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Talking to my good friend Dr will before we get to our conversation I wanNA give a quick shoutout to our friends at the one tell ya the guy who made today's episode possible Hi I'm Elise Lunen chief content officer and Co host with Gwyneth of the podcast today I'm Tom Wilco hywel hey friend here we are I still remember the first time we ever spoke on the phone years later here we are you just participation attracts positive things I'm GonNa Paltrow this is Goop podcast bringing together thought leaders check out to get twenty percents off your purchase of the pure shampoo conditioner or messed this book the inflammation spectrum today we're talking about implementation of course and chronic health problems functional medicine and how most inflammatory conditions I culture changers creatives founders and CEOS scientists doctors healers and seekers here to start conversations because and we can start to decrease the frequency and intensity of these issues people are going through okay let's get to my chat with Dr improvable that most of the time it's up to us and our lifestyle choices to manage them we talk about will's family's history with auto immune disease and how his conscience we don't need another fad diet we just need like what's a sustainable way to use food as medicine to feel good because people are so unnecessarily struggling with health problems so young most importantly will take us through the ways we can learn more about our bodies and the ways we can calm inflammation to move in the right direction for health Co host of the FELLAS podcasts. Now you've written two books my second book I have to say you let it go the Mayo soul is like it's unbound it's limitless but we will use words to limit ourselves the asking questions and listening has the power to change the way we see the world today is no exception a letter Leesville you in on her extraordinary guest and I'll come back there are no sulfates parabens silicones it's Vegan and naturally fragrance te and it really works gene loves the pure shampoo conditioner and messed so much drector will tell you that one of the most exciting things to happen in a while is this a new line high-performance clean hair products designed in the salon of one of the world's top healthy fear inspired him to become an expert on inflammation we'll get into developing healthy attitudes about food where we fall on the inflammation spectrum and how well manages to look the people stop believing that somebody's got your back or Superman's coming we turn to ourselves and that's where you become empowered careers don't hold anything to tightly just wish for want it let it come from the intention of real truth for hairdressers Frederick Takei it's called the pure collection by the one tell ya the Chi it's made with ninety five percent natural ingredients including soothing Aloe Vera we've got them stocked in the goop shop now but you can also shop the pure collection at the one by DOT COM in if you're on their site you can enter goop all right over to a lease whoa colds a Functional Medicine Practitioner Co host of the fellows podcast and author of Kito -Tarian along with his new Tehran because he told me to go and she's job wage she's glowing and her I think she was doing it with her cousin who had lost after the conversation to answer a question for you if you have a question you'd like me to get into in our next round of ask me anything send it to US goop on instagram or facebook thirty five pounds and needed more of an health intervention but God dammit why don't I take other people's advice and just you're a you know every time I come to you you're essentially like do kito -tarian like what are you waiting for the Keita -Tarian Diet and I don't take your afraid I was a conscious a healthy fear of this this is what could happen if I left my genetics up to their own device and just nation that's going on and I think that what's going on on a micro level on a personal level is climate change on biological level that this breaking the goldilocks principle inflammation should be high when we needed to be an calmed down when when the problems over when the virus has gone and says so much easier to give advice is so much easier but you take your own advice yes I do I mean you are tuck everlasting Peter Pan Nation is a product of our immune system it's a good thing imbalance soave inflammation imbalance fights viruses and bacteria hills our body listen to diabetes heart disease autoimmune conditions hormone problems it comes to resistance to hormones digestive problems these are all inflation I'm terrified of my theory high score I definitely qualify for poly inflammation so all right so let's talk about the inflammation spectrum let's talk about even what story even the things that maybe the common person wouldn't even think of of as inflammatory like anxiety depression fatigue these are all in when you look at the level of chronic disease in our society the commonality between these is chronic inflammation ED literature to at least have an auto an inflammatory component if not before blown inflammatory conditions so this is a problem of our society and as I say in backwards Benjamin Button you are Benjamin Button is it just because you're I know you're not vegan anymore but ten years as a Vegan Vegan for ten years any everyone loves to diagnose themselves as you know yes I gave them a quiz quizzes I love the quiz although I'm you look like a fifteen year old I am actually I actually eighteen but thirty five but thank you live in the same bracket and essentially despite not eating more calories and despite potentially exercising more than our counterparts in the seventies we are fifteen percent heavier and they called out environmental toxins and personal care products and their impact on our I think very powerful moment for people when they make that connection between what's happening environmentally and then what's happening in their own bodies and I don't I don't know if you saw it's an old but it's not young either have you ever been a bad eater like did you have a health crisis and and some sort of intervention I know you don't really drink yeah so it's all connected but groaning the world is groaning us Absolutely and I love that you start so yeah I think it's that but I don't know I don't know if it's people say that I look younger I feel I feel very five in a good way I don't so that's inflammation in check balancing what we need to live and survive and be healthy the problem is when inflammations out of balance I mean added I think we all think we know it inflammation is and probably kind of do but can you take us through what that means when it's widespread so I know I never really did but I have autoimmune conditions on both sides of my family so I was scared in a good way I was own impact on the our hormones and hormonal systems they talked about the transition and the microbiome it's probably being a factor and then training throughout the course of their their school the statistics are pretty abysmal most doctors according to some studies would fail a basic nutrition audible things with lifestyle changes and medications when needed but we will so much power with the choices we make in life to prove these things I want to talk about food book it's the age of inflammation it's this storm of inflammation and we need to do something to improve that because largely these things are improvable and manageable and talkie or arrogant enough to to know that to think that nothing can happen right and I love I this book is brilliant and part because it's in sort of those lifestyle factors but just to to build on what you said too about it being sort of akin to climate change like I think we all like in quiz from the training that they receive in conventional medical school so that's why so many of my colleagues go to these post doctorate function despite all efforts and we're seeing it like never before and we are we like to think of ourselves as separate from the world but we are part of the world perceived as like to everyday like to Muendane to be of the interest of doctors do they do you think that there was this a baseline humility of realizing and seeing patients that do all the things and bad things happen to them so I'm doing everything I can to decrease risk factors but still not I felt was better than the standard American Diet but for me I kind of evolve to Kita -tarian which is a mostly plant-based he though Genyk way beating as you know for the large amount of chronic health problems there's a lot more effective options in functional medicine without all the side effects right and I know you talk you inserted what's happened to our food but there are these like it's trackable this and and we feel it it's this like why am I have the it'll medicine training if they have an interest in food as medicine and and wellness they have to get it outside of medical school why do you think it was dropped do you think that it was sticks and say this is working for us largely when it comes to chronic disease for emergency care amazing like we need life saving surgeries medications when needed but uh-huh but apparently I disappeared vice went to a friend's fortieth birthday party this weekend and she looked at me she always looks amazing amazing and I was like why do you look so amazing just like well I'm doing with food and and with food often I mean it is it's interesting like what do you think most doctors get like fifteen hours of nutrition you something different to see something different that Cleveland Clinic has a Functional Medicine Center a lot of mainstream places are having functional medicine centers now because you can't look at this if is polly inflammation neck Shin between all the seven so then you go through each of these implication assessment quizzes which I thought was that there are many reasons and it probably is like many things the slow insidious drifting of priorities and fascinating like the fact that you like which one was I like are the outer thirds of your eyebrows thinning or missing while you brought that up because I was just going to bring it up yeah there was an Atlantic monthly piece recently about how coming in a longitudinal study they looked at adults scores fifty nice round number that's a nice that's a nice compliment it was like if you're if it's over fifteen than you John that we were all capable of eating well or do you think it was that they didn't understand or didn't make the connection why is it skipped I don't know seven systems and then ultimately your eighth and then you tabulate the results to see how much inflammation you have and where inflammation is located my total we've found ourselves in a place where we're so detached from the earth and we're so detached from food as medicine that it's seen as radical a new it's actually not radical that's gonna be grains dairy sugar and inflammatory oils or higher mega six oils against some people can tolerate it like crap and lived like I was intentional as you do everything I could to improve my health but we can't control everything and I'm I have the more advanced track in the book and that's even the advanced track we're talking about lifestyle changes this isn't like to say you're going to die tomorrow puns for books and articles and eight weeks so you eat core for green is for four weeks and it's four foods eliminate is there's when that disease is developing and reversible all right so in terms of the the concept of the book you highlight how many different implant Asian diatribe to simplify it make it fun and not be so arduous and the eliminate plan adds cor four plus four more so that's going to be nightshade love spectrum and I love a spectrum too but you know we live in a very black and white medical world where you have the disease or you don't and there's not a lot of attention paid to those intervening years these some people can't we're doing an experiment for yourself for a couple of weeks to try to bring them back in so this is a it is a fresh spin on the eliminate beans pinto beans chick peas yes so I I don't agree with the idea that everybody under the sun has from questions that I ask patients consulting them so that's a sign that your thyroid maybe off these are pointers these are like check engine lights right that like okay check engine eliminate yeah so the core for the four foods that your lower scores on the quiz you would be removing for four weeks so like interesting obscure questions like people like why the heck are you asking me about the third of my eyebrows but that's a sign like this quiz in the book is adapted it's it's something that's was the father of modern medicine let said Food Thi- Medicine and medicine die food this is what medicine was for the majority of the experiment to see where you thrive because if a food makes you feel lousy avoiding that food isn't punishment it's like no I I love feeling better more than I missed that Amatorio centers seven seven areas right it's a magical number for you eight eight is seven is the order I love that you know that means in the last couple of decades we've shifted that priority but I think it's people are awakening to the fact that we need there's so many variables to consider most people surprised most people are surprised because they they may have a hunch on the bigger like obvious things like sugar or like maybe like tomato so seven sections on the inflammation spectrum this brain hormones and digestion musculoskeletal indict detoxification the seven and then the for removing eight things eliminate yeah so this if you need a play on words I'm your Guy Yeah exactly so many I wake up in the middle of the night all the time and we allow for the time for four weeks or eight weeks and then try bringing it back in in some people can handle more wine some people have histamine intolerance group Feed Group Fun Group and that's my next book so no coffee no alcohol limit eight with the number eight instead of at and that's eight words so okay so take us through what's in the court for and then what what makes up the food and maybe I can have in small amounts maybe I can have it in like a pressure cooked soaked version or maybe I can have it every day and feel fantastic but when you're having just chronic implem- toxication system or your for me it was my hormonal system but just even the idea of like making my own because when you give the toolkits for each one making my own saltwater solely water water yeah which is for people that don't know basically concentrated salt water that gives your body of the electrolytes and the soda and so we're starting to recalibrate and modulate the immune system in a way that S- balanced 'cause it's inflammation again out of balance that's the issue and I worst harmless and at best in four or eight weeks a feeling of feeling much better lowering inflammation all of the stuff in the book is really a an amalgamation of what I talked to patients so they can start to take action on their health for themselves and there's even labs in the book selected problems are these pro gig grain proteins are legume plant protein problems some people do some people don't so we're doing this it's I I see it. As macro and micro like on a macro level we look at climate change and sort of global out of balances global take them through this process one on one which I know many people like to do and have their guns held this is a distillation of that this is exactly each of our genes nab these cannabinoid gene snaps that some people are genetically more prone to these food sensitivity some people don't like extreme offense day well eat but they don't know it is the random chickpea or the random whatever yeah and then we all have these genetic variances that I talk about in the book like Mt so as you know I primarily consultations online that's my day job it's it's I you know Goop Fellas I love Goop Fellas but my day job is consulting patients and Oh with sugar even though I do I love eating sugar if I if I could left my own I would have as gluten free cookies with sugar and eat too many of them but I know Asia there's no way for most people who eat let's say a chick pea to say oh it was that chickpea right like it just gets lost in a sea of yours him and all the good electrolytes to help balance the brain adrenal axis the HP access. Yeah so when you're working with clients in your practice and use Oh individual and like do you know what are what are you do you have responses or do you eat so clean at this point that you could almost eat any is that you say that alcohol and coffee are not foods and therefore I know man I could as a food through the foods that you eat and then we talk about the non-food in Flamer's to start bringing that down right and so with the food as you eliminate them then when you're done with us aids nuts and seeds eggs and legumes which are beans basically so what's the core four on the eliminate track based on the quiz where you could find out what plans does that's not going to be good for me and some people have more tolerance to sugar some people have less and the goal of the inflammation spectrum book is to find out what your body loves your body hates to try it need to yeah and it's not put fear into you it's just to say hey look you're going to need this is just to say look we need to start calming inflation and start moving in the right direction but I wanted to give the people that are lower scores a simpler approach right four eight week process you're he introduced them in a thoughtful outlined way determine what the factors are because we're all completely by owned by there's been a lot of innovation and the clean beady space but gene gottfried June our executive wants to functional medicine Dr not everybody needs functional medicine doctor but they can start making lifestyle changes in their life for themselves totally which is amazing anatole energy from wine I feel motivated in part because it's so intuitive like even in a Si- It essentially you can figure out where most of your inflammation is whether it's your d there's lab section and people do want to get that data they can but they don't need to they can take the quiz and kind of lean into this and then maybe later on they want to run the labs but I realized that not everybody it's on but what's underneath the hood what's dysfunctional here so we can yeah the way that the book is structured which I think is brilliant is you go through you assess each of the thank you I'm I'm a Demi God so I can eat anything not true at all I don't do well with lots of dairy and I don't do it avoid making too many broad sweeping over generalized statements because seeing patients for the past eleven years at this point I realized we're all different different preferences is but we also different microbiomes we have different food reactive we have different set of baseline were starting out on our health journey so yeah I don't do well with dairy and sugar or this morning and because she's way more of an authority than I am I'll tell you what she said about them they smell great feel great and leave your hair shining bouncy it's truly no compromise it's that time of the year again we're celebrating one of our favorite holidays on Saturday November sixteenth it's called in group health and for the first time Sheikh incredible performance shampoo and conditioner I believe all this because Sheen's hair really is that luxuriance you can find the pure collection and the goop shop or go to the one by DOT COM if you're on their site enter Code Gupta checkout to get twenty percents off your purchase of the Peer Shampoo conditioner or missed else with incredible thought leaders and their many more extraordinary practitioners teachers and culture changes leading classes and workshops will be covering a lot of ground physically and Metaphor Adam and be five and I'd always antioxidants the pure collection is free of sulfates parabens and silicones and it really works gene use the shampoo and conditioner Oh my God crazy someone commit me and I I don't I can't eat too much sugar at times like cookie yeah amazing Oh my gosh but I'm also an advocate for not shaming yourself if you're going to eat it eat it rationally amazing and effortless and it's probably a couple feet longer than mine so when gene recommends a hair product you listen and right now she loves the pure cost on then take inventory of does this serve me I will say though whenever I've I've thrown myself into any sort of elimination diet like lean programme or anything Azeris the beauty closet then you know what our executive beauty editor Jean Godfrey June sounds like but if you don't know what she looks like she's gorgeous and her hair always looks health problems and we can start to decrease the frequency and intensity of these issues people are going through we'll get back are so perfect and fixed and not perfect at all we all have our own vices my I live eat too much peanut butter oh my God the doctor welcome call in just a second if you listen to our spin up we'll be up north around San Francisco if you're not familiar with Goupil it's are super bowl version of a wellness summit when I will be hosting a series of talks and panel fat I do feel so good I know you hear this all the time but I feel so good I want to keep going and it just becomes easier it's like the beginning because it's more digestible you're so disciplined I any time I see you I feel like I tried to corrupt you we all hate it when other people the products draw from the power botanical 's and are made with ninety five percent natural ingredients some of them include Aloe Vera hydrolysed keen wa protein Provo this then you start to imagine the possibilities and I don't want things to be punitive and I wanted to be part of a real life approach I like psychotherapist and psychological astrologer Jennifer freed and psychiatrists will sue who are teaching a joint workshop on manifesting your Authentic Self Wall Street legend we will learn about intimacy the power of connection fasting tools for reducing stress and how to quiet our inner critics we'll be joined by some of the people I admire most such a hurdle of like wet and I like to that you also within the bucker like these are the things that you can eat but more importantly here the things that you can sally Kacha will be leading a masterclass on money judy white is teaching a workshop on what dreams really mean valter Longo giving us his longevity secrets and you'll get sustainable we don't need another fad diet we just need like what's a sustainable way to use food as medicine to feel good people are so unnecessarily struggling with team and you can get tickets now a dot com slash in group health prizes along the way if you've been to before I hope you'll be back and if this is your first time I can't wait to meet you. The summit is on Saturday November six seek gluten free a bag of gluten free cookies I will eat ability now way I don't know what it is it's the good girl birthday cake back to my chat with Dr will I know you mentioned that you don't eat gluten gluten is incredibly triggering for people who take us through I guess with any of these foods what it looks like when you're allergic and potentially in a life threatening way to what it means to like on a mini trampoline with more in Roxborough which is coincidentally my favorite pastime and because it's Google you can also expect twelve shots Galore amazing food and drinks and the food not be very tolerable to you sure yeah so there's food allergies which are immune mediated meaning the immune systems being it can be life threatening and then they are intolerances which we we throw these words like allergies and intolerances and sensitivities around but allergy debated and is typically a that initial anticlimactic response. It's that a wheat allergy or a dairy allergy or people that have peanut allergies no not having enough of the enzyme lactase and then sensitivities are immune mediated like allergies but they're typically more low-grade delay aide less of that immediate response but still can create these low grade inflammatory responses like digestive issues or neurological symptoms or muscular-skeletal like inflammation action from the one Italian guy it's the new luxury haircare line by world famous hairstylist Frederick and his I totally clean collection don't have never don't know anyone who's intolerant or CEAC and and you sort of X. I think do a great job of explaining again another spectrum can you and and then you can like largely umbrella those two reactivity because they all rei activities but they all behave in the body differently so I talk about that named but are these things just off the table forever no not necessarily so it's about taking time away from it and then slowly reintroducing it so and they avoid all these foods because the doctor ran the lab and didn't really explain it or maybe they just forgot and they will avoid at all costs thinking they have allergies can't eat and then it's also the things that I absolutely abuse and clearly you know almond milk or Kale or spinach or things that I'm just yeah time and whenever I've done those again like it with Wackos or you is looking for wide-scale permeability but then there are things that spike things that I know these are that what I just said intolerance is are by definition not immune mediated most time so it's typically a a enzyme deficiency like lactose intolerance there beating way too much of so when you eliminate and then add things and is the idea and I think it's heartbreaking aging on it but it's part of your diet and it's a balanced approach for some people that's tested out experiment and really find out what works for your body so dairy for you in the book just to be people be mindful that because I see oftentimes of my patients they'll come in with these food sensitivity tests and they'll say I have an allergy to all these foods more ancient dairy protein is more tolerable for some people so may not be the dairy maybe the source of the dairy cows fed in terms of weight loss as a goal even tell people that try to reintroduce gluten try to reintroduce sugar these things that you know maybe from don't work for me may work fine for you in certain amounts you not been ever diet quote unquote work best for you so what's the Best Keita Foods what's the Best Paleo foods what's the best whole thirty foods re to work with but Kito -tarian bring food back in and you're having it too much too soon after you've been off of it before or eight weeks and you have a reaction then people automatically think oh it's a a break and then try bringing it in slowly because it's important to to to note that when you go off of foods for a while you're microbiome bacteria shifting so when me but I also am not very tolerant of dairy I can work myself up to it in in the sense of sort of being probably permanently a little inflation bill would you recommend like an eight week inflammation suppressing diet like what what you have in the book Kita -Tarian or what's or is this kind there are better ways to get dairy you can get culture dairies ferment dairies fears or Kiefer's depending on who you talk to Muncie don't work for you so the inflammation spectrums meant to guide you to find out that food piece and then let's talk about Kito a little bit too just because it's I know fascinating to people and can kind of be done badly right I just was also with the friend he did like old school Kito because she loves meat right really that's oftentimes a sign of intestinal permeability it's less to do with the food more with do with the larger Gut centric inflammation and things that we can work on it just needs to say oh I'm digesting this again and we start the microbiome shifts in allows the proper probiotics that proper bacteria and enzymes to break down these foods and reaction to the food and I shouldn't have it when I tell patients is to slowly bring it back in may not be an intolerance or sensitivity or algae in maybe factor microbiome Nick what foods under that umbrella worked best for you so I see the inflammation spectrum no matter which way you eat find out which foods within that category you may you may want to avoid it for a while and allow that inflammation to be calmed allow your immune system's re shifting recount and she got really sick is that common should acquit. She Lost Lemon Joey but she was so ill she couldn't continue yeah I think that dislocated let me say all right so then but yogurts cheeses but grass fed the a two casing which I know you're well aware of the A lot of times people get excited with these ways of eating and they do go to fast too soon with this approach and this quote unquote dirty keyed L. A. I liked to burn both most people are just burning kindling and they're angry as hell because of it and then if you're burning if you're fully ketogenic are you not burning sugar or upkeep -Tarian this inflammation spectrum plan in there again tailored based on the toolbox in your quiz but this to me is a star by by being ketogenic you're burning both you are burning fat as your primary fuel but yeah if you're still eating vegetables and you're still going to be burning some kindling towards anything as long as it's high fat low carb it's not gonNa work for a lot of people sustainably you find this like you four a honeymoon period but the with the people in Pittsburgh Kiefer's by Seca fears I don't I'm scared to pronounce it just yeah I'm because of it looking at the quality of foods and then yeah I mean just because you read it on a blog doesn't mean it's necessarily right for you news news flash on that one optional Ketogenic Diet for some people but for long term like what's impact impact on them and then they can have health problems end the broader more variety version of it that is PESCA -tarian but still mostly plant soundtrack Hito and I do a cyclical approach parting point to find out food sensitivities and reactivity and what foods within whatever paradigm eating Paleo or Vegan or Kita start to lowering inflammation start to train your metabolism burn fat for fuel as well as burn sugar so it's like kindling on the fire is sugar and that log on the fire is fat and at some a little bit of fish fish eggs so there's vegan Kito options in Kita -tarian but then we have the vegetarian Kito that brings in eggs and gi which is clarified butter or carb state longer term so back to that bigger point of finding out what works for your body and is there any of all these sort of an is one part of that so even mentioned that in passing in the book that if you're eating kiyotery in that case find out which foods maybe eggs don't work for you maybe nuts and seeds and then the PESCA -Tarian Vegetarian in the book but basically wild caught fish and fresh seafood so people can pick what they want but I recommend that lets loose on the weekends and it's totally working that seems very attainable yeah totally and you know everybody has metabolic flexibility some people got I will be in Kito since I built that metabolic flexibility to do that and then when i WanNa have the sweet potato fries or the goody girl cookies so kito -tarian you created that with the idea that it's something you could theoretically either seasonally or for a long period of time I mean it's essentially plants can you predict whether it's like blood sugar insulin or that a Jewish in our brain nervous system like where do you think most of us are spiking because the gut is such a hippocrates also said all disease begins and the guy and I think that there's a lot of gut centric components to hormone issues and neurologically not normal it's common but not normal so start educating people on these basic ways that the human body does the best at and then they can stop saying if you had to pick one of the seven areas I would probably say the digestion as being an issue but another bite yet but or I don't go to I don't go to the bathroom every day I go every two days that's not normal all have it but then I can go back into chaos right but you have to build that metabolic flexibility most people are stuck only in sugar burning mode their whole life so what we have to do is again proving these in powerful ways yeah no I think it's it's also interesting too because I think as much as we love to self diagnose and it's like what's wrong with me and what do I have and getting on how many cards

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