S2: Halloween: The Friendly Stranger


Due to the graphic nature of this urban legend listener discretion is advised this episode includes depictions of Murder Gore and car accidents we advise stream caution for children under thirteen. You're a good person everyone says so places was written by Lil deridder Jennifer Shay I'm Greg Paulson hatchet and she brings it down on your head percents. Halloween feed on spotify you can find episodes of haunted places and all other podcasts originals free on spotify or wherever you're a mile or two of town when she reaches into her purse probably for one of those butter scotches all grandma's have them at all times listen to podcasts to stream haunted places free on spotify just open the APP and type haunted places in the search bar at par cast Bourbon Legends Halloween special every day for the month of October rebuilding our spooky spin on an urban legend that diving you realize something is off in the Harry armed hitchhiker variation she's far hairier than she should be it's a sign of deception into the history of the horror like it or not each terrifying tale contains a grain of truth it's also part of our series on we take you to the scariest aereas most haunted real places on earth at share their stories this episode is your grumbling to her about the state of the world what a metal sheen planks and the blinking crimson half light it's a up to eleven offering a story about mistaken identity acting on instinct and the dangers of taking people at their word in the friendly stranger a woman charms her way into your car but as you drive along we're grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do it we love let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at of evil intentions and the vulnerable woman who finds the hitchhiker in her car is right to mistrust and fear them the you of course you'll give her a ride you say you help her remember her daughters address what a nice person you are she tells you welcome to haunted places car cast original. I'm Greg pulsing every Thursday me was convinced that black Friday was one of the circles of hell she hated the nonstop crowds the cross Genre Smith Music and the energy that radiated the store as everyone struggled to finish their shopping and find the best possible deals on everything except gender identity we get a far more nuanced take an examination of the Good Samaritan Pulse in an era where we rarely know our names we where we delve into the fascinating traditions behind the world's scariest holiday if you enjoy this episode be sure to check out the rest of the park what's that dates back to the nineteenth century the friendly stranger and variation the Harry armed hitchhiker amp the fear strangers on her feet then her back then her arms desperate shoppers were stepping right over her she tried to stand but someone's foot of a false woman is a common trope in horror stories inspired by the eroneous belief that an evil man needs only to put on a dress and makeup see a little old woman waiting by your car your first concern is for her you wonder what could have gone wrong she knows where she is what you can tint to transgender women simply because of a trend in fiction but if we examined the deception of the person in the backseat without the specific stories let alone the people we run into at the mall at the side of the road or more in our rideshare in its simplest elements the friendly streets the person behind her pushed into her other started pushing from the sides the gate hadn't even opened yet as it started to rise despite all the potential warning signs and does being a good person matter if you're dead sure of someone trying to step on her head before they changed directions mia curled up into a ball shaking slowly but footsteps began to read sure is a story about a woman struggling to decide how nice a person she can be without risking her own safety does she help someone when they ask for it in order to be seen as trustworthy while it has little basis in reality this boogeyman has even found its way into politics with many ascribing militias oh it hurt when she breathed mia staggered into the store like a Zombie praying that our beloved sweater wasn't sold out there fight the ninth circle of hell to get it usually a trip like this would take ten minutes instead it had taken several hours to even get to the arm but they pushed forward anyway elbows came towards her face she did her best to duck away from them but one swung straight into her eye was still one left in her size she looked left then right then plucked Iraq and healthy close to chest she wasn't even shopping for gifts this was a gift to herself she had waited months for designer chenille sweater to go on sale then she was ready to the parking lot this just was interior day but she had this winter and that's what mattered she took a deep breath and continue entrance of the store people hovered around the metal gate to the poor retail workers struggled to open it she could see the fear in their eyes and she I slowly ahead poked up over the rear seats panic started to set in she hadn't taken anyone to the store today was already on me a check your pockets her keys were still there maybe someone else had the same sticker but there was rose but none of them belonged to her finally she spotted the familiar worn out presidential campaign sticker on the back bumper the card mia paid for her sweater and headed out of the store into the chaos of the mall parking lot she stepped onto the sidewalk only to be nearly flattened pushed down again she covered her head with her hands and prayed for it all to be over more feed pounded across her body she felt the gentle feet steady but her balanced never been great to begin with she fell into the person in front of her but two of them tumble to the ground. Mia felt pressure fast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening today we examine a family of urban legend lost child she headed for the checkout the cashier smiled at her in sympathy they both agreed that the holidays brought out the worst in people people began to duck under the opening the rest of the crowd devolved into chaos mia was shoved from all sides she tried to keep her you stop it all night the flashing red indicating four way stop the driver to your left speeds through ignoring the right of way for them me tried to hang back but the crowd surged around her when they saw someone who looked like a manager step towards the door it was a false alarm of those passengers the ones who didn't want to converse so much as interrogate dill started to delve into more personal questions via white suv with the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer knows an Antler is affixed to it she threw herself backward nearly slipping on the black ice her she told me that she didn't pay enough attention to the world around her mia gave her a strained smile so dolores let the car running but maybe she had she had hit her head quite hard in the rush after all she didn't have I mean why this wasn't where she was supposed to be but the woman who gave her name as Dolores politely refused to go she was just so tired the success did her entire body ached from earlier but she always struggled with telling people know so she got into the forward she wanted to be home with their cheesy made for TV Christmas movies like yesterday she passed several Honda fits she walked the Aw Dolores instructed MEA to use the service roads rather than highways fewer drivers would make it easier for me to pay attention to the road on the back seat window in elderly woman stared up at her deep lines carved into her face she didn't look confused where do you live what did she do for work was there someone waiting for her to come home. These weren't the standard questions she was used to hearing and earlier harder. Dolores told me to be patient but turn would come when it came until then she should just enjoy the scenery instead she looked at ease content happy to be in the back of a stranger's car me did her best to explain indeed there was enough clearance for her stand up dark bruises for blooming hunter arms she was sure there were several matching ones on her legs and torso ignored the dig and follow Dolores instructions the sooner she could drop the other woman off the better mia asked for the next set of directions add it especially when Delors had just be rated her for not paying enough attention to the road a dog grant through the field sending now back to the story MIA had bravely endured the black Friday crowds to purchase a sweater but even after she escaped the friend driver's seat MIA pulled out of her spot nearly colliding with a car waiting for it she apologized as best she could dolores ticked at it didn't the back that had come from backing up to close to her mother's planters it was her car head to be she approached heard of me. I did want people sitting in her car she shouldn't have left it running it was very cold out here me was positive that she had it was something but mia hadn't expected to see several large knives one of them turmoil to speak when she caught sight of the floor. Dolores purse at spilled hope it buried beneath cough drops discount coupons and chapstick the large field running parallel to the road was beautiful spotty snow cover but she didn't understand why Dolores was telling her to look at was ahead of jet black hair. Dolores is hands free of any wrinkles as was her neck me open she appeared to have hit her head on something bent forward nearly in half but her wig had fallen to the ground and underneath way as mia headed towards her car she got a better look at the person's bad short gray curls me tap the heart to kick an old woman out of car did Lawrence asked if she could just drop her home the bus took too long these days everyone was always running powder up with each step it looked so happy sprinting to the snow without a leash or person to hold them back she wasn't prepared when the dog dope couldn't tell if Dolores was completely unconscious or just stunned either way she was closer to the knives they mocked me Dick Shoppers she found herself with another problem. There was an old woman in her car requesting a ride home always polite mia resigned yourself Her one possibility protection glinting on the floor of the car near the passenger side door MIA reached out slowly straight for her car she slammed on the brakes her whole body jerking against the steering wheel me. Check the rear view mirror to see if dolores was okay. Eight cold calculating searching MIA could only explain her unease in primal sense she was looking stop clause dolores to hit her head me was concerned for her elderly hitchhiker but the jostling had revealed a terrifying truth Dolores when there was enough room for her to get out MIA slithered off the seat and onto the asphalt she pushed the door back slowly strangers and the last one structure is the oddest she lived alone but she lied and told Dolores that her family was waiting for her in keeping her hand as low as she could her eyes locked into Laura's the whole time she strained and strain willing herself kate dry blood coming up MIA has to escape from the slasher in her car reach when Dolores stirred briefly mia felt cold metal brushed the tips over fingers it was as far as she could safely re wasn't old at all she was young with several bloody knives in her bag mia sized darted between the knives and Dolores the the task delores turned out to be distracting passenger a few minutes into the drive me almost crashed the car and worse the abroad she panicked in the moment she slid out from under the car each scrape the asphalt against your body meter free but delors looked lost in her own World Mia spoke louder and the older woman spoke again her voice different than it had which she took a deep breath and closed her hand around the blade the serrated edge dog into her skin she bit the behind she missed the old days where you could just hitch a ride from a kind stranger maybe ended up having a life changing experience me one year. Mia Stared for second uncertain if she should run or call the cops the woman's eyes opened they were escape route maybe she could misdirect dolores the door on the other side of the car opened and that slap shot with their uninjured hand dried blood and small rocks at caked into the wound making it nearly impossible to close her palm let alone square open I finished uninjured hand and checked the back seat window deloris round coke bottle glasses had cracked dangling precariously off at a Predator someone who didn't have any scruples came to violence MIA duct back down under the car away from the most he's terrified that her pursuer what here she was so tired the Bruce's from the mall made everything sore there was almost enough space for her to enter the door slide open a few more centimeters then she was yanked upwards her body fighting her every step of the way she was inches from freedom but she hadn't been careful enough hadn't been fast enough MIA watched dolores orthopedic shoes as they headed towards the field there was a choice here across the street and there were several trees and some houses far off in the distance if she could get to one of them she could ask for help or she it's it just open enough that it wouldn't make a noise she bit down under cheek as she pulled the knife out of her palm mia silence of her cheeks to stop herself from screaming. Mia pulled your hand back slowly. Dolores seemed out cold up towards the gray sky deloris was the first to speak she told me to step away from the car and head staring at Dolores now it was hard to believe that Mia had ever been fooled into thinking dolores was an old woman mia hadn't taken and the sound was deafening amidst the climate of the area snow beginning to fall she put her knife on the ground in grab for the handle put islets for starting to flutter meal used her other hand to gently grip the door handle she pressed it outwards slams against the door of the car her knife clatter to the ground she felt a blade against the back of her neck a small dribble of blood headed home if you go by chain letters and whispered rumours someone as with any force. Mia Paused from this angle she'd lost sight of Dolores me open the door a little wider and sing at the sound it made me push the door open centimeter by centimeter Kare is locked onto Loris burgle out some sort of response then she fell blood splattering in the fresh Snow Mia slid into the driver's seat they could see the fake reach lines and the areas where the makeup had sweated off they stood in silence staring each other down could try and save herself right now she never hurt someone before she was a good person but she didn't want to die what if taking a deeper slash against the woman's neck blood sprayed across her face and Torso Dolores brought her hands to throat she tried to a time to study your face in the shadows of her back seat and Dolores is distinctive glasses or the only detail she'd really noticed now knife wounds as filled with gravel and dirt me a winced as she climbed to her knees the movement was painful eight she pulled her shirt over her head and wipe the blood off her face then she put on her new sweater and dates all the way back to eighteen thirty four when the Stanford Mercury reported an account from a buggy driver who noticed a five o'clock shadow under Jack Mia capitalized on Dolores disorientation grabbing the knife with their uninjured hand she didn't stop to think her decisions through towards the field mia held up her hands and surrender she took two steps away from the car coming perilously close to the knife Eh sliding Downer skin deloris cleared her throat she ordered me to turn around Mia moved slowly the frame were unexpected amount of body hair unnerved by the confusing gender presentation the woman seeks out security guards who discover the old woman what clung to her the knife old stunt she blinked away tear Little Red Riding Hood and the Harry Armed hitchhiker are versions of a wolf in sheep's clothing a saying drawn from the New Testament which often describes breath was visible MIA's puffed in quick gasps while the trails ever enemies smooth long exhales curved made like she was going to pass Dolores at the last second she turned shoving her wounded hand into Dolores face the Louis Riel dangerous predators hiding in plain sight the Harry armed hitchhiker is itself part of a broader urban legend loosely referred to as the Front Little Red Riding Hood a male wolf disguises himself as a harmless old lady in order to kill and eat a young girl boiled down both she slid the blade across dolores as throat the skin split but she hadn't hit anything major MIA try to Ken Female Hitchhikers Bonnet The buggy driver asked the woman for help with the horses when she stepped out of the buggy he drove away he later discovered criminal as well this kind of deception has its roots more in folklore and religious texts that historical counts for example in the story two loaded pistols and eight hundred dollars in cash in the basket she left behind marking his passenger as not just a social deviant but is actually a man with a hatchet in his purse this notion of a man masquerading as a woman in order to sexually assault and murder and and accepted an offer of help from twenty nine year old set your cobb cobb sexually assaulted her bound her and then threw her off a dam into an the flat then asks for ride over to his car on the other side of the mall she gets an uneasy feeling and declines she later be harmed for anyone could be a wolf in sheep's clothing so are we to trust twenty two year old Julia Ashe was kidnapped from a department store parking lot and Waterbury Connecticut she had emerged from the store to discover her car had a flat tire stranger in this tale a well dressed man with a briefcase approaches a woman now she realizes she has a flat tire you offers to assist changes pretending to be an old woman has been trying to abduct and murder women by asking for ride at nearly every mall in the United States and Canada the savvy fun and safe brightly lit welcoming men and women are exactly what they appear to be on the surface the Harry armed hitchhiker indicates the he would be victim tends to realize something is wrong by noting the killer doesn't really fit the conventional appearance of an old woman usually an overly musket arm anyone and there was only one confirmed case of anyone using a flat tire as a diversion to abduct someone on December Sixteenth Nineteen Eighty nine installing fluorescent lights judging people by their outward appearance keep a safe or is the only safe choice to lock your car doors thanks again for tuning into haunted places we'll be back tomorrow with a new urban legend and on Thursday with a new icy pond Julia Ashe was found on Christmas Day her frozen feet sticking out of the ice both the front your favorite music but now spotify's making it easy for you to enjoy all your favorite podcast originals like haunted places free from your phone lines that his briefcase has been left in her car containing some sort of blood-stained weapon he was the one who punctured tire danger of breaking the scheme just as the broader friendly strangers suggests that valuing the empathy of the Good Samaritan is just inviting yourself sir into place you can find more episodes of haunted places and all other power cast originals free on spotify not only to spotify already have on this version leans on the tactics used by serial killer Ted Bundy who would charm women into the vicinity of his car by pretending to be disabled or injured doc or smart speaker destroy haunted places on spotify just open the APP type haunted places in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and never give any stranger awry all of them haunted places was created by Max Cutler is a production of cutler media and it's part of the podcast network it is produced by Max early stranger and the Harry Armed hitchhiker are about the horror of suburban expectations in Western culture. Shopping malls are supposed to be donate to animal shelters you volunteer at the soup kitchen. Even when it's not Thanksgiving and you call people out when they say bigoted things so to grab at podcast and twitter at podcast network until tomorrow don't believe some of the things you hear believe in Ron Cutler with sound design by Karie Murphy Production Assistance by Ron Shapiro Paul Molitor Maggie Admire and Travis Clark this episode upon only to beat them over the head at deduct them today to there have been no incidents of men masquerading as old women in order.

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