The uneducated are denied almost everything, says new General Assembly President


This is list Kapiti at UN news that can June Nigeria's permanent representative to the United Nations Tijani Mohammed Bandai was elected by acclamation to preside over the seventy fourth session of the General Assembly which begins on Tuesday in his first major interview with UN news. Mr Mohammed Bandai told Christina Silvio that poverty eradication inclusion and quality education would be his top priorities office calling education it complex matter matter he spelled out that whoever is denied an education is denied almost everything aside the normal quality of corporate dental some blitz visas gratuitous fundamental the three other ones politician quality education you had mentioned in your election speech that you would work for the world's most vulnerable and you mentioned poverty career education and education. Can you give us an idea of how you intend to go about these priorities any concrete initiatives of initiatives over a long period of time concerning methods enormous concern occasional poverty and the connections between poverty and many other afflictions and I think trying to get member states to look at those things and see what within those parameters that will to work with others to achieve the whole idea. All members are able to help others times by sure what they have done which is what has not worked and why or what support the will to give to others on a short term basis so it is a whole range of things that can happen if we're able to listen to each other in terms of our needs and our ability to walk together for me to get some problems you will become president of the General Assembly during a time of great distrust between nations. How will you bring them together on the world stage. I want to remind ourselves why this was in the plus plus. This is battling important because I don't know if things go wrong by not getting us to reflect what might be the case. Should we not have relation in south of chaos in terms of ability for example to say pandemics in terms of ability to lose issue even migration and if you issues so when you remind people what might happen and this not not just theoretical constructs this reality that we can draw people to look up and look what might happen if we we do not listen a bit more if cooperate a bit more when we quibble over some of these things are dependent. I remind other in terms of the whole notion that after presented to those members we should shut us to others because could their hair because they also members and they have avoid their things to say we too must listen to it is only through this approach that we're able to achievable do those you've spoken about improving how things are done at the UN what are some of the ideas that you would like to implement some of the discussion which which is all over the place concern how Bettas Oguz able to coordinate their luck to reduce overlap to also learn from what others are doing under reduce noble of Cook. Let us see that in the five years is a different kind of competition we should should be having constantly synergy an ability to doing efforts to accuse you mandate coincides with a historic stork moment the UN's seventy fifth anniversary what are your thoughts on the UN's work and and its future a very good basis from the beginning we have had a few areas in which we didn't do as well concerning for example genocide in Rwanda there are many other areas in which for example concerning health issues and issues relating took it a culture issue too late into countering terrorism there is an imagined view and some consensus concerning they need not only to the but also action underground on this matter this little excitement around this system an outside the United Nations itself concern is the need to mark doc this seventy fifth anniversary US important in history of the Organization of the world of politics in general it should remind us to depositos organization is limitation and its promise and this promise is what we should all keep in mind. Do you think it's an occasion to celebrate break multi-lateralism and what it has accomplished or it. It is liberation to celebrate mantra on also to to look at forces that hinder are full achievement of multiple approaches to solving some of the problems do you have any plans for improving gender parody the UN. I think the improvement is really in implementing what we have agreed to that is to Chris Tapes and to also act in a concerted manner to see that no one left behind regardless of gender always order login all elements of representation important agenda subtly given the equality of men and women in south of numbers so this is really crucial and Missions House Sean lead in this it has its this issue but we have seen efforts that are very determined led by the end to make this a very important event and of course Jordan the presidency of three to four we have the opportunity also of dealing with Beijing defy gives us another platform to reflect a club and see whether where would find even more effectiveness of French shortened into equity. I'm going to go back to your second priority. You mentioned education. Can you tell us why it is that it's important for you and how it translates on the ground. Its impact because it's it's really a complex matter. Whoever denied an indication almost everything look at the connection between education and prominent in the kitchen on equality education and I sense of your rights and around the globe we start with more access to education better curricula. We are likely to have less hit. Luckily to better understand luckily but luckily tough quality people are born into second position. It's only education the equalize everything April it is important. What would you like your legacy to be in September twenty twenty. I I think I would not want to give a broad view of what it is other than to say that would want to know that as a team part of team we have pushed those matters of importance importance to the world in a fair and transparent manner and whoever comes after US would find it easier Augustine. Some of these issues going forward. That's what we want to.

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