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Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It replaces email with something faster. Better organized and more secure every conversation has its own channel. That's easy to join search or create and it's all integrated you can attach info from thousands of apps share files make calls everything you need to get your work done. Welcome to your new headquarters. Try it for free at slack dot com slash where work happens from bloomberg experts. That the be starring actor that is really showing the they're doing whatever it takes a lot of people don't expect that the economy will reopen in full is really giving industrial america. It's a major crisis. Bloomberg markets with bonnie glen and polls sweeney on bloombergradio existing home sales. Just now coming in strong for the month of december at six point seven. Six million up point. Seven percent economists. Looking for that number to be down we're going to be about the housing market with logan mohtashami of housing wire. Also the column that made ripples yesterday biden has a once in a century chance to fix. Capitalism will speak to author joe nocera. Let's get a bloomberg business flash. Greg jarrett stumbled on the rally in global equities has faltered while the dollar is stronger for the first time this week this as restrictions to curb. Escalating corona virus cases dented. Some of the optimism over earnings plans for additional stimulus. J. t. w. adviser founder tells bloomberg the pandemic is again weighing on markets especially with regard to vaccine distribution. Vaccinations obviously key for markets and not just in europe but globally even seen a little bit of an outbreak in china in curly in the united states. Joe biden is gonna be measured at first by his success in inoculating.

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