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Live from NPR news I'm Jack Speer Sally has strengthened into a hurricane as it bears down on the Gulf. Coast forecast to make landfall tomorrow. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports a hurricane warning is now posted from southeast Louisiana to the Alabama. Florida state. Line. Low lying areas are evacuating as hurricane sally is already pushing water over coastal roads and turning up the surf in the Gulf of Mexico Mississippi Governor Tate. Reeves says it's worrisome that the hurricane is moving. So slowly the longer and it stays out in the Gulf of Mexico the more. At Higher, the likelihood is that it continues to grow in size and scope and severity officials say the biggest threat from Hurricane Sally will be flooding from both storm surge along the coast and rainfall amounts up to two feet in some areas. Debbie Elliott NPR News Orange Beach Alabama incumbent Republican. President Donald Trump. and His Democratic challenger former. Vice. President. Joe Biden. They're both focusing much of their attention on fire ravaged California today trump was meeting with fire officials in California while Biden was again stressing that the recent fires and hot temperatures there underscored the need to address climate change trump nause sought to downplay climate change claims while Biden calls another crisis that trump will not take responsibility for. Vice President Mike Pence hit the campaign trail in Wisconsin today pence telling supporters choice in November is about American. Whether America will remain America from member station W. WM in Milwaukee La Donna says more. Pins touted economic games before the coronavirus and hammered home. The fact that the trump administration stands with law enforcement law and order is a message that the trump campaign has been pushing recently with continued protests across the country over police brutality carrying Arna says she voted for trump the first time around and says, she plans to again he doesn't always speak like I like, but he speaks. For me to keep me safe. Wisconsin is seen as a must win state for both Democrats and Republicans in November before departing pins caught on the audience to pray for the country for NPR news I'm l'Italia Denison Milwaukee a drug companies reporting some success and using an anti inflammatory medicine in conjunction with a drug already widely used for hospitalized covid nineteen patients. Ally Lily announcing today, it's found the drug combination shortens the time of recovery for those patients who was given. By at least a day was ultra still awaiting review by independent scientists. But Lily says the results are from study of about a thousand people sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. So he can bind a drug lady makes with the drug. REMM Davir a strong start to the week on Wall Street the Dow up three hundred and twenty seven points today the Nasdaq. Was Up two hundred and three points. This is NPR. Delta Airlines is the latest major airline announce it's using the free. It's frequent flyer program to back up six and a half billion in funding as the coronavirus pandemic continues to weigh on air travel united in American Airlines you similar moves back in June to keep cash flowing businesses and families conducting only essential air travel at the moment. Pressure has been mounting British. Prime. minister. Boris Johnson to dump plans to change the country's brexit withdrawal agreement NPR's Frank Langfitt reports from London five previous UK. Prime Ministers strongly opposed that move. For Prime Minister David Cameron is the latest to Chime in. He said altering the agreement which would violate international law is the very very last thing you should contemplate that was mild compared to the response of former Prime Minister John Major and Tony Blair writing in London Sunday Times. The former leaders said, the move was quote shocking and the government is quote shaming itself and embarrassing our nation Johnson insists he must change the treaty, which is own government negotiated to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the. United Kingdom Johnson shows no sign of backing down even the decision could scuttle a new free trade deal with European Union Frank Langfitt NPR News, London astronomers, studying the atmosphere of Venus say they see something that might just be a sign of life in a study published today they say they found the chemical signature noxious gas called phosphene on Earth Fox means associated with life at the bottom of positive. Some animals were outside experts even the study authors themselves acknowledge the research while tantalizing is not necessarily definitive. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.

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