Damian Lillard Joins The Show To Break Down His Epic Buzzer Beater


I knew he was going raise. I just didn't know what was going to raise up from Dame's comfortable shooting from just about anywhere. But I was just kind of watching this demeanor and how he was kinda rocking back before. And it went from twelve seconds to a second to seven to five. And I'm looking like he still bought a logo as he was stepping towards me. I was stepped away from him. So because faith that he did charter grounded ditch ought to gain basically treated that ground right back his by separator size. So you get confidence pick through that stuff in the game from all little hours all at a time that you put in working on. Me and feel like we'll see stuff on film and heavy like looking to get this. Welcome to the became with tumble episode of pull up. That's right episode. Number fifty five currently in Portland, Oregon, wrapping Gubbay amazing series against the Oklahoma City thunder will able to come back from behind down fifteen take victory during what was probably the best game winner. I've seen in person probably the best individual performance. I've ever been a part of as an NBA player. It was truly unbelievable danger to game winner at the buzzer from thirty seven feet look from about forty feet from where I was standing, but ESPN tracked at around thirty seven feet at the buzzer. Very reminiscent of the shot. He hit, you know, five years ago against Houston Rockets, which was a different fashion, you know, point nine seconds left down to it's the game winner to change the. Change the momentum of this series to finish this series. And give us a victory may want. It wanted to more incredible shots. I've seen playoffs is still going right now as record this pod. The Utah rockets the Utah rockets the Houston Rockets in Utah Jazz have just tipped off the Golden State Warriors in Los Angeles. Clippers will be also playing you know with both teams looking to close their series out. And without further ado, welcome Jordan shows to pull a pod as always Damian Lillard will be joining us momentarily to discuss last night's victory as well. Congratulations CJ what a night at the Moda. So with Dame shot these shot, we can call it. Now, there's like four seconds left in. We can see you bottom right of the screen like motioning today. Go go go because there wasn't a lot of time left. Did you think that he was gonna pull that deep thirty seven feet basically from the logo? Yeah. I knew he was going raise. I just didn't know where he was going to raise up from. When we got the stop shout that chief to for great defensive play, Gordon to the time out chief, let me get Westbrook in case, they do a high screener role. I can switch it with MO or I can switch it with whatever big is coming or if Paul George comes. And he got a great even to stop. You know, kinda walled up, you know, for Westbrook into a tough finish around the basket. And then we all boxed out secured the rebound in Dame, kind of dribbled dribbled the time out as I'm looking I'm thinking one three things Paul George has five thousand we're in the bonus a no Dame's comfortable with shooting from just about anywhere. But I was just kind of watching his demeanor in how he was kinda rocking back and forth. And it went from twelve seconds to as second to seven the five. And I'm looking like he steals by the logo. You know, what I mean, he's still by half court. He hasn't really moved yet. What I'll start signaling like go. Attack. Yeah, he waited you know, a second and a half longer before he eventually his pound dribble. Step back with about three seconds and the ball traveled. And I think someone someone mentioned that the shot was so far he backpedals forceps before went through the net. Cash right? As a time. Why did as the buzzer sounds cash? What did what did Terri say in the huddle other than Dame you go was it like did you in dissipate? They were sent a trap just spread the floor. You weren't you were going to be on the obviously the right corner case, he gerbil kicks. I mean what what was the play because it looked like he had full autonomy just to read the situation. Yeah. I mean, we didn't even have a play, you know, per se called we we had inbounds play on two possessions prior were Dame finished a quickly up around the basket. You know, basically gave us a chance for two for one would have finesse layup. And then Russell kinda came down with a lot of the clock down and attack the basket once we got the rebound. We kind of looked up in senior was fourteen fifteen seconds. And we could get the last shot. So we kind of just ran down court. It looked at coach coach signal flat. You know, he kind of waved everybody down like get on the baseline get low, and our spacing is is based on some of the things we've gone over throughout the season in historically, you know, load up on one side put a shooter strong side. A corner. So I went to the strong side. And kinda just, you know, put my hands on my knees and watch just like everybody else. It was a spectacular spectacular play for from a guy who in rehearses a lot of these moments. People talk about you know, it's deep shot. It's very far. There's only a few people in the league that are capable of taking in making that shot. I would say Steph Curry's a guy who would potentially take a deep three in those circumstances have the confidence to make James Harden's another guy who's historically taken deep threes and Dame. They trae Young's a guy who has the capability, but obviously having only played one year he has entered that conversation just yet. But I think he's well on his way, but that's very comfortable shot for a guy who was shooting in that game for for four for six from over thirty feet in eight for twelve you know, in this series from over thirty feet, and those are crazy numbers. And I thought it was ironic the shot this series was from the motive center logo in the last shot was from. Basically, bend, Oregon. That's what I said on Twitter. Did you know that you said it was from bend, Oregon? Yeah. I said then organised so I was gonna say Beaverton. But then I was like, oh, dames dames and Adidas guy. So I shouldn't say Nike. So I just said Ben because it's kind of well known for the fly fishing. There you go little fly fishing segment there for for ROY or Pulo fans when you when you saw the ball in the air at what point did, you think it was going into do you think it was going in the old time, you know, what was your thought process? I mean, I kinda just paused and watch the ball travel. I was just kinda like slow motion. You know what I mean? And you just kind of look up, and you watch the ball and look at each objector of the ball, the gal is traveling and you kind of look at defense behind the basket because they have a better angle. And I see the another rockets I see that under bench kind of looking at the detector of the ball. And then it goes in and you pause, and you're like, wow, he just hit that. And then you celebrate it kinda sets in that not only is the. Game over but the series is over were you surprised at all that it went in? I was I wasn't surprised. I was I was kinda surprised he took so long. But I mean, I was like, wow. He he's really sized it up looked at him sidestep sort of right, which is of a super tough shot. I know he likes to lift left pound step back. But he's also comfortable with right? I was like, wow, he really rose from forty feet for the game. I thought he would get a little closer. But I wasn't surprised when India's because of the rain she has in the type of ninety was having you know, that was his ten three to gain that was his fiftieth point of the game in. He was locked in this entire series in especially this game. You know with me getting in foul trouble. Having to carry more of an offensive low math into play twenty four straight minutes to start the game. And you could just kind of see how locked in each really was you said after the game and your presser see that you had told them, you know, let me know when you need me. And obviously you had a terrific fourth quarter. But what? Point were you like it's Dame time. I don't want to. I'm just going to let him go because it seemed like the last couple of possessions. He had the drive obviously the game winner. He he was like I'm taking these shots. The I mean, I just try to let him go. When he's in a rhythm in. We both do that for each other. When when someone's in a really locked in hot ride the hot hand. So when I came back in the third quarter, I was kind of passive. I mean, I took a couple of threes. Get to the basket a little bit. When the shot clock was expiring. But I wasn't trying to get in the way, you know, or force my way to the game. And he was like be aggressive attack was like PG four fouls attack get downhill and make plays. And that's why I was just trying to be aggressive in a couple of shots ended up taking down the stretch. They were denied him and face guard. Noman part of our plan was that they denied face car pushing transition it kind of attack because it's basically full on four got numbers. And I like our chances when the space I'm coming downhill, so I tried to get him the ball. On one of those possessions in he was denied he looked and he kinda fought to try to get open. But it was too close to the sideline. So I hit PG with the left the right Pulo bang, and then a couple of other possessions Dame, kind of drove or kicked it, and I just tacked onto lane shot, you know, very comfortable floaters besides that. I was just trying to look to to get him the ball because he was cooking. He was a fishing shoot. Sixty some percent from the field essentially scoring every play every way. So I was just trying to make sure broS getting the ball in good spots. So am baseball. When somebody's pitching a perfect game. Or no hitter. You know, usually a lot of people won't talk to them or they don't want to bother him when Dame's in his own like that or urine his own like that our guys talking to you a lot. Or is it more quiet? Let you work. I mean, we communicate the same as if it's just another night in this other night. See that I feel like he should do. I tell them there's something he's easy. Feels like I should do. He. He tells me, and we just kind of keep hooping as system in Tallahassee, you know, defensively something that we've been really focusing on. So we'll always talk about that. Like our? Let's just keep getting stuff. Let's get three stops in a row. Let's get a stop right here scoring or the stop. Let's keep rebound. It prevents second chance opportunities. Let's make sure we're not turning the ball over just little things. Like that. To kinda remind ourselves what we need to accomplish collectively in order to win the game. I thought there was a real really interesting dichotomy between the thunder and the blazers specifically between Russ and Dame in that it seemed like Russell was so focused and fixated on going after Dame but Dame, and then you guys as a whole almost just let it be. And we're so locked in from a team standpoint that you didn't get caught up in that. He said she said deal like it wasn't about what Russell was doing. It was about what you guys were doing. Yeah. We were just focused on ourselves. And that's what we've done all season. We have a worry about what people think what the media says expectations are the lack of expectations. We just worried about executing our game plan coaches gave us a game plan. You know, gave us some things that we could do in order to execute and come away with a win. And that was our main focus focus on your job focus on how you can help impact this game. And and not worry about anything else. And I think that was you know, in our better interests to to focus our energy our efforts towards defense towards corral their two best players towards getting rebounds for sharing the ball towards being super aggressive on offense in you know, for the most part out of those five games we consistently did that. More show in a minute. But I support for pull out with CJ McCollum comes from weeks dot com with wicks you can create your very own professional website. 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So we won't keep you too long, man. But we were just talking about you know, how we kind of approach in empowering the hot hand, you know, down the stretch of games in in throughout games. Jordan eggs, me, if we, you know, kind of kind of approach you like baseball where we don't really say much to each other. And I told him that we we keep it pretty consistent. Whether you know, we're hot or not, you know on really just focusing on how to execute down the stretch, and how to win the games, but just want to kind of talk about you know, your mindset in mode heading into that game last night. Chris Hanes kinda gave some in depth on the focus that you had you know, only you know this season but more specifically this playoffs. How important was it for us to to finish them off and not have to get back on a plane and go to Oklahoma. I mean, it was really important thing. The main thing is just you know, looking back on our our postseason last year. And you know, how big of a failure was and how much how much drug for that performance. And then coming into this one. On my thought we had a great start to our mentality. Was right. We came out in the tech mode on both ends of the floor. And we got ourselves in a position where okay, we have three one. We can finish him and five at home. And it was just one of those situations where you like. You drop this game. You go on back on the road. If you don't wanna be so it was going to be a challenge mentally to engage and get another role in. So that one win they got on our floor turning to and then you come home, but more pressure on you can win a game seven and the narrative is changed. So just like down the stretch of that game. He's trying to keep keep my composure make sure that I didn't try to do too much. Can you do the things that we always do when I'm attacking always making sure on opposite side of the floor SE CJ? So if I don't have nothing or if I'm going out there and throwing him and vice versa. Or if he makes a shot, then I'm going to be the person on the weak side and let him play yet too big club. So big floater. And a lotta times my main is hugging his is doing the same thing. So I mean just doing what we're doing regular season. But making sure that you're not passing. We just assertive. You know, making sure we got our infant on the game. That mindset Dame you said not doing too much. That's exactly what CJ, and I were just talking about in terms of like, you know, the allowing the game to come to you and be and being assertive and finding that balance it will point last night. Did you realize that you were going to have a special night? Like, do, you know, do you feel extra good in warm ups? Obviously you are super motivated to come out and close it out. But when did you realize that the last night was going to be really special actually like in the morning I woke up I felt pretty good. But it was like usually after shoot around like linger around the practice and take more time doing everything. But like I got the coach of a concert. You know, I was showered in hotter. There like hour and a half before I I would on nearly game day, and I got home early. And I took a nap I got up from a nap. It was still early and not gonna just laid around open at the blame. Or and I was just I just had a good feeling. But I also knew that it was going. We was gonna have to go through something to pull it out in a one c J got into foul trouble. And we weren't making a lot of shots. I was like man, I'm not wait when gotta get an attack mode and kinda kinda force it a little bit. And and get a little bit more aggressive, and you know, once I started to see go in and it was feeling good coming off my hands. Or I was getting this box that I wanted to get to. I was like this is going to be one of those nights. I think we were down fifteen at one point in the fourth quarter and no-one panicked. I looked at the bench. I looked at it to staff. I kinda read our body language. I read the fans by London's I think the fans were on ice, they were tense. They were. Kinda stressed. And we just looked at each other. Like, you know, we we wanna stop at a time we can really finish this game. And I think when nerd came down eight or nine points, he really gave us a booze. I had just I had just mister I just missed a three I believe and Narcan looked at me. He was like keep going Brooke he'd being aggressive keep attacking. And I was like you, right? But I gotta be more aggressive insertive. And I think all of those things played a factor in the game. But the stops that we were able to get, you know, being down fifteen, you know, I think we held them to two points to last four minutes. Think that was the real difference in the game offensively we have some big shots. But I think being able to get stops really put us over the hump. So I guess my question for you is at what point did you think? You're raising up, you know, from forty when we got that last rebound chief is to stop. What about fifteen seconds left? I'm I'm signaling go I'm looking like the replays like four or five seconds. I'm like go go at what point did, you know, you was raising I want you got the rebound with fifteen seconds. I I was going at about eight seconds. I was gonna walk them down. Like, I was on walking down a little bit closer. But then he had he was kinda far back from me. And I was like from that range. You know, typically people would be like, oh, don't take their shot. But I was standing there looking like enough good. If I could just raise up from a year, and he was back. And then like, I think he looked at the clock, and he started it was winding down uh probably wasn't gonna which was but shoot it. But that was at that point it was too late and stepped up a little bit, and I just kinda sized up and then rose up, but I knew I was gonna shoot it at like six six seven seconds our newer shot. I was gonna take. The difficulty level Dame was was just enormous because not only was it a thirty seven footer you sidestepped, you got Paul George one of the premier defenders in the league the internet. I don't know if you saw this fella's Pavuna net has declared that shot was the coldest buzzer beater in the last twenty five years, Paul George said after I don't care what anyone says that's not a good shot. But for you. It was a good shot. Wasn't it? It was a good shot. I think a lot of people don't know what goes into you know, the the moments. That's because they not the one. That's there. You know? I literally work on those shots, and I don't work on it. So I can just come out and just shoot it for the whole game. I work when they just because. Over my career. I know how much attention I'm gonna get from defenses. So just like you just keep adding more things and more and more keeping stuff in your pocket. In case. These type situations do presented so and even if it's not something you want to lean on something that you have there. You know, you worked on you spend time doing so you got confidence in it. When the time does come. So that's why when I was standing I was like, well, it's probably not good in a lot of people guys. But I'm comfortable with this. And I'm confident in there. So to me, it's a solid shot. And I mean for him to say, that's a bad should knows? Who knows? Does just kind of being a poor sport. Hey, anything it was bad defense because I had the ball in my hands with two seconds saying I wasn't gonna drive so. Maybe you should his body. So as soon as he lunged because it looks like he lunged a little bit. That was almost use saying I'm gonna use that momentum against you. I'm going to create my space to get it off. Because I know I have enough time. I mean, he was it was like two seconds left or two and a half seconds left. He was still a little bit off. There was some space between us in as he was stepping towards me. I was I stepped away from him. So diluted space that he did try to the ground that he did try to gain basically create a dead ground right back just by stepping aside. So when he did jumping contested are kinda like I knew he was there. But I had a I had a good good look at the rim. And I was like a comfortable amount of space between them to where it was like you can ignore the defendant. I don't think people realize how much time you spend in the gym how much effort you put into your game. Not just from a preparation standpoint a breakdown film but on working on specific game like shots. Shots from logos. Step Beck's rice step back. Or like you call it pound dribbles. So I guess my question for you is just kind of explained to the fans out there. How much attention to detail you feel back in their pay shout to fill Buckner who's in a play the improbable role in the development of you. He's he's also helped me out break down film on my shot. Sending me clips this stuff. But just kinda discuss the preparation you guys put in late nights in a gym shooting late nights in Jim Shuman, Oklahoma, specifically him pointing the spots on the floor telling you to shoot from. They're telling you that he has a feeling that you're gonna hit a big shot for marriages to kind of let things come full circle. So that fans really understand that you're not just out there. Experimenting games? There's thousands and thousands of reps coming ten thousand our rule. And then you bring it to the game. It comes. You get confidence to do that stuff in the game. From all those hours. All at a time that you put in working on in me and feel like we'll see stuff on film, and he'll be like the thing you could get this. Like, it's a few shots that I made in in that series against okay. Seeing. Where I pump fake, and I'm like in a standstill, and I just kind of dip engines you'd like get into my legs and just raise up off of stands to I made a few threes like that and people were like, oh, that's a crazy shot. That's a Bill outshot in in my mind from times when I hear fake, and they don't go for it. And I gotta just go straight up from worm standing in bake that shot I work on. So like. For me is all the time. And she put in we focus on details. Watch clips we watch my body watch my gather off the dribble. We watch the direction we watch what a defender is just so much that we talk about why we doing we're not always going extra hard in the workout is just focused on the details. We're on get that feeling of how it feels when you when your body is doing the right thing. And when you just have the right motion to make the shot and everybody don't don't focus. You know, their close on details in for B is paid off. Because now I can I can correct myself in game. I can correct myself in the middle of a play and stuff like that. It's the confidence Dame. So from all that work, and that efficient work not knowing when exactly you're going to use some of this stuff, for instance, the shot last night, but knowing that you have that in your arsenal you've worked on it, and you can implement that when you need in a game. Even if it's at the most critical moment. Like because you done it so much that you can you can trust it. You know, if if you worked on something one or two times, and then the game you get position you're gonna be like you're gonna stick to what you comfortable with you're going to stick to what you trust. I've done these things so much. You know, I spent some time that like I trust, you know, at first I could always shoot from deep because I was strong enough. And I just had the confidence in my Billy to shoot. And then I started actually working on extending my range and making it a good shot for me. So now when I shoot it. I'm just like there's a good shot to me. You know what I'm saying? Like, I trusted to whereas like, I don't care coach don't like it when I shoot this shot. I don't care what the the team saying we'll live with it or whatever. Because when I'm taking it. I'm taking it knowing that this is a comfortable shot. There's a good shopper because I shouted hundreds and hundreds of times. There's three things I've noticed in your game. Since since I got draft in two thousand thirteen three things I've really noticed from improvement standpoint. I think that your play making ability. I think you could always play. But I think now you're more conscious of in a win you wanna attack and take over gains versus when you want to kind of orchestrate inside the table. And I think your vision has improved in terms of like db always talks about site versus vision. Seeing the core understanding the spacing of the court when to attack versus when get chief involve or when to get narc involve in now, it's getting in is involved. I think that was the first thing I noticed your game. I think the second thing is you're finishing around the basket. A lot of times, you know, athletic guards, they go in they tried to get contact. They try to finish in the Nick on a figure it out. I think you figured out how to balance floaters with quick finishes, which strong finishes would take contact and people will talk about the three you hit. But I think some of them layup she made throughout the game were just as impressive because of you know, having to carry the low play twenty four straight minutes with show. As your conditioning garden Russ who's trying to get down who every plane still being able to hold your own defensively while being picked up for court by a guy who's coming in fresh off the bench. And then the third thing I noticed besides, you know, the strength. The agility is the defense, and I just wanted to talk about our focus going into this playoffs because a lot of people. You know, we'll talk about you know, how we score a lot. And we keep everybody on their toes. And my brother always say the best defense is offense being able to tack. But there aren't many guys that I can go get you know, thirty forty fifty twenty five consistently and and hold their opponent to under forty percent shooting from the field. And I think three out of the five games we play we hold him under a hundred and no one will really talk about that. But just kinda talked about the maturation process process. You've made as a player and how that's impacted our team specifically at the defensive in and from a leadership standpoint, I think. You know, once you you giving the league, and you know, you could get a position I was starting from day one. I had a lot of freedom from day one just a lot of opportunity, and, you know, a lot of people like, oh, you know, he we get year. You know, I was giving a lot of credit for what I did as a rookie. But in my eyes, you know, always felt like I could be better at a lot of stuff on you know, when I go on stuff, we've and we'd be, you know, one of the main things is I'm not scared to look in the mirror and dress dated to be better at I think a lot of people get uncomfortable. You know when they don't do somewhere. Like, I didn't. I couldn't shoot Florida's good. I couldn't shoot but pull ups off my right, hand good. I couldn't make passes with both hands. You know? I I couldn't guard the POS. Really? Well. So like watching film in addressing the stuff like seeing it for your own to your for yourself like I don't do this. Well, you see in all these different. Instances where you couldn't pick and rolls and get back down to the post, and you're not contesting shots and your man having thirty points, and they talking trash and all that stuff. And then you you attack in and you miss a finish at the room and somebody was wide open to the corner the person that can test. It was guard the president of the corner just stuff like that. You know, where you come in you attack in the big and the biggest time in you, and you're not paying attention to that. And you're going fast that Astrid now instead of taking the glide dribble away from they going to the room. You're going through words kinda back towards able to shooter fadeaway pull up just stuff like that. So watching film, and you're looking looking in the mirror being honest. And so something I need to be better at this. And I need to be willing to look at it in in address myself that way, so I thought fall. If an advantage to be able to do that. Because a lot of people just don't wanna do it. I think every year I try to do that, you know, even after my thirsting second third four all star game or just like. I'm like, I realized the results that are gift from that. Or that I've got for that over my career. So I'm constantly going back on forcing myself to get stuff. Like, yeah. You better first team while it'd be but you need to do this. You can do. This will your team y'all got swept like I'm forcing myself to. To just trying to be honest. Be honest about the stuff that I see in was not good enough. As is not good enough address. So I think that's the biggest thing in in growth is being being willing to address the stuff that you don't do. Well, so Dame, then it's it's basically being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Right. Like addressing it realizing that you have a deficiency or something you really want to improve on that you need to improve on. And then when you're comfortable it's actually use a move or a shot in a game. Does it become second nature to you, even though it's not something necessarily that you've been working on that long? If I mean, a lot of it is second nature, but it just I don't know. Like, I I find myself in a situation. Like, for example, like you went on just gave you are where I was literally like right before the playoffs. Start started. I was in June when field, and we was working on like if I was coming if I had ISO in. I just kinda jab at somebody insurance try to shoot a step back. So I was shooter step back three. And then I was step back in pump fake when I move my feet and just raise up exactly where my feet were like just raised straight up like that a lot of times. I would be short because it's a difficult shot with no more. You just jump back. You gotta raise straight up is from the three point line. Like, I was hitting front rim a lot. So in a game. I had never done it. But I just kept working on it at work. And I got that feeling of how I had to shoot that position. How much higher add do how much more I had to did with my leg. How much higher I had to try to shoot the ball just to to get it up in the air and make sure it was foreign a and then I got the feeling of. Okay. Usually when are the ones that I make this is how it feels when I do it. I learned that that feeling in that process of that shot and then in the game, I just randomly found myself in that position because I tried to should step back in a defender didn't jump with the shock. Log was running out, and in my mind, it just clicked. So I think when you just spend time just thought it over and over and over, and then you find yourself in that position it'll click when you actually put in their time. So renounced does how it is. What's crazy about that? Is that? So that shot you hit last night and learning how to do it and feeling comfortable enough to use it in a game. You almost created that shot in the lab. So to speak before the playoffs learning how to rise from that far up and get the ball that that high up. No that that shut the game winner last night. I've been. Like their tire summer. We was worked was doing a bunch of stuff where just extending my range, and like I said earlier just turn it into a good shot for me. You know, not just only shot a d three but like actually turning that inference a good shot for me to take. But the shot that I started working on like before the playoffs was half aching and raising straight up like kinda like Kobe used to do he with him and his feet are planning and then Egypt raised up and just fade. There's just like a super tough shot that you don't wanna shoot all the time. But if that situation presented so. You can like you know, what you need to do to make it. So I mean, I think I made two of those like step bags hand fake interest rate over there and may two of minutes. News. You hit one in game three on the road in the first half. I remember there was topic to India shot clock. And I think you hit another one at home one was right wing. When was one left wing? I had one at home, and then I had one over Schroeder in the first half. I by chaos. Jumped. And then I just I shot it in. But man that was tough. And my last question for you. We asked Twitter for some questions, and I got a really good one from Jack southwards, Jack south twenty five is his handle, actually. Yeah. He acts about the shot compared to five years ago in in in Houston. I think you already gave a comment on that basically saying that there's a difference because in that series. We were down in this when we were up, but the, but the moment was bigger because of what was at stake in the fact that your family was sitting courtside. So I guess my question is your your brother? Was course, I your sister, your mom, how special is that to be able to celebrate with your brother. They got a dope picture union brother kind of face to face give each other a hug kind of walk us through those emotions. I have a brother that I'm very close with. So I noticed like, you know, they have a big brother, that's kind of guided you through life. You know, been there through thick and thin rebounded for you. Critique you gave you the honesty when you need it. It just kind of walk us through those emotions of having your family there. No, I won't. Just wondered you won't hold. It's you know, I think my brother is like your brethren like I hear oil for your Paul stations and just the Bon John area, and I'm like. I feel it a hundred percent because that's how me and my brother is just that that big brother little brother bond like when the moves in the movements in the way, I play the game. I've got my. Everything that I do on loan from him. I just kinda worked at it more, and it's turned into meet the NBA player. But he was there every step of the way my brother going my brother gonna go doin. My brother going go to the league like constantly challenging you need to do this. You don't do this. Good enough just being that that honest person. But it just pushed me every day, my whole life challenge me every day, my whole life, and nobody knows the way they don't built more. So than my brother. He's been there every step of the way so drivable, but like that and he's there to witness it. We didn't even really say a word each other. We were just kind of face to face just like acknowledging like this is what we this is what we built you know, what we built for. And this is this is how you supposed to do. It is how you handle your business now. It s don't. Stoughton there. You know, what was so interesting with the whole series was the dichotomy between you and Ross and how emotional he was getting and how stoic you're. It just seemed like you were keeping everything on the inside. And you were just letting him talk letting shooter talk, but Hanley your business and then collectively as a team you guys are doing the same thing. So how much how much of that? I'm ocean came out, you know, the wave by and it just that was incredible. In the moment. How much of that was a manifestation? I mean, I was like. I mean, I was talking about you know, I'll send some stuff over the series. But. It wasn't from any motion on place. It was more just the competitive spirit than it was me being emotional about it. And I thought they were emotional. With our team. I think a lot of the stuff that we did. It was like even when we beat there the first games, and he was hype in our crowd in hype in each other. You know, we never turned to them and. Pointed at them and scream nothing that we did it amongst ourselves with our crowd. You know what I'm saying? And what them it was like. Everything was just demonstrative towards our team. They was doing stuff towards our team. They barred yours dunk the ball at the end of game three gang three at the buzzer. He dunk at the end of the buzzer. Dennis Schroder pointers, wrist like Dame, John reservoirs, brick rocking, the baby. I mean, like all that stuff was just that was stuff directly at us as a team. And to me that was you know, more emotional on ABM. Then us, and I think that was our vantage. You know, we just kind of stayed in our, you know, little lane. We did what we do. You took the challenge it we wanted series. How much of that from last year fellows, bovi, you how much how much of that experience in that series with New Orleans allowed you to be this confident in this grounded to your point day. I think it was huge part of our growth in our maturity. Coming into what it was. It was like on one one side you like I don't wanna go through that again. And we put all this time. And we had a great season. Let's come on here and be aggressive. You know, that's come on here and make sure don't happen again. Then on the other side. It was like we've seen the worst of the worst. Like, we've already felt the bottom. We've already been. Drug through the mud, you know, all summer, basically about performance. So we we know what the worst feel like we know what we've been through it. So we come into it. Now, we not afraid of that. If it happens, we've already experienced. So we kind of just I think our teams had a mentality more. Fearless. You know, just because we went through what we went through. So. I think there's our worst. Yeah. I agree. I think it helped build character. You had to time. You never wanna go through getting swept in every time. You turn on the TV is negative energy negative vibes coming towards you directed toward you people critiquing your game saying you need to improve on this. You can't do that. Or this is not going to work. And you know, it can message your psyche. If you're not mentally strong. If you not tough tough minded in. He know a person who enjoys challenges you can crumble when I think that our our team rose to the occasion, you know, relish the opportunity to prove ourselves relish the opportunity to not only prove to ourselves, but to to prove to organization to prove to outsiders that we built for this in that, you know, you go through trials and tribulations you go through tough losses in you learn from those mistakes, and I think we learned from men, although is sucked to go through. And I think it's the best thing that could happen to us. Because now we can deal with losses. You know, we can deal with the pressure better. We can understand how to perform. Warm you certain situations. Little bit better based on what our previous experiences were like authored man Dame. Thank you so much man show picture jar have Bieber star. Pleasure. Appreciate you, bro. More show in a minute. But first start where you're doing it look down at your left risks because our friends at M V. Mt watches has exactly what you're missing envy empty has you covered with tons of quality clean in all around. Good looking watches in accessories. That are affordable and could be ordered right from your couch. I personally love their classic black link watch. Because it's simple. But it's bold. The thing I like most about my watches. I I can wear out for a formal black tie or a back barbecue with friends and family. Plus, it's red and black which doesn't hurt. Either envy. Empty? Watch is also make a great gift just in time for summer. Whether you're buying for yourself or a loved one. 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Once again wanna thank my home day for for calling into the pull up pod discussing, you know, emotions were guests at some of the things we've done to improve upon our gains individually and collectively as a unit in just for talking about this series. Looking forward to the next good dude as always hard worker in the thankful to have him as a teammate in front. All right. Go ahead. Jordan until you got a great question for me, still it, okay? Mr mccollum. So for me, I would say with everything that turns last year to what Dane was just saying what you were talking about. Would you take back? What happened in the pelican series? Not just losing. But getting swept or was it that important for your growth, both both individually and collectively as a team, I yeah, I don't I don't have any regrets. Man. I I approached it the right way. I prepared his best could and it's just unfortunate things didn't work out. I mean we were in every game. I think games one and two we were down to in a minute left. I gotta turnover game to we were down three with one forty left. And we just didn't execute properly. But I'm glad honestly, I'm glad we went through it sucks. When you go through it at the time, but you never wanna lose. But I think that it just teaches you something it teaches you something that helps you really appreciate this game. It helps you prepare and train. Differently from an execution standpoint. I think everybody gains a unique type of experience that you don't have from from winning. You know, when you win things kind of gets moved over you kind of forget about some of the areas you need improve on when you lose. It's it's glaring in our have to get better at this. I have to get better at this. I have to mentally lock in a little bit more here. And there understand the game a little bit better. When it's five minutes left in the game and your work ethic. Changes it evolves because you're afraid to fail the same way again. So you wanna try to do everything in your power to not go through those same things. Even if you played well, you wanna play better going to be more efficient. You wanna be more impactful? You wanna be better defensively you conditioning you wants to improve? And I think that when you fell your mindset is that okay? You revamp everything revamp your diet revamp your mentality. Revamp your sleep revamping recovery, you kinda amp things up in adapting because of the lack of success. And when you have success, you you pretty much keep things to saying, you might work a little bit harder. You might. Tinker, but you're winning in. You're having success. So you're not gonna make significant changes. And I think we made significant changes as a team. Everybody's approach was different. Everybody was more locked in more focused. Fearless not worried because of the fact that we had already hit rock bottom. So we knew a rock bottom fell likes it. There was nothing to worry about. We already got swept we already been drug on all national media sites. We've already been proposed in traits like what's worse than that? Failure can be the greatest medicine. I remember watching the playoffs with you last year after they were knocked out, and I just like. I don't know how much time you took off. But it wasn't very long. You wanted to get back in the gym. It was like I I remember thinking like damn man to take a couple of weeks off, you know. But you didn't wanna do it. You just you relaxed in. It's all it's all for this moment these moments. Yeah, man. It's it's hard to not work out. When you go through something like that you get the itch. You wanna go you wanna start improving your game? But you have to let your body rest properly, and I got a PRP shot in my knee. And I was forced to not to not like really hoop for eight weeks while I was just lifted. Hot yoga free throws no jumping for about a month and a half in that was hard, man. It was hard Washington playoff games in you get motivated and you want to go work on your game. And you can't because you physically need to take a break in. It was good. I got to really study film got really work on some things mentally to prepare for the moments that are ahead last thing for me is after after an emotional gain like that. That's. It's so captivating as fans like in imagine how crazy it was a player. What do you do when you finally get home? Are you watching game of thrones? Like like, I we were texting a little bit last night. But it was still it was still kinda early your time. I know if you were home yet were you were you like watching Netflix watching highlights? What what are you doing? Yeah, they get home. So by midnight. I was exhausted man. I facetime. My girl I told her to go to sleep because she couldn't sleep. She's on the east coast time. And I was like you need to get some rest. It's late. And my ears were ringing. I was hanging on my suit. And I didn't have anything on no music. No, nothing. I could just hear ringing from screaming. Yelling. How loud the arena was made me play a chef had cooked enough pre game for me to have somebody to afterwards. So ice impossible. My homeys drank some water and sent my Larne clocking. We just leap. I didn't even watch Netflix. I still have to watch billions on in episode. Someone's billions. Rewatch some game of thrones season six and seven. But it's just you go through that process. If watching highlights, you know, get your social media post. Jan Regan comments laughing at stuff, and then it's back to reality. You know, watching games tonight. And then refocusing for round two of where we're going to face to pick follows one is what was more emotionally draining CJ the Lehigh Duke game or last night, man. Wow. Two different types of emotion. Lehigh do game. I was playing for my livelihood. So you're talking about a college kid, you know, trying to you know, perform on a big stage understand that this might be my last time playing in front of. A nationally televised audience, you know, six seven million people in the tournament. There's no guarantee you make it and there's no guarantee there's another game. So that was that was pretty stressful in oh going into the game just because what was at stake. But I always, you know, trust my work ethic. So I think that the butterflies were different. It was just more like a unknown unknown feeling of like, I don't know what's going to happen. But I know I'm gonna play. Well, the game last night the nerves the butterflies were different. I get three thousand I have to watch. I sit for about fifty five minutes real time. I sit the entire second quarter. Halftime and they'd have to play. You know? It was a weird rhythm moves weird feeling then we get down by fifteen but I was never really worried because it's a seven game series. And I felt like we had a chance to win that game. But in the event that we didn't win that game. There were still at the most two games to be played for us to win one. So I like our chances in that situation. So I think it was just two different types of emotion. But the stakes were different the stakes were higher because I'm in college if I don't perform, well, I'm judged based on that moment, it's like our he's not ready for the for the NBA like he can't play against these guys. Like, his his level of talent doesn't meet, you know, the NBA criteria at this point like. I've I've shown who I am what I what I can accomplish. As a player, I can do and is the best of seven series, but we really wanted to win and get rid of him last question. I'd be remiss if I didn't ask because it was amazing to watch a hundred times on repeat that little mini wave goodbye that you had that that like what was going on there. You saw Dame waving. And then you're like, I gotta get in on this. But make it quick. Like, what was that? Yeah. It was just a roller coaster promotions. May I was just happy hit the shot. And I was like, wow. We just wanted to game. So I'm running then I look, and I was like, oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. They was talking crazy. You know what? I mean. It was just one of those things where it was like. Oh, yeah. You almost forgot then you remembered it, and it was just like, you know, what you know series is over more. Can we say talk to me? Nice, please. Great. Because now was that. I it was just great because you're 'cause at your core, you you're such a nice guy. But you're so you're such a competitor. And obviously there were a lot of emotions that were going on in your head. And when you when you watch it, it's almost like, you're like, yeah. Like, you say like, oh, yeah. I gotta get that little mini wave in. But I, you know, I don't want to be disrespect. You know, like I want. It was just there's so much going on there that from my perspective to in the morning with wifey asleep. I was like going nuts because I just thought it was hilarious knowing you and also like knowing how emotional that must've been. Yeah. I mean, you've been in that situation nonsense that of we've seen a game winner be hit on us. But we've been eliminated from series in embarrassing fashion. We know what it's like to to be down. We noticed like to be pissed off. And you know, when when you have a chance to really kill someone you just. Tell them. You don't have to twist the knife. You don't have to overdo it. You already stabbed him. They gonna bleed out. You don't have to twist the knife is over, and I think that we've got to that point where they were wounded, and we knew it and we want to take advantage of them finish him off. And then battle out. There's nothing else that needs to be said the series is over you can think what you want about us as players you think what you want to about us as an organization you can say things about the shots. If it was bad out who doesn't matter series over enjoy your summer. I wanted him that. No. But near coming back was pretty great. That was pretty great. I must say he was wearing the that's my guy. Larry's he was wearing the got bricks shirt that was pretty great. And aside from that I talked to I was talking to DVD earlier today. And he's he thought it was huge not that it's surprising to hear. But when a guy can't play really he can really make that big of an impact, man. He changed the game for us. We had no idea. Who's coming? Shirt was hilarious. I I had no idea who's wearing the shirt until a scene seeing locker room as I liked it. And we were but. The crowd understanding what we need to accomplish the extra energy. You know, it all came from seeing him and having him come out here show, his support for us in encourage us in gives us that extra inspiration in grit that we needed to come from behind and pull it off there. It is bro. Awesome. We didn't discuss the draft. And this is how I know. I'm in a good spot mentally physically with with supporting my Browns because I'm not even worried about the draft for the first time a decade. I have no idea. What picks we have. I just know that we're really good spot. It's my only question for you Jordan is who's going number one. Wow. I love that. I didn't know this was coming. Man, it's tough because Kyle Murray is is someone that cliff Kingsbury clearly as coveted he recruited him. He thinks he'd be a great quarterback for assistant. It feels like and he very may. Well be but they have Josh Rosen who they drafted high last year. And you know, it's just hard to predict it because there's you know, he you just ready to move on quickly from Rosen. The guy's incredibly talented. Right. So I I would assume it's Murray I talked to a former executive last night who said two things that stood out one. Kyle Lamar is a really good player. But he's not definitely not the best player in the draft. And that to Nick Bosa is the best player in the draft. And it sounded like he would have taken him first overall. He had the pick. Okay. Okay. So there could be a trade. There could be a quarterback taking a look forward to washing the draft. I'll be checking it out and seeing what happens seeing the movement, you know, around the league and. Checking out who we draft or that. I have no idea we're not gonna ever anything not even worried not even worried, but I will have my tomorrow, I will wear my jersey my Brown jersey in honor of draft day because it's tradition to continue. I love it. We didn't talk about playoff matchup. So I have to before we close. I have to ask you walkie bucks or Boston. Why had the bucks going Sixers? Yeah. I'll go. I'll go bucks the bucks. Go onto the finals. Yeah. Yeah. I'll go bucks. Raptors I don't think buck's raptors she I don't think people understand how much Milwaukee has matured and how much better they are on both sides of the ball. And in Toronto. I just think Kawais the best player in that series. And is long as Joel is not one hundred percent. And we know he's not and always play great. But Brooklyn's a different animal. That's a very young team. I just think Toronto's has an edge. They also have the home court. I like it a like it. And then I'll have to ask you since this comes out on. Thursday in the event that both the rockets and warriors win tonight who do you like in this series? Where's and five five? Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Wow. Wow. I know I know that that's a unconventional. I think the warriors are pretty locked in. I think that game against against the clippers set them emotion to be in this place where they're gonna handle Houston because they know they know they're gonna probably going to get you. Blazes ribs city baby. Like it. You got a second round matchup with Denver or San Antonio. I think you guys matchup grading. It's both those teams if it is warriors blazer that'd be a rematch of first round series a few years back, and that would be that'd be a real treat and CJ. I must say, man. I I'm so happy for you. You you have worked so hard to get this position. Congratulations. And enjoy this moment freesheet that man. I do I do once again to think all our listeners for listening to the pull up pob appreciate Dane for calling in as well really looking forward to the rest of the play offs in around to a lot of work to be done. But we're looking forward to the challenge. Jordan hope you're enjoying your time back in this city. I'll see a when I see you. You can catch our shows on radio dot com slash pull up or wherever you get your shows. And don't forget to home.

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