Anita Makela: Secrets of Drag Racing


Today on the podcast we going certainly for me very much of taste the world motorsport after say drag racing scenario. I know very very little about two months with the company We've got here on your host. Ed Straw. Aw We say star guest with respect to my guests are star guest today. Is Anita McCullough full-time for Europeans fuel. Champion and reigning a legend Legend of Of drag racing. I would say thank you. Yeah I saw hits a educate. Educate me certainly I think would be the the mejet so I'm hoping to get as we end this hour side with a better understanding. I guess it's the challenge. Isn't it would drag racing of selling selling it to people because he's kind of a very specialized as Matt that's right. It's very small all sports. But they're caned I find it very enthusiastic and well. That's the sport I've been doing thirty years and I just love it accent. We will find out a bit more about that love of of drag racing. Surely we have brought in another specialist as well. In in Ruben Jackson of best describe of center pulled Santa Pod. I guess Yes yes I do. I work for them. And is it a part time basis. But I've been coming to Santa pod I it's been in existence for fifty four years and I- horrified. I've been going for fifty three of them and I've been working for them. I did essentially a forty year apprenticeship as a paying customer and then they offered me a job So I've been working for the now for twelve years. He is well prepared. You could say well yes. Yeah I hate to think how much forgotten put it lying. You fully forgotten far more than on on this topic take my final guest. Is Somebody with a little bit more knowledge of drag race in the neighbor still should we say relative Relatively inexperienced also magazine. It's a Kevin said now you have been you haven't not support relatively recently thanks to robbing a couple of times once when I was most news editor and then once this year and I put it down on my the three sort of standout wow moments in my most book career. If you like. The first one was watching for one contemporary along through magazines and Becca Silverstein. The second one is the first time I saw an anti walkout lemond and the third one was I taught field dragster leave the line. You've been going to multiple events for years and years and you kind of get a say you kind of get an idea of what's quick and and what you're looking at and you have to completely recalibrate that when you see Towfighi has could leave. The line is caught one of the most remarkable spectacles immutable. We'd say you sold it very. Well they're very very well. I'll have to get along failure. Facial let's come. What's a unique set? How how do you come to be at drag racing? Santigi asked but how do you how did you get into. It comes to be so successful over through years. I just got interested overall in muscle cars and a test wanted to test one of those dragsters. It was like a gas trickster and once you give you a small finger it will take your whole hand. And that's the way how the sport to me. I established this team myself. So I'm I'm very few of those ladies. Were having their own teams and maybe the most important work. What team owner can do is to choose the right people in right places and that's the area where I did succeed and that's behind off my success of these all thirty years so good team and These teamwork at its best. Everyone knows that in Motorsport Drivers need could team and By by the coup team. And when you're having success it will always take you even fast and faster cars Mohan running these ten thousand horsepower. Cars night to talk fueled tractors and they going from zero to hundred kilometers per hour feeding within one and we didn't have second so it's very quick half second and you're going already over one hundred kilometers per hour that's just performance and essentially you're saying about applies to all of radius about having the right people the right draw the right equipment is everything is made so it's a virtuous circle as we say but Robin perhaps you can put a little bit of context on on a neater for those not familiar with with our achievements. Obviously fulltime to European champion is a serious achievement. All in all in top fuel which is kind of the top ten. I guess. That's the category that people think of when Formula One of of drag racing. Yes I mean. It's exactly the same formula. Kilowatt is is the pinnacle of An enormous pyramid really with tremendous amount of stuff below that in top fuel is the same. I'm with drag racing. You know. There's a huge amount of Stuff below that me you can start out is of an extremely accessible sport You can simply come to Santa Pod. We have what we call our run. Walked your brand events where you simply turn up in your own road car Ten pound purpose on the gate. Twenty five pounds to sign on Ugo told a Running on the track and that's the basis of the thing. I mean drag racing started in in America after World War Two as essentially a road safety initiative. You had all these Sort of ex-serviceman coming back from the war often with mechanical article training and this hot running craze took off and the way that they approving their vehicles they weren't demonstrating clever driving skills hills or anything that was actually proving. The vehicles against one another was by racing on the streets. Perhaps some traffic light traffic light and so forth which of course was hugely the Illegal and dangerous and most people kind of wanted to horse with the people you know locking them up But a number of enthusiasts instead tried tried to persuade them off the public roads and onto in those days of course there are a lot of now disused wartime strips Around America so they. They used Those and they decided by chance on quarter-mile as being the classic distance that sometimes at that point thinking in terms of perhaps a half mile. And can you imagine imagine if we run into a half mile now what north the cause would be doing So it grew from that And that that element really continues as with the run Macci Brun Idea and you work your way up from that With top fuel formula me Lewan at the very top of it. I think it's worth putting some numbers on that. Actually because it's now the top fuel cars on over just a thousand feet now instead of the quarter. That's right cool from aw. Aw and even. So they're doing that. Distance in three point eight seconds and three hundred thirty three so I mean yeah the you couldn't. Ah Jason. Wasn't it for safety. Imagine what speeds would be being achieved. If for fifty years they've been doing over half mile. I mean the mind boggles the measure. I suppose is eight smile a to twenty yards at one point of course before they reduced it that was half track and certainly in America. Now they've been and 'cause hitting two hundred ninety nine miles an hour at the eighth mile and typically Ah dragster will will gain gene. Perhaps thirty to forty miles per hour over the second Hof war in this case the from the eight smile to the thousand foot point which even in that distance when an ordinary car gaining that amount of speed in that distance would be quite a lot but when the things during two hundred ninety plus in you know already The extraordinary the acceleration is extraordinary in the thing. So they get progressively slower in fact as they go up the track but that You know all things relative and a NATO I mean the forces involved must be unbelievable. So what are the biggest challenges on around one of the things. You're most concerned about most focused on from the moment that go. What what are the key things that you're dealing with? Of course first of all you have have to learn to drive this using miles per hour you have to use we we do normally so you have to get used to run over three hundred hundred miles per hour. You can't touch that step into the car and do it so it takes time to learn to do that. So you have to control the car all the way so On when launching the car under maybe at the beginning you visit is coming very narrow but when he learned to drive that kind of speed it will spread out a cane and you can make observations. And you see where you're going and that's very important because everything happens interceptor short time especially on the top end and You have to you have to know where you are and where the car is where you are going to take your car to and On the meat way the chief force es about five point five so it's at the biggest. Ah The midway and then it will come down until you call over the finish line and opened the breaking shirts but it's the it's the driver who needs is to control the car all the way but everything happens in the faster than you can think so. You have to respond of the feeling so I'm having like a spot in the middle of the track and I feel where my car is going. It's going like left or right. So it's my like recent with keep it in the straight straight line and my feeling with that and Tara shakes major thing as well. I mean that was just something I know your sister is yes. Sometimes you have to shut it off straight away because once that really kicks kicks in is carnival. I resonate so what can you do to to manage that in the first few y'all of the launch as dry. But you can't do anything it is done by the mechanics. Connex already the way how the car is going to behave. And Dia Sake assaulting that Because you have zero point eight the the pressure in the tires and it will grow when you push the pedal down but it. It doesn't have enough power to make the soft tire ground one. It will cause the tire sake and the tire say can be so severe that it will break the chess cut atrocities and of course. We'll oh keep you as a tribe of a very severe headache and that stuff so it's like hitting pipe baseball pat very heavily but okay. You can't drive. That's that's all you have to leave the pedal and The moment is gone. I'm interested in the the question of the of the amount of driving because people look at anything driving in a straight line but it. It's it's I guess when you're actually it's already as as so many adjustments estimates a make sure it's it's still going in the right direction election with amount of power incredibly challenging and kind of quite easy to underestimate from the from the outside and the most common thought ought after Iran is at. Why didn't I do like that because the moment is gone? You know you have to make the decisions so quickly and then you did the decision and you can't get the moment back anymore. Yeah so many things you have to concentrate and to and SAFETIES number one Easter in our sport of course and you have to realize that there's another car next to you and you have to keep your car in your own lane It's not the top speed. It's what can have which go what can call What can possibly go wrong in that kind of top speed with can cause the problems and you have to be prepared for that devoid of that that it doesn't get out of your control so I presume the problems that might manifest themselves when you walk license that subsidies they start early so you need to learn to recognize? That's a small problem now. The second half is going to be a unless a huge problem. That's when you that's that's right it out of it. Yeah I've had people say to me sometimes Real major sport has corners. That's what some shops had said to me. Once and I point out well I drive around corners every time I go out in my car and it's no big deal. The point is what's your purpose and driving live around the corner driving to the shops. That's one thing if you'll racing somebody else to the finish line. That's a totally different thing. And whether you'd driving around Silverstone Fatu hours or twenty four hours at the mall or a standing start quarter mile a thousand feet that becomes an entirely different exercise from just essentially going motoring so whether it's corners or not What makes drag racing? Standout I think is it's decisiveness. Hi Sickness you qualify against the clock. Yes but then it is head to head. The winner advances to the next round. The loser goes home and and there's no next lap on which to rectify any mistakes he might have made It's an extremely decisive sport in that respect so and you only have ah metro seconds to do all that well. It's it's like any top level sports in the sense that whatever it is yes to win is halt. It's extra yes I'm not saying about having teamwork of the themes will be the same. Yeah so more response to somebody said that would be able to come and have a look then. Yeah absolutely ah Yes and then especially if you're there early enough in the SEC. This of lower classes if the classes and you think okay and you get your own line and then it. As as the day progresses it becomes more and more crazy with a more more more and more impressive so as the other interesting thing from a from a driving perspective is with that amount of power. I guess the thing is I mean. It's like starting enormous isn't it. So He's getting that power down getting to kind of fill threatless graceful. Haven't how'd you control that amounts of Pyla seek tilt about you. Go this'll lighter pushes and try and get that bullet for that. How much of the run is just sort of controlling that power? Do you have A. How easy is it to get one hundred percent throttling everything stable? Does it never gets on that if you if you're going quick yeah driver. There isn't very much to be done. Because you just push the pedal down and keep it there and It's all about mechanical adjustments. And what they've been doing there. And it's like a straight drake bulldogs no gears. But they're they're coming timers. We saw putting more pressure into the clutch discs. And it's like activating them. I'm on the run and And you know It's control the whole run is planned to the Pacific track and what the mechanics. Fluke Mikan. the cruelty looks at. It's going to be like this and so the car needs to be a test like this way. So it's DECI decided by the crew chief mainly what's going to happen but I guess adapting conditions as he goes on there's more rubber down yes temperature if soundly signing if the sound is behind on the cloud everything effect and there's no active electric's on his areas old because a twelve stage clutch. Is that where you're up to. Now I remember saying is a multi-stage clutch that feeds in as you. Go down the run but you can't have electronically effectively mechanically decide beforehand. That's right so it must be a real fine are all that sort of setting up process and for example like this the heartedness and the thickness and everything is influencing to that and everything is measured very accurate way and try to make we try to make the car. Always the same way as it wat- before the Ron so that the crew can make new decisions how to make it go faster if it would be different after each round it would be possible. AH IMPOSSIBLE CHOP too. So in qualifying rounds we always drive to make the car the same way so the cruelty can make his Owned test meant to make the car faster. And that's why we have so much work to do. Between the rounds you can have all the talk and horse power in the world and it has completely useless. If you can't apply it to the track then you can apply to the track. You have the quickest call in the field. It still. Oh completely useless. If Dr Snooze is or doesn't you know fails to control the car properly so those split second. Things that can determine determine the outcome of a race and ozzy talking about toy margins in terms of the the race. Oh twenty four sub four second runs I guess just hundreds thousands insulating not a lot of time to do anything in that that speed hunched Akabusi. You when recently even this talk about the the you know the clutches sets up already funding are very interesting thing. You want to start a lot more as anything this when you start learning but call waiting need to see how it how it will work and really get understanding not just the spectacle which he referred to but just the just how complex challenges and all the things going on that you you you can never guess just from watching the absolutely. I think he's like anything more. You delve into it. The more complicated and difficult and sophisticated Everything is I mean not just opening I watering. I think we should also cover the notch. Percent Methane feel is very potent. So the things that Paul spectacles weather's the speed one amazed by all the loudest federal loudest. 'cause I think I've ever seen under the first win Reuben. Said what do make sure you get some earplugs and you know people say that Rice tracks overtime are lot. Hearing any old are definitely. That was the correct advice. Because it's just it's it's amazing you can hear it through your face or anything you can hear through your faith think without a follow on takeoff or something and the other thing was I'm Robin took me around the paddock. Very Open Paddock And we're fortunate if that's the word for one of the one of the cost to be followed adop- and it it's it's pretty well. You described his tear gas. You know his assault on the sentence. All of that has to be managed you know. It's not just jot any notes. Very exact measurement obviously strictly regulated. That's something presumed team to keep on top of the law as well is there are lots. It's in lots of restrictions. It's not just his path engine will God and run. There's lots of taught taught regulations as well like any tops boys in there. That question of the restrictions is interesting because it does it still feels like sell fuel dragsters and it will might just having restraints to still quite quite rural as well but how how wide ranging Auguste restrictions. I guess there's capacity limits that kind of thing but in terms of how much you can do. It changed much over the years. Is it more become more controlled more restrictions. In how how tightly controlled is it the the actual formula has beeen constant since the early nineteen eighties. The NHRA brought in the five five hundred cubic in true For dragsters for top fuel. dragsters in I think nineteen eighty-one that was settled on That long ago What's remarkable is how How things have progressed in that time? the the the supercharge on any bigger fourteen seventy one superchargers. The nitromethane hasn't got any nitromethane as it were And yet through constant refining. They've gone from those days. They were running the quarter mile in five and a half seconds at A. You know maybe up to two hundred and fifty miles thousand now to to nowadays hitting well over the feed down three point eight seconds or so Well over three hundred miles per hour and and that is simply being through constantly refining The equipment and machinery and Yes where Formula One. For instance the formula is changing every few years they they put in something different but it is actually stayed constant with with drag racing which I guess Everybody complains about the expense of drag racing good. It could yet even more expensive if if they were chopping and changing the formula. So what are the key. Technical Areas Th those gains coming from because I know the Americans conserve a fraction head out on the year top times but I mean they've got four five times as many events in so they tend to have more money as the mobile. When it comes to Britain she has to ocean crossings to do forestalled And you know that doesn't come cheap so The what made a big difference in the mid. Nineteen eighties was the development of the of the lockup clutch before that Data recorders. Now it's uniquely Violent Mechanical Environment And they eventually develop data recorders that could function in that. Not on one of the things they discovered was that clutches was still slipping the finish line so they started to develop these Initially to stage lockup latches watches but things that would actually look properly at a at a given point on the track nowadays is multiple stage. Lock up clutch that has made a great deal of difference. but again you know the engines back then I don't know making four or five thousand horsepower. Now they're actually measured as putting out over for eleven thousand which is you know monumental amounts of stuff not very long? But when they're doing it as you say boy do you know about it. so it's in those refinements in particular and particularly the development of the clutches. You mentioned the the expense of what. Is that the ballpark cost for for running. One of these cars. One thing is. We differs our sport from the other motorsports easily. If you have a race car you can't raise we that you need to have spare parts for example when we are coming to FAA event we can have. We are having four qualifying rounds and then in elimination round day the maximum three round. Because you know the first round there are eight cars and four cars on the finals. So so We we have to be ready to make seven round in a weekend and when we are leaving Finland we normally have seven short blocks with us. Sit of heads for the same amount and a lot of spare parts and In qualifying days we are changing the parts. Like I told you that we are building up the car to be exactly the same way before route so that the cruelty can make the chestnuts central to make the car even faster. And when you're asking the Baltic prices it all depends if he can keep that Packet in one piece. These are not so You can use like in America. They don't they. Just throw the parts away and get the brand new ones from the shelf so to say because they are professionals and they are racing in different level compared to us here in Europe. But because we don't have the money the to do so we are trying to mercer if he can still use to part like Beeston's androids Beeston's getting squeezed and you around one run or the roads can't be getting to Length of other lengths can cro- so we are measuring that maybe happy after the race weekend and if still intolerance can still use them so money was everything is depending what has has happened to the parts but overall idea is at if you have six racy so year it will take you about two hundred thousand euros up to. I mean over that whatever you break so if you push the pedal down and something is going wrong you can destroy the whole end tale from oil pan to that in the actor and every between so nothing can be used but sometimes for example the injector campy used. All the cylinder hits can be used on the floor all the block or whatever can so it depends what happened but It's got a disaster and these. It's like a bottomless thome. Less twelve you can always put more and more money and they know how to say. There's no limit for that but with two hundred thousand thousand-year does if the season is going reasonably. Well you can live with it standard practice of course after every single run that the engine engine is dismantled completely rebuilt completely and indeed any other damage to the call has to be repaired As less pressure in in this country but in America in the NHRA because they're on live television They have a now between rounds and they will complete the whole dismantling and rebuilding process in about forty minutes. Everything completely stripped stripped down. That's just a sign up so ridiculous considering the what you're dealing with that I mean. Do you see some of this going on you. A yes when I spoke to Anita In September there is a there was some serious engine work gang. Although I think one one of Nita's team strength is not having these cataclysmic engine explosions very often you. You've got a very consistent season having a and I I think that's that's probably part of the game as well as how much do you do. You push especially when you're in the knockout stages getting to the finish in Rio you. You don't have to break the European record every time day you need to get to the end whereas some of the I mean when they when they go they guy. They're not really do small engine blogs do they. I mean it's sort of earthquake happens. Yeah that's right and That has been my behind of my success that the consistency is in a key role in tame or has been by so far and that really helps if he can be consistent and we will say in terms of getting three pots. I guess ask anybody. Who's got the Vegas Dave? What drag racing is would have seen some pretty enormous shunned happening upset you with fuels caused caused destroy so I guess that's what's the other kind of risk as well you could you can do damage? I guess that's something that as she talked about earlier. In the hand of the driver in terms of detecting when things are going wrong. You're getting yourself into that situation as far as as far as possible. But he's he doesn't have very safe. Let's put it that way and I can tell tell you that the person I'm how the housewife on the farm chicken farmer and I I don't take any risks in my life life but a test drive these ten thousand horsepower Tocqueville. trickster and I don't feel unsafe because maybe because my family is involved Volvo a building up the car. My husband is a seeing overall that the car is built in the right way. I think safe a that. That reminds you of other draws before particularly looking at perhaps a slightly older racing culture. They're used to and they outing. That looks Alex Unsafe and they get clashing closing. That looks interesting and then if you sit them in one of the guy that's I think about it anymore because they're in their environment that's not what they're thinking about their thinking. How do I go quicker? How do I win? It kind of goes away. The more you're into it. The more was way absolutely. You're right that's the way how it goes that very strongly built drag racing vehicles. Sometimes people again thing odor and he goes short distance straight line not much to it but that the drive here's a course cocooned in a roll cage which you don't get On second racing 'cause because you need lateral vision whereas you don't necessarily in in attracts too so you you have this unit that you'll Sort of cocooned in and I mean some crashes that you see Ian Drag racing course the problem with circuit racing is going straight ahead when you should be going around the corner. It's the opposite in drag racing. When you go round a corner when you should be going straight ahead A not so much in top fuel but Promo Code cars which are the full bodied. 'cause they they frighten me They have very low. Downforce don't force but they can hit over two hundred and forty miles an hour and sometimes you see them get the air under then they get a wiggle on and you can get some really monster crashes but invariably touch wood He says touching his head Dr Is very often will simply walk away. You cannot believe some of the accidents here. You see the drivers walk away from. Because they're so strongly build. Glad you mentioned promos. Actually we should probably cut that off because as as the national championship I suppose very loosely. You'd say it's the sort of British touring cars have dragged the bodies out dissimilar speaking to a couple of competitors actually wasn't wasn't a million miles as well and they are there. I mean. Obviously they're they're they're not named teams have Performance is the top few cars. But I noticed that as well. They diesel skin doubts because the field is half you huge rear wing and they let you know the the. The dimensions are such But with the with the Promo which they're almost silhouette cars on those like yes every Maros or mustangs or whatever but they're bespoke silhouettes but they do skip doubts because they don't have particularly much aero toward the kind of to me. They're a little bit like historic racing way of going about it and they do skipping dollars because there are three different engine types you can. Yes that's right. As well saying he's drag racing has equalization issues the same as well due to talk about the three different categories within the national championship. The original Promo codes were unbeknown Petrol Engines with soot Nitrous oxide injection and then they started incorporating Methanol engines or alcohol agents. They call him the state's blown alcohol engines as you would find in a top methanol dragster that type of thing and then the last ten years or so they've have gone turbo as well So you will an of the of the original type the nitrous engines the UN blow nitrous engines. They go wrote absolute monster sizes Limited effectively effectively. Yes I think the I think the limit at the moment is nine hundred ten cubic inches. So so you're looking at getting on for fifteen liters All packed into a A V8 block. Somebody wants describe them as miracles. Rotating mass of one thing to say you have a big engine like that but getting the daunting to work at that size is is the most extraordinary thing the the The supercharged Methanol engines in the turbo methanol engines are smaller capacities but it is the the effort to try and balanced those out and equalize them. That is a problem and it is The Promo codes are the designated class of the motor sport. UK Okay formerly MSA pretty strong racing championship to also mention that when you say turbos and superstars the limit on capacity. They are still over eight lead. Yeah that's still I think people to can am and when Porsche Turbo charging into that People McLeod who can we get any more out. The chevys eight point two ebbing fifteen liters with with the non turbo shelter sabotage leaders. Overtly to reality is pretty and I think the next year air in the states They're raising the UNE blown limit to nine hundred fifty nine cubic inches. I think so you are looking at. I think Over probably over fifteen liters in that so but marine science monument in this country at least the supercharging seems to be marginally the one to say. Yes yes they tend to go. You get the highest speeds from the turbo. 'cause they tend to launch more slowly but then gather speed more quickly so they European Record is held by a speed record held by turbo car. Two hundred and sixty miles now but the elapsed time records Of being held all along by supercharged methanol 'cause so I'm Not a huge amount to choose between them but it certainly the traditional on blown cars that seemed to be seemed to be at a disadvantage disadvantage. has anyone ever tried to do a sort of a lunch. Adulterous for portraits. US will vote with supercharged and turbocharged can operate in different parts of it was that that explicitly implicitly forbidden under those rules. Yes but I dare say that people have attempted dot kind of thing in you know I mean this is how the pro MoD started did for as an outlaw class in America They decided to erase In the deep South where they go in for that full bodied cars. I mean it's the home of Nascar and back in a mid nineteen eighties. A few races there decided they wanted the debris away from the rules and they were particularly keen on the fifty five fifty. Seven Chevy shape though known as shoebox races and cramming big engines into that They became very popular and outer that. became this distinct class known as pro MoD. It is quite fun Sean. Spot the sort of silhouettes. What they're what they're based the story of a new comer? You've got motoracing background. Yeah that's tomorrow because what call one. This year was a plymouth super wasn't it that's right. Yeah yeah she's a it. It wasn't as if we have more diversity. In Europe. We slow as in the Americans. Needless to say on the pro MODs but might more more diverse body shapes. You go to the states now and Most of the Promo seemed to be I the current vehicles or late nineteen sixties. But you know you come here and we The earliest type body Shell. We've had here is a nineteen thirty eight four coupet Lost ears when not this year's ears but lost ears is a nineteen fifty one Chevrolet Business Coupe A Swedish car You know great character. These vehicles had and yet he could still run like the clap is to essentially see this this references to what we're doing in the US the US is kind of the how you move a drag racing. Nhra's Bryson like somebody just taking about so when you start to see you got the the interesting to come from anew in the US but think you started in in Finland the knee that saw him walk. WH- what sort of difference what what was going on in Finland what we what. We Racing Hanson. How how Wall Street lights operate in in kind of Europe as a as a drag racer competes sir? kind of perhaps what people might be more familiar with in in In in the US. Well I started. Of course the gas dragster between how much smaller than compared to these nitric sisters so the first steps raising in Finland. It was all about American American cars and they were like ordinary. STREETCARS and like Robin. Say that it's all about the history of WHO's having the fastest fastest car and Those days are so to say gone in our sport and everything is coming more and more like professional racing and over the years Of course we are following. What's happening in date because they have so much more races in annual pace they compared to us us so all the development is happening there? And that's why all the parts are coming there as well although the calls come from there that Bhutto to two year have you ever had sort of A desire to go and compete over in America so there have been Europeans of have gone on and tried some have been quiet glide competitively. So is that something you've been tempted by. It's going to go and say well I have to tell you. I'm so happy here. In Europe I have here. I know the tracks I know that officials resuls I know the fellow racers. I have my own friends at the race ways so I'm happy here. Maybe the early days because there was no difference between Venus American tracks and European tracks so we Europeans where we were dreaming that it would be so cool to American tracks and see how my car would work in the subsequent track but now the tracks here in Europe are so good as well. The difference is getting smaller and smaller compared to American contract so I don't see that they can do a very much faster instate anymore due to the track anymore so while I'm happy here but they'll say drag racing. It's kind of a minority. Might despoiling year of his name is not as many doing it. But it's obscene this quite a a small but very determined enthusiastic group of people doing it so I guess slice I you know. Look people guesses quarter a close community arounds around Europe it is it's like When I was thinking that what keeps me hooked the sport while Tease Betide of course ray actual racing east social life there because we are good friends and you're staying the night over at the area most of us so we are having who Lucena like Time to have a chat and get to know each others and that's part of our sports as well the social life and I'm very fond of that as well because at the pit area the life is it's unclean to be dirty and It's a luxury life but I love it all. I think that's a good. I includes the fans as well. I think that's why I mean I was taken aback. GonNa I went the number of people. There I mean it's an equivalent circuit bearing in mind that it's not a big circuit you've got people spread it around. You know. I'd I'd like to a good British touring car crowd in. I said top-end of a national or oh a big story making or something like that but I think Paul is because the the crowd defillo involve not just because they can see the whole run so in the crew goes to join the driver in rob they call often. They're waving they're going to be cheap especially it's been a good run. Everyone kind of it does feel everyone's involved in it and all the although I'm sure there are fans of individual vigil drivers and teams. Everyone just wants to see a really good run. They just WanNa see the numbers. Come up at the end with a record ron or personal best or something I think everyone conjugates be invested in it. It's it's actually quite a theatrical sport inasmuch as it all takes place in front of you On on the stage as it were whereas you go to a second race and people drive pasta and then vanish and then they come back and drive past you again. All this entire drama. The thing is carried out each individual matchup really is a drama in itself and it gets it takes place on the stage In front of you and you've got the audience Lined up on either side around it so it it gives that kind of an amphitheater atmosphere. Perhaps and it's not just the right. There is because the burn out the star as I'm drivers seemed to do most of the realm before backing up again so that kind of Austin Spectacular Pacu and then they're edging forward into the box so it kind of even though they caught short runs the e. s. over very short episodes of of a drama each time yes is also one thing that's been mentioned in passing with the same in each. He's kind of a family. The family team which I guess is although unusually it sounds quite important mm Fang and so so if you kind of did your family have you rub the Molenaar as we saw this kind of a drag racing family effectively just popey lock on From state who said that the family that race together stays together and if you can share the same passion with your family. Hey Hey how lucky you are. And I'm blessed with a family who is who one of them likes the sport of course when the kids way young like five six or seven years old. They have the choice to stay at home if mom and dad went to the raceway so we always took the kids with us and Obviously they are years that they get a little bit board but you know kids they easily pick up their own small tasks thicken clean salting and when they feel that they are part of the team that keeps them hooked. I swell among all now Paul. The night that's right. My daughter daughter Hannah cease working at helping them sealing the heads and assembling the short blocks with my husband and my son is taking taking care of our clients. So it's really family business so you call it places. They've gone down the civil engineering mechanical solid than the coma. I want to get in and have a guy. Cain one day if that happens Maybe I will join the MOMS club and I'll be worried what will happened if I'll give this car to my dear daughter or son and it's kind of funny that when you're driving yourself you feel how to say I can handle earliest but Kenema small daughter or some do that or even my husband. My husband is having coffee license as well. So it's different and if you're travelling yourself or keep the car to your dear once. Maybe she did another public vote. Isn't you do public with your husband. Say which one of you would get the drawing. That's why isn't it. Yeah it's it's it's more because of fun boy well my husband. So gentleman he always as you can have the seat. You did how you did have kind of a break in your career see at a at a family and oh those fulltime three of them have come in recent years I saw in the second half of your of your career. She recites that is quite unusual cease of a career break. You can come back and be even more successful that's right. I think that's very common Indo Women's sports overall whatever sport. That is the when you're having your family after kids. Your career is done but I had the possibility okay. It was me my husband who returned back to racing and I just went to see Thomas Raising kids and I noticed that my our kids krone so that they may not dangerous to the cars anymore and the causeway not dangerous kids and then would you like to try unless is it. He S and here. I am still and it's probably worth mentioning the right isn't it because you're I taught in two thousand anything of what what was happening elsewhere in most would put it in context marks you macro was just about to win his third world title. Jason Plato. Just started in British touring car. So that's a lessening credible longevity to remain competitive over. That's is that is that quite normal. People stay in drag racing for a long time in Europe at Lee we. Oh yes in America as well. There are people who are having a like a long career but Even off the thirty years I still feel can learn more and that keeps me still driving. I still feel that first of all of course I have to be competitive. I can't be competitive. DT And I can still learn can still go fast and in our sport experience bay play such peak kroll as well the mall. You know how to handle that. Ten thousand horsepower cars. The more you can the bitter you are although Oh of course the eight might slow you down but The other areas you can still say you can still be good or better than the other ones. What's interesting because that kind of drag racing about reactions arms and that kind of thing so I kind of think it? Ah kind of a very young person's guide but clearly it. It isn't an I guess. The Fat eubanks is successful now. So my success when in the Palestinians does support support. You say that experiences incredibly valuable experience is the book what can possibly go wrong in drag racing. It's very thick and although it is very short time we are driving but so many different things can happen and If these small mechanical problem glum it's all about. It's all about if the traffic can still handle and take the win although whatever happened and Maybe the thing is that whatever happens before you're going over the finish line you have to try to do your best. And after you're gone over the the finish line then the game is over and you never know the other one might get protest like few centimeters before the finish line. Never give up. And I'm Mike Car is built at. I don't actually see the other car at all. I don't ever know where the other car of course it so much in front at the it's offers but if it's like next to me we don't know which call one we racer so when we go over the finish line and slow down and just wait for our crews to come because of We don't always know which one one. But when we see the tow car coming with honing the Eh Carr and plinking the lights and tearing out okay. That's my car my car. I might give away then isn't it. I wonder at the point where you're talking about identifying problems before they develop and probably I imagine this truth Motorsport General Sport. Generally you probably probably say even if your reaction time falling away slightly you poorly make up for that then defying that potential problem earlier because you go all. This is like a sub-conscious though. I imagine this is like like such and such time I need to do this. Stop that happening where somebody who doesn't have the experience it's happening and they're reacting to it and so with the public that's right. Yeah yeah absolutely but to compete. I mean if the other car works as it's supposed to work than it is hard to beat if he's like mechanical the problems of course you have to try that. UK usually get what is known as a pedal fast in eliminations. Obviously it's it's who gets to the finish line first that wins and it doesn't always mean you're you're running to maximum we An extremely good example of that that was The European finals about seven or eight eight or nine years ago When it came down to the championship and ship came down to the very final run the final round between Earth Air Backer and Hristo Potanin another Finished driver and and both of them struck the ties at the launch and They were on and then the off and on and smoking the whole way up and it was. It's it's one of the most memorable final rounds at anyone has ever seen in actual fact I think And you know they managed five or six seconds. John's I think in the end when they got there but it was it. Was this on off on off all the time. Neither car was working as it should have done But get to the finish line. First and the winner was the champion for the year. So and that's where the nature of the event changes isn't it 'cause during the qualifying if you do have a problem as normally shutdown down and there's no point in putting strain through the components whereas once you into the knockout you'd never know someone is having even worse problem than you so you just you just have to keep going. I think that's idealized. Some of the terminology pedal fast food is always star guest on To BARRINGTON BOYLSTON expert. About how wade is kind of a neater set in terms of the rights in the European and Anita currently is is the the European drag racing superstar Victory of the European finals in September was her fifteenth FAA Top few win which puts a six ahead of the nearest challenger on the wind list. There's about well if it doesn't events a year so yes yes yes so she's dominant At the moment and she's one of well at that the European finals we had eight top fuel fuel cars and four of them were driven by women and An eternity qualified third. I think didn't you'll not but DOT COM The eliminations day absolutely size lose the opposition Who you know weren't up to scratch and so so forth and yet Anita wanted straight through So extremely impressive display there is a need to the any particular the draw. You're looking out for the cipher next season of thing and they're going to be difficult debate or or you say focused on your own game that you're not really to build that who you're up against when I wake up on Sunday morning. I'm only thinking that whoever is coming I have to beat if I want to win. You have to beat them all. If you WanNa win you have to beat them all so I keep on telling myself and actually. I don't pay very much attention. Who is on the other line KS? All might sport focus on doing your job giving giving Roy because that's not to worry about without thinking about anyone else's anyone else is doing but I'm I'm very keen now and getting the two sons opponents I was. I was just looking through your actually the sensible very very busy event calendar sense now in the course of the year Not all at weekends Not all listed on there. I mean we have drifting events almost every week I think Wednesday afternoons which. We don't advertise not a spectator prevent such but is pack the place out with with drifters. They will come in. So there's essentially something for everybody that of the conventional drag races as it. Were there only well airfield more now. I think that probably only about eight in the course of the year but so many other the things we Volkswagen events there some of the biggest that we have and different Different Karl Marx and Family Events Um and you have your own historic event historic tends to go track styles. Yeah well we actually have story events on that right yes yeah nostalgia. Drag racing is what it is drag style and that's a relatively recent event. Dr- Nostalgia Races have been taking place Since the nineteen nineties They tended to hold them at The now defunct Shakespeare County raceway long master near Stratford-on-avon But we developed drag style. I think twenty thirty was the first year that it was on his now become a very large Event and but we also have a couple of other The hot rod drags and and The nostalgia nationals wish both migrated over to us from Shakespeare County And there's also the vintage hot Rod Association have a race as well so you're quite Well covered you know if if historic drag racing is your thing The drag style is is the biggest best best of the lot. I want one other thing mentioned in now. No one's primary to say it's on the face of it. It's quite complicated the different classes. I feel viewing whole event. The Oxygen Carter's in different things. You can go in for by my experience. The the programs of really helpful they wanted this essential reading. I think if your new comer to sit there and go through and it's really good and explains what you're watching and then you can get your all in our says that'd be my recommendation to any in November. Two goes to get the program and actually I did enjoy that because at the back of the set. I've got a glossary with lots of those fabulous Jack racing terms that you enjoy. I'm enjoying enjoy them. Definitely GonNa get so I guess the ones that stand out as you got the first and last rounds of the European Championship says one on the for those in the UK year the Spring Bank holiday in May so may twenty any seconds a twenty fifth and then September thirteenth. For the for the finale. Those are the ones that are absolutely there are two Primedia Crimea races We tracked too big crowd. We attract all the top teams from Europe. And that's the next time we shall see Anita presumably unless you have to becoming tested rested Easter or something of that sold but Yes the round one of the European Championships Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May other active. The venues for proper drake's no not any more sadly the other MSA or Motor Sport UK Sanctioned venue was Shakespeare County that has gone the way of Housing Estate Sadly And then there was your Chris way which has closed down beginning to be reborn again. I think in a small way for various reasons so Santa Pod is actually now the only functioning permanent drag strip in the country entry. I mean they have they wrote run Drag events at other locations fields and so forth on a on a fairly small-scale l. basis. But you're not going to see the top fuel dragsters and so forth nowadays Years ago you could maybe run those airfield sites nowadays you can't you need. The purpose has built the proper tracks with proper safety equipment and so forth and he's how many top venues in in Finland is that sort of there. Is that one Goto or more only one one. FAA event but they of course they are like in local races as well for a smaller category cars cars and Maybe like There are two different Two tracks in Finland or and then they have like a street meet STREET STREETCAR SCANNED RACE. Like airfields on that stuff so but only one. If I ate event similar to Zahir that in that regard that's got some old tracks thing that's persuade Silverstein smell some of the phone circuits of God. Sir Who dragster famously famously Hockenheim can hook nosed foreign to some of the jobs that can keep the good apple. Rain's GonNa says Oh yes whereas its big deal in in In Arabia Bahrain and Abu Dhabi and The country's is the busiest form of motorsport which people don't really recognize one of of your Former colleagues on on arrival Publications several years ago wrote A review of motor support in the in the the Persian Gulf area And I spoke to him after that and he said to me you know. What the busiest type of motor racing is there? I said yes I do. Actually he said yeah drag racing and there's a lot of it not not at the top fuel level but Street 'cause Promo type cars and so forth. It's it's A great deal going on there. You can see well it just from seeing what's on the roads actually places a lot Bahrain Lorraine into by an abbey some questionable driving Messo. So I understand I never get to but yes and you can see the on if she said the American cockroaches very obvious. That's that's a good gives us a kind of a a growth area Well it's been fascinating you to get a bit of understanding of it really Joy I'm honored to work out whether either those European championship rounds. It's a sensible cash for next year if they don't all definitely be along to as otherwise. I saw him much more than meets the eye to this to this kind of thing and also so many analogues with the rest of my exposure. Recite Sir. My Noviny coolness still assigned thing isn't it. Thanks very much. I need some accurate Jackson. Kevin Sooner so please checkout autosport dot com for latest in the world of formula. The rest of Motorsport. Let's magazine out. Every Thursday the US will put cast out normally every Monday and Thursday. And you can find that wherever you found this. Thanks for joining us. We'll be back same with another. We'll we'll put cost The music is six. Am By treeline written by Marcus. Awka Simmons See soundcloud dot com forward slash. Trio Music

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