S1E05: How do you do laundry?


honest conversations adjust steph honest then be they're not chevrolet view snooty you the most honest conversations we all can have conversations you have with enough widow size inner dialogue were doing laundry is kind of how i yeah you just do that any sport do it yeah i didn't know the machine could damage or above oh well i think you should have read the instructions on a jacket before for putting it in see i dunno a i think so don't but i know how mom washes with whom he sat on the jacket the hand wash wendy yeah but at least now i learned a lesson yeah an inexpensive one oh yeah okay but at least i did my first laundry i don't know why it is so hard that was just so many options on the machine i mean what this permanent press even be like how could you wash fluids that make the come on breast i dunno when you could definitely google it and i'm pretty sure that you do you do about it yeah i know i should have done this idea but i'm going to do it right now oh which just search for should assess from meaning off options on a washing machine i feel i feel it could be the judge me i know but i just feel like it when you just shy of trying to assess you need to achieve allow you to make mistakes because you're in a completely new will there's no way you're not going to make mistakes and the fact that you make making mistakes means you're trying you're trying something yeah that is true tea so 'em let's go do see net dot com do you think they even have an updated list what if they have options which with down the machine downstairs then you're good yeah okay so oh they have permanent press okay so there's jackie northam or cool and washed like okay so the focus of the regular norman or gorton or spike it is to move jeans and it's mickey a but it stays washing durable fabrics see no i don't know what fabrics had you know it you feel gone do you think you know which of their joe what's up teno and more delicate dundee other ones yeah okay 'em and then prominent press or condos when my machine had both just street it maybe they are a bit if it says it says that you should wash everyday claude stature increase and he would nominate impress oh so they do come on just how does that even happen oh what's his accuses fast agitation in wash psych the slowest spin cycle okay but you're going a slippery slope so i'm not going to search more because yeah because you can spend hours on a topic like this oh yeah looking just lost one so then they have oh did my machine have a delicate option i think it did anyway so delicate behind wash option is facilities jim clothing anything that these giant in washington the dad so lesson retha doug yeah but then that means that are two separate my laundry and that cost small a so you try those boys fluids and based a damn on nbc amount of money equivalent to the cost of the two outs that split or would you rather see spend two daughters mall yeah see i should separate them but you know what i'm going to buy cheap votes in separate them okay if you do get anything expensive be gifts well i've spoiled on my expensive george countries so i guess i don't have to worry about it then the next time i buy something expensive looking right at least you washed one since you move to canada so that's a step yeah yeah how often should i wash my heels when the time you have one would take the lid i'm you connect one would have dirty clothes i'm guessing yeah well i feel like after watching the fans episode i feel like i knew that washington is going to be a bit tricky but i don't think much about it yeah you were busy thinking about the culture shock you were going to get right yeah but i didn't i mean definitely people here on not sweeter when i landed be were going through brampton which looked like a mini lino more in india but definitely here that's more diverse city has so many different cuisines i could try yeah but if he plays has been very few vegetarian options yeah yeah the proportions of non which jen vegetarian food items almost opposite do what they were in india i mean when i used to go to him in donations in india almost eighty percent of the menu was vegetarian well it makes sense though right because most of the population back home is vegetarian and if they're not they may need just eat chicken yeah that's true so he's sticking with being a vegetarian yeah it's nick i know people who grew up in households where they were forced to be which turns one to try out meat tastes like but to me i've always wanted to get rid of it but when i was at home it was hard because went on to announce used to i don't want to say peo pressure but it was similar to that these depression weed eater just because they cooked it and they wanted me to appreciate it so i did but i don't like these off duties just me like this is it but you know the book if you get up eating meat like the group oily book i just hated so just to remind after days you're not going to eat meat yeah plus it's cheaper and then i guess eating which jenin food just means that you're going to eat less calories per serving right and i don't think so like does a vegetarian boga have less of galaxies than a bogo would meet i guess so next time i go to high beezer something i've checked and then what else is different to what it's definitely way dino then india of course it'd be reaching the population of glass and then the city's he'll meet they were actually architect or they were purposely designed and then the services have which i'm not in that in india like every morning that real truck with russia underneath comes in on teen says that's not that india in almost all cases yeah plus the population here is reinvest so everything is easy easy to control that is true oh and i went to the mall deity and i was kind of shocking because in india and all the marlins a multi stories but as yeah it was flat and no longer do walk from one end to be though was kind of dying you need to increase just jamming a but yeah that's true it was kind of john and i think that's what this does so much be oh yeah it's fascinating how much sky i concede just because everything is flat yeah yeah but i think that's just because you're not in a city like onto yeah but in india most cities a crowd in that sense i got stuck in new blamed again on population right yeah but you know what i've realized they used on like we just gotta feed him in nineteen fifty seven and based on that i feel like india has come a long way because we were the biggest democracy see and we just started in terms of technology a pretty pretty advanced and yet dickstein do make major changes that just because of the hose struck a population but i feel like it's progressing yeah it is but this is a long way to go yeah but but the fact it'd be a stern moving ahead makes me so hope foot and i know what's going to be had but i only hope one day i can go back and actually had been doing it for him that is a dream but i feel like if you don't go back them at a position that's i guess that managerial lesser than you wouldn't get to make much difference that is true but hopefully by the time i graduated this no need to go and make a difference because it would have progressed adult but then i guess so what do we do mom and dad one i don't know i haven't talked to them about this i mean i am very grateful that they even sent sent me a study i didn't realize this delight pardon my other friends talk about it but not everyone's been a open defending them abroad to study and i'm just there's been a benz did that and i know how much is how much it's costing them this job and they have to go through just for me to be here and i hope i don't forget that you'll a treat him ideas of this everything they you know kind of forget that i see that now but what if i get too busy life and i forget how edgy each to at a 'em well then you just have to make sure that you don't deal says like this often so if you want to eat some you should get out of bed just shots in a few was you could maybe gopher ronald something yeah i've been meaning to go out on since it's not just audit you mean since two days ago yeah i just so no i can't do it on your skin i think i'm scared of getting lost you think you're going to get lost in city by the structure of talks you just go straight dicker left dick another lefty another left and you're back to bite you started oh yeah that is true i guess is and think about it okay that i guess i'm gonna go john oh and don't forget you've fallen just in case you take a night instead asked i'm not down by dan

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