? He's like well I'm kidding. Let's what good is that then. I don't know it was weird. I love that you know. He's he's a May guys atop minivan. Both the freight frank collar tremendous prank call. What is that about faking should know why said I mean I tweeted out after the show? Is it well? This is what happens when I try to. People were like fuck you. It was great. It was awesome. They were fighting sars-like. Well maybe I'm wrong. I didn't like it and honestly I say you did a nice job my absence. I was down on. You kicked my boy Chris out. I'M GONNA make up for that. I kind of agreeing. Don't the reason I take them out is that I. It was funny the first couple of times he was like no one cares about this but by the end I was like I mean you are on the show where we talk about. But he was a listener. I didn't think it was wrong that we should have. He's just not a big personality. Yeah maybe you should have moved on to something. I mean he was trying to be the ombudsmen gravitas. Here's the thing I love. I am not personally interested in the bracket stuff. I think it's interesting but it is amazing to me. The people meltdown over like for Real Matt from province was upset. That was kind of my take where I'm like. I guess I have no interest in this but I'll let it play out. Most of the average listener cares about these that show though not to this show Mike an fans. It's the people that would care about that. If there's I mean there's only fucking sixty people in the bracket no but the people the people that would pay attention also watch that show. Yes but I mean the two of them are I don. I was kind of my guy. Chris Matters Guy in the Chris Guy. I love the fact that Australia right now. There's a guy whose life is dedicated to ruining Steve. He's he's IT'S PRETTY AMAZING. He's this little literally. He's like two feet tall and he's just fucking it's just evil is he? Makes me laugh to after I can't help it? The Guy makes me laugh. He was talking one point. He's talking the other guy and the other guy ironically is. Did you watch US odor? Yeah the guy is a train conductor Georgia train and so he's talking about. He's never hit anybody before he thinks about the my situation and he was right and I did think about this. I think I talked about this in the past. You know. I didn't put any thought in shame on me into the poor fucking train conductor fight. Done this like that's really fucked up. I think you know what I mean. There have been times where I thought the only reason I'm not going to do this. Is it would ruin people's Day like I'm not like subway. That was going to say because I would say ruin. Nobody's Dave no. No no no no one in my life. I mean the people because I've thought the janitors like fucking points scraping him off the front of the as an as an intern. I would take the T. home every day and there would be a train. Delay due to health advocate. How they would raise? A homeless person obviously jumped in front of the train or something. I my first thought. Was this motherfucker true so I was like. That's what I would be motherfucker. So so this guy gives us sort of passion speech about how he hasn't done this yet matters like that's great that's right. It's expected that fucker. Steve Dive my turn you saying across the world. There's some of that hate Steve. My favorite part is across. The world is someone. That's hate Steve. He's found someone who is into this world. And that guys like Steve's all right pass on the road. Monday looked at each other. That's my I I actually like all the even Mayo those boring but once they actually jump. Four-month started telling. Us stuff was fine. My advice to them would be to put the tech talk at the end. Yeah well I mean. I don't know I'm not gonNa tell anybody what they're doing their things. So that's cool. I don't have a problem with that and I think I I. I actually like Joe from screen. But the the golden disc too for that show. It's like too much. I'm fucking to hit. The new generation allege that they want to be part of Barstool. Yes it's very bars. She's okay look I mean. There's there's space for that. Though we work at Borstal I knew I have no. I have no problem with that. I think it's kind of the idea. Is that it links. Barstool people shirt right. But I'm saying I'm not like this is not my thing but that's what I've been saying from the start. That's that's really okay like like obviously you know. I love mad and him going back and forth with kid from Scranton John John. I'm sure it's not. I think it's I think he should be jokes. Graham from now it just seems a name Joe. The two of them go and boost was fine but I was just like oh well they should. They should know the Menzel Intel guy should know that Portnoy has said he watches that for potential talent so they should really bring their game every does. Oh Yeah Big Fan. Who took the job Renault Humor? Well it'd be fair. He's not watching. My work gone as I did. The let me try. Oh no they had shit the middle eighties other fine. They're good yeah. No everything Your show I watched your show Jiman- review and Dc that was good. No I don't got hurt him. I rough connects funny over generally funny guy. It's it's almost seventy trying to be funny but you can't hear them. I I mean it's like it's it's sort of gold at the end of the first one was like Well yeah probably. We've got a great new show. That's coming out though info wars. What's that can be an examination of various conspiracy theories inside Costa Minihan show governed by fear. And I think Tim and Canton might play good. It's good it's important. Remember millionaire. I came on the air in the first episode was great and everyone liked it and the too much of it and then it kind of got. I remember that wants to be a millionaire. Yeah Regis thing anyway. I was thinking of your show. You take those calls from people. Yeah I don't know why thought that it's good so I hear you on that show you keep saying. Oh it'll just do the show. Who cares what he's done. What I sense that. Sometimes you're like Oh look as many call. Sarah sounds good today. Just the only reason I do that takes a couple of key. You WANNA get calls. No we're getting calls. It takes a minute for them to fill windows that so I don't WanNa but what I'm saying is I don't want to say like. Hey so this corey feldman and then start talking about and getting you know what I mean. Do that though too. Don't it's good like you know I would do a couple of days a week. People just like it see. I didn't know I thought reason I did it. While you were out is because people want till you're out but then when you're back every day it's going to be like well how much more Mike can take. You never know until you try. If it's too much then you know I I enjoy it. I enjoy it. I think everyone's who are pretty good job but I do think topless Shrek hounded joking around the wasn't GonNa fuck can relax what he's like. There are real enemies out there. It's fucking relaxed with these. You know you WANNA hate each other. Fine you WANNA battle with each other. I guess that's fine but I mean you know there's a bigger picture that this whole thing. No I mean with the breaking each other's balls overseas as fine like legitimate anger. Like what the fuck are we doing? And that's Weird Mafra. Providence was legitimately anger together. I'd say he he could say he wasn't all that stuff but he what he was mad. That what happened the losers only he's like. Wow I lost. So that's obviously Hazel. People hate you embrace it. You have both ways. Yeah the guy who wants to run hate you then when you lose in this bracket in it. I don't know no matter. Says he should be out. He should be benched from Mike Pence for what I saw matter said she will be this week but not always honest. No just CR-. I was going to do an hour just Chris and then I invited Matt and Mentors. Benders can't do so yeah. I mean I might reexamine that line of thinking. Maybe an hour like. I'm order you to do that. I've been thinking that as well but I I was going to try it. I don't know yeah. I mean or the Marines eminent. Whichever way when you look at you like Chris he I thought I thought I could do an hour with him with beyond the me and him shit. I thought he'd be all right but we'll see. Did the other half of quantum week finally reach out? Oh yes that's the one. I have not watched yet quantum week. I mean I can only been through enough. I watch quantum. He did not only that. He sent me A. Let me just say I? 'cause I tried to catch was much. That could drive in Back yesterday and then this morning the most disturbing thing of two thousand twenty was that call from Akron to yesterday on on your show so seriously this is you know it's betsy. That's somebody who is the way way. Comfortable a forty something year old man. David Lynch characters serial killer fucked up enjoyed targeted and I heard mentor. Psychic we'll get other. I've actually a bunch of small shit to get you. Today a minor psychic was first of all they both think you're gonNA be gone by the end of the year. But then what's the psychics name Stolley Osceola so these? Are you know that Guy Macaranas? I'm like Holy Shit something over there. Something sounds different over there. Vendors doesn't think I'll be gone. He thinks he's funny funny. I did enjoy which I thought experience. I think we're going to do that. I'm going to bother you with the Wilbur. I mean the things that entercom generally thought were important that they sent me to. I can only imagine what you guys would send me to by running this morning. Nobody got my hot chocolate. No one line driving here is like driving here on fucking Christmas morning. It's dangerous out. All the overreaction Yes still think so. I mean I don't WanNA I do not. I want us to be essentially most league escape from Corona virus. Talk because it's all what's bad about carnivores talk is it's the most important thing going on but it's also something like really untalented radio. People can do as well like it. Basically that's hit their second. Basically is like yeah. It's like it's a top of the bachelor. Just anybody can do it. And nobody's fucking thing about it and they're canceling everything everything. It's just look at trending topics. Now it's fifty different stories about corona virus like you could be tested and money. I'm not saying it's not serious. I'm not saying it's important. I'm saying it's been overblown by the media as I said the other guests other with you the other day It's like when the media wanted somebody going to killing spree when the joker came out now they want they want store they want like states to shutdown news is easy news to bet. There are more people tuning in for CORONA VIRUS UPDATES Democrat campaign. We know that. Because there's there's you can just see like Mike said all the trimmings twitter if you go to any newspaper on the top ten stories. Eight of McConnell virus. It's all it's literally all you see and I don't you know I don't really you know do you think they're gonNA cancel the final four. Yeah Yeah there won't won't be audience CA is it? New Orleans is shareware. Isn't even sure it's GonNa cost that city. I don't know three hundred million dollars. Yeah they're GONNA cancel. They're already canceling Basketball Games. Why am I cancelling the women's Ivy League Games and the Ivy League tournaments and I think the question is? How quickly does it run? Its course is it. GonNa Take Twelve Months Twelve Moss. How early so the flu goes away? The we're falling into it but the entire idea is that you don't want to over. Saturate your hospital system so they're trying to slow the infection spread as much as possible. So are they gonNA. Is it GonNa be you know twelve months and we're still quarantined people or is it just going to be three months? What about possible? The two weeks from now. It's going to start seeing a dip. It's possible I suppose I mean do you stay. The Massachusetts has really been affected. Strongly by this No but the entire idea is to get out ahead and slow the spread so that the hospitals aren't over one would you rapid rise of infection. Do you want a plane right now on fly somewhere Just like I mean if I had a reason to I suppose yeah. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not like going out of my way to be in public spaces do you think. Do you think they'll cancel? Cancel the final four or do you think they'll just bobby's picking up. I think play it much. Tv money and that's true. We re the real crisis. Though is sports reporters not being allowed into Loch Ness. Listen this is not right fucking injustice. Did you see what our Brian tweeted? Last night he blocked me. I think he tweeted some store. I don't really know this was relevant. But he said you know the first thing that Barry Bonds said to me at spring training in nineteen ninety-three was get the fuck away from my life. Barry Bonds never seem so. Likable is best. Moment breaking down sports reporters. Well it is a great blue checkmark moment where somebody I think. It was. Grant Wall who writes row forever for sports illustrated tweeted. You know what this is. Not that big a deal in all the sports writers like what? Mike led by Shaughnessy. Of course who was I tweeted? I've seen him drinking during Baseball Games. In the fucking. Emc Club like while. The game's going on is tweeting out. Well this this isn't right. You know the world's GonNa contacts or any of these guys getting now in the age of cell phone and social media. It's fucking irrelevant. It's what stories. I saw a somebody say you know You know hiding in the foster relationships are breaking news. These guys don't break any fucking news anyway. Locker Room interview Abraham's GonNa break. I mean you know believe me. It's tough tough being able to get close to these fucking guys dicks blending all all they want is the moment. Unguarded moment were an athlete. Says something dumb like who is the? The quarterback last season said that he was seeing ghosts out there. Oh they got that audio only played it forever and ever and that was that was a clip on. The field. Wasn't yeah it was. I thought I thought that was locker. Room that was audio is against the Patriots in that type of stuff now is so rare. Because everyone's so on guard when he's talking to him anyway. So it completely Ralph. This is not and it's also just like feeling importance. Be Honest is not yet covering fucking politicians in like. You know. They're fucking dumb athletes. If you said to me. The more that ripping every press box put more seats. I wouldn't really have a problem with it. Would I mean I? It doesn't matter anymore. You can watch a game on television and covered just as well. Maybe that's why they didn't break the story though. It's probably the biggest the biggest sports reporter in America now by far is Adam Schefter. Yes not even close. It's the biggest sport and he breaks more news and everybody else put together as the Broncos for years but you know he's the last time he was in the locker room was probably fifteen years ago. I mean you know consistently Agent Orange now ski broadmoor basketball news named Buddy. I'm guessing he's never gonNA fucking locker room. You think it's free. It's his stories. What about Ben Albright? Has He weighed in on this yet? That's a good question. I mean the X. Adept in the locker room. Somebody comes over and it's like hey just come over here real quick just saying that we're making that trade. We're doing it back to the Patriots at an. I will say like in this moment where I'm not taking krona virus serious as some Like shut up for you know the the the idea that sports teams are gonNA back. Well we like the way this is. We'RE GONNA they're not GONNA do that. They'll bring these guys back so they can do their dumb things. I did it a few times in baseball. Was the worst. You stood there for two hours and watch the players fucking change in fucking dip and talk stupid shit play video games and you stood there like an asshole with nothing to do nothing. It was always my least favorites. Whoa WHOA one of many. But my least favorite part sports talk radio was and they play. Here's a clip of Dustin Pedroia after the game. It's like why would I give about this? Don't really understand that so Do you think we'll be doing the show from here. Steve Yeah I think we'll be finding continued doing a show from here. I mean if Mike gets a starts running a fever I probably ask him to stay home. Yes that's probably a good idea but you know I mean I. I think we're fine. Because we're already social distancing. I mean you've been social distancing from us since the beginning of the show so true. I mean look at the Shaughnessy Story. I couldn't believe it. It's just so sad talking about talking to Earl Weaver Seventies. It's like it's over. Dan Can the over relax. Oil Can Boyd told me Wade boggs like thirty years ago. The world's different now you they'll they'll put it on the fucking tweet. Pints Graham and with Dan's. Not Saying there's nobody dangerous to be tough reporter. I'll give them that. Those guys are gone right does it. You know if. You're if you're barring some tough reporter asking tough. Who is? That looks doing that. Nobody that was happening every day. It's all access journalism. Yeah it's it is but there's that end there's you're not gonNA get the only one I can think of John Rocker but that type of reactor because they're all the players are so on guard now. 'cause they don't WanNa be by the media. It's never gonNA happen. I mean will occasionally but pretty rarely well. There was the the year old IAE colleague who wrote the Astros Cheating Story from the Atlantic. He didn't get that through dislike. Ask Kissing Locker November. Yes I mean. You could argue there from years of being in lockers. I suppose got relationship so those are all the front office people so players like it doesn't I don't know who knows but I mean I i. I am worn out by this. Wuhan by this krone of virus. Talk that I see well. That's the other problem. Well there's there's journalists are sports reporters losing access to locker rooms and then the racism that were encouraging here. Yeah I agree. I don't I don't like it. I think it's also part of the reason. It's so big is that the SARS or Swine flu there wasn't as much of a social media person biggest. That's the only reason Bola there wasn't people saying. Oh the president is racist for calling it this word. This is twitter without twitter. This would not be as I don't think so. It'd be a quarter as big as this now. Maybe because the election is becoming a bigger issue because there are obvious political incentives for each for the media. Hype this. Yeah that's true no for sure. That's true but I don't know I don't know I mean I have no idea of trump's who had good job or not in this I would imagine he's not just by my gut feeling Mike Pence running it see I would think so too but what I guess what another President be doing. I have no idea I mean but I don't know so I look at it and I see in Germany and other doing drive through testing. Right did you see this yesterday? No you can just do hospitals. They can just drive through in. The doctors wrote people outside. Administering the testing. Why is that here yet? Yeah I don't know they'll crush I just I just don't know like I think we if we're talking about media incentives the government also has an incentive to not test because then the numbers look lower which is ridiculous in a very short sighted strategy. But they just don't have tests developed just a crisis at all levels of the levels of government. I mean they can have the masters. That's really all I can't literally the only fucking thing I care about him. Dementia the other day. Yeah it's all I care about. That's IT I don't give a fuck about the final four. I don't care it's weird. When People Watch each year olds get fuck excited at this point my life. I don't care I like to get excited about twenty five year old swing a golf. I have a perfect person. I if that if now the masters is a Conservative Group. They don't give a fuck about anybody else so. I have to think they're gonNA say fuck you I have to. I have to believe that I got its close at one is the first week April Second Week I think I might be the first full week. I guess it depends how things go here for Harry Harry about Wrestlemainia. I can imagine. It's a real concern but visit me and is also fuck you guy think Augusta National Chairman. Fred Ridley has released a statement a couple of days. The club is monitoring the situation right. So let me like for instance so this weekend golf just is for. Example is the term the Players Championship. Which is one of the big events of the year in Florida? It's going on. There's GonNa be two hundred thousand people there this weekend and they're just doing it. It's weird things just happened. But meanwhile you know in San Jose Sharks Games are gonNA be empty now. Yeah so I don't know I understand. California seems to be but also these fucking colleges the riots Dayton or something like that well because they shut down the hyphen. I was thinking. Wouldn't it be better to keep kids in their dorm rooms because it's Kinda like they're almost sequestered off? I don't know I think every college campus just becomes a petri dish and this was an easier moment because people are coming back from spring break so it was a it was like do it now. Is Harvard convenient less la La Harvard more international students? Probably I bet yeah traces. Yeah that's ridiculous to signal trying to see it. Sounds almost so silly to say by. There's a lot of restaurants that are feeling the pain of racism Where people are literally not patronizing Chinese restaurants They're not patronizing Asian restaurants because of just straight up razors Congress fios congresswoman from New York most powerful Democrat. Well I mean I don't know but I don't you get the sense of people around here are afraid or stuff empty with you. Guys are now where you go around that. I've noticed really but I don't go morning show because I I do driving this time of day in a while and it was completely empty Yeah I haven't noticed anyone being scared dunks this morning and I heard people talking about corona virus. But I mean everyone's congregating around dunks and people talk about sounds dumb as we do. I mean nobody is a fucking thing about nothing. It's very scary scary times. Yes I mean I I mean look I get it if you have an older. I do understand that. It's it's a scary thing but you know I i. I don't know it's confusing to me. Also confusing to my friend now as a friend because he reached out to my times of. Whoa and I've tried to do with him. Though we've had a complicated relationship Fred toucher from my old a competitor sports hub. Ninety five sports hub with a terrible name. Radio people are so dumb. I hold on hold on hold on HOLD ON SEAPORT. Relax so they were on yesterday. I haven't listened to. So here's the thing when I was driving back and forth This Week and last week I listened to a little bit more radio just to see what radio sound like all over the place. It's terrible just to update you. Nothing's changed I didn't listen to the touch rich that much. I never listened to them much at all now. I just didn't think I didn't know it was just not my kind of show In Fred tortured I'll go back and forth. Who Sort of those radio wars? But then I thought we got to a pretty good place you know maybe a year or so ago when this rant that was gonna be out of the business and I'm sure we talked to Markkanen because they worked together and I just heard that recently came up on youtube and it seemed like. That's what yeah no doubt that. Load Markkanen loser but But then we were okay with good talk in. Atlanta when I was there last year for the Super Bowl and he was great and he talked about stuffy gone through and he said some issues. So I I come from this point and I. I'm looking at is an enemy all. I want them to win and do well. Yeah I heard that. Do it or no. Yeah not sound great. So I saw something with a B. J. J. guys talking about Fred toucher and I didn't really pay a lot of attention to it. Yeah and then. Steve Texted me and said. Have you seen what Fred touches been tweeting and I said let me it was. It was like at that exact moment. He was Let me look over. And then you had a couple of tweets and then as I was scrolling through updated it and he was like hang yourself with a bell. Here's my wife Fox. A lot of guys accusing his wife of this stupid shit and a twelve hour long twitter Mel Year. So go on twitter do this. He did a couple years ago and was going to me in one day like in the summer. I remember I was in Kennebunkport. Walking around the fuck is this. I unfold used to follow it was it was just it would you? And then all of a sudden it was every five minutes anyway. Apologized to me at the end of this guy's hooking fucked up I can respect it but Jesus and I actually like him so I know you know the other guys comment asshole but I actually with the other guy in this one. The Guy I was with. I think there's there might be some sort of issue going on with yet. But his point I agree with him more. Actually put it this way. I hate saying this but this is actually. The right in between is probably reality. Yeah like the idea. That was just a flu. Shot the flu. I want with that for awhile clearly. It's not just the flu. But that doesn't mean that people aren't overreacted to an unbelievable but also riches being kinda pussy about it well as a joke about it and his wife is very sick above saying put that aside from the actual core argument itself. Like forget the right. I agree with that but I'm saying from the argument itself will play it but when you think of hers perspective traveling for him at this point we'll be tough. His wife had cancer a few times. So that part of it I get but you're right. It's a fucking radio. Show fuck although fred sound in I I don't I didn't even pick up on an argument here. I had one person who was clearly reading a lot for for practical reasons about corona virus and another person who should not have been on the radio that was. I have to say without knowing and if I'm wrong I'm happy to be wrong. I have been on the air where things are really uncomfortable like that in that felt like that in the air and I was listening to this when Steve sent me this clip a little bit. I have to say I got matter Wasco Mike Vibes. Wasn't that bad. Let's not go. There is a moment where I thought of that specifically. I was like okay. I can see that one at you. Text me the Paula Jones again. Then why would go ahead? Hey everybody on in. We're the rich frank. Shut up man which sports gets which APP sort of now I've been told that the the Rona that we have an emergency plan in place but I was not given I was not send the email I think everyone got the email I did. Well I didn't so there you go right. There was already tension weird tension in the air which is okay. I mean they worked together a long time been very successful. They had a period of your or two ago where they were number one. But number one just coincidentally So they should be. It should be easy street but easy for me to say right. I mean they get up early every day after work together every day. I'm sure there are when I think on that. Show Fred is the Alpha Guy Right. I thought so. But that's not how it seemed like you're right but I mean I guess position yet. Fridays is big ranch and he's the sort of this guy right so I wonder if there's some natural. Hey you know fucked. Put it this way. The full of people come up to rich when he does a show by himself. And say maybe you should those the show right. You know you. You've talked about that when Dan came in. Yeah there was Said they got the they have evacuation plan for the Rona. Yeah there there you go home. Just leave your there say Email that was sent out yesterday. That basically said that all the studios would have sanitary wipes that you can wipe down everything. There would be like all sorts of like infectious stuff. You can read aware none of that here in the store. You travel has common areas which where. They put the disinfectant stuff. I don't know if that's considered a combination studios. Two and actually had students are being cleaned in way down every day and at night by the way I liked down your desk earlier today. If you're wondering about that Appro Mike at this time next as far some wacky lick mental illness. I'll do it can't continue. This is get interesting point. Are we just playing? Those people are hoarding them and bringing them home. Maybe which might have happened. But I mean we've got Rona fever and I know that we sell them on Amazon. Why I mean I know that there's a there's a run on these things over a matter of fact if you look at the stock market one of the few places that is doing well as costco because there are just There's lines out the door now are you. Are you going out of town? Actually drop from the US definitely. It was thought to be fair. I don't listen enough to know if that's something that happens. All it's just yell assemble the AP. Oh I don't know why we just play cuts when he would go with me. Yes that's the only time I've ever really heard their show really. I mean this is the most is ever listened to it too so I kept. I kept tuning anywhere. Is he just the kind of the Wacky Slob? The number one morning show in Boston with the exception when I was doing the show for ten years. Oh yeah by clear now. It's a clear number one. Easier may have had easy competitions. I left the the ahead. Obviously you know the show after me. And then the Greg Hill show so I mean this is not. You're not talking about radio. Titans here good. So No. It's it's it's there's so many layers to this and it changes every day as well rave through choosy. Fru Wash away the Ni- you are. You worried about hold on. Am I missing something to me? He sounds kind of fucked up. Walk but we know that but we don't know them and I don't listen nearly do I know neither do usual thing but their reaction is telling me that something's off. Yeah that's that's the thing I'm here cracked by the crackle. I always talk about when you hear that. In the from the microphones. You can hear a little bit of that. Now you're right like that would be like is. Unfair is if people checked in for ten minutes of our show right got it. What the fuck what are they doing? Margie Regan why is Kurt Westbrook shitting on his listeners? And why is he talked why you know what? I don't understand so I don't know but you are right and that's I felt which is a nice feeling I like is radio listener tents like you could. It wasn't even intense like they were gonNA fight tense like everyone's not sure what to say or do And again maybe. I'm completely misreading it. What comes later kind of proves his run. That's what is so I but you're right. I heard that and then I initially thought well. Maybe it's just like a thing that Fred does it songs. Ucla tense when there's someone melting down on a public train and you can't get off the train and you're stuck there and you're gonNA guess but that's what that is or no no okay. I just don't feel good. No no if in the next week they would travel ban. You know what I'll do. What's up his hand because my my home. Yeah just go. Hey let's let it ride. Hold on Amick. I thought I'll give. I'll give rich credit here. So rich takes the microphone. Gets up in sings and dances much parody songs for next hour and a half which. I thought it was impressed. I didn't know we had an throws a skill I was like. This guy is really going to bail. What a Pro. And then people get mad rich for some reason who knows right so ham style is a read on the be now. I can't imagine that they would stop travel now. The flu it doesn't. It's not the flu. This is where it starts to anyone who says the flu is Manila informed. This is not the flu right. When you get there and to say it's the flu is at the. It's now at the point maybe a couple of days ago. He could say that it's the flu. It displays the flu. Now is wildly irresponsible. It's visting deadlier than the flu. It flew flew flew flew. That's what I gotta say but I also get one response. I I get why he could. I'm torn I don't know I understand. I understand there's really torn over the I have dealt. I've heard everyone I've ever. Doa said that nobody likes rich at all. But that's people people that station people have told me that he's been fucking asshole to me. He's been told Dick so and I think in this one like it's not in my opinion is a morning. Drive host in millicent. He's done it. He's had his own career. That's great it's not your job to be fucking Walter CRONKITE DOCTOR. Serious about the fuck. That's fine take rich. Out of all of these audio cuts. I would agree that there sounds like but again but I can't tell if there's something wrong with Fred Orange just like fuck. This guy like say flew as much as I also flaw so that. I just if it's if he's being listen. God knows trademarked sabotaging radio segments. Like I've made a career out of it so maybe Fred was woke up in the morning. It was like just fuck. I'M NOT GONNA fucking deal with this fucking baby anymore right now. The way it ended was not a good moment for him. Which will get you. That was really. There's also the producer says like we'll should we all go home in. Franco's great they tell us plenty of wanting to go home immediately but I also wonder if that's I also think that's part of his persona like I'm the guy who doesn't want I don't know you can also hear them the rich in the producer both trying to pivot away from what's well it's actually not the producer. It's the Third Guy Davis sporty jog super talent. They have a third guy in there as well. I like Fred I do like I. I happen to like the guy so I don't know what the fuck is going. Fine and these great. If not it's weird he was on the air to actually purposely. Check this morning. He's today so I mean I assume he's okay but that and then the twitter the twitter stuff. I mean segregates otter I have no reason not to like him but if one of my friends if I heard them doing that saw those tweets. I'll be calling them up and be like. Hey Buddy you okay Jon. Going on yeah. I mean I- tweaks also will lead me to lean in one direction or that's something that lasted all day. I guess I don't know what else we got from that. You're quarantined off this thing approaches. Pneumonia which is far more serious interesting call today with my Gorman because there's a lot of stuff going on with the NBA right now rules. We'll talk about that a little bit but on top of that someone unfortunately in that demo. He's over at all he's old. He's one of those people that the warnings are out there for. He doesn't he. He's traveling he don't Care Kevin. Go ahead actually. Not Out yesterday pivoting. Oh we're GONNA guess coming up. Oh we've got phone calls. Ak- tell that's their their reaction is what gives away the takeaways enrich in John. Wall seemed really uncomfortable and again. Maybe that's our dynamic. I have no idea but just because I don't listen to it but jumping in and listening to us. This is a really strange. Yeah I thought fascinating I I couldn't get enough of it. This is fucking merely by far. My last defense would be that there might have been blow up before where shorts don't joke about corona virus in terms of no. You can see it. It turns as he starts saying flu. I'm just saying to me. It felt more like a guy who didn't know how to handle another guy who seemed odd right doesn't mean the guy who seemed obvious completely wrong either it just it just seemed like a very strange dynamic year it would be more like if you were drunk in. Moscow in here a few jokes. Good I made you that. Yeah I mean. I'M NOT GONNA call the flu because you call it the flu at somebody who just doesn't know like you're not reading this whole. That's where Mike is right though. It's like yeah I mean. Well it's being. Cbc Harto definitely. Rick surely knows as much as fucking Dale Baer knows about this fucking. Read a couple of stories with gwen said eighty percent of the country or the world is going to get it and we were like fuck you if he paused and was like fellas. Let's not go visit. This is not the time nor place for this conversation. People are dying. We know the sports hub. They didn't know how to end. I mean with all due respect it all those guys like if people really concerned about it. They're going to go somewhere else to hear I would I flew. I'm on your side. I I like Fred better and I agree. That richards acting like fucking captain fucking. Cdc's so responsible is probably something wrong with but is overall point. I agree with drops now. Go Hey let's let it ride him every day. I absolutely could at six. Am WHO KNOWS PHOENIX? The what like the Universe Ziv Phoenix the University of Phoenix about. It's just nothing for this very anti. He's very Virus though how about I do whatever I want. A sport teaser. Boys I mean you being mean serious habit only rarely get it or maybe. I have no idea where we haven't gotten much better. I'll tell you what if you're listening to listen to our podcast. If your boss listening to the radio in the morning listen to ninety five the sports hub. Of course those are our guys absolute. Why still talk to guys over there with afternoon? Show is very talented. Very tell the person I talked to the idiot. Knight's still still have to deal with him. Madman Talk. He's a good shop. It's great show. Michael number season four episode episode. Jesus I will the flu then. Shut down the entire country of Italy like the entire cuddled on this. Like it's like he's like he's an annoying high school debate guy who knows a little bit. You know what I mean like guy like all right. We get rich. We get it. It's very serious. You know how many people the Spanish flu killed you basically. Yeah I know you. Rich fucking show. Yugoslavia Corona pod condescension. Jesus go ahead yeah. They got the flu all right. Cool Man I don't know I don't know how to have A. I don't know how to talk to somebody who just doesn't know what's going on defense. He would he would bust my balls but he wouldn't be like I'm going to have to leave if you can't talk you know what I mean like. Make Fun of it if I was rich in what we think might be going on without having any knowledge actually going on. Yeah that's where I play that card if I were him sure I would go dirty and ugly but maybe a nicer guy. Maybe there's nothing going on so we're more. A and I don't mean this insulting but more professional guy in that sense you know what I mean. I wouldn't bring that up on correct right but maybe that's going on. It's good then remain. I mean you're being mean there's just it's very rarely happens. 'cause it's irresponsible ballots irresponsible a couple of days ago. Even the flu. It's just nothing you've also got that fake laugh guy who's trying to ease the tension. I hate just say this guy so worried. He's like what's not it's not even the fluids and nothing fuck you. It's it's nothing. I love rich rich. We'd know they're shut that Italy really thought I don't know good. It has some extra added layers to worry about. Because if Mary you understand why he's taking very very serious white food taken seriously. I just I mean if he's afraid of the blue. I mean the you know full by the way they're making a Baker Mayfield statue over and Oklahoma Nice Urnov. He knew that loved the odd attempts to go awkward often. Paker gotta how would that even cares. Breaking down. Rich wasn't those. Don't they sound like they're making a big on Mayfield statue over and Oklahoma Nice Nice good segue Dude credulously awesome? Maybe thinking like if let's just say Mike the old days whatever in the guy was with. Was that hard. I might go completely asshole like that too. But you wouldn't be slurring your words be so bored maybe I would you. Would you bet you'd be like oh? Yeah that's fucking interesting. Tell me more you know. Maybe but friends. I just don't like I don't know what's going on so let me hear more dance poorly. I've had pneumonia yeah unpleasant. It's not technically not the fluids. Different Ammonia Fine believing would you go? Aruba me that's no no I would not fly out of the country no I would not go any place that if I had to drive home I could see I. I guess I'm with my rich on that one at this point just not be fear. Fear The for some reason with shutdown trowel. Yeah for sure. Fucking over some awful. It'd be scared of Corona and you also have to be scared of overreaction. That's I'm I'm far more scared. The overreaction right now than Corona PM said you couldn't pay me enough to take a cruise right now while you could never you could have never paid me ever to take a cruise but now you offered me. I'm not kidding. Twenty five million dollars to go on a cruise for two weeks of the cruise lines will sponsor this podcast twenty five million overseas. You just have to administrate how safe while you could say I could just do it. Nut KERNEL WE WANNA do it But fuck off because you be stuck on it for like three months. Yeah people eating crews pack. I mean really. Like what are you doing? Where are they used? They just docked what they're they don't even let them come into the dumpster. Wander around the fucking. They're they're just parked like a mile off the coast. Sad Games like dancing no. I think they're quarantined in their rooms. What I feel fucking I would fucking have a heart attack. You guys are kind of starting to make a joke of this and I don't care for it like it's kind of verging on your mocking. The idea of I don't like the courtesy. Just very serious. Hold on she cruz. Mike Cruz I understand now saying it's not a cruise. I'm saying we should take it seriously. Crews I I know which is what do you mean it's Cruz Cruz. Cruz do you see There's a statue going up your macy's crude Oklahoma. Let's imagine it would be great if they did like the next three hours? I guess we were wrong. They can talk about it and we mean we could transition though Joins US here on this ends. It's not growing exponentially. There's seven hundred cases two weeks ago. How many cases in the United States there are one hundred cases two weeks ago in the United States? You rent you're wrong. You're just not informed about this. No you're the best. You've not that it's just you you're gay. Larry and I have worked with people for years and years and years and in this is how it happens especially you don't really like with us we talk about on the air right so when you don't have it out a lot in there is stop and then one day just fucking happens. Oh you're the best you know. And then all then years of hidden stuff just rolls out one sentence as opposed to just talking about it. You know I I don't know maybe they are but to dismiss it as being just the flu jogos responsible. Well how about this? I'll be yours you. Oh you do it. Captain Bad lasko. Ub Hold on. Hold and there we go in. And you're the bad guy. And you're the fucking humorless do Shinya everything's been defined fuck you and fuck you. And that's how people reuven relationships have made them millions of dollars. I've done it. I mean God knows anyway but I mean this is what happens where you just finally let out the table and sometimes it's then it becomes much better. Yeah you know. How much better is that right? They're the greatest show Pella Day. No I don't either but like they would never do. They would never do on that show. So when I listened to Fred toucher screaming at you. I think I'd only ever heard you playing. I think I was listening to your show playing clips of it. I don't know if I'd heard the whole thing so I went back and I was like I would listen to this guy sure that that is on talented and entertaining. Gosh Louis I just don't think it's that every day like the thing I don't like about their shows they do a lot of sports like What was it fucking Boston jeopardy or something like that? Where am I GONNA call supermarket? Tomato fucking really know but the his thing was like I just think he didn't couldn't handle. I didn't like you'll be like Oh you good luck playing this tough guy and we would just play it yes. I didn't care I was like well. It's funny like we're in their head. They would do pro like do promos like you know. We think we don't talk politics. He would play and be like why not. It's interesting conversation. They just had. It's political really a nature like so I think they didn't. They thought they were the cool young guys and they're about your age and then like we came in and did my thing. I think he felt like challenged. Which is okay but couldn't handle it but you know I guess one because I'm gone. I suppose I don't know sounds really happy person do you? Why are you so I I say it's your responsibility? I'll do what I want. Hold on hold on. Hold on hold on. You're not mad. Though on the radio you tell somebody to F. themselves that is one I think touch it again. He's like F- Does Day and it's like say something else I can't say fuck I understand you this. Yeah Yeah Darn it Fred. This is serious alley. You Gosh dammit. I'll do what I want. I'm captain coup guy because you don't dictate what I say. I know you're not the boss of me. I understand that Fred F. You I'm gone. I just left was. Fred is now leaving. He's leaving the show us taking off. Jacob Rosca also asked what he feels about the possibility of weird. Tater transitions are my favorite part of the entire thing. So I've been in rooms now like you know I used to do the show Garry walked out a few times. We had a bunch of people walk. Dina walk down a few times. People will get worked up like we would talk about afterwards and take calls. Of course there's a lot of things. I'm a perfect but the mentors did say I'm the greatest broadcast from history. The world live. I found nothing to do with me. Praising him that's not why like him but I at least have the instinct of saying you know what we're not talking. Whoever JAKE DEBRUSK? We're not talking about him. WE'RE GONNA take a conversation listeners. Thinking Holy Shit. You guys hate each other or Fred's fucked up whether you know I know real that's real. That was not sustained Gordon. That's real came back at the end of the show actually apologized. Oh you don't come back with me. And he came back after the break. Oh you did. Oh I thought it was. I listened after the break and I didn't hear him play the hour because I forward unless they edited it differently but yeah I listen our. He's back afterwards so yeah he came. Every morning he became back yesterday. Apologizing is wrong and all that stuff so that to me is more proof that it was actually real because it was fake he would have just a homo build us up. I think the idea they're doing this because there's no competition so they're they're just mad but it's funny. I thought the most the most stunning thing to me was that there was no social media reaction to this whatsoever. Snacks there was no buzz. What operated sports program in Boston? There's no buzz was I'll tell you that. No one's listening to radio and I had to like search around and find it until until I someone deemed me about it and I was like wait. I'll go back and listen to this. And where are the clips used to be my rival? You know now I understand like you know if he was a woman has been far more critical of him right meters. Yes but you know the station and I battled against for years And I did not get a single tweet about it. I got one D. Anno right. It's like friends that listen to ninety eight five. I didn't hear about it now. Now I will say it was at the top of the show right. Yeah so is it six in the morning. Hey I'm just thinking of it. From a egotistical from a Kirkman the hand perspective Vegan fight with Gerry. Callahan and I walked out or he walked out to two or three years ago. At six twenty it would have been now. It's my world would have been all over. The place would have been a story. Yeah I even asked. The Gut was one of the guys he was. GonNa do it on twitter with was the BJ BS? J guys so idms and Hey. Is there an orgy of this or is he just going off on? Twitter guy was grounded out. He's just spout off so even like they didn't really know. Tell me no. I didn't I didn't see I saw nothing about. You're being mean PM. I think even if it happened on Imus Sir Mike and the mad dog are like there's also like media reporters writing about it. I'm surprised clips worn out or because even like I've seen clips where some shitty am DJ's in Houston have gotten into it where it's like heard of but it also is also this thing we're ninety five is if you from Boston's kind of protected because they're not the people still Haiti. I the brand. Even though I'm gone Jerry's they just hate it but you know like Somebody who like fund particularly talented. He's a big fan of mine. Is Patrick Gilroy? We used to do shows with. He took so much shit this weekend over nothing like he did a did a flash recall the Bron James and do shit and he said that Kyrie Irving was a douche flick. That's his opinion is a talk show so we did that within the flash because we this is not a report. Yeah when you host those shows at night they're not spending any extra money these back in the old days have people in a different building. Do the do the updates to do anymore. Because they're looking to save some doges. Smart so Gilroy does zone updates and he did that sort of glibly and like people from sports central weighing in. I'm like what what's what the fuck you getting mad about this week. What also happens all the time. I don't even get it. I think it started with a guy like did that whole thing. He does a great job of the FRANCESA. Thank you mark. Mako would have never done e. So what Lincoln Bores? Does that type of stuff all the time he puts a little commentary in and go you know. Here's here's a tip. Nobody is goosing. Sports flashes for updates. That's over yeah. They're just doing it because this morning. Or whatever it was you know we all know anybody really cares knows what's going on. He took more shit for that way. More Shit for that ten to fifteen times took for this. Yeah a rich of they deserve. You know what I mean. It's more tension. Yeah very strange might have been earlier in the evening but even so fucking guy on the radio is you know. It's just weird my doing here. Steve Yes you are happy to do. We love mills super loyal bills. Reach out to be a bunch of all the people millions so if you want to be loyal to the Kirkman odds put this way. I'm just going to say I'll say if you don't spend money millions. I can't guarantee him in the live. Wow well say this man alive. I mean that's just going to say it right now enough set you know now look this is my life is important is like you know with a nine seat is and the Things take time bracket no I understand. I know point now. I understand that though. I'm now becoming I'm trying to understand. People are so accept them. So go the Milton's their end of the season warehousesale has started. Bribery met for weeks. I suspect it started the longtime. I think we're deep in the middle of it. Now see what the seventy percent on suits sport coats pants coats sweaters. Look look good for the Wilbur show which is a go correct Steve. Yes you're guaranteed chosen The Wilbur. Show is going to happen in June We're not GONNA stop it. That's good every go right. Good suits for under a hundred bucks by the way sport coats and winter coats under. Fifty Bucks. A you're talking. Bahama Johnny Oh vineyard vines. I'VE BEEN WEARING JOHNNIE O. Time Bahama all week long last week I mean you know. Even the other patients like trust very sharp. You know that wouldn't be so upset about the way you look which is fair. I you going to store shelves for Social Plaza. Braintree Chestnuts Square Chestnut Hill. One of these. You know you can ruin the virus pussies and you're saying your house will find ordering online you know. Just acorn teamed up there warehousesale page Milton's dot com before everything is gone mills. You'll be comfortable here store as you'll be in our close social plaza braintree Chestnut Hill Square Chestnut hill or go to Milton's DOT COM. Do it today and help other company that has been loyal to me for years and years and years and years and years. We Love Love. Love milnes help yourself help them help us go to Milton's dot com do that to day. I heard Mike. Say I've have a bunch of other stuff. I WanNa get you her mike. Say something remarkable yesterday on On Gopher deer go for Giri yes which I love the name of that night. Understand the double name of it. But I don't really just something I said. Once Justin I felt stuck with ego gets in the figure out the. Can you fix the phone system where you can't hear the guy that we are they can't hear you fixture now so we have a second? Mike? It's just not for whatever reason the callers aren't hearing me from my microphone right so just as a second. Mike which is about as good as we can. What is that just because it's technically why is that I have? I don't know I just didn't know Steven. Yeah it's because they don't have a mixer board. They're using computers in cloud based solutions. I think that's probably what the issue is that he did. It from here will be okay. yeah. I think I've discovered a way for us to like actually take bank of calls as opposed to just I mean we we already can take one call but like mine up a bunch and have them screen so we know basically what they want to talk about a call somebody up now. We'll do go for Kirk opposite way. Just ask people go ahead. What do you got? I did notice in that touch so when touch came back they did a call saying like you guys are like Opie and Anthony. This has been bubbling up for a while. You need to break up for sure. Touch goes oh no no. We're we're fine. This is just one thing that annoyed me like. We get along fine and I was like there's no way in the way. I mean they probably do get along. Okay but there are. That's just natural Jerry Law Grape. But there were natural. Look that's just life you know I. It's you enjoyed and finally do now during the show. No no no. This is the thing that came up when the show. Morelos right now Stephen. Right now no because it's a paid service tested first subscription Outside what are you talking? Try One more hold on. Short people is up. Can you hear from downstairs protesters outside? I don't know if you listen to my whole program Mr by. Oh yes I did I did. I heard that part could be one maniac out there protesting he wants. God Shot Up. Jeez assembly promote that fucking podcast anymore. terrible I near Bunia Guys exactly what do you want up much? We need a much bigger to what sorry speaking to know go. Who is the Steve? This is Red Robinson. Seventeen what to fuck it was. I know you know. Bangor Maine comes across. That doesn't matter where you would. You not know who. This is a season area code. I'm sorry I apologize. What questions do you have? Good what are you doing goodbye? Hit the bricks fell. Some people didn't know if there's going to be you know we may have clear. Don't you did? But they never do. They even got the yesterday's they're going to be a show today or shop. People don't know why. Why are you worry about this part of this? Podcast fucking least at least sixty four podcasts. That are better at least. Where would this podcast? How about binge mode for example or so? This is for the this is the. I don't know I I. I can't actually get mad. I think Hillary is. Yeah so do some guy from USA. Today who hates sparsely hates us. Obviously doesn't alternate podcast bracket. I could have predicted with this. Look like almost within. You know I mean you've got all you've got your meat comes your ringer. Nba Show Your Simmons your cereal cereal. Byways a podcast as Kesselman awfully three years stealing hardcore history hasn't been on on this year. I Eh Eh Conan O'Brien's podcast hasn't been on in a couple of years. God Cumulus Connell. Komo's Brian podcast. It's it's just recycled content from show. Andy Richter Narrates. The week's worth of the guest son though sometimes he does with. I've listened to his most recent one and it was just recycled monologues. Pod Save America. God the real ridiculous thing is we almost expect them to leave off. Barstool podcast. I don't understand why they would leave off part of my job because there's no Rogan's not on there it's insane. It's obviously the biggest podcast in the world is one Caesar the daily this American Life Crime Junkie and Simmons. I mean to not I mean look I understand. We'RE NOT GONNA be here but to not have. We should have hardened my taken. Rogan should be part of my take is just silly. In Rogan is just. It's just stupid. I don't understand the bias against pardon my like I get you. Kfc radio Debbie Rowe your caller Daddy. I get all that pardon. My take is curse once in a while. But it's fucking it's silly sports talk. They haven't done silly tie the great guys and the podcast is in the Nice success. Do you think that this guy has ever listened to pardon my take? Yes the only thing I think he has much. That's the worst part of it actually has that doesn't make it worse. Probably likes it. But he can't many likes it? You know because why I don't know I don't you're right. I mean you WanNa put put like these are the same shitty ones that we did the year he made fun of. You are still here. So that one of the shepherd listening to Dax Shepard fucking anything. No but that one again. That one is high. It's always highly ranked so people must listen to it like allow but when it's like him every little little duck shepherd sure no feel like there could be a filter that you attach to your butthole and the guy. This guy is wild so this guy was not like a TV star. He people definitely listen the podcast right. He's earned it on his own though. Who's he talking to hear? This is he had coom Kamal Nanjiani yes on Valley and Oh from from what else I'm blanking the big sick now. He's so we had him on a super. Yeah that's right. Yeah so this is. This is a guest on just kind of like a likable guy to in the fat with his Co host. Call Your podcast. You tune the fat two in the FA. I listen to that. I just kind of fiber in there whether it's got silver or one of these cure alls and it catches the particles that smell and then just let gas passed through the the netting then the smell particles are like building up in them the filter. Yeah throw the filter on your car in neutral. Shut the fuck up show or is that. Dc WHO has you know? Shut the fuck up. Eli's shut the fuck up. Do you have that dropper? No I don't know what you're talking about the haven't sent it to you today. You've heard that before and I don't think so I've heard are you talking about the Portnoy. Shut the fuck up now no. There's an extra time to work up the fuck either that before. I don't think I hear the forty-one anybody saying say we'll tape. It hurts my feelings. I don't like it's true. That was for you right. Yeah she's all rusty shining. Fuck up you blind fat. It always pays off. I mean say like I I also try. Listen as many podcasts as I can Dr Death was a like a six off about this which was very good. It was a six off about this doctor who was killing people left and right up patients on purpose. That came out like two thousand eighteen. Here's the thing that Brazil is it like doing like the ultimate having all the family on their again. I mean I guess. The title of the bracket is twenty twenty. It was the same thing with esquire. It was like the best. These are the best podcasts of twenty nineteen and they go back and they find podcast that just they charge technically. Listen to them now. That's true I couldn't make it through five minutes of the ringer. Mba show. There's no fucking way no chance it's got to be such a fucking so boring. How about in our in our category of comedy? Oh you're you're up against one of the titans who's on Burgundy the chuckle again. This show is slogged endlessly on IHEART station. Oh it's character who his name was funny for about a half hour really should have been. Snl skit I I. That's one of my favorite comedy. Movie was great cold. You like seafood. Does Ron Burgundy at this point. So the problem with that could have been a funny podcast if it were if he wrote the entire character and it was always him. You know what I mean like. No I don't think so because it's a one one deaths one joke. Maybe you're saying is you don't have writers he's supposed to be spur of the. Mo- he's interviewing someone or do not written it's pretty written but then it sounds it. Sounds pretty on the Colbert report? That funny I disagree. I like Kobe. It was a joke. We get it like you're the like it was the same thing over and over and over. I love at first. Aikman is very funny and it's too long like every fucking. Snl thing it's way too long but but it's funny it like that was what two thousand six no earlier than that. I think even really oh three or four. I would say Holy Shit. Is that true? You're probably right? I think so I would have said. Oh Six oh seven. Maybe you might be right. Yeah because it was four. Yeah that's fucking sixteen years ago. Yeah I mean he's still he's still doing all right. This is going to depress me. We're back for season three. That's right I heart. Tried to get us off the air. And they said we were getting to political. Doesn't even sound like feral doesn't even sound like the character. This is a young guy trying to do it. Full filling in studio you rioted. You took days off from work. Sounds historic. He sounds too screamed. You cried and now we're here. We're actually just renewed for a third season We talked to IHEART. We negotiated another contract. Here we are so there was just for our listeners. There was no crisis. Well the okay. That's the cliff notes. Version which completely discounts the people's Revolution. But yes rumblings. Welcome back my co host Carolina. Everyone let's hear it for Carolina. Suppressing Gazette seriously the Yeah thank you. Thank you guess on happy to be back. Have you back and I'm happy to have you back. I am and I do not regret for a second that I chose you as my co host again despite an almost like so hot. I'm still accompanies more comfortable in the fucking touch rich thing. I think Zach Galifianakis a great job of that between two ferns thing but there is an element. Sometimes we were like well. They're in on the joke. It's not that awkward. This is that but it's not funny right you Alpha NECAS. Does it for five minutes. Fuck out that he did. A movie was mistake. The enemy I hated the movie where they did bloopers end but I laughed. The whole movie was awful. There were some schmaltzy parts that I didn't like good movies when he fucking the interview them was awful. I remember that the basically the first Just the interview with Matthew mcconaughey and then you're out of the best parts by far the only but I mean. How long is this going for? But an hour. I think it's really as meals before love making. I think that's common. You know we still gearing up for time with one of my dates. I usually turn to a Burrito bowl instead of just a burrito taking the Tortilla out is my diet secret interesting. It's more like from switching to the Japodlay Burrito Bowl. It's like sour cream and avocado so my goal for this season is to lose weight with Japan outlays Burrito Bowl Diet and define love that might be harder than homemade utilize. At least finding I've ever heard in my life nice women and start a relationship with them. Okay I would no more drama marriage a blige so the problem with anchorman is like I almost stop saying. It's one of my favorite comedies. Because it's one of those that every unfunny Asshole as said Wales Vagina. You know what I mean. I Love Scott or whatever the fuck. It's hard because it's become less funny than the wrong question. That's what I'm saying is that it's gone so beaten to death that it's just now when he goes and this year. I got that's depressing. That's like I recently. God Finding Outer Space Interesting. I've I've recently heard that space lasts forever. Think about that. Also this to me seems like a guy who's just a cash grab almost like was he doing. How does this financially makes sense? I don't understand why anybody here for for well. I know it makes sense for for feral but for IHEART. I can't imagine that there's very many people listening to those. Who What advertiser listens to five minutes of this? That's what I was out. There are people in the middle of a kind of this is hilarious. I remember. We'll feral. I mean you check into it because it's like oh we'll Farrell made it. He's been funding school before he was a funny guy was a funny. Yeah wasn't be funny last ten years you check it out I did. I saw those. I knew it was going to be. I never knew because I knew it was gonNA ruin it for me like I love that character in that movie but this was going to ruin it for such a lack of anything. Like I'm GonNa go in here and just fucking do this dumb lame even just go in there and it doesn't even sound like the character. Does it? It's weird. Sounds like shit? It's very strange. But it's better than part my Dick Joe Rogan dish white. Oh how do you describe our Earth Carolina? It's planet does something more catchy. Modern vernacular earth is the planet. We live on okay. Why don't you work on that? Today's episode is on Outer Space. Okay I'm Alison. We're burr Mariner Karol on there. I didn't see that. No no the guys who like started podcasting three. That'd be the comments section with my favorite part is where the guy the guy who wrote this story. Nate Smith just goes in says I you know I'm a humble guy. Left myself bracket sweet he has a pug s great. It's true crime podcast which is like very original. I mean you know it's fine but it's just like I mean I don't really care. I just I was funny. I duNNo. I thought those funny that to me. I talked touch this briefly on Sunday for Monday. Show I think it's great that surely doesn't have a twitter account anymore. Usually get something just wasn't written since then she is not mark. V was last time spent a week. She's written you know I don't know what's going on but that happens from time to time every day a couple times a week. Okay I would think simplisafe dot com slash Kirk. Maybe she's on vacation. I don't know yes so. She tweeted out a picture of her tax returns. No it was a letter right. Yeah with her social security all over it and I'm sure many fans saw it and again in my you know do the right thing. That's what I can't imagine if I take a screen shot of anything like I make. Sure my phone numbers and they expected if anyone's going to tweet out something incorrectly. It'd be Mike I mean not. I don't know did she not know Oh. She realized pretty quickly but she's meaning do like I said the other day texting too. I think yeah what you said. Made Sense. That she was trying to text it to her husband or accountant or something. But there's so many out tweets very strain would feel you would realize oh whoops. I'm not texting this. Yeah I mean I I don't know so and then why delete your someone asked me. Why do we the account and the only thing I can think of? Is She panicked and said this? Get rid of it forever. I know I think I think I actually think wisely. She said if I do that if I don't delete it anytime I tweet. A hundred people tweet that picture back to me So that information will always be there right. That's what I think. Maybe I'M WRONG. But that made him do too much credit. Well I mean it's I think it's the globe handbook right. Didn't call gone home gone from twitter. There are two of their columnists in two thousand twenty. Don't have social media platform the shitty stories because of you know because we'll call it because of the fans Shirley I guess in a way because it means because you're so fucking stupid. He tweeted out that picture. Well the other thing is it's not really like she's losing anything because if she wants to traffic for her columns she just writes about you or something. That's going to never know 'cause you can tweet him out. So Kirk can't quote twitter. So that's true K. Greg calling sure I can't even give her credit for its weird pop back on. I don't know not anytime soon. You still have her number or no. I think so. Yeah give us a call and see what's going on definite on the train today. Outlive that dangerously. I mean yeah. I don't know it's amazing. The city is a full such frauds. Stupid fucking mayor. Marty Walsh cancels the the the. The parade got cancelled marathon. That's going to be next week ago. He's in Chinatown having lunch telling people to go in and spend money and go into businesses and now he's leading the panic attack like which is at fuck head but also he's attending the Springfield parade which has been canceled. I think Oh maybe that was. It was like why would you do that? You would never. I don't think they I think they canceled it yesterday. Okay state of emergency. I guess I guess certainly doesn't really mastered the handle. The phone given your call is being too bad. Well what can you do? WanNa make? Sure she's okay. Thought him prayers. Yeah she money herself to look like I did it what it is here to me that she got a large amount of inherited money overpaid taxes and then the amount she overpaid was applied to last year bragging about maybe he was proud of herself. She wanted everybody Nell but she and I put some personal information on there. Which is strange. It's just it's a good thing. She hasn't made any enemies during her career. Look I advocate for anybody to do anything I know. I know that's what I'm saying. It's a good thing. She's everyone just cares about her. You know but you gotta laugh. I mean you you know but I mean listen. People are busy. There are brackets to win. Also not the listener cares only care about the brackets but for me personally up on what you very mad about the brands way. They needed something back. Maybe can parents. There's a divorced kids draw. They left off the bracket. It's big about the enemies but they chose not to do then. It's right so my friends at the Boston Globe. I mean John CESCO writes a couple of days ago. where is it the right story or no yes The state's highest court Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled on Friday the plaintiffs in land use cases essentially need to prove they would suffer some kind of Demonstrable harm order. Bring a legal challenge to a construction project near them. Didn't take for the judges to make up their minds. They heard the arguments on Thursday by Friday afternoon. Their decision emailed to various attorneys. In the case you're thinking Mike's like where's this land? Why are you talking about you for you folks homer thinking? Why are you talking about this? Well this might set a new land speed record. The Guy Writes Deliberative S. J. C. Typically takes a few months from hearing a case to issue a ruling. Now fans of me in the show notes that could take a while even just a general who saw with the current thing that I mean sorry that wonderfully town with elected official yes really bright elected officials on the Moron Guy That took what I know from soup-to-nuts six months five. Six Years Yeah This time the judges resolved the case before they even had time to write up a formal explanation of their reason and again. You asked Kirk Way. Doing this is so much else. Given the case Murchison Verse Shurmur had drawn widespread interest within development homebuilding circles. So basically what happened was industry group said a. State Appeals Court ruling September In the case of the potential generally the fun of lawsuits and delay numerous construction projects. In communities across the state three groups filed a brief against Murchison Ma- one in Massachusetts and then the home builders and remodelers Association of Massachusetts so. There was a three acre parcel on Lake Street. Oh yeah what's in the paper? It's Lake Street. It's reading from a story if In a wooded tranquil section of Sherborne were three acres of the minimum lot size in the fuss over that House. Yes potential impact could be so much bigger than that Marianne Paranoia who? I tried to speak to a few months ago and David. Erickson sought to build a house in this lot across the street from a Robert. Allison Murchison live. Hello to them. Those plans ran into a snag. When the Murchison's sued to overturn approval by Sherborne Zooming Board of Appeals taking issue with how the panel applied towns building lot with with require it to the project. The merchants were not happy essentially that somebody was going to build a a lot on a mere three acres of land perplexity. Yeah well I mean it's it's density related harm but we'll get there. We'll get to Jimmy Murphy. I also dealt with their lawyer. I was trying to figure out. Was this the same story? Featherstone would talk about knows even different than that okay. I guess this is what you're telling me that the Murchison's have filed multiple losses. As I said for years you know. These people were entangled. And we'll play some audio from my boss. Eric Kirk Nardini layer on To tell you more about this guy but The Murchison's essentially didn't want somebody to build a house on three acres of land. Because I felt that that was not enough land to build house. It was ruining their view and ruining their entire existence more. So it's fun to fuck with people. I think that might be human their neighborhood. And it's fun to fuck with them for no reason The Land Court Judge. Decide the merchants Didn't adequately prove there will be harmed by this project and thus those standing the sue me really were going to sue because. I'm building a house across the street and somebody else another piece of land. That's three acres. Mercy's appealed successfully appeals court basically said this all they need for standing is that they blew the site. They live near the second question that the project would represent increase in density for the process perspective. Somebody living in Boston. Three Acre Lot with one house might not seem dense at all to the Murchison's was a big change in the open. Space that exists there today now the person that Globes obviously I like your where you live. I mean listen live in fuck in Wyoming. Maybe three acres is an enormous amount of land anywhere in Massachusetts. Maybe a Western mass. Maybe we were in the town and we may be there again. Who knows but three acres of land is a fucking telling people who know this. I mean three acres a big fucking lot right to build a house. There's nothing even if it's five thousand square feet. It's nothing I wouldn't think so because there's acres like one ache. I lived in Western. Mass and one Acre is a lot of 'em sure her a huge three huge the merchants lawyer James Murphy Arguing Court on Thursday. The neighbors to a project suffer quote density related harm and in any case involving increase density. The construction of the House reduces clients. Privacy told judges and removes open space. It's more of his clients. Bargained former said to watch someone quote number three acres three acres of land quote. Squeeze a house onto the side. Just let me try and get that. I'm just imagining Bob's looking out. Front window and Allison says Bob. What's wrong? He's like the density densely the density walls closing in my arm at this coming up against the house requests. God It's the Second House over. There jumps awake in the middle of the night somebody else's property that's ours binoculars so he's building a house and property. That's we don't own it all if you don't WanNa House on that lot by it by it. Which by the way here to announce. I just did the pizza fucking waste morning. Bob Newspaper No. I think this hooters is going to be fine. Look Amateur night is Tuesday night. Don't even worry about it. These girls are great. Don't it's not even issue interesting? Hooters squad set the ramp up to watch. Can you imagine making the argument in court squeezing a house number three Acre fucking proper? What a great neighbor but everyone on that road loves him try nonetheless. Several judges expressed skepticism on Thursday with one noting that newhouse would be roughly in. Nfl kickoff wave merchants even when putting those terms. It doesn't sound to give just get so. I talked to a lawyer who I know very well and ask them. How unusual the swiftness of this very to us. And he said it was not my. He's not my porno incredibly unusual. I've ever heard of the State Supreme Judicial Court ruling in one day usually takes months So the court took the highly unusual step of issuing decision in one day in waiting to issue their written decision until they time to write it up Legally basically get the fuck out of here with your bullshit. You fucking lunatic. I mean really. I mean there's no again. Yeah it's really reflex so it's nice to see Shirley it's just once in a while. It's nice to see that stuff happened. That's all I mean. L. On the record. It's nice to see your enemies losing and obviously I have to. You is Steve of the finest stuff and look at that. People are busy again. Three nine match ups out there. I totally respect that. I HAVE NOT GONNA get in the way that I mean. This was a public court. You know there was going on and everyone involved in the lawsuit was in the court that day. Look fucking bracket going on here. This is what we have worry about. You know this is this is this is the stuff that matters the most But you know I mean the average lawsuit that return about seven months seven months. This was a day. It was described to me as a land. Speed record was written here. Land speed record described you by who? Maybe whoever's probably written articles away sorry record mentors would say the wire at their members of the couple lies on you and the thing. Remember one responded. Those are no controversy. Moselle Big Rick's. Yeah I can actually defend Steve's I thought I thought so too. Yeah because I'm I I message message with the guy who deemed me and he was like. Yeah essentially this damn. I gave it to matters too. So what happened I remember? We'd people pay their tab or something. Yeah somebody somebody called Big Rick's I don't know. They just maybe suspected that there would be unpaid tabs. Somebody who couldn't be at Matt WASCO and paid off the tabs but it was because you called me and said what's that tweet from Ricky about yeah yeah because I saw some ninety two and I also called trying to pay and they said it's already been remember. The Reagan Care of there were tabs on paid the restaurant to yes that night not a ton. Oh there were a few. I WanNa say you picked up the TAB it slows Kirk. It's fine listen. Don't even thirteen matchup to migrate. This is not. We're not here to talk about but But what was the other mentors one that you brought up? I don't remember another one shit. There were couple. I'm working hard. Those he is yes. This is a concern. You at all You know it's good. It's good to have some accountability to have a little a Australian watchdog on me. Does he hate you so much? I don't know I think it's because he thinks I'm condescending to Mike is what I got from last night's episode but then he turns around like this Mike fucking so he's such a fucking idiot. He said he's look. Mike is a fucking idiot. So why is he thinks? Why WOULD YOU BE? There's a lack of consistency there. For sure I agree with wholeheartedly. With who menace that. You're a fucking idiot very break. Not selectively correct. Yeah that was good. I enjoyed seeing that S J C ruling on this funny. I would say we're I just a fan of this show that that name hasn't been mentioned a lot lately. Is there any reason? It's being brought up. Who Mr Murchison? Why I don't know I didn't know no. Because of the S J C case. That was in the paper. I know that happened. But I'm just saying I don't know I guess there's no reason it would have come up but I didn't know of anything transpired that we don't know about not to my knowledge. Oh not at all. I have no idea we can ask you know it was good to talk about that. Is Eric Nardini? She waited all recently. Steve this is with Jason Barrington. Both hold on. So you got your fucking still you relax really quick. Jesus so she was at this conference in New York. This fucking loser Jason Barrett to say it is a radio consultant just zero. He's fine he said my name my fucking name off your mouth but that's fine So he asked he's basically like you know a classic like Oh it when the radio business knows a Kirkman hands as whatever is really bad. Boy Mr Cap and bad ass captain so they asked Erica about the long or the short order. We have So we've got the they're basically two parts. There's the part that they tweeted out and actually I just checked. The Barrett took down the youtube video for some reason he did. Yeah she'll other news. Yeah I know why I have no idea giving you too much credit bizarre but what we've got okay. I actually have a really great relationship and I. I have so much respect for who. He is as a person and also for what he's felt as a content creator but continue hurricanes a perfect example. Which is the worst thing I could ever do is to Selkirk as something that he is? Not so me trying to sugarcoat. What Kirk is GonNa talk about? Every day is very bad idea. I don't know what the Falkirk is GonNa talk. I'd probably not GonNa like could forty percent of it but when toast or we. We we endeavour to very honest about what they are getting into and what they're getting into is super loyal fans a host. That is unafraid. A person who will tackle any topic and share a point of view and a Lotta Times the more controversial point of view the more listeners downloads more clicks. Things get so. We're an attention economy deport Y and curtain answer to the best people at gathering attention that I've ever ever met with that means. Is that the advertisers product actually resonates it's relevant and sometimes we have to talk to our brand partners. Would you rather be irrelevant? And not sell your product or would you rather be relevant and in the next conversation is clearly resonating. Now I mean you know what else can you say a great boss to have honestly I you know and the way she treated the last couple of weeks. The fucking greatest. I've said it since day one. It's the biggest reason I came here. other dummy. Portnoy her. She's great she's Great. It is funny like Erica. In that room must be like the popular. They're like wow how do you? How do you do that? How you handle people at hand Dave Porno and she's right. She's like you know she's would. I said for years at the old place which is just beyond the offense. Just get ahead of it as opposed to you know running scared. I just like being. Don't say this don't say did the just say listen. This is what it is if you don't like it. That's perfectly reasonable. We'll go somewhere else from an advertising perspective like if you make you uncomfortable makes me uncomfortable. We don't want to if it's going to make you uncomfortable. We get the business together now at all and then find somebody else. That's to me has never been that difficult. But when you're in the radio business is on them. It's why you know. She texted me today. She was there she was like this. This businesses completely fucked up sure. Is it sure fucking is I would bet like we played the touch enrich sound? I would wouldn't be surprised. They got a text saying like get off the subject from someone you know what I mean. Probably know how that place works but just not even that would be. Yeah yes but maybe the program director There Rick. Radic and things. Bro is a great guy. I my guess is and I don't know his management style with all my guess is it was more like you know well glad we got away from that and gone into the other stuff but this way. I'm glad that we solve this relationship issue whereas if they did that for four hours incredible even their highest rated show the four hours. Probably got tweet about it. Believable they brought eight. Am Yes what else we have. Sti You want more Nardini well at the part that ties in the story I raise. And you know the case a perk Talk all the time where I might hate made. We move to a subscription model for you or me. We moved to a T. shirt for you quite interesting all the hold on. Let me run ideas. But I didn't really understand that. Hey out there is. You've sold nine t shirts. I mean the the t shirt did you mean like just a t shirt businesslike on its own. I assume you just giving an example because I think she was talking about the conversation. We recently had where we discussed more More apparel more merchandise different style of merchandising operation. I think that was probably just top of mind for her. I mean I'm happy to start a t shirt company like like a store liquid. You make your on t shirts. I wouldn't mind doing that. Work the cash-rich Abaya factory somewhere in Asia. It's a clip down. I have it here on your on Youtube. Though so click on that link that full tablets. That user has removed the video. That's about no idea. That's very strange. Sixty thousand views Jason. Barrichello lost sixty thousand views in his life. Here's this here's one. Five hundred seven views hundred sixty eight views. Mike D Shares his insight on the future of sports. I'm interested we hear that like you know that's weird. So yeah that's strange. Yeah this one. Fifty seven thousand views. And it's not there. What is it about me? I don't understand what the FUCK OS Utah Discussing. The challenging challenge of managing accepting change hundred eighty nine views this unbelievable. Lewis rate so Nine hundred fifty five years two hundred twenty one views hundred nine hundred forty five dollars hundred eighty nine views sixty thousand views and took it out three hundred sixty views fiber seven use. It had to be something the full thing right or was it just Erica's yeah. No he did the right thing you put you. Put a tease teaser clip. On and then did he go to my youtube channel for the full thing and you got the second part of her answer. Who'S GONNA win? What's Erica Talk Yes true? That's the foam with her. Though you know it was. It was just her her yet. Just Erica on Kirk. She did other stuff. Oh no but not in that clip go but the thing he cuts the thing he links through the longer. We're talking about others. Yeah but I'm just saying it wasn't an hour long Jason Barrett interviewing other people. No that's eight hundred sixty views for this right. That's you know nickel's worth of free advice kind of told US Nichols were. The free advice. Snuck Nick what's that microphone? You used had snuck. It goes worth of free advice. Maybe move the microphone. Talk to the. Maybe but hey listen. I'm not going to get in the support. Hundred Stop Backups. To you like stepping all over around the rain like he had an activist who wrote me. Probably four hundred eighty every advertiser. I've ever worked. It was creepy invasive. It was frank it was disturbing and I can only imagine what had happened with Kirk and I think in the places kirk come from Noah with her. Everyone say you're wrong like guys were seeing our business. I mean activist probably cost the station and the network. Millions of dollars significant millions of dollars. So here comes the. This'll be the Boston globe headline if they were covering. Yes yes yes I would do it to be their whole story. Barstool. Ceo Calls Out Kirkman. It I was a little. I have to admit it was a little. I was not very nice seller. Look I didn't pay. Kurt was entirely in the right either. I'm clearly crossed the line. Like playing. We figure out. Can we talk about it? And we can we address. The situation can be resolved. Hold ON NATIONS. What she means by that clearly. What part the original. I didn't say it so I don't know the way of handling some way. She may be right about that. I don't know going after it's probably the talking about advertising and that's probably true. I the headline deadly Barstool. Two minute hand you've crossed the line. It was not entirely right to get. The headline will be not right in the way. He handled Shoe remove the entirely. I think the only thing that she would be referencing is just the You know talking about advertisers four hundred four hundred emails. I don't think she's exaggerating quite the opposite if he's been conservative in total four hundred emails. She got over three months. Yeah that's you know five day in six day seven day Jesus and look I. Don't you know I mentioned reigniting any war honestly like you know I mean it happens? It happens but I'm I'm perfectly comfortable moving on but you hear that and you're just leave. Forget you Jesus Christ. I like the I like this drop. That will have forever now. Good talker. She's right about that. I guess is more. I wonder when I asked that about Murchison is like do you think? This'll awaken by talking about him. I don't know he's probably still listening. Any doubt wonder. Yeah clicking away unless they may be still so I don't know maybe sending stuff who knows but we can always have a you know. Put it this way friends. Good friends in that town who just recently purchased a piece of land. They'll be happy to have us. Do a live show. I do you know knows but no. I mean whatever You know disturbed individual and I blame far more. I just finished reading a terrific book actually by SPN writers. Dan Murphy I forget the name of the other guy in it was about the Michigan State. Scandal Larry Nassar thing is some laughs last couple of weeks at night. Costa just to relax so I read. The book is so great. Fuck I forget. The title was always. It just came out It's called believe the believed the victims. Start believing starring. Nassar's cry leaving. That's what that's one of. The women said to the lawyers like to the to the to the lawyer going at detective going after Nassar. The this is I sort of actually sent a message to one of the writers. Explain a lot because he responded but to the show account was on the show account when they sent that. Yeah it was looking okay so I just said defunct did an incredible job because there's so much information there's so many characters and it's so confusing in the book is the fucking guys did an unbelievable job. Like making it clear articulate understand what's going on it could have easily been fucked up and this is one of these stories. I swear to God it got some attention to the time but always people forget about is so under reported this makes the fucking Penn state thing look like nothing. Yeah the the size and scale with this guy did in the in the amount of enablers like Nassar's sick diseased fucking dog who you. If you read this book you would not believe how he's enabled over the years. These victims would go to to their fucking parents. They will go to their coaches. They would go there fucking in every one of them will be like you're wrong you're lying you're Fulla Shit. Go APOLOGIZE TO LARRY LIKE. It happened for decades and decades apologized. They did this. This happened a lot in this guy. Nassar was can pulling his dick out in front of six year olds and you know his move right he would. He would bring these. Jim has to do with my my Hamstring has pulled. My back is sore and lie them down and it fucking finger them. Yeah like three fingers in and get the fuck and Borey. Jackie late in their. Let's forget twelve year olds and to me is six he is. I'm glad he's in jail. Wrestlers life hopefully gets his fucking head. Chopped off is The neighbors are so much worse. Because they're the weird way because they're not insane fucking sick disease dog. They're insane right He's insane. The enablers are sober-minded in allow this to Guam because I want to make some money and I'm not saying you know I'm not comparing my situation I'm up putting myself in victims is much. Is the Michigan State Women? Somebody's mind's worse short some ways not in some ways. It's not instant but the enabling allowing Murchison in these people that's those are the real of course those are the little. This'll yeah what I'm saying like. That's what entercom saying like. Oh yeah this will make them go away. Let's get Joe a dump button. Let's not talk about this issue. I suppose that Erica Nardini. Who is the greatest human being ever lived is is how we're GONNA do it? But we brought him in here. I some confusion but now we understand nope to embrace who you are and I think you have to back your talent. That's why like crazy. I'll get as I said the Dave and the future and Barstool mainland badly. But I'll never say I shouldn't say bad word about him. Sure I will rip them for stuff but from a pure like moral in guts. You'll never hear me ever question them on that. You know what I mean like I just. I just won't do it. I just can't do it because I have too much respect for them. Because they they fought back and we fought back in a lettuce fightback whereas that vigil and Entercom they would have that would have never shut down. They would have never let it happen. There was some why you doing this. They would have never let that happen ever the that the story would just read. That was never discussed. It dumped whereas income. It's amazing never said like well. Nothing is working. Why not just let him try that? You know what I mean. He's nothing was working so just trying out of the box idea. I what I thought of a butcher show yesterday. Okay you said the one point took one a call from somebody and you said that. Nobody's ever accused with Allen of doing anything I'm saying legally because we that was when we were talking and he's saying I'm saying he wasn't. He hasn't been accused and I didn't have the allegations he's been accused of. I should've said he hasn't been charged with the killings Pharaoh. Pharaoh may have a MIA farrow as. Well might disagree. But I get. I'm a woody Allen Guy on this issue I get the publishing company wanting to. That's a book that's GonNa make them. How many more books is run fair going to make sure that I don't get like well that'll get in two thousand twenty is if you're going to agree with yellow book. You have to know that that backlash is coming right. Like how do you make a deal and Woody Allen? Not No? That's going to happen. It's a big deal room Polanski. I would assume they did but I think they're just thinking how many books are going to make money woody Allen Memoir might make money how many other how many more books as run fair. GonNa put out there. You can't think of it like that though. You got to think of the big picture like what's the so for the book first of all. How much money's with. Y'All Memoir GonNa make how many people are GonNa buy a book I don't know. But it's more than whatever. Other putting more than blaming Zimmer is it worth but is it worth the shit. They're gonNA take that. I don't know I don't think anyone's going to not buy books from Hash. It just because they published Woody Allen. Thanks I don't think there's any backlash they might just not buy that book. And you'll you'll think like the social media world will fucking no because I don't think the Woody Allen thing has not been a story that people run she's not harvey he's not considered harming isn't steam but his last two movies have not been distributing United States. There people say the live work with him again. Yeah but he's also fucking ninety but there's just there's not only only got the rallying cry well people where people are going to use a William Book. I'd have to believe that. They did not pay a huge sum. I grew that for an like an advance. I wouldn't be surprised even five figures which is why might make money. It might be worth it for you. That's what I'm saying that's healing. It's five figures because they would have. I mean they're not. They're not naive dollars. No no I would say. I wouldn't be surprised if it was like seventy five thousand or something. I think it's more than that. It could be but I mean I think if you're woody Allen at this point and you know you're toxic you're GONNA be. You're more inclined to settle. I guess but I mean we own probably worth more than you think. Yeah that's probably he's probably worth fifty million. So maybe maybe he's not looking for a cash grab and he just wants. Maybe it's an ego thing who wants to get a story told which he'll probably go Self published on Amazon or medium. Or He's only you'll do it but I mean like here's the thing you know what I don't get is he's never been charged with anything. So why don't you let write the book? Put It out there. And then when he does his press tour while pressing go after or let Ronan Farrow. Read a book right. I mean or yeah. Don't really I read the book together. Yeah Allen goes and does his press tour which he probably wouldn't even do they you start saying well. What about this this and this? He is always claimed his innocence. This is where it gets difficult for me. Argumentatively is that he's never been found guilty of anything so now we're sort of There's a story like this. A couple of that was gone Where they just buried somebody before. This person even had the chance to defend themselves Maybe Chris Matthews. Yeah yes Chris Matthews. Where maybe it was the Laura Bassett call about how he would chirp make suggestive comments about his guests like his whole asshole. So I mean but you know he quit so I can't teen and that was bizarre but it's sort of like it's a strange look. I want all of these guys gone. If they're assholes they did shit good goodbye but like where is the matthiessen forgetting somebody else but whereas the defense and then the women will say well. Why do you think you know? Why should we never for years? So it's kind of. Can we all get the same page advocates? This line here of of doing this. You know I mean I don't know if it's just it's it's it's a tough one like I don't Mia Farrow. Seems like a very strange person as well. I believe that with the Allen. Did this but you know there's no. There's never been a legal accusation but at the same time. I read this book where you know. It takes women years sometimes because they're so fucked up about this with this. These people did to to to to to to to go to court so at that point. It's hard I don't know island. I think it's a publishing company that makes a bunch of different books about a bunch of different shit and I think they would also let Ronan Farrow. Read a book about Woody Allen if you wanted to over sure they would sew sell much more of course so. I don't I don't see any problem. I run feral pests. But I also get why the posing company's GonNa say fuck you. We're we think we're GONNA make it right. I guess not they build. They backed out back. It'd be the only. Because the editors a little people walked out which are respectable social media buzz. Yes that's that's part of the deal if they worked there and you don't like it well then then you should protests as often that being said you know when your company your company goes in the shitter not because of whether Allen but just because of whatever and opportunities to make money are gone because you protest when the company says we let people go within. That's part of the deal too. I think you know but yeah okay so yeah you. You meant legally charge. Yes I got to college know. It's been accusations there's sort surely have. I don't even know where I stand. You might go off. Why didn't Dylan call the police? Why didn't you file a police report? But the But yeah the I'm just. I was surprised to twentieth. Those deal was struck because it just seems like these people are all so toxic. Now that you know not gonNA happen. Maybe we'll get the deal somewhere else where they where they the company is like. We don't care we just want to get a big name in salt so book and they're weird. They're weird people. I I hate using Louis. Ck All the time but this is the first example because mine like Luik would never be able to write a book there unless it was early. All or something else. Where Woody Allen gets this weird pass but I also understand it. We talk about timing. Yeah all timing. Look Bill Clinton. He's getting ready to speak at Brown. Yeah that's that's a better example. Probably yeah he described it he. He made the case that Hillary documentary anxiety. I mean to me like hundred bunch. Life has pressures and disappointment terrors. Fears of whatever things. I did the management anxieties for years. I feel terrible. About the fact that Ed Monica Lewinsky's life was defined by trying to get the poison pen ruins bill. She's made national punchline because in my opinion essentially says he raped her. I mean whether he had anxiety I understand. She was in choosing intern. Like choose a fucking intern. You're the president of the United States of America. I don't think you'd understand though. But he was a little nervous. I get that he was anxious. But I I. I don't all different coping mechanisms and by the way he's been credibly accused of raping women. Yeah rentable one yes never speaking in Fresno one really speaking of Brown and forget trump. Because it's too easy to Excu- example from to give but if I don't even know who I'm trying to think about some of these guns trouble before how `bout can just a conservative. No trouble whatsoever. Ted Cruz was trying to give invited to give Brown left Yes chaperone. It's actually a perfect. That's what I mean but I mean some you're right Ben Shapiro or somebody Ben Shapiro. It'd be nice as name Shapiro's which one is which one Shapiro can? He's a boar. Who Cares crack? He's boring it away. If he fucking went and spoke did fucking burn the place down right. Yeah Coulter Oh yeah. I mean their culture. I don't think seven charged with raping somebody or even just if they spoke out accusations yes definitely the saying like they would thought crimes are more Eric Coulter Coulter. They would they would. They would fucking they would close the school down. There are are close. Anyway there were riots when my load Goto. Yes isn't always done. Say Nasty thing it's supposed Brownsville. Open they close. Yeah so bill. Clinton going there on this weekend or I don't know when he's supposed to speak. Somebody's legitimately been accused of raping women as we know. The president brought them to that debate. Somebody complained Juanita broaddrick story out there way before trump sure and so as Paula Jones. What about them? No no you WANNA Call Juanita. Really what are you doing tabby? She worked in a supermarket. I actually felt bad. I felt bad. I was kidding on Sunday and I saw. Stacey tweeted out the cheap. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah but not as bad as she should feel for not reaching out. It's true you know what I'm saying. She had the good peace of mind to throw me under the bus. She did. She say she said I feel bad but like Mike bailed me out or something like with his awful tax donor. She said well there you go. You know maybe I'll sick should have a little slow the consideration that they should be stocking up on the market. You know what I mean. How four maybe good manners no. Dj Kasey that. When I was up. Who Jake from churches quickly. We forget church point point loser. He didn't Oh man a fucking disaster that missile fuller still hasn't reached him. He's not resell macaroni macro reached out. I got interrupted. Texted me back. It's fucking better or worse than Mike Second tax. Nothing's worse than that because they want to address that honestly so disturbing. See here macaroni. Fuck me coming onto you but of course you were at our arm my thoughts. I made this for you and then semi the clip of him singing. Oh that's how we opened Bruce Company yeah but like he's like he's like I feel bad I wrote. I sang a song for you. Here it is the text me. It's very nice. Well we've come back around to that. I've got a parody song. From the Steve's Aligarh Guy you know she says it's going to be hurtful hope. This doesn't this is pretty good. This isn't it gets progressively better your text to Mike. Zubi will be back. It's hope is this more roads. Uc be set to take care all is well with me. The voices want me to die. I sit in my car Known Cry Goaling Institution is Oh totally bipolar Donna disorders. I can't go on dealer Matt my which and I need to tell I said tests to reply back. Is Paul well with me? This boards it did not use E. P. said CARE. Paul is well with me is we play was very short. Even at they're com- gave me more soon. Bill career. You think he would care more. Don't know why he would use it for my mental anguish. This show Carter. Who wants case? She says it tends to be back with me this morning. Look you see. He said to his with me goodbye. That's a good one. That's funny Carlin. I would call you. Md WHAT'S NOT DOCTOR MD? But Mike the Caro I mean making completely you hear this spin putting this what I was doing. You can make it the bit that you might be able to you. I was saying I would say West talent. That will call you Mike. Tomorrow that you're the less talented hurts younger untalented brother Mike and Mike and Julie. Show Kara worse than anything I've ever said I did call me and say so. How does this affect me? I'm here he's thing. Should I leave inappropriate question to ask? Of course you. Should he stay because it would be funny? Afterwards I decided to Naito Jerry Karabelas to take my spot in line. I am making progress on that story by the way the artistic. Yes I heard some not. So subtle allusions to that Where's the second textile looking for? I heard you try to from the bus here and I stand by me. See here to do to to to all right very nice and this is only sent because my idiot girlfriend said the I was heartless so I said well why I believe a little. I didn't think he did either. Nothing I don't care I appreciate it but I understand that it's hard. What are you gonNa say that situation situation but then I said maybe maybe he needs this you know. Why don't you why? Why would you like at that point? I would ever want to speak to you. Like the word heartless. Hit me where I was like. Oh she said yes. That sounds pretty heartless and I said why don't want to think I was like well. Fuck you you said. We were negative. You said take or they said that I was like all right. Good Luck Luck. I gotTa tell you for all the crap. I've gotten a lot of people have said that to me this week. I kind of enjoy. It's nice. It's nice sentiment. I said the other day and your show you even those me. No it was a pleasant man. I know you'll hate this parentheses especially for me parentheses. But please let me. Let's to know if there's anything I can do and I just want to say how much eight talking I understand and appreciate everything you've done for me and I'm sorry if I ever made life more difficult. Take Care of sorry and an apology. Karen Nice message care and I went back to the old I said. Oh he'll enjoy my catch phrase. Be Wealth for old friend never fucking. That's right it never does. Why would you think in that situation that would be about you? Call me we're not we. It's weird impulse. We're an I know where you're coming from. Exports made his life more difficult. You lay them out. He's not lying. Why did main reason why checked in when I know? That doesn't have anything to do with the say on Mental Disorders. But I was just saying in any way if I've added stress in your life I say say you have them what it's an apology. Okay then what does that do for me apologize now? Just imagine if I if I kirk and I was like I'm really sorry. About that scrubbed audio. It does see miniscule in the big picture. I didn't spend not as bad as it. Sorry if I've added to the stress in your way more difficult in what way by being a fucking idiot okay was already an. Hey if I haven't been that I'm not sorry. Give a say I should quit because you can find me at anytime. You have that and I think he's getting more satisfaction at fire myself. Appreciate everything you've done for me. I'm done for you. You give me a job. What do you mean you've done a lot for me true? He's not just sorry. You've done a lot of detriment as well. Sorry truly sorry truly. Sorry I'm not joking about Fultz will take you to write that. Like do you think are did you toil Dover you did well yes what didn't make the cut. Just do it already. I said it would have been the only problem with just do already so the word is not in this. You'll enjoy this then. What I thought would have been funny. Steve I thought very nice appropriate reply if I then said Do we still get paid during this time. Rush now is not the time nobody would not. Okay I noticed. Is that true? I don't know I could my weeks wrong but no no no no. No no you get paid for. This aren't sure don't pay for it. I haven't checked No it's been no no. It was the wrong I looked fraud. You might have gambled it all away on Robin Hood. Friday was true. Friday was my money. Friday was a seventh okay. You don't even know and fucking pay. Day Is payday one. It's been it's been decades since you had to look and see what day was six seven eight nine ten is or Meson that texts I apologize I understand I just I just do that with any no. I understand your books coming out with her. And Twenty twenty one. I want me and have worked to get the Caro's I like it. A long producers seems to like me. I think it'd be a good. Oh she loathed. Oh I heard from people in that building if I hear people people in that building. The producer was listening. I I get confirmed affirm. I'll go up higher than that and call. Oh I understand is because she's a woman I assume so right. I made that clear like. Hey you may feel that way asshole. It's how I feel great. I think I hate to say because it's another one but I think the weekend show is worse than the nightly shift. Diet can be so. I'm in the mood to win them. Feed me actually had started folder for the car. You want Just a little bit of radio. Want her talking specifically about well. Not Like tangentially about you where she did that. That WE'RE CHIPPING UP TO BOSTON. I never heard this mike references. It's going to hurt because it sounds like a real right right right cross talk. Welcome back to the show. I'm Carol I don't know why we're shipping up to Boston because this is oh. I do know our plan shaping up to Boston just got knocked out. Jones is left the bill. I took a fuck you to the people in Boston listening. Oh no they're playing our saw our anthem. I guess they're using it against us so you'll have people who are listening to this show type. She's on every night well nights and weekends. Yeah but I don't know so. She wasn't on Friday night no and then Monday. Night Cheat Cheat. Bamboozles me I turn it on at a at ten fifty eight or whatever and her and some guy or wrapping up. Oh I fill in for somebody. That's what it seemed like. I'm not sure she would be like a person radio. She's dodging my tales. Jack-of-all-trades Jill of all trades or whatever. They of all trades hat of all trades. Whatever makes everybody happy. I'm on board. So of course Jeremy Roenick I feel so bad for him and his millions of dollars says this is so bad for him that you just realize now at this age that you can't say whatever you want without quences yeah just now So there's a whole bunch of guys upset about that saying do they really think more people will tune in because of an all female broadcast who cares. Another Guy's watches on mute and other guys that is it's sexist to want to only to not here. Women talk about sports because it's where I go to get away from women. It shouldn't be diversity of thought is also thing and it's fun fans or tax. This is the context for this. Is that there was. There's an NHL GAME. That did an all women's broadcast and then for International Woman's Day. Sure it was terrific and so Maggie and Julie are react like I can't think Doris Burke is boring joker now well so Maggie made the point is i. You know I don't like this because if they're good enough to do the broadcast today. Why aren't they good enough to do it? Every day in my answer was we'll look at the first one I love everyone was like Doris. Burke is his greatest ever. Mike just fine. She's adequate but like you. She the great she better than Jeff. Indiana now like. Oh but she's as good as every other fucked right but exactly. So why can't you just look it but instead it's it's fucking tiring. Yeah should be more women than outside games great. This is what he said. Is it sexist to say some? Don't want to hear women's voice while they're watching sports because they have to listen to their wife all day and that's their escape shouldn't be diversity of thought is the same as gender diversity aid. That's not true second of all. I wonder how many times this guy has thought. Oh I just need to hear some women right now been listening to dudes all day. I bet you never never. That's why it's sexism and not quote unquote gender diversity. But it's like it's one game out of the entire season. Who's really good? Who's getting that worked up about it? It's called torching. Strong teases us the wrong exempt. The example would be has a woman ever said. I need to get away from my husband because I've been listening to mental and that would be perfectly fine. Of course it wouldn't people with that. I mean the best person for the jobs a woman great. I don't know. Dc You know with the the problem is that you know the big step backward finish ESPN hired. Somebody was horrible as a woman to call baseball games. That was a disaster. The heard somebody who was good. Nobody would CA- weird affirmative action set the marginalized group of back. But there's also like you know there is a group of people who just tweet and say those things so people Julie dicara will react to them. Well so Julia least has a few laughs when she's alone like fool around with a producer. O- Maggie is. There is not a boy. It sounds like an angry. I mean angry. Women are not virus masks for laughter. Seems like she's got that one hobby horse that she gets back to every single show. Which is that. The men online are being mean to her. It is gonNA write a book about it. She's going to do an ESPN show about it. And she's going to do the radio show about making progress in that fight. Julian mega twice and that has been the subject both times the whole time. At least the time I listened to it having to be international manner. Call it like. That's fine. There are plenty of men who can handle it just fine. But it's just man these these. What you need to do is actually shutdown. These men you guys need to to to start using your voices instead of saying like Y. Oh we well. I would never do that. Fine then you go after. These idiots bore me messages privately. Saying how can guys think like that? Call that guy out. Yeah can you think like that guy was the guy just doesn't like women calling sports games not that you should pandered? Here's I mean I I don't I don't agree with them. But Guess Shit. Not that you should penalty audience but you do you think this podcast is mostly women. We've really aren't women a fucking worst to get away from the broad assumed listeners. That station or mostly men. Men Are fucking terrible. Also there's no there's nothing to it. It's just like all right. We got it one ear buddy says in the car yelling things out the window to women if you don't smack him and say don't do that give him a smack. What if it's wherever? You're the car of the woman. The woman screams. This is an incredibly realistic scenario. Driving around my boys the news like hey woman you want you broadcasting games. Hey we're those tits broadcaster in there. You're not actually an ally seventy eight and got number wants to know if there is an international men's Day and if not why not yes every single day of the year one that's November nineteenth and the whole point of it to put a spotlight on things like like some of the issues mental health issues deal with so this is Julius? That's that's Maggie. Lose laugh but they're highlighting that men sometimes face mental health issues at this proportionate rate from other members of sites who cares about that. Serve THOSE ISSUES. That's a entercom station right Once in a while read the texture like six thousand seven Texter. Says it's like okay. I mean come on obviously. Oh she's the other day I was in the car with my bros. Be pulled up to it and they were just fucking scrubs like the OJ. Hit each one of them points. Now's guys come on. Notice your knuckles a little for November. Nineteen th okay. So He's not a day. Just pick hammered. They're pretty good though Julie Maggie when they get off the you know the international idea that the fucking hockey being called by women who even care. There's a big story. Jesus took him off. Yeah you're you're struggling a little bit with the keynote fast. My eyesight has gone downhill. Since I got glasses I I've noticed I've been getting more headaches lately and I keep getting the text message from my for my doctor. That's like you should probably come in for a new a new thing and I don't want to well when I got glasses the first time like two years ago. The doctor was like all right. You're going to get worse fast. But I didn't really believe him and Napa Melissa. It's really good it gets better and I know these shows were. We wanted to talk about with mascots Chris while the Green Monster. What are your thoughts? Yes yes yes. Yes yes so. I was at the Big East Women's tournament at wintrust yesterday and Providence. Played Depaul improvident mascot. You guys is that frozen and face fryer and I'd like to remind you all that I went out I. Yeah Jewish. Going tweet out. I went to Fenwick highschool so I was a fryer so like I'm not bothered by the priests person that that his face is frozen in. It's not like a happy face. It's more like an aghast base. Looks like angry? She can shop doing here and I had to keep an eye on it all times yesterday because I was afraid you say one thing one thing to them if I recall Ruth Bader Ginsburg's queen so well thank you I just want. I just wanted it for the call. I just want that to be enough to yell. Finally Colorado to scold. She's great and if you're going to mask wasn't face why is his mouth open right. Oh I don't like you know what that's not as bad though. Is the plastic faces like hard plastic faces like on the king baby right. I can't handle that at least faces. Soft eight you know what it looks more soft. There are more or less than there are more laughs in that. Espn say what they did to vacuum. Christ I love bad radio shows. They're like you know guys it's a segment we're GONNA really go off the rails hang on. We'll get back. We'll get back to it. We'll get back to the cubs but we're we get things off our chest. How do we suck the enjoyment out of it all right on this Sunday? How do we make everyone completely ms? My Mascot does not scare me. Because it's just a regular human with like a costume. Little tiny dude. Yeah it I don't I don't WANNA spoil. I don't WanNa ruin this your magazine. Mascot doesn't scare me because it's just a regular human with like a philly fanatic. I mean why isn't there? Been more research into what this beast actually is. I I remember like people were. I remember one time going to a farm when I was a kid in. There was another chicken there who was just like the San Diego Chicken and and nobody even mentioned it. Nobody ever talked like chicken is joking around. He's telling jokes he's slightly sliding around. How did they? He's mimic the appears. Shit. These are giant creatures. Just walking among us by it does a bug. I have to say what she said. There I'm going to say Americans in this country decided. They are not comfortable with that. Mascot. I'm totally fine with a going away to any dot going away and we can just be tigers and wildcats and links and whatever else to that so yeah. It was a human those mega thing or no. Maggie is afraid of it. I think it's all Maggie. I can't tell the difference consider accenture voices. Sound the same dusting human being both terrific first of all. They're both terrific talents. Yes that's most important to give me a mascot Steve. I for one. Don't think that they should not change the redskins at all. I think it's a feeling and suspicion to go that way. You know what I agree with you. Well it's nothing wrong. It's used to it. Doesn't he? Doesn't scare me because it's just a guy what I'm afraid of his the Los Angeles Kings Mascot happen if these you know green monster such a breed and start a whole family of green monsters. They're gonNA take over the world I'll come on to. I don't think the Lord Jeff should have been gone should have been got rid of you know Lord Jeffs the Mascot for Amherst the guy who gave blankets covering smallpox native Americans may home about germ theory true. We oughta laugh at Mister met but his head is gravely over. Doesn't make sense and it's discolor. The man should be checked out if parents where where's this? Where does he live? What does he do all he does he do all that's an Orange Man Syracuse? Fuck is that you can't say anymore because we have an orange man of the White House right out the orange the orange that race. That's rife so yes. That was offensive. Not that Bernie. Fine was the assistant coach. Raping kids for thirty plus the to the mascot was you know had a man right man. Poor Maggie is concerned about this. Now Julie Guy Choice like system Irish but it's it's your progress the guy in a costume as opposed to all the Irish people like the fight. What's easiest isn't that I mean isn't the fighting. Irishmen is not a problem. Isn't it based in stereotypes? Of course of course you missed the the beginning of the sentence was. I have no problem with the fighting Irish Mascot. Because it's just a guy costume but if they want to get rid of it I understand. We shouldn't have human mascots. I believe was the the FUQUA principled stand. We shouldn't have human mascots because they're creepy. Look what robots we know. She says she wants tigers. Live Tigers around portrait. Animals that fucking Georgia bulldogs find a new one out of years. Break the news to Maggie. I'm just GonNa say it Mike here. This is a chance chance of human beings out of the sky. I could be wrong now. I could be wrong. I could be wrong but God knows the one thing. We don't need International Women's Day. Is Mike Milbury go? No no or pure McGuire. Yeah no no no. If we're seven says can you talk about sports? Not broads in sports NOT TODAY NOT TODAY BE. That's still sports. See now so I was on the list for the guy was being a bit of a pig on the text line and she was right to come back at them and boy was put his. I'll tell you what that was a great case for getting more inclusion for women into the to the world of Sports Talk. So here's one that jumped out at me. I thought this God knows the one thing. We don't need an international women's Day is Mike Milbury. Oh no no or Pierre McGuire. Yeah no no no. We're seven Texter says. Can you talk about sports? Not broads in sports not today not today. That still sports see now talk. I can handle it for a few minutes. I mean she's advanced women's moving by decade now. We all understand Rosa parks. Ironically take a seat you've been you've been passed. Your Rosa Parks has been Mike. What's that she'd been knocked up? Oh I hate to say it can. God knows that's not bitten by by Magyar Julie. Ann Own sexist. I think that was the list what was as A. It's still sport. No that was. I'm sorry hey is no is no a is not really back to the tape so then we got. God knows the one thing. We don't need International Women's Day. Is Mike Milbury? Oh no no or Pierre McGuire. Yeah no no no it. We're seven Texter says. Can you talk about sports? Not broads in sports not today. Not Today be that still sports. See now have here from Julie very very successful career hosting weekends and stuff and she has a big book. I would say to Maggie there. So let's say let's see what see like I mean right. I mean stop. I have to say also. I can't handle hearing a woman. Talk Sports. We I really can't take it's fine about sports if you WANNA talk about less of their. Believe me if you've ever listened to me I've criticized many shitty men talking sports. You guys happen to be Shitty at talking sports and your women so I'm training. Equally is a great man. Once said congratulations. I hope that clip. I just heard he's never panel. Grab my money. Shin's is that what was it. I just heard a jewelry that I may get used. Oh no no no no no. I don't want you saw I find him Micah. Oh my goodness I fair. There's one thing we kind of missed so Julia had good line but a relevant line where she said people don't need Mike Milbury because Mike bilberries is awful pig as we know right and maybe says or Pierre McGuire what I was gonNA say maybe there. Isn't Pierre McGuire thing? I just don't know about possible. Said Pierre McGuire says something sexist thrown under the bus by a very nice guy. I don't know he's he. You Know Mike. Milbury IS FUCKING DOPE. Sounded to me like they were saying. Oh these guys are just bores rep and I thought that was yeah. I think Mary is seen as I don't even know if Melbourne particularly sexist. You probably has Yes I mean. He gets a suspended did he. I'm sure he has links in. Not having sex. Basically Raping Maggie knows what that was Marjorie English Margareta. The big laugh at Ted Cruz. Yes he did. They all did really well. That's why cruises. Now I love that I mean again. Take a role on the show. Wouldn't you say why money off to the group? They're all laughing. Corona virus like that means kids. My Dad might get it or Dad John F. Kennedy but still krona right. I mean other people in his life maze or something may get it or other. You know his wife. You know who I know. Donald Trump's not a big fan of the again. Flip it you know. Let's just say that Whoever went in there and said Who's a Congressman Presley? Yeah actually announced that. Do you think that Margaret would be like you know? It's just unbelievable. Finding imagine imagine if we were laughing that day O. C. was diagnosed and not for something. Well Marsh we have a list of those things his Hayes and not know. Thank you used and Cesar. There's no I don't need a Wedgie. I find the context of that one always talking under comfortable underwear. That fits talk Jerry Tonelli Jim. Let's he's always been a nice guy in connection. I know Mike doesn't like courtney foul and she also reached out. You know they might succeed. Phones out is enact to not get attached. Kinda my whole thing which I don't think that's the wrong instinct. It all seems a little phone. Well I don't know I'm sure I'm sure she's ice sauce this weekend or no us. One of our favorite people Made a made his debut on extra sauce. Mr Brian Skela Breen. Mr Brian Calabrese has his own sauce. GotTa be doing it for us. I stand by that for extra sauce with Hill. Courtney valid. Now here's Greg in Courtney Courtney what's up doing. We've got a pretty good show today. We have a really really good show today. So obviously they fix the mics and Greg. Greg was very immediately being like according to show me. Your mics. Better Gordon speak got seek. Great Boldness. Didn't work I think that'd be a traffic. Show up scall- this week guys. Brian's Calabrese has a sausage reselling. He's selling a pasta sauce. That's called Mamba Sauce. Big scowls walking head. It'd be honest. I think that it's terror in the media that he's doing he's got. I got one of these dope literally like almost like a looking like an NBA brand style jersey. That he's giving out just giving out to people that's giving meet and greets and we had a really feel. He's giving out to people who then he goes on their show promotes the sauce. I Don I don't WanNa see for scalise. He's handing out shirts to people just made no. He's a real joy when you see him out at events because Dick's I've ever seen in my life trying to do something when I was an intern like a pop show contest and we were telling them we're filming fuck you. I was like well. We can make this. It would be interesting if you went against facing. Now before we get to scowl and Wick Groesbeck. We HAVE TO DO MARY. Kiss Kill Guatemala. Guacamole SALSA case. Oh God they made a G. Rated Mary Kiss. Kill Mary against a F- Well Oh they're gonNA they're gonNA push the limits. Oh so great. Deals on the fucking sauce fused. Play a game because we haven't really played any Gimmicky Games. Yeah all right. We're GONNA DO KISS KILL SALSA guacamole. Caso you're right. That's almost impossible. It's probably obvious that I would. I'm going to start with the F. So what what is off curriculum is going to do. Obviously heard besides you guys have been listening to me for years. You guys know sauce fucking predilections. But I'm hard as a rock ramp it up to the M. F. K. Yeah it would for me. It would be it would be the case. Oh I mean for me it would be. It would be the case all you. Would you leap? The case is going on. Kiss out the window idea pretty quickly here you fucking Caso straight FUCK SALSA ANAL. I'll walk the shit out of this scene that I am. I'll go down like you wouldn't believe what. I'll be double teamed by steak sauce creative question I would. I think I would probably Mary the GUAC I think and by the way GUAC halfway done table side like I love when Guac is fundamental to the Jalapenos and do launch. I don't like things that are too spicy. I wish you could see his dinosaur hands. That's GONNA have to kill the salsa heartburn. I mean do I need to pick? According tomorrow bring her up to for the for the day so he can examine her function with the wacky sidekick. Oh okay she got energy for that. What about you? I will marry the Salta because they will marry the salsa salsa literally just said you would fuck cheese. Mary Salt What are you doing? What are you putting the situation for with the fucking doing? We can get our kickbacks. We'll do our thing with Groesbeck in Scou- with the Fuck Outta here like what? What are we doing here but this is why I think like so I got nick. Costa's little Alex Jones in on the joke because they'll go back on social media and like you can tell he kinda gets it and he might be a funny guy behind the scenes that I don't think he's on the job. She certainly is not now. No I shouldn't be nice person. Speaking of could cost us he. He reached out on that Saturday to me with a very nice message Yeah Good Luck. Yes great yeah more heartfelt and look what a long strange wrote. It's great thanks really seems like a very nice guy. You Bet has made some of the best chunky authentic salsa with like the chop peppers and onions. I mean this recipe literally has hold on. Hold on just keep mine. Everyone out there listening. This is all you'll get if I I had to retire. This is this is it. This isn't this one radio. Sounds like we make fun of it. Every radio station in America. Sounds like this every single? Not This fucking Mrs Insane but this this boring in this dry in the safe what the fuck happened to visit what happened or you can call me. I don't know what he's going to be back next week. I could be months happened. When did it all change or maybe it was always like this. The money left radio advertising so they can't afford to actually hire interesting talented people creek. He's been doing for thirty years. That is the answer. Wake podcast anyone. There's a drawback and a benefit. Anyone can do it. It's that everyone we've learned over the last week. Some people can do it. Some can't sure sure. Yeah but also you get you know I mean you were in radio but guys like the Barstool guys who have that can also just do it and exposes people who've been in radio for thirty years. Here's the thing that's out there. But here's the thing. There's crazies a sound. Would you be shocked if you saw on these barstool of shows tweeden segment where they fought about guacamole? Nobody think it'd be funny. That's what I mean but that right the content of it while I would still be like would still be better and by the way I could see us having a discussion. Maybe not about some food thing but we do it for a minute and then we make fun of each other and we get the fuck out or it would devolve and do an hour and a half but it would be based rice. We said we were some big. Steve's BNB right what do you mean something like turn into then it turned into a fucking trip to Waka essentially the dogs right red snappers and let me say it's funny. You mentioned that because The first time I checked in on social media One of the first tweets I saw was the guy who tweeted out which I am going to say. Remains my favorite moment. History of the show is the guy who called mushroom. Johnson was that not from Providence. No it was. It was different. We thought it was for some reason laugh. It's it's a different yeah okay. Math problems is great. This is a different guy This guy called Muster Johnson remember the caller and Marc Moreau. So talking funniest thing of all time I was laughing listening to it the other day because the absurdities they they bring them back after a break kept him on the line he was about to hang up and they're gonNA stay in. This guy said he could play. If you want Steve. I guess but this Guy Yeah so I think it was Mike from Providence. Okay rose can. You're next on sports radio. Wer He might hear. What's going on guys it's going on with you. I WanNa talk about a little bit but I can. I get a quick plug in actually up in Maine and for charity event. You guys have a lot of what's his name and you have a big event this weekend. Your Mock Miro so memorial hot back there probably somebody who listeners right now to this who are like Rose Miro so the fuck right. That's true. So Morrow produced by show for a while at the old place you say you ran into two weeks ago. I saw him as he doing. Right seemed right. It was his wife. Nice muted volunteer at the shelter. Talked to him her very brief because he hasn't business her best for everyone so he produced a horrible producer. Nice guy and then the hot dogging US Steve Lie the original Steve. Live by this bucking horse. Shit this is. This is where the Kirk propped up narrative that I've been lying started right. You couldn't even beat Patrick from below. I never said I'd be Harlan. Akerson for the second. Yes they're big affirmed by anybody except for Harlan. Who was reached out to every single eye-witnesses Harley said that you participated in the event yes and when I ask you what year was Gabe decade to seminal moments. A six out in life. You don't remember right it right so fine so this guy decides to call right after that mustard Johnson and say that Mark Mersa died in the only way to celebrate. His life is for a bunch of men to shove hotdogs. Gus emceed by well that that's right where did you go? He's already card mustard relish ketchup. And Man Hake sure you've got plenty of mustered up there mike from Amazon hotdog absolutely right serious event and dice clay. Hopefully hopefully he will keep it clean but run of the B Word. Actually absolute why. It's my favorite moment. I think I should say my favorite my favorite gets everything for me. It gets old out of touch dumb radio people. It gets total absurdity. It gets our show. This guy is saying there's a there's a we cover this when we did it was in Framingham. We do the problem it was here. It was like the first day. Oh it's yeah so this guy saying that'd be like me saying calling a station it'd be like listen. I just want big charity. That's going on this weekend in Kansas. Just show up in Maine. This who haven't even got just in Maine. Okay yeah no problem. Go ahead way who I never liked as a comedian. I really like his work as an actor. He's got everything lunatic. By the way one of the things I mentioned before I think I almost sure the mark Barrosa produced a show several times this. There's no definitely no like there's no way that met them. Yeah I would have said. Wait a minute mark. I know that he died but also I mean it's not selling out Madison Square Garden Anymore. But of course phone on such hard times that he's emceeing. Oh Gentleman lineup those dogs in your mouth. Yeah never know is the same guy from the ninth grade point. I'd like wait a minute. He was the star is he's cells. Plays like the Wilbur. He's famous like he's M swimming. Emceeing roasting like what a hotdog eating contest. The guys is pushing the guy's family around like the morose watching these men which is the way he lived Mr Dice. Clay could you say if you words about friends so mark is is what he wanted to every year? Just for men to do this survey through take the whole thing. She hosted event. I guess he was a friend of Mark Twain. That he's GonNa wait a minute. So what do you do? You go up to Maine and sign up because that is simple as that. That's my favorite drive across the bridge. The State troopers are they're taking admission. Welcome to Maine sign. I will just sit here and wait for the sign. Here's the here's the here's the Ez Pass Lane the cashless society right here. Okay good you can come on cheer on the contestants and Misma- base have raffles that you know in On the contents of the big favourite series is Holland. Wins it every year this? I'm hoping that I can finally rules. Yeah one year. She finished second told all my friends. I'm hoping who actually beat him this year. So that's the plan. How do you actually prepare for this particular credible? Remove things take time? It's unbelievable well because you're GONNA get sick so basically you pay. Well that's your that's really we don't we don't have. We don't have What his Co. has this? What does that? What's that guy's name was that what is he? He is like seventy or something like that on July fourth. What the fuck is somebody in the car thinking at this other show so bad that the way probably a top twenty moment number one tough for them. And that's an unbelievable convergence of everything. I like the guy in the car is thinking what I'm saying. Is this guy. Listens to Kirkman podcast. Listening in May Mike. Oh Shit I also like the idea that Andrew Dice Clay. I gotta get over there. There's a meal for people going or anything special. It's like you can go up and cheer on the couple of Raffles. I'd really hope that Moore also listening that day. This guy was good. If you if Craig can you tell me where exactly it is that they have another with said Dextra? Thinker probably won't have to imagine I would think at that is it was all centered around Stephen Kobe. Kobe was Tovia not another name. They should know Mike in Providence. Came back for with another prank call after that. I think one of the greatest with that. That's a great way to retire. That's an incredible call. Put it this way. If he kept making calls we wouldn't be talking about enough. Do you think it's weird speaking of colony? You think it's weird. It's very nice but he sent me a nice text. Initially couple days later it was like hey. They won't accept gift certificates for the indoor driving range so just swing over their land. Though you're there it's taken care of what no come on. That's way more psychotic. No no I know what happened here. He meant to text Jerry that right. I don't know where that is. Let me see here Already right now. Do you know what it's about or know what's about this text because it might have been. That could be it. It was a mistake. Maybe thinking of you. You can see the impact you have sharing all this. He got the thanks. I appreciate it back. You've got the copy and paste. We made the choice in Lima. Sandy took less. People Appear Dr Golf in. Woburn won't let me buy Gift Card for you. Open you whenever if you ever wanted these next few weeks. Hope you're doing okay. Oh no so. That actually was was. He was getting you a gift. Yeah that's nice another little gifty therapies psychotic. Though the way you would phrase it how they phrase it differently than I thought I thought he was saying like. If you WANNA swing by there just mentioned my name might mention that he was getting you a gift my own gift where you're though. I don't mean it's very nice very weird but it's less psychotic than okay. It's very nice strange right. My initial reaction was that the guy calling in works for was getting paid in pure drive. Gift certificates may be true. Some ad thing that you were working out with him L. A. Yeah I don't I don't know but yes so I was like oh sweet home depot. No but again. You get to know your audience therapy. Can you picture your gopher ammos? The Love Golf. Can YOU PICTURE? Kirkman eoghan walking the pure drive golf me like hey no. Can I talk to somebody about the free thing that they've calling like I would just fucking pay for? It was also brisk seventy degrees out today so it was twenty two just feels weird like no no. No No no pay book puts call Dave Kirk Minahan. It's a nice. What are you by the mandate has ever sweatshirt hurt Minihan show? It would just be bizarre. No but I don't want any free like I'm it's not for my yet but it's a nice thought he wanted to get. It is a nice thought I can support. I agree I liked him. I thought he was takes you valley ads or something. That's crazy. Oh he he's. He's definitely crazy but yes. I think you guys WanNa get to the stat health story. We gotta get. Let's slate now though it's going to it's confusing it's not. It's not that confusing. It'll keep for Monday. No no go ahead. I'm just saying I thought that I should have started with that. You should have thought you were going so I asked him. Oh Oh do the globe store. I'M GONNA take it from there. I'm sorry blame out. Badges thinks it is a little confusing like in a way. Okay so the former editor of politico which is debased political magazine started this imprint news stat news all healthcare news in its behind a paywall option based actually good quality healthcare news. Here's what's coming up in Pharma. New Company testing a diabetes drug. Rick Burke is the The editor okay. So what's the problem? Corona virus outbreak happens and Rick Burke tweets out we would like to put some of our corona reporting in front of the paywall. And if you contribute if people donate will make this information available to the broader public great tweets out a few days later. Why would they be donate for that too? Because they want the public to be generally have good information. If I want to know who already subscribe to pay people can get it for free. The more people who have good access to corona virus facts the less likely it is to become a pandemic handed out so he tweets out again overwhelmed by all the support. Thank you for all these donations Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. So the you think okay. So Stat is a nonprofit. That does this kind of journalism or small varying rinky dink operations. They were not profit because they are subscription service. You could have a nonprofit subscription service. I mean you could program revenue supposed. I don't think you would think it's this little rinky-dink Operation Operation Nations. In order to live in fact it is owned by one. Mr John Henry mean. It is part of the Boston Globe and John. Henry's lovely wife is a managing director. So what they're essentially saying is we will give the public for free access to reports about the corona virus if you give John Henry. Donation is unbelievable dern. Make no money with the globe but donate for this cause and it's kind of branded separately so unless you're looking to find that it's a part of the Boston Globe. It's really not that easy to find so biscuit John Henry is saying. Give me your money trying to tell you about the carnivorous. Yes yes and and John Henry. Who by the way do you think he goes to public hospitals or do you think he has his own respirator? Concierge doctor and never he's never going to interact with public for the next few months. Say that he's a fresh face kid looking to make a few dollars global no one. Of course it's just amazing. These taking donations from people. And this is that these suckers are actually giving him. That's happening know. How much do you really got? I mean it's fog. I mean if you've got if you've got a grant it's too much. I agree when commander people in that world that would donate and I guess it's a good little liberals in Cambridge. Were saying the right thing. There's so many right wingers spreading misinformation about this. We need to get the good people at stat news out there providing the public with this CD. Rom Isn't always trying to get in the way of capitalism just to make a buck on capitalism guys making a little bit of money. This is in capitals. Mrs Populism fake populism. Because he's saying you know. Oh we're needy. We need donations so that we can share this with the public as you say that. Oh I look at this. Look at his tweets. He says he says the first one. Is You know where we're going to put our krona reporting in front of the paywall and we need donations to support us now. That is quite. He's like he's GonNa lose subscribers just because he puts a little emergency information in front of twenty two thousand eighteen. Rick Burke Thrill of the Amazing Linda. Henry's officially joined our masthead rush. You went by that name. Having kids unlawfully and do is weird. Seeing the two next to each other really strange we get a butterfly. That's the kind of Guy John Henry is. Of course he's an asshole. He's a phony he's GonNa make the money off the corona virus which by the way the globe is. I think it's going to cost them more money than it's GonNa make him. Well yes but he doesn't. Why what do you mean? Do you think the red sox games are going to go on you? You think they're gonNA BE SELLING TICKETS TO RED SOX game question tickets but the Red Sox game you get corona virus. I get no sympathy for I. Don't I don't I don't think Charlie Baker's going to allow them to have red sox games they might play them but there's not gonna be. How are they going to do that? They will not be allowed into the stadium stat. News is made it very clear for of US. But you do you wash your hands you cough into your shirt. Imagine how boring of Baseball Games to watch with. No crowd noise. I'll be silent. Worrying is watching the game here crowd and as you get excited no but it adds. It's not actually I actually. I actually be interesting everything. Everyone's gives me watch once. What's yeah yeah like? I think it'd be interesting to watch. Yeah like we'll the announcers there were they doing from a essentially the announcers after be there may be right yeah. I don't think they can have some ometer out at fenway test. Everybody gets the players. Can't high five anymore like God elbows. Jesus Christ just being. We don't do high-fives after the show. Noga still do that. It is it is a typical scub- just imagine a billionaire holding his hand out and taken. Don't John Henry. Are you embarrassed about this? No tell you what you have. A twitter account tweeted that you own this and that you're accepting donations for it. Then yeah maybe we'll get a few more than your same with you. Linda Henry let you do the same thing. Have all the globe's two important what I would say. Stand up trump in his misinformation and donate to stat news. F- Shirley get a twitter back up and running in Cullen and the rest of them that's true. Yeah there's so fucking slimy. Jesus slimy anything else you have. Mike I mean I am in the top sixty four. Mike's in America. I saw that I mean I appreciate you taking on why defeated Mike was Housekeeper Monsters Inc to get into the tournament. Play Matchup yes okay. You don't know how that works. I haven't seen a voting process. By who do you have the first round? Michael's arts and crafts store. Who could be a tough one if I win? If I do make it out as a Cinderella story I have to take on. I believe Depending upon the results Michael Corleone ooh a couple of occurs. I was just thinking when it was Michael's I was like. Oh I do that. One over Michalski microloans tough. Thank you I just WanNa make it out of the first round. That sounds like a terrible radio bit. We do that once. We made the bobby bones for doing and they go. Yeah they did they did. They drafted the brackets. A problem if you spend a lot of ceiling you said earlier if you spend a lot of series time getting angry and passionate about a strange. It's a fun thing. I don't have an issue with that being said I think you do need to become angry and passionate about this. Yes this I don't think it would go running it. I Think Katy. Okay which I'm surprised. He doesn't know me at all. Some surprised made the cut. But that's true. Maybe they may be somebody who spit ball and they helped you out. Maybe Steve suggested I go to Michael's maybe cause a stir. I'm very unnatural those settings. I don't think I'm good at that. Well give it a try. Just thrown out content ideas. Yes maybe I personally. Let's leave. Mental. Illness is the better idea for right really a better idea. Yes so so pitch pitch that I heard this at the beginning was run by all the books. He's never read. There's no question Harto asshole with all those books behind these never read one. Would you rather would you rather have me and my partner or my living room and all the background is just a Kurt. I figured take your Parlor Parlour. What are you? What Room is that for us? As my my smoking room library whatever you call it all those dumb science fiction books is equipped. Isaac Asimov as that your right. Yeah I love him the Guy. He's deceased though he is. Yes so explain to me. Licking mental health. Okay it's called. Let's lick mental health. I'm sorry let's Look Mental Health. Okay so we establish a fund would go ahead and have have tears and when we reach a certain pitch when we reach a certain amount. It ignites a challenge. So if I don't donate fifty dollars happens my Kesse Lick I don't know maybe you your you're pop filter on your mortgage loan. I don't think that would happen. But okay all right. Maybe like the handle fifty dollars. I mean that's what I'm saying. Starting low he's like a pencil or something like that but as the as the as the donor donation amounts accumulate and get bigger. He looks risky things. So million dollars. It'd be what a million dollars we sent him to Seattle right and he goes to I Dunno wherever the corona virus hot spots are and maybe a million dollars to one thousand dollars. I'm saying twenty five thousand dollars. I think he's I think he's on an MBA train. He's not okay. Yeah fifty grand we send them to new Rochelle Right. He goes to maybe the school where that outbreak just happened. Licks something there. Listen Dornald schools will be okay with that. Well I mean. Are we going to let them get in the way mental illness? Who's GONNA pay for this? Yeah do people who a charitable cause. She has something. It's knocking off the ground now. I don't think so the floors. I'm GonNa let you do it but I'm just saying it seems like it's GonNa be tough to get off the ground. I'm just I'm just throwing ideas out for my donates to see me do that Shit. I Guess Mike Mike is that he wants a little bit of hand holding on saying we'll go lick mental illness. Okay words okay So that T shirt coming out. Yes t shirts will be live today once. This podcast comes out and we are doing it in partnership with the Jed Foundation. Jed Foundation Jet Foundation They've got a. I think they're a very good organization. And you know I research like there. I guess the you know the amount they spent an overhead blah blah blah. They're good charitable organization and they focus primarily on a youth mental health right and they have a message. I think that is in line with what you said on Monday. Show that you need to talk about it. They encourage Especially young people to talk about the struggles that they're having And they operate a hotline and everything so it seems like a very good organization it's and and they unlike some other organizations they immediately said yes. Call these this other organization out and criticize them. That's the national The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Alliance on mental. Yes now that makes me want my money back. I've donated ten in the past as well so I've done actually did a walk with Kate. There a couple of years ago so To them I would say fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you. They were like Oh. We're going to do something because barstools. Sexist is that right Holson. I'll pull up the exact email and on. It's probably lots donated a grant from the trip. Oh you did yeah. It seemed like a reputable respectable place. So Nice you're God damn right Mike Damn right eight. That's terrible bi- that's awful and see no as I say. There's no yeah. Just no she said is the t shirt because the entire thing is designed around the t shirts order. Showing is the t shirt. Like the pardon. Me But sexist stuff on the Barstool sports. Okay now when I would say You know go piss into the wind and the hitter face. 'cause you suck fucked up. I mean really what? The fuck and the minivans should be outraged about that now is other things going to be raised about. I respect them but they should be. That's Mike's Right. That's that's their money. Housing Bucks might get a little bit at eight hundred bucks. I mean that's just fucking absurd. Sex's shirt yeah it's GONNA be a sexist mental health shirt. What does the shirts you'll have to see? This can be announced this afternoon. Yes I don't even own even the reactions that Fuck you you'll never get publicity your life. What the fuck. Mike's Right that I've raised on. What the foods even worse too because the woman that I talked with said. I'm listening to yesterday's podcast. So she was listening to Monday's episode. Right and her thought was is going to be sexist. Not The you know. This is powerful. This is something. This is an ally here it was. They're going to be boobs on the shirt. Can I get that money back? Kyw revoke we should ask. We should seriously ask them in. The face should be outraged about this at his up. Fuck it's insulting. It's only to me insulting. You guys southern the Barstool. What the fuck. I don't even when my missing by missing something. I don't think you know. I think it's one of those things where she goes. You know she google's Barstool probably not familiar with the organization Sees the you know the first thing she sees? Maybe she doesn't like I don't know if you click barstool store the first thing. That pops up is Zillion Beers. So what that sexist no and I think she is aware of it and so you probably talk to somebody and so you know in by she. We got a big. A lot of money made a lot of a lot of progress. Yeah I'm sure it would help people but I think the Jed Foundation conversations I have with them they're going to be They're going to be great learning grateful. Good Jed Foundation about them Belva now conserved at least have are just fucking like who they are that organization. The first reaction is to try and denigrate. Somebody like what the fuck you know what I mean. Yeah I don't understand it. I looked like I tried looking. I should've called and said. Do you support bars sports? But it seemed like they do with their money. Am I never again money? Invest it in ever again. Money was shame these people never again my investment. All Right Steven nuff. It was a fucking joke in the first place. It wasn't that serious about it jeeze. That's annoying but the Jed Foundation. Ged Yes now nation. Good those are people now they are people yes in the money will go to them. Yes all the all the prophets share away to them you BETTA will you guide them right sure it will We'll go to me only fair. Well Eighty five mental illness. It's fascinating you know that's good. We'll we'll promote that shirt. Oh Komo today yes good. That's good my main Corey Feldman's shared on his well friend of mine fighting the good fight. No what is this? I actually was interested. What does he do. I thought I think he was just crazy. I think what we discussed ties in the core film is. I think there is yes I feel. I have great sympathy for Corey Film. I really thought a skimmer. He's a child star. Whose fucked up. He did just fucked up but even when he goes on pro on Wendy Williams. He said if you've seen him he looks the guys get out of it. I feel bad for. We got issue but he like Corey Haim was raped and I was emotionally raped. One thing is just trying to keep himself in the story and then the the teachers were like. Yeah we've heard these you. He said those names although the guy from and also got involved you go shit. Looks like he's trying to make himself. Charlie Sheen no Michael Jackson Billy. Who Music. Yeah Oh. He was obsessed. Michael Jackson obsessed. They're they're like of course which is perfectly normal. Best friends when Corrie felons eight but of course almost always Michael Jackson's never dining never did anything to him. He says that but then he says I think it was the trailer of the documentary. Where he's someone says. Did Michael Jackson ever do anything inappropriate with you? And he said if you consider showing a thirteen year old boy naked images and then yes. He's done appropriate thing so not nothing. Something that's inappropriate. I mean there's nothing but yes that's a that's a little strange but there were rumors so he for years like Corey. Feldman has been saying that a famous one of the most famous people in the world molested him. Yeah WHO WORKS AT COURT? Ham Not Ham though in the nearest. Paseo said him like he's always told Qazi always said Corey. How know him? I think as well. And so everyone always speculated for years so it was always great. You know because who is he worked with. Who was that? Who is this so she. Charlie Sheen was with Corey Haim in the movie Lucas. A lot of people in its toll speculation like thought my Spielberg who directed. Dupree reproduce the goonies which you know is one of those urban legends like Mister Rogers. In this you know green beret or something fucking fucking stupid but I mean you know. Thelma's fucked up sure you know. You just fucking. It was fucked up to the point. Where like maybe got something going on about it in a weird way but this just seemed like a pure scam this strange. Yeah it's weird. I don't know but yeah. I don't mean the documentary. I've read about the showing. It was a disaster. I guess Bookham screening and work. Yes sound was all fucked which. I don't believe either right now. He's just delaying it until he had because people didn't leave so he had to show it. Eventually we pay to get in here with a great youtube clip. A couple of weeks ago about this though and it was he was being essentially Matt. Lauer is being told Dick to him. Yeah which is kind of a bizarre now the watch he does that too. He goes He'll do like. Oh Lord being victim. Yeah okay 'cause Corey Feldman will go. He'll do like Jim. Norton show once all hear him. And he's very like confrontational right. Away is he's always. It's always been his way like come on with us. Right Steve Feldman yeah come on. Yeah I talked to him. He seems like you know he's an interesting life. God knows sure US mind. He's also one of those weird. What re listening to interview with Kurt? Russell people don't remember it was was a child actor in somebody asked him. I forget it was damn. It may was Maranello. You know why we them. How did how come? How come the work though for you? He's like some kids. Just don't age willows. Actress and fellow was a great kid. Child actor rate US awesome in the goonies. Stand by me. He was unbelievable but as an adult. He just bizarre for every jodie foster Kurt Russell Iran Howard. There's what two hundred that fail of clouds in the fan. You know and get ready if you do want to have him on because he tends to be not every single time. I've heard him boop. He's usually one of those guys like you to play my song. You have to talk about sold okay. I'm just making sure you know that all the time. Yeah I'm believe me. I'm of the Corey Feldman Generation. Yeah I'm billing Corey Feldman reviews for thirty years and he's music is great is good artist speaking of guests. Oh looking increasingly unlikely. That already Lang is coming back. I look I don't WanNa get into this. You know. I hate the speculation stuff but I'm concerned pretending to his friend. Somebody likes the guy and he was always been nice to us. He's always been very nice to me. It's I get conservancies Keno. People do with me. You know I see that you know. I've I certainly said. Hey the wilburs. Cancel them onto an eminent suddenly. Do shows for three weeks. I think people really concerned very concerned so with Artie. I'm concerned I mean yeah to stop doing his podcast with no announcement which he knew was going to happen and every every Tornados been canceled. And it's always last minute and a couple of weeks ago where he said he was doing. Okay but that's true. I think grandeur runs account and pressure. So they had some picture of them. We looked okay then some video and then the one the WIG. Yeah so I mean maybe comes out in three weeks and says he's been the clinic in doing better and I think that's going to be in his own way. You know his life and he's got a tortured fucking existence. I mean at socks was good and he seemed pretty. And Yeah he's very into. This has been the already you know. Mo for out such a long time which sucks. I'm saying in the dismissive way I hated that it's happening. I feel terrible for guys. Get Huge Mental. This major diction issues. He's got just he's got a Lotta Shit going on in his life and he's never been able to to beat it which sucks he was almost every might have hit a year just about a year. Is that right? It was pretty close. Yeah I mean maybe I hope so I mean you know. Maybe that's what triggers you to. Sometimes it's like he's been clean for a year. I could go back and do it or whatever it is that I just think he's just got I think he's just every day for him is like a living hell you know. I'm sure it's you know a guy have my issues but so that this guy wakes up every day craving the stuff raving craving craving. But you're always scare them assise tweets like the the It's suck because he seems like everyone I've ever talked to knows him. Such an awesome guy. You know he's had some real issues and it sucks fucking. Yeah I duNNo. When's the last time? He tweeted anything or hitting was tweeted by his team. He tweeted saying. I don't know this is the deal ask. Somebody said The already laying halfway house February. We'll be back in March which there was no now. It's been a year and yeah no day and it's march eleventh. Now it's not back so it's just nothing. Yeah we'll said he's right about that. Just nothing well anyway. Well All right we talked to today. Who's a caller? We didn't have to call her. We did. You didn't say his name the Guy Doing quickly. I forget traffic. It's definitely can wrote Corona Varsity are. What are we promoting the rest of the week on the Kirkman in network We have I think the mental ladies coming back a little bit of drama because Lauren. You know she's trying to switch things up with the cast. I think one of the middle eighties is a little bit jilted that she has been bumped from the rotate food. That Didi I think deedee was a little. She's a little upset with Lauren. Oh is that right. Yeah and there have been like Some middle eighty a confrontation in real life. Who would his number four shirt? We only given the fan wives. I believe onto drummer here. Sunday objectify of these ladies on the on the Youtube Channel Receiver Province. That's what he's so that it also matters was like. Hey you know. Put some makeup on slop. Some slaps a makeup I mean. That's that's the that's what they're there for managed to tell you the charts I like him. Because he's legitimately angry. Yes and by the way. Keep IN MIND Steve. If mentors was six three none of this would have happened. Yes parts could. Steve is tall to That could be if you were talking. Meneses reality three eight. That's sure he's like a little bit over five. All right yeah. Let's say he's five to Steve. Were five two mentors were six. I'll tell you. Steve six three Taller than you give me a number six. What about the fucking carnival? Six three guess again for six four toys six. We told them that six four six three not even close initially way. One Seventy two seventy three. Now we don't have a number I wanNA hear about my. Dm's we call it. The first time the random number she might have instagram. Did or something now. So she's not happy. This I mean these people man this is this drives me nuts. You'll get like I don't know those shows should not have the same people on every week. The shouldn't oh you don't know their mainstay. They're GONNA have their host sure but I mean mixed up a little bit. No near the problem is we may run out of ladies. You Know No. I don't think so the minute ladies chat is the threat is bump on. I will say I don't know if you've ever looked at if you compared to the OJ. Fan Not not jumped in the middle. Eighties are so earnest and sincere. And they're talking about the concerns that women have and then you look over to the thirds microbusinesses. This different world. I I let them have their world Wow Okay so we have that. That's that'd be discussed tonight I will say Groupie was I would say played. Some of the role of objectification. A little bit was naked between Steve and TJ. Well people needed content. I agree listen to this traffic. Look she's comfortable with that. We're not judge here sure motorcycle. It sure was Christ. Turn the colony right. So that's tonight's writer. No No. That's Thursday. What's tonight anything tonight? Moe shows in our show this show Show Jesus Christ. At least one hundred human offense was last spoke to professionally said. You probably shouldn't do long show here. We are so what? What's tomorrow's that and the interns yes? Winter in the will also be doing the Colin show. Maybe during the day but I'm also doing trash talk with him. H being put it up Friday morning just because for the first time you didn't hear I did announced he was on shouting from Pennsylvania. Jesus A lot of people want the reunion of image. Be IN DC. Yes I think I mean. Like twelve people in twitter but yeah but So and so it makes me works long hours so I luckily enabled US sometimes record with him later. I don't know DC. That's good so you guys are so all right so you're backed okay good In the Will Latino Kirk experience going I think it was. I think they've got some video but it was a good experience for per. Nora I think Panera is skyrocketing in the it seems like slow Panera very interested in having the show yeah and willing to do what name EPA day for me. Yes another on the street after Kirkman Hand Day on Wall Street though. I'd like a day industry. Well we didn't exactly send our best days and streets and ours. They're doing Statue for Baker Mayfield. You hear about that that's interesting. Yeah what they're putting a setup for him saying Johnny boy were. They both get a high-grade they did. Yes okay. The place was nice to stay at the place they stayed out was just some hotel but the play some on the port. The venue very nice really a very nice zinc lovely weather this time of year. We're not GONNA win another that's true Okay it's yeah we'll see all right so that and then Anything else before the remote for the rest of the week or not buying t-shirts Kirkman Halo Dot Com shirts proceeds go to the Jed Foundation. Good and then Mike is just kristen Saturday. I well As you told me to reexamine this hammock is my home and I might have. I've tried to work with a big cat to get some barstool people on for me to interview but I don't know how that's going so we'll see okay. Well thanks to big cat. Fur is that was actually watching cigarettes very very good. People love a little look at the building which they probably won't get much Dana coming up. Yes our Guy Stephen Shave with a comeback. He's made them in the fan world. Good so we will be back Monday. I believe If not we'll let you know but I'm pretty sure back Monday. Thanks to Milton's of course are great friends. at Milton and I think we back My spins back for five shows next week. Oh so crazy to do nice full week associates of contact the advertisers and let them know as a right now. Full sail ahead. That's my plan for next week. That works with you guys. Full sail ahead speeds. Dvd met full sail sailing lawn and steam with a fuck. If you've heard about it. Nobody what's shoes fru? That's better that I've heard with you. Know better than me already argue. That's a question of a man who just confuses we all were at that time. Was maybe scrape go. Hey I like Fred you. Why do you like Fred Fred? I have no reason to not like him or like him. You have to admit that the museum cross it is I. Don't listen to University of Phoenix. That's not that that one is not that great. I don't think you know it's not really stuck. I mean that's just how talks it is. He's a very laid back. But there's also a little. We're maybe that's not how talks maybe that there's well there may not be there not being All right so watch all those shows. Give your feedback with Mike on Friday or Saturday. Friday mornings trash talk Saturday. Night is where you aim stephen between Mo might have a Robinson report coming out. I think I'm still still trying to get my cast of characters. Need to find some some libs tangle with good when we're back here Monday how much bigger will these carnival story being America? Not In the the story I don't think can get much bigger than it already is but the infected population. I think we'll be in the thousands if not tens of thousands tens of thousands in America. Now I think that the infected rate right now is probably already over fifty thousand. I think that what we're seeing is a lag intesting so the numbers look low but there are a lot of people who are infected. And just don't know it okay. Stock was back up to the flu. Yes the stock. Yesterday I saw those pen. Stock was up as well. Turn this thing around. It feels like it all right so Yeah that's it we'll We'll talk to you Monday. This was pretty reprehensible I I don't know how it can be anybody's idea humor.

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