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I WANNA know how you're doing. I'm doing well thank you. I just had a week of vacation so I'm ready for a whole week off of the radio so you stayed in. La I did and I did the podcast here last week of course but I just didn't go to work for a week so it was nice. That sounds like a boring vacation. Oh my God it was great. There's so many things you know when you own a house I just moved in a couple of years ago and everything's been kind of a slow process of building things and putting it all together so it was. It's really nice to be here to quarterback a lot of projects that I've been working on so it was nice. It was good and I liked that kind of stuff. I wouldn't mind boring vacation but I wanNA boring vacation somewhere like really peaceful like you're still surrounded by all of your everyday everything here. <hes> you know like maybe go to Hawaii by by myself. Not even I want to be able to drive somewhere like go to San Diego by myself for Ford five days. Just catch up on sleep. That sounds like a dream to me. I thought about going over to Vegas for a little bit but then I was like I don't really feel like it. I had a very exhausting weekend <hes> because you know we're back to school and God that's. That's been a mess really you know I. I think you know me well enough where I am a very revealing person but I don't reveal everything <hes> so my son John. His teacher emailed me now. If I thought that it was something really serious I would talk about it. Gotcha okay but it serious enough enough for the teacher to have e mailed me but then it's like now. I'm obsessing over and analyzing it. An over analyzing it and I'm like as a teacher is a teacher. Overreacting reacting or is the teacher just trying to nip a problem in the bud before it becomes a problem and if that's the case that I'm appreciative of the fact that the teacher emailed so basically she said that Mario was having issues listening specifically having issues listening in circle time on the rug basically with the takeaway was from talking to him and from the teachers that you know he's a six year old and he sits next to his friend friend or friends from last year and instead of listening. He's like maybe talking or having too much fun with his little classmates when he should be listening but a part of me is like the first week of school and it's an adjustment for kids might it might take them a week to get back into habit of when you're in the circle you gotta listen but then again. I'm thankful I'm not like criticizing the teacher for emailing me. I've had multiple conversations with my son about it and and we'll see how things go today okay outsider looking in yeah. What I heard sounds like you've got a good teacher. That's communicate yeah. No no yeah I would just take it as that and you're right. He's a six year old. They don't pay attention yeah. No I'm not I'm not mad and but then but the the only thing is like what if it's a real serious problem. If you like really so yeah there's that and then I was like God. I already had a funding planned with the kids over the weekend. Should I punish my son and not take him. I ended up taking him but punished him in another way on Saturday. Ah I just did not let him watch any TV normally during the week. I don't want Little Watch TV on weekends. I let them watch TV. He watched none on Saturday and he was not happy happy at all but also took a this weekend to go see hot wheels monster trucks live <hes> which I felt felt like a bit of a Super Gay Dad 'cause I thought Afterwards Oh God a heterosexual dad would have known how to prepare for this. It didn't occur to me that I should have taken earplugs for my kids because that was an indoor monster truck show and it was so freaking freaking noisy. I'm surprised they didn't hand them out. No they sold them and they were ten dollars. Each I'm not going to buy twenty bucks toilet. Paper in the bathroom is free. Does that work. Yes of course it does of course it worshipful. I didn't know that either. He's a now I know but it was actually actually a really fun time but it was good times all right guy. There is an over abundance of Brittany Brittany Spears News to get to. Let's start with a recap of everything that's been going on. There was drama aw that went down between Britney Spears father. Who's also her conservative and her son his grandchild? I legend Louis. Things got so heated that Jamie Spears Brittany his dad broke down the door into Sean Preston's broom and violently shook the kid. I want to know specifically. What the altercation was it out listen. I'm not a fan of violence silence but I wouldn't say it's I don't but at the same time I would not say it's an offense that he should be jailed over to me. That'd be violently shaking. Your the kid is not beating a thirteen year olds not a thirteen month old. What is violently we weren't there. It's could've just shook the kid. That doesn't mean anything yeah exactly but I I wish I knew what it was. You know <hes> <hes> I'm not a fan of the police policing how how you parent you know what happened to discipline. You know like I'm not saying I'm in favor of that but I'm also not against it either. This is a parents issue exactly exactly and now the police are involved. K Fed brought the police into it which I think is shady. I don't think he should have taken this to the authorities but he he did so. There's an investigation as a result. I don't get this either as a result of what the grandfather did did. Britney is being punished. Yes the children have a restraining order against the grandfather and guess the grandfather is the conservative servicer but he could have just stayed away. You know that's that's the restraining order okay. You got that not the grandfather to stay away but no because of everything that went down. Brittany had her custody now taken down to just ten percent that means kate they'd get the kids for ninety percent of the time name and now Brittany must have her visits monitored as well. I don't understand how does that make sense to have her pay for for what her dad did when it could've just been very easily remedy because it was under her watch yeah but she can't control her father because it was under her wa-. She can't cajole her father. She's responsible for the minors under her watch doesn't matter if she could control the father she's already under scrutiny because as of her mental health issues so I think the court said look alleged down for it wasn't the court. That's the thing this is why it's also also to me. It's just shitty and shady well first of all well then who's who sat down ten percent who backed down that if it wasn't me or I mean tell you so I <hes> <hes> a reminder or if you don't know a reframing of the custody situation that Britney and K fed had for a longtime Brittany Kafe at had a fifty fifty split of the kids in however for the last twelve months k fed has had seventy percent sent custody which leads me to believe. He's had seventy percent custody for the last twelve months because Brittany's been very unwell. It was K feds lawyers. Here's who demanded the ninety percent custody. It wasn't a judge making this decision and Brittany and her team just agreed to it she. She could afford it but she didn't once again. I think Kafer could've just said Hey Brit. This is really unfortunate. This release talks are not GonNa Change. Anything in your dad around the kids and I think she would have agreed to that but instead know now he's demanding ninety percent custody and she gave it to him and he got it and to me. That's also shitty and shady. You're coming this as a rational person which it's clear that she's not no but but I said it was Kevin Fetterlein who demanded ninety he he should be a rational person to make asking that all of a sudden you're asking him to be rational to an irrational person you missing my point the point she's irrational. She's got the problems it. It's it's great that she had said great you handle this because I'm not in the state of mind to do. This and it's great that he's doing what I'm saying like. You're saying it's great on her part. She doesn't really have a lot of say in this. I get that but to me. What was the point in asking for the extra custody now. I'm just starting to question his motives. I Okay I get that side of it. Appointed Devil's advocate ninety percent equals more money yeah exactly exactly look. I don't know the deal he's also so charge of the well being of his kids and the only reason I say that is because it seems so extreme he already had seventy percent and he and Brittany recently decided to to keep that seventy thirty percent split for the indefinite future. You're already senior kids. What they're you're not there. We don't know what kind of shape she's as an and clearly some stuff going on under her watch that they think it's better that maybe he handle all of this in the Enron. I think it's just just as easy as that well. Brittany is upset at her dad understandably so because he caused her to lose even more custody of her kids and the very latest. Jamie Spears has now asked the court to appoint a new ten burr rare very conservative because he wants to step down for a few months until January twenty twenty to deal with personal health issues issues and the person that he wants appointed as the temporary conservator is not Britney's mother is not Britney's sister is not Brittany's brother isn't even a cousin. It's not her manager. It's not that longtime assistant fee. It's a rando a complete stranger danger. Who's been her quote care manager for the last twelve months okay. That sounds like a good idea. It does yeah. This is someone that doesn't than have a dog in this fight. This is someone that just is there for the person's wellbeing. What's wrong with that. I mean there's no like there's no. I'm team dad or t he mom or teams sister team Brittany. This is someone that for a living manages people and that's all this person does says you know what let me handle this. I'm a professional. I don't see this as a bad thing at all. I think it's a great idea. I don't know I guess but if I was having to be put in a conservative ship. I wouldn't want a stranger <unk> handling it. I would want my mom or my sister or my kids. If my kids were old enough I nominate me. I would prefer that no cheese a yeah. I would have you at a straight jacket. I it's just also unfortunate what's going on with Britney and once again you know I go back to her fans and so many of them are the craziest conspiracy theories theory there is fear risk yes that and they are just so against this conservative shed at all calls pipe down. This is none of your business. You have no so more knowledge than I do but the court handle this let the family handle. This sounds like a mess but you're not helping to all of them. You're not helping I would echo something you said right and what I said too. I I think it's clear the takeaway is that Britney remains very unwell. That's just sad unto lighter news but just as dramatic not justice dramatic dramatic in a petty way over the weekend. Ed Ed Sheeran finally decided he wanted to have a big wedding because he got married last year and had a really really really small wedding so there was a big to do and a lot of people were at ED's formal wedding this past weekend in the UK including including check out this guest-list Taylor Swift <hes> and scooter Braun and too awkward and Taylor's ex boyfriend Harry Harry styles awkward but I'm not bothered by Harry Styles being there and Scooter Braun however I don't know in the situation like that where you're dealing with non normal people McCain. You have to take that into consideration. This is not Joe Schmo having a regular wedding saying these are superstars with supersized egos and with back story and history and drama being played out in public now now. I have to remind everybody that before. Ed Sheeran was friends with Scooter Braun. He was friends with Taylor Swift. I Taylor Swift hasn't just been a friend to him. She's also played an instrumental part in his marriage if it wasn't for Taylor color I don't think he and his girlfriend would be together. I don't remember the exact story of what happened but I know that. She played a part in their relationship. Also she's also it also been instrumental. Taylor swift has been helping Ed Sheeran crack America. He opened for her on tour back in the red tour. Many many years ago would continue to be good friends. Was it a bad look of him to have invited Scooter Braun to the wedding. He doesn't do business with scooter no now. They're just fry their friends. I think he owes it to Taylor. If he knows the situation with them whatever that may be I think he owes it to her her to say look scooters common because he's my friend but other than that his damn wedding. She doesn't have to come. I agree with you actually. I don't think it's a bad look for him to have invited scooter scooter on the flip side. I would imagine I would I would there. I I would feel like I'd have to lay down some ground rules with Scooter Braun right. If I'm Ed Sheeran it'd be like hey of course Taylor is going to be there. Please don't go up to her. Please don't talk to her about anything right. You think he had that would that be a good conversation appreciation to have had or would that be overstepping align <hes>. I would say that's overstepping align. I think he's professional enough that he knows better. Oh Aw. I don't think he's like some sort of ego maniac or anything like that. That feels like he needs to start something at somebody's wedding. It's business and pleasure. He's there for pleasure not the business so yeah. I don't think so I think he would no. I don't think you would want to start something. I would think in his mind his Co.. GotTa Got Taylor here. This is an opportunity to smooth things over. There's a a right place in time to do that and that isn't it. That's what I would think I to be a fly on that underneath that tent it was he was held. Oh my God I would've sat them at the same table. You're kidding me no way I would have put a camera on the table. Let's let's jazz this up a little little bit with interesting too. Is You know last week. We spoke about all of the reactions that that <unk>. Justin Bieber instagram post got and scooter broad is his manager and that got me thinking about Bieber at Ed Sheeran his friends at Bieber as well. They had that hit earlier this year and Ed Sheeran. I think correct me if I'm wrong. Listeners was one of many people that were. You're living very positive. Comments on Justin Bieber's post and then a lot of Taylor fans have been slowly harboring harboring resentment towards Ed Sheeran because and for whatever reasons has been children children has been privately supporting Taylor swift allegedly like whenever any drama has gone on with Taylor swift he he stays silent but then some fans are like why are you supporting Justin Bieber publicly but staying silent with Taylor Swift while La I can see that point but someone did ask him if he had spoken with Taylor and he said yes remember he has that really quick. He was like yeah yeah. I talked to her yeah so private I don't. It just sounds like it's more personal with her and he deals with it. Personally doesn't do it through the press and he's got business with Bieber and once again it's business and pleasure all all right well. I'm team Taylor. You always are by the way she's playing. Are we can survive concert. Did you see that lineup. I saw yeah Jonas brothers. Here's as well Becky G Camila Cabello Yeah Good Lineup Billy integrate lineup marshmallow. It's great good times well speaking. Give me like a baby. Yoshi released two new songs the whole timing of it all. I would have probably waited for weeks. 'cause senior is still so hot. I would have let that cool down. I'm also not a fan of when there's eagerly anticipated music releasing two songs at once <hes> which is what they did and then. I was even more confused because of the two songs. She released a music video. Oh for one of them so before even listened to both of them I saw Oh that's the song that has the music video will okay clearly. That's the single right he then. I listened to both songs and the one that there's the music video for. I hate that song. I wouldn't say I hated that. Sums called shameless aimless and I just don't like it. I don't care for it at all. The other songs called Liar and I really liked that and what was so funny is I did a music reaction video to for that and I didn't know anything about the songs I listened to the song and I'm like wait a minute hold up. Wait a minute like listening to the song. I'm like this is a this is literally literally an ace of base song and they started singing eighth and based on top of that song. I'm GonNa this is literally all that she wants how and and then of course later on I found out there listed as CO writers. It's officially a sample and and yeah it's all that she wants two thousand nineteen but that's maybe one of the reasons why I really like it. I love that saw. I don't care for shameless. have either of them been like quote serviced to radio officially. I don't know I was off last. I have no idea not a clue shockingly. Nobody buys music anymore so that's no indicator of anything but neither of the two songs things are streaming. Well and that's not a good look for her and on top of not streaming well. They're not selling well so that surprised me. I thought like even even if they're not the best songs that she would still stream well. I thought that she had built this big fan base following that would be there for her but I'll go back to what I said last week. I think she's a singles act still. I don't know if she's an album act yet but they're just okay. That's unfortunate also unfortunate unfortunate some Nikki massage to get to get to that in a second but I I've got a once again. Thank Jamie Foxx Ashley Benson and Hailee Steinfeld for creating Privee Rav. 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Mickey Minna you know I think I'm having a case of deja Vu because <unk> earlier this year. We spoke about her on the podcast and we talked about how you know. She's had to resort to stunts. I guess or Sir she's had to resort to things other than her music to get people talking about her and <hes> the timing give it all is this weird because she does have a hit right now. She's on that Meghan. These set stallion SOM- hot girls stomach Song Haag Song but it's not a hit because because of her. I think it's more a hit because of Megan these stallion. I think it's all just works for whatever reason it works. It works and it works. I think it's a head because a Meghan desalegn because of the catchphrase because it became even bigger than the song kind of like Old Town road so she's lucky that she got on there but she's she's. She continues to self sabotage. She does this over and over again in the midst of this good moment for her. She announced wants to her retirement. She took to twitter to say I've decided to retire and have my family. I know you guys are happy now to to my fans keep wrapping me. Do It till death of me in the box cause. Ain't nobody checking me. Love you for life. She came back the next day of course according to say that that tweet was abrupt and insensitive and she should have made that conversation on her Queen Radio. Instead had oh so that's alert. That's what it's really all about so it hasn't been announced but then I'm <music> gassing well first of all that whole Queen Radio thing that she's got with Apple Music. I always thought it was just a limited thing but it keeps being extended did but it doesn't make much sense to me. There's no consistency to it. She gets publicity but wouldn't it be better or grow more if vague just agreed to like one a week. She's not trying to be a podcast or a broadcaster. She's just icing for Apple Music. She probably has a deal whenever she feels like she doesn't has it. I don't think she's trying to do this full-time. That's well. That's what I was going to get it. I think she is trying to do it fulltime or more because that's why she keeps promoting the podcast. No not who knows I don't even know what the podcast more show. It's a show <hes> that was just so random not dumb dumb all right a big update. Oh my Gosh Lori lock lead must be Livid Gelas shitting herself everything <hes> Felicity Huffman handled her scandal very well so so well that now she's only going to do if if this much just one month in jail that's what's the very latest. That's a prosecutors are asking for a month in jail for her. I'm bet she gets probation. Yeah me too really. We're GONNA put somebody in jail for trying trying to get your kid into school. Well ovation. Laurie Lachlan and her husband on the flip side are now facing forty years in prison if convicted but when you're facing that much time if convicted that also means you can't be let go with just probation if if you're facing forty years in prison you gotTa do sometime right if she's served a month. I'd be shocked Laurie Lachlan <hes> I think there should be heavy fines. That's all when you have to pay this back and paid back in a way that matters that's it. She's got the money and I think it's going to hurt her in the pocket book. That's what I think should happen. Putting her in jail is just dumb. I I mean what a waste of time and money so if you're a parent who did the same thing in a smaller scale if you paid somebody that's on a university the only paid them a thousand which by the way it happens all the time but if you are not a millionaire if you're like a middle class working class parent you just pay a thousand dollars and you get caught should you maybe you can afford a big fine. You get to go to jail. The whole thing is silly to me. I think that they need to do a better job. Bob Of safeguarding their own systems. That's what I the whole thing is dumb to me. It's just a waste of time and money and of our court system like if you didn't catch this in the beginning you're dumb as is an institution. You're dumb you should this. You should know what's going on. How people are getting end checks and balances. I just think the whole thing silly that there's even a chance they're going to spend jail jail time. It's a waste of money because guess who pays for that we do. That's dumb dumb. <hes> yeah. I well I like I said they'd been handling alling this so well both felicity Huffman and her husband they released statements to the court even though they're only she's only facing a month. If in jail of course he doesn't WanNA serve a month in jail so they've submitted all of these letters trying to get leniency for her and her her husband wrote a letter they even got evil Longoria to write a letter. That's friendship. That's that's a real solid. A lot of people like I guarantee see you. When it comes time for sentencing for Laurie Lachlan I doubt many or any of her Fuller House Co Stars ours will write a letter. Maybe I don't see why they wouldn't because they've not publicly been supporting her that much thus far. We'll see we'll see who her her real friends really aren't yeah that was very nice of Evil Longoria to be there for Felicity Huffman and said that you know she helped her and stood up to a bully bully that was bullying Eva solicited. They opened up about even going to family therapy William. H macy did saying he and his wife their daughters have been going into family therapy in different variations. I just like seeing you know they really took this seriously and are taking it seriously still and all ramifications and they reminded the judge that the daughter suffers from a learning disorder yeah. I uh I didn't WanNA use the word disability but a learning impediment disorder whatever you WANNA call it and they reminded that or they told informed the judge. That felicity felt so bad over what she did with her daughter that she decided before. This scandal even happened not to do the same with her youngest daughter. She kinda instantly regretted it and to me all of this paints a really compelling picture. I would say anyways so there's that drama. I'm on the latest on that and I'm sure that it's going to continue to be dramatic because the Laurie Lachlan case is about to begin in Boston. I wish they were live streaming mean that that'd be great. You know it's funny the people of Boston it's weird but I got a strange feeling. They're not going to put up with Crap Boston. People are very a matter of fact kind of if you do the crime they're gonNa put you away. They're very sensible people in Boston so it should be interesting now sixty seconds. That's exactly how long this commercial last. You know what else you can do in about a minute. Get had an offer on your car with truecar. That's right the amount of time that it takes to floss your teeth. Pet your dog do a few sit ups or just listen to my voice. You could get a truecar cash offer her best of all you can do it from your smartphone or at home. Just go to truecar and simply through your license plate number and then watch cars details pop up answer a few questions and you'll get an accurate true cash offer from a local truecar certified dealer. It's that easy after that. You could bring a car and they'll check it out with you together. You could ask questions question to get the answers you need. There's no surprises then simply leave with your check word trade in your car for a new ride so when you're ready to experience a better way to sell or trade in your car check out truecar today and update on Kevin Hart he is reportedly in a lot of pain following his recent surgery he had back surgery and it's being reported that he will require months of physical Rehab Ab to be back at one hundred percent so now he's lucky to be alive while another update we talked about this last week but Arianna granddaughter now has gone ahead and cancelled all her meet and greets for the remainder of her European tour which she never should have just agreed to in the first place. She just said yesterday because she's greedy. These were paid meet and greets an update as well on Miley Cyrus tyrus and her girlfriend Miley and Caitlin Carter had made it official. They are living together that all went down real quick really quick. What do you think of Your Liam Hemsworth. I don't think I care you don't care I would care review a mere man I would I I would imagine he's still not over her. You know they only got married less than a year ago. You know they've been together for a decade when you've had enough sometimes you've had enough. This could be a great relief to him not not his problem anymore. Maybe he struggled with who she was becoming or who she was for a long time. This could be a giant relief for him. I'm curious what the next steps are for the girl Caitlin Carter because nobody knew her before all this drama even though she was starring on the hills she wasn't one of the original cast members. He was just brody's quote unquote wife. You think she'll be back for season two of the hills. Yes if you're Miley. Would that upset you lower. Your your cachet mildly knew what she was when she got in it. She was already on the show right she was you can't expect her not to go out and try to make a living now now because you're dating Miley Cyrus Fair is that it's not fair at all. I think Majlis pretty sensible say you don't have to pay for anything. I'll pay for everything. Well come on. They're you're not married so she's living rent free. She'll take her around the world with her for she doesn't have any expense okay. She can just be an instagram star the Guy. I think that's all she's ever going to be for the record. I think she launch some fashion. Company me me too. I just did hold on just launched in more couples news. I don't really care about these people but some do Jersey ashore stars Ronnie Ortiz Macro and his baby Mama Jen hardly have broken up again and and she has accused him of cheating on her there. You go very good thank you. I'm in the same boat as you couldn't care less although I would love it if this woman started dating Jay Wows ex-husband core that would be good for drama that'd be good for TV. Speaking League of drama and TV. The KARDASHIANS are back yet another Dan season of their show. I I still every time it comes back for another season. It does not make they must be. They can't be operating at a loss right like it would not make any sense for e to put that show on it was losing the money right like I said before. What else is on e. They are struggling mightily. They don't have ratings on any show including that one so that's the biggest turn in the punch bowl so I don't actually think he's paying them what they report work that they're paying them. I don't believe any of those numbers because you don't have to tell the truth so why would you and it doesn't hurt them to put it on and I also think internationally. It probably does a lot it better than it does here. I think there's people in other countries that are genuinely fascinated by them enough because there's such a global brand that it makes on yeah. It's it's all right. It's making them money. If it wasn't making the money the show would be off the air I would say I can't see them putting money into something on the way down and that things on the way down and has been for years but it is what it if you care about that stupid show and those people Kim may have lupus. She has lupus. She tested positive for something. lupus related lupus cells. I don't even know if that means. He has lupins are now but she's got lupus. Cells also Tristan Thompson after he once again was awful to Khloe Kardashian. There is drama true first birthday party. Khloe wanted to get together with him before the birthday because that was the first time she had seen him and he tried to kiss her Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Oh aw who care I'm so over them and other couples news at reality. TV news former the bachelorette alum <hes> Tyler Cameron is so serious now with gee-gee Hadid that he flew with her and the family internationally to go to the Netherlands to attend the funeral for Jiji's grandmother. Wow and I want on his phrase this well if doing this is healing for her great <hes> she shared photos of the funeral enroll on social media personally. I think that's tackiest fuck <hes> personally I would not do that. Maybe maybe I would show a photo of the pro. David still have like programs. They have paper that you get out of the funeral. You know I think every funerals different yeah like maybe I would show. Oh that'd be just a picture of that. You had of your grandma yeah. I think it's weird to bring a date yeah. I think so too but especially a new one especially Ashley this new. It's very weird. I don't WanNa be too judgmental. I'm trying to think like there are some things that I think for me in my take on it like you know taking being a photo of the funeral program or maybe that I don't even know but she and her sister and her mom and some other relative all took photos of their hands over the casket with flowers on top of that that is not weird to me personally yeah. What is that's what they do though she's a millennial everything's online. Everything's for the Graham for the grandma. It really is for the Gramm. It's not odd to me. My girlfriend lost her grandmother last week. Now the funeral was this past Saturday in Sacramento now and I thought it would be weird to go because I'd never met her and I've never met that side of her family and I didn't want to be in the way. A and I just thought you know what maybe I'll just sit this one out. I want to be there to support my girlfriend of course but I don't know. I just thought it was kind of weird. I didn't want to be a distraction action. I didn't want to be having them. Introduced speed to a bunch of New People. Did you tell her that. Oh you know I didn't go. She was totally fine with me not going and she totally early understood. That was an agreement I just didn't want to be I didn't want to have all these conversations and force her to talk to all of our family members and hey. This is Chris and Blah Blah Blah because I just. I didn't think it was the right moment. That's the way I handle things completely different than ged. I think you should have been there. Yeah okay well. You've been dating her for what four years six thank. You should have been there. I think I never met the grandmother doesn't matter I don't know I just taught like I would be in the way or I'd be a nuisance so I was like you know. Let me just stay out of this. I don't know I would have gone anyways just felt that I would have stayed in the hotel and just kept her companies that she didn't have to travel but did she go with somebody. At least on the plane yes she went with her sister who also flew back that day that morning and flew flew back that evening so so all right so she wasn't a lie here your side to like. I kinda struggled with the two. I don't know I want to be supportive because with this family all of the time but then again I I don't WanNa be a distraction and she was to set it out. I was like okay. You should have gone all right and finally I almost didn't even even talk about it. I didn't even WanNa talk about it but who care. I don't even care aunt out with it. There's just stupidity trending. I don't feel the need talk about everything celebrity either right but if people are talking about it but I'm so over it I'm so over Donald Trump but everything donald trump and Chrissy teagan John Legend were fighting with Donald Trump and those stupid those weird so rain is is fighting with Christy. She must love it. She loves it. I'm off. She's eating this up. Are you kidding me. She's been trolling him for months and months so he finally broken had to say something which I'm not shocked. He's known for doing that. He's such a troll too that he purposely did not mention her which which I thought was hilarious he mentioned John Legend of course and then set his loud mouth wife and did it and he had like he's. The Star you're not sir and he tied he tagged John Legend but he didn't even mentioned by name or Tag Chrissy Teagan. I just listen. I don't want to alienate alienate anybody but I would imagine even hard core conservatives who might be listening to our show Republicans. I would think think they would like it to have a president. Who Doesn't do this. Shit right no no. That's where you're definitely wrong why they love this. I think because there are people that just love that he's on twitter that he speaks his mind and toxic the real people you know what I mean so now. I don't agree with that at all. Oh Hello I'm fucking exhausted and drains and over it. I hear Ya. Let's take some calls. I Booker Hyper says <hes> this is Tina. I'm calling from New Mexico. <hes> I love your guide to show. I listened to book your podcast every week and I follow all you both on instagram. Uh and <hes> my comment is <hes> I listen about Arianna Guerande and just bieber being so sad so depressed and I feel that you know they have enough money that they could go by themselves. The cabin up in the mountains and don't take any calls and don't speak to anyone and just get away for a while and get yourself. Dell's together you know it's the fact that they were so young and they came into so much money that you know they really don't fill out they have close friends and family <hes> <hes> and so you know. I feel like Justin Bieber. He needs to by himself. You know a couple psychiatrists. They can sit next to him and talk to them all day. Long <hes> it's so sad that he wanders wanders around being sad and depressed and it doesn't seem like anybody says hey you know go talk to somebody gets a mental help do something before you crack <hes> and he's so young a young and I just feel like he needs to get some serious mental health <hes> also <hes>. Peres I watched you at the fair and you're falling off the the wagon starring. It started with that. Nepalese house cookie dough but you need to get back on it. I still look amazing. I'd see what you did. You eat a bunch of Shit. Everything you just have no self control. I I work out seven days a week. I worked out. I worked out now more than when and had a trainer when you're working out at the level that I have if you cheat heck and even if you had two or three cheats a week that's fine but I don't have that many the hi this is Kelly from Boston and I want to comment on the Arianna Guerande cancelling her fans meet and greet because of her mental health concerns or issues first wall of practices with I have a master's degree in counseling and I have my own mental health concerns about ten years ago on the night to the point where I spent time in residential treatment centers okay so I'm so over her using her mental health thing as a reason to cancel and the reason that there are people all over the world folks who have mental health issues. Gloom options not go to work. Yadi might not even be able to pay their bill eat or get the treatment and medication that they need to manage manage their conditioning in the first place meanwhile she can update though so media she can you know do overshoots magazines and all that stuff and she make the cancellation so last minute that I think it's based on her mood that day I really do. I think it's based on what she wants to do that day and the other thing is no one sport through her to keep working. She's a millionaire. She can take off all the time. She needs so it's like a girl. Take just cancel their tour and go away from five years if it's really that theory if she's so talented but I'm so over her all right appalling thing. I love it. Thank you might think that's it's highly insensitive. I think comparing normal sees that therapists shut up. Okay see that's what she's talking about. Still Disagree with there is does that therapist to she. She ever treated someone who that those people came to see her and they died because a bomb went off right in front of her too serious things she went through and I think it comes and goes does and she thinks it's going to be okay then some days it's not. I don't know compassion is what I preach but maybe I'm wrong. I'm wrong. I disagree. Okay okay fine. Let's let's let's okay. Okay go with me I am. Let's say it's tunnel with her too. She's the she's the professional. Let's say it's twenty twenty two okay MHM. Let's say it's twenty twenty three. She took a nice long. Break did no work at all twenty twenty and twenty twenty one than twenty twenty two. She announces the tour I would say. She should not do meet and greets in twenty twenty three but if she agrees to them. It's better not fucking cancel right look. She thought she could and she decided that she couldn't. She changed her mind and gave back the money. I don't understand what the big deal is same for your scenario. Reo Twenty twenty nine. I don't care that is on her roster for the rest of her life that some children came to her shown died right in front of her dog scary sorry to meet in grades or or or don't even said she thought she could do she. She could be there with the fans and she realized that she couldn't it just simple as that what I don't understand what the big deal is. I don't understand the outrage. I don't understand why people are so angry about it. Big Damn deal you didn't get to go to a meet and greet Boo Woo Hoo Blue Okay Bumi and like I said I'm not a professional. I could be wrong. That's just my sensible. Take on this all all right all right. I disagree now usually you're. You're somewhat sensible there eight hundred seven two one one one eight five. That's our phone. Oh number give us a call and we'll do another show here in a couple of days. Take care wait before we say goodbye. 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