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Live from NPR news I'm child Snyder Democratic presidential candidate Joe. Biden. Is calling on president trump to step down over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. We have to be honest with the American people they're tough. They know as Franklin Roosevelt said, things get worse and worse before they get better and better but you got to level the American people shoot from the shoulder. There's never. been a time they've not been able to step up this president should step down speaking there last night at a socially distant CNN drive in town hall outside his hometown of Scranton Pennsylvania buying called the president's downplaying the pandemic close to criminal president trump meanwhile arrived back at the White House overnight after holding campaign rally in Wisconsin. They very big Hello Wisconsin we've been very good together. Thrilled to be with thousands of loyal hardworking American Patriots prison trump greeting supporters at the Moscow airport where he suggested that he'd been watching Biden's townhall. He mocked the event for keeping attendees apart in their cars both Biden and trump are scheduled to be Minnesota today. The first day of early voting in that state parts of the Gulf coast have begun cleaning up following hurricane sally NPR's Debbie Elliott reports hundreds of thousands of customers remained without power as crews. Work to help the region, recover rescuers used boats and high water vehicles to reach people stranded by floodwaters in some of the hardest hit neighborhoods along the Alabama coast and around Pensacola Florida in Orange Beach Alabama the devastation is widespread trees and power lines are down homes and businesses are flooded. The power is out and some roads are still underwater sally. What has been the worst direct hit that we've had orange beach city councilman, Jerry Johnson the flooding is Is Catastrophic residents say they were caught off guard by Hurricane Sally's strength as it gained power just before landfall Debbie Elliott NPR News Orange Beach Alabama military has confirmed him pr that it top military policeman inquired about the possibility of deploying a military heat ray against protestors does hours before federal police officers cleared a crowded partner in the white. House was smoke and tear gas in June. NPR's Templeton reports. A military spokesperson told NPR in a written statement that. A staffer for the top military policeman in DC sent an email to the national guard asking if it had access to two pieces of military equipment, a long range acoustic device called an Elrod and the active denial system or ideas which is known as a heat ray. It's called that because it uses millimeter wave technology to give the sensation of heat on the skin of people at targets with its invisible ray Dina, temple reston, and Pr News. This is NPR. Former aide vice president pence who helped organize the white. House Corona virus. Task Force Is Urging voters to choose Democrat Joe Biden, and a new video released by the group Republican voters against trump. Olivia Troy is sharply critical. The president's handling of the virus saying he's more concerned about getting reelected. The President says he's never met troy in the white. House has released a letter troy wrote upon her departure praising her task force colleagues the head of. The UN's World Food Program known as the WFP is willing to billionaires around the globe to contribute funding to help save the lives of millions of people at risk of dying of starvation Linda. CELO reports the agency's director David. Beasley made his remarks during a virtual UN Security Council meeting David Beasley says his food agency needs four point nine, billion dollars this year to. Prevent thirty million people dying and is urging the world's two thousand billionaires whose combined that worth totals about a trillion dollars to step up to help those who have the least the world needs you now Beasley said it's time to quote do the right thing he noted he's not opposed to people making money, but says, humanity is facing the greatest crisis a lifetime he. warned without resources, a wave of hunger and famine still threatens to sweep across the globe for NPR news amount of pseudo in new. York. The whose novel Forrest Gump was made into an Oscar winning movie has died Winston Groom was seventy seven. A cause of death is not known the mayor of Fair Hope Alabama where he'd been living announced his death on social media. I'm Jay Snyder NPR news.

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