Stras Delivers Again; Trent is Back


You want it you need it it's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show now here's Kevin the Crawford boxes and the nationals the ball game five to two here in the seventh inning that's how you respond to what happened yeah what happened hi fly ball left field setting brantley back onto the warning track at the wall looking up but it has gone down puts it into the has become a along with Rigaud in particular the best post-season clutch performer in DC sports history period I mean game seven and we have a game seven because Stephen Strasburg more than anything else had one of the all time great DC happened and by the way could is it possible that we will have a seven game series without one home win last night here clutch performances and by the way let me just say this upfront and I'm trying not to be overly reactionary not to to speak in hyperbole tonight the ultimate in sports is a game seven and the ultimate the ultimate is a game seven title this'll be the fourth time that will very active redskins day and by the way just a very redskins day overall yesterday so we will get to that as well but we have that's what you have in Stephen Strasburg now who has pitched four elimination do or Die Games and won all four of them in the postseason and in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight and then coming up big and winning on the Road One oh five to ninety nine for Washington's only NBA title that's the list and another little tip tidbit fun fact no Intel Aaron in the three major sports that play seven game series NBA Nhl major you and gross exaggeration. But I've lived here my entire life and I have some perspective on this I think I think Stephen Strasburg tonight was a brilliant performance one that will go down all time for him I don't know if it matches the game at Wrigley because statistically the line wasn't as good in game for a title was nineteen seventy eight and I remember this one the bullets on the road in Seattle in the seventh and deciding game of the NBA finals. I have had what happened last night and that is the road team winning for a sixth consecutive time incredible tonight twelve strikeouts no earned runs in that one but I think after the first inning last night his performance was incredible and we learned a lot about that first inning which we will into there's so much to get into from that game I did want to start with a couple of objects tidbits if you will gino that tonight seventh and decide engage in the world series against the pirates at Forbes field and lost that game all right nine to seven by the way iron I was looking up late last night that nine two seven game seven in nineteen twenty five to the pirates was played in two hours and thirty one minutes Aaron is here no guest today we're doing all nats and then we're going to do some Redskins B.'s yesterday leading into game six last night it was a would it be a seven game without a home winter it could be we're GONNA preview the game but we had a lot to talk about in terms of a recap of game six I quick mention twelve innings you remember that one everybody Griffith Stadium Nineteen twenty four the following year the next year in one thousand nine twenty five this senators went to a seventh and deciding play a seventh game freight championship right one thousand nine hundred twenty four the Senators with Walter Johnson one game seven of the world series over the New York giants four to three in League baseball there have been since they started doing this one thousand four hundred sixty seven game series in those three sports none of them we have an APP now if you'd like to download our APP and listen to us that way you can do that The the APP store on your iphone or the Google store engaged for a world championship will be just the fourth time in DC sports history that any of its major pro sports teams will participate and you just didn't have and by the way that's a Lotta runs units a lot of offense of a lot of at bats two hours and thirty one minutes then the other seventh in decide seven strikeouts with the two earned runs coming in the first inning which by the way he told everybody afterwards he was tipping his pitches I had Ray Knight on the show earlier that a fastball was not coming so they knew they could eliminate the fast ball when they saw him working his hand in his glove to get he did it again you know he pitched last night into the ninth inning and a game six down three three games to two any allowed two earned runs five hits up in his glove ready for either the change up or the curve and that extra time spent in his glove was a tip Eh. There's just a lot to go through but I'M GONNA start with my five takeaways and Aaron you jump in whenever you want my number one takeaway from last night at Strasbourg we're on your android race and review us on that APP that will help a lot and if you have any issues with it just tweet me at Kevin Sheehan DC I to me On the Radio Show Ray Knight Essentially said what he was doing is that when he wasn't throwing a fastball he was getting his the right grip to throw the curve or changeup and that was the tip apparently Strasbourg and he said he's been guilty of doing this in the past not intentionally obviously and at the end of the first inning Palmetto heart the pitching coach said took him aside and said you're tipping your pitches and then after that back and watch that first inning tipping or no tipping he was two dead center in the strike zone he was missing yeah he missed a little bit too Rothberg went to shuffling his hand in his glove and so on every pitch so that there was no tip now interestingly tonight points when a fastball was coming they smacked it springer doubled to deep left you know on the first pitch fastball Bregman homered off of it it to the left it would have been another home run so Strasbourg ended up after that first inning where he was tipping pitches and by the way I would also add because I want later the most underrated moment but argued the yes the single most important moment was the bottom of the fifth inning runners on second and third one out without a fastball and then Gurriel hit a first pitch fastball that nearly went out of the park or I went to the deepest part of the warning track if it had been a little bit I early to ground into the shift to end the inning I totally agree with you that fifth inning was the crucial portion of the game and it was the last skies in their line-up it is a chance for Houston to break the game open in the fifth inning right you have at that point it is a we've mentioned that a few times meantime you know what was really fascinating about this Strasbourg start last night was all of the bullpen activity that's not an exaggeration he's the first pitcher to ever win five games with no losses in the postseason I ever he's got the second best this out what they were waiting for last night is they were waiting for a fastball and when he was in there getting a grip for the curve of change up they knew a fastball was coming and Ra for any starting pitcher that's at least five starts minimum in the history of the live ball era behind Sandy Koufax or an analogous to his sixth inning in game two now the fifth inning rettig gets on with a single which by the way shocker in this series plus he was behind in the count get ALTOONA ALTOONA and he strikes out on three pitches huge and by the way the third pitch strikeout pitch the swing and Miss Pitch the bullpen and I kept tweeting last night Aaron Davey big boys got it you pitch him until he's frigging arm falls off it's a three two game because in the previous top half of the inning that was when eaten when deep in Soda went deep and so you get springer to double what what are you looking at his pitch count is low he's kill in these these guys they got no answer for him you know and even when it out who knows but when Sherzer got up in the bullpen I think there was a I think everybody was completely shocked what is Max William and got through a couple of really key portions I say key portions with everything that happens later and we will get to every get a little bit of a threat you know Bregman beat out that throw by Rendong a in the sixth inning by the way there is great defense behind Strasbourg the entire all right so red Exxon and then springer did it again a double off a Strasbourg rettig it's held up at third and you got to runners on and nobody out tonight Rendong was great Turner was Great Cabrera was great they all had great players all night long but Bregman gets on the sixth gets on in the sixth three straight outs cheers are doing up in the bullpen. Here's your starter tomorrow night first of all secondly why is anybody up in the bullpen anybody who've and Brantley do up out to he gets strikeout swing and then he got Brantley de groundout that was the game right there no doubt about it it was very similar uh-huh Corbin Hudson and then sure Zor which we will get to in a moment because I think I figured out why Sherzer was up but anyway you know Corbin's up and is a curve ball that breaks so hard it ends up in the dirt now to jumps out of his out of his out of his pants trying to swing at that thing then he gets brand oh okay so thank God they got two runs in the top of the seventh in Strasbourg had a no stress low stress seventh-inning in fact it was an eleven then Max Scherzer which was the stunner of the night easy seventh for Strasbourg eleven pitches one-two-three easy breezy inning with Shergar up in h. seventh-inning followed by a five pitch eighth inning are they one two three five pitch eighth inning that was another that was another exam you know in that spot all right and then comes the two key gets of the night one out excuse me too key gets tonight it's too and Brantley two of the most dangerous in Strasbourg pitches a complete game which would have only been his third complete game of his career I think you're probably right there relation that he was ma- he was going to be used for if they got to it he would not elaborate on I was having this conversation with Ray Knight and with Mark Zuckerberg and earlier well I think of in recent games a couple out to in particular impatient at the plate you would've thought they would've tried to get lost you know to ground balls that were close to double plays than a strike out of Korea to end it and meantime you've got you've got pictures up corden Hudson and and I think I figured it out I said earlier in the show in both of them agreed agreed with me it was really simple it was in the seventh inning ninth by the way in my personal opinion I don't think he gets yanked if it's five to two I think the fact that they got two more runs in the top of the ninth on the Liam then potentially Bregman Sing Strasbourg in the seventh and a three two game with runner or two on and I think that's what it was I would not have been in favor of that at all ast meaningful threat for Houston in the game and it was snuffed out by the guy who's become the best big game pitcher in the sport okay whatever path you want to this moment but it is funny you know looking at this performance this is the performance going back to two thousand ten there you know while they rip that in the seventh they were thinking you know it could be a three two lead and it's the bottom of the order and if somebody gets on in the bottom of the his which is one of the reasons he is so great yet the whole bringing it back to the shutdown in two thousand twelve before the postseason Brendan to run RBI double I think that the seven to two made it so that they just said whether it was Davy managing from the clubhouse Strasbourg was going out there with potentially a three two lead because you didn't know that when when Sherzer was up in the seventh ended the six beginning of the seventh you didn't know he was ashraful it was you know you heard it in the post game interview I think it was Rosenthal he tried to somehow bring it back to the two thousand twelve shutdown and and it's proper rest up the everything needed to be perfect for this guy but all this guy has done is in every elimination game for this franchise in Elimination Games and now five in this postseason alone the first pitcher to ever do it I think when I said yesterday that I liked it angered bats altuve eight three pitches than he grounded out it was one PITCHESR Brantley one pitch two Bregman inning over then you know Strasbourg comes out and here in a moment but it is interesting the Justin verlander now Owen six in the world series and by the way last night five innings three earned runs on five hits walked three but I start this is what we were expecting yeah except a much deeper array of pitches he's got four go to he's gone out and pitched phenomenally phenomenally well or you had game five in Wrigley two years ago you had him out of the bullpen in a wildcard game this after you know whether it's cheering us or rettig then we may come with shirts or to face the top of the order that we don't want springer out to and brand we struck out three you know some people I think we're wondering why he got pulled weighed just giving up the two home runs and the lead you know in the in the fifth to eaten in Soda Watch now maybe the narrative on him all along was wrong but we know that there were days where it was too cold or he hadn't gotten the through chip hale whatever it was at that point they decided all right you're going to face the right hander in Gary L. and then we're going to bring doolittle into get Alvarez but I think if it had been five to Erin ear you had him in game five against the dodgers pitcher great this year he has been awesome four no look the transformation the evolution of this guy's in terms of his mental toughness has been fascinating five preceding losses weren't terrible starts he's owing six in the world series and last night he wasn't great and the the but you know he had settled in from that first-inning but he only had three strikeouts which was tell it's the fewest strikeouts he's had an a game all year long no chance you would have given bligh answers to that post game but the fact that he felt comfortable enough to go out and just offer the fact that came out and said that is incredible and now as it turned out not a real issue unless something happens tonight and we come back and say oh no doolittle shouldn't have pitched to those matters but it was that people have been trying to do during this run and haven't quite been able to do because really there is no direct correlation there it's it's hard to say you know you can make the nats and it was simply for this reason I just thought Strasbourg without pitch ver- lander and he did in the game came down to a lot more than just that which we're GonNa get you after each start he would give you very basic answers he wouldn't delve into things but this season he's really started to own that he started accept it you know it's tough so I honestly I would have kept him out there anyways no matter what the situation I thought he deserved it if nothing else and obviously he was still looking good to add to his legacy Louisa Lock Hall of Famer he's achieved almost everything they didn't even the sport you know but Justin verlander in this world series even though some of those overpowering dude even though he's a big dude at six four you know and he's got a presence on the mound but just this ice water in his veins opponent the opposing pitcher completely outpitched him he he devil it wasn't just that he was he was missing pitches you is hanging pitches he was not looking good early there's something about his his way of doing it that I really enjoy like he has turned himself totally around in terms of the an hinch came hinch came in in the sixth and brought into for lander out and that was it for him and the opportunity for Justin verlander I just love Stephen Strasburg and and I'm I'm serious about this if you think about the all time clutch postseason performers in DC sports history did settled down in the second third innings a little bit but there were a lot of where he was just missing wasn't looking good going back to what you were saying about Strasbourg one of the more fascinating things not just I'm dancing in the dugout after that home run there is a time really before this year there is no way he would have offered up about the tip of the pitches it wouldn't have happened communities for big game performance you know when Ovechkin 's playoff statistics were never as bad as sort of the perception of him not getting it done but who is become as a pitcher but also who's become off the field has been so fascinating this season he was always one of those guys going into really coming into this season who means you know Sherzer is a is a great pitcher he is a phenomenal you know he's a lock hall of Fame Pitcher in the future there's people perceive him but but in terms of his pitching you know he's just gotten better he's added more pitches he is smarter he isn't he's not just this listen I wouldn't say standoffish with the media wasn't like Anthony Rendell shy he was devil he didn't really relish the spotlight he didn't love the negative to do interviews he's at the top of the list with John Riggins he is I mean the caps had nothing but jokers for years I know they won the Stanley Cup and they had a lot of think of the teams in town and who my favorite player is Tommy said to me the other day in the pocket you really like Strasbourg and I'm like yeah I do he can go one hundred and twenty-five if you need him tonight because his next pitching performance is GonNa be in the spring although maybe it could be tonight I was GonNa say who knows one of those things where it's been overall transformation for them from top to bottom I love him I love Stephen Strasburg team he's right now I'm just trying to the eastern conference back then they're the defending champions the scores tied with twenty seconds to go in the game they get in the huddle and it's a famous story the if you go back and you look at all the game sevens that they lost he wasn't great and a lot of those games sevens didn't come through in a lot of those game sevens wizards Bobby Dandridge was a massive postseason clutch performer I'm had one of the all-time clutch performances in a seventh and deciding game of the Eastern Conference finals against it's not discount that at a a you know in in terms of his first ending up performance after that he went seven and a third allowed three hits no earned runs and was br a calm in a cerebral approach and an ice water in his veins kind of competitiveness that isn't outward he pitched a gem any outpitched Justin verlander and he's a big reason why the nats are gonNA play for a world title tonight there were other Ariggo had the all time postseason run but we may be seeing number two if not a one day and that is what Strasberg's San Antonio in nineteen seventy nine so clutch that Dick Motta who is the coach at the time Erin they're in a seventh and deciding game against the spurs were Bobby Dandridge got to a spot little twelve footer baseline buried it they were onto the NBA finals he was a super clutch ice water in his veins performer. You kidding me game six in the world series and he goes three for four with a home run and five RBI's in the home run retold by everybody that was in that Huddle Dick Motta says nothing for the first minute fifty of the time out and then with ten seconds left to go before the horns gonNA sound and they're going to here here's your verdict and he goes deep to run shot and it's five to two by the way pay him now he it's a blank check will suck if he ends up somewhere else as by the way potentially the defending champion next year here's his night though because it was a huge night and I'm came after the Trade Turner Controversy with you know all hell breaking loose around him and he basically said enough let me end this debate right reasons though reason number two is Anthony Rendon three for four a home run five rb is are you most of the time we've seen it a couple of times we saw it in the sixth inning of game two when he didn't get the call on that could have gotten out of that inning I think against Korea the third inning ten pitchers bat against overlander where he fell off five fastballs before finally drawing a walk that wasn't just about the home run first inning he goes into the gap on this shift against the shift with an RBI single to get him up one to nothing in the top of the first rigaud obviously you know Rigaud put it on me I'm going to carry it to the Super Bowl and he did Strasberg's five zero in this postseason he is four no now in elimination games as a starting pitcher for the Washington nationals and last night in the world series down three games to two adver landers pitch count up and ultimately really was part and parcel to ver- lander getting pulled after the fifth with ninety three pitches that was an incredible at back out there they just said he just said to the entire team he said just get it to bobby and bobby just went for us that was the play and I think Fox did a terrible job in the in the seventh inning during that controversy but Rendong takes Harris's second pitch deep it didn't total that the fifth inning which was his only out in the entire game he just missed the Verte Lander slider and flew out to right then in the seventh three different pitchers cutter curve fastball and his walk against Verlinden and the third was epic he's so good he's GonNa cash vp and it's it's been incredible to watch he is any any does it with such cool and calm in a heartbeat and a that is still in flight he becomes the youngest player in world series history to have three home runs in the world series and by the way prior to that after all the controversy the trae Turner play which we will get to Davies been tossed by the way nobody really knows what the hell just happened because in part and I'm going to get to this so did you hear what Sherzer told Zuckerman and others after the game I didn't hear what she said about Sherzer Sherzer said there was a specific city going back to when he was drafted I did that for Strasbourg that's exactly what these precision hitter who can put the ball exactly where he wanted. This was really the disciplined Scott. Boris has to be just thrilled about the results this post-season red Donan Strauss in Strasbourg just pay him because it watch night for Rangoon by the way on defense to he was outstanding all night long and his three hits and last night's game and this is why he so valuable three one fastball the one that the pitch that made it three in one that Verlinden was upset about that looked like it may have caught that top part erase what had just happened because if Turner were on base it would have been a three run shot in the lead would have been six to not five to two but what a shot would doing and maybe it would then he ran and won soda or doing too we'll get to them in a moment but Strasbourg really you know the the the bullets slash you're welcome if you're showing a highlight video of WHO's Anthony Randolph and you're showing as a hitter you're showing them this game and it was you know as you said you could be going somewhere else in the world series and so big please let it be here Rendong is sort of the second big takeaway from the game last night you got anything to add to rent down I mean we'll get into in great detail today what a game six and we have a game seven that was Dave Jaguar on the call for nationals radio I'm here aim six have to have it he's facing Justin verlander any didn't just deliver he hit a three one blast off a Burland is one Sodo I'm the home run that gave the nets the lead in the fifth was what we've seen throughout the postseason a pressure situation it's a two game it's the fifth inning game the next god-knows-how-long every young fan is going to love one Soto and he I heard a comparison yesterday that I think is dead on he's own was you know exactly who he's been being able to just force that ball going back to the first thing that just kind of pushed that ball through the shit if they're that's exactly what again and I know you could sense that Verne Verne ver- landers like you don't tell me what that is young buck he gave that huge shuffle in the bog l. let's get flashing a smile you'd rather I think that even the old old school people would rather see that than see Bregman get hitting the ear hole which is what the other response would have been there you were talking mm Jesse you know you know who was not happy about Bregman with Strasbourg not happy to he called it tired and Davey wasn't And then he hit that bomb and then by the way he carried his back down to I like Bregman did with his bottom of the first home run which was Bush league new outside veteran like he's a guy you've got as a very young age you're going to see develop and a guy who brought a different type of energy to the team than we had in before and who's also who just happens to be quite possibly the best player on the team as well and clearly yes he's got that superstar them right now pulse rate that is you know less than forty five I was gonna say like what what what Paul what heart rate he he's just he's a robot out there the third takeaway from last night the strike zone it was close so goes nope that's a ball basically looked right at at at at cheer notes and back at Verlinden no that's a ball but whatever I don't really have much with it not a well it is now old school baseball whatever it's it's not especially when you're you just by the way that was a seven pitch at bat but here's what I thought was one of the real important at bats of the game we talked about Strasberg's key get on to a and Brantley how how Strasberg's Farnell favorite guy and maybe your favorite guy and DC sports right now I think it's one set of wants soda is going to be the new face of DC sports I saw Bregman do it and it was just Kinda cool so I thought I would do takeaway number four Adam Eaton okay that is a huge homerun happy about it. Aj hinch was not happy about it either instead that he was GonNa talk to Bregman afterwards but I loved Sodas answer as to why he did it so said and I'm paraphrasing on the headset you think this play is under review and that's essentially the way they described it well guess what a judgment call is not a reviewable play they didn't tell us that until the bottom of the seventh that's a big mess in the moments but back to the former if you're John smoltz and I actually liked smoltz I think he's pretty all of the shenanigans that happened after the play were completely confusing in the moment for probably ninety percent of the audience and again Adam Eaton has been sensational in this world series lastly you know is the Turner play and so much waffling and that seventh inning and they appeared to be confused which they were and then by the way when we come back from the commercial who has to run out to catch a dribbler that goes left or right he has to have a clear throwing lane to the first flying off but the bottom line is it's a judgment call and it's not reviewable and it's also not a call that you can protest a game over and us is it the right call or the wrong call they never did all right buck in smoltz there explaining it they never mentioned that it wasn't a reviewable first of all let me start with this when you are a big time analyst on a big game John Smoltz you gotTa make a call on that you got to tell me in the moment there are a couple of things but the bottom line is it is a judgment call the judgment by the home unpire said to me this morning he said look here's the bottom line it's a terrible rule because the only reason that the rule is in place is for a catcher good I think you learn a lot you when you're in a spot like that and you got a controversial play you gotta tell us did they get it right or get it wrong and there was way in that top in when it happened in the seventh inning which is a big miss a big miss because when you see the umpires over there you can spend as much time as you'd like on it I spent probably too much time on it this morning here's the bottom line okay in this is what was frustrating Jason any other player third base shortstop second base is going to have the clear lane to throw to the pitcher which the third baseman had any made a bad throw appeal play so you gotta work your way back left-handers no problem you can start in foul territory and stay there on your sprint rain night there was that there was runner interference by Trai Turner and there's no doubt that when you watch the play Turner spends ninety five percent of his sprint to I they buried the lead Dedi had been thrown out during the commercial we didn't get that for a minute and a half or two minutes and what we got initially was hey by the space well left of the line now any right hander and I played baseball okay so I actually played through high. JV Baseball in high school if you're right hander and you hit a shot to the left part of the Infield it takes you into the hey this is not a reviewable call we should've gotten that in the moment and when they came back and said he's out we thought it had been replayed so the and eaten homers in the fifth to tie the game that was massive but just how `Bout Atta meeting in this world series he's now seven of twenty-one with bottom line was that there was according to Joe Torry afterwards there was an understanding before this world series started that the man the rule correctly not the call but the rule which is what Davey asked for he got they came back and they signaled he's out managers could ask in a judgment call situation for them to look at it on replay to make sure that they interpreted which is why there ended up being contact with the glove and Gurria lost the glove which by the way he's what really I think got Holbrook's attention is that the glove came okay which made you believe in the moment they in reviewed it right and that the call on the field was up held but really what they were doing four R. B. Highs and two home runs in the game last night he was one for two with that home run and rbi he walked any got hit by a pitch got thrown out and I'll get to that in a moment but ultimately you know it's a judgment call not protest able not reviewable it's was they were interpreting the rule because Davey asked him to interpret the rule it was a judgment call Davey Nuit and David and lost his mind again obviously it was a terrible and yes by the extreme letter of the law they have the right to call that however that's a play in law and when I say you I don't mean you I mean the general population that that it was correct but it was not the correct call it was not a call that Umpires ever lifetime I've seen a thousand times maybe more and I don't think I've ever seen that call made its call they can make but you don't do it it's like the neighborhood play at second base yes sometimes you don't technically touch second but you just give it to him anyways you don't make that call you don't make that call there you can say all you want about by the letter of the one hundred percents you go back from third to second you know on on the on the bad throw yes set allowed him to answer base but they didn't throw the ball the second right again no anyway they come back and they they they give you the you know he's out as if they've just upheld the mauling on the on the field you gotta give us something so Davey gets tossed which was the other aspect of this and you know if you take it chronologically he gets hated situation in that everybody needed time. If I've been calling the game I am not a you know a deep into the rule book guy you know now empires to check on their interpretation of the rules which is what Davey asked for and got so then after you know in your five minute delay which by the way they're apparently you know the Korea pitch before his two run homer when Joe Ross had him struck out right I think it just built up and by the way I loved it because to me and I felt it in the moment I felt that this was not just about that call but it was about this over five games and he lost it and personally I'm sitting there and I was on twitter last night I don't get the reaction of your bad rule there in by the way Aaron here's the other thing about that rule why does Gomez have to go back to I that yeah that's the other completely lobby on second base yes I'm wondering what additional thing happened to set them off for the second time chip hails out there trying to hold them back Davey lost his mind you the interpretation of the rule not the call itself but this was again Tory said managers were told that in the case of judgement calls they can ask them ever make yeah no I'm not saying they got it right I'm just saying that it's a judgment call would be reviewed and couldn't couldn't protest a game over by the Ken Rosenthal were outstanding Verduci in particular with very good because he had the whole thing figured out at that point and look I understand that it was accomplished you know pitch by pitch you knew exactly would Dave Martinez was going through in that spot he was he had he had had it with the bad calls he's got that upset and got tossed out to me that is the reaction more often than not of noncompetitive people right if you are living this series Sunday night mentioned that yesterday so I loved it he got tossed by the way almost everybody will tell you that he's managing that game from in you know trying to get the injury information or get an explanation on a controversy or call but I I thought that if you're calling a game and you're the key analyst and there's a contract through the first five games and he wasn't GonNa let his team gets screwed in game six and by the way I think you should have done that in the rogue lace at bat on back I mean I haven't seen that from Dave Martinez but anyway it was an incredible game there were other portions of it very upset by the call at first at the beginning of the whole sequence gets very upset and then he gets them to go review what's the point of Doug our reporters what's the point sideline reporters and stuff we saw what they can do in this case yeah in that particular case that's true and you know in football it's always with with baseball I I wouldn't have had really much of a clue or much of an instinct football and basketball much more but still in a small she gotta give something there awesome communication issues and by the way during that delay did you see trae Turner in the Dugout Oh my God screaming there's Tori the go ask him he's right there series that the frustration of robe lace being punched out in game five on a clear ball that was outside and high and he should have been on first base to the I think that's it I think that's basically it on the game I'm now we get to tonight we get to tonight and we get you know obviously Max Scherzer with the quarter zone what else did I have just looking through my notes the defense behind Strauss was great it to me raw place in particular is struggling a lot I thought we might get mad atoms to pinch hit for him in the ninth When it was still and so more likely than not I would guess we're gonNA see Max Scherzer healthy tonight you know that cortisone effect can can be days side the bowels of that club's okay he's he's making the calls they got TV's down there they got cable but anyway I my to clear up SCIATICA clear up a disk herniation pain nerve pain and also I've had that in my hand and in my elbow be yes you call you gotta weigh in at some point you gotta look at it for ways to Sunday and then you've got to say you know what they got it wrong or they got it right which isn't what happened but I agree with you Virginia Verduci when they came back the review which is what I'm thinking and I think most of you are thinking Davey knew that it wasn't that but then went off again and service for small businesses you know if you are making multiple trips or you've got people making multiple trips to the post office every day and it's costing please do it Mike Goldsmith is one of the better surgeons one of the better orthopedic guys in town and he's done my lower back operation twice the other thing real quick about Smoltz I agree with you small struck the ball that actually the people who I thought did a really good job if anyone did a good job I thought Verduci Rosengard Uchi happened with the redskins right after we make a prediction on this game right after I tell you about stamps dot com art stamps dot com is the perfect you by the 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Mike Mike if you want to tweet me Code Kevin DC THAT STAMPS DOT COM Kevin DC STAMPS DOT com never go to the post office again art is my Promo Code Kevin DC and you're GonNa get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage and a digital the Kevin Sheehan show podcast don't spend a minute of your holiday season at the post office this year sign up for stamps dot com instead and when you do so US got now I've had shots before I'm not a professional athlete I understand that but I've had those shots when I was much younger In both had no problem with it at all I just was worried for him I was worried about his ticker wanted to make sure that he was healthy for chip Hale there for a second even aware house sending thousands of packages a day stamps dot com handles it all with ease simply use your computer to print official US postage we really don't get too many of them but yesterday with the trade deadline and with all of the Redskins News we had essentially you know an afternoon full of so there you go you know this has been implied this has been discussed this has been debated we have known got thrown out in that spot you know I understand you're upset but you got you got you keep your cool there it's the world series it's it's not right that Dave Martine running back related and it was the report from less carpenter yesterday of the post about Dwayne Haskins sure how many of you caught this or not but he was a very interesting report from less carpenter the quote of his offense Bill Callahan's version of the offense we've known this for a while which is why essentially he's pretty much the only rookie started first game on Sunday. Here's the money quote from the story quote multiple people with knowledge of Haskins development a year when the post office is extra busy with people sending gifts and cards et Cetera. That's why you need stamps dot com anything you can do at the post office you can do at St he is what the story is in by the way could he start on Sunday yes case keenum remains in concussion protocol and can't play there's a possibility that Dwayne haskins could skins news and reports and reactions and by the way social media going nuts and redskin nation and then quiets down just in time for game six and then a quarterback that hasn't played football this year or hasn't started a game it seems like pretty much anybody that's had opportunities or by the way another one's going to start this about haskins yet we haven't seen play we haven't seen him coached well okay I was not a fan of haskins coming out in the draft said Haskins is struggling to learn the teams plays and they express surprise that he doesn't know them yet story on Dwayne Haskins in the post which is titled Dwayne Haskins could start on Sunday but questions remain about how ready he is it's really about how ready four hours a day seven days a week for any letter any package any class of male anywhere you want to send it wants your mail is ready you just hand it to your mail carrier or drop it off in a male more ready but I wasn't sure about him I did like Ryan Finley in particular Andrew Lock those are the guys like by the way the redskins football people I know me he was not a first round guy you know that was a contrarian view but to me I watched every single Ohio state game had no idea whether or not the Red Sea remember I think it was two thousand twelve we kept hearing about Ryan Zimmerman getting this cortisone shots like that was a big thing to the season he started off really slowly ticky started it's no doubt now right that he was overdrafted I think that that ship has sailed in terms of that debate he was overdrafted okay he when you which is more a pro style system at NC state but anyway here's the the bottom line with this he may have been the wrong pick I know I love Sean doolittle he's just saying man we get chip Hale in the weight room debut was tossing around like he was trying to get one shoe in Jacksonville we've known that there's been a bit of an issue some of you by the way in a sent this to me and said well you were right about Haskins I am not right did you see Ryan Finley is going to start an angles this weekend but we've seen rookie quarterback's all over the globe all over the league this year starting including guys like sixth rounders like Gardner but here's the thing with this story with all of the conversation about Dwayne Haskins this is a coaching issue too because he season and you're hearing things that he's a long term project he's got a long way to go you overdrafted period and we know starts up all starts up altogether again so I wanna start with something that is not trade deadline or Trent Williams to a future of nowhere you have to figure out a way to get him on the field in coach them up and get him comfortable again I've used this example a million times knowing what kind of offense will work that he's comfortable with he got him comfortable he's got an arm he's got feel for the in the pocket he's got size you've got to create situation for Haskins where he can get on the field and you can do that as a head coach is an organisation if you make it a priority least one person that really liked drew lock and I know of at least one person in their organization that really thought Ryan Finley had a chance to be good quarterback as well coming out of that system you have a shitty team one in seven and case keenum is the guy playing in front of you and you can't get on the field and your but he's a long term project you know and we need people that we can draft that can help us now because oh by the way we're close we're close wile Dwayne Haskins was struggling to learn the place to call the plays to get comfortable in the team's offense J. Gruden's I know it's not apples to apples with what the redskins her with what I would ask the Redskins to do but he he looked at a couple of pictures clap three times in through fifty touchdowns which they should be at one seven and having drafted him at number fifteen and with case keenum and Colt McCoy had of him right to pads to nowhere first or second which is what I think by the way the redskins football people thought they thought you know he's a good talent he's got some big time upside coach they got to create a situation where isn't so complex because you know who else had problems with this offense last year Alex Smith and he's been I would have a chance to draft him and I just said there are other guys I like more to me in Cuyler Murray was incredibly intriguing to me Daniel Jones let's get to the redskins news of yesterday because there was a lot of it it was really one of those days Aaron you know in sports in the city we don't get a lot of them the Truth Matters Hey coaching issue as it is a player issue all right is it possible that they totally blew it with this draft choice absolutely is in that season I think you're limited to how many of those you can get during the course of a year I think it's limited but I don't know if it's six feel like we were hearing about them getting one hi state he had exceptional skill position talent I understand that I understand through a lot of passes sideways and backwards but that's Urban Meyer coaching you know I tweeted out yesterday Erin number seventeen go deep everybody else do your best to get open onto break Avi that you know according to various reports that there were several teams that didn't have any better than a third round great on him and a lot of teams probably felt he was more like mentors in the organization and this is the concern I have they don't have them he would have been much better off going to another team with smart I don't get this at all and by the way these reports coming out typical redskins right you know quotes anonymous multiple people not that hard right this is not rocket science I understand it's more complex and more complicated than most of us know Cooley had the best idea lot of people need to learn differently a lot of people need to be taught how to be a professional you know that takes leadership it and we know from Jay Gruden's offense a lot of people say it's way too long in verbiage it's way too complicated simplify it is two games but once we got this you know five to two I think they were just thinking about his defense in particular it's throwing hot on every play that you're going to throw the ball on what does that mean that means that it's a one reveal you know the pressure's coming from and you throw it to the knowledge of Haskins Development said Haskins his struggling to learn the teams plays and they expressed surprise that he doesn't know them yet you know this is the stuff that is it is in my view it's more likely than not that they did blow it with this draft choice but you're not going to know it until you coach in the league forever he wasn't comfortable with it get him comfortable in get him on the field this is as much to his level until you give him a chance to get on the field comfortable because right now he can't even call the play other people that could have really given him a chance anyway that's enough about him how about the rest of the stuff that happened yesterday first named just Cleveland and that was problematic because for the redskins it meant less leverage in trying to Trent Williams there were more teams interested race they've already proved US wrong with their performances against Minnesota in San Francisco I mean laugh as hard as you want right now but that's what they think bad for him I've heard he's a good kid alright maybe he just needs to learn how to learn the the bottom line is they were in better position to make a really good deal for their team when more than one team was interested and he with the Laremy Tunsil trade when New England you know had Isaiah win who was injured and was struggling and they were looking for a left tackle Denver this shared goals is a disaster when they still potentially thought they were going to have a season Cleveland before they lost New England to fall the two and five you tell him not to worry about reading defenses not worry about calling out Mike's or shifting or changing protections you put them in the shotgun and again it goes back to my sense that they believe they're on the verge of proving everybody wrong here in the second half of the season Tae really do they think in many but one of those years I just googled Ryan Zimmerman cortisone shot and he had a third one in June so this this twenty one Adrian Peterson they didn't trade anybody that's going to be a free agent next year that they don't have signed they didn't trade anybody okay and I told you yesterday that my gut feel was that nothing was going to happen the Trent Williams Trade situation here over the last forty eight hours first of all I learned that the market for Trent Williams became true to me because I do believe that this smugness this arrogance that Bruce L. and the organization carries themselves with is on a trade for months and now nobody wants to bail them out close quote that when I read that yesterday that rung so earlier in the season and even before the season then there were over the last week the time to pounce on something was when Houston hadn't solved their problem folate start with this they didn't make any traits intrigue Trent Williams they didn't trade Josh Norman they didn't Trade Ryan Kerrigan they didn't trade they're really really upset they didn't get the result that they didn't get the win in both of those games they felt like they earned it they felt like they were really close now I learned something about hot receiver and that's all you have to do and on the other possession on the other plays from the shotgun you hand the ball to number twenty six offputting to everybody in the league and so when you combine as I've said before arrogance smugness with simple small-minded mindedness your Saturday the quote the one quote that stands out talking with league sources on possible Trent Williams move the redskins wouldn't take calls Ashley that's an oversimplification some of you were thinking that that that's really what I thought they should do the point is they've got to simplify it they got a code you don't know what you're going to get at that point remember this is a team that scored three runs in three games over the weekend at home and it's two one you're not sure what you're going to get from them Oh call me we're not trading Trent Williams you know it's not happening and then you get to the point where you realize Oh shit just not gonna make a put yourself into a position to make good deals you know when when the people are calling in you're essentially saying over the last couple of weeks it's just been Cleveland there was also something else about this and this one came from J. P. Finley Finley JP tweeted out yet we could really use something back for Trent Williams he really doesn't ever want to play for us well you know you've limited your marketplace first of all and then you've blown them off so many times in now all the sudden they don't want to bail you out okay makes sense to me now did they totally miss out on a Trent Williams blocked buster deals bad guy in this situation I am not discounting that as a possibility all I'm saying is that at some point you gotta think about winning games and this was not a revenge it doesn't help them win games but it makes them feel better now I'm GonNa say this as I've said many times I doing like he's been wronged which he may have been the organization may have been wronged by Trent Williams Trent Williams really may have been the total order this Trent Williams situation you know this is the way they operate this is bruce to a T. right this is you know again him it's not what Bruce thanks obviously but remember this he's going to be a year older next year and potentially hill only have one year left why they did not want to let him get away with getting traded and moving onto another place in getting a new deal you know they may have total justification greedy fool felt good to them you know leaking information on what a drunk Scott McClellan was made them feel justified for firing him and that's it it was this helping you win games and it hasn't helped them win games it makes them feel better just like low balling kirk cousins and implying that he was a it was true we haven't heard directly from you we've heard from your surrogates and if it's not true that's a real low road travel to talk about and disparity really even care you know they wanted to bleed Trent they wanted to make him tap out and crawl back they wanted to stick it to him wjr their medical and training staffs and by the way this is a team that stuck by you when you kept getting suspended for weed so raft I just don't think it's as big of a market as there was between say August an early October of this year but I don't think Bruce in Dan Act or if they are open to trading him teams get desperate right before the season starts early in the season or even sometimes right before the trade deadline on his contract that's not as attractive is to on there's more on that I'm going to get to that in a moment but is he still talented yes he'll be thirty two yes precedent set setting situation there were opportunities to deal him for some really good compensation and to bleed him More likely than not there will be a market for Trent Williams between January and you know next April before the I do understand the team's position on this but as I've said to you many times in the past it's Tommy's favourite line how much is the juice worth the squeeze in I think they're going to stick it to some more too I'm GonNa have that news here in a moment this is what they get off on all right feeling like they were wronged by somebody and then getting you absolutely understand why they are pissed off and I think it's totally justifiable why they are so angry and I believe that Trent Williams in his agent really messed up big time now why did he come back yesterday you know when he missed training camp or when he missed the the mini camp and I I mean I was calling for him to be traded last January but I said you know this may work out in the team's favor for the way they feel and by the way Trent Williams you had two years left on your deal you left your team high and dry and you left your team high and dry for something that we don't and make him crawl back to feel better about your position on this doesn't help you win games now there's more to this all right a lot more to this because came back yesterday because if he came back after yesterday he would have had to have been reinstated by the team to be on the fifty Lee because he wants to make sure that his contract you know basically gets credited for in learned about this situation so we put out this story yesterday about the Trent Williams thing and he said you know Trent Lincoln's reported back in essential fruit season and and he needed to be back by week ten for that to happen but in this particular case because he hadn't reported yet the team needed dreams attract to the seahawks in nineteen ninety nine and the seahawks argued that if he missed one regular season game his contract should what they call the baseline in some ways for the for future rulings florio wrote the ruling has since been interpreted for another year for a full year well Galloway ultimately won that grievance however that became sort of eight games on the active roster the redskins can use this roster exemption for up to three weeks toll for a full year right that's the term that we heard a lot yesterday essentially meaning that it gets you know brought over to the next year that it doesn't the this story Joey Galloway in Nineteen Ninety nine there was a grievance filed by as giving players under contract the ability to be on the roster for only eight regular season games to avoid tolling of the contract if at the Games that he missed during the whole out he's not getting credit for that season that if he had two years left on his deal now he's still got two years left on his deal because he held out so joey statement he needed to be back before week nine in this particular spot which is why he showed up yesterday but there was there's a a a wrinkle in Joey Galloway versus the seahawks situation in nineteen ninety nine Joey Galloway ultimately was a holdout and under Khan players on the roster for fewer than eight regular season games the team would have a potentially stronger argument for the tolling and he writes Williams rejoins washed prior to week nine so there are eight games left on the schedule so he should be good for six games on one of these lists to get credit nineteen with eight games left in the regular season if Washington takes advantage of the ability to use a roster exemption for Williams he'll end up with fewer than or the CBA a player needs six regular season games either on the fifty three man roster were one but I've been told that the redskins feel very strongly that Trent Williams really needed to avoid this opportunity from self to be in last week because right if they do that then Trent Williams isn't on the roster for eight weeks there's more to this though and this is where Trent Williams and his agent the reserve lists all right the injured reserve list or the PUP list to get credit for season six games which would tell you that Trent Williams needed her or one of the reserve lists which means his contract would not accrue it would not toll all right or would toll the US this exempt list to put him on there for three games which means that he will not have enough games on the fifty three man roster okay so what we have left we have nine left I eight left so if he's on the list for three games that leaves five that he could be on the fifty three man roster three man roster the injured reserve of the PUP list but profootballtalk put out a story for you actually put this story out and I did a little research and talked to a few people and I want everybody to know what in a week later if they use the three week exemption hill only get credit potentially for five games and that means the redskins would be in position to win excuse me it would toll to the next year and that means the redskins would have two years left on the Trent deal now it would get argued there'd be a grievance filed more likely than not for the season but then we go back to the exempt list opportunity that Floreal wrote about and this is what I have heard that the redskins are going they handled yesterday in an absolute irresponsible way with respect to the trade deadline I think they are detached from reality there's a delusional asks Alaoui held out for eight Games in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine seahawks filed a grievance saying hey he was under contract if he misses one game that contracts should toll back to their management team that is just unbelievable for to think grown adults in that business could be that far removed from what you've been in last week with nine games left and they use the three game exemption he would still get per the CBA this six games but since he came yes but I here's the thing you know I wanna make sure I'm really clear on this because I hate the way the Redskins do business I think had a team that trades form ultimately is gonNA understand they're going to have to give them a new deal and by the way at thirty two it's GonNa be harder for him to get this new which makes it harder on the redskins which is understand that yes I did understand that for the most part there's something I do I'm a little curious about as far as the two one yes logic says that obviously if he has two years you I'm all for the team doing that you know that to me would be good business now the better business move would have been to trade him already be in by what week ten so that he would have the final six games on the fifty three man roster now he came in right after week eight in multiple spots that they were asking for picks and Denzel Ward from Cleveland. Yeah for those of you not following Cleveland Denzel Ward the reality is there's a lack of self awareness in that organization that is mind boggling with that said specific to this Trent Williams thing if there really is it's an issue with their medical and training staff shame on him okay he two years

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