Home Game Saints One. Two plane remains the best kept secrecy. You went platinum game. I could easily say they like went. Done Whoops Cook for those listening. There's a lot what happens when you reopen year computer. What does it look like? What kind of mayhem does your computer like when you reopen even know? I always wondered if I when I close it. Out of the compensation wanted just close those dumbed down those guys we just carrying your laptop at the office and you believe how on those guys I'm talking about couple tyler. Coley Coley was the leaves his laptop. Open this all day because you could just give me and see if I was talking about him I would have long had to punch someone in the face of that were true. Yeah lots backwards again. Someone's getting clobbering. It's my favorite weekend to the air. Well used to be now not as much. But that's a Saturday conversation for not this show. Also weekend I still love it. I've always loved it. It's like Christmas to me. I take a very childlike approach. This weekend everyone else who likes to shit on this weekend while they watch reflecting second of it a heaven year. I fucking hate those bills. My least favorite while the entire Internet the NBA All star weekend bashers. Who sit there and watch every fucking second of it. You guys fucking stink. I hate you. You'll never be your friend. Imagine how bad is going to be like with all. How bad basketball media's Leading up to the All star break. I think it's going to be horrible much worse bad and it's going to be like negative three hundred degrees so people are going to be pissed too. I M people. Let's see. Where do we want to start the skills challenge as they start goes as far as I? The strangest event. I feel like it. Changes without anyone really telling you Every night knowing tells you it is passable legs of shift. Something not even tell the players I. You didn't do the behind the back three sixty. Nobody told me to do that. What do you mean it used to just be used to be on the core Solo and you had to go all the way around the court and then we're GonNa put you head to head but it's like if I can't remember if this is right but if you just missed the bounce pass through the tire three times you can just tell you to go. Actually you just throw to immediately to throw the other gives a fuck go. Do I bet you. Good job. Sealer fluctuates Jason Tatum. On it last year through like full court shot and At the BUZZER. I don't anticipate tatum. Winning again Hey don't think we've ever had a repeat winner in the Star Sean. Not that I can do at once. You're like I'm done. It usually don't go back. Any were Spencer Dinwiddie. Who Do you got a why you'd WANNA go back? That's what I'm saying once is more than enough. I'm going surprisingly with Shakeel. Alexander plus four fifty one. It's real. It's all matchup now. Because they do it head to head but they're going to match up like Bam and Sa- bonus are gonna go against each other so somebody kind of big is going to make it to the finals. Just because they're going to quit like guards against guards Batra was gonna go against like dinwiddie. I don't know where they're going to put against. But like he gets against Middleton take militants plus four fifty is we have probably Tatum could be Beverly Shea. Fine will take insurance is going to stink. He now on the wrong Chicago. That's the only thing is me some pause. If he wasn't it does not matter. If you're good to win this event it absolutely does not. It's always someone knows Jason Tatum. One Who it's never like. Oh yeah this guy will now now as never how this goes like I think could do it. I might take the bonus honestly It never actually since I'm on Alexander. Okay regress in no I like it. I like a lot actually replacing rose. He's replacing rows and rows was doing it for Kobe's shades donor for Kobe coat. We go is locked at four fifty one game here. We go Nominates beverly I think he's going to do exactly what I just said she? In just throw rebounds passes at once run back and then he just goes up to the podium anyway. I can't Jason Patrick Beverley a real Chicago Sal. He just steals it. This is the three point contest which they've changed for the first time since they added the three point contest. I can't imagine what other chains they would've made They now have to essentially four point shots wide idea that we're not moneyball there. These are they still have the regular moneyball but these were three points so the money balls what to my boss. Who so yet now. This was worth three. I think they added time not a lot but sometime. Because you have to take two more shots now It's still within like the five spots on the quarters. The four point shot like somewhere else. Big Three now. You know you exactly victory style. Oh I like it features. A new look additional two shots in the mountain dews zone two locations positioned equities in between even looking at what you're reading between the rats on top of three point any adjacent wing rack each two balls pedestals in the mountain dew zones locate six feet behind the three point line and holds one special green ball the three ball. Clever make some sense. I don't know I don't I don't like that. I don't hate hearing it. I'll have to see it in practice. It's still through like a threes of three stalling. It's not real. There's just nothing like those contests when someone they almost go into a trance and you can tell from Iraq Iraq just on a different planet. Now you have to make this completely different path out. I don't know if we're going to see someone go on like crazy hot streak unless you're taking these last two at the end. I don't know if you have to be like Corner Wing. Take the three top for the end makes sense but is it but like a balls on rappers. You get passed to you law. I think it's GonNa be like you know how they have the one people dunk with on. Its own fucking pedestal. Are they going to be like that? yeah. I think it's GonNa take because I don't think they are gonNA make you take it at the end unless you can take them whatever you want. Which can you start wherever you want? Now I don't think you know that wouldn't make any sense. I think shortly as long as you take all the shots who cares you want to get your hot spots at the way I if you WANNA get your cold by that other way I who cares. What are you guys got? I mean we're not. I'm not going to be there With Tyler to be able to give Joe Harris the proper pep talk. We gave them last year so I I can't in good faith pick him knowing he won't have the same routine as he had a year ago. An at Guy. Guede with this new fold like we would have advice to give him. He's going to go in there with no advice and I'd like I'm pulling for him still. Obviously I don't I don't sit. He just misses every shot. And he's like fucking Davis Burton's win when the ship myself bretons he probably will forefinger assassin. Listen that's long gone with plus five fifty going. I don't hate it won't trae young favourite all right. There's no reason pick anywhere else. He's going to win is he. The Hitler I Levine. Being in this criminal someone should be arrested. I I saw. I thought I was looking at the DUNK CONTEST. Enos opting out of the dunk contest to being the three point contest and he was definitely pressured to do something with it being in Chicago and he's just like not. Not Duncan Scott doesn't need to know that nobody likes to try hard. We know you're junker. We don't give a fuck. You can shoot threes. I don't want you. I mean I could get like he's got two of them but it is Chicago. Nobody's has anybody ever won. Both Don Point Guard bird who can forget his vicious rim rocking and when he dominic literally do the basket to win. The I like Lillard three someone else's then I'll agree. That's but I don't know if anybody's I'm looking at the three point contest when is now I don't think Marko? Bela Nellie won the dunk contest capone. I remember Caputo when he will the dot contests I was like. I'm looking heir. Gordon Devon Booker Joe Paul Pierce Daiquan. Cook Sean Leonard. So if he does get its history which I guess is cool but what else history. Three straight gut contents coup they. I can't good-faith pick him. I think he's GonNa mail it in. I think he will dunk. I wish I could bet on him dunking during the three point contest. I bet he does that. He scores like seven point. Two for the last one. He just like watch this now. I think he's GonNa Stink. So bad is going to be out of it and as times expires. GonNa Dunk One. Like that's what I'm saying. Like seventy s Rach. Fuck this. I'm GonNa take my legs twice. Hey Buddy healed here. But he's either going to be a limit he's GonNa be the first one eliminated or is going to win out those going to be anything in between Devante Graham thanks great art. That's going to be my second. I always take two so I'll I'll share. Take I get now trae. They feel like they've added this new shots separately for Trade Dame and staff but steps. Not here so you got trained. Damn I think that's what they'd like to see. They want grams GonNa win. I think my second. Probably Duncan Robinson. Could he's like like Trey and Dan? I gotTa do this and will interviews and still play the game. Karam's light. This is great. I'm just a guy you gotta take one of the whites. You just all whites to Brittan to Robinson lock it. Yeah absolutely like Joe on it like you just can't if we're GONNA BET to. You gotta take one of those three of them this year. Levine's mix them. I don't know if that helps them or hurts them. If you took like a tray an Levin and you put them in a beaker of sorts and you like separated their their colors and so started experiment the two of them combined would give you like forty five percent white good math. Good Ole eugenics and that's what we do here eugenics and global warming and next phonology talk fast honest phonology when for analogies when they used to take like a big like hook type deal to measure. How big your skull was. And that's how they tried to tie Wiley rises. That's how they tried to determine your intelligence dumb in the day I would've fucking thrive back. Then ask all metal live. You look like an egg genius dunk contests the most hated competition on the planet. I don't even know. What else will be close? All-star STAR game itself. Yeah but I was thinking like Homerun Derby. No-one hates the home. Run Derby Derby nobody cares about the pro bowl was aided right but everyone even like outside the pro bowl like the events that they don't advertise with all but you catch randomly on. Espn at like three. In the morning. Those are sick like those should be made a big deal of knows at Roger Goodell. No they refuse and the hockey skills contest. I feel like it's people buzzing so it really is just. The Duncan does. Let's eight it and it's only hated at the NBA level. People like high school one people like the random ones that pop up on instagram over the year the NBA among the Basler asked Boo Boo Yucky. And to those people's Credit Dwight Howard's in this one hammer Now you're going to white much. Yeah you have to do what he was going to do that like the Kobe. Who's GonNa help them out things now wonder? I think he's got one like insane duck plan but I don't know if he's got like four like enough to get to round two and three. I'm not taking anyone but him as the best odds for sure. I loved him in this now. Kate people who didn't people didn't like that dunk when it happened if they if they like it novelty furious. There's one fundamental rule about the NBA. Contest on the James White so the world on the Shannon Browns of the world on the Derek Jones Juniors of the world. Enter the competition. They just don't win. They never win the clearly the best athlete bear in game. They throw out insane dunks when it gets the contest either all of them historically have kept their best dogs for the next round or they never make it to make it to it or they're not that fucking creative. They never ever win here. So I'll go with Aaron Gordon surprising. Listen you pick. The guy is what it before. I'M GONNA whiteboard. Feels like the perfect topper to black history month. I could just I could just smell it. Pays like the third odds again. I think Aaron Gordon. He's GonNa I think he's the only one here taking this seriously areas originally needs. He won't retire. 'til the as slam dunk title. It's true impact. Content just keeps out of nowhere just flying like Chin at the rim ducks. I think he'll do like the. He'll put like the warm up online rent. Barry Michael do something another white dunker dope went on for how Hitler wasn't He's a Massachusetts boy. Never engage whenever Walberg is going crazy donaldson and he did. I think in the highest combine pies averted has gone by a crazy athlete. So lately is a forty four inch Max vertical which is half a lint half an inch less than Hamadou and it was the second high as ever recorded some comedy gets up so yeah I don't WanNa do not that tall which will help them to so that always eight six nine six four six five. They'll get that been for the Dow to get these white so people but Anna's for what he's doing out there. Oh my God. He did a two handed slam two feet ten ten ten ten. If you're short or white you got that going for you in the dot contests stats over two bit. Do I look terrible pick mush I is winning not a chance chance? You said that Gordon's got nothing like that's all he didn't do. What do you think do I play basketball? He has to adjust this a la even if he wins. This people like people. I can meet one way or the other they are they are. Yeah I was whatever tribute donkeys gonNA. That's GonNa give them a fifty. Yes march tool like when Dave goes on man on the street. Everyone's gone old boss still great fucking old. Dwight Howard jumping over shit. It's GONNA be Great. Is the only person excited for? I wish I really. I can't wait to see Jesus. Christ I can't wait till Iron Gordon like jumps over the Jumbotron dunks negative a forty two like gourds been the best for like three years ahead and one. He's the only reason I kick. You probably have the best dunks again. And that's why you have to pick them. There's no as losing again. There is no in game losing streak there. The twenty editors in St. There's just no way he can go in there and lose again. Not It'll be a great story. He's like he just plays told Vince. Carter's aid because he's still going at. He never gave it up the All Star game itself. Mvp I WANNA talk. When are because I don't think anyone knows how it can be one definitely Lebron's the browns winning pay no team out. GotTa stinks at drafting horrible. But it was funny. Like he's like I want. I want the ball so I'm not taking James Harden that was funny bathe him into he walked right in. I love everybody's just like Fuck James Hard even bother. It's so funny. Who Get Tyler for. Mvp I really WanNa go jaanus just because I kind of think this is. I think it's the third straight year he's been the. Mvp had a team in loss to Lebron seen. I think they win this year. But he's plus five hundred for odds odds Russell Westbrook is plus four thousand four th that when he's playing like a madman he's got like what twice. He's got two of these already and you talk about Kobe. Guy Wanting to go out in the All Star game and show out Russell Westbrook plus four thousand. I mean you can't argue with those shots now. It was what I was thinking as. Well 'cause I a honest teams not winning be. Yeah we're westward. Is the Kobe guy here? The biggest like maybe Lebron aside. But they're on the same team and Russia's the one guy like I don't care what you're doing James I'm going to the basket like everybody else had deferred Lebron. See how he plays out. Russia's light give me the rock now right and Westbrook he can padded stats in the middle of the game with just wide open fastbreak dunks and it's like how does Westbrook APP twenty four twelve dogs and the fourth all you do is get past thirty at all. I don't think that's crazy. Chris Middleton is plus twenty two hundred Russell. Westbrook is word thousand. You've been shitting on close personal friend. Chris Middleton a lot today. He's plus twenty thousand two hundred. He doesn't have to all-star MVP now not a knock will who has who has three Let's see now me involved at four. Would you say much? I'm going to? I want him to have an unbelievable season. Really still care about them every. Oh okay three. Oscar Robertson has three. Michael Jordan has three shack and Lebron the browns interesting because if he goes Kobe guy gets four to tie Kogi. But I don't think we're Russell Westbrook no no. I don't remember durant winning last year. At all in fact can't remember. He played last year. Neither he's got to he's got a Westbrook Break Tie with Durant which would be very koby breaking shacks Yeah Iverson's good to Malone's to ads as good to a lot of twos. The westbrook getting into this will abroad. Stratosphere would be pretty good prayed. Purdue you're only going Lillard Yeah. I'm only going him co I feel like what's number Plus twelve hundred. Now they'll probably arrest cares enough. You have to care to get this. No for sure. That's what he should be lowered. The Middleton I'd argue. I'm trying I was looking at it. Just didn't expect to see what's his name in the like. Sembene was four thousand. Hate that either but not the same as Russ. Third just goes crazy. She makes a three three seven hits a three. I think he'll win it. Let's play it like if he just goes curtain at the very end to ice the game. It's a corner three. They'll go wild he should do nothing but shoot threes that incredible Just it's crazy. It's so easy to be likable as an athlete. I don't understand how no one's really figured it out. Some people have not enough not not many one drink chug a beer once to throw a little shot at the at somebody now. Listen I've seen Tom Brady? Chugged Beers people. Hate that fucking guy. We hated him. Before we check the beer's he doesn't have to be like Lindsey so good like people love them. Luckily so good and obviously Hannity sucks like I don't give a fucking two way phone. He don't eat breakfast so anywhere there. Who's a Susa Mound? Give a fuck about if they're good bad or the personality but they chug the beard like took shots on twitter. I would like looking at these names. Luca Danni If Luca Hits a three turn around and shelves of Beer in the crowd Look Best Best Selves Best Jersey sales in the world like I'm hardens plus sixteen hundred. I don't think there's a single thing James Harden could do to an MVP eagles court sixty points in this game. And they'll be like I mean at Aachen was on it or I mean he wasn't one of the ball West. Everybody going team. Lebron Westbrook Gone West Berkman. Longshot would be westbrook no but like a long shot would have to come from. Tim Janas because they're not GONNA win Donovan Mitchell will be my longshot. Yuck right that's why it's a longshot. Have another single to trae young scoring under fourteen or fifteen points US. Me Is plus one hundred just like it's his first time even if he starts he's not playing crunch time. I think it'll just be one of those. You'll get a couple of shots. You're not starring here buddy boy. What a win. He'd better play a lot. Who is he on the team or Lebron on US So yeah I don't know took Middleton first overall it was I love the loyalty by veggie great horrible. Gm absolutely horrible. Arctic up got now I saw the raw so I thought I was reading them. Raw Lebron I have like the first ten ticks dude. That's what I thought to John's had like eat. He auto drafted by an accident. Something showed up late he just. He kept Minnesota Vikings. He just the clock expire in bronze. Like all right. Anthony Davis But yeah we'll be back out on like a fucking week. 'cause there's no games yeah true so congrats. Most you have thirty minutes back day. The out that's nice for precisely four days enjoy. My friend. Remind me when they come back. No Shit you dear God love you palace.

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