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Hey, this is marquess off and this is RPM forty-five. The ozark Mountain dare-devils have been entertaining for fifty years with their unique mix of country rock bluegrass and pop Michael Granda has been there the whole time. It all started when he moved from his hometown of Saint Louis to attend college in Springfield Missouri there. Well, I'll tell you what I'll let him tell the story. I was a kid who grew up in Saint Louis growing up in Saint Louis and sixty s I got to see the stones I got to see the kinks. Yardbirds I got to see sly and the family stone and Otis Redding. And Chuck Berry lived in Saint Louis. Whole. Life you. To Chuck Berry Farm and he'd be out there playing on a little flatbed trailer outside his house. And it was just great for a little kid like me learning how to play guitar. So Saint Louis had a very cool music scene back then. And I took full advantage of it. You know when I moved to Springfield is when I got indoctrinated into country music. Because I had never heard country music in my childhood household because my father faded it. I never heard it until I moved to Springfield and as a nineteen year old kid I discovered it. And then I had that whole world to explore. It was new and exciting to me and I just went nuts and then when I found a the guys in the dare-devils I've just going home at God. This is absolute. Heaven Know How did Y'all get together in Springfield Missouri which was much less adventuresome music wise in Saint Louis was there were no bands playing original music it was all cover bands we got together because everybody was a songwriter we got together to play absolutely zero three dog night's on. We got together to play absolutely zero David Bowie. And we got together to play one hundred percent are own songs, and we all kind of congregated and started playing each other's songs for the soul. Sake of playing each other songs, we were just a bunch of hippy songwriters hanging out doing nothing. So we all got together and hung out and did nothing together. That kind of morph into a band and then people started to discover what we were doing. And family for two years. Until we got a record contract where we signed our first record contract, we discovered there was a family tree up in New England who had trademarked the name, and they were using it as a folk group saw the first item of business we had to take care of first thing to do is change journey. As we came up with was cosmic corn cob and his amazing ozark mountain daredevils. Wow. Now, the first thing we had to do was we had to drop the word amazing because of our friends in the amazing rhythm aces. Okay and then the second thing we had to do was we had to drop cosmic corn cob from the beginning because nobody wanted to step out front because me corncob amp percent we we laughed that off the front of the name and that left us with Ozark Mountain daredevils of so the name cosmic Cobb is still available. Use It right now mark. Family tree sounds a little soft for you guys. Anyway don't you think well, right and to be honest with you at the band naming party. When we stumble upon the Ozark Mountain Dare devils, we didn't really like it and we continued to come up with perspective needs but our management kept referring back to the name because first of all Ozark is such a strong and sturdy word. But none of us really felt dare devilish on a daily basis like this morning me and I've been unfiltered l.. I feel I feel like the guy who wants to sit on his fortune to prospered puzzle. Musically you are pretty daredevil. I would say I mean you're adventurous. You did a lot of different kinds of things brab. That's true. So over the years we've kind of grown into it and it's served us very well mark now we're very grateful. You said that it was really when you got a record contract that all came about how did you get that record contract with an? We made a demo tape. So. One of the artists we used to listen to and they were also in Missouri was brewer and Shipley. We liked the way the record sounded lots of acoustic guitars and harmonies, and then we also liked what they were singing about. So we got the album and we flip the over to the back cover and we saw the name good Karma. Productions. Kansas City Missouri. So we stuck a copy of our cassette into an envelope and sent it to good Karma productions in Kansas City they loved it. They contacted us and they wanted to represent us. We said that would be just. Stand pleasure and Paul Peterson were the two managers and they would fly out to Los Angeles to conduct business for. took our cassette with them. After they can concluded. Chirpy business they said Oh by the way we had this other band back in Missouri. Here, would you like to hear the demo? and. Couple of labels passed on us until they got to am records and they played our devil tape for a gentleman by the name of David Anderly. David Emberley heard it and flipped it immediately put the wheels in motion for us to get a record deal on hand and records, and then they you with a great producer for your first album. That store David Andrulis in his office and he's listening to our tape and he's wigging out and he he called his friend, Glyn Johns a David Andrew, England, John's were dear dear friends and they were looking for a project that they produce together. They thought it would be fun to do an album together David Calls Glenn. Glenn. You remember that van we were looking for that. We were going to co produce I found them. David Glenn. flew to Kansas City. You're one of our gigs and they loved what we were doing and Glennon David said, we want to produce your album and said, well, how would love to engineer produce the album I want to do it in my home studio in London so they flew us off over to London so in. The blink of an eye we were driving around Kansas and Missouri and Iowa, and Illinois the truck we got on airplanes and flew to London and worked in Olympic Studios, which is where Glen worked with the stones and the WHO the Beatles. Guys big time the very, very top of the heat and there we were met in it was like It was like the twilight zone it you have you been to before that no, we were just twenty, four, twenty, five year old kids flying over to work with the guy who gets produced of the Beatles in. Estonia mind-blowing. I was listening to an interview. You did a while back. I took this quote from your interview I thought was really good. It says a bunch of hillbillies from Missouri, to make some music that we'd catch the ear of Glyn Johns. We were just as astounded as anyone. I kissed myself a thousand times. Yes. So you're out there Western college gigs and all of a sudden you're in England with Glyn Johns exactly why bad finger and we bump into Pete Townsend doubled in. A dream come true. Now, one thing that really kind of I found amazing. Now, your first hit single was off that album if you WANNA get to heaven but apparently was a real fight that you guys had to get debt on the L.. Yes. Can you imagine that record without that song on it? No, and obviously it was a great song great record hit. What was up with that because he really fought it didn't he back then you could you cut ten songs into a piece of vinyl. You could cut five songs on each side side one inside two of a piece of idol before you started compromising fidelity. So we we knew we were going to have ten songs on the album. We recorded twelve when it came time for the final running order Lynn didn't think that if you WANNA get to heaven. This. Strong as the two sons. So he said, well, here's my vision of the. Here's the running order for side one. Track one, two, three, four, five, side to. Track one, two, three, four, five. If you WANNA get to heaven wasn't included our manager fought in to the nail they've convinced gleaned going through Jerry Moss who was the m of am that that song was a hit song and it should be on the album and when it came down to the eleventh hour we demanded it'd be on there and it went on rest is history you're. Fight. Yeah Yeah it's turned into an anthem. It's not only that song. It's an anthem had to have come on put your fist in the air buddy. Yeah. Big Little Hill. So, then you record your second album much closer to home lesser, we had a rehearsal space was an old eight, hundred, sixty civil war mansion that was used as part of the underground railroad, and it was this huge mansion with seven bedrooms upstairs and these large room fireplaces, root cellars, balconies, and that's where we rehearsed. That's where Glenn and David came to hear our songs and do pre-production for the first album, and we say, well, how how about if we record our second album right here at this? We had the room the room sounded beautiful. It was all wood. We had thick carpets on the on the floor and heavy drapes for the sound was dead. Just perfectly. So instead of packing up all our shit and going to a state of the recording studio, we drove a mobile recording studio into the woods rain all the microphones into are perfectly deadened soundproof russell room and recorded the second album in the Milas out in the middle of nowhere. It's a weird story man that's why when I was writing that book I was going my little weird story. This this is it's a it's a great story I also had tell you I think you're a great writer I'm definitely enjoying the book. Well, thank you very much. It was a lot of fun. I wanted it to be historically correct. I didn't want it to be a drug and sex, and here's who I dated after I dated share there was plenty of drugs in that book so far yeah, they are. We were stoned as hillbilly no sex though is. Very circumspect about that not yet. Oh, not yet. Okay. I got. I Got South Elsa owner. Well, let's get back to the album. It'll shine wanted shine and it contained your huge top five hit some places number one hit. Jackie blue now Jackie blue I was one of my favorite songs very different from the other stuff you guys do very different. How does that come above this like I said at the beginning of this interview we were all songwriters we all came from different bedrooms. We had a bluegrass guy we had a country guy myself I was kind of more of the rock and roll guy and Larry Lee wrote more pop stuff. When we recorded that song as you stated, Marge is very atypical of our sound. Yes. But we just as many of Larry Songs as anybody is songs. If you look at listen to that first album, you know Larry songs really different yet they fit in. Now on the second album Larry songs are really different but they fit in one of them being Jackie blue. We didn't think anything of it because we were just having a ball playing music right now they were paying us to play music. So we worked up Jackie blue ride alongside the country song and the Bluegrass Song and the Rock and roll saw does it was no big deal. But when we recorded at the record company, plucked it out of the album and made a huge hit out of. When it was a huge hit, it was starting to fade off the record company came to us and said, okay. Boys Jackie blue has done. It was Jackie red. Couple come on. Give us a little Jackie. Greene. How about Jackie Brown We and we told the recommend. Well, you know we don't approach our music that you guys don't have Jesse read now Jackie blue though I found out was originally written about a man not a woman. Yes Oud Jackie blue he was this and he do he went here. He went there Doodoo to do he was data Jackie. Lou played it that way for a while until we recorded the track Glenn took Larry Sides Larry. But what is what is the song about Larry told them about the guy and Glenn insisted that Jackie Blue Your girl? Why is that? It was thinking I don't know. But. He insisted that he said this is a number, one song jets, but Jackie must be a girl. So Larry and Steve Cash when we other room and they emerged two or three or four hours later but the whole set of leary all different settled Eric's and the newly and Jackie woman and the first time the rest of the guys in the band hurt it it kind of startled us because we've been playing Jackie blue it has a male song and all of a sudden. Oh. Jackie gown south of sex change. Yeah. This was before exchanges became more common right? Exactly. But this was probably the sex change I would imagine the easiest. Yes all you needed. A Pencil and a piece of paper different words and you're all. Yeah. So there we are. Now once again, our fans only knew Jackie blue as girl, but our close friends and family who had been listening to the Song Renew Jackie as a guy, and then all of a sudden she's going to the top of the charts. Once again, we were astounded. It was very believable to me as song by a guy who kinda ran into some trouble with this woman and he's getting back at her. Not Going to tell you that but just kind of an observation, a lot of quirky girl and do their own thing I want to ask you about some of the lyrics here because I wanNA know if it's intentional or is just my dirty mind. Okay. The lines you'll take an inch, but you love a mile there never seems to be quite enough floating around to fill your love and cup. Okay was that a sexual reference or am I just dirty? Little Boat. You, you are dirty, but you're right. Okay. Well. Get, give an inch. They'll take him out. That's an old adage. Heard that. Of course. Yes. Just saline each of you know whatever Yeah whatever. So there's kind of that Innuendo in there, but it wasn't blatant. Wasn't the warped minds out there like me yeah yeah. So you get to your third album and a son Glyn Johns is not producing wreck because apparently what he he wanted to, he wanted to get rid of your manager or something like that. Well, see the thing was is. It's back to the friction on the first album body from what you have. Glenn didn't want that song on the album in our manager who at times could be quite convincing and quite vocal the two of them butted heads and when it came time for the third album goddess, all room said, I love working with you guys. But I I can't work with your manager when we say we don't okay So we were still a bunch of googlers from Missouri and we said we I, guess we're GonNa stick with her manager. He got us this far. So we had to make a hard choice, we stuck with a stand in all and good Karma and kept it all in the family and kept it all in Missouri. An also an wanted us to move to Los. Angeles because if we moved to Los Angeles, they could do this on the share show they give Mike. Douglas. They could get us under merv Griffin's variety hour and with to hit records under our belt they felt that, hey, we could probably to send us something. So we made those decisions we decided to not move to Los Angeles and we decided to stick with our management. So you make decisions along the way. Some of them are good. Some aren't so good and. He's one of those decisions were bad. They were just decisions. We made it. We made them. We lived with now when you get to the third album. Okay. So he's not producing anymore but also just about where I am in your book, you know it's like it seems like whereas the previous elm, you had all these songs ready to go and you were you know really prepared organizes sort of like you went out there and you you really. It seemed like you had a great time you record in initial boy bunny started to pour in from. Having Jackie blue can you say tall cotton? You live in a like at you. Probably you know never thought about what again let's use the word astounded. Yeah. So all of a sudden Glenn is the picture David Andrew Lee continues with working with us. He added different producing style data Glenn coming in and saying you do this you do this and you do this came in and said, Hey, what do you guys do you have a pool of songs to call from? You pull out the first hand arrive scrape the cream off the top the second batch. Still Bunch of really really good song when you scrape off thirty songs off the top of the VAT, then you start going to what about this? What about this? You know and you gotta start writing stuff. So when we went into, make that third call lake album, we went in with a completely new approach whereas the first two we went in completely prepared we went into, they call the lake album less prepared a little bit less regimented a little bit. disciplined and we just went in and actually had a really good time doing it seemed like. Coke God. Again, we were hired August played in hog heaven brother. Yeah yeah it seemed like you were in a great tyrod. Now, when this album came out there wasn't a hit. We put out the first hit habeas. Great because. I. Had hit. Hey use easy but album didn't have hidden when hey, what happened? Not. So. Easy. They, say, what is it? They say mark they say it's easy to get to the top, but it's hard to stay there. I'm, not. Sure. The top either I mean think about how many? How many times? Do. Who would look at you say Oh my God, those guys are kicking bugs you know, right? Yeah Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But anyway are we getting ever get and it was okay we made we made the album. We didn't have a hit on it either that we were making very high quality music very, very focused. And you just don't have the hit. By it's hard to get into, don't understand how hard that is. Sometimes, it doesn't happen right? Yeah. So There was another thing that they came across, which is that you guys like to do funny songs and there was no money songs on that third L. Either and you had a little battle with am about that as well. Well yes. So for the first four or five years of our band are concerts. We would include these absolutely absurd ridiculous songs. Chicken train is one of them. So we recall we used to play these songs that are gigs and people loved them course the what the when it came time to go into studio we didn't record them. Glenn was that interested in doing? That's fine. He May to hit record so you can't argue with. But. We said when we've got all these funny ask songs and am wasn't interested in them either. So we've got that third and we said, Hey, look in our fans are clamoring because there were people out there who were fans of ours who loved chicken train and they didn't like Jackie blue and we had fans out there who love Jackie blue but they didn't like all that stupid shit. So we asked Director Comey if they would fake ones, those little red plastic records to get on the back of cereal boxes and We we put that as an insert into the third album. So. If somebody wanted a few laughs, there was less it would have been really fun. You know it would have been a little bonus for your album I. think it'd be very cool. It would have been very cool though once again, we were talking to record company who is selling a million copies of our serious shit. Rock the boat with some goofball doctor Demento Shit. So they was one to write checks day was the one pressing the disks yeah. Man We had. And we still have some really funny songs. Now did you ever put out an album? That's just all of that funny stuff like a comedy record what we're talking about right now that's a great idea of course I thought of it. So great minds think alike. Have your people, call my people. WELL NEITHER DO I. So we're looking to do that as soon as this all this pandemic sit settles down and we. We can start getting back into it. One of the first projects were going to do is go back in and report ten sillier pieces. That's great. The being never really broke up as I understand it is that right? That's exactly correct. This December will be starting our. Fifty into fiftieth year and we never stopped. Now there have been times when we've taken some time off, you know. There have been years where we just haven't really done much at all, but we've never really got away. And but people coming. Right I mean, lots of people coming and going I. Mean you're the One guy and Dylan to who who stayed with the throughout. Their were John Dillon Steve Cash and myself. The three of us are ones that have been climbing in and out of buses and vans and airplanes for fifty years so you. Come and gone dozens were the bedrock. Scheduled for twenty. Twenty. One. Yeah. We've got a schedule now. Now now you get into this little area where we go out and play these gigs or we don't want to turn it into the grass roots where you come out you thirty minutes we don't come out and Paul Revere and the raiders where we come on go in nineteen seventy, we had this song that are Jackie Glue he thirty minutes because that's all we can play. Here's our four hits. Thank you very much by our t shirts to avoid that. We've continued to play full length shows complete with new material because as a writer you're always writing. So there's always As a matter of fact, two, thousand, nineteen, in two, thousand, twenty, we put out two new albums, all new material and people get those You can go to OZARK MOUNTAINS DOT COM. Do this dare head DART HEADS DOT com. We've got a new website that a new website was new albums. You know t shirts and hats and that kind of stuff. But yeah, there's there's new music all over this website we have and also. Nothing. So to right, you've had other bands, you strike me as a guy who always always wants to work somehow someone exactly right I put together soup and sandwiches. I've got all the Lord of dozen soup, Solo albums out and. Also endear heads DOT com. You know I love what I do you know what I saw I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan I got struck by lightning in and here we are you know September twenty twenty Ernst still struck by that same lightning. Strikes me about the people I've talked to. As as I'm doing this podcast is obviously you want to be successful in Selah rutgers and all that stuff but the truth is you just love doing it correct. Matter. Evening when I play my guitar I, pick it up and I'm going to turn into a giant eighth grader. And I'M NOT PICKED GUITAR UP I'M NOT GONNA say. What am I gonNa do now to make me a million dollars. Tonight. Going to pick my guitar up to just have fun. You know they call it play music. Play music. They don't work music every time I pick up my guitar I play yet. Well, you know what that makes you one of the very fortunate ones that you know people do what they love to do. That is so special and unfortunately that. Typical. Correct. We're fortunate dead I mean John and Stephen I we go that we're fortunate. I've spent my whole life playing music and getting checks. And I, know that was lucky. Wasn't I. Know that we're one of the the exception to the rule. There's a billion musicians out there but there are some of us who we make our living at it. I'm a lucky man absolutely. Anything else I haven't talked to you about that. You WanNa talk about her for more I want to promote your book. I did say the name of your book the book is entitled. Is shined. You can get it dare-devils website. Now you got I. Think you could also get an Amazon Gingrich kindle or you can write in and get actual hard cover hard bound book with pages and pictures and A. Good, one. It's you know five hundred pages of. Hillbilly. Rock and roll. It's the story of a bunch of guys from the middle of the country who kind of threw. Perseverance and a little bit of luck forged and make good life for ourselves. And I would say commitment as well in the sense that you were admitted to doing it your way. The biggest word of all their commitment to the art. Yes. Just shines right through as you might say, so a giant is the name of the book If you go to dare heads, DOT COM, couple clicks the mouse and you can have a book in your hands by next week or you could go to Amazon and download it. But yeah, it's out there and next year we're going to be celebrating our fifth year and we've got some surprises in store forever you want to move then our fans for last half century. Well, thank you so much for. Joining. enjoyed. Talking with. You enjoyed talking to you brother. What a Great Guy Michael Granda by the way, you may see him listed as Michael Supe Granda. That's S. U. P. e. not as up, and the reason is that he early in their career he went onstage in a superman costume. So he got nicknamed as soup. And we'll be back with more musical soup next. Wednesday. On. RPM forty. Five

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